Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 15 - A Beautiful Friendship - full transcript

Atwater is settling into his new gig on intelligence as Antonio is relegated to desk duty while recovering. Lindsay finally realizes she has no way out and confides in Voight for help. Meanwhile Jin is confronted about his secret meetings with Stillwell. It all comes to a head in the season finale.

I've figured out
a way to make you
worth my time.

Twenty five percent.
Everything that you
take off the street.

It doesn't look like
I have a choice.
Ripped By mstoll

We got him.


I don't want that
on my conscience.

You can't do this.

The kid's right, man.
Not tonight.

I'm not a

What happened
never happened.

Congratulations, Atwater.
You just made Intelligence.

Can I ask why?
You didn't make the cut?

I just don't tolerate
in-house romance.

Listen, you got a son,
Charlie. With Annie.

The deal was
I take you in,

he stays out
of Illinois.
I will handle it.

CHARLIE: I got flushed
down the toilet so
you could play cop.

You owe me.

Good answer.


CHARLIE: You had
every opportunity
to reach out to me.

Every opportunity.
I didn't know.

You shut me out!

CHARLIE: She's fine!

She's fine.

Are you okay?

You're gonna wish
you stayed out
of Chicago, Charlie.

No, what you're
gonna wish

is that I'd forgotten
all about Sandoval.

But I haven't.
Have I?

You wanna take
me in? Lets go.

I'm happy to
tell everyone
what happened.

Not five streets
from here if I recall.

Or, hey, I got an idea.

Instead of the past,
why don't we focus
on the future.

Sure. What do you
want? How much?

More than you can afford
on a cop's salary.

I'm gonna need
the old Lindsay
for this one.


(SCOFFS) You're out
of your mind.


You know, I played
nice guy before,

and kept my mouth
shut for you two.

And what did it get me?

Twelve years wandering
the wilderness

while you got to play cop,

and you raised
my son.
Don't touch her!

Nah! Not this time.

I'm getting my payday.
Or I run my mouth.

I need that today.


Please, Erin.

Erin, please,
whatever he needs...

Just... Just
give it to him.


You get paid
when I get paid.

I'm supposed to wait around,
take your word for it.

That's right.

If you try and
screw me...
You already told me already.

You got bear traps
set up. Well so do I.

What it called? Mutually
assured destruction?

How about we
avoid all that,

you just relax and
wait for your cut.


Yeah. Uh-huh.

Hey. Good morning.

Yeah, morning.

Atwater, hey.

Hey, hey, hey.
Good morning.

Hey, man.
Take Sumner's desk.

What up, man?
What up, bro?

Don't get too
used to it, though.

We don't seem
to stay in them
for very long.

How's Burgess
taking it?

Taking what?

Well, you getting promoted
up here when perhaps,

she deserves it
a little bit more?

Oh, that, well, she's been
assigned a new partner.

There he is.

Hey man. What the
hell are you doing
back so soon, man?

Oh my God. You
sound like my wife.

Listen, we got
you a little,

welcome back, slash,
glad you're not dead gift.

Don't say we
didn't ever do
anything for you.

That's hilarious!

Come here.
A little closer.

His idea.

Oh you want
some of this?

Come on.
Yeah? Huh?

OLINSKY: It was my idea.
I didn't think so.

Are you okay?
Are you okay?

All right. We're rolling out.

Five minutes.
We just caught a heater.

Glad you're
back, bro.

Hey, do me a favor,

just work the desk
for a few days.

I don't want you
dropping on me.

No, I'm fine.
I'm suiting up.

I'm not gonna argue
with you about this.

All right.

They had a plan.

They took out all
the security cameras
in the area.

Jin checked the pods.
There's nothing there.

They're missing 100 pounds
of aluminized water gel

Water gels?

It's for mining
and tunneling.

Companies use it for
blasting bedrock.

Yeah. That's a lot
of explosives.

Like take down
a building big.

