Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - Disco Bob - full transcript

Complicated clues surround the murder of a mother and her daughter. While, Lindsay prepares for an undercover investigation in Bolivia, and it dawns on Burgess and Roman that they need to put the past behind them.

Sir, i'm gonna respectfully decline intelligence.
Wasn't the answer i expected.
(burgess) my partner and i,
We went through something with that shooting.
I'm not gonna leave him until we can both put it behind us.
I should have been there to cover you at that house.
You can't carry around this guilt anymore, okay?
You know, we no longer work together,
So a lot of the old rules and regulations,
They don't apply anymore.
[bottles clanking together]
I need to rehydrate.
That mean you're done?
No, no, no, no.
In between rounds.
I need to tell you something.
You're married?
Not quite.
There's a...
There's a lieutenant in the zapata cartel
Who's agreed to intro
An undercover into the organization.
Lang wants us down there asap.
Where's "down there"?
La paz, bolivia.
We--we roll out tomorrow.
I'm really happy for you.
I still have 24 hours
If you want to try and make the most of it.
[cell phone buzzing]
[cell phone trilling]
We just caught a crime scene.
[siren wailing]
(bob) neighbor heard gunshots.
Called it in.
So were you the responding officer?
I was.
All right, bob, thanks.
Oh, hey, your kid's doing great.
Hey, what's up, pops?
Hey, they brought in the big gun.
I thought you switched to days?
Oh, i've been back on midnights for a few months now.
The city's prettier at night.
I should get in there.
Yeah, me too, right?
Yeah, of course.
Lucy denton, the mom.
Daughter's name is shelby.
Lucy knew somebody at the mayor's office,
Which is why you guys got called in, i guess.
Husband live here?
Yeah, wes denton, husband and father.
Don't know where he is, doesn't answer his phone,
And there's an eight-year-old son, jordan.
Don't know where he is.
Silva from homicide said they found casings
From a smith & wesson.
Same caliber registered to wes denton.
We found an open gun case open in the master closet.
Gun was gone.
(atwater) motion detectors and window sensors...
This is top-of-the-line security system.
Do you know if the alarm was set?
Technician tells me it is.
So whoever entered had access to code.
Or they forced someone to enter it.
Yeah, or that.
Hey, you get a ping on the father's phone or gps?
Got a location?
I'm just the responding officer.
So that's a no?
They don't call it intelligence for nothing, huh?
Pops, come here.
- What? - What the hell was that?
I know when i'm being condescended to.
What are you talking about? That's just how he is.
He asked you a question, dad.
He's also my sergeant.
Intelligence is my team, you know?
The only person i heard being condescending was you.
(atwater) yo, i got something.
Yeah, what is it?
- We got blood on the floor. - Hmm.
(atwater) and we got this.
How old did they say the boy was?
Patrol's got eyes on the dad's car.
All right, go tell everyone the boy is injured,
So we gotta move.
That's it.
Assume denton's armed, but remember,
We might have a kid in there.
Hold up.
All right, hit it.
You leaving town?
(wes) hey, what are you guys doing?
Wes denton?
Where's your son?
What? Wh--home. Why? What's happened?
What's going on?
There's been a crime.
Anyone in your wife's life or your life
That you were having problems with?
That would do this? No.
You own a smith & wesson, correct?
- That's right, i do. - So where is it?
- At the house. - It's not at the house.
Well, then, i don't know where it is.
Maybe, you know--maybe whoever did this to my family,
Maybe they took it.
Wes, where's your son, jordan?
I already told you. I don't know.
Why did you have all those clothes in the car?
Where were you headed?
Do i need a lawyer?
(dawson) why would you need a lawyer, wes,
If you haven't done anything wrong?
Because i feel like you're pushing me
In a direction that is unthinkable and untrue.
Why all the clothes?
I was coming home from work in fort wayne.
According to your neighbors, you're some big shot
At hewlett-packard here in chicago.
I was laid off a year ago,
And i've been picking up freelance it work
Installing server systems at night.
Why was your phone off all day?
My battery was dead.
I forgot my charger.
