Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - They'll Have to Go Through Me - full transcript

The Chicago Intelligence Unit continues working with Special Victims Unit to take down a child pornography ring.

- Ross mccadden.
Six years on the job.
- He was my homeroom instructor at the academy.
We were really good friends.
I just talked to him.
Somebody tell jenny?
Has his wife been notified, or...
- Yeah.
Street deputy and peer support team
Went to their house.
- Lewellen?
- Uh, yeah.
- Sorry, man.
- Fire alarm was pulled right around the time of death.
Security guard walked up
Right when a guy wearing a hoodie and a ball cap
Was walking away.
- What condition was lewellen in?
Was he out of the coma?
- Yeah, he was responsive,
Talking to doctors.
- Where's the security room?
- I'll take you to it.
- He never saw it coming.
- Horrible. Just...
- Can you freeze that image?
Ah, that's the only angle you got?
- Yeah, that's it. - All right, print that out.
- Not a lot to go on. Sorry.
- We've started with less.
[door opens]
- Hey.
Voight's in the air on his way back from new york,
Wants everybody to meet at the district,
Two hours.
- All right, you all remember detective rollins,
New york special victims.
This is detective amaro.
They have full jurisdictional powers here.
And together...
We're gonna end this.
All right, this pedophile ring,
They're desperate, well-connected,
And clearly they'll do anything to avoid being exposed.
We found the body in new york,
But the head of the snake is here in chicago.
- Okay, so, bob clinton,
He is our middleman from new york.
Now, ncmec tells us that he was getting victims
From a youth center in times square.
Now, a lot of the kids were actually funneled
To new york from here in chicago,
And according to our talks with clinton,
There is a higher-up, a true shot-caller.
- Now, clinton was gonna give us a name,
But he didn't make it 24 hours in jail.
Was shanked in the showers.
- We like lewellen...
For financing this whole thing.
Antonio, where we at with the shooter?
- Well, due to the poor quality of the video,
There's no match in the face recognition database.
Best we got is male, white, around 5'9", dark hair,
170 pounds, give or take.
- So, patrol, you turn over every stone you can
To get an i.D. On this guy.
- You got it, sergeant.
- Ruzek, lewellen himself, where we at with that?
- Got to all his main accounts.
Nothing stood out except for payments
To a oakbrook senior community, western suburbs.
Comes in at, like, $5k a month.
- And that's relevant how?
- Lewellen has no living relatives.
- All right, ruzek and amaro,
Go check out this home.
- Some black badge covers
In honor of officer mccadden.
Ross was a husband and a father
And one of my patrolmen.
- Thank you. - I assigned him
To that hospital protection detail.
He was supposed to be off the clock,
But he needed the overtime for his daughter's tuition.
So when you find the animal that killed him,
And for whatever reason that animal doesn't come back alive,
You call me.
I'll dig the ditch.
- All right.
Let's hit it.
You heard from teddy?
- No.
The airline confirmed he boarded the flight,
So he should have been here hours ago.
- Look, we need him.
He may be the only guy out there
Who can identify whoever's behind all this.
- Hank, trust me, i know. I'm on it.
- Hi.
I heard about the police officer.
I'm so sorry.
- Yeah, thanks.
Listen, i need to find teddy. Do you know where he is?
- Teddy? I haven't seen teddy in years.
Why are you asking?
- Because i think he's in trouble.
- What makes you think teddy's back?
- Because i bought him a ticket and asked him to come.
He's been helping with a case i'm working on.
I think he's scared.
- What's he into?
- It's bad.
You need to find him.
- I know i should have looked after him better.
I know that-- - do not 12-step me, mom.
Not now.
Just find teddy for me, please.
- Okay.
[keyboard clacking]
[door shuts]
- Hey. - Hey, what's up, office?
- Can you do me a favor?
So roman and i have been over and over mug shots.
I mean, this angle makes it tough to i.D. The shooter.
Can you...
Can you pull up just his face?
Roman thinks there might be something weird with his ear.
- Yeah, no doubt. [keys clacking]
Yeah, roman's right.
His ear is jacked up.
- Yeah, what is that?
- Cauliflower ear; fighters get it.
- I never heard of it.
Okay, okay.
So maybe roman and i, we check out some gyms,
See if anybody knows this guy.
