Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw - full transcript

Two teenage girls have gone missing and the team know the clock is ticking to find them. Halstead, Antonio and Lindsay investigate a tenement which gives them a much needed lead. Voight ...

Congratulations. You're
on gun buy-back duty

at the grocery store over on Ashland.

What does that entail?

People turn in guns.

You give them a grocery gift card.

No questions asked.

And bring your galoshes,

you're gonna get soaked
in that parking lot.

- Okay, but do we give them...
- Hey! You two, over here.

Go. Go, scoot. It requires
no more explanation.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Got word from headquarters.

You're both up for mandatory
firearms requalification.

Get to the shooting range by Friday.

Now, remind me,

'cause I'm drawing a blank here.

Who was it that had the
most shots in the black

the last time we requalified?

I believe the operative
words here are "last time."

I got my money on you, girl.


What's going on in there?

Commander Fischer came
in with Alderman Becks

and his wife, then shut the door.

Now you have all the information I have.

No one is doing anything!

My understanding is your
daughter and her friend

have been missing less than 24 hours.

Allison always calls.
Always. This isn't like her.

I've tried texting,
leaving voicemails. She...

I'm asking you, as a favor, help us.


I'll look into it.

You know this is most likely a wank.

The girl's sleeping off a
hangover at her friend's house.

Becks is a friend of Deputy
Superintendant Zarley.

So that makes this wank your priority.

I'll get into it.

Allison Becks, 16 years old.

Last seen with her
friend Hayden Tannenbaum.

They were supposed to go
back to the Becks' house

after a study group. Neither showed.

School records do show
that both of these girls

are in all AP classes and got straight As.

Study group's plausible.
Maybe they are jammed up.

Allison's dad woke up to an
email this morning from Uber

saying she booked a car
in his account last night.

- What the hell's an "Uber"?
- It's like a taxi,

but you get a black car.

So why didn't you say "black car"?

It's not just black cars,
it's regular cars too.

It's an app. You order it on your phone.

It's got all your credit card information.

Never mind. I'm gonna call the company,

see if I can get in touch with the driver.

Good, and you call State's Attorney Kot.

I want a warrant for both
girls' cell phones and computers.

- You got it, boss.
- Hey, they got GPS

- on these black cars?
- Yeah. All of 'em.

- All right, I want...
- Yep, I got it.

- Yeah, all that stuff.
- Thank you.

- Hey, Sarge.
- Huh.

We got a problem with the Uber driver.

Plates match. This is
the car the girls were in.

Found blood in the backseat.
Forensics is on its way.

Who called it in?

Get me his name, all his info.

What's up?

I'm at a light.

Next thing I know, my door's jerked open.

I'm ripped from my seat,

my face pushed down into the brush.

Took my phone, my wallet.

Didn't say a word, just started beating me.

You get a look at anyone?

They wore masks.

I'm sorry. Everything's a blur.

There were two of 'em.

What about the girls in the backseat?

- I didn't...
- What about before the attack?

You notice anyone suspicious
hanging around the library

- where you made your pickup?
- Library?

I didn't pick them up at any library.

Excuse me, one second. Uh, can I help you?

Just be a minute.

Hey. Your wife said you were here.

Your daughter's missing,
you still come to the office?

I had to do something.

But I've been staring at
the same piece of paper

for two hours now.

If you're into something
that you wouldn't be proud of,

- you need to tell me now.
- I'm not.

Maybe someone got tired of buying you off,

or the contract you turned
down came back to bite you,

or any number of ways you can
get your feet wet in this city.

I'm not dirty, Voight.

I've never been dirty.

What about the trip you
took to the Florida Keys

with the head of the plumbing union?

Just save the speeches.

Get me a list of everyone
who might wanna hurt you.


Did Hayden call last night?

- Email?
- No.

No, not after she left the house.

Can either of you think
of anyone who might want

- to hurt your daughter?
- No. No, not at all.

We don't understand how
this can be happening.


Hey, Gordon, why don't we
head outside and get some air?

This is my fault.

I told her she could go.

It was just a sleepover.

This isn't your fault.


I'm supposed to be some,
I don't know, tough guy.

I'm in construction.
I... I play up an image.

You know, all the guys do.

But with my daughter...

I'm just a father, you know?

Now, does Hayden have a boyfriend?

Maybe she didn't want her dad to know.


She's always been a pretty girl.

Teenage girls, there's a
new crush every three weeks.