It's a three-hour drive home.
Where's your son?
I don't know.
I don't know!
Why don't i start asking you that question?
Or you!
Isn't that your job, or do you just sit around
Accusing innocent people of slaughtering their families?
(roman) this is jordan denton, the missing boy.
Intelligence found his bloody prints in the back of the house,
Which means he may have escaped.
Let's canvass the neighborhood.
If jordan's out there, odds are he's hurt and alone.
It's on us to find him.
You ready?
Yeah, i'm thinking you can take altgeld.
I'll take montana.
How about we do them together?
Sean, i'm good.
That works too.
Who's that?
Your group supervisor.
Erin lindsay.
Jim anderoff.
You're the number two here?
I am.
Where's lang?
Oh, so you didn't hear.
Well, it turns out we're not the only ones
Looking into the zapata cartel.
The fbi has been building a case against them longer than us,
So he got pulled to washington,
I guess to hash it out with his bosses.
And no one told me?
I just did.
All right, folks, renzo zapata.
He is your reason for living.
[phone trills] rivers, what's up?
All yours.
Zapata has a compound just outside of la paz,
100 acres--
Rivers at dea is pitching a bitch about nadis checks.
He wants to run everyone again before we leave.
Okay, fine. We'll push the flight,
So he can untwist his panties.
But we're going in one way or the other,
So keep your phones on.
Hey, you want to catch a bite later?
I'd love to pick your brain more about renzo.
I have a lot of things to take care of before we leave.
Let's do that on the flight.
Sure, no sweat.
Any news on the missing boy?
Got every available unit out searching.
Wes denton tested negative for gunshot residue.
Doesn't mean he's not behind this.
I don't know; marriages go south and everything,
But killing your own kids?
There are some things in this job, ruzek,
Hopefully you'll never understand.
Turns out lucy denton was an investigative journalist
For the chicago source.
Her job was to antagonize people.
Me and al are gonna head down there.
Sounds good.
Kick denton?
Hey, sarge, you got a minute?
You gonna ask about your dad?
(voight) then no, i don't have a minute.
We've got an eight-year-old kid missing.
All right.
(jim) her office is this way.
Lucy went after anyone: Big, small.
If there was a good story, it didn't matter.
(dawson) anyone ever threaten her?
You should see some of the letters that she got,
Some of the things that subjects said they'd do to her.
So yeah, there were threats.
Well, we need to see every letter and email.
I can pull some of them up for you right now.
(olinsky) oh, you know her password.
Lucy and i were close.
How close?
I was here all night prepping thursday's issue, detective.
You want to talk to my staff?
Hey, no offense, but the chicago source
Is not exactly the sun-times.
Lucy loved what she did no matter who she worked for.
Writing for papers is a dying industry.
Everyone's just trying to pay their bills at this point.
She ever talk about her husband, life at home?
Lucy exposed other people's lives, never her own.
Holy crap.
Disco bob is in the house.
Good to see you, trudy.
What the hell got you out of the comfy confines of the 26th?
Did you lose a bet or something?
I'm here to see voight.
Okay, come on. I'll buzz you up.
No, he can come down here.
(platt) nadia, send voight down.
He's got a visitor. Thanks.
- Hey. - How you doing?
Done well for yourself, hank.
I thought when you got locked up
That would be the end of it, but...
You need something, bob?
Yeah, last night at the crime scene,
I noticed this guy, a bystander.
I cruised back by the denton house this morning,
And he's still leaning on the tape.
- Hmm. - I know that killers
Sometimes like to visit their own crime scenes,
So i went up to him, got his name.
Alexander gage.
All right, we'll look into it.
- Thanks. - Hey.
I never weighed in about you and adam when he got assigned here.
I figured it was short-term, but...
Looks like it might stick, huh?
So far so good.
All right.
Well, then i'm gonna say this to your face:
You send him down a bad road,
And i'm gonna meet you behind district
And break your jaw.
I think we both know what's going on here, bob.
And i want you to know i have said one word to adam
About terrino's.
You heard what i said.
(atwater) alexander gage, chicago pd!
