Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Call It Macaroni - full transcript

Sergeant Voight tries to find out who is behind the murder of Jin, and come up with the unbelievable discovery and learned that Sergeant Edwin Stillwell playing a double game with the intention of getting out on the surface of the big fish along with Voight.

I called Internal Affairs.

Voight's the best there is to handle this.

You said this was gonna be a partnership.

Lot of different kinds of partnerships.

- What the hell is going on around here?
- Just let it go.

No! No!

Jin, I need a wire on his
personal phone and inside his car.

You violated my number one rule.

Who do you work for?

- You.
- Sheldon Jin.

I believe he worked in your unit.

Sergeant Voight is very familiar

with the rules and guidelines

of the Chicago Police Department.

And he was given a direct order

from Street Deputy Horton to answer each

and every question truthfully.

At this time I'd like to
state that Sergeant Voight is

only answering these
questions under duress.

You got something you want to ask me?

Ask it.

The last person we know
Sheldon Jin spoke to

was you.

There was an outgoing cell phone call

from your personal cell
to Jin's personal cell

an hour before he was killed.

Do you remember making that call?

I do.

Sergeant Voight...

Were you in any way involved
or did you have any knowledge

that would lead to an
arrest of the individual

responsible for the murder of

Chicago police Officer Sheldon Jin?

Absolutely not.

Are we done?

For now.

Stay reachable, Sergeant.

Nadia's first day.

Can she even type?

Did we look into that at all?

Yeah, she can, smartass.

Do not hit on her.


What kind of a dog do you think I am?

- How'd it go?
- It went.

They asked some stupid questions. I left.

Boss, where they at with Jin's murder?

Nowhere. Where's Antonio?

He's meeting an informant.

He's got a tip on some armored van thing.

Sarge, why aren't we looking
into Jin's murder on our own?

For the same reason I told
you last time you asked.

They don't want us anywhere near it

since we has in our unit, okay?

He was a police officer.

Area central is all over it.

So they had no updates this morning?

The update...

The update is they're
coming after my badge!

So when there is another update

I will convey it, okay?

Until then, just do your jobs.

Is it an inside job, or...

I already told you what I know.

Who gave you this?

This guy I'm seeing.

And don't ask me his name.
I'm not gonna tell you.

He's not involved. He just
knows the guys who are.

This guy you seeing the
one who gave you the eye?

Yeah, I'm leaving his ass as soon as I
have enough money to get to Kansas City.

To my sister's place.

Well, I gotta be honest. I'm
a little suspect, Jellybean.

'Cause this is way above
your normal level of info.

Have I ever lied to you before?

She's never lied to me before.

I've gotten 12 tips from her in the past.

All of them paid off.

Trade-safe, route 5, tomorrow. That's it?

That's it.

It won't be too hard to get someone inside

because if this is legit,

the armored van company will back our play.

All right, set it up.


Is everything all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

- How much you make an hour?
- $12.50.

How long you been with the company?

Six months.

What do you hate about the job?

I love everything about it. I really do.


Hey, Er. How do I look?

- Great.
- Great.

I'm ready to go. Where do you want me?

You know this is the back entrance, right?


Go around the front.

Sergeant Platt will give
you the paperwork to sign.

Cool. Thanks again.

Yeah. Okay, off you go.

- Okay.
- [Clears throat]

We'll be right behind you...
eyes and ears... the whole time.

You got two distress signals.

For visual, just run both
hands through your hair.

- For verbal, just say "popcorn."
- Popcorn?

Either one of those or
both, and we're moving in.

All right, I got it.


We all go home tonight.

Hey, what are we thinking for lunch?

What, Mexican, Chinese, burgers?

I'm good with anything
but Sushi, all right?

Had a bad experience once,
so... we'll leave it at that.

What happened? Did you get sick eating it

- or something?
- Eh, you know what?

Any time somebody says they
had a bad experience with Sushi,

it's safe to assume they got sick from it.

All-in sick, you know what I'm sayin'?

Maybe you choked on it.

Up here. What's this?

