Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - The Weigh Station - full transcript

The bounty on Halstead's head becomes a serious reality as an innocent bartender takes a bullet meant for him. Olinsky tries to reason with Bembenek to call off the hit, to no avail. Voight and the team keep this investigation in-house to find the hired assassin. Meanwhile, after a tense interaction at district Platt and Nadia come to an understanding.

- I played a game with i.A. To get my job back.
- I've told you everything,
Good, bad, ugly.
You should have told me.
- I've been clean for seven months.
- Mom, i've been down this road with you
So many times. - But this is different, baby.
- Really?
- Oskar bembenek just put $100,000 bounty on your head
For killing his brother jacob.
- Any other apartments broken into?
- Just yours.
- Jay!
[patrons screaming]
- Ah! - Maddie!
- You're okay. I need you to stay calm.
Just stay calm, okay? I need you to call 911 now.
- Okay.
[phone beeps] - lincoln 5021 emergency.
I need backup at 4292 south emerald street.
- Maddie, everything's going to be okay.
- Jay? - Hey, come here.
- Was anybody hit?
- Erin, i need more towels. I need more towels.
- Give me towels, now. - Yeah, here.
- [gasping] [sirens approaching]
- Help's on the way.
[siren blaring]
- Shot to the neck.
My partner's got her behind the bar.
- [gasping] - all right.
We got it from here. I need the stretcher,
The back board, and kerlix for the bleeding.
- We'll get him.
- So you knew the victim?
- Maddie callahan. She worked there.
- No i.D. On the shooter?
- No, patrol's going door to door in the neighborhood
Looking for witnesses.
- That was the hospital.
Your friend's in icu, but she's alive.
- Thanks. - Hey, it's not your fault.
Someone needs to talk to bembenek.
- Oh, olinsky's already on that.
- A black arcadia was found abandoned in englewood.
It matches the description of the getaway vehicle,
But there's no prints. They torched it.
- White male just checked into a south side clinic
About a half hour ago, two bullet wounds.
- All right, lindsay, antonio, get on it.
No, no, no, jay.
You're in protective custody until this dies down.
- They shot my friend.
They nearly killed me and erin.
- You got a target on your back.
You're not going anywhere till that target's removed.
- So i'm under house arrest?
- You wanted to see us, sergeant?
- Halstead doesn't leave your sight until i say so.
And he stays here at the 21st.
- You got it. - They don't have to stay
Up here to keep an eye on me.
You--you got to be kidding me!
- Keep an eye on him.
- Sorry, guys. - Hey--
- Oh, the investigation can begin, everyone.
Nadia's here. What, did you take a bus?
- Two, actually.
- What are you doing here, nadia,
Answering phones for 12 bucks an hour?
- Hey, it's a start.
- No, pumpkin, it's an end.
You're going to be up there until your boobs
Are bouncing off your knees,
And all you're going to have to show for it
Is free dental, maybe a couple of flings
With some married cops.
- I'm going to be a cop one day,
And a damn good one.
- Not going to happen.
Not with your resume.
- Happy birthday, sergeant.
- Hey. - Lindsay, you got a visitor.
- You got to be kidding me.
- Who's that?
- I'll meet you in the car.
- Make it quick. - Yeah.
I am in the middle of something.
- I emailed you like you told me to,
But you didn't answer me, so-- - summarize your email.
- I'm getting married today.
At 5:00.
- Why do you want me there?
Really. I met the guy,
I played along, me and you, we're best friends.
And if johnny didn't buy it, i'm sorry.
That's the best i can do.
- Could you just put your machete down for one minute?
I'm getting married.
You're my only child.
I'm trying to turn my life around.
- I gotta go.
[door buzzes]
- So they got you in protective custody, i hear.
You got a lot of enemies in gen pop, don't you?
- [scoffs] nah.
Just friends. I got friends everywhere.
- Me too.
The warden used to be a cop.
I know you're afraid to die, oskar.
I could always see it in your eyes.
So i'm here to give you one chance...
To live.
You call off the hit on halstead,
And you tell me
Who it was tried to take him out at that bar.
- Wait, wait-- we're talking about
The detective halstead that killed my brother?
That halstead? - Listen to me.
I'm giving you one chance.
[tapping] - i'm doing time.
Trying to get my head around that.
Can't be worried about the outside world.
- Hey. Hey, sergeant.
Listen, we know bembenek put this contract
Out from prison, but he's not talking.
So we turned his cell upside down, we got nothing.
We think he put the call out from a prison land line.
