Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 13 - A Little Devil Complex - full transcript

Antonio and his sister talk to Elliot Gish about the person they think is responsible for the fire that killed Shay; Lindsay has second thoughts about the task force; Platt's new, sunny demeanor results in curiosity.

Please accept my condolences on the loss of your paramedic.
Her name was shay, right?
Unfortunately, ofi
Has decided not to pursue
Adrian gish at this time.
I need your help.
Sure, sis.
Whatever you need.
You know, we no longer work together.
Is it too late to get my spot back in intelligence?
Welcome back.
Hey. Morning, sergeant.
We were going to--
And a beautiful morning to you too, officer burgess.
How can i help you?
We wanted to know if you wanted us to check back in
With the neighborhood watch on roosevelt?
That's a terrific idea, burgess.
Team work to help the dream work.
Here's the keys to squad 01664.
You two go out there
And do some good for this city.
Are you feeling all right, sergeant?
I feel fantastic.
You guys!
Go on.
Go on.
There she is.
All right, let the ball-busting commence.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Yeah, we're just happy to see you, lindsay.
Listen, we we're thinking about putting together
A task force on how to make coffee.
Maybe you can help us arrange a press conference for that.
I got you started. Cream, two sugars.
It's real simple.
I am not gonna make you coffee.
Come on, what about you?
I wasn't going to say anything.
And then lang called and he said you left
Your pant suit at the headquarters.
Welcome back.
(kevin) yeah! Missed you a lot.
You guys have no idea how good it is to be here.
Hey, kiddo, i want you
With antonio catching up on all the old case files.
I got to step out for a moment, sarge.
What's up?
I'll let you know as soon as i find out.
That's the place?
Yeah, that's where adrian gish works.
And how sure are you he's the arsonist responsible
For shay's death?
We found the fire factory.
We mapped out his fires.
I mean, he basically admitted it to severide
When he confronted him.
But ofi can't prove it.
You know how hard it is to prove arson.
All right.
Point him out to me.
There. That's him.
That's him.
Okay, stay back.
Excuse me.
You adrian gish?
I am.
Antonio dawson, chicago pd.
You mind if we go somewhere and have a conversation?
Regarding you being an arsonist.
Regarding that you killed a cfd paramedic.
I've already talked to the fire department.
You're talking to the cpd now.
You're embarrassing me.
I'm just getting started.
I'm going to go back to work now.
Did you just spit in my face?
I didn't spit in--
Now, that's assaulting an officer.
Why'd you make this ugly?
- You see it? - I saw it.
That's ridiculous. I didn't--
I'm gonna have to call medical
To make sure you don't have any diseases.
Lots of paperwork.
Is everything okay, adrian?
Your employee is a murderer.
How's that for okay?
All right, talk to me.
51, including my sister, got called to a fire scene
In a storage facility.
In that space were cases of brake fluid, kitty litter,
And chlorine powder.
Classic arsonist material.
All right, so the guy's a pyro.
It's not our problem.
Along with an obituary of leslie shay.
That building explosion...
This guy.
I hope this is being recorded.
I've been physically harassed.
I hear you like to start fires, gish.
Only when appropriate.
According to who?
Fires that kill innocent people?
Yeah, i've heard about men who do that.
Men who kill their own families.
Men who wipe out city blocks with a single match.
How challenging is that?
A stupid cow burnt this city to the ground.
The challenge would be to get away with it more than once.
It would take a very special cow to do it over and over
And over again for years.
Go ahead.
Show me how you do it.
[inhales deeply]
Always underestimated.
You got away with it this long out of sheer dumb luck,
Not because you're special.
Thankfully, the cfd turned us on to you,
And there's nothing we like better
Than to correct god's mistakes.
Now i see it.
See what?
The paramedic who came in my office and accused me.
She's your sister, right?
So she dialed up a little police brutality.
How'd you know she was a paramedic?
I follow the news.
She was at the fire where leslie shay died.
Gabriela dawson.
You just gonna tiptoe right to the edge, huh?
(antonio) i promise you i'll stand right behind you
To give you the last push.
God's mistake?
God's mistake?
Really? You think i was made by god?
Last i checked, fire was the devil's tool.
I'm warning you, detective.
Do not push me.
Or what, gish?
You gonna burn me up?
When i'm done with you,
You're gonna burn yourself up.
[knocking on door]
All right, all right, not another word.
I'm assuming he wasn't allowed
To contact his attorney as was his right?
