Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Prison Ball - full transcript

When a 10 year old girl is shot, the Commander tells Voight to work it. It seems like the girl was scheduled to testify against a kid who committed a crime. The kid is a promising basketball player whose career will end if he's convicted. While the kid has an airtight alibi, they learn he has a relative who's a gang leader. The man is in prison so they go to see him but a Fed tells Voight the man works for them so he's off limits. Atwater who takes the whole thing seriously asks Voight to send him to the prison and work on the man. Voight sends him in as a con along with Ruzek posing as a con too and Antonio as a guard. Voight and the others try to find the shooter. Platt asks Roman and Burgess to take some kids who are explorer candidates on a tour. But they ditch them and steal the Commander's car. Platt admits they are actually youth offenders whom a judge Platt knows, was hoping can be helped.

- You sure the controller's not busted?
- You wish.
- Hey, don't hate on her 'cause she's whupping you, burgess.
- Seriously, these buttons are stuck.
- Seriously, you're not good.
- [scoffs]
[phone beeps]
- Hey, vinessa, finish that homework, huh?
One second.
- So why don't you guys work together anymore?
- What's up? - Um...
Uh, because your brother's in intelligence now.
He's a big shot.
- Oh, why aren't you? - Right. Okay.
Be right there.
- That's a good question.
- Yo, burgess, something just popped off.
Will you, uh...
- Yeah, yeah, no worries. I got her.
- Hey, vinessa, be good, girl.
[door closes]
- Hey, it's okay. He'll be back soon.
All right, let's do this.
Oh, no.
[helicopter blades thrumming]
- Sergeant. - Thanks.
- Victim's name was mya watkins.
She was a state's witness
Set to testify in a theft case this week.
Shooter walked up, put two in her head, and ran off.
[police radio chatter]
- How old is she, ten?
- Yeah.
- Clear everything off your plate.
This is the only case that matters.
- Homicide found two 9-mil shell casings
Next to the body.
They're on their way to ballistics for analysis now.
- Any witnesses?
- Zip.
This was a message to the neighborhood--
"don't snitch."
- Please come forward.
Any information that you give us
Will be kept completely confidential.
That's my number on that card. So you call that number,
It'll be me on the other end of the phone.
Ma'am, ma'am. - Mya, mya...
- Ma'am, i can't let you do that--ma'am, ma'am.
- No, mya! - I can't let you do that ma'am.
- No, let me go! I want to see her!
Mya! No, let me go!
Please! - Ma'am--
- She's all alone!
Please! No!
- We're gonna find who did that. - [sobbing]
- You got my word. - No!
- Come on, come on, come on.
- [continues sobbing]
- I promise you.
- James grant, senior at anderson high
And star forward on the basketball team.
- Kid's a lock for the pros.
- Yeah, except robbery-burglary picked him up
For holding up a corner store a couple months back.
Charges wouldn't stick without an eyeball witness.
Mya was the only one willing to go on the record.
- So she was the only thing
That stood between grant going pro...
- And spending the next five years in stateville.
- All right, the coach confirmed it.
Grant was playing a tournament in evanston
At the time of the shooting. - Maybe that was the plan--
Have eyes on grant while mya gets shot somewhere else.
- This kid's connected enough to order a hit on a witness?
- Nope, grant's not, but his uncle definitely is--
Devon tucker, o.G. Vice lord turned gun runner.
He's been looking out for his nephew
Since the boy learned how to dribble.
- Yeah, but he's locked up at mcc
On a federal weapons charge.
Think he ordered the shot from inside?
- I bet my star on it.
- Let's go have a chat.
- How long does it take to pull a guy out of his cell?
- Something's up.
Here we go.
- Sorry to keep you waiting.
- Warden. Who's this?
- Special agent collins, atf.
We've been working tucker for six months
To get him to flip on his weapons suppliers.
- Popular guy.
We like him for ordering a hit on a ten-year-old girl.
- So now that he's gonna play ball with us,
You want to come in and spook our best lead.
Sorry. Not gonna happen.
- I think what special agent collins
Is trying to say-- - i've made myself clear.
Tucker's off-limits.
Anyone who can't handle that faces obstruction charges.
- I'm just saying, i'm from the neighborhood.