- Look out!
- Damn it!


- Better call it in.
- Yep.

- Sheez.

[Gunshot] Popcorn! Popcorn! Popcorn!


[Heavy gunfire]

[Heavy gunfire]

Punch it, go!

[Tires squealing]

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! You guys all right?

Yeah, we're fine! Let's go!

All right!

Lincoln 5021 emergency, we
have shots fired by the police.

Roll an ambo to 1400 West Roosevelt.

We have multiple wanted offenders.

So the second car came
rolling up, guns blazing.

I took cover, returned fire...

the van was clear in about 30 seconds.

They took off. I got the plate numbers,

but they came back bogus.

Yeah, we're real close to
getting an I.D. on this guy.

- You okay, kid?
- Yeah, a little close.

What do we got down here?

- [Sighs]
- How you doing?

Little stupid, they got the jump on me, Al.

- You sure you're okay, man? Not hit anywhere?
- Yeah. Yeah.

No I.D. on the shooter.

Running his prints right now.

Yeah, truck's been hot for a week.

Taken in a carjacking on the West Side.

How much was in that van up there?



That's a hell of a crew for 40k.

Yeah, we're thinking the same thing.

- Is he nice?
- Super sweet.

But, like, a good cop, right?

- Oh, my God, yeah.
- Yeah?

The sergeant at his last
precinct just raved about him.

I told you, no more dog
cops like the last three

I partnered you with. I'm
looking out for you, sister.

- Thank you, Sarge.
- You're welcome.

Oh, here he is.

Hey, welcome to the 21st.

Hey, Sergeant.

Sean Roman, meet your
new partner, Kim Burgess.

Hi, Sean. I'm really looking forward to

working with you.

You're messing with me, right?

What are you talking about?

Well, on the phone, you said "Tim" Burgess.

Oh, my gosh. [Sighs] Egg on my face.

Okay, Kim and Tim come off
my tongue the same sometimes.

Anyway, this is Kim...

Your new female partner.

- Looking forward to it.
- Clearly.

- Sergeant.
- Thanks, Bobby.

What's that about, Sergeant?

Intelligence smoked this guy
at the heist this morning.

looking for an I.D.

His name's Jeff Gamble.

He's a dirtbag from my last district.

All right. Go park it a sec.

Hey, Halstead.

Addressed to you, but
mailed to the 28th district.

It sat there for a while

till the desk sergeant figured it out.

It was mailed six weeks ago.

Wow, that is some real
detective work right there.

All right...

We have the driver, Lee Pritchett.

Worked there three months.

Had a wife and two-year-old kid at home.

Dead crew member, apparently
we've got a lead on that.

Yeah, Jeff, I knew him from my last...

Not yet.

And we've got the shooter
in the armored van.

I.D. and social came back
bogus from the company.

He started work three days ago.

We have calls into the company
to find out who hired him

and who put him in that van today.


D.O.A.'s Jeff Gamble. He's
got a sheet five feet long.

Possession, domestic battery, burglary,

two prior armed robberies.

His cousin, Chris Gamble, is
basically his partner in crime.

Chris wasn't involved himself,

but I'll guarantee he'll at
least know what Jeff was up to.

Well, you and Burgess go find this cousin.

- All right.
- Yeah.

- Morning, Burgess.
- Ruzek.

My new partner, Sean Roman.

- Hey, man, how you doin'?
- Hey.

- This is my partner.
- Alvin Olinsky.

Hey, Sean Roman. We've met.

Did we? When?


There's a bunny on the phone for you.

Uh, she in jail?

- I...
- Look at the caller I.D.

if it's an 888 number, that's the jail.

You're gonna get a lot of those.


Take a number. I'll call her back.

Okay. Can I return?

What's up?

Jin sent this to me.

What's on the drive?

I haven't checked it yet.

Show it to Voight.

Not until I know what's on it.

Steve Kot, state's attorney's office.

I need to speak with Sergeant Voight.

And what do you do at the
state's attorney's office, Steve?

- I'm an attorney.
- Oh.