Olinsky knows the warden, says you know somebody
In the sheriff's office who handles these things.
So if there's any way i could get those recordings
Without having to go through all the red tape,
That would be... Well, that would be dandy.
- Deputy radigan. I'll give you her number.
- Sweet.
What the hell is that?
- This? - Yeah.
- It's a ham sandwich.
No, it's a shrimp boat. You want the number or not?
- Yes, please.
- Let me ask you something.
- Mm-hmm. - How's nadia doing up there?
- She's killing it. Why?
No reason. - Thank you.
- Where are you going, donald?
- Do i know you?
- What did you get treated for?
- Hey, look, i just-- ah!
I accidentally thumbed the trigger.
- Twice, in the back?
- Detective dawson, i'm going to bet you
A week's salary that the bullets they took
Out of his shoulder are going to match my gun.
- You couldn't give me odds high enough to take that bet.
- You tell us what happened before we get the slugs
From the nurse, you're officially co-operative.
You wait until after, and you just bought yourself
Another ten years.
- I just drove. I swear to god, i just drove.
And i sure as hell didn't know a cop was the target.
- Who was the shooter?
- Nurse. - He's my friend, man.
[knocking] - karl forsman!
- Chicago pd!
- Come on, hit it.
- Stop! Police!
- Uhh!
- Get up.
- Uhh! - There we go.
- Opened up on a couple of cops last night, huh, karl?
- [snorts]
- That hurt my feelings.
Don't you have some paperwork to do, kevin?
- Yeah.
Yeah, i got some typing to do.
- Oof!
[gags, grunts]
[coughs, gasps]
- Did you grow up catholic, karl?
I mean, most poles are catholic, right?
Remember hearing about purgatory?
I mean, if you weren't paying attention,
It's--it's a way station between heaven and hell.
It's like this place.
Heaven, for you, is upstairs.
Cup of coffee, comfortable chair, we talk.
You tell me why you opened up on two cops,
Put a girl in the hospital with a hole in her neck,
Clinging to life.
It's a place we call the silos.
About a 15-minute drive from here.
- [stifled grunt]
[short breaths]
Where do you want to go?
- Okay. Okay.
Got it.
Uh, detective halstead?
Sergeant voight is on his way up with the suspect.
Um, he asked that on his way to the interview room,
You wait in his office for them to pass by.
- Which suspect? - Uh...
Maybe it's better that you don't know, right?
- Is it the shooter?
- Let's head in voight's office, jay.
- First of all, it's detective.
Second of all, let's not me and you
Get off on the wrong foot.
- I'm all for that. But if you can join me
In voight's office, detective, that'd be great.
- That's him, that's-- - hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Sarge, give me five minutes. Gimme five minutes!
- Is that what we're going to do, throw?
Because you're not walking past me
Until i get an "all clear."
You got that?
- Mm.
- I was at the club.
Some, uh, higher-level guys were talking
About the contract on this cop, halstead.
I've been trying to move up, impress the guys.
Hell, a hundred grand for the hit wouldn't hurt either.
- It's just you and this driver?
- Yeah, that's it.
Did he give me up?
- Tends to happen when people are looking at murder charges.
- Yeah. [scoffs]
Well, for whatever it's worth,
I wasn't going to go after anyone else on that list.
- Wait, hold it.
What list? What are you talking about?
- The list. Bembenek has a hit list.
If he was going to go away to prison,
He wanted certain people killed.
- How many people?
- I don't know. But it was more
Than just the cop on there.
[door opens] - antonio's in logan square.
He's saying he needs you down there.
- I'll let you keep him company.
[police radio chatter]
- The assistant state's attorney
In bembenek's murder trial, steve kot?
- Yeah.
- Kot's daughter.
Two shots to the skull.
- Doubling up on squad cars in front of all the homes
Of the people involved in the bembenek trial.
There's judges, lawyers, clerks.
- Bembenek anticipated that.
That's why he's going after their family members.
- Two taps to the head without an eye witness.
That was a professional hit.
- And we have no idea how many people are on this list?
- No.
- Hey, will you call chicago med
And check on maddie from the bar?
- Yeah, of course. [phone buzzes]
- How'd you know it was my birthday?
- I have access to all the personnel files.
Wasn't that hard to figure out.
And i can assure you it won't happen again.
Anything else, sergeant?
- No.
- You have a good day.
- Hey, everyone, this is, uh,
Sheriff charlene radigan.
She helped me secure phone recordings
Bembenek made on a cook county land line.
- Most of the calls are in polish.
