Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 15 - What Do You Do - full transcript

After they are kidnapped while tackling a dangerous smuggling operation, Roman and Burgess pursue a man without calling for backup. Intelligence are spending the day receiving taser certification.

- You were worried about me? - You have no idea.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Let's just come clean.
Voight'll respect us more if we look him in the eye.
It's nobody's business but ours.
Ordinarily, i don't allow for relationships in my unit,
But lindsay's spot's open.
It's yours.
I'm gonna respectfully decline intelligence.
Wasn't the answer i expected.
It's just, i'm not ready to be off the beat yet.
At least right now.
(man) i bet i can guess how much.
I'm sorry?
Your bill--i bet i can guess how much it is.
- Okay. - $7.49.
To the penny.
You want to know how i knew that?
Um, i'm not sure.
Because you come in here every day,
And you order the same thing, a bowl of oatmeal
With raisins on the side and a glass of orange juice,
And you pay with a ten and leave an extra four quarters
And say, "keep it," to whoever's working the counter.
Wow, okay, i'm a little creeped out.
Ah, i'm sorry. I--
No, i'm creeped out that i'm that predictable.
It's nice to get into routines.
Is it?
All right, well, see you tomorrow, i guess.
Or you know, maybe not. Maybe i'll go someplace else.
- Need change, hon? - Keep it.
It's an actual log cabin that housed the workers
In the '20s, who built the dam downriver.
My grandfather bought it and he hired a team of mules
To pick it up and drag it a mile up the river,
And place it down next to the water's edge.
This is in wisconsin?
Yeah. Great fishing.
Musky. Largemouth.
Like birds.
But it's a great place to retire.
I'm not living in northern wisconsin.
I don't remember asking you.
Antonio, would you ever live in northern wisconsin?
Snowmobiling, ice fishing, meth labs.
It's paradise.
You're not helping.
See you later.
Excuse me. Sorry, my bad.
- Coming through. - Pardon me.
- Hey. - You're late.
Sorry, it's one of those mornings. Just--
- Hey, burgess? - Yeah.
What year were you born?
- What? Why? - 'cause i'm wondering.
What do you care?
- What? - Nothing.
I need you guys to cover 2114's beat
Up and down lovely roosevelt.
- Great. - Why the change?
You know what i was doing in 1988, burgess?
I'm not supposed to answer that, am i?
Have a good day, patrolmen.
'88, huh?
I was '89.
Let me guess your prom song.
You're not gonna get it.
Nah, i'm pretty good at this.
High school prom--let's see.
'88--that'd make your graduation year 2006?
♪ you're beautiful ♪
♪ you're beautiful, it's true ♪
- You got it. - See?
Let me ask you something. You think i'm in a rut?
I'm not touching that one.
I just--i keep wondering if i shouldn't have turned down
I mean, this is my future. Day after day, working a beat.
- I love the beat. - Yeah, i know.
Is it exciting enough for you?
Asks the girl who got shot in the face.
I don't know.
God, you're a barrel of laughs today, burgess.
I want something different for my life,
And i do nothing to change the outcome,
And i was given the chance to go wherever i wanted,
And i did absolutely nothing, and what does it say about me?
Squad, hold us down on a personal at 4215 roosevelt.
(dispatcher) copy that. 4215 roosevelt.
You really want my honest answer?
Yeah, i do.
I do.
Who cares?
Thank you.
[muzak plays]
♪ ♪
[roman whistling you're beautiful]
[male attendant] uh...Sir?
Burgess, what'd you see?
Two guys headed in there.
One may have had a gun.
You saw a gun?
I think i did.
You think you did, or you did?
- I don't know. - Do you want to call it in?
No, i want to knock. I want to see what's what.
Come on, burgess, if you saw a gun,
There's a right way to do this.
Sir, we're gonna ask you to step outside.
We're with the police department.
I'm officer burgess. This is officer rom--
Roman, he's shot.
2114, squad, we got a--
- Okay, okay, man. - Shh.
Hey, just--just let us exp--
Shut up.
This guy's dying. We're just trying to help him.
You got to listen to us.
Give me your guns and your radios.
Do it.
Do it.
We're not gonna give you our guns.
Give me your guns
Or i shoot her in the face.
- Right now. - Okay, all right.
