Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - My Way - full transcript

Commander Perry notifies the Intelligence unit that Pulpo has been released to help track down a dangerous cartel leader. This doesn't sit well with our team as he kidnapped one of their ...

Columbian hit squad.

Twenty-two hollow point.

ANTONIO: That's an
assassin's bullet.

Somebody wanted a bigger piece of
the pie for himself.
Ripped By mstoll

PERRY: Gustav Munoz

Find out where in my city
this guy thinks he can hide.

You remember Pulpo, right?

He kidnapped my son.


He's pulling Pulpo
out of the M.C.C. And
using him as bait

to draw Gustav Munoz.

What's up with you and
Rebel Without a Cause?

Nothing. He's engaged.

My fianc?e.

Eager to tie the knot, huh?

No, I'm just
sick of planning.

Who called Internal Affairs?

You said this was
gonna be a partnership.

There's a lotta different
kinds of partnerships.

I have eight people
working underneath me.

And another 12 cops
that report to me.

And guess who takes up
75% of my time?

Your gravelly-voiced ass.

You know, I'd like
to think the arrest
record of my unit...

When I go in for
my annual review

it's measured on the number
of arrests that you make

working in conjunction
with Internal Affairs.

And so far
that number is one.

Maurice Owens.

I know for a fact
that you're out
there on the street

and you're rubbing
shoulders with scum

and I can only imagine

how much
money you've taken
and not vouchered.

Sounds like you're getting
some fuzzy Intel, Edwin.

Cause that ain't happenin'.

I have a solution
as to how you can start

working it off
more effectively.

There's a Narcotics
detective who we've had
our eye on for some time.

I don't go after other cops.

That was the first thing
out of my mouth when
I made my little deal here.

So you can shake
your ass all you want,

that ain't changing.

You will give me more,
or you will be gone.

First and final warning.

Hey, Adam.



You got a second?
Can I talk to you?


How's your niece doing?

BURGESS: She's doing
better. Thank you.

So listen, I, uh, I...

I know I've been
sending some mixed
signals lately.

Oh no, uh, you...

No, it takes two to,
mix signals. So...

Those are gonna stop.


I've decided I'm gonna
give my relationship
with Wendy

a real go, you know.

(SIGHS) I just
wanted to tell you.

Yeah. Yeah.

Absolutely. Of course.

I'm sorry
about all this.



PLATT: Burgess.

Officer Burgess.

Go to the locker room.

Throw some cold water
on your face.

Then tell yourself
three times,

he was never yours
to begin with.



Hi. I'm looking
for Erin Lindsay.
Are you?

I'm an old friend.
My name's Charlie.

Well, you can leave your
name and number.

I'll make sure
she gets the message.

Here you go.

You got a last name,

Or is this
a Madonna type deal?


She'll know who I am.

Tell her
it's been awhile.

You hear anything
more about Pulpo
getting pulled out?

Yeah, apparently he's got an
unreasonable list of demands

before he agrees
to cooperate.

Yeah, well,
he's safer in prison.


We got a rat in here, bro.


What did you think
was gonna happen
when you got this unit?

They'd just
leave you alone?
With your history?

I didn't think they'd be
so obvious about it.


Go for Voight.

It's Perry.
Gustav Munoz is back.

He struck again across town.


PERRY: This was Munoz.

We got proof
of it upstairs.

Moving a lot of dope
out of here.

Hey, fellas.
Found a misfired bullet.

It's a.22 hollow point.

Same as we found
at the Two-Threes'
stash house.

Crime Lab did a rush
on some prints.

It's a match for
Gustav Munoz.

Where were you
finding this guy?

We've got his face
everywhere, sir.

ICE, Anti-Crime,
every department
is looking for him.

Look, I thought
this guy was just a...
A hired assassin.

BELDEN: Not quite, Commander.

Munoz is going for
a full on power grab.

He wants to wear
that crown.

I thought Munoz was
working for Pulpo.
Yes or no?

BELDEN: Commander,

Pulpo has agreed
to cooperate with us fully.

We can ask him
about Munoz,

what his habits are,
what his behavior
patterns are.

So why is he
still in prison?

Because he has
a lot demands
he keeps adding on...

Look! Make the deal.

Look around you.

We already
waited too long.

Now anybody else still
think it's a bad idea
to work with Pulpo?

Raise your hand
so I can see who to
punch in the mouth.

