Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 10, Episode 9 - Proof of Burden - full transcript

After a shocking discovery, the team begins closing in on Sean O'Neal with every shred of evidence they can find. Determined to keep his son out of prison, Chief O'Neal hires a lawyer.

- I'm investigating Sean
for sex trafficking.

- This is my child!
How dare you!

- There are girls out there
who are being hurt right now,

and we're running out of time.

- According to every
report I've read,

you have nothing because
there's nothing there.

- He did rehab in Waunakee?

- He spent his summers up there
with his dad, up at the cabin.

- Maybe this is
where it all started?

- Oh, my God.

This way.

We don't have an ID yet.

M.E. thinks the
body's a decade old.

Whoever buried her
used chemicals.

Lye, bleach, hydroxide.

Knew how to destroy evidence.

Learned that somewhere.

Patty, your son led us to her.

Sean is involved in this.

You can't protect him.

And you can't save
him from this.

Help me bring in Sean now.

He's my son. You're
not bringing him in.

- Boss.

- All right, tell
me where we're at.

- We got an ID. Body's
that of Jodie Brown.

Listen, I'm going to
put you on speaker.

All right, so Jodie
was 12 years old

when she was reported missing

15 years ago out of Waunakee.

- Family IDed her off
her shoes and bracelet.

We're waiting on
dental to confirm.

- Jodie lived about a
mile from that cabin.

- She have contact with Sean?

- Her parents don't
remember the O'Neals,

but they said that
before she went missing,

she was hanging
with a new crowd.

- Yeah. New crowd, older kids.

The mom thought
they were teenagers.

Sean was around 17 then, Sarge.

- Jodie disappeared August 15.

Now Chief O'Neal was in
Houston at a police conference,

but we haven't confirmed
Sean's whereabouts as of yet.

- M.E. couldn't
rule sexual assault,

couldn't rule time of death,
but could rule cause of death.

It was a cracked hyoid.

Sean strangled her.

- All right, keep moving.

Call ahead to ASA Chapman.

Let her know I'm coming.

- All right, I'm on it.

- If we want to get the
charges for the murder,

then we need to connect
Sean directly to that cabin

and directly to Jodie.

Real, physical evidence,

above and beyond the
shadow of a doubt.

- Okay, Sean used
lye and bleach.

DNA's all gone now.

- We've got no cams,
no GPS, no tolls.

Cabin was in the
middle of nowhere.

It was 15 years ago.

So right now, we
got no witnesses,

no way to tie Sean
to the location.

- OK, what about
the sex trafficking?

The other women?
- Girls.

- Guys, I got another
connection out in Waunakee.

Her name is Isla Avers.

She's 20 years old now,
but when she was 17,

she went to the same detox
that Sean did back in Waunakee.

Same exact dates.

And then three weeks
later, she was in Chicago

getting therapy at Safe Place.

- She followed Sean to Chicago?

- And I thought she'd just
be another missing because

she became real hard
to track after like

two months at Safe Place.

But on her 18th birthday,
Isla changed her name

the moment the office opened.

And she's been moving every six
months, exactly six to the T.

- She's running.

- Something happened
to her, Sarge.

- You got an LKA?
- Fuller Park.

- Go with her.

- Yeah?

- Isla Avers?

- No, sorry.

- It's OK.
- Why do you know my real name?

- We're police.
- No.

No, I don't need police.
I didn't call anybody.

I don't want any help.
- We know about Sean O'Neal.

- That's why we're here.

We just want to talk
to you about him.

- I don't... no, I don't
know anybody by that name.

I've got nothing to tell you.

I don't. OK?

I don't have to
talk to you, do I?

- We need you to
come in with us.

- Please. Please, I
don't want to talk.

I don't have anything to say.

- I'm sorry, Isla, but we need
you to come in with us now.

I know you met Sean at detox,

and then you went to Safe Place.

He invited you?

You change your name,

you keep moving, keep
changing your hair color.

It's like you're desperately
trying not to be found.

Why? What happened?

- Nothing happened to me.

- I don't believe you.
- I don't care.

I don't care if you believe me,

and I don't care
what happened to me.

I just want to go home.
- Why?

So you can pack
up and run again?

- It's got nothing
to do with you.

- It does.

It has a lot to do
with me and you.

And all the other girls that
have gone through Safe Place.

You know, Sean's still
out there right now.

He's still running Safe Place...

- Don't do that.

Don't put that on me.

- You're right.

You're right. I'm sorry.

You know, you're the third girl

I've sat across from like this.