Your client volunteered to talk to us.
(lawyer) well, he's done volunteering.
Unless my client is being arrested,
Then we will be leaving now.
Adrian gish.
Cfd is sure he blew up the building
That killed leslie shay.
I for one agree with them.
I got the mother of all bad hits off this guy.
Gish works at herald mortgage company as a proofreader.
Lives at 2947 west 21st.
No known relatives in chicago.
What's his rush?
According to kelly severide, he's an excitement arsonist,
Lives in the shadows and gets off on the chaos of the act.
This guy killed leslie shay, my sister's best friend.
Years ago, he killed peter mills' father,
And burned chief boden and who knows how many others.
As far as i'm concerned,
We don't sleep until this lunatic roasts.
I hear that.
So how do we handle him?
We get under his skin.
Make him feel us everywhere he looks.
Arson is hard to prove unless you catch him in the act,
So that's what we're gonna do.
Pressure the volcano and be there when it erupts.
Olinsky and ruzek, roll to his workplace.
Apparently, antonio caused a little stir there this morning.
My experience is, the office gossips
Will be bursting to talk to us about this guy.
The rest of you,
Find a common link between the victims of these fires.
I want a warrant for this home address asap.
And make sure you include all electronics
In the body of the warrant.
Of course.
Hey, alvin, adam?
I'm just checking if you need a patrol team
To assist you with your busy case load today.
We're always here to help intelligence.
No, that's okay. Thanks.
Well, cheers to you, then.
Watch this.
What're you gonna do?
I don't know.
Hey, sarge?
Hey, how can i help you?
Do you mind if i swap shifts tomorrow?
I think we can work something out.
Oh, great.
'cause i have this cake-making class,
And the lesson is on layering,
And i'm so afraid if i get behind,
I will never really catch up
'cause it's like trigonometry, you know?
I do know.
And i don't like it.
I love it.
I mean, caminetto can swap out with you, right?
Thank-- yeah, thank you.
And save me a piece, for me, okay?
'cause that's just yum yum in my tum-tum.
Thank you.
Is adrian in trouble or something?
You tell us.
He's never been anything but a perfect employee...
Then today...
How long's he worked here?
I came on eight years ago and inherited him.
So before that.
Will you bring me adrian gish's work file?
Of course.
Look, what we do isn't exciting.
We write mortgage reports and adrian proofreads them.
I mean, he comes in, he's super organized,
And he doesn't involve himself with office politics,
Which, believe me, happen here
When you get three people in a room.
Anything ever burn down around here?
Any employees' houses catch fire unexpectedly?
Not that i know of.
I don't even think he smoked.
Thank you.
His resume says he started here in 2004.
Mind if we have a look at that?
Hey, smart guy.
Kellogg business school at northwestern.
Dr. Miller?
Hi. Detective halstead and lindsay.
Thanks for meeting us.
Adrian gish's resume said that he went
To kellogg for his mba.
You're listed as one of three professors
On his advisory committee.
We're just hoping you could tell us some more about him.
I remember adrian.
Anyone who was here at that time does.
In what way?
He would light up a room.
Intellect, charm.
I remember thinking, this young man will be a senator some day.
A senator?
He never saw his wheelchair as a disadvantage.
I remember when--
Did you say wheelchair?
Muscular dystrophy, i think it was.
This man?
I don't know who that is.
Okay, thank you for your time.
All right, we need to go to the registrar's office
And see if they have an alumni address
For the gish that actually went here.
[knocking on door]
Mrs. Gish?
I'm piper gish.
Mother of adrian gish?
Do you know where he is?
I'm sorry?
We're looking for your son.
How dare you?
Adrian was killed in an office fire 12 years ago.
They didn't have wheelchair ramps.
Only an elevator.
He didn't--
He was trapped.
So this isn't your son?
This is him.
This is adrian.
We're sorry to bother you. We made a mistake.
What is this about?
Police business, ma'am.
Very sorry.
If that guy's gish,
Who the hell is our guy?
How the hell did arson investigation not know that gish
Is operating under an alias?
Well, they aren't cops.
They're about accelerants and incendiaries
And the causes of a fire.
It took them this long to even know it was arson.
Give us a minute.
My client legally changed his name ten years ago.
And stole an identity in the process.
My client's birth name was ross clayton mcgowan,
And this is to inform you
That i have formally lodged complaints with the ipra,
The i.G.'s office, and will be suing.
File away.
