Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 14 - The Docks - full transcript

As Antonio's life is now in question, Voight and Platt open up about their pasts. Jin is caught while tinkering with Voight's computer and uses the only scapegoat possible to keep him in the clear. At the same time with Charlie back in town Lindsay realizes she's going to have to come clean about a few things. Halstead finally gets answers he's been wanting about Voight's and Olinsky's past.

We got a rat in here, bro.

I need you to stay on top
of Voight's phone calls,

emails, his whereabouts,
Ripped By mstoll

So, who's Charlie?

LINDSAY: He's a guy
I used to run with.

HALSTEAD: Run with
or run from?

I want him out of here.
We had a deal!

I keep my word.

officers down!

Did you see anything?
Ten One Squad.
Officer shot.

(ON TV) Adres Dias,
convicted of several
calculated murders...

Hey. He's gonna be okay.
All right?

Thank you.


Mrs. Dawson.
Is he gonna be all right?

We're gonna monitor him
closely, but he may need
a second surgery.

He's not outta the
woods yet.
Can I see him?

Of course.

Right here.


Hey, baby.

Hi, honey.
Hey, big guy.




Those guards?

Both dead.

Find him.

We will.

Dad's gonna live, right?

He's gonna be okay.
He's gonna be fine.

You know, when I was your
age, my father was
in this very same hospital.

Your dad is one of the
toughest cops I know.

He's gonna walk out of
here stronger than ever.


You two stay here with Laura
and the kids.

They don't leave your sight.
You hear me?

Yes, sir.

Sarge, no disrespect.

I'd rather be out
there hunting down Pulpo.

What is more important
than protecting Antonio
and his family?


Are you lost?
Last time I checked
this was your boss's desk.

I'm installing new incident
reporting software in all the
Intelligence computers.

Well when you're finished
here, will you come down and
fix mine? It froze up.

Of course. Yeah.
I'll be right down.

Hey. Oh, Annie.

Good to see you.
You, too.

Um, I'm sorry.

One of my partners
got shot. And I've
been at the hospital.

And I should've
texted you.
Oh no. It's all right.

Um, am I in trouble?

No. No, no, no.
Not at all.

Hey bud.

You gonna come say hi to me?

Hey Erin.

What is going on with you?
Are you sprouting?
When did you get so tall?

Can you give me
and your mom a minute?


Listen, um,

I'm sorry I made you come
all the way here. I just
wanted to tell you in person.

Charlie's back.
Why's he back?

I don't know, but he
asked about you.

Did you tell him?

About Travis?
Of course not.

But he's here,
so how do you want to
play this?

I can tell him to leave
you alone, or I can give him
your phone number.

Or I can pick a place
for all of us to meet
and I can be there.

I want you to be there.

Okay. I'll set it up.


Listen up.

What Pulpo did downstairs
was an attack on our family.

First Willhite,
and now Antonio.

So let me be clear.

Forget warrants.
Forget the rules.

It's on us to catch him.

And when we do, he's to be
handed off to me and Alvin.


They found a possible getaway
vehicle up on Division.
Any sign of Pulpo?

One dead male, no
confirmation on the body yet.
All right, let's go.

Hey, Sarge? I'm just looking
for a little clarification

on what you just said.

Pulpo ain't making it
back to a jail cell.

That clear enough for you?

So what do you got?

All fake. They took a regular
van and put the decals on it

so it looks like
a paddy wagon.

The prison transport van that
Pulpo escaped in was found six
blocks from the district.

He ditched it
and he switched to this.
All right. Where's the body?

Over here.

Driver's wearing a mall
security badge someone bought
at an army surplus store.

Forensics ID'd the prints.
His name's Carlos Guevera.

He's a known bagman
for the Colombian cartel.

Pulpo couldn't let
that guy live to talk.

Hey guys, Pulpo's girlfriend
and son were with him.

How much you wanna bet
he's taking his family unit

and hightailing it
back to Colombia?

We got his name,
his mug shot at every
border checkpoint,

train stations, airports.