You're always saying, "this is our city."
Well, those are my streets.
And i don't mean to take this case personally,
But that little girl was my sister's age,
And that could have been her out there on the pavement.
You see the look in my eyes?
Ain't this what you brought me upstairs for?
Let me do this.
- No one can know, you understand?
- Yep.
- Hank voight for warden riggs.
- [sniffs]
[brakes squeal]
- Keep it moving, fellas. Keep it moving.
Keep it moving.
Keep it moving, gentlemen.
Keep it moving.
Keep it moving, fellas. Keep it moving.
The federal government would like to welcome you
To the metropolitan correctional center
In the city of chicago.
We do hope you enjoy your stay.
Open it up!
[gate buzzes]
[gate clanking]
- It's about time.
Your police explorer candidates are waiting.
- Our what?
- Did you not get the memo?
I must have never written it.
Show them around the district and then report back.
If any of them have what it takes to be the police,
I want to know.
- It'd be our pleasure.
- It would?
- Hell, yeah, it would.
I was a police explorer.
- Oh.
- Where are they?
- Officers roman and burgess,
Meet, uh...
Dylan, carlos, and...
- Sparrow.
- Oh, god, whatever happened to names like mike and tommy?
- What's up with the frowns, guys?
You're police now. Come on, get psyched.
- As far as anyone knows,
They're detainees like any other,
Which means they'll be treated as such.
I mean, only the warden knows they're inside.
Anyone else finds out, it'll shut us down.
- Who's watching over them?
- One of my best undercovers.
So, while atwater's on the inside
Trying to get tucker on a wire copping to ordering the hit,
We're out here doing everything we can
To i.D. The shooter and then link him back to tucker.
- Sounds like fun. [chuckles]
- That's the new commander?
"sounds like fun."
Weird dude.
- I spoke to mya's mother.
She's on her way in for her interview.
- Where we at with the shell casings from the scene?
- Firing pin signature doesn't match anything in the database,
And no usable fingerprints.
Shooter was careful.
- Then we go back to basics.
Check every camera we're linked to--
Cpd pods, commercial, residential surveillance.
And run every in-service call that came in last night.
I want to be briefed.
- Got it, boss.
Hey, you got a sec?
Steve kot.
- Yeah?
- What do you know about him?
- Lawyer from the state's attorney's office?
I heard he went right back to work
The day after his kid was killed.
- Is he a stand-up guy?
- I really wouldn't know.
Olinsky would.
- Well, he's putting together a task force,
And he wants me on it.
- What? Seriously?
- Which i'm keeping confidential.
- Task force?
- Yeah.
Why do you look so shocked?
- That's just-- [laughs]
It's big.
- Yeah.
So, if they came to you and it was offered,
What would you-- [voice murmurs]
- Hey, herrera, you're with me today.
- You got it, boss.
- Yeah, just call me parish.
I see you transferred in from medium-security?
- Greenville.
- Well, this ain't greenville.
You ever seen jurassic park?
- A long time ago.
- Yeah, well, at the beginning,
The raptors in the electrical cages,
They keep testing the different walls
For any hint of weakness.
Well, that's what this prison is.
It's a bunch of animals looking for weakness.
So you give them nothing.
- Understood.
- Yeah.
You ready to get baptized?
Come on.
[inmates chattering, shouting]
- All right, gentlemen, let's go.
- [sighs]
Tried my whole life to avoid this place.
- It's a good reminder you were smart to keep your nose clean.
- You four, with me.
- I got a pops, a uncle, two cousins all did time.
You think i need a reminder?
- Hey. - Hey...
Don't stare.
Check that out.
- Looks like our man tucker's got an entourage, huh?
- With his street cred, he better have a whole army.
- You said don't stare.
- Do as i say, not as i do.
- Reynolds, matt.
You're in here.
- Be safe.
- Thank you, sir.
- Hey, you need to know
I run my house like a reputable convict.
You keep the toilet spotless,
And you walk in a precise manner.
That way, we don't bump into each other
In a way that would make the other uncomfortable.
- Is that it? - That's it.
- All right, that works for me.
- What mya did, coming forward like that,
It took courage.
- Courage got me nothing.
And grant's gonna walk, isn't he?