I think it's insanity.

You run this operation.

You are gonna make sure
that Pulpo gets in and
out of prison safe.

You understand that?

And you gonna keep
your head on straight

or you gonna take
some vacation time.

Either way is
fine with me.

I know emotions are high.

Pulpo and his men cost us
one of our own.

Nearly cost us
a family member.

But if you got into this
profession expecting not
to deal with scumbags,

you got into
the wrong line of work.

Go ahead.


This is us doing our job.


Hi, Antonio.

Ah, yes. Gustav Munoz.

Bad, bad, bad person.

(LAUGHS) lt'll be good
to get him off the streets.

Where is he?

Uh, business first.

I need to make sure
my deal is done.

After that
I'm at your service.


I want to see
what you're giving him.

Out of solitary, money
to his commissary account,
extra yard time...

It's all right.

Conjugal visits?
Has he got a girl
on the side?

Find out.
We can use whatever
leverage we can get.

Yeah. Okay.
I know just the guy.

He's a hacker
I busted a year ago.

He's under house arrest.
Perfect. Go.


As you may know,
I am still a criminal.

A shot caller?

To the eyes of the
people in prison.

Which is why the idea
of pulling me out for
a fake surgery is so smart.

Thanks for that,
Lieutenant Belden.

How do you say in English
what I'm getting removed?

Ah, yes.

Ves?cula biliar en espanol.

Hey! Hey! Hey!


Right now.

Of course.
Um, I'm gonna need a
cell phone, por favor.

How you doing?

I don't know.

in Intelligence
is gonna think

I'm some
pie-eyed little girl

who can't control
her crushes.

No, Ruzek was playing
where he shouldn't have.

Yeah, well,
it wasn't his fault.

Sarge, can we
get some keys?

Let's go.

Hey, Lindsay.
Somebody stopped
by for you today.

Said his name
was Charlie?

Kinda hot. Smelled like
cigarettes and Drakkar.

Said he knew you from
a long time ago.

You coming?

So who's Charlie?

He's, uh... He's a guy
I used to run with.

Run with or run from?

I got it handled.

What's up, Johnny?

This is Detective Lindsay.

How's it going?

I haven't done
anything, Detective.

Good Lord.

I thought you were working
with a therapist for that?

I relapse sometimes.

He started by
hacking into porn sites.

Then that became
government databases.

Yeah, but it was just to,
to see if I could do it.

Mmm-hmm. Yep.

We're looking for
a guy named Pulpo.

His real name
is Adres Dias.

Do one of your

We're looking for something
everyone missed. Go.

That'd be a violation of the
conditions of my parole.


PULPO: Okay,
but I want my own guy.

Because I said so.

His name is Tico.
He can be trusted.

Okay. Hey, I gotta go.

Guards are gonna
come soon, uh, uh,

and I gotta
hide the phone.


Hacer que suceda.

Who's this Tico
you're sending over?


This program I built
will cross reference
N.S.A., F.B.I.,

C.I.A. And D.H.S. Databases.

Adres "Pulpo" Dias.

There are several phones
I can link to him.

He called this one home
on Chicago's South Side

144 times
earlier this year.

Right before
he got pinched
by Intelligence.

Get me that address.

The Latino Discount Plazas.

At any given time,
a tractor-trailer
full of drugs

is being dropped off
at one of these 30 malls.

The police never
knows which one.

Neither do the traffickers.

That way if anybody
gets arrested,

nobody can lead the cops
back to the bosses.

Oh, but my
connection knows.

And he says there's
a shipment coming
from Indiana, today.

And so here we go.

Antonio goes
to meet my guy.

El Vaquero.

El "The Cowboy,"
if you will.

El Vaquero will give you
the truck to drive.

At the pickup will be...

Marcos Robles.

Robles is a high-level
capo who is in charge
of these drugs.

And it will be there,
damas y caballeros,

where Gustav Munoz
will be to get his cut.

Easy as uno, dos, tres.

Hey. Come here.

All the names match.

So, pretty long sheets,
especially Robles.

All Colombian descent,
so pretty legit.

You up for this?

I can pull another cop
to go undercover.

I'll do it.

How's your Spanish.

No bueno.

Munoz knows
what you look like.

You two went
to fist-to-cuffs.

I'm doing it.

That way if it goes south
I have an excuse to break
Pulpo's neck.


