Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 14 - Erin's Mom - full transcript

Bunny comes to Lindsay concerned about a suspicious repeat customer at her husband's rental company. This lead brings Intelligence into a case which robbery-homicide has been working for months. Detective Gina Gawronski downloads their intel to the team, she also happens to be Antonio's former co-worker from Vice. Voight doesn't trust Bunny's motives for the tip.

So just because i'm back
Doesn't mean i want to quit me and you.
I'm not really the "sneak around behind dad's back" kind of guy.
Oh, i get it now.
You meet a nice guy
And he finds out you have an adult daughter
That you haven't talked to in eight years
And thinks it's a little weird.
So what was so important you couldn't tell me over the phone?
I'm working the desk at johnny's rental truck company.
There's this one customer.
When he returned his last rental,
I found this in the back.
I think he killed somebody.
Bunny found this in the back of one of johnny's trucks.
My husband.
What happened to choppy?
Johnny runs a moving truck rental company,
And i help out.
Someone could have cut their hand moving a piano.
The guy who rented that truck comes in every couple of weeks.
Really sketchy. Pays only cash.
If i found that glove,
I'd hate to think what else i'm gonna find.
Even if i wanted to look into this,
I can't get a warrant 'cause you touched blood evidence.
That's why i gave erin the rental agreements.
(lindsay) everyone who rents a truck gets their license photocopied.
Name on that license is robert o'shea.
I ran it through dmv and ncic--
License is a fake.
Robert o'shea is an alias.
This is nick vosh,
Recently paroled from menard for robbery.
I checked his last known address;
He's crashing in brighton park.
You really want to chase this?
I think it's worth a look.
All right. Grab halstead. Go check out this vosh.
Now, i'm gonna need a complete statement from you.
We're going by the book on this one.
Hey, don't get too comfortable.
We got to do a drive-by on a possible offender.
I'll explain later.
Carrying bricks in there?
Uh, criminal law books.
I got to keep cramming for this test.
Listen, atwater has a bunch of unused personal days.
He's on forced furlough.
Can you man his desk?
Of course.
- Thanks. - Sure.
You a good samaritan now?
You gonna start a neighborhood watch too?
I'm telling the truth, hank.
I don't want this guy vosh
Renting one of johnny's trucks,
Doing something illegal,
And having it come back on us.
You sure this isn't some ploy to get back in erin's life?
Erin can make her own decisions,
And it's not really any of your business.
Whatever it is that you think you can reach inside erin
Is long gone.
You don't have to like it,
But i am part of her life now.
I'm gonna need that statement.
(halstead) couldn't sleep the other night.
So i was up watching tv, and i saw this doctor
Talking about commitment phobia.
He was saying it had to do with family patterns
And survival instincts.
I'm just saying, you know,
Bunny's been married, what, five times?
Don't try to psychoanalyze me, jay.
Have you given any more thought
To whether or not we should tell voight?
No, we're not telling voight.
He pardoned burgess and ruzek.
Burgess was shot.
Her and ruzek are an exception to the rule.
Do you want to take a bullet
So that voight will give his blessing?
I'd take a bullet just to come over to your house tonight.
What part of your body would you sacrifice?
Fleshy part of the thigh.
- Now i feel special. - You should.
(halstead) where's the box truck?
Let's find out.
(halstead) either he's shopping for a new muffler...
Or he's casing the check exchange.
(halstead) call it in.
We got a robbery in progress. Requesting backup.
2145 dearborn.
- Only two ways out. - Let's go.
(halstead) hey! Police! Get across the street.
[glass shatters]
Damn! Bulletproof glass.
(vosh) come on!
Police! Drop your weapon!
Get back!
Officers, please help! Help me!
(vosh) just do it! Don't worry about them!
(lindsay) let's tear-gas him.
(vosh) let's go! In the top--
- All right. All right. - Hurry up!
[woman crying]
[tear gas grenade clatters]
[gas hissing]
Come on! Come on!
Come on!
[both coughing]
[both coughing]
(vosh) open it! Open it!
(halstead) drop your weapon! Let go of her!