VOIGHT: We've had
enough of that
around here.

We're also missing
a security guard, boss.

All right, I want a list of
all the demo
company employees,

and whoever signed for
the materials here.

Anyone who knew
water gel explosives
were gonna be on site.

FOREMAN: Over here!

What this?

You okay?

I'm fine.

All right, anyone who's been
here in the last month,

I want their name.

Gotta go.

Hey, Jin.

Morning, Erin.
I need a favor.

Off the books.
Isn't it always?

Do you have access
to the City Planning
and Zoning Commission?

Uh, as in...



Without anybody knowing?

Hey, O.
Your wife called.

Wants to know about dinner.


Your fridge is getting
delivered on Thursday.

Ah. Finally.

Between 9:00 and 12:00,
or 3:00 and 6:00?
Did they say?


Hey, Sarge, why don't
we have a civilian aide
up here taking calls?

It's in the budget.

It all about who you
can trust, Antonio.

What do you got?

I'm waiting on a
list of employees from
that construction site.

So far no one's popped.

Now you said they didn't
get any blasting caps or
detonation cords?


You're gonna need those.

All right. Det cords and caps,

thats our angle for now.

I got a CI I can talk
to about that.

All right.

Uh, Sarge?

You know,
I grew up in Harvey

right there near
the construction site.

It Two-Eights territory.

Nothing goes
down there without
their permission.

I know a guy.

I think I could
lean on him a little bit,
see what he knows.


Go with him.

Actually, I think I'm gonna
do this by myself, O.

Oh hey, everyone,

Atwater's been in the
unit two minutes

and already he's
put himself in charge.


HALSTEAD: Congrats, bud.
I knew you were
management material.

Oh, no, no, that not what
I was trying to say.

What were you saying?

It's just...

You're worried about
your white cop partner
blowing the deal?


Maybe after 20 years
working undercover,
I know how not to get made.

Anywhere in this city.

My bad.

Antonio, I need a solid.

Yeah, sure.

All right.

You remember Nadia?

She helped us out back
with Munoz and Burgess.

Oh yeah.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I remember Nadia.

Okay. She getting
out of rehab today.

I'm supposed
to pick her up.

Please don't tell
me you're gonna
ask me to...

Dude, I'm serious.

Not today.
I need some help.

No sweat. Whats the address?

Thank you.

Just keep her
up here, all right?

I don't want her
going anywhere

until I can take her
home after shift.

Copy that.


It's cold.

What's up,

Who's your

Ruzek. Ruzek, Mouse.

BOTH: What's up, man?

Got you some fries.

Hey, listen. Can you tell
me anything about this

construction site
robbery in Harvey?

Might be tapped
in on that.

My ears, man. They get
so waxy these days.

Oh, yeah, so waxy
these days.

Yeah? His ears. Yeah.

Yeah. Ding ding.
Clear as a bell
just like that.

Just like that?

There lots of talk.
There this new player in town.

He was, uh, looking
for some bangers.

I'm kind of serving
as a consultant.

Can you get
us a meeting?

Tell them we're offering
blasting caps and det cord.

What, straight up?
Yeah. Straight up.

All you're doing is
organizing a meet.

All right. Drive toward
Erie and Sedgwick.

Right on, man.
MOUSE: I'll set it up.

Oh. Commander At-At.

What good, son?

Straight and narrow.
You know me.

Yeah, well, you always were.
You always were.

what's up, man?

If only you could shoot
free throws straighter.

Come on, man. I kept people
out of the paint, didn't I?

Nobody told me
I had to score too.



What up, man? Where
the uniform at?

I'm on to bigger and
better things now.

Special unit.

Look at you.

Look at you.
You know it.

So what's up, man?

You know I got the hook
up over there at the
convention center.

I can get you and the crew
wholesale electronics

right after the big CE show.

I'm talking about
Wiis, Playstations,

anything you like,
all on the up and up.


I'm listening.
What up?

