Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Get My Cigarettes - full transcript

Intelligence begins to look into a string of murders where the victims have a dollar bill pinned to their chests. Thanks to some digging by Ruzek, Voight learns his friend was involved in some shady business dealings. Antonio and Halstead follow-up on some leads that help focus in on the culprit and motives for the murders.

- I don't know what you heard, but let set things straight.
In order to get my job back,
I put myself out there as dirty.
I never agreed, nor did i ever report on another cop.
- I know what you're feeling. - You don't.
- Erin. - Hey, mom.
- I'm getting married, erin. - Great.
- Let me see your hands! - Put 'em up!
- Oskar bembenek just put $100,000 bounty on your head
For killing his brother jacob.
- I'm just saying, jake, you got a target on your head
And you don't seem too phased.
- Overseas, my unit and i, we always had a bounty on us.
- Most gangs only pay 10 g for a cop.
If you're really worth 100, i should take you out myself.
Pay off my mortgage. - Try it.
- Coke dealer one time put a million dollar tag
On my and voight.
- What?
- How'd you handle that?
- Well, you dust yourself.
Never go home the same way twice.
Run red lights.
If a car follows you through one, you chamber around
And you handle business.
- All right. - Right?
- This is billy fagan.
Small time hood had ties to a local outfit.
I've run into him a couple of times.
This is billy fagan seven hours ago.
Organized crime found a dollar bill pinned to his chest.
They looked into the serbians, the cartels, coming up empty.
- We taking this from organized crime
Because he was your poker buddy?
- Start reaching out to your c.I.'s.
You got a sec?
You got something to say to me,
Don't air it out in the bullpen.
- Sounds good.
- You don't have to like what i did.
But you do have to follow orders,
Or you can put in for a transfer.
- For the last 10 years, you've told me i.A.
Is a bunch of rats who hide behind their badge
Instead of standing in front of it.
- And i meant it. Cops who go after other cops
Are the lowest. I never did that.
I played a game with them to get my job back.
A game i won, i might add.
- You know, i remember the day you and camille took me in.
It was november 13th. I was 15.
And in our house, we were supposed to trust each other.
So, i've told you everything.
Good, bad, ugly. Illegal.
I have laid all of it out.
You should've told me.
Because i would've told you.
- Erin.
[knock at door]
Come on in.
- You know a nick marcello? - Yeah, why?
- They just found his body.
- Let's go.
[chatter on police radio]
- Hank! [sobbing]
- So sorry.
You have to stay here, trish.
- Okay.
[birds cooing]
- You two were close?
- Yeah.
Grew up together.
- I was out shopping. I came home.
Nick always feeds his pigeons in the morning.
- Any idea who could've done this?
Business associates?
- I know what you're implying,
But nick has been retired from that life for a long time.
The name billy fagan mean anything to you?
He was found last night, killed the same way.
- No.
- Can you give us a minute?
- Yeah.
- Maria and nick jr.?
- At my mom's.
They don't know yet.
- Trish, i'm not here as a cop. Me and nick had a history,
You know that.
I just want to find whoever's doing this.
Look, if nick had a problem with anyone,
You need to tell me now.
- There was someone.
- Brent norelli. Assault, armed robbery.
Even did six months at the cook county psych ward.
Norelli inherited this lumber yard
From his old man, but it's just a front.
He just broke off from the outfit old-timers,
But he's already making plays for some of their rackets.
Let's go.
[forklift beeping]
[indistinct chatter]
All: Chicago police! Freeze!
- Get on your knees. Get down!
- Chicago police! On your knees, hands up!
- [whistles] 10 years worth of oxy.
- [choking] - where's norelli?
- He's in the store room.
- Chicago police! [gunfire]
- Unh!
- Don't move! Drop it! Drop it now!
- Nice vest.
[handcuffs clicking]
- Billy fagan and nick marcello.
- I think i got a broken rib.
- You unload an ak at us, you're lucky that's all you got.
- Hank voight, right? - That's right.