- You do your thing.
- Okay.
- Hi.
- Visiting a family member today?
- No, chicago p.D. We need to speak with somebody
Who can look into billing for us, please.
- I can do that. What's the resident's name?
- Well, that's the problem.
We only know who's footing the bill.
- Well, i don't know if i can help you.
I mean, if you don't have a resident's name...
- You being serious right now?
- Nancy...
¿de donde tu eres?
- Cubana.
- Cubana? - Uh-huh.
- No me diga, chica.
- ¿de donde tu eres?
- Cubano puro. - [laughs]
- [speaks spanish]
- [giggles]
- That's dorothy over there.
- Gracias, nancy.
Muy amable.
- Anytime.
- My ma told me to take spanish in high school
'cause i'd use it more down the road.
You should have seen the french teacher,
Madame lafleur, you know what i'm saying?
- I know what you're saying.
- Ms. Hughes, hi.
I'm officer ruzek. This is detective amaro.
We're wondering what your relationship is
With andrew lewellen.
- Oh, i'm sorry; i don't know who that is.
- Ma'am...
He pays for you to live here.
- I know i'm old,
But my brain's not that addled yet.
My daughter pays my service fee here.
- Ms. Hughes, what's her name?
- Matilda.
Matilda hughes.
[touch tones beeping]
- Yeah, nadia?
I need you to look into something for me.
- Sergeant? - Yeah.
- Matilda hughes is an employee
For the department of children and family services.
I spoke with her boss. She's not at the office,
And she's not answering her cell.
This is her home address.
- Beautiful.
- On it.
- No pets.
Always pays the rent on time.
Nice lady.
- When's the last time you saw her?
- Maybe three days ago.
Maybe she's just out of town.
- Let's find out.
- Stay here.
- Matilda hughes! Chicago police!
- So?
- Couldn't find any other evidence
Linking her to andrew lewellen.
Her computer and cell are missing.
- How long was she working at dcfs?
- 15 years.
- And how long was lewellen
Paying for her mom at the home?
- Almost as long.
- So she was funneling kids to new york through dcfs.
- I think that's the theory to beat right now, yeah.
- She's not the shot-caller, though.
Lindsay's brother teddy
Said it was a white male that was in charge.
- This is gonna end bad, i just know it.
- I'm getting everyone else over to her office
At child services.
We need to turn this place inside-out.
- I can't believe this.
- Well, it gets worse.
- What's worse than getting murdered?
- We have reason to believe she may have ties
To a pedophilia ring.
- This is a joke.
This is a sick joke someone's trying to play on me.
- Did she ever mention a guy named andrew lewellen?
- No.
- Anybody else have access to the files
Besides dcfs employees?
- No, not legally.
- This guy ring any bells?
- No.
- We're gonna need the personnel files
Of all the employees in the building.
- Of course.
- Was matilda seeing anyone?
- Yes, gary miller.
He'd breeze in and out of her life.
I think there was some... Abuse there.
She didn't talk about it, but...
She'd always let him back in.
- Mr. Van camp, we're gonna need access to matilda's office now.
- I still can't believe this.
- Come on, let's go! Work it.
- Aw, this one smells worse than the last.
- I got some vapo-rub in the squad car if you want it.
- Yeah, thanks. Let's just get this over with.
- Move over, come on, move. - Hey, hey, excuse me.
- Yeah.
- Are you the owner here?
- Yeah, i'm one of them, why?
- You recognize this guy?
- No. What did he do?
- He killed two people.
- Whoa, i don't know nothing about that.
- Anybody else here we can ask?
- No, but there was one of those mma tournaments
At that avondale club.
A lot of fighters were there. - All right, thank you.
- Yeah. Come on, guys, pick it up.
- How do you guys do it in special victims,
Working cases like this all the time?
- It's...
- Well, there's an old saying...
Carve your successes in stone;
Write your failures in the sand.
Just try and think of the ones you saved.
- I'll remember that one.
- Oh, my god.
Guys, my brother was in foster care with this family.
- You didn't know teddy was in the system?
- Uh, no, my--
My mom checked out on us for a couple years,
And teddy and i lost touch.
I thought he was living with his dad.
- Okay, so jill and sam whiting, they live in irving park.