I just need you
to introduce me
to Copeland Briggs.


No way, man.

Come on, dog.
You're like my brother, man.

Oh yeah. Mmm-hmm.

We are, but listen, man.
Let me tell you something.

If you think for one second
that a couple wholesale Wiis

is gonna get your
Jolly Green Giant

looking ass into
Copeland Briggs?

You got another
thing coming, bro.


Man, whats that?

You sit me down
next to Briggs,

you always got that number
next time you get pinched.

You know how
much that's worth.


As requested.

Nobody knows about this?

Not even you?

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

BURGESS: Delany, I'm glad
Platt partnered us up.

I've been looking forward
to working with
an experienced officer.

DELANY: Yeah, well...
My name's Burgess.

DELANEY: I'm gonna
park it right here.

Do you see something?

Are we on to something?

I'm just gonna rest
my eyes for a minute.





What is it?

Ah, Burgess, she got
a sleeping beauty.

Burgess, huh?

Just get your head
in the game.

Okay, Pards.


How well you know
these guys, Mouse?

I don't know. How
well does anybody know
anybody, you know?

That's not that helpful.

What do we got?

You're looking for some
stuff I can get for you.


Like what exactly?

Blasting caps.
Det cord.

Why would I need
something like that?

Hey what you do with it's
your business, right?

Really, Detective?
Would it be my business?

Detective? What you
talking about, Charlie?
Here, this is...

Shut up, Mouse.

We met at the station
with Erin Lindsay,
or did you forget?

No. I definitely
wouldn't forget
something like that.

Is there anything you want
to tell us, Charlie?

Nope. I'm super cool, man.

Tell Erin I said
hey, though.

Back in the day, she was,
mmm, something.


What the hell was that?

Just like he said,
I met him with Lindsay.

I'm so made, man.
Relax, Mouse.
I got you on this.

Okay, what's our
next play here?
I don't know yet.

Uh-huh. I heard what
the doctor said.

Yes, this is me healing up.

Doing my job and not staring
at the ceiling.

Two things I love to do.

This is stressful.

Arguing with you
right now is stressful.


Hey, Nadia. Antonio Dawson.
I work with Erin.

Yeah, I remember.

Well, she's very sorry
but a case jumped off so,

I'm supposed to bring
you back to bring you
back to the district.

It's cool.
I'll take the bus.

Are you kidding
me right now?

Come on.

I mean it's
a little weird.

You know, Lindsay's
supposed to be
picking me up.

She dodges my texts.

Now a cop shows up
and wants me to
get into his car?

What address is that?

Clinic. Here.

Is that a man handwriting
or a woman's?


Will you please
get in the car?


Sorry I yelled at you.
Thank you.

It's my wife.

We got a panic alarm tripped
at 601, West Adams.

21-13, we got
a panic alarm tripped,

601, West Adams.
Do you copy?

21-13. 10-4,
en route!

Panic alarm sounded,
601 West Adams.

Honey, I don't know your name.
I don't wanna know your name.

But after today,
we're through.

Oh, you're damn
right we are.

This is far too important.
We have to pursue this.

Yeah, well sit tight
until I give the word.

Whoa, hey, hey.

You can't talk to me like
I just joined the unit, man.

I put my vest
on every day.

I get my knuckles
dirty every day,
just like you.

Come on.
No, right.

You're right.
I'll talk to Erin.


Charlie Pugliese,
or however you say
his frigging name,

you know what he's into?


I just had a CI sit me
down in front of him.

He's involved in
the construction site hit.


What do you
need here, Erin?

I can handle it.

Really? How?

When? Voight's upstairs.
He's waiting for an update.

Just stall.

I just need to move
a couple things around.

What does this
guy have on you?

It's bad.

What's Voight always say?

Tell him the truth
so he can lie for you.

No. If I tell the truth
on this one I'm done.

Do you understand?

There a dead security guard
that they left
behind a dumpster.

Like a bag of trash.