- Yeah. I heard about you.
- Meaning?
- I just heard about you?
- Yeah?
[slams fist against wall] - billy fagan and nick marcello?
- I told you.
Did i give them geriatrics a warning
I was planting my flag?
Yeah. But i didn't gauge them, man.
My father taught me a little more respect than that.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I thought you was a crew coming to try and shotgun me.
[knock at door]
- Casino security on the riverboat out in elgin
Just sent me this footage.
He was playing a marathon session of blackjack
During both murders occurred, so...
- Just like i said.
I lost 20 grand on that boat.
Talk about a real crime.
- Throw him in the cage, anyway.
- One blast of double ought buckshot
Killed both fagan and marcello.
No shells were found at either murder.
Crime scene estimates the killer's height
Based on blood splatter to be 5'10",
Which narrows it down.
- There was no forced entry to any
Of the doors or windows in marcello's building.
There's a fire escape in the back,
But it doesn't lead to the roof.
You'd have to climb up from there,
Which is not an easy feat.
But it's the only that somebody
Could've come and gone unnoticed.
- How long have you been doing this?
All right, and how many shotgun murders
Have we seen before these?
- Two. - All right, so...
It's gotta be a pro.
- Or a redneck.
- Pro redneck. I'm calling it.
- I could've just emailed this to you.
- Yeah, my boss is old school.
He doesn't much like electronic footprints.
- We're cool now. - Well, we're getting there.
- Dude, it was just some graffiti.
- You tagged the entire scoreboard at cellular field.
That's a class three felony.
- Like i said, you got a little more work to do,
But this?
It's a good start.
All right, all right.
I did financial forensics on our two shotgun victims.
- He farmed it out, i guarantee it.
- Ahem. Fagan and marcello were partners
In a shell company.
Maxwell investments.
They loan money out at astronomical--
- Loan sharks. - I was gonna get to that.
Thank you, alvin. Ahem.
Their latest client just signed over
His dry cleaning business a week ago.
One dale hansen. Owned fine choice cleaners.
Two locations, one on north broadway,
A second on west belmont.
Is that fast enough for you, al?
- All right, you and halstead go pay this dry cleaner a visit.
I got someone else i want to talk to.
- Hank.
I know you and nick marcello were friends.
- Let me guess.
You got an opinion about that, too.
- I just wanted to say i'm sorry.
It was always a lot of laughs
When him and tricia would come over for dinner.
- Hmm.
- He was a real nice guy.
And i liked him.
Hey, don. You guys give us a minute?
Sorry to break up the game.
Marcello and fagan were both ambushed.
Just blasted in the face with buckshot.
- Yeah, i heard.
You've gotta be just as torn up as i am.
I heard you picked up that psycho, norelli.
- Yeah, but he ain't good for it.
Don, i was hoping
That you could lead me in the right direction.
- Did, uh, did you feel the temperature drop
When you walked in here?
The word is out about you working with internal affairs.
- You want to pat me down?
See if i'm wired up?
- You're just asking some funny questions, is all.
Honestly? I figured it was norelli.
If i knew anything else, you know i would tell you.
- You know, nick and billy fagan
Were shaking down this dry cleaner hansen.
- For what? Extra starch?
- You were always the one who was running his mouth
The most but had the least to say.
- This is a social club.
Do not come to me with police business again.
Do you understand?
- What happened?
- She swallowed a bottle of xanax
Because i lost our business.
Can we do this another time?
- Some guys from maxwell investments
Pay you a visit?
- Had one good cleaners we built from scratch.
Bank wouldn't give us a loan for a second location,
So i borrowed from maxwell's.
Things didn't work out so good.
Couldn't get out of the red
And--and when i didn't repay them fast enough,
They took both our stores.
- Yeah, and blowing them away with a shotgun
Would probably take care of the vig.
- Oh, am i torn up that those leaches are dead?
Not for a second.
- Dad? What's going on?
- They're just here to ask some question, hun.