- And it says that he was with them for two months,
Right before he went to new york.
- Do they have any current foster kids?
- Yeah.
Amy kleinpass, 9...
And chris sepka, 13.
- Let's go pay the whitings a visit.
You hear from teddy?
- Uh, not yet.
- Okay.
- He's not a player
In the pedophile ring.
He's a victim; that's all.
- I didn't say he was a player.
- You're right; you didn't.
I'm sorry.
I'm just trying to keep my head on straight.
- It's okay.
Lean on me,
Or lean on your team.
[cell phone ringing]
- Can i help you?
- Sam whiting? - That's right.
- Chris sepka and amy kleinpass,
Are they your foster children?
- Yes. - Are they home?
- No, they're out.
- Okay, we'd like to come in and talk to you.
- Um, let me just put the dog out first.
- Mm. - Yeah, okay, copy that.
That was...
That was ruzek.
Jill whiting...
She died nine years ago.
- If his wife's dead,
Why does dcfs still have her listed as a foster parent?
- [mutters] i'm sick.
- Put the gun down.
- I hate that i was made this way.
- Put the gun down.
- I...Tried.
- Hey, sam...
You can make this better.
- I'm sorry.
- You hear me?
You can tell us where chris and amy are.
- I'm sick.
- Sam, she's right.
It's gonna be okay.
Sam, i'm gonna come over to you.
I need you to give me the gun.
Give me the gun, sam.
No! [gunshot]
- All right, dcfs employee funnels kids to foster parent,
Who, with the financial help of lewellen,
Funnels kids to new york,
Where this guy photographs and organizes the abuse.
Now, is this hired muscle?
The man in charge?
- Well, we're still looking for amy kleinpass and chris sepka,
Believed to be abducted.
- These are all the people that are in matilda's office.
Already interviewed about half of them,
But none of them had a clue what she was up to.
- What about the guy matilda was seeing?
Gary miller.
- No, i got her phone records.
There's no calls to a gary miller.
I checked her cloud. There's nothing there either.
- What's up, gents?
Hey, you ever seen this guy?
- Nah, don't know him.
Vic, check this out.
You know this dude?
- You ever seen this guy?
- Uh, nope.
- I think you have.
- What are you, some type of mind-reader
Or something?
- Are you a saint? You better be,
'cause if you got anything shady in your past, vic,
I'm gonna find that out with one phone call,
And then i'm gonna shove it down your throat.
You, take a walk.
I said take a walk!
I want a name.
- Look, man...
I'm just minding my own business, all right?
- I'm about to get pissed off here in two seconds.
Now give me a name!
- All right, got it.
Here we go. That was burgess.
She and roman i.D.'d the shooter from the hospital.
Target's name is todd ledbetter.
Ran his sheet; he's got a boat-load of violent priors.
There's an active warrant for his arrest
On a violation of registration as a sex offender.
Witness says he dropped off some hgh to ledbetter
On the corner of west huron and leavitt
And saw him walk into a house half a block up.
- Let's gear up.
[thud] [man grunts]
- On the roof!
- Squad, this is george 5021.
We're chasing an offender
Through the 300 block of leavitt.
He's running west along the roofs.
[tires screech]
Go, go, split up!
[dogs barking]
- [grunts]
[grunting] uh...Uhh...
- Breach the house.
- Chicago p.D.!
- It's clear.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Chicago p.D.! Anybody in there?
Child: Help!
- Hit it!
- Amy?
Okay, darling...
Listen, you're gonna be all right, okay?
It's okay. - Get a box cutter.
Hey, we're gonna get these off you, okay?
We're the police; you're okay.
Chris sepka, is he here?
- They took him yesterday. - Who's they?
- The guy that lives here, the big guy.
You've got to get him.
He's really mean.
- We got him, okay?
- Just hold still for me, okay? - Easy, honey.
[snip] there we go.
All right, let me see. You okay?
It's okay.
It's okay; you're safe.
It's okay. You're okay.
Here you go.
I'm not putting her in the system tonight.
I'm not doing it.
Not till we find someone we can trust.
She's coming home with me.
- Lindsay, we can't.
- Hank, figure it out.
- Hey. - Hi.
Did you get him?
- We did.
Listen, trudy...
There's a little girl. She's a witness.