It was going good until you said that.

Can you just buzz me up?

Okay, why the visit?

As you know, my office is
prosecuting Oskar Bembenek for murder.

Alvin put the cuffs on him.


The key piece of evidence
is a shirt of Bembenek's

with the D.O.A.'s blood on it.

That shirt was being transported to a lab

in that van this morning.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, now why
on earth would you do that?

Bembenek's attorney successfully petitioned

the judge to have the evidence
retested at an independent lab.

Why wasn't this...

I call it crucial bit of
information made known to CPD?

His attorneys convinced
the judge there may be

police corruption involved in the case.

So... independent lab,
independent transport...

No one was supposed to know.

So this DNA evidence is gone?

And this psycho's gonna walk.

If I had to hazard a
guess, I would say yes.

Oskar Bembenek and his
younger brother Jacob.

Oskar's run a crime outfit
for the last 25 years.

Prostitution, extortion,
drugs, you name it.

Now Oskar never gets his hands dirty.

He always subcontracts when
it comes to taking people out.

That's how he's lasted so long.

This murder charge, what's that about?

He just had a mistress.

Just wanted to break up with him.

So he stabs her.

25 times.

His shirt? It's got her blood on it.

Now, I knew this girl.

I knew this girl.

Josie Martin.

I was trying to turn her out
as an informant against him.

[Phone rings]

- Intelligence, Atwater.
- I'll be back.


The supervisor from the armored
van company I've been trying

to get a hold of just went home sick.

You and Halstead, let's go.

Hey. Text me the address.


My guy was approached by
some of the guys in the crew

who pulled off the job.

He wasn't involved. He
was with me all morning.

Fine. Great.

- All you gotta do is give me his name.
- No, no way.

I'm sure he's got something
on his record, right?

I'll make it look like
that's why I'm picking him up.

Your name will never be mentioned.

Come on.

Me and my whole team
could have got wiped out.

He wasn't involved.

I believe you.

I just want his name to
find the guys who did.


So my name won't come up?


Because I'm pretty sure if
they're trying to kill you

this morning, they're not gonna
have a problem trying to kill me.

All right.

Here's what I want you to do.

Just... I want you to keep your mouth shut.

Just drop the whole thing, all right?

Okay. Yeah, I can do that.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.

[Indistinct, overlapping chatter]

Hello, Oskar.

-Detective Olinsky.
- Yeah.

You mind stepping out for
a second and letting me have

a quick word with your boss?


Hey, hey, hey.

It's okay.

You know, I know you were
behind the heist this morning.

- Heist?
- Oh, yeah.

I don't think so. No.

You remember the old days?

You ran from the police, you
were guaranteed a beating,

but you shoot at the police...

It was guaranteed death.

Now I am considered one of the
last of the old-timers, Oskar.

And I am coming for you.

That's the truck that rammed us.

Forensics already dusted for prints,

I want you two to go
through it top to bottom.

See if they missed anything.

You got it, boss.

What are we looking for
here? Traps or something?

Step aside before you hurt yourself.

Hey, yeah, you know...

A simple "I got this" would suffice, Kev.

I got this.

So what's on the drive?

Did you know Jin was working with IA?

I didn't.

Any shot Voight was mixed up with them?

Don't get stupid on me now, Jay.

Luke Hendricks?

[Continued knocking]


Unh! Police!





Yep, that's Hendricks.

Looks like he was trying to clear out.

Okay. So he's working for Bembenek...

He hires the shooter in the armored van,

and then he tips off the
crew when he knows that

we've got a guy in there
and we're following.

I'll call it in.

[Rock music playing]

You ever work in a bar before?

Nah. You?


You ever work with a
female cop before, Roman?

Yeah. My last partner was female.

- Hi, Sean.
- What's up, Lisa?

Thought you transferred
out of this district?

I did. But I'm back on business.

That okay with you?

I could care less.

Could you make it quick?
It's just me behind the bar.

You hear about Jeff Gamble today?

I did.

He went out in a blaze of glory, huh?

