Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - An Honest Woman - full transcript

Voight is attacked and abducted while trying to help his son's girlfriend.

- Dad, i messed up. I know it. - I don't think you do.
I'll see you in four years.
- I don't know how to get a hold of him.
Just thought that he should know that i'm...
Well, pregnant.
- Hey, listen, i got a company on the side,
Security business.
I'm always looking for off-duty cops.
It's easy money.
- Antonio dawson. I'm here to...
- Asher. Come in.
This is my wife, layla.
Keep your eye on her.
We need to make a stop.
- It's 4:00 a.M.
- Well, it was a productive trip,
And i don't want these in the house.
All canadian-mined...
Vvs-1 clarity, clear to light gray--
The best.
This is what i bring you.
[cell phone vibrates]
- Easy there, slick.
- [laughing]
You do not get rattled.
- Try not to.
- Could use you thursday night...
Card game i like to attend.
You have a moral or ethical problem
With a friendly game of cards, antonio?
- As long as it stays friendly.
- [laughs]
[kettle whistling]
- Then i found out i don't like reflexology.
Plus, the instructor kept looking down my shirt.
So far, physical therapy seems much more interesting.
- So you and justin, how long is this going on?
- Nothing was really going on,
I always liked him, even in high school.
He did his own thing.
He was, like, mysterious, you know?
- The maltese falcon is a mystery.
Justin was a pain in the ass.
- I was no walk in the park.
Justin's, um...
Your wife caught me chugging vodka out of a snapple bottle
At the sophomore dance.
- Old eagle eye. She turn you in?
- Confiscated it, gave me a little speech.
- That's another specialty of hers.
- Justin's on leave starting tomorrow.
I feel like...
I think we're gonna be good at this.
We just got to build a foundation.
- He's got a four-year service commitment.
- I know, and i feel bad asking for more money.
It's just--with paying for classes and everything...
- If it's for the baby, just say so.
- But that's not why i came.
I really do want to get to know you.
I mean, we're gonna be a family.
- Wait here.
You know whose house you're in right now?
- We know exactly whose house we're in.
Now open that box back up.
- Why don't you come and get it?
- [screaming]
- Aah!
- Ugh!
[footsteps running overhead]
- Get the girl.
- Whoa. Look at you.
Rough night?
- I'm not in the mood. - Your wife called.
- Well, good for her.
- Hey, dawson.
Heard it went good with mr. Roslyn last night.
- Yeah, he's got a thursday-night gig
He wants me for.
- Thursday night-- i know it well.
Look, the guy's a piece of work, but you can handle it.
Oh, also, he, uh-- he tips big when he's drunk.
So, if he wants to stop at the liquor store,
I'd say stop at the liquor store.
- Ruzek. - Yeah.
- Hey.
I left my cell phone at your place.
- Got it.
- Hey, some guy from h.Q. Called.
Voight skipped a com stat meeting.
I tried but it went straight to voice mail.
- Weird. I'll try him.
- See?
- I believed you.
- Maybe he's sick.
- He's never sick, and he's never late.
- [sighs]
Oh, you get that? Oh!
[metallic banging]
- Damn it. Now she decides to call me.
- He had the flu last year.
No, he didn't. That was you.
- He gets sick. Everybody gets sick.
- Car's out front.
- Huh.
- 'cause i'm special, is why.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hank?
- Back door.
- Phone.
- Antonio...
Take me off speaker.
- Smashed his phone so we couldn't track them.
- You figure two guys?
- At least.
Somebody was here. Coffee's voight, but tea...
- Voight's not the only one who got snatched.
- What the hell do you think this was?
- Popcorn machine. What do you think?
- No, it was a safe. That's what i think.
So, if this was a safe, then this is a robbery.
- We don't know what this was yet.
So screw your head on straight and get to work.
- Al...
You doing okay, man?
- What'd i just say, huh?
Your boss is missing, so get to work, patrolman.