Just 'cause he can make a jump shot.
- Not if we can find somebody
Who can tie the shooter to grant.
- Already tried to help the cops once,
And what did it get me?
- You live a block away.
If you can think of anybody who might have seen something...
- And get them killed too?
- If james grant is responsible for mya's death,
He will not get away with it.
- I don't believe a word
Out of your mouth.
Can i go now?
I got to go make funeral arrangements
For my daughter.
- Whoa, hold up there. Counselor, hold up.
- That's him! You son of a bitch!
You killed my little girl!
You son of-- - everybody calm down!
You two, over there.
Everybody else goes home or to a holding cell.
Is that understood?
- High-school baller gets pinched
For a stupid crime.
All of a sudden...
That scholarship, those endorsement deals,
They're slipping away.
It's all 'cause some little girl saw him make a mistake.
It's obvious.
She's got to go away.
That sound about right to you?
- I haven't heard one fact
Or seen one shred of evidence
Linking my client to this murder.
- Well, maybe you had uncle devon
Take care of the witness problem for you.
He's got the juice to make it happen, right?
- Man, i ain't talked to d since he went in.
I-- - james...
You don't have to say anything.
- I know how this looks, okay?
But i had nothing to do with killing no little girl.
It's a rough neighborhood. I'm just trying to get out.
- If there are no charges, we'll be leaving now.
- Sit down! - Are you out of your mind?
- Get him out of here. - Come here.
- Don't touch me! - Get him out of here.
- Come here. - Get your hand off me!
- Hey. Sorry.
- I don't care where you were, kid.
As far as i'm concerned,
That was your finger on the trigger killed mya.
[thwack] you.
You're gonna answer for it.
Beat it.
- All right, give me a heads-up when you pull the recordings.
- Get a hit off the pods? - Not yet.
Cpic's gonna extend the review radius
Another six blocks.
- Patrol responded to a hit-and-run collision
A half mile from our crime scene last night.
Call came in minutes after mya was killed.
- Driver in a hurry to get lost.
- Partial plate narrowed it down
To a nathan hughes in wicker park.
- Hit it.
- You don't want it, i'll take it.
- Have at it.
- What are you in for, anyway?
- I killed a narc.
- It's a good thing you said that to me
And not some of these convicts.
You come in here bragging about notches on your belt,
You're gonna get tested, quick.
- Then don't ask me next time.
- West side, right?
- Who wants to know? - Oh, man, we good.
Thought i recognized big homey from the block.
- Well, big homey don't know you, man.
- How you gonna tell me what he know?
- Maybe you didn't hear me.
Why you asking so many questions?
- Tucker, arms out, feet together.
- What's this about?
- Doc wants to see you.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
- There's no mention of a medical request
On the call-out roster.
- It's just a smokescreen for the other inmates.
Word is that tucker made a deal with the feds,
And now he's going into wit-sec.
So take a good look at him,
'cause when he leaves this prison,
You will never see his pretty face again.
- Let's go.
- Well, if this is our shooter,
He's sure doing well for himself.
- You're not really considering this task force, are you?
- No.
That's why i showed you the card and asked you for your advice,
For the exercise.
[knock at door]
- I mean, imagine how heartbroken you'd be...
Not seeing my smiling face every day.
- [laughs] you know what? You just settled it for me.
- Meaning?
- Can i help you?
- Yeah, we're looking for nathan hughes.
- I'm his daughter katie.
- Does your dad drive a black bmw x5?
- No, but i do.
If this is about the parking tickets,
I was gonna pay them.
Those jerks didn't have to tow my car.
- When was the car towed? - Two days ago.
- So the car's still on the lot.
Thank you. - I'll call voight.
- You guys done the trust fall yet?
- Huh?
- They're supposed to teach you that at orientation.
What are they teaching you guys these days?
- Hey, what's going on here?
- Hey.
- Some police explorers.
- Oh, yeah? Taking a tour.
- Guys, this is detective olinsky.
He's up in intelligence.
It's a lot different than being in uniform.
All right, let's keep walking.
- Whoa. Meaning?
- Two different worlds,
Different ways of doing things,
Treating people.
All right, guys, come on.