If Pulpo planned this far,
you better believe he
planned for a way to get out.

What do you have for me?

I was able to download
all his reports and emails.

Do you think that Voight is
gonna leave any real dirt

on his computer under
a file labeled, "Corruption"?

Jin, I need a wire
on his Nextel, his personal
phone, and inside his car.

I'm planning on ramping up
surveillance on him, soon.

Planning on it?

If you don't give me
something that I can use
by next week,

I'm going to make sure
that your father gets
a visit from the F.B.I.

I think you understand why...
Absolutely. Halstead,
I agree with you.

So, we're all willing to just
go off book for Voight?

Look, I'm four months out of
the Academy, man.
I just do what I'm told.

Even if that means being
part of a lynch mob?

If you're asking if I'm gonna
turn over my shield in
protest? No. I'm not.

Are you? I mean...
What I'm saying is,
"What do we do?"

If we find Pulpo,
are we just gonna
turn him over to Voight?

All right. Everybody relax.
What we do is find Pulpo
and then we can figure it out.

Yeah. That's exactly
what we need. Yeah.


Anything on Lina's house?

Marshals stormed it.
Came up empty.

All right.
What about Lina's family?

Her mom's got a place on the
south side, came up clean, and
so did her cell phone records.

But I think it's worth
a drive-by.

Good. Take Sumner. Go do it.

So, last guy loyal
to him, he kills.

No friends, no family.

Who else do you have?
What about Pulpo's lawyer?

Anthony Timpone?

He reps half the
criminals in the city.

He didn't get that
rep by cooperating with the
police, I'll tell you that.

I got an idea.
When my parents got divorced,

my ma had this guy
call in a threat
to my dad's office.

He was checking for
bombs underneath
his car for months.



Hey. You got a
Spanish speaker on shift?

Hey, Garcia. Play pass-the-bum
to Andrews and get
your ass over here.

What's up?
Hey man.
I need you to, uh,

call in a death threat.

All right? Come on.

You never know when,
it's your time to shine. Go.


That convincing enough?
I bought it.

Hey, wait. Easy. Easy.

C.P. D, big guy. All right?

Wait. Wait!
You can't go in there!

What the hell?

What's with the hardware,
I have a permit.

We're looking for Pulpo.
Yeah apparently
he's looking for me.

I just got a call from him.

What do you make of that?

A call from Pulpo?
That ain't good.

They don't come cheap.
So what happened?

Pulpo spend his last chunk of
change on you, got life,
and now he wants a refund?

Yeah. That's why I got him.

You think that you and some
rent-a-cop are gonna keep him
from getting in here

if he really wanted to?

I've arrested a lot of
scumbags, you've put back
out on the street.

So I gotta be honest
with you. I don't give a damn
what happens to you,

but if you got anything that
can help me find Pulpo, it
might be good for both of us.

During Pulpo's trial,

he asked where he could buy
sets of new identities.
Top-of-the-line papers. So,

I referred him to an
old client of mine.

What's his name?

Neil Bunker. He's a Notary
Public. He's got a camera
joint on North Clark.

Bunker's been arrested for
everything from bogus passport
to counterfeit Bulls tickets.

So, let's see if Pulpo's
left any breadcrumbs.

Hey there. Welcome.

how can I help you?

Recognize him?

You sure?

Don't worry about him.

We heard if someone's looking
for clean ID's and
credit cards they come to you.

You want to get some
pictures developed, great.
But, otherwise...

You sure you don't
recognize him?


What kinda shop is this?
It's just a photo shop.
It's what we do. Photos.

Bring him back here.

So, what is this
little operation?
Oh, I... No, I... It's...

Looks like somebody
got a haircut.


Got Pulpo.

Okay. (SIGHS)

Let's start over.

Where's Pulpo?
I know who he is.

I'm not having him
coming after me.

You're gonna have
to arrest me.

Who said anything
about arrest?

I mean, all I know is you...
You took a shot
at a police officer.


Pick it up.