I just stopped bothering
to learn their names.

We've got good people on it, okay?

If you guys think of anything else,

even if it's something small, call us.

- Okay.
- Of course.

Thank you. Thank you all so much.

I just saw a tumbleweed.

It'll pick up.

- Damn it.
- What?

This guy cancelled on me tonight.

- For what?
- I run a private security

- business on the side.
- Really?

Well, okay, I've got some free time

if you're ever looking for somebody.

You play your cards right...

Oh, that's just... you're just...


Oh... You know that's a BB gun, right?

It's a gun, ain't it?

- It is a gun.
- Okay.

You know, I was trying to remember.

Was working a lakefront
beat during the polar vortex

or was it this that is the
worst detail in the district?

It's this.

Hey, Ruzek, where we at
with the driver's phone?

I called the service provider.

Gave 'em the exigent circumstances speech,

yadda yadda, still waiting to hear back.

Well, we found out the
girls lied about the library.

Got on the Uber GPS to see
where the pickup did occur.

Central Chicago university dormitory,

where a kid named Jordan
Biggs happens to live

who has been blowing up Allison's phone

with over a thousand
text messages this month.

All of Allison's responses are variations

- of "leave me alone."
- So why was she at his dorm?

Check it out.

Hey, Jordan. Can we come in?

Uh... I don't... I don't know, I don't...

Maybe you couldn't think straight

with the music being so loud. Have a seat.

- What's this about?
- Judging by your texts,

you're pretty upset over a
breakup with Allison Becks.

My texts? How did you get my...

What'd you do when Allison and
Hayden came over last night?

We hung out. Whoa! Whoa!

Is this because her dad's,
like, a politician or something?

He send you guys here to scare me?

This is us wanting answers.

Well, don't you need, like, a
warrant or something to get those...

No, we don't.

Allison and me, we just hang out sometimes.

You sure about that?
Because your texts sound

more like you wanna hang
out, and she wants you

to stop texting her phone.

One of the texts actually said,
"stop texting my phone, Jordan."

We got in a tiny fight. So what?

Is this coming from
Allison or from her dad?

Did you do something to those girls?

Absolutely. What do you mean?

I mean they're missing, Jordan.

Ever since last night.

Where'd the girls go after they left here?

They, um... they took an Uber home.

What's going on?

- They're missing?
- Yeah.


On our way.

Ruzek got a ping on the driver's phone.

Oh, my God. Hey!

- What's... what's going on?
- Stay put.

All right, signal's weak, but
it's around here somewhere.

All right. Spread out.

We go through doors if we have to.

Stay down!


Cover me!

I'm the police, it's okay!

But you gotta move!

Breach! Go, go, go!

All right, you're clear!

Halstead! Around the back!

Get back. Close the door.







Halstead, other side of the fence!

Police! Don't move!

Requesting air one. I
don't wanna lose that car.

One dead offender. Rest
of the building is clear.

I saw the other girl. He
was putting her in the trunk.

- We gotta go.
- All right.

- Let's get out of here.
- Hey, you okay? You good?

Yeah, yeah, we'll catch up.

It's all right.

Hey, what have we got?

She came flying out of that window.

I think she's got a couple of cracked ribs

- and maybe her ankle.
- We'll take it from here.

- You're in good hands, Hayden.
- All right.

You're all right.

We're gonna tilt her up

and just get her right on this board, okay?

- Okay.
- All right.

There we go.

- Ready?
- And up.

Coulda been a cop, Mills.

Yeah, yeah. The ball rolls
funny for everybody, huh?

Thank you. All right, they
must have had a dump car

or something, 'cause the
eye in the sky got nothing.

Well, if he's running,

- he's gonna be running scared.
- Psst. Hey, hey!


I know what you're gonna say
and just know that I'm fine,

- everything's fine.
- Where's your mother?

She's home. I took the train.

By yourself?! Does your mom know?

I... I called, and I just left a message.

You're grounded. You're as
grounded as you've ever been.

Dad, don't you wanna know why I came here?

No! I don't want to hear
anything out of your mouth

right now except, "I'm sorry, dad.

This won't happen again, dad."
That's all I want to hear.

Antonio. Hayden Tannenbaum's
ready to give a statement.

I'm coming.

Nadia. Come over here?

This is my very-much-in-trouble
daughter, Eva.

Can you take her into that office,

watch her until I get my wife
on the phone to come pick her up?

- Yeah, of course.
- Dad...