They probably have pre-printed "voight" forms ready to go.
So just 'cause i'm back doesn't mean i want to quit me and you.
I don't know.
I'm not really a sneak-around-behind-dad's-back
Kind of guy.
Says the guy that works undercover.
Let's just come clean.
Voight will respect us more if we look him in the eye.
Or we keep our personal lives personal.
It's nobody's business but ours.
[knocking on door]
Hey, voight wants to move out.
Yep, got it.
To be continued.
(voight) there they are.
Hey, sergeant, i need to borrow burgess and roman.
Of course, hank, whatever you need.
(voight) thanks.
This is ross mcgowan, aka adrian gish.
We want you to follow him.
All right, we'll get changed.
No. This guy's a smart cookie.
We're gonna throw him a wrinkle. Come on.
Okay, sergeant, we are good to go.
Police! Search warrant!
Where do you want me to stick this warrant?
Just tag it to the front door.
All right, toss the place.
Make it messy.
Pull up the floorboards if you have to.
Can i get one cheese, large?
Here. Keep the change.
Hey, thanks.
Let me get a couple of slices of sausage, please.
Cpd eats free here.
Oh, no, we can't--
Sure, we can.
Can we get a couple of sodas too?
Diet for my partner.
Thank you.
Pies almost ready, sir.
Sorry to make you wait.
Not a problem.
(burgess) hey.
Should we follow him?
He left his cell phone.
If he's not back in a minute i'm gonna--
I'm not worried.
Do you ever worry?
When you got shot, i worried.
The way platt's acting this week,
That's got me worried.
But no, not usually.
I don't know how you do that.
I concentrate on the important things.
Oh, i'll have to start trying that.
Yeah, i'm gonna go see if he's--
Here you go.
Here you go.
Are you two following me?
We're just out on patrol, sir.
Nice weather, huh?
Lindsay, halstead, gish thinks he spied us.
Got him.
Wait, is he...
Son of a bitch.
[knocks on window]
For the district.
Extra cheese.
You're underestimating me again.
Maybe we should have worried.
You heard?
I heard.
I don't know what to tell you, sergeant.
It happened so fast...
Just so i'm clear, the guy you were tailing got free
From your sight, snuck out a bathroom window,
And then molotov cocktailed your squad car.
Okay, the details are a bit more complex then that--
But basically yeah, yes, sergeant.
And you didn't arrest him why?
Because halstead and lindsay said we need something bigger.
Bigger than one of my squad cars?
These things happen.
The important thing is that you two are unharmed.
Listen, don't let the behavior of others affect your day today.
Do some good out there.
All right, out with it.
Who is that man and what is he holding over you?
He works for the city bureau
Of disciplinary action or something.
I don't know.
He's monitoring me.
I knew it!
Just keep your voice down.
How long is this gonna go?
I don't know.
Someone anonymously complained about my people skills.
Said i was droll and demeaning.
Can you believe that?
I love being the desk sergeant here, burgess.
I mean, i really love it.
If they took that away from me,
Put me behind some desk in the ivory tower, or worse...
Early retirement,
I don't know what i'd do.
That could happen?
Okay, you want to bury me?
Now's your chance.
Just walk over to him and pour your heart out.
- Hey, herlihy! - Yo, sarge.
How's the family?
Hey, how you doing?
I've been better.
You remember megan?
Of course.
Good to see you.
Sorry about the circumstances.
You guys close to finding this guy?
We're gonna get him, i promise.
He's obsessed with being underestimated
And he's going to crack.
So here's the map from the ifo logs.
With all the suspected arsons going back to 1970.
We don't know how far gish goes back with all this,
But figured the more information you had, the better.
His name's not gish.
He's been using a fake identity for a long time.
We don't know how long.
He torched a patrol car yesterday.
- You serious? - Yeah.
It's actually a good sign.
Our plan is working.
This helps too.
Atwater, why don't you and me cross-reference all these fires
With the name ross mcgowan and see what pops.
Pardon me. What did you say?
Ross mcgowan, gish's birth name.
That is not his birth name.
What's that, chief?
Ross mcgowan was a firefighter.
He died in the same fire
That killed peter mills' father, henry.
Same place i got my scars.
So mcgowan's a fake id too.
Going back 20 years.
Who is this guy?
Thanks, guys.
We'll update you as soon as there's anything to update.
Please don't tell me this means you guys aren't--
Megan, look at me.
This prick is going down.
Hey, sis.