[both coughing]
[woman shouts and gasps]
Are you okay?
[coughs] my boy--
My husband, he ha-- he has them.
He's holding them hostage.
Who does?
He does!
George 50-21. Shots fired by the police.
Offender down.
- Roll an ambo to our location. - Copy that.
What's your name?
Sarah normark.
My husband, dean, my boy, travis,
He has a photo of them.
[coughs] it's on his phone.
All right.
Where is this?
Could be our basement.
Okay. What's your address?
It's 3398 north racine.
Lincoln 50-21, i need a patrol unit
To check on a possibly abducted family.
(roman) basement's clear!
It's empty.
21-13 squad,
We got an aggravated home invasion and kidnapping.
Tracked the cell on the other end of vosh's phone.
It was thrown in a dumpster near the river.
Roman and burgess are checking it out.
This is gina gawronski.
We used to work vice together.
- How's it going? - Thanks.
Now she's rocking it in robbery-homicide.
- Hi. - Welcome.
Looks like you guys caught a crew
We've been trying to get for months.
You have one offender in custody?
Yes, ma'am. Nick vosh.
He's over at chicago med in surgery.
Whoever he's working with, though, is still out there
With sarah normark's family, so...
From what we know, there's two of them,
And they've robbed seven check exchanges
In the last two months.
Well, check exchanges aren't fdic,
So fbi won't get involved.
That's right.
And you can steal more than you get at most banks.
These guys have grabbed 50k to 60k each time.
Nearly a half mil so far.
All right, what do we have on them?
Until now, not much.
Two white males, well-built.
One robs the check exchange manager;
The other one holds their family hostage in a box truck.
There's no gps in those old trucks
So they're difficult to track.
It's like a roving prison cell.
We were hoping the reward money
Would help us catch a break, but...
What reward money?
About a week ago, the check exchange put up 25 grand
For any information leading to the arrest of the offenders.
(dawson) so if this guy's out there
And he knows his partner got popped,
No telling what he'll do with the family.
(gawronski) yeah, that's right.
And he's the more violent of the two.
During their third robbery, a dye pack went off in his face
When the manager was handing over the cash,
So he shot the manager's wife
And dumped her body in the forest preserve.
(voight) all right, thanks.
- We'll take it from here. - Yeah.
(nadia) hey.
Uh, we just finished, actually.
I was very thorough with the forms.
I'm sure you were. Thanks.
Can you give us a sec?
Yeah. Of course.
I'm gonna go take these to voight.
[clears throat] bye.
I am so proud of you, erin, for being such a good role model
For that girl.
So it looks like you were right.
That guy renting from you and johnny,
Him and his partner have been robbing check exchanges.
I knew it.
I had a feeling about that guy from day one.
Did you also know about the reward?
What reward?
The company that owns the check exchanges
Put out a $25,000 reward.
Like i told hank, i just want to help.
Go home.
I'll keep you posted.
Bye, honey.
I appreciate you coming down, gina.
Yeah, well, i hate to say it,
But i'm glad this case is all yours now.
Yeah? We get that a lot.
Heard you went through a split.
Yeah, you know how it is--
The job, long hours.
I know too well.
I'm actually going back to my maiden name--
Just waiting for the judge to sign the papers.
When you close this case, let's grab a drink.
[phone rings]
What do you mean you sort of found the truck?
(roman) the missing box truck
With the douglas company logo was spotted
Driving past a red light camera
Two blocks south of that intersection.
Seemed to just vanish somehow
Between this three-block stretch.
So the street's flanked on one side by the river,
On the other by industrial buildings.
It's pretty desolate.
Everybody fan out.
Check any building with a garage.
And grab the infrared scanner.
Got it.
You see what i see?
(ruzek) tell me that's not what i think it is.
Call the fire department.
Tell them to bring a crane.
[chains rattling]
[crowbar clangs]
You ever do a notification before?
That's the one thing that
I didn't want to learn on this job.
Let's take a ride.
[knocking on door]
You sarah normark?
Yeah, i'm detective olinsky.
This is officer ruzek.
Tell me you found them.
There's no easy way to say this, ma'am--
- Oh, god! - Whoa, whoa, whoa.