I need to keep her in protective custody.
I'll get you the paperwork in a little bit.
- [sighs]
Commander fischer wants to see you.
- [sighs]
All right, give me a couple minutes and send him up.
- He's waiting in your office.
- We're close, commander.
- I understand that.
- There's still someone out there,
Someone in power, someone connected.
This cop killer we popped today was just a messenger boy.
- This isn't punitive, hank.
I just want fresh eyes on the case.
- "fresh eyes"--i don't even know what that means.
- A detective who works for you
Has a brother involved in this case?
- He's a half brother, and he's the victim.
- And why did i have to hear about that from someone else?
- Well, i don't know.
I guess i've been a little busy, commander.
- You've got one more day on the case--that's it.
Then it goes to major crimes. - That's fine.
I'll be happy to share this with major crimes.
- The case will be handed over to major crimes
In its entirety.
- Where are you gonna sleep?
- In my room, right in there.
I can sleep out here if you want.
I'll just put a blanket on the floor.
- Okay.
- Done.
- Can we leave some lights on when we go to sleep?
- Absolutely.
Listen, uh...
When i was your age,
I went through some pretty difficult stuff,
And my parents weren't around either.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
But then, i met a cop.
And he helped me.
And now...
Everything's all right,
And all that stuff is behind me.
I'm here for you now.
Hey, it's okay.
It's all right. All that stuff's behind you now.
I promise.
- Hey, sarge?
- Yeah.
- Olivia benson's on the phone.
- Thanks.
Close the door. - Yeah. Okay.
- [clears throat]
- Hey.
So, what's the latest with the case?
I hear all the rats are leaving the ship.
- Yeah, and i'm running out of rats.
Still haven't found the guy behind all this.
Feel like i'm pedaling backwards right now.
- So what do you need from me?
- Your help.
- I'll be on the next plane out.
- Okay.
- [exhales]
- Hey, mom. - Hi, sweetheart.
- Hey, teddy. - Hey.
Look at us.
Family's all back together again.
We should take a photo, right? For the holiday card?
- Easy.
T, i need some more help.
- I already told you everything i know.
- The whitings? You remember them?
- Yeah.
Child services parked me with them for a few months
Back when i was 13.
- Well, they were involved.
The dad was.
He was sending kids to new york.
- I don't want to deal with this anymore, erin.
- I know.
We are close to cracking this.
- Honey.
- I don't need to hear it from you.
You don't get to drop down out of the sky
And be my mom again.
- Okay.
- Teddy...
It's not your fault.
None of what happened to you is your fault.
- You'd be surprised how long it takes
To convince yourself of that.
- We have more suspects.
- Yeah, and i heard.
They either got whacked or they blew their brains out.
They can't be stopped, erin.
They've been doing this for 15 years
And getting away with it,
Putting kids like me through the meat grinder.
I can't help you.
- You can.
And i know you want to.
- And what makes you so sure?
- You got on that plane.
- Excuse me.
I'm from svu new york.
I'm wondering where i might find hank voight.
- You'll have to go through sergeant platt right there.
- Oh, great, thank you.
- Hey.
Platt hates visiting police.
This could go south real quick.
- Hi.
I'm olivia benson
From svu new york.
I, uh...
I heard about your fallen patrolman, i...
I'm so very sorry.
- Thank you. - Yeah.
- Thank you. - Sure.
I'm here to meet with hank voight, please.
- Okay.
This way.
If you need anything, you let me know, okay?
- Thank you.
Take care of yourself.
- Welcome to chicago, sergeant.
- Thank you, detective.
Good to see you.
- Yeah, you too.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Heard great things about you.
- About you as well.
That must be amy. - Yeah.
- Who owned the house that she was found in?
- An old-timer in st. Louis.
Turns out andrew lewellen, from the hospital,
He was paying rent in cash once a year
For the last five years.
No telling how many more stash houses
Could be in the city.
- Okay, she give you anything else?
- No, in terms of what she went through in that house,
She didn't say, and we haven't asked...Yet.
- Anything from the missing boy?
- Well, we're working on it.
- [sighs]
- Hey.
I'm glad you're here.
- I wish it was under different circumstances.
- That's the life we chose, i guess.
- That is correct.
- They're taking the case away from me.
- When?