Voight's just frustrated because we're all taking
This a bit personally now.
Antonio, you looked into that man's eyes, right?
He's not human.
He's not even an animal.
He's darkness.
I know it.
You need to arrest him,
You make something up, get him,
Throw him in the pit, and never look back.
It doesn't work like that.
Voight does.
I've seen it.
Haven't you come full circle on voight.
Well, what are you doing?
My job.
Man, everyone keeps saying that.
Because it's the truth.
You may not want to hear it,
But i believe in the system, gabby.
Because at the end of the day, it works.
Now, we're gonna catch gish in the act,
And he's gonna spend the rest of his pathetic life
Right where he belongs.
Locked up.
In the darkness, like you said.
I really hope you're right.
Before he kills somebody else.
Because if he does, that's on you.
All right, we know his age,
We know his weight, we know his face.
Anyone been in the interrogation room since him?
No, i don't think so.
Then his prints are on the table.
Let's run 'em through ncic and leads.
We'll see if we get a pop or a match.
O and ruzek are on him, right?
- Yeah. - Good.
Let's keep pushing this bastard.
I don't want to wait much longer.
Sorry, one second.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
I've worked with sergeant platt for a while now,
So i think i have some good perspective.
Okay, she would kill me for saying this, but...
She is an amazing woman and cop.
Nobody cares more about this district
Than sergeant trudy platt, okay?
She runs it firmly and fairly
And with a...
Just ton of charisma.
Anyway, i wanted you to know that.
Thank you.
Officer burgess, is it?
That's right.
Uh--guh-- no, my pleasure.
Hardware store?
Want me to stay back, guard your car?
I've been looking to trade this in anyway.
Let's go.
(gish) danger...
Do you know why arson is so hard to prove?
Why don't you tell us?
Because fire eats itself.
Destroying all the evidence.
It's as if you had a gun...
Used it in a murder,
And then the gun self-destructed.
Why don't you tell us more?
About the fires you started?
Get it out in the open?
You know you want to.
Excuse me.
I tried.
[register beeping]
I can take you over here.
I'll wait.
How you doing today?
And you?
Oh, getting by.
Oh, um...
I hope you don't mind my asking, but...
A fire?
I was trapped in one at my old school.
I don't remember much about it.
Lucky to be alive, they tell me.
Was it the school fire at august ele--
Elementary on 38th, about...
8 or 9 years ago?
Yeah, it was.
(gish) i remember that.
A nasty one.
Glad you made it out okay.
(woman) me too.
And thank you.
This will be $62.67.
You know what?
I decided i don't want any of it.
I'm going to the grocery store next if you want to come.
We're gonna take you up on that.
Don't worry about him.
(voight) yeah.
Thanks, al.
Olinksy says gish has old burn scars
From a fire on his arm.
We can use that.
We know he changed ids at least twice
Going back 20 years.
What do we know about psychopaths?
They work up to their first kills
And usually aren't very careful in the early going.
So either gish burned himself starting a fire,
Or more likely,
He suffered an inciting incident,
And that's what set him off.
In the interview room,
Gish mentioned men who kill their own families.
Let's look at some of the earlier fires
In the bridgeport area,
See if maybe there was one
That took out a family except for one little boy.
Hey, we got one!
Fire in bridgeport in 1975.
(jay) killed a mom,
A husband, a brother.
There was one surviving child at the time.
He was age 7, trenton lamont.
You got an address?
3424 south green street.
Let's hit it.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
You lived here long?
Just my whole life.
You here when this place burned down?
Yeah, the lamont family.
How come no one ever rebuilt?
The son who survived, he still owns the property.
Trenton lamont.
You ever have any contact with him?
Yeah, all the time.
Lives right there.
Yeah, never left the area.
Saw him last week.
He comes and goes at weird times,
Been always nothing but nice.
This him?
Yeah, that's him.
Trenton lamont.
Let's go.
Clear back here.
Hey, in here!
Oh, my god.
Al, you got eyes on gish?
Yeah, he's entering a grocery store
On roosevelt as we speak.
We're letting him--
He's targeting gabriela! Snatch him up!
Move to arrest, move to arrest!
He's sending out false texts.
Last one's to gabby from silvy brett
Telling her to meet him at this address.
(antonio) when?
Come on, come on, come on.
You see a guy run through here, red jacket, dark hair?
Back of the store, al.
(adam) out of the store. Out of the store.
Go, go, go! I got it, i got it.