[sarah crying]
Come in. Let's sit down.
The river, ma'am.
Nothing i say can offer you any solace.
I know that.
But we're gonna find who did this to your family.
(sarah) how?
How can a human being
Do that to another human being?
Some men...
Just don't belong walking the earth.
I got it.
Who's your partner?
I want a name.
Uh-- i--
I-i want-- i want a lawyer.
Oh, yeah?
Or--or a deal?
(voight) oh.
- Or a... - What's his name?
Can i help you?
Yeah, a little boy just died.
He's gonna answer some questions, all right?
You can see he's in no shape--
He's fine.
(doctor) you--hey, you-- you can't do this.
You awake now?
Okay. Okay!
What's his name?
Give me a last name.
Jared miko!
Where do i find him?
He crashes at a motel
Up on ogden.
You can tell it's him from the dye on his face.
Come on!
I should call the vice when we're done,
Have them come get their quotas for the month.
(voight on phone) first things first.
[electronic chiming]
Got stats on miko-- just came in over the wire.
Jared miko--he's got a long list of violent priors,
And he's wanted on a parole violation in california.
Baby, she means nothing to me, i'm telling you.
Come back to the room tonight.
It's him.
Room 23.
We've been made.
[woman screaming]
Get down!
Police! Get down!
Go around the back!
Don't move!
Stay down!
You okay?
I'll live.
Ooh. What's this?
I found it under my bed.
Lucky you.
You gonna read me my rights, officer?
You got the wrong guy.
(voight) it's a hell of a stain you tried scrubbing off there, slick.
You know, you didn't have to kill
That little boy and his dad.
Could have just parked that truck and walked away.
What's anyone ever done for me?
Oh, i can tell you what we're gonna do for you.
We're gonna make sure you wind up buried
Inside prison walls.
It was that moving company lady, wasn't it?
Yeah, what'd she call herself?
That bitch.
Vosh was paying her double to get a truck.
She gets greedy and hits him up for triple.
He says no,
And she gets a conscience, goes to the cops?
Is that it?
So you're saying she knew what you were up to?
As long as bunny got hers, she never questioned it.
(voight) wait a second.
You're saying that you think you're here
'cause of some cashier at a moving company?
You're here 'cause we caught you.
I can do this all night.
I see a nice spot for you on the floor in there.
I've seen worse places.
Too bad you missed chow.
But i hear they got great oatmeal at 26th and cal.
Sleep tight.
Before you speak, think hard about what you're gonna say.
Look, i don't know what that guy told you--
More than you.
Maybe i knew about the reward.
You should have seen
What we pulled out of the river today.
If you had come to us sooner,
We could have avoided a lot of carnage.
None of that is my fault, erin.
How many times in your life have you said that?
Fine, okay, beat up on mom,
But remember, i am the one that came to you--
Yes or no?
Did you know what they were up to?
Absolutely not.
(johnny) look, i knew bunny had skeletons when i married her, but--
(voight) what kind of skeletons?
Maxed credit cards, a car note.
That's every marriage.
What does she really owe?
A guy on cicero, an old boyfriend,
Screwed her over when she got out of rehab--
Gave her a life loan.
How much?
Bunny don't want to say,
But he threatened to take my business if she doesn't pay,
So it's got to be a lot.
(platt) hey, you two.
What are you hosting, a battle of the bands?
Fight broke out at the metro.
You know what i think of when i look at them?
Retirement. Someplace far.
Doesn't even have to be warm.
They'll grow out of it.
You see that one there?
He's 47.
I got an order to deliver jared miko to central detention.
He's got a date with the judge for arraignment
First thing in the morning.
Handle it, then wrap up shift.
Will do.
Miko, rise and shine.
Come on, you got to get up so we can cuff you.
The old pretending-to-sleep gag.
Get up now!
All right, everybody face the wall.
Come on. Get up.
Hey, man, i'm not--
Son of a bitch.
We've got an escape!
Looks like miko had a razor blade
Sewn in the waistband of his tracksuit.
He used it to slice off the wristband
And swapped it and his clothes with the other prisoner
After he snapped his neck.