(halstead) clear.
[camera clicking]
[keyboard clacking]
This dude was stalking her, man.
Call the tac team and get them to sit on this apartment.
- Copy that. - Hold on.
(halstead) alexander gage?
Chicago pd!
(halstead) damn it.
(atwater) jay!
I didn't kill them.
Yo, kevin, you can set him down now.
Look, people think their words don't have any power,
But hers did. She ruined me.
Keep your hands on the chair.
I had a business. I had a family.
I had workers.
You know what they do to them, 'cause they're all illegals?
Tell me.
I do time, they get sent back to mexico,
All because she want to be susie reporter
For some paper nobody reads anymore.
So you're gonna follow her?
You're gonna wait for the perfect moment
And make her pay?
The bitch was cheating on her husband,
And i wanted to expose her.
Get him up. Let's go.
Let's go.
The guy was definitely stalking lucy denton,
But he wanted to humiliate her. He wanted her alive to do that.
That's what he's claiming, anyway.
Yeah, we're tracking down another person of interest,
Some ambulance chaser that lucy was probably sleeping with.
Look, you think there's something to this lawyer angle,
Run it down, but gage stays in custody.
(trudy) her palm scanner didn't work,
Red-faced, big-time.
I had to buzz her up.
(lindsay) thank you again, sergeant.
I know.
I'm like the loser that graduates from high school
And then hangs around in the parking lot all the time,
'cause i have nothing better to do.
They treating you all right over there?
Anything changes, you'll let me know, right?
You care.
(halstead) hey.
You guys got a good one going here?
Yeah, we'll see.
When-- when are you heading out?
My flight got pushed a day.
How long you gonna be down there?
Six months... Give or take.
We could roll out at any time.
Hey, man.
Atwater got an address for that lawyer.
I'll be right there.
Take care of yourself down there, all right?
Jay, i don't have a crystal ball. Do you?
Can we just agree that we don't know what happens
Down the road? And maybe we keep an open mind.
Lucy did a piece on insurance scams.
She interviewed me; we stayed in touch.
I was helping her file chapter 11.
What does a p.I. Attorney know about filing for bankruptcy?
Lucy couldn't afford the basic 2 grand fee
At a typical bankruptcy firm.
I was doing it as a friend.
How did she pay you?
Not how you're implying.
Believe me. They were broke.
I felt sorry for her.
I stopped by a few times
And helped her fill out the paperwork.
Always when her husband was out?
She didn't want him to know about the bankruptcy.
They'd sold off everything of value.
They were trying to get out from under the house...
These were desperate people.
Are we talking a quiet desperation,
Or were they locking horns?
There was some arguing going on there, yeah.
Enough for wes to kill lucy?
I've heard of crazier things.
But to kill your daughter too?
(burgess) you know, we could cover more ground if we split up.
Two sets of eyes are better than one, right?
I got this.
It's--it's like riding a bike.
Hi, i'm officer burgess.
This is officer roman. We're here about--
Yeah, do you know shelby denton?
We used to be best friends.
We did cheer together.
Then she transferred to public school this year,
So we didn't see each other so much.
It seems her younger brother, jordan, is missing.
Anything you could tell us would be helpful.
Have you talked to owen yet?
(megan) her boyfriend--or ex-boyfriend.
You never knew with them.
This owen got a last name?
Reese. Owen reese.
Kid's been holed up in his room since he heard the news.
Only met shelby a few times.
She seemed like a sweet girl.
Owen, the police want to talk.
Hey, mr. Reese, where was your son last night?
In his room.
Got caught drinking two weeks ago.
He's been grounded ever since.
I even took his car keys.
(roman) hey, owen.
We're looking for jordan denton.
He's alive? We're hoping.
But with every minute, the chances decrease.
We know you were over there a lot.
How well do you know him?
He's a good kid, looked up to me.
I mean, sometimes he'd...
Sometimes he'd what?
Tell them.
You've got to understand.
Shelby hated being home.
Her parents were always fighting.
Shelby and me, we had this spot we used to go to,
This foreclosed house a couple blocks from hers,
To get away.