It's okay.
- You guys want to step outside?
- Let's go.
- Is this about my mom?
- Actually, i need to know where your dad was all day.
- With us, why?
- Look, why don't you take your brother home?
You guys should get some sleep, okay?
- This is where i need to be.
- Okay.
- How are the kids?
- Lost, man. - It's always that way, huh?
Parents do dumb things, the kids take the brunt.
[cell phone rings] we got to run the dad.
See if he bought a shotgun recently.
- Halstead.
Thanks. There's another shotgun victim
In bridgeport.
[chatter on police radio]
- Yeah.
George washington strikes again.
[pounding from trunk]
- Did you check the car?
- Uh...
- Hey.
- Open the trunk.
Get out of there. - Don't shoot!
- It's all right.
It's all right. We're the police.
- Call an ambulance.
- It's okay.
- It's okay, take your time.
- Me and dad got out of the car.
It's like he came out of nowhere.
Wearing a hoodie.
- Did you get a look at him?
- White. Dark hair, clean shaven.
And his eyes.
There was nothing behind them.
He just had this blank look.
And...He just
Turned the shotgun on my dad, and...
Right in front of me.
- I'm sorry.
- Who would do that?
A human being wouldn't do that.
- Colette?
- Yeah?
- How did you end up in the trunk?
- He turned the gun on me.
That same dead look in his eyes.
And i said, please don't kill me.
So, he nodded at the trunk and said get in.
- Yo.
Shotgun shell was found in the garage, 10-guage.
We're looking into the lot number
To see where it was bought.
- You run a check on dale hansen?
- Yeah, he hasn't bought a shotgun.
- Hey, ruzek? - Yeah.
- Colette saw the shooter, so we're gonna need a sketch.
- From the new composite software that just came out?
- Correct.
- Yeah, all right, yeah.
- I'm gonna be right over here if you need me.
- Take a seat right here. Pop a squat.
And we'll get this started.
The eyes, are they more round like this or more squinty
Like this?
- Um, i don't know, round?
- Okay, round.
- Do you know what you're doing?
- Absolutely, yeah.
Colette, why don't you come with me, okay?
Come on. You all right?
[distant voices echoing]
- Me, nick, and don used to raise a lot of hell
Back in the day. - Heh!
- I remember.
Nick and i were planning to take a trip
Up to lake geneva in a few weeks.
- They still have that-- that bar up there?
What's it called?
- The mason lounge. - [laughs]
Some bad country music.
- Those were some fun times.
The four of us.
I used to wonder how you coped after camille died.
- I just, uh...
Just gotta give it time.
Trish, what do you know about maxwell investments?
- I know it was a business nick was involved in.
That's it.
- These other two guys who were killed,
Valeo and fagan,
They ever come around here at all?
- Yeah.
A little.
Don enrietto.
I saw him at the club earlier, and i gotta be honest.
I had a bad hit.
Did nick have a falling out with enrietto?
- Hank, i can't talk about enrietto?
You know that.
- Just--just nod your head.
Was nick on the outs with him?
Did enrietto want him dead?
- Heh.
Kids'll be home soon.
- Yeah. All right.
- Haven't seen you in a while.
- Yeah, i've had to change up my routine a little bit.
It's a long story.
- You don't need a reason.
You are welcome back here anytime.
- You look amazing.
I mean, okay, i'm gonna say it.
You have my genes. [laughs]
But i really am, i'm so proud of you, erin.
- Thanks.
- Well, some good news.
I've been clean for seven months.
In fact, that's the real reason i wanted to see you.
I've done the ninth step with everyone else but you.
- Mom, you really-- - i am sorry.
- Okay. There, you said it.
- Honey, please. Let's be back
In each other's lives again.
- I've been down this road with you so many times.
- This is different, baby.
- Really?
- Is hank voight still in your life?
- Yeah, he's my boss.
- You know, i'm so grateful to him for everything
He did for you when i couldn't.
- Wouldn't.
- Fine. Whatever.