Oh, man. I was telling
Friedman he hit the alarm.

He, he said
"No I didn't."

I said, "I'll bet you a
Pizano's deep dish you did."

Well, he's gonna
be paying now.

So, false alarm?

Yeah. Sorry.
They really gotta
move that alarm button.

It's right at knee level.

as long as we're
here I'll take a, uh,

beef and sausage combo

21-13, reporting
a robbery in progress,

601 West
Adams requesting
immediate backup.

What're you doing?

As we were coming
out, I saw the
security camera lens

had been freshly
sprayed with
black paint.

I also saw the cash
drawer was open, no tray.


Show me your hands.



My name is Burgess,
by the way.
Feel free to forget it.

The kid here set
up an appointment
with Copeland Briggs.

Let me get this straight.
You talked to a guy,

in order to talk to a guy?

Sarge, Copeland Briggs, he...

...comes to you,
not the other way around.

It true. It was
worth the trip.

All right, so what's
Briggs gonna get us?

Word I got is he
provided a little off-
the-books security

to that construction site.

Briggs will know who
was involved in the robbery,
for a fact.

Yeah, go ahead.

What about
Halstead's CI?

Snake eyes.

Took you guys four
hours to roll that?

It was a big run around, boss.
You know how it is.

I guess I'm beginning to.


What do you got?

I got ears in Voight's office,
like you wanted.

You don't say?

It's Lindsay.

She was sniffing around
for some blueprints
to a jewelry mart.

I don't know what it is but,
well, that's something, right?

I need details.

Your father and
his gambling problems
need details.

I know. I know.

I don't want immigration
involved with your old man,

but without details
what choice do I have?

Let's go for a ride.

Keep driving.


I don't know what you think
I might've said or done...

Pull over up here.

Something you
want to tell me?

Look, obviously,
something happened...

You told Platt you
were updating the
computer in my office.

It hasn't been updated.

Then you meet
with Internal Affairs.


They busted up
an underground casino
my dad owes money to.

Stillwell's been
using it against me.

Everybody gets
squeezed, Jin.


You violated my
number one rule.

Who do you work for?







Come on.

Thank you.


Your wife called.


So the next step would
be finding a job.

A real job.

One that I'm proud of.

You have any leads?

Well, nothing
in stone but, uh,

there's this woman
that helps out
at the clinic.

She said she'd
introduce me to
her daughter who

runs some sort of
clothing store
or something.

I don't know.

I, uh, I need to
work on that one.

It's all good.

Listen, Nadia,
don't break my heart again.

I won't.

I promise.

All right.

Uh, you're gonna
stay up here

until I'm off, all right?
It might be awhile, but,

you can stay with me
till you get settled.



Is everything all right?

Uh, no.
Not by a long shot.

Charlie Pugliese.

What now?


Back then, I was a mess.

You know.

I thought that
I loved him.

Erin. You were 16.

He was 25.

Got you hooked
on dope.

Yeah. I don't deny
any of that.

But dad had been
locked up forever
when my mom

stopped coming home at all.
Charlie kept the heat on.

He kept food
on the table.

I was loyal to him.

And if that's
a fault of mine,
then so be it.

But, um...

But my best friend, Annie,

she was mixed up
with Charlie, too,

And she got pulled
into some stuff,

way worse than me
and, um...


You're gonna be okay.

Just tell me
what's going on.

He's got us
boxed in real bad.

Me and Annie both.

Well, I need a couple
clean-cut white guys.

You got any white guys
in the house?

I'm one-sixteenth
Cherokee, does that
disqualify me?

No, you're good.

What's the play?

The kid's got
a sit-down with
Copeland Briggs.

Gonna run a game on him.
See what he knows
about the robbery.

Hit it.

What do you got, bro?

These are records
of anyone with
explosives trainings

who recently
got out ofjail.

I'm looking for
any mentions
of water gels

or det cords in their
arrest records.

All right.
Keep looking.