And what was the other prisoner in for?
Drunk and disorderly.
He was sleeping it off.
- Give us a minute, will you? - Yeah.
This whole thing, miko getting cut loose,
That's on my watch.
It's on me, hank.
Look, i'm not gonna play any blame games, trudy.
I don't think anyone thinks any less of you.
Commander fisher's on his way in.
I'm not gonna hear the end of it.
Well, there's your penance.
Come on.
All right, listen up.
Got an offender who escaped custody.
Jared miko.
Armed or not,
He's considered extremely dangerous.
He was mistakenly processed out about an hour ago
After assuming the identity of another prisoner he killed.
We checked the booking photo of that prisoner,
And miko now has his clothes.
He's dressed in dark jeans and a gray sweater,
But most importantly,
Look for the dye pack stain on the right side of his face.
All right, i want you to check
Every abandoned building, park,
Train, bus stop in this district.
You bring this animal back through those doors...
Breathing or not.
(burgess) you think platt could get suspended over this?
After that piece in the sun-times, no way.
It doesn't look good for any of us
If we don't get miko back.
(woman on police radio) units citywide,
We have a call of an aggravated battery
At belmont and sheridan.
A cabdriver was beaten by an offender
Fitting the description of a white male wanted for escape.
Dispatch, does the description include a gray sweater?
(woman) affirmative. Suspect was in a gray sweater.
Unit 21-13, we are en route to that location.
Sir, what happened?
Look at me. That's what happened.
This the fare who rolled you?
He didn't want to pay, so i went after him with a mini-bat.
That's not too smart.
I need to hear it from you?
I'm out of a fare, and he took my lucky cubs bat.
Did you see which way he went?
Was too busy looking for my teeth.
(burgess) wanted offender positively identified.
Fled on foot and is still at large
At the 1200 block of belmont.
I need you to stay right here.
Paper car's coming.
I told you everything.
Who's miko gonna see up on belmont?
I don't know.
Well, your partner escaped from custody,
Then jacked a ride uptown.
Belmont and sheridan, what's he doing there?
Getting high one night, i told miko about my old man.
What about him?
I stash my cut at his place.
Miko's going after it.
What's the address?
Oakwood towers, 400 belmont street east.
Please don't let him kill my old man.
He's good people.
He didn't know i stashed it there.
And here, i thought there was honor among thieves.
(voight over radio) it's vosh's dad. Apartment 812.
Got it. Apartment 812.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Please, no more.
It's okay. We're the police.
You all right? You okay?
- This... - Clear!
Big guy kept asking where the money was.
I had no idea what he was talking about.
He grabbed a bag from the closet.
It belonged to my son.
He just left.
Be advised, suspect still in the building.
You know your son was part of a robbery crew?
He was hiding his money here.
Oh, nick.
I thought he was doing good on parole.
Whoa! Oh!
The guy--he's down there fighting with security.
Go, go!
Get back!
10-1, 10-1, shots fired in the basement.
(man over radio) copy.
Miko took off! Let's go!
Miko, there's no way out of here!
You're surrounded!
There's a light switch.
- Let's hit it. - Got it.
You all right?
He took off down the hallway.
You okay?
I'm good.
Let's split up. We'll cut him off.
Let's--let's go this way. Come on.
Stay close. Okay?
All right, one, two...
- Dead? - Yeah.
Could be anywhere in here.
So watch your back.
(man) get down!
Move out!
(lindsay) adam?
[tires squeal]
[handcuffs clicking]
Tight enough for you?
(man) get up!
[siren wails]
Let's go.
(reporter) statement, officer?
(reporter) miko, you want to make a statement?
[indistinct shouting]
Welcome back.
Got out once. I'll do it again.
Hey! Hey!
[all shouting]
You got it?
Got it!
His escape...
It was all over the news,
And when i saw that you caught him,
I couldn't--
I didn't want him to--
You don't have to explain.
I'm not sorry.
What you said earlier,
I couldn't stop thinking about it.
What's that?
"some men don't deserve
To be walking the earth."
[clears throat]
We have to put you in lockup
Until we can get you in front of a judge.