- All right.
- Okay.
We don't got to wait on dna
To find out whose mug that was.
We got it right here on video.
- You sold out of good & plenty?
- Sold my one box of good & plenty
At the last district.
- Hey, burgess, you want to support the bridgeport blues?
Sounds like a wonderful fictitious basketball team.
- That's profiling.
We're a real team.
I play small forward,
But i don't start 'cause i'm still developing my left hand.
You want chocolate, chocolate almonds?
- Um...
Chocolate almonds.
- Is it true you got to buy your own duty weapon,
Or you just got to buy the backup?
- Oh, chicago police officers
Are required to pay for their own sidearm,
Both primary and backup.
- Hmm. What you carry?
I like a walther ppk.
- You sound like future police to me.
- Or a hit man.
- Cops make more money than teachers.
And i heard that.
- Okay, fund-raiser's over.
- Hey.
You ever want to do police explorers
Or have other questions, call me, okay?
I'm kim.
- Okay.
- Hey, roman.
Sorry i'm late.
I ran into that girl selling candy.
She's a trip.
- And where's your star, officer?
- That little bitch-- she stole my badge.
- Hey, she left you your gun.
I'll give you a loner.
- Voight had cameras at the front and back doors.
Front door, 7:00 this morning, this girl arrives.
7:30, two unknown offenders enter the back.
Now, we can't see if voight or the girl lets them in.
Five minutes later, this girl is seen leaving.
One of the male subjects escorts her back inside.
- Ten minutes after that,
They exit the back with the girl.
They're carrying voight out.
He appears to be unconscious.
- We got to put out an all-call message
And get a city-wide search going.
- No, 'cause we don't know what voight was into.
We're gonna bring him home safe.
We do it ourselves. We keep this in-house.
Now, the girl is olive morgan.
It's a girl justin dated when he was in town.
- Yeah, i remember her from back in the day.
I wouldn't figure her for this.
- We got to run her through every database we got,
See if her phone is active, get her family, credit cards.
She could be connected to these two, whoever they are.
- "connected"? She could have set it up.
- For what it's worth,
Ruzek doesn't think they're local.
So he's figuring something else out.
- [sighs]
- He's as tough as they come.
- How did they get him out of the house, al?
- Listen...
We're gonna find him.
- [sniffles]
- [groans]
- He's a used-up copper. He'll break.
- What about the girl? She got it done.
- You really think my team won't find me
Before you crack that box?
- A lot of guys think they're tough.
Let's see how tough you really are.
- [groaning]
- See?
Not so tough.
Now, what's the combination?
- Okay. Thanks.
- All right, the little guy-- ian marks.
Lka came back denver.
- I ran his name through the face the nation database.
His whole family's nothing but crooks.
No match on the partner.
- The head of this unit's missing four hours already.
We need more.
- Detective.
Cell phone towers? - That was fast.
- I flirted with the girl at u.S. Cellular.
- Over the phone? - Yeah.
- Idiot pinged a local tower.
Looks like marks called his family back in denver.
- Can't be that stupid.
- You choose voight as a target, you can't be that smart.
- Ruzek, triangulate those pings and get us a location.
I'll get an arrest warrant. Let's go.
- All right, let's go.
- I'm getting really tired, asking the same question.
- Imagine how shook up that makes me.
- You're gonna give up that combination.
- [whimpering]
- And you shouldn't have run.
Now, she's got about a minute,
Maybe less on account of the baby.
Now, i ain't gonna ask again.
- 48-12-19.
Now cut her out of there.
- Sure about that?
- Cut her out of there.
Cut her out of there!
- It's good.
- See? So easy.
- All right, cut her out of there!
Cut her out of there!
Olive, stay with me.
Olive, listen to me.
Olive, stay with me.
[tires screech, car doors close]
- Got to go.
- Ground floor!
Olive, stay here with me.
You stay here with me!
The girl!