- End of shift.
- Well, i wish you would have told me that
Before you made me fly all the way out here.
- And miss that smiling face?
- We could have skyped.
- We're close to solving this.
I know it.
- When are you expecting the forensic results?
- I already got them.
- That was fast.
- Yeah, i know a guy.
- So do you have anything
Connecting all three crime scenes?
- Just ledbetter.
He's no longer with us.
- [sighs]
Then we start from the start.
- This is it.
Hey, guys.
- Hey.
- This is teddy.
I'm gonna catch my boss up to speed, all right?
You can take my desk.
- How's it going, teddy?
- Oh, you know...
Oh, my god.
- What?
- That's him.
That's the guy who's in charge.
- Mr. Von camp...
Get on your feet. You're under arrest.
- For what?
- Get on your damn feet.
- Yeah.
- I've got nothing to say to you.
- Not yet, anyway.
Where's the boy?
- What boy?
- Chris sepka.
Where is he?
- I don't know what you're talking about.
Ah! - Hank.
- Why don't you head back upstairs?
- I need to talk to you.
- Look, i am glad you made the trip,
But i'm gonna have to cut it short.
- You can't put your hands on that guy.
- As far as you know, i never did.
- Let me explain something to you.
If this was a chicago-only case...
This is your city, you do what you want.
- Listen-- - no, i'm not done yet.
I have cases in new york that i want to close.
I have perps that i want to put away.
There is peace of mind that i want to bring to families.
Okay, you go off on him, and it gets out,
Then my cases go down the toilet.
I'm asking you, do not do that to me.
- What about chris sepka's peace of mind?
That little boy is out there right now.
He doesn't have a lot of time.
- Five minutes.
I'm asking you for five minutes.
- Five minutes.
- I'm a sergeant from new york,
And i've dealt with some of the victims
That you helped funnel over there.
- I don't know what you're talking about--
- Just listen to me.
You heard the man; we don't have a lot of time.
I'm not an expert on many things,
But when it comes to these kinds of crimes,
Unfortunately i am.
And, uh...
There's one thing that i can tell you
With absolute certainty.
When it comes to kids,
Offenders who kept their mouth shut
Or had their lawyers handle it,
I would see them years later in prison...
And they were zombies,
Eaten alive from the inside out,
Because they had a chance to do something right,
Even after all the bad they did.
But they looked the other way, and when they did,
They just snuffed out their own lives in the process.
I know deep down there's still a human being in there.
And i need you to access it.
I need you to fight for it.
I need you to bring it up to the surface,
Because, as crazy as this sounds,
You still have a life to live.
You've got, what, another 30, 40 years maybe?
I'm telling you, the ones who did the right thing...
As hard as it was to admit their involvement...
They still sleep at night in prison.
They still feel the sun on their face.
You have that chance right now.
Tell me where chris sepka is.
[sweeping orchestration]
♪ ♪
[dialogue under dramatic music]
♪ ♪
[phone buzzing]
- Mccadden's wife and kid are here.
- Hey.
- Attention!
- Teddy's gonna stay with johnny and me for a while.
- Good.
I can't thank you enough.
I'm really glad you're home.
- I didn't think they'd ever be caught.
And on top of all the shame...
It's the hopelessness
Of thinking that they'd keep doing it over and--
I just really can't believe this day is here.
- I'm sorry i wasn't there for you.
- All of us, we...
We went where the wind took us, you know?
- Yeah.
I got to take care of something upstairs.
So i'll call you tomorrow.
- That's good.
- Hey, ladies.
- Hey.
All right, girl.
Let's see it.
Been working on a secret handshake.
- Show me.
- Okay, ready?
- Thanks. - Yeah.
- You guys having fun?
So here's the news.
I spoke to clara.
And i know her; i've worked with her before.
Totally trust her.
And the amazing thing is, she found a family
That wants to take both you and chris into their home.
Their names are mike and julie sturdivant,
And i spoke to them on the phone,
And they are so excited to meet you.
But guess what.
Tonight, i'm coming over for dinner.
- You are? - Of course.
Are you crazy?
I want to meet everybody,
And i want to see your room.
It's okay.
- I wish i could have seen more of your city.
- It's--
It's beautiful.
Even when it isn't.
[bottles clink]