Not another word, Eva. I mean it.

Hey. Let's go sit.

We were tied to the radiator

with those plastic things
you find on packages.

They were getting ready to move us,

but they must've seen you guys outside,

'cause they started
arguing amongst themselves,

saying, "someone's out there,

we gotta do this now, right now."

So, um... one came over with a knife

and cut us loose,

and as soon as I felt myself free,

I didn't even think... it was
like my legs just took over,

and I saw the window and
I just crashed through it.


Did you get a look at these guys?

They wore masks. They never took 'em off.

I thought I was dead.

And they still have Allison?

I shouldn't have left.

I should've stayed...

No, Hayden.

You did exactly what you should have done.

You got away. That was exactly right.

We'll find Allison.

It's okay.

- She gonna be all right?
- Yeah.

And you saw Allison? She
was alive? She was okay?

She's alive.

Which is a good sign.
That means whoever has her

is trying to make a deal.

Has anyone contacted you?

No. But I've been racking
my brain trying to come up

with anyone I've dealt with that might be

in the... consideration
for something like this.

I didn't know what to do.

So I wrote down everyone.

Here you go.

See? Not so bad.

Oh, no. Totally. I mean,
we're really doing our part

to fight crime and clean up the streets.

Hey, ma'am.

What do you got for us?

Whoa! Street sweeper.

Some punk threw it in my garden.

Least I don't have to pay
for groceries this week.

You see how much they
charge for a ham these days?

- Do they have good sales here?
- Occasionally.

But I go to the jewels
over by my house on 112th.

They have better prices.

Okay. Well, thank you, Miss...

- Birdie.
- Thank you, Miss Birdie.

Look at this thing.

- Wait. There's no way.
- What?

She said she lived on 112th Street?

She said she shopped around there, yeah.

- No way.
- What?

Hey! Hey!

- 24s-X7F9.
- What?

Her license plate!
Write it down! 24S-X7F9.

- 7F9. I got it, I got it!
- 24...

- I got it.
- I know this gun.

Look at this.

We got a gun we think was
used in a triple homicide

I responded to a month ago. Never solved.

How does a gun buyback assignment

turn into a homicide investigation?

Sarge, we think this is the missing piece.

Only witness said he saw a
guy with a white-tipped gun.

Do you know what "no
questions asked" means?

The gun buy-back program is effective

because we maintain trust
within the community.

If we lose that trust, guns
don't come off the streets.

But sarge, this is a homicide.

Drop this off at homicide
and get back to patrol.

I.D. came back on our dead shooter.

Guy by the name of Jason Woodley.

Career criminal.

Two months out of prison after
a stint for armed robbery.

All right. Jason Woodley.

I want everything we got on this guy.

Family members, known associates.

Hank, you got someone
downstairs says she knows you.

You got this?

- Right there.
- Yeah.

- Are you Hank?
- Who's asking?

I'm Olive. Olive Morgan.

I remember Justin said you worked here.

Since I didn't have your address...

- You know Justin?
- Uh, yeah.

We dated for a while, on and off.

Then he disappeared.
I didn't hear from him.

Someone said he might've
joined the marines or something.

I don't know how to get a hold of him.

I'm not asking for anything.

I just thought he should know that I'm...

Well... pregnant.

- It's his?
- Yeah.

I took a few tests at
home, then went to a clinic.

We should get to the hospital,

see if Hayden knows any
more about Jason Woodley.

I'll get the car.

- Listen...
- Olive.

Olive, uh...

I'll have Justin get in touch with you.

All right? Just leave your
number with the desk sergeant.

Okay. Thanks.

Hey, look. I'm sorry, okay?

We're just really crazed today.

Here's my card.

Just call me later and we'll talk it over.

Thank you. I don't mean
to cause any trouble.

No trouble.

Parents finally stop
squeezing you to death?

They went to get food and let the dog out.

Take a look at this.

This is one of the men who kidnapped you.

Does he look familiar to you at all?

You ever seen him before last night?

Hayden, if you know
something, you need to tell me.

- You forget a little detail?
- I gave you everything.

- Not you. You.
- What?

Jason Woodley.

Your daughter said she
saw you talking to him

and another guy a few weeks ago.

- Look, I...
- She saw you talking to him.

The guy my detective shot while
your daughter was escaping!

- You knew him?
- I...

- You knew him?!
- Hey!

Tell him what you know!

- Not this way!
- Get off of me!