The girl! The girl! - Voight!
- The girl! - Clear!
- Are you all right? Are you okay?
- Come on, come on. - Clear!
- Come on, come on. - Police!
- They were-- they were gonna kill the baby.
They said--
They said they were gonna kill the baby.
[dog barking]
[cell phone dialing]
- B-50-21.
This is detective halstead with intelligence.
Please be advised, we're looking for two white males,
Last seen fleeing on foot from wentworth and 31st.
Hold under the authority of intelligence.
A confidential matter.
- You need a hospital?
- Maybe later.
- She's pregnant. She needs a hospital.
- She said she's fine.
District didn't send anyone else?
- We kept it internal.
If we're gonna catch these guys,
We need to know why they came after you.
- Why do people rob people?
- That's helpful, hank. Thank you.
Now they know we're gunning for them.
They're gonna be extra careful.
We can have a thousand units on the street like that.
- No.
We keep this in-house.
- You still got i.A.D. Looking at you.
You can't muscle your way through this.
- Justin said you had street cash before he left.
I was at the bar.
I shouldn't have been,
But i didn't know i was pregnant yet.
I guess i ran my mouth.
- Who did you tell? Should i start a list?
- Just my friend josie.
We grew up together, but she knows a lot of bad people.
She must have told ian.
I'd never met ian before,
But he comes to me last week...
Says i have to get him in your house.
Said if i didn't, he'd cut the baby out of me.
I believed him.
- All right, you're gonna see a doctor.
But first, your friend josie...
Everyone she knows, anyplace i might find her.
- Sounds like monica,
Monica adams.
Yeah, never had a kid raise so much money for the team.
The girl's all heart.
- She picked my pocket in broad daylight.
- What? Monica?
Hey, jarrell!
Pull up your damn shorts and give me five laps.
I ain't playing!
[cell phone rings] - i'll go grab this.
- So... So where do we find monica?
- Why don't you try her school?
Most of the girls around here go to harper.
It's two blocks up.
What did i say?
- Guy drove his car into kebab hut on 37th.
We got to roll. - [exhales deeply]
- And then we're right back on monica's trail.
I promise.
Oh, yeah, and might want to fix that.
- [under breath] such a jerk.
- Ian marks has got five known aliases,
Warrants out for home invasion in indiana and michigan.
- Two days ago he used an alias
To rent a van downstate.
I put the plates into nvls, so hopefully we get a hit.
- I called in a search, but...
- But what?
- All we can say about our investigation
Is "confidential matter." - that's what it is.
- Yeah, well district south
Can't authorize a search based on that.
- Still no i.D. On ian marks' partner?
- No, i talked with some c.I.S,
Some guys who run with robbery crews,
But no dice, still working on it.
- What the hell does that mean?
If you got nothing, just say you got nothing.
- All right. - I got a hit on the van.
Dummies drove through a tollbooth.
Red-light camera caught it going west just south of 290.
We got to go right now. - I'll dispatch state police.
- No, voight said we do this ourselves.
We'll do a grid search.
They got to be in there someplace.
Where's olinsky?
- They went to look for olive's friend josie.
- Atwater, ruzek, with me. Get me an i.D. On the big guy.
- Yeah. - Let's do it.
- What do you think was in voight's safe?
- Who knows, man?
- I'm just saying, it was a professional crew, right?
So they probably research their targets.
It wasn't like it was no random robbery.
- You mean maybe we're chasing these guys to get something back
That voight wasn't supposed to have in the first place?
- Maybe. I'm just saying.
- Say less.
A sergeant was attacked in his home,
A sergeant that brought you into his unit,
Gave you a shot to do something bigger for your city.
And we're gonna make it right.
- Hey.
- I'd say they know we're following them.
- Chicago police!
Stop running!
Don't move! Put your hands up!
- They told me to burn it!
- Two guys, one of them real big?
- No, no, a lady.
Fine as hell too.