Ah, yeah. Shooting at cops...

it's... Real glorious.

Forget I said it.

We're looking for his cousin, Chris.

You seen him?

Not in a week or so.

Well... he walks in, you call me.

I find out Chris was in
here, and you didn't call me,

I'm gonna get pissed.

Like 2009 St. Patty's Day pissed.

Got it.


- What do we got?
- We found something.

Truck hit Voight's car
about 35 miles an hour.

Hardly any damage.

There's a two-inch steel channel welded

right behind the bumper.

They were planning on ramming something.

It was stolen about a week
ago, so it was definitely

retrofitted between then and now.

And that's quality work under there.

Talk about a high-end shop.
I can start asking around.

Bembenek's got a guy who
does custom choppers for him.

Hey, Fritz.

Still in the Oskar Bembenek
business, I take it.

Not for a long time, no.

The pickup truck.

You know all about it.

- Pickup?
- Yeah.

Fritz, look. We're gonna give you

the benefit of the doubt here, okay?

When you attached that metal
plate to the stolen truck

you thought, uh, Bembenek
was gonna enter it into a...

demolition derby, if
those... they still exist?

- Yeah, they do.
- They do?

We should go to one of
those. That's fantastic.

See, you're doing great so far.

You didn't know he was
gonna give it to his crew

to try and take out a couple of cops.

Now that you do know that,

it's probably best that
you wake up a little bit

before the full force of the
CPD comes down on your ass.

Listen... listen... hey, hey...

We need a connect between Bembenek

and the retrofit on that pickup.

I wasn't here when the order came in, okay?

Let me just talk to my guy who was here.

He's not working today.

Sooner than later.

- Yeah.
- Hey, hey, hey.

Sooner than later.
- Okay.

Come in.

You're gonna want to take a look at this.

Jin sent it to me.

Need something?

No, I don't. You do.


A good lawyer.

Partial transcript of
the wire Jin had on ya.

Yeah, you leaned on him over
his father's gambling debts,

forced him to do off-book surveillance.

Threatened to kill him if he told anyone.

Well, you know how it works.

Just get out in front of it.

Make a deal.

If I go down for Jin's murder,

two things are gonna
happen in quick succession.

I will tell everyone

that you had a deal with Internal Affairs.

I'm sure your fellow cops
would love to hear that one.


I will give a full and accurate
account of our relationship.

And they will come for your job.

So you can go down the tubes, Voight...

Or you and I can just
walk away from each other,

and Jin's murder stays unsolved.

Just another guy that got
in over his head in Chicago.

I don't need to tell
you there've been many.

[Phone rings]

Chicago Police Department.
Intelligence. How may I help you?

Hey. Your C.I. give you any more info?

No. That's a dead end.

Hey. Hang on.

Lindsay? Bunny again.

Take a number. I'll call her back.

Can I have her return?


What's the plan?


The thumb drive I gave you.

When's Stillwell from Internal
Affairs getting popped?

Yeah, well, there's a lot of moving parts.

It's gonna take some time.

I don't understand.

And you don't need to. I'm on top of it.

Okay, great.

I'd like to have the
thumb drive back, Sergeant.

It's late. Go home.

I'd like to have the thumb drive back...


At a certain point I was like,

why am I trying so hard
to be nice to this guy?

I hear you.

'Cause I mean, what a jerk.


- Hey.
- Hey.

It's killing me not being
able to kiss you at work,

- you know that?
- Yeah... but...

you can't... you know that I'll
never make it into... Intelligence

- if it gets out.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I just want you to know
that, you know, it kills me

having to act like I'm just
a guy friend around you.

Yeah, but what would you
do if you were in my shoes?

Would you call Roman out, or would you...


Can we not talk about this
guy for just a little bit?

Just a little.

- Yeah, sorry.
- All right?

- Okay, yeah.
- Okay.

- [Laughs]
- Now come here, you.

- To the bedroom!
- [Laughs]

[Rock music playing]

♪ ♪


So let me ask you something.

Straight up.