- Go! - Okay, okay.
Whoa, slowly.
- I'm doing it. - Slowly.
- That's right. - Okay.
Nice and easy.
All right.
Now, both of you, get in here.
Look, man, there's no way we're going in there.
I'll kill her too in the next three seconds--
- All right, you got to listen-- - if you don't get in here
Right now.
- Okay, okay, we're coming in. - Two--
Do not shoot her. I'm doing what you said.
Get in here. You too.
Roman! Roman!
No, no, no, no, no!
Hey, darling.
It's me calling.
So, it's extremely slow here today.
Let's do that early lunch you were talking about.
Say the word. I'll met you wherever.
All right.
(voight) all right, everybody,
A warm intelligence welcome to dan jenkins.
He's here to school us in the fine art of...
Taser certification.
Taser certification.
That sounds like a ball.
No offense, big homey,
But we're not really the tasering type of department.
Well, i'm not really the want to be here type of cop,
But the cpd says it's mandatory.
You don't like it, take it up with the superintendent.
Hey, it's all good with me.
(jenkins) uh, you're in this too, sergeant.
I'll just stick to tickling perps to death.
You're free to go ask him again.
Will rogers obviously never met sergeant voight.
All right, then, the rest of you gather around.
Give me your names for the certification.
Hey, how long is this gonna take?
You got a date?
Yes, i do, actually.
[whispers] oh, shh, shh...
[whispers] roman?
[pipe clatters]
Sean, sean, are you hit?
Sean, come on. Are you hit, man?
Oh, god, stop.
Stop, you're hit in the head.
Look at me. Stop.
Okay. I got you. I got you.
Okay, okay, okay, we need you out of here.
Hold on to me.
Do this slowly.
You got hit in the head. You got to be still, man.
There we go. I'm gonna get you out of here.
Just put your arm around me. Help me out.
Just listen.
I need you to focus, okay? Focus.
Put your arm around me, okay?
On three. One, two, three--
- Ah. - Stop.
- [grunts] - there we go.
No, no! Ahh!
Oh! No! Ahh!
Don't move!
Don't move.
You shouldn't have gotten involved.
You shouldn't have gotten involved.
Just please--
[gunshot] ah!
- Hey-- - shut up.
You're shot, man. You're shot.
I need to think.
Can you put the gun down?
I can't do that.
Can i help-- can i at least help my partner?
I'm gonna go.
I'm walking real slow.
I'm gonna grab that, okay?
Hey, buddy.
(jenkins) the x26 sends 50,000 volts through these two prongs.
It disrupts the electrical communication
Between your nerves and your neural transmitters.
You want to make contact with the torso,
Which is shoulders, pelvis,
Abdomen, groin--
Come on, man, let's get on with it, all right?
Due time, due time.
Now, you all need to be tasered to be certified.
It is completely harmless,
But you will know what it feels like to be juiced,
Which will allow you to definitively testify in court
On the reaction to the electrical expos--
Yeah, we get it, man, okay? We get it.
Oh, good, a volunteer.
- [groaning] - whoa, whoa, whoa, oh.
That was worth the price of admission.
You're next.
- Come on, man. - I volunteer to tase him.
Okay, i mean, this doesn't seem, like, official enough.
Where do you want it?
S-p-a or g?
- Shoulders. - G.
- G.
- G, g. - Don't you dare.
What's your name?
- What? - What's--what's your name?
Burgess, kim.
You been a cop long, burgess, kim?
A few years.
What's with all this soap and baby formula?
That's liquid gold, right there.
Them chinese pay five, ten times the cost.
You know, even if you're not bleeding out,
You're bleeding inside.
That'll kill you if you don't do something about it.
You think i'm afraid to die?
I know that i am, and--i'll admit it.
I'm afraid to die,
And i don't want anyone else to die here, either.
Not even you.
You awfully mouthy.
I get that a lot.
(male voice on phone) yo, chang, i'm pulling up now.
Open the door.
(male voice) yo, chang, open up.
- [mutters] - yeah.
(male voice) yo, open up!
[banging on door]
Yo, chang, open up! What's going on in there?
(male voice) who's this?
Not chang. The cops.
We got a dozen officers in here.
I want you to toss your guns, put your hands up,
And walk slowly inside this warehouse.