Pick it up.
Go ahead. Pick it up.

Don't look at me.
Listen, you have two choices.

You can shoot your way
out of here, or you can
tell me about Pulpo.

All right. I made...
I made him 3 sets of ID's

and a couple of
credit cards to match.

Was he was with
a woman and a kid?

And you have no idea
where they're going?

Of course not.
No, I swear.


Hey. Take him in.
Book him.

Get up.
Aiding and abetting.

but I talked.
Not fast enough.

Anything off the PODs?

No. But I've got every
electric eye in the city
wide open.

What about the Sumner thing?

What about it?

I told you to look into it.
You getting stupid on me?

Um, no, no. Uh, yeah. Here.

I pulled all her calls
in the last week.
Any with Internal Affairs?

Uh, I think she made
three calls over there
to a Edwin Stillwell.

I don't know what they were
about, though. I mean she
might have a case pending.

Where's Burgess?
Went to the bathroom.

Fixing her make-up, huh?

How's he doing?
Resting. He's a fighter.


Hi. And thanks so much.
The kids love those.
No biggie. How you doin'?

Hanging in there.


You know...

I've known your dad
a long time.

We were in the same
patrol unit, back
when he was a rookie.

When we went on this call
one time, chased this dealer
into a crack house.

He shot at us through the
door with a 12-gauge.

I got hit in the hip
and went down.

And this bad guy,
he would've finished me off,

but your dad,

he ran over and picked me up.
He carried you?

He did. I was
a little thinner, back then.

So they plucked the
buckshot out of me and
they stuck me behind a desk.

But if it wasn't
for your dad... (SIGHS)

Uh-huh. All right.
Keep us posted. Thanks.

Anything on Lina's
mom's house?

No. Zip. But I've got
a couple undercovers
parked down the street.


At, uh, the hospital.

I've never heard Voight
talk about his father.

What's the whole story?
Nothing you can't find in the
Sun-Times archives.

You lived with him.

Look, all I know is that
every time a cop
gets shot in this city,

Voight gets that
same look in his eye.


I need some air.

Must feel strange going to
a police station every day,

I gotta make this quick.

Hey, whatever happened
to Voight? Let me guess,

dead or in jail.

Actually he's my boss.
Your boss?

(SMIRKS) Up in here?

That's right.

(CHUCKLES) Classic.

That's classic.
Okay, well you can tell him
to leave me alone.

Tell him I got flushed
down the toilet
so you could play cop.

Ring a bell?

You don't even know.

Listen, you got a son,
Charlie. With Annie.

His name's Travis and
he was born six months
after you left.

What? How come
no one told me?

No one could
get a hold of you.

I'm gonna set up a time for us
all to meet. I'll be in touch.

Oh. Okay.
We've got a hit.

Lina's fake ID, Maria Esposito
was just used along with
her fake credit card

to rent a vehicle from Midway
20 minutes ago.
You got eyes on 'em?

Even better. It's got a
GPS tracker on it.
I got its exact location,

heading north on Pulaski.

Uh, Sumner, you're out.

Oh. Okay, I'll stay back
and watch...
No, you're out of my unit.

You're transferred.
As of tomorrow,
you work in Narcotics.

You can't transfer me.
Already made the call.

You're making a mistake.
My mistake was letting you
stay around this long.

You got the day
to pack your desk
and pass off your files.

Where is he?
Five blocks up ahead,
still going northbound.


I don't see an SUV.

Hold up, they just pulled off.

We got a visual.

No sirens.
OLINSKY: A lot of people here.

Get in your car.
Get in your car.
Get down! Get down!

HALSTEAD: Hey, hey, hey. Hey.
Stay in your car.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Go. Go. Go.

No driver!
I can't see and
I can't clear this!


Put your hands up.
Get 'em up! Up!

Put your hands up.

Get away from the door.

Put 'em on your head.
Come over here.

He's not in there.

Where's Pulpo?

Where's Pulpo?

So how did you think this
was work out, Lina?

