Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Assignment of the Year - full transcript

Antonio gets caught off guard in fellow police officer Romine's security company; and word from above is he will lose his job if the case isn't solved in 2 days. The unit comes together to try to solve the case and save their brother-Fellow cop Antonio.

- Erin lindsay, how does running
Your own task force for the feds sound?
- Task force? - Yeah.
- That's big. - Hey, dawson.
I heard it went good with mr. Roslyn last night.
The guy's a piece of work,
But you can handle it.
- This is what i bring you-- the best.
- My husband, asher, is really something, isn't he?
- Yeah, you know better than me.
Mrs. Roslyn, your hand is on my leg.
- Call me layla.
- I'm killing myself working two jobs
To pay for a house that i pray you and the kids come back to.
There's no way i'm gonna agree to that.
It ain't gonna happen.
Look, it's over.
I got to accept that,
But, laura, please.
You're treating me like i'm some part-time dad,
And you know i'm not.
- Asher, just come back inside.
- You don't make a fool of me. - Ha!
You did that all on your own, sweetheart.
- I got to go. Can i--
- Get in the car. - No. I'm going back inside...
And antonio's coming with me.
- Look, are you out of your mind?
- What, that's what you pay him for, right?
To look after me, huh?
You want to come look after me, antonio.
- Go on back inside, you whore.
Say "hi" to terry when he shows up.
Isn't that what you want?
Come on, let's leave her ass.
She was a cocktail waitress at the admiral when i met her.
You married?
- Going through a divorce.
- [chuckling]
- Home, then?
- That bitch.
She made me want to start smoking again, you believe that?
There's a gas station coming up. Pull over.
- You told me the first night out
Not to buy you smokes if you asked.
- Look, who are you? Jiminy cricket?
I'm telling you tonight
To pull over and get me a pack of smokes, so do it.
- How's it going?
- Good. - Let me get a pack of reds.
- Those things kill.
- Let's hope so.
I don't know what brand you smoke, and i really don't care.
So here.
Hey, you pass out on me?
Oh, man. Oh, man.
This is detective antonio dawson of the chicago police department
Requesting an ambulance
And immediate backup to 1601 north kingsbury.
I have a victim with a gunshot wound to the head.
- When i realized he was shot, i got out of the car,
Opened his door, checked his pulse,
And then i saw this.
Our victim's a diamond dealer.
It looks like a robbery gone sideways.
- How long were you in the store?
- I walked in, bought the cigarettes, walked back.
I didn't have a stopwatch.
- You always do the shopping for this guy?
- Are we on the same team here?
- Just doing my job.
- Yeah? I'm gonna wait to talk to my sergeant.
- I'm right here.
Sergeant hank voight, intelligence.
We'll take it from here.
- Dead diamond dealer and an off-duty cop?
It's all yours.
- I shouldn't have gotten out of the car.
I screwed up.
- Just call ed glasser, our f.O.P. Rep.
Tell him to get his ass down to the squad.
- Yeah.
- We'll figure this out.
- Okay.
- Hey, al.
I hear through the grapevine
You have a living situation.
- That grapevine named ruzek?
- I don't give up my sources.
- Okay, say i do have one.
You looking for a roommate or something?
- [scoffs] you wish.
- Do i?
- Officer next door program.
You heard of it?
- Assume i haven't.
- Basically, you get a really good price
On a nice home in a run-down neighborhood.
A cop living there is supposed to make it safer,
So it's a win-win for everyone--
Except we don't say "run-down," we say "up-and-coming."
But look at that.
That is the original brick.
- What's your cut?
- I'm a concerned fellow officer looking out for one of my own.
- What's your cut? - 2%.
- When roman gets in, send him upstairs.
- "please" is such a nice word.
- Just send him upstairs.
- Come on in.
Security footage from the store
Has antonio inside buying cigarettes,
Plus a cab driver parked at the station
Saw a male in a hoodie approach the suv.