I'm not--
[footsteps running away]
[car door shuts]
[engine turns]
Hey! Don't think about it.
Put it down.
Put it down.
[gunshot] ahh!
You gonna try to dial 911.
- No, i wasn't. - Don't lie to me, kim.
I wasn't. I swear!
No, just--just walked in, popped me square in the jaw.
I was so surprised, i hit the ground.
I mean, ass on the floor, no lie.
What, and you didn't retaliate?
I was--i was in a bad place, you know? Justin.
I crossed the line.
I mean, he's a firefighter in boden's house.
I mean, it's water under the bridge.
Got any more curly fries?
[taser zapping]
As you see, the bigger they are, the harder they drop.
50,000 volts is nothing to sniff at.
Hey, burgess, it's me.
Listen, they've got us doing this stupid taser training
Course, so i'm caught up here.
Anyway, give me a call,
Or bring some food up to the bull pen.
Don't be mad. All right.
Hey, sundance kid,
You mind joining us or you want to get the juice again?
Trust me, i want to get out of here just as bad as you do.
- Coming. - Okay, then.
You're up, lady.
Oh, i-- i think we've seen enough.
Oh, the x26 does not discriminate by gender.
- March it over here. - It's payback time.
Hey, man, so you know my name.
What's yours?
My name's don't ask me my name.
Fine, you can just be, "man."
So listen, man, we can't just sit here and pretend
That, like, everything's gonna be okay.
You're injured and so is my partner.
I'm not gonna--i'm not gonna endanger his life--
- I'm already dead. - No, you don't know that.
The things i've seen--i mean, doctors today--
They can perform miracles.
If we get you into an ambulance, you have a chance.
Naw, i'm dead either way.
This bullet or jail--i'm not doing the second one again,
So i might as well die by the first.
You ever been inside?
Yeah, yeah, i worked six months
Booking at cook county.
So you know.
I know.
Would you wish that on anyone?
I wouldn't.
I did two years in a place called kentville.
You heard of it?
I got arrested at 15 for lifting money out
The register at this shoe store i was working at.
The cop who came told the owner
If he charged me, i'd be swept into the system.
"can we let this slide?"
And you know what the owner told him?
Said i was never gonna be a damn thing.
So i went to kentville, and that was that.
Yeah, i hear you.
It's hard to, you know, turn ships
Once you're sailing downwind,
But see, that officer--look,
The one who answered the call--
He tried to give that owner a way out.
The police did that for you.
Oh, yeah, the police,
You know, always looking out for black kids in chicago.
Nobody else is.
There were over 400 murders in chicago last year.
You think that's the po-lice?
No, that's kids just shooting other kids
In their own neighborhoods.
- There it is. - I'm just telling you facts.
You don't want to listen? That's on you.
Facts--you gonna boil down 100 years of oppression,
Harassment, racism, brutality, and all that to a,
"hey, you animals do this to each other"?
And just when i was starting to think better of you.
(burgess) it's not that simple.
You should see the things i've seen.
(man) i do. Trust me.
(burgess) all right, but let me just say this.
There's good and bad in every organization, right?
Every business in the country--
It's human nature, or the law of averages,
Or whatever you want to call it, but i have seen a lot more cops
Who care than i have the other way around.
- Right. - I'm serious.
When cops get together, you know what stories they tell?
It's not the ones of shootings and drug busts and--
And dumb criminals doing dumb things.
No, it's--the ones they tell are about helping people.
This one time--this one time,
I found this little boy locked in a basement.
His mom had mental problems.
She kept him trapped down there for years,
And my partner and i were there to arrest her for hoarding,
Of all things.
And i was this close to missing him--like, this close.
But i got lucky, and i found him.
So when i tell stories,
That's the one that comes to mind first.
That's my name. Aubrey.
Aubrey carrington.
Aubrey carrington.
Aubrey, wait.
- Wait, aubrey. - Hey!
Hey, no, don't do that. Stop. Stop it.
Stop doing that! Aubrey, stop it!
Shut up! Just like all the rest.
Trying to distract me so he can knock me on the side
Of the head with some pipe.
I'm not.
If you're gonna shoot me then do it,
But don't keep a cocked gun pointed at my face.