She told me to take it with and then torch it,
So that's what i did.
I mean, she gave me 50 bucks.
- Is this her?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's her.
Hey, am i under arrest?
- No, we encourage car fires.
It's a new program.
- Ah!
- The girl helped them torch the car.
- Uh-huh.
- Need a hand tracking her down?
- No, we're good. I'll see you at the district.
This ain't about the money.
They said they were gonna slice my grandchild out of her.
I believed them.
- You're kidding me.
- I guess she stole the uniform from the laundry--
A girl, teenager. You believe it?
Full uniform, everything but a gun.
- What's that, sarge?
- Some kid got spotted
Impersonating a police in the 31st.
- Well, do we have a description?
- Well, what do you care? It's not our district.
- We don't care.
- So now i'm wasting your time? - No, no, no.
It's still-- it's a great story.
We'll keep our eyes peeled.
- You spending a lot of time in the 31st?
- Just a figure of speech.
- You two already finishing each other's--
- Thoughts? - Sentences?
- You still got a ways to go on that.
[rock music playing in background]
♪ ♪
- Josie valescu.
- Go get some air.
- Where's ian marks?
- I don't know anybody by that name.
- You know who i am? - I know.
- Then you know i don't play games.
You're gonna tell me where he is.
- Josie--hey!
- Come here.
Come on, tough guy.
- Ugh!
- Where is he, josie?
Where's ian?
- Where'd they go, carl? Just tell them.
- So you do know them, carl.
- Yeah, we got mutual friends, okay?
But all i did was sell them the score.
- You think i won't kill you both myself?
Where are they? - I don't know, man!
They split!
- Who's the big guy? - I don't know!
[bone cracks]
- I'll keep going.
- All right, all right, all right.
Lukasz gregorie.
And he moves around a lot.
I sold the job to marks. He brought gregorie in on it.
And he's nuts, all right?
He killed an old couple in philly for nothing,
For, like, 2 grand.
And we don't know where they went, okay?
So please...
[bone cracks]
- [screaming]
- You find the friend?
- Well, we got both of these jagoffs' names now.
- Great. Let's run the big guy's name.
- She's at the hospital-- olive?
[door closes]
- Mm.
- You need me to deal with justin at all--
Delay him or anything,
Walk him through what's going on?
You don't want my advice,
So i'm just gonna tell you what i think you would tell me.
Don't blow this. Lean on your team.
- You can find them now? - Don't worry about that.
Just--just rest up.
Keep that baby healthy.
- I didn't mean for any of this to happen.
- I know.
- A baby's supposed to be a good thing.
- It's gonna be okay.
[cell phone vibrating]
One second.
Justin, everything all right?
Just travel safe.
We'll see you tomorrow.
- No priors on lukasz gregorie.
We can't even prove this guy had a sandwich in philly,
Let alone done a double murder.
- We got nothing from the van.
It was torched to the rims-- no prints, nada.
- Look, this maniac is on someone's list.
I mean, somewhere he jumped a turnstile,
Ran a red light. Someone bailed him out.
I mean, i want every phone, every camera we have
On everyone he knows.
I want leads.
One hour.
- Guess i'm gonna recheck the pods on voight's block.
- All right. I find prayer also helps.
- Sergeant voight wanted me to pick up justin from the airport.
What do i tell him? - Nothing, absolutely nothing.
- Okay.
- Guy here to see voight.
- Now's really not a good time.
- Says his name is ian marks.
- Hank?
- I got information you want.
Figure the safest place for me is lockup.
Don't want to end up like some of the other guys
You dealt with, you know?
- Cuff him.
- That's why i'm here!
I knew we could work something out.
Hey, you don't got to check it. It's all there--
I mean, my half at least.
- I got him.
- Ah!
Wait. Hey, wait.
Wait. Where are we going? Arrest me, man.
Hey, anybody see this?
Hey, you got witnesses, man.