Inmates switch to their native tongues all the time
When they try to cover up what they're talking about.
- So we're going to need a translator.
Forsman kid flipped, right?
You think he'd-- you think he'd do it?
- He'll paint my house if i want him to.
It's in here.
- Remember, this saturday, f.O.P. Picnic.
Corn dogs. - Corn dogs.
- [ahem] gotta get a cup of coffee.
- Yeah. I'm gonna get some coffee too.
- Yeah, right.
- So listen, i don't know what that sounded like,
But i'm not going to the f.O.P. Picnic with her.
- Corn dogs?
- She mans the booth i guess.
I told her i like them.
Doesn't everybody like them? You like them?
- Adam, maybe this is getting too complicated.
- Stop. Look, she asked me to go, yes.
I probably should have said, "no, thank you," flat out, but--
- Maybe we need to take a break.
- [speaking polish]
- Uh, i don't know who's on the other end of that call.
I've never heard that voice before.
He just told bembenek "i've got the list.
Just tell me when you want to go shopping."
- We tried to triangulate
The location of where that call went,
But no luck.
Phone was a throwaway.
- [speaking polish] - [speaking polish]
- The guy's upset that bembenek offered the job
To somebody else first.
Somebody named jp.
- Jp? Joe price.
I thought he was out of the game.
- Let's find out.
- Hey. - Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Sorry, man.
Is there something you want to say to me?
- You really don't remember me, do you?
- Should i?
- Patrolman byrne.
That doesn't ring a bell?
- What's with the guessing game?
- You know what? Forget it.
- Hey, hey, hey. Come back here, come here.
Listen, when your testicles drop
And you finally decide to tell me what your problem is,
I'm all ears. But until then,
You do not walk around here giving me the high hat.
Is that clear?
- Absolutely clear.
- Okay.
- Mike, why don't you head into the house for a minute, okay?
- What's up, jp?
- Long time, detectives.
How are you guys doing?
How's tricks? - Kid looks good.
- Yeah, couldn't be prouder.
Get to spend a lot more time with him these days,
So thank the good lord for that, right?
You guys parents?
- Why'd your name come up on a recorded call
Oskar bembenek made from cook county?
- Can't help who calls me.
- We know you were offered the contract.
- Then you also know i turned it down.
I'm retired. Ask ray zancanelli.
He'll tell you.
I just hang out with the kid these days.
That's it. - How big is the hit list?
- Conversation didn't go that far.
[phone ringing] i said "no thanks," click.
- Hello.
- The judge from the bembenek trial,
Joseph murray,
Just found his mother with two in the head.
- You need to come down to the district.
- I can't help you guys.
- You don't know what you can do for us.
- At least let me tell my son.
- Just get in the car. Come on.
- How are you holding up? - Not well.
My mother's got this house on irving park.
I pay the mortgage, and they've frozen my assets.
- Is there someone that can help you out?
- Why do you think i'm talking to you?
- You know who bembenek's talking to?
A name would be helpful.
- Look, we got a 16-year-old girl,
70-year-old woman,
Both executed.
What, are you going to just sit here and...
Let another innocent family member get killed?
- My son is trying to get into tsa.
He's got this pissant obstruction charge
From when he was 18.
Get that charge sealed, i'm here to help.
- That would take time.
Time we don't have.
- All i need is a handshake and your word.
Patrick shostak.
New breed of contract killer.
Back in the day, we...
I don't know.
There was honor in it.
Today, they blow up a city block to take out one mark.
They murder the kids if they can't get to the parents.
- [sighs] yeah.
- I had the stomach for a lot of things.
But not for that.
- Do you know how to get ahold of this shostak guy?
- He has a messaging service.
Whether or not he calls me back...
- Give it a go.
- If he calls me back i say what?
- You have halstead, and you want to make a deal.
And tell him you got a photo of halstead, dead.
We'll rig it.
- What if he doesn't go for it?
- Just improvise.
Isn't that what you had to do
When you're trying to kill someone
And the plan went sideways?
- Allegedly.
- Command staff has put together a task force
To try and reach out to every aunt, uncle, cousin
Of anyone involved in the bembenek trial...
Although there's only so much they can do.
- Hey, that was chicago med.
Maddie's heading into surgery,
So they're going to let me know.
- She'll pull through.
- I never should have been there.
- Don't do that to yourself.
- Hey, ruzek and atwater,
I need a cell phone rigged up right now.
- What's going on? - Sit tight.
- I'm tired of sitting. - Sit tight.