- He might be cleared from the criminal case,
But the internal one is a bit more complicated.
Asher roslyn had priors in antwerp and london
For buying stolen diamonds.
- That's news to me.
- You remember bill dietz out of the 26th district?
He was fired for just fraternizing with a felon.
You? You were on the clock working for one.
- Are you helping me, ed?
This doesn't sound like you helping me.
- Whoa, whoa.
How do we turn this around?
- All right, as your f.O.P. Rep,
I can buy you two days before this goes up to the ivory tower.
After that, it's out of my hands.
Only chance you got is you solve this thing,
And you spin it.
- And if we don't?
- Best case?
Leave without pay.
The other way this goes is,
You could lose your job and your pension.
I got to go.
- Thanks, ed.
- Good luck.
- Hey, i know you're going through a lot right now.
If you needed extra money, i would've given you the ot.
- That's one of at least ten things
I'd have done different if i had the chance.
- All right.
- Hey,
How well do you know this sean roman?
- Not well enough, apparently.
- Hey, man, keep your head up.
- Yeah.
- Hey, al.
Why don't you draw up some paperwork for antonio.
- Six months sound good?
- Hmm. Make it nine.
Play it safe.
- Hey, antonio?
Your wife's on the phone.
- Tell her i'll call her back.
- Okay.
- Antonio, i cross-referenced all the spots
You were last night.
Did you, uh, know you were outside of a sex club?
- Yeah, the red bridge.
- What was it like inside?
- Don't--don't tell him, man.
He'll be useless to us the rest of the day.
- I'm just asking for the case. - Uh-huh.
- You okay?
- Hey.
- Got a sec, roman?
- Yeah.
- How long did you know asher?
- Six months.
- Did you run a background check on him?
- Yeah, of course. - Internationally?
- No, why would i do that? - Because he's a felon.
- [sighs]
I knew this job would jump up and bite me one day.
- You?
- What do you want me to say?
Look, i'm sorry.
- Yeah, well, change into plain clothes,
'cause you're on this now.
I want all your driver logs,
Anything you got that'll generate a lead.
- Yeah, you got it.
- Layla roslyn's on her way up.
- Life's so fragile, you know?
- Outside the club,
You were arguing about someone named terry.
- Were we?
Oh, yeah. Terry.
I had sex with him a couple times.
- Just like that?
- Asher got off on it.
Why do you think we were there?
- I don't know, layla.
I'm not a pervert.
- So this is antonio dawson the cop, huh?
- So tell me about terry.
- Just did.
He was just some guy we hooked up with.
One of...Many.
- That's a real nice life.
- Better than some.
- You don't seem too broken up over asher's death.
- I don't parade my emotions around in front of strangers
Just to make them feel better.
- Did you have anything to do with your husband's murder?
- No, i went back inside the club.
- What was in that secret compartment of the suv?
- Uh, snickers bars.
[chuckles softly]
What do you think? He was a diamond dealer.
If i had to guess, maybe $3 million worth?
- If you had to guess?
- [laughs]
It's an expression.
- Yeah.
So's this:
If you had anything to do with this,
I'm gonna nail you.
- I'd expect nothing less.
- What'd she give you?
- Nothing,
But i like her even more for being involved somehow.
- Nadia, call platt.
Have her stall layla.
Atwater and roman, put a tail on her.
- I worked security for layla.
She'll recognize me.
- Fine.
Get burgess into some plain clothes,
Grab a covert, and head out.
- Copy that.
- The hell is that?
- Hey listen, i need you to go to organized crime division,
Pick up a new c.I. Pack, reliability form,
And a stack of intelligence progress reports.
- You got it.
- Get a pen and paper and write that down
Before you make that damn phone call.
- C.I. Pack, reliability forms, intelligence progress reports.
[recording repeating list] ta-da.
See, it's more than just a phone, al.
- Just go get it.
- Not until you tell me what you're doing right now.
- I'm trying to bail antonio out.