He got our daughters kidnapped! Walk!

- He knows where my daughter is!
- That way.

He knows!

So what?

A guy from my past was involved?

That doesn't mean nothing.

That smug face you're wearing...

it's gonna come off.

Who was the guy with Woodley?

I swear, I had no idea who was doing this,

who was involved.

There's a fat guy in a suit downstairs.

Looks like he lawyered up.

Sit tight, Gordon.

This is just getting started.

- Sorry, Chief.
- Huh?

Patrol notified Woodley's mom.
She's the only known relative.

They're sitting on the
house till we get there.

All right, so get there.


I talked to your mother. She's on her way.

She'll be here in half an hour.

Oh. Okay.

I'm sorry I snapped at you.

It's just you scared the
hell out of me, honestly.

But... I wanted to see you.

Look, um...

Your ma and I, we're
still figuring things out.

She said you might've heard some things.

- I don't know what to do.
- Hey, hey, hey.

You need to know something, Eva.

I love you.

I love you and your brother
more than life itself.

I love you too, dad.

I'm not giving up on your mother and me.

Nothing has been decided.

We're just...

we're just in different orbits right now.

She needs some time,
and I gotta respect that.


But you...

you, Diego and me

are a knot that'll never come undone.

No matter what.


Come on.

Okay. That's my girl.

How'd you come to my door?

Not too many people living around here

- first name of Birdie.
- I'm not gonna

- tell you nothing...
- No, of course. I know.

It's not what you think. It
turns out we made a mistake.

It's so embarrassing.

Because you did us this great service

of bringing in such a dangerous
weapon, you actually...

Yeah, you actually get $300.

Do you think we could maybe come in

and exchange it for the other one?

I set it down somewhere around here.

We don't get a lot of women
bringing TEC-9s around.

First time I ever held a gun in my life.

I wanted nothing to do with it.
Left it on my stoop for a month.

Then I saw your sign, and I figured

I'd fetch it... Ah! And hand it over.

You know what's weird about that puppy?

There was a piece of
plastic around the barrel,

almost like there was something attached.

Well, there was a plastic
bottle full of rags

falling off it... I set those
in the dumpster this morning.

Okay. Let's go rock, paper, scissor.

No, or when we were kids, we'd
go chicken, dynamite, chainsaw.

Do you know that one? It's like
dynamite blows up the chicken...

Okay. You go. Sure.

You know what they told me
when I asked to see my boy?

Said he was evidence.

Like he was a thing.

Hard as it might be to hear, ma'am,

your boy took his own
life when he shot at us.

Which one of you killed him?

Neither, ma'am.

Well, you tell the officer that did...


I have nothing but peace now.

'Cause that boy...

could never turn the corner.

Though I tried and I tried and I tried.

I understand, ma'am. I understand.

You can only do what you can. Right?

Can you tell us who he ran around with?

Because what he did... he wasn't alone.

Had to be Reid. Had to be.

- Had to be.
- Reid what, ma'am?


Thank you. Thank you very much.

You should've shot him, too!

Thank you. Reid Dryer.

Construction foreman,
just got out of prison.

Did ten years for armed robbery.

Guy he robbed was embezzling
money from Gordon's company.

So Gordon hires Reid to take back the money

guy's been robbing from
him. Does it, goes to prison.

My client has nothing to say.

You hired Reid Dryer ten
years ago to rip off a man.

The whole thing went south,
so you didn't pay him.

Now, he's out with a score to settle.

- Sound about right to you?
- Don't say a word.

Unless there's anything else?

Sergeant Voight, always a pleasure.

What did you do?

You don't want to talk to us? Talk to them.

- Is it true?
- We're done here.

There's nothing left to discuss.

Let's take a walk, Lloyd.

I didn't mean for any of this to happen.

You have to help find Allison.


She's my best friend!

She's my age.

Those men are...

they're animals.

I looked up to you every day of my life.

You're my dad.

You're supposed to be...

you're gonna tell them everything you know.

I gave 'em Beck's cell phone.

They didn't even know whose girl they had.

That cell phone is in this building.

Halstead, what do you see?

Nothing yet.

Same here. Empty so far.

Ruzek, how many rooms we looking at?

Blueprints are coming in now.

You got 'em?


What do you think, 15, 16?

We've got something like 15 or 16 rooms.

Hold up, I got something.

Second floor, two people.

Big room, the north side of the building.

Looks like it could be our kidnapper.