I think i got it.
[tires squealing]
Al, tell me you got him.
(al) we don't have eyes.
He's in the wind.
Oh, god.
Come on. Pick up, pick up.
Hey, antonio.
I'm just about to get in a--
Gabby, get out of there.
Gabby, listen to me.
[tires squealing]
[elevator jolts]
Oh, come on.
[alarm blares]
(man) hello?
Hey. Hi, i'm in a stuck elevator.
(man) anyone else in there?
Just me.
(man) okay.
I'll take a look.
Sit tight.
[panel clanking]
Need a little help down here.
Do you?
I warned everyone.
No one listened.
You know what the police called me?
God's mistake.
But i'm not from god.
[gasoline splashing]
Listen to me. Stop!
You don't want to do this.
All i want to do is watch you burn.
Listen to me, adrian! Listen to me.
You poured too much gasoline.
Okay, you know this!
If you light up this elevator car, you're going up too.
I don't care.
You got away with it for so long.
If you end it this way, they're gonna say--
They're gonna say that you made a mistake,
And the cops are gonna know
That they didn't underestimate you.
You will ruin your legacy,
What you worked so hard for.
This finishes my legacy.
Who are you?
What's going on?
Whoa, hey, i just work here, man.
I got a call the elevator was stuck.
You smell that?
It's gasoline.
Keys. What floor is it stuck on?
Between three and four.
Here. Wait out there.
I was destined for it.
To burn.
[gabby coughing]
To be consumed in the chaos of fire.
No, don't.
Don't do it. Don't do it.
Do you know the story of the phoenix?
It's a beautiful bird that at the end of its life,
Settles into a nest and sets itself on fire...
And a new phoenix is born from the ashes.
I will rise again, see?
Stronger, better.
I'm okay.
Oh, god!
[coughing and gasping]
You okay?
[gasping] yeah, yeah.
That's fine police work today, brother.
Yeah, thanks.
You all right?
I'm glad i saved the courts the trouble.
Hey, you and me both.
Hey, you're coming, right?
See you in a minute.
Devil in the white city.
Back in hell where he belongs.
- Hey. - Hey, chief.
Hey, chief, how you feel?
How do i feel?
God, i wish there was a word to encapsulate it all.
How about happy?
I mean, i'm happy the son of a bitch is dead.
No, happy is not the word.
I'm just...
I don't know.
I don't know, i'd say happy works for me.
I just might get some sleep for the first time in months.
I hear right?
They got him.
Thank you.
Thank you.
God, i need a beer.
Maybe you were right.
Maybe happy is the word.
- Here's to happy. - Cheers.
I almost--
Shh. Hey.
Come here.
We're all good.
You did it.
I'm fine.
We're all fine thanks to you.
We're fine.
[knocking on door]
Hey, if you want to tell hank, we can tell him.
I don't want to talk about hank.
What do you want--
I don't want to talk at all.
I've heard of a puff piece,
But this is a whole bag of puffs.
What's going on, sergeant?
Ah, just a little article
The sun-times wrote about yours truly.
Nice of them to recognize the little people, you know?
(sean) "officer kim burgess, a beat co in platt's district told me,
No desk sergeant in the city has as much charisma
As sergeant trudy platt."
You said that?
God, i love that word.
I got to remember that one.
You lied to me.
My mother's gonna read this.
Are unbelievable.
Yeah, but with charisma.
Well, at least we got a couple of nice shifts out of you.
Yeah, that quota's done for the year.
So quit sitting around like a piss bum
On the first of the month and get out and patrol, officer.
Hey, spencer for hire, you seen lindsay?
What? No.
'cause i got a package for her.
She texted me.
She said that she had to see her mom or something.
So what was so important you couldn't tell me over the phone?
Okay, erin...
Is this about teddy?
Teddy? No, no, no.
Nothing to do with teddy.
Teddy's great.
As a matter of fact, he's really good.
He's enrolled in some night classes at ccu.
- Yeah. - Hotel management.
What then?
Well, i quit my job at the bar
And now i'm working the desk
At johnny's rental truck company.
Which is great. It's all good.
It's good.
It's just that there's this one customer
Who keeps renting from us.
Eight times in the last month.
I mean, we have our repeat movers, you know,
But eight times?
I just get a really bad vibe off this guy.
A bad vibe off a rental customer
Is why you had me come all the way down here?
When he returned his last rental,
I found this in the back.
I think he killed somebody.