Let's go. - Boys, when you become cops,
Have the courage to say what's on your mind.
Don't hide behind little riddles.
- Hey.
Peter byrne.
- Is that supposed to mean something?
- See, that's the problem.
You don't even remember his name.
2007, me and byrne were backup
At an undercover sting that went sideways.
He was shot three times right in front of you.
I was pinned down, but you could have helped him.
Instead, you let my partner bleed out
So you could go after the shooter.
Come on, guys, this way.
I'm gonna show you the lineup room.
It's a one-way mirror,
So you can see me, but i can't see you.
- Hey.
What the hell just happened out there?
- He asked.
- There's a chain of command, roman.
- Screw the chain of command.
Guys, the room was built that way
So that the witness can remain anonymous.
- Hey.
What are you doing?
- I'm explaining to the boys how the mirror works.
- Where? - Where what?
- Where are the boys?
- Guys?
- Voight spoke to the warden.
Tucker's deal with atf was further along than we thought.
They're keeping him in protective custody
Until the marshals can transfer him to wit-sec.
- We got to get atwater up there
Before tucker disappears.
- The warden was firm.
Can't get any more involved. We're on our own.
- Well, there's only two ways to get into protective custody.
Hey, lyle.
Let me see that tray for one second.
[sharp whack]
[inmates shouting] - hey, back off!
- Officer needs assistance in the dining hall!
Get back!
- I try to treat you all with respect, let you be men.
Some of you don't get it.
Lessons will be learned.
Did you see who the target was? - That one.
- All right, get him out of here.
- On your feet.
- What the hell did i do?
- Shut your mouth, inmate.
[handcuffs clicking]
- You two, review the tapes.
I want to know who threw the first punch...
'cause someone will go to the hole for this.
- I'm sorry to say it,
But i don't think those kids are explorers material.
- Based on your expert opinion.
- Yeah.
What did those kids do when they got an opportunity?
They ran away.
- Those kids aren't just police explorer candidates.
They're children at risk.
- Wait. What--you mean juvies?
They're juvies?
- If we're gonna throw labels around,
They're technically fugitives now, thanks to you two.
- Is there a reason why you left that part out this morning?
- It's like when people ask me about you,
I don't say, "roman's a pain in my ass,"
Because that would be labeling you.
Look, every few months,
A judge in juvenile court sends me a few kids
She's released on good behavior.
And i pull strings to get those kids into this district
And show them they can still turn their lives around,
And it's never been a problem until i trusted you two nitwits.
- Don't blame this on--
- Can any of you tell me why three boys were just seen
Driving my take-home car out of the district?
- Commander...
Our two finest patrolmen are on it.
- Help you folks?
- Yeah.
Car from this lot was spotted at a crime scene--
No record of it ever being towed, so...
Somehow it left the premises last night
And wound up back here.
- Well, this ain't a drive-through.
It's an auto impound.
No vehicle goes in or out unless a form gets filled
Or it's on the back of a truck.
- How does a car get in and out of the lot
Without going into the system?
- That's a good question.
Wait here.
Let me get the manager.
- This new patrolman, roman...
- Mm.
- What's his story?
- No idea.
- It's no reason.
- Al...
I've known you 25 years.
Every time you say "no reason"--
- Oh, no.
- What?
Oh, man. [both groan]
All right.
Take that way!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Oops.
- All right, let's start again.
About that beemer...
- Ah! [metal creaking]
- You've got hours, not days.
If you're gonna get to tucker, now is the time.
- Yeah. - So when you get inside...
- I know how to play this.
- Supervisor ordered this inmate into protective custody.
The paperwork's on its way up.
- 10-4.
- Come on, man!
I'm just trying to make a couple bucks.
- So you took out a contract on a ten-year-old?
- What the hell's he talking about?
- Whoever was driving that beemer last night
Murdered a little girl.
- Mm-hmm.
- Whoa.
Maybe i rented a car
To someone trying to impress a date.
- Uh-huh.
- But nobody said nothing about a murder.
- You tell me who was behind the wheel,
Or i hang the whole thing on you.
[metal clattering]
It's your choice.
[low murmuring]
- You been going through a lot of trouble
To get at me, son.
If bonds and his crew sent you...
- Aw, come on, man, it ain't on that.