- You're never going to be able to trace a call from him.
He goes from one drop phone to another.
I don't know why you're bothering.
- You know what, how about i do my job,
You do yours? How about that?
[phone rings] - boss.
- Hello.
- Jp?
- What's up, shostak?
I have something you may want.
- I want a lot of things.
- Halstead.
- My understanding is you turned down this contract.
- And i heard they offered you a lot more money than me.
I want half.
- Or what?
- Or i let him go.
And you better think quick.
The dilaudid i pumped into him's going to wear off soon.
- 1/3rd.
- Okay.
I'll take care of it,
I'll bring you a photo for proof.
- No, no, no, no, no.
Just because i'm talking to you
Doesn't mean i trust you.
I want to see him alive.
- Deal.
- Highway between cermak and kedzie.
30 minutes.
- There's too many risks.
- There's always risks.
- Jay, you'd be in the car with a hitman.
- Who's retired, and who we made a deal with.
- Because that changes everything.
- We don't know how many people bembenek wants dead.
[chair clatters]
Isn't this enough?
I will sign whatever i have to sign
Saying i went on my own free will,
That i wasn't ordered.
That'll release the city from all liability.
I don't have any beneficiaries anyway.
I signed that form the day i graduated from the academy,
Right before they pinned a badge on my chest.
- Here.
Ratchets on the cuffs have been shaved down.
So one tug, they'll come off.
- Okay.
- Be smart, right?
- Of course.
- All right, i want four tracking devices on this thing.
- I'm on it.
- All right, burgess and roman,
You stay close, but not too close,
In case we need to call in patrol.
Ruzek, you're with antonio, atwater with olinsky.
You and me.
Let me tell you something, jp.
- You don't need to say it.
As long as you plan on coming through for my kid,
We're straight. - We got ten minutes.
- All right, let's hit it.
[phone ringing]
- Price is getting a call.
- Yeah?
- Take him out of the car.
Show him to me.
- This is crazy.
The guy could take a shot at any time.
- Satisfied?
- Head to the abandoned storefront
On ridgeland and roosevelt.
[phone rings] - [whistles]
Shostak is calling again.
- Yeah? - Check your texts.
- Get me that text, ruzek.
- Yeah, i'm on it. - What is it?
- It's a picture.
- It's price's son.
- Do it! Get your hand off it!
- He's dusting us.
[tires screeching]
[bells ringing]
Damn it!
- Hey! Pull over to the side!
Cpd! Over to the side, right here!
[train bell dinging]
- All right, go, go, go!
[tires screeching]
- Gimme your phone.
Gimme your gun.
Do it!
- I thought you didn't kill cops.
- Yeah. Things change.
Don't you move.
Get out of the car.
Stand here. Stand here.
Put these on.
Do it.
Put 'em on.
[phone rings]
- Lose the phone and the car.
- All right.
Come here.
Come on.
[horns honking]
Hey! Hey. Give me the key.
Give him the key right now!
[tires screeching]
I'm in a gold minivan.
- Westbury field.
[tires screech]
- Help! Help! Police!
- Ma'am, chicago pd. What happened?
- He came up, put a gun in my face,
And he took my car. - What kind of car?
- All i kept thinking was "oh, lord,
Please don't take me home today."
- Ma'am! What kind of car was it?
- Minivan. Gold. - Which way?
Thank you.
[tires screeching]
- Get out of the car.
Get out of the car.
Get up against the car.
- You really think you're going to walk away from this?
- Shut up. He's got my son.
You or him, not even close.
[number pad beeping]
- [grunting]
- [gasping]
- Get up.
Get up! Get against the car.
- Don't let him kill my kid. - Get against the car.
- Don't let him kill my kid, man.
[numbers beeping]
- Voight, i'm and 103rd and central near sag channel.
I got a car approaching 500 yards from the north.
It's a red mustang. I think it's shostak.
- Stand down! Get out of there!
Halstead is at westbury field, 103rd and central.
- You're going to act like everything is normal,
Like you're in complete control. - Yeah. Uh-huh.
- That's how we get your son back.
- All right. - Let's go.
- Come on.
- Where's he going? - What's he doing?
- Where's he going?
[tires screeching]
[tires screeching]
- Show me your hands!
Put them up!
Get out of the car! Get out of the car.
- Get out! - Get out!
Down on the ground! Get down on the ground!
Put your hands behind your head!
- Hey, lindsay, give me your cuffs, give me your cuffs.
- Put your hands on the window! - What's up, shostak?
- No, no, no. Stay still, stay still.