What do you
think I'm doing?


It's Laura.

She nearly flipped
when I told her I was
coming back to work.

What does she
expect you to do?

She wants me to move
out to Crystal Lake
near her sister.

Barney Fife it out there.

Well, she's been
through a lot.

Your whole
family has.

I know.


I hear you.

Met your
detective friend.

Had a look
in his eye when
I said your name.

I seen that look
in your boys'
eyes before.


Here's your blueprints.

I need one more thing.
Go to hell.

Just call in a shooter
at the Hancock
at midnight.

That should
get a lot of
attention, eh?

Almost there.
Five-yard line.

That's my girl.


All right, players,
listen up.

You two are
Northwestern kids.

You sell 100 pounds
of weed every month
all over the Big Ten.

Of which there
are 12 schools.

Somebody explain
that one to me.

Let's just do this.
ATWATER: Exactly.

I'm gonna tell Briggs
that in return for
the info on you guys,

all I wanna know
is what he knows about
the construction robbery.

You feel me?
They feel you.
I'll wait outside.

No doubt.
Let's do it.

What's up, dog?
What's going on?

Where's Copeland Briggs?

I got some stone cold
Wildcats right here.


Uh, yeah, well, uh,

I think I changed my mind
about this deal.


What's up, Briggs?

Who's you?
Who's this?

Here to make
you rich, boy.

I'm rich
already, homie.

Ways you don't
even know.
What's up?

Wait, hold, hold,
wait, now see these
are my homies.

All right? Now, these
are a couple of, uh...

We're all cops.

I think you're
in my chair.
Why don't you hop up?

We'd like to know
about the construction
site robbery.

And? What's
in it for me?


So how about
we let the school
around the corner get out.

Let all the kids file by,

and they can see
the cops just kicking it
with Copeland Briggs.

Maybe later we'll
get a 12-pack,

bring it by your place,

let everybody know that
you're CI, at best.

Or you just tell us
what we want right now,

and we'll be out
of here in 30 seconds.

Look, man.

Dude named
Red Radner
stopped by here,

dropped a bunch
of bread off

for us to watch
the gate at
the construction site,

while a bunch of
white boys went in there
and robbed the place.

Now, I heard gunshots
but I ain't know
nobody got killed.

That's all I know.

Atwater, sometimes
the badge is mightier
than the BS.

Kevin Red Radner.

He's wanted
in New York,
Indiana and Illinois

for murder,
armed robbery,
and trafficking.

Drugs or...

Beat a rape charge too.

VOIGHT: We like him
for pulling the strings

on that construction
site robbery.

He's in the wind,

but he's had a lot
of prior dealings
with this guy.

Charlie Pugliese.

We have every reason
to believe Pugliese was
part of Red's crew.

A tip from
a CI came in,

said Pugliese is
planning on using
the explosives

stolen from that site,

to knock off
this jewelry exchange
on North Lawndale.

We're moving out.

We can't avoid this.

I know.

All right.
Be ready.

All right.
That's it. Move in.


Hands up.
Keep 'em up!
Don't move!

RUZEK: Freeze!
OLINSKY: Put them
against the wall.

HALSTEAD: Put your
hands up. Get them up.
RUZEK: Back away.

HALSTEAD: Just turn around.
Get them hands up!

Do it now.
Against the wall.
Stay there. Don't move.

OLINSKY: I got him.

Keep them high.

Yeah. Yeah. Look away.

Anything in the trunk
that could hurt me?

OLINSKY: I don't hear you.


OLINSKY: Explosives
in the car.

I'd like to report
a murder from
October 12, 2002.

Victim's name was
Ricky Sandoval.

I have all
the information.

Who killed him and who helped
get rid of the body.

Put him in the car.

Anything from
the other two?

Lawyered up.

All right,
everybody clear out.

Hang on. I want to
talk to him first.

Then you can do
whatever you want.


You wanted to go
by the book, Erin,

well, here we are.