- Well, specifically.
- There are ways
To rewrite history.
- Cool.
All right.
Be right back.
- That's a nice pickup you drive.
What'd that run you?
40 grand?
- I'm not sure. It's a lease.
The side gig has been steady, last night excepted.
- You know, there's a reason cops
Who run security companies are older.
They know how the game is played.
Who's in and who's not. That's why--
- Sergeant, all due respect, i know what i'm doing.
- Clearly.
And you've given antonio a full account of your--
- Are you asking me if i had anything
To do with asher getting killed?
No, i did not.
- You ever bang the wife?
- No.
- Okay.
Just a little tip, roman.
In intelligence, we know when to talk
And when to listen.
- This is a great unit, and i fully appreciate what you do,
But i came on this job in uniform, sergeant,
And that's how i'm going out.
- Son...
You have no idea how you're going out.
- All right, great. That helps. Thanks.
- No cameras at the crime scene
Other than inside the gas station.
- Ballistics?
- No casings, no prints.
- I want everything on layla.
Phone records, credit card statements.
- William wells. Jeweler on wabash.
Him and asher were in business together ten years ago.
Since then, four lawsuits have been filed,
Two countersuits, and mutual restraining orders.
Feels like a good place to start.
- Wells, stop! Police!
It's a panic room.
Call s.W.A.T., have them blow the door.
- We can wait for s.W.A.T. To clear the street
And all that, or i got a guy.
- Fine.
- This a stolen tow truck, or a legit one?
- Does it matter?
- Not really.
[siren wails]
- Owner activated an alarm.
- Yeah, we got it. Thanks.
- Wells, last chance.
Open the door.
We're with the chicago police department.
- My ass.
- Hit it!
Let me see those hands.
- Let me see your badge.
- Want to see my badge, huh?
Here it is. See?
- Bring it closer.
- You want it closer?
- Yeah. - Come on.
- All right.
- How's this?
- Okay! Okay, okay, okay.
- Why'd you run? - I didn't know you were cops!
I heard about this guy i used to work with--
Got rubbed out last night.
And i saw the gun on your hip,
And, hey, better safe than sorry.
- Safe than sorry? - Ah, ow!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey. Listen to me right now.
The only thing standing between him and losing his job
Is your face.
You start talking right now,
Or i'm going to go outside
And leave you two alone.
Come on.
- Earlier today, a guy comes in trying to move some stones.
I didn't know him, but i'm always up for a deal.
Except he pulls out a purple crown royal pouch,
So i know they're asher's diamonds.
Asher kept that pouch so he'd never forget where he came from.
So immediately i was like, "uh-uh.
No way. No, thank you."
And i was gonna call the police,
But then you guys walked in.
- Asher's wife, layla.
You know her?
- Oh, yeah. I mean, i didn't know her that well,
But i saw her around.
She's a real tomato, huh?
- She didn't come by here?
She didn't ask about moving some diamonds?
- No.
- If i find out you lied to us in any way...
- I'm not lying.
- This unidentified male
Was the one who tried to unload asher's stones.
- Maybe it's one of the guys the wife was banging from the club?
- Maybe.
- So layla arranged for asher to get killed
And the diamonds to get lifted.
She sends this guy to asher's known enemy,
Wells, figuring he'd fence 'em no problem.
But then wells' conscience kicks in.
Now layla and this guy are back to square one,
Looking to move those stones.
- Bring layla back in?
- No, i don't want her to know we're looking at her.
Not until right before i put the cuffs on her ass.
Anything on layla's phone or credit cards?
- Slow going.
Once the state's attorney found out who was representing her,
They've been all over my ass about motive and probable cause.
I'm gonna get there.
It's just gonna take another day.
- All right.
Guys, the sex club's a no-go.
Judge kalke refuses to sign any kind of subpoena
For membership info.
He claims that it's too intrusive
And too broad to obtain it for the whole club.
- Screw the warrant.