Hey, you guys are all witnesses, you sons of bitches!
If this is about your money, i'll get you the money, i swear.
What do you want from me? - Get out.
- Gregorie's got your little pouch.
I don't even know what's in there.
So, if that's what this is about,
You got the wrong guy!
You got the wrong guy, i swear!
- Walk.
- Stop.
- You don't have to do this. We can still cut a deal.
What do you want from me?
If you kill me, you'll never find him.
- Bring me lukasz gregorie,
And i let you live.
That's your deal.
- What the hell kind of deal is that?
[gasps] okay.
If--if i bring him in--
The guy's got bodies on him.
I want it in writing-- i get witness protection
Before i get anywhere close to him.
- Nod yes if you're still interested
In my first and final offer.
- Uh, yes, yes.
- Gregorie goes down, and you live.
I'd say that's a pretty good deal, yes?
- Yes.
- One more question...
Olive morgan...
Is she involved?
Hmm? - No.
[gun cocks]
- Final answer, ian.
You sure?
- Yes, i'm sure.
- Look at me.
Now you're under arrest.
- Ah!
- We're just trying to locate her.
The school said monica lives with her mom.
We went by.
Neighbors told us she's been staying with you.
- Her mother's house is unfit for a child--
People coming and going, drugs and whatnot.
Her father's in prison,
And he don't know the words "good behavior."
Monica's the best thing this family ever did.
She's got straight "a"s.
- She's also been absent from school the past two days.
We checked.
- But she left this morning.
- If she's not at school, where is she likely to be?
Because she's not at school.
- You think i'm lying?
- We're just looking for your granddaughter.
She could be in real trouble.
- I don't know where they go.
But she always walks her little sister home
From the playground after school.
She--she looks out for that girl.
- Thank you.
- I don't know where he's at now.
Deal was, after the house, we split up,
And we both took half the cash.
- Your contact arranged for a way out.
- Josie? No.
Uh, gregorie's people.
We meet up at 3:00 at northerly island.
Some guy i never met is gonna take us up to ontario.
- You better not be playing us, because if you are...
- Yeah, yeah, you work for a psycho.
Guess what? We all do.
- So how much you think voight had in that safe--
About half a mil?
- Dude, didn't you hear antonio?
- Come on, man, you ain't thought about it?
- I'd say half a mil, easy.
[zipper closes]
Here, put this on.
There's a microphone behind the belt buckle.
- What if gregorie checks the bag?
- That's what the flash roll is for.
Aren't you supposed to be,
Like, a professional crook or something?
You got any rap at all?
- It's an open concourse.
We'll maintain visual and audio contact throughout.
And if things go pear-shaped, we'll drop your partner.
Promise you that.
- You guys are scarier than the criminals.
- Keep that in mind.
[ferry horn blows]
- Look sharp.
- Any problems on your end?
- We're good. Boat's waiting.
- It's all there?
- It's getting cold out.
- Gun!
[gunshot, people screaming]
- Out of the way!
- Chicago police!
- Gregorie!
- Aah!
- Clear out! Clear out!
Everybody step back!
Out of the way.
- Don't move.
I will waste this bitch.
- No one else has to die here.
- That's up to you.
Lose the guns.
Lose the guns right now!
- Move, and i will shoot.
Nice and easy, drop the gun. Release the girl.
- It's over. Let her go.
- Do it! - It's over.
- Do it!
Drop it! Drop it!
- Ugh!
- Put your hands above your head.
- [growls]
- Where is it?
- Come here.
- Get him up.
Get him up! - Get up.
- I got him.
- [grunting]
Come on!
- [spits]
[breathing heavily]
- Lukasz gregorie,
These two officers will now transfer you
To central detention for processing.
- Hold on.
- [breathing heavily]
One day you're gonna realize how lucky you got.
- Let's go.
- Hank, you didn't have to come back here tonight.
It is just really good to see you.
That's all.