I sat across from Sean, too.

And I saw it,

how he looks like he can
see right through you,

like he understands.

And I trusted him.

I'm police. It's my
job to read people.

And I trusted him.

But you didn't.

You got away. You're here.

You're unbroken,

and I'm so glad.

- I can't tell you anything.

- You can. I know you can.

- I can't.

- Isla...

he doesn't have to
know you talked to me.

Do it for you.

- He used to have
sessions with me.

Like, therapy.

I told him everything about me.


He would listen. He cared.

But then one day, it was like

he just made a
decision about me.

He took me to the woods. He...

He raped me.

And then, um, I...

I was just nothing

He put something
over my mouth, and...

when I woke up, Sean was gone.

I was in a room with
a lock on the door.

It was a prison.

There were girls there.

They told me what
was going to happen,

that I was going to be sold.

I don't know how long I
was in that room, but...

men took me out.

They washed me.

They put me in a van, and...

as soon as the
doors opened, I ran.

I just ran. I ran, and...

And I didn't stop running.

- I think we got him.

This is a firsthand
account of rape,

of being held, of
being trafficked.

We got him.
- It's still not enough.

It's he said, she said.

There's no documented
evidence of trauma.

She never reported it.

She's got priors. She uses.

She's a bad victim.
She's unreliable.

- That girl... That
girl is not unreliable.

- Look, you asked me here to
tell you when you have it.

You don't have it.

Not to mention, you just
practically promised her

you'd never make her testify,

and I could argue
coercion in my sleep.

- Coercion?

- You implied she had
no choice but to talk.

- We're going ahead
with the arrest anyway.

I don't care. It's
the best we got.

I want Sean O'Neal
off the streets now.

We're going to bring him in,
we use the 48 in the box,

and just hope to hell
we get enough to charge.

Let's go.

Chicago PD.

- Hands up.

On your knees.

Get on your knees.

- Jodie, she was your first?

You raped her, and
then you strangled her?

How long you been attracted
to children, Sean?

Is that why you started
using all those years ago?

Oh, now you don't
want to talk to me?

Sit down.

How do you pick them?

Which ones to bring
in the woods with you,

to rape and then sell?


Is that why you sell them?

So they can't report you?

So you don't have to kill
them like you did Jodie?

We have you. Do
you understand?

We own you now.

Unless you talk,
unless you tell us

what happened to
all these girls,

you're going to spend the
rest of your life in prison

being beaten and raped.

- You should talk to
my kids at Safe Place.

I helped them when CPD won't.

I save them.
- Not all of them.

What about the ones
you don't save?

Where are they?

- What do you think this
is going to do for you,

Hailey, finding these kids?

Do you think this is
going to save you?

Do you think this
might stop the pain?

- Is that why you try
to save some of them?

- All right, we are done.

He's done talking.

He has no more
answers to give you.

You can leave.

I'll have a moment
alone with my client.

- Don't do this. Talk to me.

I know you want to talk to me.

- Unless you want
to lose your job,

I suggest you leave
this room very swiftly.

- OK.

- We knew we were
going to need more.

We got 40 hours left.
Now what do we got?

- We ain't got nothing
from the search warrants.

- Sean burned the documents.

- Chief told him to
destroy evidence.

- All right, Sean's
phone? The burner we IDed?

- Not there. No tech.
And GPS has been wiped.

- OK. What about Isla?

Anything there?

- All she remembers about
the place she was held,

it has locked doors,
barred windows.

- She remembers
the men, the girls,

but no concrete descriptions.

Girl was small,
big eyes, scared.

Nothing more than that.

- Nothing actionable yet.

- You know, we do know now
that Sean is a pedophile.

He's been attracted to
young girls for years.

But when he started trafficking,

he already had Helms and
Kenning at the ready, right?

- He knew them.
- Yeah.

If he knew them, he might
have been a customer.

- There might be evidence.
- Mm-hmm.

- Sean was incredibly careful.

Even years ago, he was barely
using his personal phone.

- Yeah, last time he
really used it was in 2013.

- Nothing on his email,
unless it's all coded.

- OK, OK. I got
another number.

OK, 2013, Sean O'Neal
called this number twice

from his personal.

And it also pops on
Victor Helms' cell phone.

- Who the hell is it?
- I'll tell you in two seconds.

The number is registered to
Joseph Collins, 28 years old.

He's got two priors, one for
transportation of minors,

the other one for solicitation.

And he's got a sprinter
van registered in his name.