Jordan followed us in there a few times.
Give us the address.
Police. Anyone down here?
(jordan) [coughs]
Over there.
(burgess) oh, my god.
2113 squad emergency.
You got him?
Inform chicago med we are en route
With a tender-age male, gunshot wound to the shoulder.
He's lost a lot of blood.
All right. Thanks, roman.
(halstead) okay, so jordan's alive,
But he's critical and heading into surgery now.
(ruzek) all right, we like the dad for this.
I just got off the phone with dentons' bank.
Got $800 in savings. Credit cards are maxed out.
They're on their second mortgage.
(atwater) both wes and lucy denton have $500,000 life insurance policies
Taken out when they were flush.
Wes' lapsed. Kept the premium paid on lucy's.
And with double indemnity,
Wes denton is gonna get paid out $1 million.
Look, i hate to ruin the party here,
But i cross-referenced all the subscribers
And mudd and tolls on wes' phone.
Nothing stood out.
Tech lab checked all the searches and the activity
On the home computer, nothing.
So if he hired someone to kill his wife,
He was careful.
So he was careful.
We got financial motive for the husband.
We need to bring him in.
Well, he ain't coming in voluntarily again.
I'll tell you that much.
(olinsky) if wes hears we found his kid
And he might get id'd, he'll bolt.
(dawson) plus, to me, he looks like one of those guys
Whose mouth starts moving when they feel the bracelets
Slapped on their wrists.
Let's hit it.
Let's go.
(roman) hey, al.
What's the deal with voight and my dad?
I'm not looking for a fairy tale.
I just...
Oh, man, that was a long time ago.
15 years?
A bunch of us were at a retirement party
For this guy, eddie terrino.
Voight was knee-deep in the gang unit at that time.
Your dad had a couple of cocktails in him,
And he starts making some comments
About voight being dirty.
So now everyone was trying to, you know,
Calm him down, but your dad kept right it,
Really kept at it.
So, voight, he had a couple cocktails in him.
He gets up, and he calls your dad a dog cop.
You know, kid, there are cops
Who want to be the first through that door,
And there are cops who want to keep traffic flowing.
Everybody chips in different.
Now, if your old man wants to clock in and clock out
On a decent beat, i got zero problem with that.
So that whole evening at terrino's was...
(wes) guys, we're asking you to please,
Please come back here or call in if you find anything,
No matter how small it is,
That might indicate what direction he went in.
(roman) mr. Denton, we've got to ask you a few more questions.
(olinsky) and it might be better if we conduct this privately.
Yeah, i'm leading a search for my son.
We can see that.
(wes) so if you have something to ask, either grab a flashlight
And a flyer and find my boy, but do not come here
And waste my time when i have none left.
Sir, please.
All right, let's back it up.
Do you see what he's doing?
Do you guys see this?
(bob) hey, what the hell is going on here?
(roman) dad, walk away. All right, we got this.
Do you?
What about that guy i gave voight?
I said we got it.
If we need any more of your help, we'll call you.
All right?
They got the dad downstairs in the cage.
You give him anything on the ride over?
Not a word.
Any word on the boy?
Still in surgery.
Money makes people do crazy things.
Not enough or too much-- it doesn't seem to matter.
What does that have to do with anything?
Forget to mention when we spoke before
You and your wife were about to go broke?
It's immaterial.
No, that's motive.
See, you have a need to be seen a certain way: Successful.
That's why you killed lucy.
You found out she filed for bankruptcy.
No, no. None of this is true.
You were out of runway,
So you figure you'd cash in on her life insurance policy,
The one you're making payments on
When you can barely afford groceries.
Lucy must have been paying those premiums.
Besides which, none of this makes me a murderer.
Do yourself a favor.
Tell me how you set this thing up
And the state's attorney will thank you
By giving you a life sentence with possibility.
I didn't do this!
I was trying to hold my family together.
Guess what? We found your son--
Half-conscious, bullet in his shoulder,
Clinging to life.
He's in surgery now.
I-i have to see him.
Not yet.