- Damn it. - [gasps]
Damn it.
- Damn it! - Oh!
Where you going? Huh?
Where you going, huh?
I'm getting you out of here.
All right, listen to me, aubrey.
I'm walking out of here with him.
You may be a killer, but you're not gonna kill me.
Come on, sean, walk with me.
It's gonna take me a few minutes
To get from here to my squad car, so take that time
And get the hell out of here. Do whatever you need to do.
- I don't care. - Stop.
Stay there, sean. Good luck, aubrey.
You got to stop. Stop!
Hey, the hell's this?
Where y'all going?
- What is this, a? - He's been shot.
My partner's been beaten. We're leaving.
Oh, nah, baby. You not going nowhere.
- Shut the door. - Uh-uh.
Shut the door.
A, tell me what's going on.
- What the-- - aubrey!
A, wha--
She knows his name.
Go on, yo. Go on.
Fix him.
Help him, damn it.
Okay, okay, just--roman, just--over here.
Oh, god.
- Hurry up. Do something. - I'm coming, okay?
Just let the fool die.
Oh, my god.
Oh, man, it's nasty.
Okay, i don't know what else to do.
Don't look at me.
I do.
The bullet collapsed his lung.
We need something sharp.
Like what?
We need to let the air out.
You, run to the store
And get a straw and a knife and wire if they got it.
What? I--how--
Hey, do you want him to live?
Do it, or i'll--you know what?
- I'll do it. - Don't.
He's my cousin, dog.
Say--say, come on, man.
Hold on, aubrey.
Aubrey, hold on. I know.
Come on, man, you gonna say my name?
We didn't hear anything, man.
Step away from him.
No, no, no, no, don't do that.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, don't do that. Don't do that.
- I said step away. (roman) no, no, no!
Kim, hey, what's up?
I'm sorry i got jammed up here today,
But are you mad at me?
There's nothing i would've liked more than seeing you today.
I know you know that.
You need to call me back so i know that you're okay.
Please call me back?
[phone beeps off]
No, man.
(roman) no, man, you don't want to do this.
No, man, don't do that.
Shut the hell up.
We don't care what you're doing in here, man.
We really don't. We're just trying to help your friend.
He messed up.
(roman) you gonna shoot him for that?
You just gonna murder him for saying your name
With his dying breath?
Yeah, you're exactly what's wrong with chicago.
You don't know nothing about nothing.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I know this is all stupid.
And for what?
For that junk?
You could take that exact same energy
And change yourself, this neighborhood, this city.
That's cute. That's real cute.
Be a murderer.
You live with that.
[gun cocking]
No problem.
[door slams]
What the hell are you doing?
I told you to let this fool die.
And i told you he was my cousin.
He said my name.
Big deal, orion.
Now i said it too, orion samson from inglewood.
You gonna shoot me now?
Step away from there and put that fool gun down.
You--you, get over here.
I got some extra stuff just in case. Here.
- Okay. - Is that a juice box?
- Yeah. - Throw me that.
- Yeah, good. - Okay, this is what i have.
- Open that wire. - The wire--
(roman) and you're gonna need a knife.
Give her that straw.
- Burgess. - Yeah?
Run the wire through the straw.
- Okay. - Until it just pokes out, okay?
This is gonna take a little bit of feel,
And you can't be squeamish.
I can do it.
I know you can.
Now, take your fingers and find his clavicle,
Or collarbone, or whatever it's called.
Right there, yeah. Find the middle of his bone.
Now, you move your fingers down his chest, feeling each bone.
Okay. Here.
Count out until you find the third one.
One, two, three.
Hey, how do you know how to do this?
I pay attention when the paramedics show up.
- What the hell do you do? - I don't know.
I guess i'm--i don't know.
Forget it. Just focus on this.
Now, take the knife and make an incision right in that spot,
Then you're gonna plunge the wire and the straw
All the way into his lung.
Slide out the wire, and you'll leave the straw.
Hey, look at me.
You can do this.
Okay, okay, here goes.
- Come on. - Here goes.
[clapping] whoo!
Now, if one of you will dial 911, we can finally get--
What did you do that for?
He said my name, just like you did.
(orion) hey, hey, huh?
Come on, now.
Where you at?
Where you at?
Almost all of them, huh?