You guys were gonna
leave and just be a big,
happy family in South America?

I want to see my son.
You tell us where Pulpo's
headed, you can see him.


Adres told me to rent a
truck, and then pick him up

at a taqueria at Fifth and
Pulaski, off the highway
at 5:00.

Anything else?

He said if anything
changed, he'd call me.

This throwaway phone
we found on her
has zero calls.

Pulpo ain't gonna be at Fifth
and Pulaski. He used her and
the kid as a diversion.

He wanted her to get caught
to throw us off the scent.

Hey, just hand her over to
Major Crimes and notify
Child Services on her kid.

Let's go. Everyone go back
and check every scrap
of paper we have on Pulpo.

I don't care if it's a
jailhouse lunch wrapper
he left in the cage.

Every known associate, rival,
anything you can find.

I'm sorry things
didn't work out.

I didn't get a chance
to look at them,

Catch this guy.
For Antonio.

Hey, Atwater. I just got a
text from Ruzek.
You gotta hot date?

No. Voight gave
Sumner the boot.

They're gonna need
to replace her.

Let's agree that we both
deserve that spot.



Hey guys, check this out.

It's a Motion for Assets
petition filed on behalf
of Adres Dias.

Someone tried to bond
Pulpo out.

His bond was set at
a million dollars.
He never made bail.

Yeah. But somebody tried.

Stepan Nestrov
put his nightclub up
as an asset,

but it wasn't worth enough.
Nestrov? A Russian. Come here.

Nestrov is part of
the Elston Avenue crew.

Fresh off the boat
Russians shipped over to do
dirty work for the old timers,

but they decided to
break off on their own.

Yeah. And the Russians hate
the Colombians.

All right. Then why'd they
try to bond Pulpo out?

Just get the address
of that club.

Hands up!

Everybody, hands in the air!
Hands in the air.

Put your hands
behind your head!

Back up. Now. Don't look at
me. Get on the floor.
Get on the ground.

Get down. Turn around!
Get on the ground.

Get down. You, too.
Down on the ground.
Spread your legs open.

50-21 emergency,
shots fired at police.

Suspect's gonna need
an ambulance.

Back's clear. I see a
lot more cocaine. No Pulpo.

Put your arms out. Spread
'em out. Spread 'em out.
Spread your legs.

So why would you put up
your nightclub to bond out a
Colombian drug lord

who's wanted for murder?

Somebody dating
somebody's sister?

They pay me
for your sister, sucker.
What was that?

Hey, you guys. This laptop you
confiscated from his club?

I cracked the password, but I
can't read any of the emails.
They're all in Cyrillic.

It's gonna take me forever
to translate this.

I don't suppose we
have a cop on shift
that reads Russian, too?

I know a guy.

So, it looks like most
of these are back and forth to
his girlfriend in Moscow.

Uh, wait.

Here's one about
a shipment on Aeroflot.

What's that?

It's a Russian airline.
Do you think it's about
shipping coke?

I don't know. There's an
attachment, though. Um,

it's for a transport trailer.

Well, you don't need a
transport trailer to move a
couple of gym bags of coke.

Yeah. But you do
need one for SUVs.

This is a bill of lading
listing two vehicles

being shipped on an
Aeroflot cargo plane
from O'Hare to Moscow.


Come on in, Brian.
It's all right.

Come on.

Ask him, what's he
doing with Pulpo?


Tell him...
Tell him if he talks,

I'll charge one of his boys
down in the cage
with the cocaine and he walks.



He asks if you're serious?

He knows my reputation from
the street. I keep my word.



He says the Octopus
fronted them a million dollars
in cocaine.

That's why he's helping him.
He owes him.

Is Pulpo in that container?




It leaves at 3:00.
That's in two hours.


What's the problem?
Just follow us. Be cool.

Come on down.

Take him outside
and stay there.


Let's go.


Hey, Pulpo. Remember me?

(GRUNTS) No! No!

Now you can take off.


Well that's that, then.

Go get the driver.