This goes any different
than uno, dos, tres...

No need to finish
your threat, okay?

I completely understand
the situation I'm in.


When you see
"The Cowboy"

tell him El Pulpo says,
"Happy Birthday."

And he'll know you're good.


(GRUNTS) I'm Tico.

Pulpo says,
"Happy Birthday."

I've never seen you before.

Now you have.

Open your shirt.

Open your shirt.

Take it easy.


Open it.

Open your shirt.

All right.
Get ready to move in.


Are you out of your mind?

Are you out of your mind?

I don't know who you are.

And all you got is a name.

I'm the cousin of the
guy who's on Pulpo's
tier at Stateville.

The one who
gives him protection.

How 'bout I tell my cousin
you pulled a gun on me

and as soon as Pulpo's
back from the hospital
he slits his throat?

And guess who's
throat is next?


I'm sorry.
You damn well better be.

Entonces, ?estamos bien?


ANTONIO: Okay, so now what?

Antonio Dawson, baby.




Again, I'm sorry.

Don't sweat it.

Wheels up.


LINDSAY: Lina Ochoa?

Detectives Lindsay
and Halstead.

We have a couple
questions to ask you.

What about?

You know someone
by the name of Adres Dias?

Goes by Pulpo?

Oh, God,
don't remind me.

How do you know him?
We met in a club once.

I made the mistake
of being nice to him.

We noticed that
he called you a lot.

Like 144 times.

Yeah, cause he's crazy.

I would've taken out
a restraining order
against him

if I didn't think
he'd kill me.

Have you had any contact
with him recently?

Hell no.

Don't tell me he's out.


No. We're just checking.

Good. Let him
rot in prison.

Thank you for your time.

BOY: Momma?

Good luck.

Cute kid.

Lleg? la carga.


You stay here.

I got an eye on Robles.

Black hat,
black leather jacket
with a hoodie.

No sign of Munoz, though.

He's on the move.

Hey. You stay here with me.

All right,
Robles is leaving in
the rig. Follow him.


Hey, quit beating yourself up.
Nobody's gonna judge you.

It's birds and bees.
Who cares?

You're right.

Yeah. I just...
I gotta get back
on the horse.

That, that's what
I gotta do.

There you go.

And I got plenty of guys
I could set you up with.

Okay. As long as
they have a job.

You know what?
No, I don't care. I just...

I gotta go on a date.

As long as I don't
have to buy dinner.

You know what?
I'll buy dinner.

We have a call
of persons down,

respond to Kiev Sauna
One Nine One Six.


MAN 2: Easy, easy.

There you go.



VOIGHT: Freeze!
SUMNER: Chicago P.D.

VOIGHT: Get your hands up!
RUZEK: Turn around!
Turn around!

VOIGHT: Get your hands up.
SUMNER: On the ground!

RUZEK: Turn around!
SUMNER: On the floor.

ROBLES: Let go of me, man.
OLINSKY: Turn around.

OLINSKY: You hear me?
SUMNER: Now! Get down.




RUZEK: Get your hands down.
OLINSKY: Where's Munoz?

They just walk in here
and start shooting.

Look familiar?

(SIGHS) The bullet type,
and point-blank
shots to the head.

Did you see
the shooters?

They didn't see me.

Was he one of them?


Gustav Munoz.
He on his way?

Why would he be here?

For his cut.
Don't act stupid with me.
I'm not playing around.

If I saw Gustav Munoz
I strangle him.

He'd try to do
the same to me.

He's not here.


RUZEK: Come on, pal.
Come on.


Two high ranking
Ukrainian mobsters

were just killed in
a bathhouse across town.

Execution style.

Witness I.D.'d Munoz
as the shooter.

Don't tell me we just
got worked by Pulpo.



? Qu? pas?? ?No Munoz?

He was never
gonna be there
and you know it.

You sent us
on a goose chase

to take out
your rival faction
within the cartel.

What? No, no, no, no, no.
That is... That's crazy.

I thought Munoz
was gonna be there.
I promise.

But even so,
Lieutenant Belden
here told me

you removed at least
100 kilos of cocaine
from the street,

illegal weapons,

and hundreds of thousands
of dollars in drug money.

I mean, all in all,
not a wasted trip, yes?

Which I believe, uh,

is worth a new TV for me.

Part of our side-deal.
Wasn't in the paperwork.