You know what Sandoval
was doing to Annie.

You know
why she snapped.

It's too late
for all that.

I gave you a chance
to keep it buried.

And you want to go public
about everything, fine.

But just so you know,
I'm gonna say
I killed Sandoval.

To keep Annie
and Travis together.

Wow, you really are
a cop, aren't you?

Bluffing your ass off.

Try me.

You let Voight
run me out of town.

With nothing.

You were headed for
the bottom of the lake.

I begged
for your life.

Do something with it.
For once.

Give us Radner,
cooperate fully,
and you're out in a year.

Clean yourself up
on the inside,

become a man, and
then maybe you can be
a dad to your son.

Or give a statement
on Sandoval,

and then you and me,
we can go down
the tubes together.

It's up to you.

I didn't kill
that guard. Red did.

Where is he now?

He's waiting for
his cut of the heist.

He was gonna
call me.

But he ain't
calling now.

Where does he flop?

Does he have a girl in town?

I heard one of the guys
say he worked out

of a warehouse
in B. Y.

Never heard of
that area before.

A lot's changed
in 12 years, I guess.

B. Y? I've never
heard of it before.

I don't think
anyone has.


Hey, you know,
at my old job

sometimes we'd get
called to this area

behind the stockyards.

Um, guys liked to park
there 'cause it was

quiet at night.

Back of the yards
was B.Y.

Let's go.

PLATT: Hey, Burgess.


How do you like
working with Delaney?

He's soft.

And you yourself,
you once told me that
you have no tolerance

for soft cops.
You know what?
I don't either.

I want someone
like Atwater,

someone who isn't
afraid to mix it up.

Otherwise, what the hell
am I doing this for?

You're right.
He's a dog ass.

When you got passed
over for Intelligence,

I thought for sure
you'd crumble like
a chocolate chip cookie.

So tomorrow, I'll
put you with Gogan.

He's, uh, only
a few years on the job

but he's good police.

Thank you, Sergeant.

I'll just deny every word
of this conversation.

Of course.



I heard you had
a good bust.

Yeah. Well, thanks
to you I get to

keep proving myself
as a uniform.


I guess I
had that coming.

I'll see you later.

It's pretty secure.

Metal doors,
boards on the windows.

The usual.

This is definitely
the place.

Guy just pulled
in the van,
put eyes on me.

Did he make you as police?

I can't tell.

All right. Keep your
eyes on the place.


Yeah, I'd say
I'm made!





Multiple shots fired
at the police.

We are taking heavy fire.

Need immediate back up.

Requesting S.W.A.T.





LINDSAY: Go, go, go!
Get alongside.



Glare. I can't clear.

HALSTEAD: Cover back.

Don't move!
Show me your hands!

Gun! I got a gun!


Squared away?


Paperwork up
the ying yang, but
I'm toast for today.

Thank you,
for everything.

That's why
you have back-up.

Yeah, I guess so.



There's a lot of ways
this relationship can go,

but I figured
this is the easiest.

It's 5,000.

It's 10 percent of what
I just took off the street.

Totally untraceable.


Dad? I need you to
pack up everything
you have, okay?

And get out of Chicago.
Go now, Dad. Go.

I'll call you. Bye.





I, um...

I came here to
apologize to you.


So, I'm sorry.

You're a really good cop

and you are gonna get
your shot again soon.

You came all the way here
just to tell me that?

I like you.

I know you know that.
And I miss you.

He's the only
good thing
I've ever done.

That's not true.

You know
what I mean.

You're a good mom.

Let's leave it at that.

I don't even know
what I would have done

if he was taken
away from me.

You don't have to
think about that now.

So, Charlie...


He'll probably get
a little rhythm
for cooperating.

Annie, I'm sorry.

I should have never
let Charlie back in.
People don't change.

You did.

Hey, guys. Dad's home.




Sheldon Jin.

I believe he worked
in your unit.

Yeah. That's right.
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