Do you think there's any
shot that Voight was involved

with Jin's murder?

Are you out of your mind?

That's an answer to a different question.


There is no way he's involved.

Yeah, well, he's gonna bury the case,

for God knows what reason.

Why? What reason would he have?

Do you really think that you
know everything about this guy?

[Indistinct radio chatter]


How you doing?


Sorry about your C.I., Al.

But it proves we're on the right track.

Keep working the other leads.

Right. You should go home, Nadia.

Um, I can't. I want to get situated.

I have a lot to get familiar with.


You don't have to stand
every time I walk by.


- Hey, Sergeant?
- Hmm?

Just want to thank you
for this opportunity.

I'm gonna do a great job.

[Phone rings]


Okay, I'll tell him.

There's a Susan Jin downstairs?

She wants to speak with you?

Mrs. Jin, I'm Hank Voight.

- Susan Jin.
- Hi.

Very nice to meet you.

Sheldon's dream since he was a young boy

was to be a police officer.

It was hard for him at the academy

and his first few posts.

He was teased, and he
thought about quitting.

Working for you was the first time

he really felt part of a team.

So, at least I know he died

having fulfilled his dream.

Thank you.

Three threats were made on
Jin's life, all recorded.

"I will kill you," unquote.

It's all in there.

Stillwell even tells Jin how he'd do it

and were he'd dump Jin's body...

Which is the exact location Jin was found.

Who's this now?

Chris Gamble's great aunt's place.

She might still be in Boca, though.

Hey, I called around on your
ex-partner, Jenn Cassidy.

Word is, she's a great cop.

It'd be one thing if she were a dog cop.

Then, you know, maybe I could understand

why you've got a stick
up your ass about females.

But since she's solid,
apparently, that... I don't know...

can only mean that you're sexist.

I fell in love with her. Okay?

Like an idiot.

So I transferred out.

That's why I'm a little
gun-shy with female partners.


Hi, Ms. Gamble. I'm Officer Roman.

This is my female partner, Officer Burgess.

- Hello.
- Hi.

We're looking for Chris.

I haven't seen him since
I got back into town.

Okay, but it's really important that

I talk with him, ma'am. For his own safety.

Of course.

I'll call you if he comes by.

[Toilet flushes]

Have a good day.

Who's in there?

- No one.
- What's up, Chris?





Don't move!

- [Coughing]
- Turn around!

- Look away!
- Look away!

- Ah!
- What'd he say?

What'd he say?


See, Chris, nobody knows this.

It's one of my favorite surprises

to lay on guys like you that
are sitting across from me.

Say you and your buddies... I don't know...

Rob an armored van.

Somebody gets killed.

Even if it was one of the bad guys...

even if that person was
killed by the police...

Somebody's gotta get
charged for that murder.


We're gonna prove that
you were there yesterday.

And in addition to the attempted
murder of a police officer,

you are gonna get charged with the murder

of the van driver.

And the murder of your own cousin.

Or, Chris...


You give us the other participants,

and you let them take the ride.

You can't be happy with
how this went down, right?

Your cousin gets killed for what?


How much did Bembenek
pay you to get the shirt?

Yeah, we know all about it.

So quit trying to figure a way out, Chris.

It's over.


It wasn't supposed to go down
the way that it went down.

They never told us cops
were gonna be there.

Who's they?

Oskar and his brother, Jacob.

They said it was just
going to be a security team

from the van company
that would be following.

And that there would be more money.

That's why we weren't handing
it over until we get more.

Hand what over?

The bloody shirt.

The evidence bag.

We told Oskar that he
needed to come up with 200k

or we were dropping it to
the nearest police station.

Where's the bag right now?

My buddy Christian's got it.

But I'm supposed to
meet him and back him up

for the trade-off with Oskar.

Edwin Stillwell?

You're under arrest for the murder

of Chicago police Officer Sheldon Jin.

I don't know what you heard,
but let me set things straight.

In order to get my job back,

I made a deal with I.A.

The deal was I put
myself out there as dirty

so I can take down some
high-level criminals.