I'm straight.
I used to roll with raekwon and slick
Out there on 78th street.
- Yeah? What's slick up to?
- You know how slick get down.
Got caught up with one of them hispanic honies
Out there in rogers park.
- [chuckles]
Boy can't help it.
- Yeah, he ain't playin'.
- What you need?
I need to rap with you about your nephew james.
- What about him?
- Well, you know the little girl that's about to snitch?
She just got popped.
- James' business ain't got nothing to do with me.
- Yo, is there a problem?
- Naw.
He was just leaving.
- At least it's in one piece.
- Why would she call them police explorers?
Can't just throw that name around.
I took an oath.
- Yeah, i don't think platt knew you felt so strongly--
Me neither, frankly.
- Officers.
I've heard of these flash mobs before,
But i never thought three boys could do this much damage.
- Do you have any idea which way they went?
- Oh, a pretty good one.
My husband stopped them before they made it out the door.
- He said he'd bust my kneecaps.
- I'm tempted to do it myself.
- Dude, we were just having fun. Chill, all right?
- Excuse me?
And you figured stealing the commander's car
And shoplifting was the way to do it?
- I should have known you guys
Weren't explorers when i saw you.
Honor, courage, and service:
That's what the program teaches you.
- [snickers] - you think this is funny?
You know how many people
Put their ass on the line for you guys?
Platt, the judge, us.
You won't be laughing when we send your ass back to juvie.
- I knew my man was the real deal
Soon as he walked in this place.
Took that tray and went, bah!
Right across big boy's back.
Yo, i'm telling you.
Us white folks got to stick together in here.
- What's up, fellas?
- Haven't you heard?
They put a cop in here.
- No.
- It's true.
So how'd you know?
- How'd i know what, man?
- The guy you stomped in chow,
The one who was trying to talk to devon...
- Yeah? - He's police.
- Really? What makes you say that?
- Some puerto rican kid on the second tier
Swears he got pinched by him a few months back.
- Reynolds!
- Yeah.
- Hands behind your back.
- Disciplinary hearing officer just weighed in.
You're going to the hole, fish.
- No, what?
Wait, wait, wait.
Aw, come on, man.
- Hey, let me ask you something. - Yeah.
- Remember john reed from that heist crew,
You know, around '07?
- Yeah, yeah, guy was a killer,
Almost took out a few of us that night.
What makes you think of reed?
- Well, i got this new kid, roman,
Who's giving me grief over how it went down.
That was a clean bust, right?
- Alvin, that was a clean bust.
- Okay, tow clerk rented the car to omar martel.
Martel was detained with tucker at mcc until a few months ago.
- Bingo. - He used to run a stick-up crew
Ripping off dealers
And killing them for fun. - Right.
- Now all of his boys are either dead or in jail,
So he's branched out to murder-for-hire.
Last known address is on west 23rd and pilsen.
- And grant's cell phone records show him pinging a tower
Near martel's house two days before mya was killed.
This is our shooter.
- Beautiful.
All right, let's roll out.
[muffed hip-hop plays]
♪ ♪
Hold on.
[quietly] chicago police.
[hip-hop louder]
- Clear!
- [gasps]
- Nod your head "yes" or "no," is he back there?
- Shh.
[hip-hop continues]
- Ah!
What the hell y'all want?
- Tough guy, huh?
- [groans]
- You think you're hard?
Killing a child...
Listen to me.
This can go down a lot of different ways.
But only one of them ends well for you.
- Hey, voight...
- I'm busy.
- It's antonio.
- You got nothing on me.
- We'll see about that.
- Get your hands off me, man.
You can't put me in here.
You don't understand.
You don't understand!
All right, listen.
Let me make a phone call, one phone call.
- If you didn't want to lose your privileges,
You shouldn't have started that fight.
- One phone call. That's all i'm asking.
It's one phone call--
- Don't make me repeat myself.
- You son of a bi--
Okay, all right, all right, all right, all right.
Let me see herrera.
- Uh, what did you say?
- Herrera, the guard, tell him i'm here, man.
- Just got off the phone with voight.
We got a name for the shooter...
Omar martel.
He's tucker's old cellmate.
If you're gonna get any leverage on martel,
This is it.