Real charming group you got up there.
Tell me about it.
You still got that drug testing business?
I got a lot of things.
Pleasure doing business with you.
Say, you ever want to grab a drink, roll a few frames--
- Not my type. - Oh.
You got to call me back, 'cause you're starting
To freak me out.
Sarge, have you seen burgess?
In the past, yes.
In the present, no.
(male dispatcher) go, 21 desk.
Can i get a mobile with 2114?
(dispatcher) last we have is them down on a personal.
We'll get you a location.
Could be just like a summer retreat.
Wouldn't have to live there.
Wisconsin again?
Actual bald eagles flying around.
The smell of cheese curds doesn't scare them away.
I'm just saying, it's a nice thought.
And yeah, i meant you and me.
That is a nice thought.
[footsteps approaching]
Adam, hey.
Everything okay?
No, i don't think it is.
- Boss. - Yeah?
You mind if i take off early today?
What's up?
I got a bad feeling about burgess.
Nobody can find her or roman.
I just--i want to go check their last known.
Let's go--grab the whole team.
Thank you, sarge.
Get up.
Oh, come on!
Wait, you can go.
What? No, forget it.
Burgess, go out that window and get some help.
Hey, i'm not leaving you, okay?
Burgess, you want to die with me,
Or do you want to live and bring these guys to justice?
'cause i vote for plan number two.
Now, go.
He's gonna kill you--
- I'm not gonna ask you again. - Roman--
So that's what you're doing.
You gonna make me chase after you, huh?
All right.
- Burgess! - Oh!
- Burgess! - Oh, oh--
Sorry. I'm sorry, roman.
I should've called for backup.
I shouldn't have marched over here.
I should've done a million things different.
Nah, you went on instinct.
That's what patrolmen do. You were right.
You should've gone out that window when i told you.
And not have you to carry around anymore?
No, i made the right move.
Can i tell you something?
Oh, god, you're not gonna tell me you're falling in love
With me, are you?
I'm a wounded man, but that hurt.
[laughs] come on, buddy.
Earlier, you said you weren't doing anything
To change your life, well, you definitely did today.
Shut up.
No, i mean it.
- Five years from now... - Sorry.
When you're a detective in vice or major crimes,
These days of you and me patrolling--
They'll be a permanent part of you.
All right, i think that blow to your head
Has you talking gibberish.
I'll live.
[door slams shut]
Gun! Gun! Gun! Gun! Gun!
Don't move!
(officer) police! Stop the vehicle!
(lindsay) put your hands where i can see them. Out the window!
- Out the window now. - Kev!
I got him.
- Yes, yeah. - You all right?
I'm fine. I need you to get sean an ambulance now.
- There's one on the way. - How did you find us?
We found your car. We heard gunshots.
All right, i got them. They're over here.
Plus, i knew you weren't missing lunch--
Not without a good excuse, right?
- Yeah. - Hey, you okay, man?
You doing all right?
You all right, man?
She saved my life.
(antonio) all right, ambulance is on its way.
Looks pretty bad. His scalp.
It's pretty deep.
Tell me i fell through a wormhole, burgess,
And was transported to april fools,
'cause i can't believe what i'm hearing.
What'd you hear?
That you singlehandedly saved your partner's life
And took down a smuggling operation.
This has got to be a joke, right?
It must have been me hit on the head instead of roman,
And i'm in a coma or something.
Commander fisher, here she is.
Hell of a job, patrolman.
You should be proud.
I was really worried about you.
I'm glad you were.
So the asian guy in the van said he was there before,
But he heard a lady cop say over the radio
That the place was full of uniforms.
Yep, i think i said something like that.
That's pretty good.
[chuckles] thanks.
When no one came out, he figured he got played,
So he went back for the goods.
Oh, my god.
Hey, you know what?
You're incredible.
It's okay.
Oh, hey.
Hey, kim.
I'm patrick.
So patrick, what do you do besides,
You know, guess how much people's checks are?
I'm--i'm in marketing.
Oatmeal and orange juice?
Actually, i'm gonna have the banana
And chocolate chip pancakes with a side of bacon,
A side of sausage, and a side of one egg, scrambled,
And extra chocolate chips.
I'm mixing it up.
I can see that.
So what do you do, kim?