Let's take it undercover.
- All right.
Any volunteers? - All right, no.
I've been running and getting paperwork all morning.
I think i'm due. - Pssh.
- It's got to be a couple.
Halstead and lindsay.
- [sighs]
- Look,
Whatever we got to do to come across convincingly in there?
I'm prepared.
- So noble. - Mm-hmm.
- Get out of here.
- Damn.
Her husband just died.
She already getting her nails done.
- If you died, i'd wait at least a week to get a mani-pedi.
- That's cold, burgess. - [chuckles]
- It's like we were never partners.
You know, voight's been using you a lot lately.
He's probably thinking about moving you up.
- Um, yeah.
I'm not sure i'm interested.
- Roman hasn't been getting in your ear
About staying in patrol, has he?
- Leave roman alone. He's real police.
- He got us in a real mess is what he did.
- And what was he supposed to do?
Contact interpol to see if asher
Had any priors in "kerplakistan"?
No other cop with a security side business
Has ever done that, ever.
So why are people jumping down sean's throat?
- Kerplakistan?
- Okay, there she goes.
- Man, this is the assignment of the year.
We're stuck here yanking our chains.
- They don't allow single guys in there anyways.
- What, you know from experience?
- Asher and his wife asked me one time.
I made it as far as the doorman, but he sent me packing,
Thank god.
I just wanted to see what it would look like inside.
- Whoa! Oh, my.
- Easy, boys. It's okay.
- It wasn't meant for you.
Wow. - You done?
Everybody put your tongues back in your mouths.
- All right, there's, like, a million things
I could say right now, but i'm gonna be a gentleman,
And i'm not gonna say them.
- That'd be wise.
- Okay.
I'm kind of tripping right now.
- What?
- This is a sex club.
People have sex inside.
- I'll do the talking.
- Did you see that?
See what was happening there?
- Yep.
- Okay.
- How's your evening going so far?
- Could be better.
Last time we were here,
There was a really hot white guy working here?
Like, late 30s, muscular, long hair.
His name was perry or something?
- When was it you were in?
- About a month ago, give or take.
- You're talking about terry, and i haven't seen him.
Take your pick.
A face like yours,
I'm sure you'll find someone to play with.
- Well, what about you?
Do you want to play?
- Playtime for my girl.
- Taking a break, dimitra.
- Okay.
Seriously, no worries if you want to tag in.
- So what's your name? - Brian.
And, look, i only have, like, ten minutes, so--
- Chicago police.
So you know terry?
- Not really.
- It sure as hell sounded like you did a couple minutes ago.
- Do you know where you're at?
There's a judge down the hall,
The city's biggest developers in the room next door.
This place is protected.
- It might be, but you're not.
Is that how you want this to go? That's fine.
Just give us an i.D. - Okay, look.
Is there a way we can avoid that?
- You can tell us, is this terry?
- Yes. - What's his last name?
- No one uses last names here.
- Married? Single? - No idea.
- Close with any regulars? - Not that i saw.
- This guy's jerking us off. - No, i'm not.
- Do you think that judge is gonna protect you, huh?
Because you make a good mai tai?
Get the marbles out of your mouth,
Give us some information about terry,
Or i promise you, your face
Is gonna be on the front page of the sun-times.
- Okay, he was in here earlier asking about a jeweler.
- Which jeweler? - Any jeweler.
He said his fiancee gave the ring back,
And he's looking to sell the diamond.
- And? - And that's all i heard.
But he was talking to some couple
At the end of the bar about it.
- Which couple? - I don't know. They left.
But i can ask around.
- Good. Get up. Go do that.
We'll be waiting at the bar for that information.
- Do i need to know what's going on here?
- Better you don't.
You're allergic to shellfish, right?
- Yeah.
- What's the latest out there?
- The latest is,
Laura's putting me through the wringer on a divorce.
If i lose this job, i'm cooked.
- Well, we're not gonna let that happen.