But he's not your blood.
I am.
- Hey, where's white mike?
Shouldn't he be three highballs deep by now?
- White mike got married.
- White mike?
- There's hope for all of us, right?
- And a beacon of your light
Has shined down upon white mike, lord.
We toast thee.
To white mike.
- To white mike. [cell phone vibrates]
- Oh, man.
- What?
- I got--i gotta go.
- Okay.
- Figured since you're a cop, i don't got to call 911.
They skipped the good stuff.
- Any other apartments broken into?
- Just yours.
- Anything? - Getting there.
- Yeah?
- And you're gonna put a good word in about me upstairs?
- You're golden, all right?
Now, this is you? Turkey burger?
There you go, kid.
- Tell me the jawline one more time.
Narrow, angular, round, square?
- Narrow, i guess.
- Hey, you sure you don't want to go home?
Take-take a rest real fast?
- I want to find out who killed my dad.
- Okay. Yeah.
- If you need to sleep-- - no, no, hey.
I am not going anywhere.
But...I'd love for you to eat, please?
Something like that?
- You're getting close.
- Guys?
This mean anything to you?
- That's the kid from the hospital.
That's dale hansen's son.
- Nate hansen was enrolled
At the union hill military academy in arizona.
His tac officer says he was first in his class
But three days ago, he disappeared.
That was the day after his mother overdosed.
- I just checked with the school's army.
They're missing a browning gold 10-gauge,
Along with a box of shells.
- Let's grab this kid up.
- Chicago police!
- My brother's not here. - Get back, get back.
- Eyewitness described your son to a "t."
- I think you got squeezed, you wanted some retribution,
So you sent your son to do it for you.
- I swear we just found out what nate was doing.
He ran off maybe a half hour ago.
- We're all clear, guys.
No nate, no weapons.
- If you had nothing to do with it, how did nate
Know who to target?
- The three of them. Marcello, fagan, and valeo
Showed up one night.
When i said i'd go to the cops, they threatened my life.
My kids.
Nate saw them do this.
He saw me cower and beg.
The look on his face.
It's my fault.
- If you find nate, please don't hurt him.
- That's up to him.
- Is there anyone else who leaned on you,
Your son might be gunning for?
- Uh...
There was a boss who i paid money to a few times.
- Don enrietto?
- All right. I know enrietto,
I'll make the first play-- [gunshot]
Cover the back!
- Police!
- Kid thought
I'd go down easy.
[shotgun cocks]
- Okay.
Think about what you're doing.
Offender fleeing southbound on foot.
Dark hoodie.
Stop, police!
[alarm blaring]
- Jay!
- Nate, stop!
[train horn blowing] - nate, stop!
- When i was on patrol, a guy got mugged.
Chased a robber into one of these.
Took the body patrol about three days
To find all those parts.
- How about you tell that story
When we we're not walking on the tracks?
- Check this out.
- Got a ping on hansen's phone.
It's right around here somewhere.
- Where? - I don't know,
This thing says right here.
- Police!
- What happened? - A kid.
He had a gun.
- A white kid in a navy hoodie? Okay.
- Hey, he dumped his phone.
- He took my car.
- What kind of car?
- It's not good enough.
I want every blue 2005 ford escort
On any highway coming out of chicago to--
- Guys?
White male with a shotgun just stormed into chicago med.
- That's where hansen's mother is.
- Stay back!
- Nathan? Please don't do this.
- Let's go, get 'em out.
Coming through, coming through.
- Wait, wait, wait. Hey, put your guns down.
Put them down.
Put your guns down!
- Stay back!
- Nate.
Listen to me, okay?
I was in the army.
Third battalion, 75th ranger regiment.
My name is jay.
And i know exactly what you're feeling right now.
- Please. Listen to him.
- You were trained to protect.
And that's what you did.
But it's over, okay?
So i need you to just put your gun down.
And i promise you, you're gonna walk out of here.
You're 17.
They can't charge you as an adult, all right?