Get out.

Turn it down
a notch, Voight.

Get out of here
or I will throw
your ass out.

PERRY: Hey. Hey.
VOIGHT: Get out of my way!


Calm down, Voight!

PERRY: Hey! Knock it off.

Let it go.

let me run point now.

Pulpo doesn't
trust these two

as far as
he can throw 'em.

you wanted this
lunatic out?

Here he is.

He's been playing us.

He will continue
to play us until he's
hanging off a ledge.

Give me ten minutes
alone with him.

Ten minutes.
You know I can't.

Not now.

We got something.

This is Pulpo's baby momma
and son, Osberto.

She here cause
she wants to be here?

No. We leaned on her.

She's got a failure
to appear off a D.U.I.

Maybe played up
possible jail time.

You watch the kid.

Can you come with me
please, ma'am?

Looks like it's just
gonna be me and you for
a while, little buddy.

Is my mom in trouble?


There's a bad man

and we're trying to
stop him from doing
more bad things

and your mom's
helping us.


It's all right.

Okay? Oh.


LINA: Adres.

Hey, it's okay, baby.

gonna be okay.

Be a shame for
your kid to grow up with
a mother in prison.

The system isn't good
for any child.

You can't do that.

You took my son.
I have no problem
taking yours.

Adres, please,
don't let them take
our baby away.

Hey, it's okay.

Hey, leave her
and my son alone,

and I'll tell you
Munoz's next target.

Well, if your
information's good

maybe we can
work something out.

But, this is
your last shot.

I understand.

VOIGHT: Mmm-hmm.

All I need
before I tell you

is to see my new deal
that states that

Lina and my son
will be free from

Belden, I need to
see it in writing!


LINA: Adres!
Okay! Okay.


Okay, what?


He's gonna be at the
Festival de la Ascension.

You've heard of it,
right, Antonio?

It's at the
Aragon Ballroom.
Starts tomorrow.

That's right.

There's this man
from New York.

He's a high level man.

His name is
Francisco Heredia.

Munoz knows he'll be
at the festival and Munoz
will be there to kill him.

This is the final piece of
the rompecabezas for Munoz.

It's a real bitch
getting into the
foster care system

at five years old.

I've investigated
a lot of these cases.

The thing is,
you just never know
what happens

to some of these kids
until years later.

I promise you
this is the truth.

How do you know for sure
Heredia will be there?

It's the birthday
of his twin girls.

They were born here
and he's very superstitious.

Every year he, his wife,
and his twin girls

go to the first day
of the festival.

Once Heredia dies...

Munoz and his men will have
sole control over the cartel.

Tell everyone
to be here at 8:00 A.M.

Let's go.

Voight, I want
to see my son now.



Please. Belden.

We catch Munoz,
you can see your son.

You have my word.

8:00 A.M.
Be suited up
and ready to go.

What, we believe Pulpo?

What is it Jay
likes to say?

He's the best of
a lot of bad options.

So we're just
supposed to take
his word for it

even though,
after he lied and...

You think I want to be
dealing with this prick!

Every day I look
across the desk

and I see a chair where
my partner used to sit

and she ain't here
because of him!



Hey, baby. Hey.

What's wrong?

Come here. In here.

I've been
trying to call you.

Yeah, I'm sorry.

I've been swamped
with this case. I...

It's gonna get
like this sometimes.

I think I'm gonna
stay with my folks
for a little bit.


What's going on?

Adam, this isn't
the place to have
this conversation,

but I never know
when I'm gonna see you.

You're not the same as when
you went into the academy.

And something
about this unit
has changed you.




Hey. Have you seen Burgess?

What do you mean, why?

Just leave her alone, man.

You need to mind
your own business?

Listen, I don't care that you
work upstairs. I don't care
that you outrank me.

You're messing with her head
too much.

So, either you leave her alone
or me and you are
gonna have to get into it.


All right man. You got it.

Fair enough.

Oh, thank you.



I'm back!


I'll, uh...
I'll see you tomorrow.

Are you sure?


I'm good.

No hug? Come on.

Come on.

All right. Okay,
so where's the badge?

I'm not gonna believe it
until I see the badge.

Come on.

I still don't believe it.

It's funny how
life works out, huh?

You're not supposed to
be in Chicago, Charlie.

It's been long enough.

I missed everybody.

Missed you.

And, uh...