It's okay.
I'd be happy to wait with you,
If you want.
- All right? - Thank you.
- Come on. - Yeah.
[knock on door]
You two.
In order to process a reward,
Check exchange management insisted on reading
All the statements in the case.
Because of bunny's involvement with the offenders,
They're not only gonna refuse her the reward;
They threatened to press charges against her.
Based on an interview with a homicidal career felon?
I talked the check exchange out of it,
But if you want to fight for the reward, be my guest.
I don't think the superintendant will go to bat
When you explain you're attempting to get a payment
For your mother
Who's got a sheet all her own.
Nice work on the case, though.
That poor woman.
(bunny) i can't imagine how she feels.
Losing her husband, her son...
You can stop now.
There's no money, mom.
What do you mean?
The reward.
The check cashing company thinks that you were complicit.
I helped you find those bastards.
I deserve that reward money.
This is-- this is voight, isn't it?
He'll do anything to punish me,
And you are going right along with it.
You should have been straight with me.
What did you say to them?
Got a call.
Organized crime needs our help on some surveillance.
Why don't you grab halstead and go?
You're still on the clock.
I'll make sure bunny gets home.
We'll talk later.
It's bad enough you drag your daughter into this,
But you really think you can get one over on me?
I need that money, hank.
Yeah, i know.
Johnny told me all about it.
Who do you owe?
Tommy o'neil.
That pimp from cicero?
About a year ago, i borrowed some money from him
Just to get on my feet,
And he said that he would do things to me
And johnny if i didn't pay.
What do you owe?
A lot.
That your dinner?
Got to hurry.
On my way to the library. I got to cram for this test.
You all right, sarge?
Hasn't been the best shift of my career.
You know what?
Going through my history of penology book,
And i found this...
Here it is.
"last year alone, 6,536 convicts escaped
Or went awol from jails and prisons in the united states."
I don't need you to make me feel better, nadia.
I know.
Just saying jared miko wasn't the first jailbreak
In american history.
Won't be the last.
Could have been you or anyone at that desk when it happened.
You taking the bus?
Yeah, got to hurry.
Transfer at harlem.
Well, i'm getting out of here anyway, so come on.
I'll give you a ride.
I'm glad you decided to call.
After this case,
It seemed like a good idea to get out.
Believe it or not,
This place used to be the spot back in the day.
My old sergeant used to tell us
How he'd bring his dates here;
They'd order the lobster and load it up
With that famous egg sauce.
He swore it was a surefire aphrodisiac,
And it never failed.
Oh, in that case, two orders, please.
You remember that undercover job
We worked at that dance club that one time?
Yeah, i do.
It's a good bust.
Even better party.
Hey, wait a minute.
I know i apologized for coming on to you that night.
Is that where this is going?
I liked it.
You threw your drink in my face.
I had to play the role.
[keypad beeping]
[lock clanks]
50¢ on the dollar.
That's 15k.
Bunny owes 30.
What's she paying you now?
200 a week.
Not even covering the vig.
So a 15k buyout sounds like progress.
Make it 20.
You gonna slap her around? Break her husband's legs?
I don't think so.
You know, you walk in here
Telling me to take a cut rate
Like your star means something in cicero.
One or both of them might get to me
But not before i lay you out on the floor.
You know, someone told me once--
Maybe i read it somewhere--
Never get into bed with a woman
Whose problems are worse than your own.
Next time then.
All right, you're square.
All of it?
Yeah, i bought your debt.
Which means now you owe me,
And you're gonna repay me by staying out of erin's life
As of tonight.
Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you?
Turn me into a pariah like you did all those years.
That was your own doing, bunny.
I wanted to see erin. I wanted to spend time with her.
You wouldn't let me.
You know how many times
You've reached out to her in ten years?
And both times, you were coming down off of smack.
To protect you, i wouldn't let her see you that way.
Okay, you win, hank.
You were the better parent.
That's what you want to hear, isn't it?
You are not gonna keep her out of my life.
[cell phone buzzing]
Yeah, what's up?
(lindsay on phone) thank you.
[engine turns over]
[wolf howls]