Come on, wait.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I can give you the Russians.
I can give you the Mexicans.

Come on, man.
I don't care.

Come on, man.
Just arrest me, man!
Come on!

(MUFFLED) This is
insane, man. (GRUNTS)



Lt'll be dark in an hour.

How you doing?

I'm dying of thirst.



We got him.

I didn't see it on the news.

I'm not sure you will.


Come here.

The guy who killed
Olinsky's partner, Browning.

Supposedly, they took him to
the docks on River Road.

And did what?
Took him for a boat ride.


I want Pulpo punished
for what he did.

But I don't want that
on my conscience. Do you?

Feels like deja vu.

You know, a little, yeah.


You know I was never
sure if, um, you...

You killed Browning because
of Eddie, or because

you were trying to
make up for your father.

He murdered our partner.


What happened to my father
had nothing to do with it.


He ever keep you
awake at night?

Sleep like a baby.


Well, I haven't slept
right in 20 years.

That's not 'cause
we killed Browning.

That's 'cause he
killed your partner and you
weren't there to stop it.


Yep. (SIGHS)

All right, so,
have we learned anything?

He's gonna die in prison.
We're just speeding
up the process.


Come on.
It's time.





Get up.

I got it.

Shut up.

You ever go swimming with a
Chicago necklace?


(MUFFLED) No! No! No!


You can't do this.

You went to see Antonio.

What Antonio wants and
what Pulpo deserves are
two different things.

We need to turn him in.
He dies right here,
right now.


Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait, wait a second.
Wait a second.

The kid's right, man.
We got him. We won.


Nah, not now.
Not tonight.
Not tonight.



You got him?
I got him, Detective.

Come on.
All right, these are all
the files right here.



Hey, Sarge.
You wanted to see us?

You may have heard we
have a spot open.
Yes sir.

You might want
to fill it right away.

Congratulations, Atwater.
You just made Intelligence.

Uh, thank you, sir.
I appreciate that.

All right. You start tomorrow.

Congrats, Kevin.
Thank you.

Would you give me a sec?
No doubt.

Can I ask why?
You didn't make the cut?

You're good police, Burgess.

I just don't tolerate
in-house romance.

Especially from a uniform
who should be doing
everything she can

to prove she's fully
committed to the job.

No, it's...

Thank you, sir.

Get the door.

Hey, hey.
Is everything all right?

What happened?



May I come in?

It's been awhile since
I've been in here.

You know, everything
that happened to Antonio,

made me start thinking
a lot about Eddie.

After he was killed,
I put a lot of distance
between me and you.

Alvin, are you okay?

I want to make things
right between us.

Hey. Come here.


You're late.
I got caught up
with something.

And what is that?
I thought it'd be nice.

For a five-year-old,
Travis is 12.

And I told you, you can't just
invoke your father-son
privileges already.

Hey T,
I want you to
meet somebody.

This is Charlie.
Me, and him, and your mom,

we all grew up
together. We're old friends.

Pleasure to meet you, Travis.

You a Bears fan?

Who's your favorite player?

Oh. That's a good choice.

I'm old school.
Can't beat Singletary.

Your mom still a
Packers fan?
Don't remind me.

Tell me about it.

All right.

Well, I just wanted to stop by
and say hey. It's been awhile.

Glad that you did, Charlie.

You got a sec?

I'll be right back.

Erin? Erin,

yes or no?
Do you owe me?

Are you kidding? Do you have
something cooking already?

Don't blow this, Charlie.
Yes or no? Do you owe me?

Yeah, sure.

Good answer.


Give me another

Whatever he's having.

Two of those.
You got it.



You're gonna
hear me out first.

I deal with things
in the moment.

I make the best
decision I can.
Sometimes I'm right.

Sometimes I'm wrong.

And I accept that.

I move forward, knowing
I did the best I can
to protect this city.

I have my convictions.

And I don't give
a damn what anybody thinks.

You have yours as well, Jay.

I know that.

And I respect that.


Ripped By mstoll