That's the science lab.

Guys, at the end of the hall, turn left.

Approaching the science lab now.

- Where is she?
- Open the case.

Show me the money. Open the case.

Not till I can see her.

I'll tell you where she's at

once you open the case!

Gun! Chicago Police!
Get down on the ground!

- Let me see your hands!
- I said no cops!

Shot fired inside.

You got eyes on Allison yet?

I'm not seeing anything.

Drop it! Where is she?

Shoot me, you'll never find her!

You need me!

Where is she?

After I walk out of here!

He's got to have her stashed somewhere.

Someplace where she can't get loose,

where we won't hear her scream.

A lot of those schools
got soundproof music rooms.

Where, where? All right, music room.

- Northwest side.
- You got it.

Nice, nice, nice.

- Where is the girl?
- You need me.

Otherwise, you don't have a damn chance.


You all right?

You okay?

Halstead, we have Allison Becks.

You got a shot, take it.

- Got him?
- Yeah.

Dad! Dad!

- Oh, my baby.
- What happened?

Oh, my baby. Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. It's okay.

Voight, through and through on Becks.

It's okay. It's okay. You're safe.

He called my cell.

He said he'd give me Allison
if I brought the money.

He said not to go to the police.

I had to try.

The science fair is next week.

Homemade silencer attached to
the gun we brought in earlier.

You went back and asked questions?

We, in fact, did not
make a single statement

ending in a question mark. Now, the shooter

was smart enough to wipe the gun clean.

But he forgot the inside of the bottle

when he shoved the rags in the silencer.

Prints match an Alex Weaver.

Guy's already done time for gun possession,

- now we got him on first degree.
- Yeah.

Homicide had him dead to rights,

but they couldn't make the case stick

without the evidence.

We scoured that neighborhood,
Sergeant... I mean scoured.

I can't even tell you how many man hours.

Sean already called Detective Schember

in area north Violent Crimes.

Thinks they'll get a
confession now, at worst.

- Won't need it anyway.
- They'll get a conviction.

- Guaranteed.
- Guaranteed.

I don't know how they did
things over at the 31st.

But here at 21,

rules do not exist so that you can find

new and creative ways to break them.

- Sergeant...
- Both of you, change out.

Go home. You're done for the day.

- It was my idea...
- I know whose idea it was.

Now both of you can leave.


Sorry, Detective.

It's just...

Forget it.

How long you known Sergeant Platt?

Long time.

Well, she's a real pain in the ass.

That is true.

Hey, listen. I heard
you're getting divorced.


I know those get expensive.

It's like old ladies at fences around here.

No, it's just, I been meaning to ask.

I got a company on the
side. Security business.

Pays up to 500 a night.

I'm always looking for off-duty
cops wanting to make good cash.

You gotta wear a suit, but it's easy money.


It's not a good time.

Say no more.

This guy cancelled on
me tonight, that's all.

Hey, if you free up, call my cell.

Otherwise, no worries.

- 500 you said?
- Yeah.

- Question for you.
- Yep.

Do you think maybe they'll just let me

turn in Dryer's knee for requalification?

You know, just put the X-ray in my file.

- Bam. Done. Requalified.
- Yeah, yeah. How much?

On this?

- How much you got?
- C-note.

You're on.

- Good?
- Oh, my God. So good.

Not too rare?

Thanks. Just... I'm
usually a microwave girl.

You gotta start eating better now.

- I checked with Justin.
- Yeah?

Yeah, he's got leave soon.

Says he's bee-lining it for here.

A week or two.

That's great.

I can't wait to see him. I hope he knows.

Oh, he knows.

You got work?

I'm staying with my aunt in Pilsen,

which means no rent, so that's good.

I mean, she's not all
there, which is dicey,

but she's always been
good to me, and it's free,

so I'll take it.

And I'm getting certified
in physical therapy.

I can make, 300, 500

a week once I'm finished.

For now, I'm just working at
the counter at a makeup store.

Wait here a sec.

Antonio Dawson. I'm here to...

Asher. Come in.

Heard nothing but good things about you.

Yeah? Then you haven't heard everything.

You work personal security before?

Not like this.

Yeah, well, I got three
things I'm gonna need from you.

One, watch my back.

Two, don't ask too many questions.

Hair and makeup in 45 minutes.

It's a new record for me.

This is my wife, Layla.

I was just about to make
myself a Moscow mule.


She's number three.

Keep your eye on her.