- Principal got five complaints of monica's little sister
Getting beat up at recess by some punk.
- That punk?
- I ain't gonna say it again. Hey!
- Oh, i'm gonna kill her. I am. Take my gun.
- Wait, wait. Give her a minute.
- You leave crystal adams alone.
- Excuse me, officer.
- Next time you see me, i'm putting the cuffs on.
I rule these streets. Don't you forget.
Now get out of here!
- You know we could arrest your ass right now?
- I know.
But before my mom passed,
I promised i'd look after my little sister,
And i do what i got to do to keep her safe,
Like i said i would.
- Next time you need help, you call the police.
Don't rob them.
- You don't think i haven't called the cops?
- Not this one.
- Sorry.
- Hey...
I ever see you in that uniform again,
You're gonna be a very different flavor of sorry.
- What flavor would that be? - I don't know.
- Huh.
- [whistling]
- Hey, ruzek.
- Al.
- Listen, uh, since you were curious,
The reason i was short with you earlier
Is because i just found out that my wife of 20 years
Has been stepping out on me with a family friend.
So...You wanted to be in a big-boy conversation.
Now you're in one.
- Yeah.
Jeez. You know...
I mean, al, you do live in the garage, you know.
I mean, i know you live there
To be close to your daughter and everything.
I just thought that--
- Listen, man, i live in the garage
Because i couldn't give up on my family.
- What do you expect her to do?
- You gonna start in on me now? - No, i'm on your side, al.
But, you know, what,
Is she gonna be frozen in time for a decade?
You're angry. Be angry. I'd be angry.
I don't know.
You want her back,
You should fight for her.
Come on, let's go. I'll get you a beer, all right?
I'm buying. - Yeah.
- You a big player?
Poker, i mean.
- [sighs]
I play for swedish fish with my son.
Probably not like your-- - husband?
My husband, asher.
He's really something, isn't he?
- You'd know better than me.
- What are you?
- I'm loyal.
- [breathes deeply]
To whom?
- Mrs. Roslyn, your hand is on my leg.
- Call me layla.
- Layla...
Your hand is on my leg.
- [laughs]
Do you know what you and my husband have in common?
- He bothering you?
- No.
Are you gonna try?
Oh, i can smell it on you.
- What'd i say when you took this job?
I said to keep an eye on my wife.
- Okay, you've clearly had a bad night at the tab--
- No.
I say take her to bed, make me look like a fool?
Was i unclear in any way?
Go get my coat, then bring the car around.
- Erin lindsay.
- Steve kot.
Am i in trouble here?
- No trouble. I want to take you to dinner.
- It's late, i'm beat, and i don't date lawyers.
I don't even really like lawyers.
- It's not a date. It's a job offer.
I'm here on behalf of the state's attorney.
How does running your own task force for the feds sound?
- Uh... [scoffs]
Listen, thanks for the offer, but...
- Think about it.
If you get hungry and you want to talk about it, even better.
- Heh. - Olive's asleep.
She was...
Pretty tired.
- What'd the doctor say?
- He said the baby's doing real good.
It's a boy.
- A boy.
- Yeah, how about that?
- Oh, well...
[both laugh]
- Yeah.
- You look good.
- I feel good.
I met with a recruiter. I'm thinking about signal corps.
- Signal corps, that's...
I mean, you need college for that.
- Yeah, i'm thinking about college too.
- Got a lot on your mind.
- Yeah, all of a sudden, yeah.
Dad, i didn't know.
Olive just told me what you went through.
I-- - ah...
- I just-- did you get the guys?
- Yeah, one's-- one's dead.
The other's...
Never gonna see the outside of a cell.
- I want you to know...
That this is my family,
And i'm gonna keep them safe.
All right, i'm gonna turn in.
Thank you.
- Justin...
Look, there's--
As long as olive's moving to the base...
You know, maybe you should--
You should think about making an honest woman of her.
It's your mother's ring.