I never agreed

nor did I ever report on another cop.

You can like it or not, that was the deal.

[Phone rings]


We should gear up for our meet.

- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.

Sergeant? That was Commander Perry.

You're wanted back down at
the Ivory Tower immediately.

All right, call back down there.

You tell 'em I want Tim
O'Leary at that meeting.

Tim O'Leary.


Hey, uh...

You got this?

I do.


Sit down!

Now whether this evidence
bag was open or not,

or if it broke chain of custody,
I don't really give a damn.

That's for the state's attorney's office

to worry about.

Main this is to get
Oskar Bembenek showing up

with 200k, and heads will roll from there.

Wait for the money to be handed over first,

- then move in.
- Then we move in quick.

Okay? As you can tell,

Bembenek and his brother have
no problem getting violent.

All right?

Hey, Lindsay, Lindsay...

I know how you're feeling.


You don't.

All right, Gamble, let's get you wired.

Kill a cop?

When you say it like that
I sound like a real dick.


- Show me.
- Let's go.


Do it.

Oh, come on. Whoa, whoa.

Move in, move in!

[Tires squealing]

[Sirens wailing]

[Police radio chatter]

Put your guns down!

Put your guns down!

What did I just say?

- On the ground, now!
- Give it to me.

On the ground! On your knees!

Let me see your hands!

Put 'em up!

Stay in the car. What are you doin'?

It's all good! It's all...


No! No! No! Jacob!

Up where I can see 'em!

Put your hands up where I can see 'em, now!

No! Jacob!

- Don't move!
- Jacob!


You shot my brother.

It hurts, tough guy?

What's that, tough guy? Huh?

Come on.


Lincoln 5021 emergency.

We have shots fired by the police.

Roll and ambo to 35th and Hamilton.

Copy that, Lincoln 5021.


They're ready for you.


There've been some serious allegations
made against you by Stillwell.

Backed up by recorded conversations where

you promised to give him
part of your street tax.

Now we're gonna need your badge and gun

until we conduct a thorough
investigation because this...

I'm sorry to interrupt, Commander,

but may I have a minute
alone with Chief O'Leary?

Literally, 60 seconds.

That's fine.

Let's go.

Sheldon Jin feared for his life.

His best line of defense
was his technical skills.

So he recorded everything.

He threw his net out as far as
he could, I guess you could say.

There's a hell of a lot on
that thumb drive he left behind.

I'm not one to judge, but...

I will make an exception

when it comes to someone who's judging me.

Alyssa Martin?


Follow me.

Am I in trouble?

Why? Should you be?


I... I mean... no.

Then follow me.

Hey, Jellybean.

Am I in trouble?

Not at all.

We had a big bust today.

200,000 was recovered.

I made the argument...
successfully as it turns out...

that that money stemmed from
your original tip on the heist.


As a registered informant,
you're entitled to 10%.

Sergeant Platt is here because
this needs to be witnessed.

Sign here. And here.

That's $20,000.

[Emotional laugh]

Get your ass to Kansas City, kid.

[Sniffles] Yeah.

You're never gonna see me again.

I hope not.

Thank you.

Thank you.


You know if Bunny's working tonight?


Hey, mom.

Do me a favor.

You need to get a hold of me,

don't call my work.

Here's my email.

I'm getting married, Erin.


Email me.

What the hell's so urgent?

You got a cop you work with named Halstead?

Yeah, why?

Hey, get this.

Voight beat the suspension.

Thought he was facing termination.

Call it macaroni, dude. I don't know.

He's gonna be back in the office tomorrow.

He beat it.

- Jay.
- Whoa.


- What's up, man?
- Hey.

Sylvie Brett. Alvin Olinsky.

- Hey.
- Hey, hi.


Let me have a quick word with you.

Come here.

What the hell's going on, man?

Oskar Bembenek just put a $100,000 bounty

on your head for killing his brother Jacob.

Andrew Jin.

Pay off your gambling debts.

Your wife needs you.

[Engine starts]