- So you and meredith,
You done?
- Well, not really.
She wants me back.
Lexi's trying to talk me into it.
Still trying to figure it all out.
- Yeah.
Trust me on this one.
I know what it's like to come home to a family,
And i know what it's like to come home to an empty house.
First one's better.
- Hey, found something in asher's will.
- Let me guess, layla got all his money.
- No, not a penny, man.
Everything went to his alma mater.
- What about the insurance on the stolen diamonds?
- No, nothing. And his prenup?
Rock solid.
He kept all of his property separate
Because it was earned before the marriage.
- What does a gold digger do when she can't get to the gold?
- I'm gonna go with "kill the husband and steal it."
- Or...
Get somebody else to kill him so she can walk away clean.
- Yeah.
- Hey, that was halstead.
They just left the sex club.
- Wait, wait, wait.
They've been there this whole time?
That--that's five hours.
Talk about milking your assignment, huh?
Unbelievable. - You were saying?
- They got a name of a jeweler
This terry guy was referred to, anderson narz.
He owns a store down in portage park.
Opens at 9:00 a.M.
- I broke my own golden rule:
Never fence a score for a new guy.
But my moron sexual-deviant nephew vouched for him,
And like an idiot, i listened.
- This the guy?
- That's him. - You set up a buyer yet?
- Nope.
- Damn.
- How much we talking right there?
- You got $20, i'll give you all of them.
They're fake. Phonies.
Cubic zs.
I knew i needed to loupe 'em before i held 'em,
But he handed 'em over and split.
- How long did you tell him it'd take you to find a buyer?
- Inside a week.
- Okay.
Set up a meet with terry now.
Tell him you worked fast, you got a fish on the hook,
And you're ready to settle up.
- My nephew gonna get hurt on this
For referring him?
- Get me this guy, and i don't know you,
I don't know your nephew, i don't know nothing.
- Then we have a deal.
[cell phone beeping]
- Burgess.
- You still got eyes on layla roslyn?
- Yeah, yeah, i'm looking at her right now.
- Stay on her.
The diamonds are still in play, and she might have 'em.
- Copy that.
[horn honks] - let's ride.
- 2295tx, 2295tx, 2295--
Get in the left lane. 2295tx.
There she is. I see her. I see her.
- Yeah, there she is.
- What happened to her car and driver?
- Damn, i don't know.
- River forest police! Hands where i can see them.
- Step out of the car. - River forest police.
Put your hands where i can see them.
- Step out of the vehicle.
- Walk to the back of the vehicle.
- Okay, we're police. Hey, hey! - Hands up.
- We're police. - I'm chicago pd.
- Show me some id. - It's on my right hip.
Can i show you that? - You got it?
- You guys all right? - We're straight.
- Yeah, we're straight. Atwater, let's go.
- We got a 911 call.
Some woman said she was being threatened
By two people with guns.
- Don't worry about it.
- Excuse me. Hi.
Is layla roslyn here?
- I'm sorry, who?
- Layla roslyn. She just came in.
Red jacket, lots of shopping bags.
- Oh, uh, yeah.
She said she had the wrong building.
She went out the back.
- Voight, it's antonio.
Terry just set up a meeting with narz
Outside the natural history museum.
- Tell him to make it two hours from now,
And get everyone else to mobilize.
- It's going down in five minutes.
- It's not going down in five minutes.
- I'm gonna put you on speaker.
- You have to wait for backup, antonio.
- I would if i could, but terry jumped the gun.
He called narz and said he wants to meet now.
My sense is he's ready to blow out of town.
- All right, who's with you? - Roman.
He's solid. I trust him. This could be our only shot.
My only shot.
- All right. Do your thing.
- Target's walking towards narz.
- I got him.
- Let's have it. - It's not all here.
- What do you mean?
- I could only get some of it for now.
- Gun!
[gunshots, people screaming]
- Stop, police!
- [grunts]
- [shouts]
- Don't move!