Please, you can't keep me from my boy.
I got a court order keeps you from seeing him.
He needs his father.
What's he gonna tell us
If he makes it through this surgery, hmm?
This is your last chance to get out in front of this.
What happened?
I want to see my lawyer.
(halstead) before they went bust, they donated to a lot of charities.
They were on the board of directors at the o.G. Grill.
It's a catering company up on the north side
That hires ex-cons.
Yeah, they teach them food service skills.
I got a cousin that went through there.
A couple cousins, actually, and my aunt.
(halstead) right, well, it's a good place to hire a parolee
Looking to do a murder for hire.
It's worth checking out. What's the address?
I know how to get there. We can roll.
(atwater) sir...
Atwater, dawson, chicago pd.
You are?
Russell moore. I'm the manager.
And unless you're looking for catering,
I got nothing to say to you.
Hey, a couple of your volunteers were murdered two nights ago,
Lucy denton and her daughter, shelby.
The dentons used to come around every sunday.
I haven't seen them in a while.
(atwater) you ever notice wes denton rapping with your employees
In an extra-curricular kind of way?
Rich family gets killed, you think one of my guys did it?
Yeah, basically.
(dawson) we're not trying to knock what you're doing here, russell.
But we need your help.
Employee photos going back two years.
All right, i got all the pictures of the ex-cons
Working at the kitchens.
We can do a photo array.
Sergeant hank voight,
Talia davis with child's advocate center.
Anything you want to ask jordan, i need to be there.
You're up to speed on the case?
I'll break the news about his mother and sister.
But if i feel like he needs to take a breather...
I'll be doing the talking.
- How you doing? - Hey.
My mom heard a noise and told me to hide.
I did, but when i heard yelling,
I got scared and ran out.
The man chased me, shooting.
Had you ever seen this man before?
Did my mom and shelby go to the hospital too?
(roman) you know, jordan,
I've met a lot of brave people in my life,
But you, pal, i'd say you're the bravest.
You know what i mean?
(voight) jordan, we've got some pictures we want you to look at, okay?
I want you to just tell me if one of these guys
Is the man who was in your house.
Are you okay, jordan?
He's fine.
(jordan) [labored breathing]
Is that him?
Jordan, is that the man you saw?
Sergeant, can you step outside?
Just tell me, jordan.
(talia) sergeant.
Jordan, is--
Yes, that's him.
(roman) got it.
[touch-tones beeping]
You're safe now.
(jim) all right, folks, new deal.
Until things get sorted out in d.C.,
The feds are taking the lead on this case.
[people groaning]
But the hell if they're gonna take all the credit.
We're still going in.
It's just more of a backseat capacity.
Hey, you guys have a problem with getting paid
Chillin' poolside in 70-degree temps?
[laughter] yeah, i didn't think so.
Look, for now, i can only take along six agents
So if you need to drop out, let me know.
Otherwise, i'm making up the roster on my own.
If it's a boondoggle, i'll stay--
Your skills are needed.
Oh, okay.
Yeah, the informant's wife needs to be babysat,
So keep an eye on her.
Go with her to get her hair done, nails done, whatever.
All right, guys, keep me posted.
Frank carriger did five years for aggravated burglary
And narcotics possession.
When he was released,
His p.O. Got him a job at the o.G. Grill.
I put out an investigative alert on him.
Any lkas for this guy?
Yeah, i got his last three.
Yeah, we still can't find any communication
Between him and wes denton.
What about between him and lucy's stalker, gage?
(voight) well, somebody gave carriger that alarm code.
(atwater) copy that. Thanks.
We might have eyes on carriger.
Loyola station, boarding the el right now.
Witness said he's wearing jeans and a black leather jacket.
- I don't see him. - Me neither.
I'll take the back car.
We'll start up front, and meet you in the middle.
All right.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Got him. He just exited the train.
- Chicago pd! - Excuse me!
- Get out of the way! - Out of the way!
He's running down the platform!
(woman) hey, move it. - Watch out!
Suspect's heading down the station to ashland and lake.
[siren wailing]
(olinsky) there. That's him.