Well, I don't need
to explain myself.

I wanted to come back.

You still in touch
with Annie?

Yeah, I am.

Yeah, I been
looking for her, too.
You got her number?


You gotta let me
talk to her first.

You gonna be like that?
Come on. Give me a break.

I have your number,

I'll be in touch.


I'm proud of you, girl.

I'm serious.

You made it out.


You're safe.




How's work?


Voight thinks I'm a rat.
Couldn't be better.

Just prove to him
that you're not.


I've been trying.

I have a couple hours.

We talked about this.

I'm looking
for my own place
right now. I swear.

And we're gonna tell
the kids soon.

Okay, well,
when that happens.

We're gonna be together.

You must believe that.

Don't do this for me.

Because she is gonna
take you for everything
that you have.

Shh. I got it
all worked out.


Let me know when you do.




I've figured out a way
to make you worth
my time and effort.

Well, that's great.

Twenty five percent.

Everything that you
take off the street.

It doesn't look
like I have much
of a choice, so...

All right.

If you try
and screw me,

or short-change me,
or set me up,

I have five
bear traps set

and you will not
make it out alive.

I get it.

Francisco Heredia.
Get a good look at him.

Now, we obviously want
Munoz first before
any shots are fired.

Getting Heredia in custody
is a secondary objective.

It's gonna be a big crowd.
Lot of moving parts.

So keep your eyes
and ears open.

All right.
Hey, Jin. Come here.


I was out of
line last night.

No, you weren't, man.

Come here.

I love you.

Hey, hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey.

You gotta tell me
you love me back,

otherwise I'll look
like an idiot.

Come on, man.
I love you too, Alvin.


All right?
Yeah. Thanks. Thanks.

Is that good?

(SIGHS) What's up?

We got I.A. Sniffing
around here lately.

I want you to keep
an eye on Sumner for me.

You get anything that
shows that she's a pipeline,
I wanna hear about it.

You got it.

That's it.


Heredia just arrived.

How are you?

Keep your eye on
the florist onstage.

Near the statue.


RUZEK: Shots fired.
Shots fired!


There is no way that
he got both guards.

Any visual on the
second muzzle flash?

Alvin, Halstead,
you got this guy?

Target ducked down.
He's outta sight.

Can't get a lock.
No clear shot.



Come on.
Come over here.

Come on. Stay down.

RUZEK: Get out.
VOIGHT: Get down. Get down.

Find Munoz.

I have eyes on Munoz.

Out of the way.
Move, move. Move!

Move! Keep moving.



VOIGHT: Do you
have the shot?

He's blocked
from this position.

Come on.

Come on.

I have Munoz.



ANTONIO: Get up! Get up!
Move! Move!

You got it, Commander.

I will pass it along.

That was Commander Perry.

He wants to know why
shots had to be fired.

So much for "Nice job."

The day Perry says that
I will take every one out
for karaoke.

I'd pay to see that.

What are you
gonna sing, boss?

Uh, My Way.

You were expecting
Love Shack?

I don't know.


Lo que empieza bien,
termina bien.
S?, ?Antonio?

I want him out of here.

Hey! We had a deal.

I get to hold
Lina and my son
before I go.

Get him out of here now.

I made a deal.
I keep my word.

What's up?

So I need to
keep this quick

or Voight's gonna
wonder where I am.

You're doing great.

But right now,
more than ever,

I need you to stay on top
of Voight's phone calls,

his emails,
his whereabouts,

I want a full
work up on him

to be conveyed in a
comprehensive report
that goes to me,

and only to me,
every Friday.

Yeah. Okay.

How's your father doing?

Better, thanks.

I'm glad I could
help with that.

Can I go now?


ANTONIO: Come on.
Let's make it quick.

Come here, son.


There's nothing
like being a father,
is there, Antonio?




Mi amor.


All right,
that's enough.



You wanted to see me?

What's Charlie Pugliese
doing back in town?

I don't know,
but I will handle it.

The deal was
I take you in,

he stays out of Illinois.

Like I said,
I will handle it.

Don't go backwards, Erin.


officers down!

Did you see anything?

SUMNER: On the left.

No. No visual.

HALSTEAD: Antonio's down!

HALSTEAD: Somebody
call an ambulance!

Ten One squad.
Officer shot.

21st District
at the roll up.

Come on. Come on!
Ripped By mstoll