You could still make a deal.
- They won't shoot me?
- Buddy, they got to shoot me first.
- Here, sir.
- Okay, come on.
All right.
I need you to put your hands behind your back.
- [sobbing]
- My parents spent their whole lives
Building that business
To provide for me and lauren.
They beat my dad like a dog in front of me.
- You should've just come to the police, kid.
- They told him they'd kill us if they did.
- Why'd you put the dollar bill on their chest?
- They want our money?
They can have it.
- He used to get in so much trouble.
He was always fighting with mom and dad
Until they sent him to that school.
And then that place made him into this.
- He's gonna be held on no bail
Until he's arraigned.
- Nate said you won't charge him as an adult.
- It's premeditated murder.
The state's attorney will try to take a run at it.
- So you liked to him?
- To get the gun out of his hand
So he didn't kill somebody else?
Hell, yes, i did.
- He still has his place in elmwood park
And remember that old broken boat he had in his backyard?
Still there.
He still talks about fixing it up
And moving to channel lake, god bless him.
You used to love spending the fourth there,
Having roman candle fights with the neighborhood kids.
- I don't remember that. - Hmm.
- Do you know what i do remember about the 4th of july?
- What?
- The time i found you od'd on the kitchen floor.
- Oh. - I didn't think a 70 pound girl
Could lift a grown woman like that.
But see, i knew i couldn't call 911 for help 'cause
Then cps would take me from you.
Yeah, i dragged you into the bathtub.
Kept filling it with ice cubes.
Just sitting there hoping you didn't die.
- Do we really have to bring up all this negative stuff?
- I was nine.
And do you know what you said to me when you woke up?
"get my cigarettes."
- I made amends with you, erin.
- Oh, i know you did.
And i know you don't like talking about it.
But if you want to get back in my life,
Sometimes i'm gonna have to.
Your call.
[knock at window]
- Can we just drop it, please?
- Oh, i get it now.
You meet a nice guy,
And he finds out you have an adult daughter in chicago
That you haven't talked to in eight years
And thinks it's a little weird, right?
So, you want me to prop you up?
- Could we just drop this? Really, please?
Hi, honey. - Sorry i'm late,
Work was crazy.
- Johnny, i want you to meet my daughter, erin.
- Nice to meet you, johnny.
I got to run back to work,
But i just wanted to congratulate you guys.
- It's great meeting you too, erin.
Hopefully we'll be seeing you a lot more.
- Yeah. - Bye, sweetheart.
- This nurse says to me, that is against medical advice.
I said, that's fine.
Why don't you just shove it right up your ass?
- Hey, hank? Want to play some pinochle?
- Nah, nah. I just sent a teenager away
For murder, and i got a friend
Laying in the morgue, i'm just gonna sit here
And drink this beer.
- You know, i remember
When you and me and nick
Were little kids running around this club.
Washing the old-timers' cars. Going out for beer runs.
And when you said that you were gonna be a cop,
I said, of course you are.
Your old man was one.
That's your lot in life.
And i said to nick,
"you know, why don't you go with hank?
"go be a cop.
"have a steady life
"because you are not cut out for the other side
Of the street."
You know what he said?
"no way.
I want to hang with you, donnie."
I miss him, too.
But he knew the risks.
- This is a social club.
You don't come to me talking about nick
Ever again.
You understand?
- Hey. - Hey.
- Went well, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
Can i have another one? - You got it.
- You're sleeping with her.
- What? No.
- You're a horrible liar.
- We played scrabble, like, once at her apartment.
- Shut up. - That's it.
- Shut up.
Thank you. She's cute.
What's up?
- I need a place to crash until the bounty blows over.
- I think you're in luck. Walinski's got room
In his garage. - Come on.
- Come on, what? - Can i crash with you?
- Are you gonna try to play scrabble with me, too?
- I will be the perfect gentleman, as usual.
- Don't even start.
- Can i or not?
- Yeah, we'll work something out.
[people screaming]
- Maddie!