All right, i got him.
Out of the way!
Hey, watch it!
(electronic voice) door is closing.
[horn blares]
Stay down.
Put your arms behind your back.
You like shooting kids, huh?
Owen reese, the girl's boyfriend.
He had me do it. He had me do it.
(roman) get up.
See, owen gave me the alarm code.
He said they have money and jewelry lying around.
And we drove by, and he showed me the house,
And yeah, i believed him.
But when i got in there, they didn't have nothing.
I found the gun,
I woke those bitches up,
And marched them down in the living room,
And i gave them a choice.
Why did you put him up to it?
We can sit here for days, kid.
I make good money overtime.
Carriger's laying it all out in there.
One guy gets to make a deal.
The one who keeps his mouth shut,
He's gonna take a ride.
You keep sitting there with your thumb in your ass,
It's over.
Hey, aggravated home invasion, double murder,
And attempted murder of a tender-age boy.
You hear that?
You will be charged for all of that.
I met shelby at the grill.
Mrs. Denton thought i wasn't good enough for her daughter.
I swear, i didn't think he'd kill them.
I told him to go in when they were sleeping,
Scare shelby's mom.
So she'd run back into your arms?
Mrs. Denton should have told him the truth,
Given frank what he wanted.
(halstead) they were broke.
Shelby's parents didn't tell her they were gonna lose the house.
I loved her.
Today was harder than i thought it was gonna be.
I had a feeling you weren't ready.
I'm ready.
The problem is, you're not.
Look, i know that you think that you're looking out for me,
But you can't do this job if you're always worried.
And i can't do my job if i'm worried about you...
Worrying about me--
No--ugh, you get the point.
We're the police.
The second we start doubting each other,
It's both of us lying on the pavement.
You're right.
You got shot. It happened, but you're back.
And to commemorate you not worrying about me
Not worrying about you not worrying--
I get it. Hilarious.
What better way to bury the past than...
I got you this.
Oh, my old vest!
Hey, the thing kept us from losing our best customer.
We couldn't just throw it out.
Welcome back, partner.
Thanks, roman.
It's never fun, you know,
Looking at family members as suspects.
The upside is, sometimes they're innocent.
I'm sorry for your loss
And for what we put you through.
I never even knew shelby had a boyfriend.
If i'd-- i'd been around more, maybe--
You were trying to support your family.
Listen, i can...
I can tell jordan about your wife and daughter if you want.
Sometimes it's easier coming from the police.
I'm all he has now.
He should hear it from me.
Could i get a beer or something?
- Sure. - Thanks.
Hey. Hey, listen. Thanks for meeting me.
Oh, of course.
Listen, about last night--
Oh, no, it's done. I'm over it.
No, no, no, i...You know, i didn't mean it like that.
I just was all worked up,
And i must have sounded like an ass, so...
Thank you. I'm sorry.
The night you were born and i held you in my arms,
I made a decision.
It was more important to me
To be your dad than to be a cop.
So i transferred to the 26th, and i stayed in uniform.
Did i make all the busts that voight did?
But i was there to coach your teams
And drive you to school, take you to the movies.
I wanted to come home to my son every night.
I didn't know that.
Thanks, dad.
I-i heard once that
A man's greatest achievement
Is when his son becomes more successful than him.
I just want to know that you're happy where you're at.
I am.
I like being the first through the door.
That's the kind of cop i am.
I like doing it in this unit.
You know, i wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
[knocking at door]
[knocking at door]
[safety clicking]
[knocking resumes]
(lindsay) hank, put the gun down. It's me.
You lose your key?
It's been a rough day. I didn't want to get shot too.
Is it too late to get my spot back in intelligence?
This task force, it's all politics
And a numbers game and...
And the way that they just chew people up
And then spit them back into the system--
This isn't me.
This has never been me.
I became a cop to try to bring a little justice to this city--
To my streets the way you taught me.
Welcome back.
I'm all yours.
Hey, come here.
Thank you.
You kiddin'?
You seen the faces i gotta look at every morning?
[laughs] yeah.
[wolf howls]