Use the name to get him talking.
- You want to tell me why an inmate in solitary
Is demanding to speak to you?
- What do you mean?
- I got no tolerance for dirty guards.
Clean out your locker.
You got 15 minutes to get out of my prison.
- I'm a cpd undercover
Trying to pin the murder of a ten-year-old girl
On an inmate who ordered the hit from here.
I know you're doing your job, but i got to do mine.
Please, help us out.
- Come on, come on.
Got to let me out of here!
- Thought i was clear.
- You got to hear me out.
- Walk away now.
- I got a message from omar martel.
I ain't playing. He got picked up last night.
He said he's gonna flip on james unless you give him more cash.
You want to talk to me now?
- He's already getting 10% of the kid's rookie contract.
- He say he needs at least another 10.
- James wanted to cap that girl himself.
Couldn't let that happen.
I knew martel would be down for whatever.
Didn't think he'd jam me up.
- What you want me to tell him, big homey?
- 5%, that's it.
- Yo, stop talking to this fool.
- Hey, this don't even concern you, dawg.
- Tucker, man, this guy is a cop.
- No, big homey.
- Say what?
- Yeah, it's all over d-unit.
- Get the door.
[inmates shouting]
- Ah!
[alarm blaring]
- Stop it, atwater! It's over!
It's over, kev! Come on, come on, it's over.
It's over!
- Hell yeah, i'm a cop, you punk-ass bitch!
And i got you on a wire for murder!
[alarm blaring]
[background commotion]
- Here's the report from the store they hit,
Something else that you can share
With that judge in juvie court.
- Can i have a word with you, alone?
Listen up, 'cause i'm only gonna say this once.
I messed up.
I know, it's strange for me too.
It was wrong of me to present those boys as police explorers.
But if it makes a difference,
I'm gonna throw the book at them.
Grand theft auto, retail theft, evading a police officer.
Those three aren't gonna see the light of day
Before their 18th birthday.
- Before you do any of that, just give me a minute.
- Patrolman...
- You owe me.
I'm letting you guys go.
- You are?
- When i was your age, me and my buddies,
We took an el train for a joyride.
The cop who picked us up,
He could have dropped the hammer on us,
Ruined our lives.
But instead, he let us go.
He said, "everybody gets one break,
Even if they don't deserve it."
Now this is yours.
I know you guys think this is lame,
But if you ever want to join the explorers,
Like, for real,
Give me a call.
Changed my life.
Could change yours.
Now get out of here.
- Officer...
You know, when does this explorers thing meet?
- Saturday morning, 8:00.
- The thing about prison ball is
You don't want to be the punk on fouls.
Makes you look soft.
That's how you end up being someone's sweetheart.
[engine turns over]
[siren wailing]
- Hey, ms. Watkins...
I wanted you to hear from me first.
We got him.
We got grant; we got his uncle; we got the shooter.
We got 'em all.
- Thank you.
- All right?
- [sobbing]
- You know...
There were other cops at that scene that night,
Not just me.
- When he was bleeding out, you were the closest one.
You could have helped him.
- I was in pursuit of a known felon...
- We all were there.
- Wanted for a double homicide.
I mean, i saw that you were nearby,
You were able to help your partner out.
So i kept going.
And i'm glad i did,
'cause we caught that son of a bitch.
And i would do it exactly the same way again.
So you can bring your old partner here,
And i would tell him myself.
- He's back in milwaukee, living on disability.
He's gonna be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.
- I was beginning to think you wouldn't call.
- I wasn't planning on it.
- And yet, you did.
- Look, i don't play politics,
And i didn't become a cop to get my picture in the paper.
But last night i knelt over the body
Of a ten-year-old girl with two bullet holes in her head.
So if you're telling me that this task force
Could help me get ahead of cases like that
Instead of cleaning up after them...
- That's exactly the goal.
You do well on this task force, erin,
You can write your own ticket.
You can go after any cases you want.
- [sighs]
- How'd you get that cut?
- Doing police work.
- In that new intelligence thing?
- Yeah.
- Do you like it?
- Yeah, i love it.
- What?
- Just looking at you.
I'm proud of you.
- Proud of you too.
- You know you mean the world to me, right?