Keep your head down.
Keep your head down. Put your head down.
Call an ambulance!
- Your son's going to be fine.
And i'll make sure his record's sealed.
- Thank you.
- You, you're on your own.
- So i'm going to jail
For doing the right thing.
- Jp.
- Watch your head.
- In about two minutes i got to meet commander perry
So he can brief command staff.
You know, no one out there
Really knows how we operate...
How we put ourselves in harm's way.
If they did, our hands would be tied.
And the worst of the worst that we hunt down
Would go free.
So when i say this stays in house,
This stays in house
So we can keep operating the way we do.
Halstead, what you did today...
What you did for this city...
Well, no one will ever know.
But this family knows.
- Cheers to that.
I'm going to molly's and getting drunk.
Anyone want to join? - Yeah, i'm in.
- I'm in.
- I want you so bad right now.
- My place, one hour.
- Hell, yes. - You have been a bad boy.
- Don't talk to me like that right now.
Come here. [muffled knocking]
- Jeff?
- One hour. - Go.
- [one hour] - [chuckles]
- You wrote in your card you wanted to emulate me.
- You know what, i take it all back, okay?
- Hey.
Tough stuff, it's a peace offering.
So get over yourself, and accept it, okay?
So why'd you write that?
Or were you just kissing ass?
- You love your job.
People respect you.
- You were the only person
That remembered it was my birthday.
Even my new boyfriend forgot. Putz.
- I like birthdays.
I like holidays in general.
- Me too.
You should see my front yard at christmas.
So just keep your head down and do your job.
Make people want to help you.
This is chicago. Records, priors--
They can have a way of being expunged,
You know what i'm saying?
- I do. - Good.
So this is the last time i'm going to mention it.
It's up to you now.
- Well, it looks like you'll be seeing shostak here soon.
Maybe you guys can be cellies.
You know who else is here?
The brother of your late mistress.
Remember him? This big guy, tons of ink.
Went insane when he found out you killed his sister.
He's here on aggravated assault.
He's awaiting trial.
He's over in gen pop.
- I'm not in gen pop. - Well, you are
As of five minutes ago.
- No, you can't do this.
You can't do this.
You can't do that. You can't do that!
- It's done.
- Hon, it's erin.
Hey, sweetie. - Hi, mom.
- Oh my god. Thanks for coming, erin.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Listen, i was thinking um,
Every weekend, your mother and i,
We have these barbecues. - Oh! Yeah.
- It's just friends and the kids,
Anyone who can stop by really, and
I was wondering if maybe you could come by sometime.
- Oh, honey, there's lisa.
She gave us that salad plate.
I really want to thank her for it.
- Yeah, of course. - We'll be just a second.
- Okay, but-- - ye--no.
Go enjoy your big day.
- Thank you, honey.
- Do you remember a couple of months
Before i came to live with you,
I borrowed 200 bucks?
- Vaguely.
- That was so i could buy junk for my mom.
Yeah, she-- [chuckles]
She showed back up,
And she was in withdrawal real bad.
But i couldn't get her a fix until the morning, like--
Like right before school.
So, i got it to her,
And right when she injected it,
She puked all over me.
- Mm - and the city had shut
The water off by then, so i couldn't take a shower.
And i went to school like that.
Ugh, just reeked of booze and vomit.
And the teacher pulled me aside
'cause she thought that i had a drinking problem.
And i copped to it
To protect my mom.
Um, anyway, i just uh,
Wanted to say thanks for taking me in.
You're my family.
- You're about the best thing ever happened to me.
And i mean that.
[door opens]
- I thought, uh, paramedics weren't supposed
To follow up on people they responded to.
- I-i didn't know that rule.
I'm still new, i guess.
- Is there any update?
- Waiting on one.
Maddie's parents and her sister are in there.
- You know, i've--i've seen dead bodies,
And i've seen people shot in front of me.
But uh...
I've never seen somebody...
Take a bullet that was meant for me.
[door opens]
- Alec.
- Okay, uh, here's the latest.
The bullet severed the subclavian vein.
The emergency surgery was to repair the rupture.
Thankfully the bullet missed the jugular
And the spine.
So she's going to be in the icu
For at least another week, but we're very optimistic.
She's going to be okay. - That's so good to hear.
- Thanks.
- [exhales deeply] wow, right?
What a relief. - Yeah, yeah.
- A bunch of folks at 51 are down at molly's
If you wanna join.
We'll raise a beer to maddie.
- Sounds good. Yeah. I'll see you there.