Last warning!
Cuff him.
Terry egan.
Assault in '02, aggravated battery in '05, robbery in 2011.
Two years in leavenworth.
And now murder, huh, terry?
- That layla must have been an absolute panther in the sack,
Am i right?
- You two met at the sex club.
She started whispering in your ear
How much she loved you, wished you could run away together,
But the only way that could happen is if asher's bye-bye.
- And you started thinking to yourself, you know,
"why should this clown have all the money
And the girl?"
- Here's what you don't know,
Before you killed him,
Your girlfriend switched out the diamonds for fake ones.
- What the hell are you talking about?
- I'm talking about two people who had a plan.
One was smart, and the other one was you.
- No.
No, you're just saying this to try to get me to roll.
- It's fake.
- Terry, we have you trying to fence those.
We have you showing up at a museum for the money.
We have a cab driver putting you at asher's murder scene.
I mean...
You're cooked.
- Look at me.
I want you to think straight for me now,
'cause there's a lot riding for this in terms of
Whether you take this ride alone
Or if you can lay some off on the wife.
Do you have any phone calls or emails or witnesses?
Anything other than just your word
That layla was involved in this murder and theft?
- She didn't like to talk on the phone or anything like that.
She said asher went through all of her stuff.
- So the only time you two talked about pulling this off
Was at the club?
- Yeah.
It was all her idea though.
We were supposed to run off together, i swear to god.
I swear to god.
- So she set him up?
- Like a bowling pin.
- Hey, layla roslyn's out front.
She wants to talk to you.
- I heard you have terry in custody.
I just realized i don't even know his last name.
- Yeah, he's in custody.
He had some really interesting things to say about you, layla.
- You think you know someone, right?
- Why don't we go upstairs and talk about it?
- No.
I've rented a house on marco island.
Flight leaves in three hours,
Unless you have a warrant for my arrest.
- Not yet.
- Here, phone records
And credit card statements you've been asking for.
You'll see that there was absolutely no contact between me
And this, um,
Terry character outside of the club.
I included my attorney's information as well.
Oh, i also had my business manager cut you a check
For your security services the other night.
I didn't want that to get lost in all the hubbub.
I'll be in florida if you need me.
Chicago winters...
Not for me.
- Hey. - It's no joke upstairs.
- Yeah.
Still just want to stay in uniform?
- Yeah, never know.
- Roman!
- Sergeant, my security business is completely aboveboard.
This thing that happened was one in a--
- Nice job today.
- Thank you.
- Lindsay.
- I've been trying to think of the last time i had to ask
Someone twice if they wanted to help run a task force,
And this is the first.
- We've really been running and gunning this week.
I had to hit the pause button.
- May i make an observation?
- Sure.
- You're loyal to voight. That's admirable.
But you're catching a rep as voight's girl.
The longer you stay here,
The more that perception takes hold,
And you're just gonna end up carrying that
For the rest of your career.
- I should be so lucky.
- Erin, you could be going places.
Or not.
- Steve, i appreciate the offer,
And i am considering it.
- I'll need to know by next friday.
Then i move on.
- Hey, ed. - Hey.
Congrats on solving the robbery-homicide,
But commander kelly's asked for dawson's badge
Until the internal investigation is over.
- Yeah, about that.
Antonio's been working undercover on asher roslyn
For the last nine months.
- That's a pretty big thing to forget, hank.
- Well, i've been busy.
The whole investigation
Just came apart when roslyn got gunned down.
It's a real shame.
We were this close.
- This true?
- Yes.
- Yeah?
- Yes.
- Everything matches up, you know?
Dates, cash payments, c.I. Receipts.
It's all here.
- Was officer sean roman's security company
Involved with the investigation?
- Yeah, officer roman's company was used as a front.
Yeah, it's all here.
- All right. May i?
- Yeah, help yourself.
- Chicago pd.
- Thank you.
- I have no idea what you're talking about.