- This is the guy
transporting the girls.

- Yeah, but it's not
enough for a warrant.

- We're going to find
a way to bring him in.

- All right, slow and steady.

Just get Joseph outside.

If he runs, we'll take him.

Joseph Collins, Chicago PD!

Come on. Joseph
Collins, Chicago PD.

Look, Joseph, I can see you.

Come on out. We
only want to talk.

- Sergeant, looks like
he's disposing of evidence.

- What are you doing?
Joe, no, stop. Stop.

- Sarge, we got a female inside.

Do you see her?
Is she underage?

- I don't know. Couldn't see.

- I think she's underage, Sarge.

I think she's a minor.

- Ow, stop.
- Come on.

- Chicago PD!

On the ground!

Hands. Let me see your hands.

Behind your back.
- It's OK.

It's OK. Are you OK?

What are you doing here?

- I'm his girlfriend.

What the hell are
you doing here?

You've got no right
kicking in our door.

You've got no right.

- I'm telling you, I don't know.

- And I don't believe you.

Now, what do you know
about Sean O'Neal?

- Nothing. I don't
know no Sean O'Neal.

- All right, tell
me what you do know.

- You talking crazy.

- You see where
you are right now?

You are on the ground in cuffs.

Your van right there,

it's about to be
towed to the district.

I guarantee you, I'm
going to find evidence

of girls that are
missing, raped, and dead.

So in about eight hours,
you're going to be charged

with sex trafficking,

- Wait, what?

- Transportation of
minors, sexual assault,

and felony murder.

- What?

- Yeah, your little
girlfriend over there,

she's going to have the same
charges dropped on her name.

- No, no. She
didn't do anything.

- Then protect her.
Protect yourself.

- I don't know what
you want from me.

- Yes, you do.

Now what is the van for, Joe?

What is the van for?

- I give rides, that's it.

- To who?
- Girls.

Girls, OK? I give them rides.

I get a text. I pick them up.

I give them rides.
That's all, man.

- Where? Where do you
pick the girls up from?

- We're set in the back.

- Breaching.

Chicago PD!

- Clear.

Let's go.


- Clear.

- Clear.

They were just here.

He moved them. He
just moved them.

- Your 48 hours are up.
- It's not.

He's got...
- Yeah, 20 minutes.

Yeah, I heard.
- We have enough to charge.

- No. No, you don't.
- You don't have enough.

- No, Joseph Collins'
statements aren't admissible.

You don't have enough.
You're releasing my kid.

- Sarge, you know
Chapman's in your office?

- Look, anything that you
recover from Joseph Collins,

anything that you recover
from questioning him,

you cannot use!

- Fruit of the poisonous tree.

- Are you kidding me?

- It's illegal entry.
It's an illegal arrest.

- No. I moved on good faith.

A suspect wanted
for sex trafficking,

a sexual offender was
refusing to open the door

and was manhandling
a girl in there.

- She was not a girl.
She was an adult.

And she was his girlfriend.

- There was no way to know that.

She was shouting. Any
cop would have moved in.

Look, you
have been hearing shouts

and seeing shadows ever since...

- What are you doing?

Patty, what the
hell are you doing?

You think we're finding
this evidence by magic?

Your son led us there,
to a 12-year-old girl,

strangled, left to rot.

To a rape.

Patty, to a house where girls
were being held and abused.

They're out there right now.

For all we know, your
son had them killed.

- No, my son is not that!

He is not this!

He's not. No, you're wrong.

- Patty, either way,
it's not your call.

Come on. Why you
being so quiet?

- I can't use it.

- What?

- It's an illegal entry,
an illegal arrest.

A coerced statement. No
ASA would touch this.

- All right, get
me Sergeant Platt.

I want him released right now.

- Patty.


- OK, thanks.

Chief and Sean just
got to Safe Place.

Looks like the chief
is dropping him off.

UCs will stay
outside, keep eyes.

- Sean would be a fool
to do something now.

- Well, let's hope
he's a fool then.

- You dropped Sean off?


I think you know the answer
to that since I clocked

your undercovers following us.

You know, there's no
need for you to be here.

It's done.

- I need you to
look it in the eye.

- I read your report.

- Patty, if you
really read them...

I mean, saw the pictures...

I mean, read what a little
girl said about your son,

about a rape?

I don't think you'd be sitting
here drinking your scotch.

- You shouldn't be here.

- Door was open.

- Do you want to
arrest me for this?

See how long I
stay in this time?

- No. Go ahead.

You wearing a wire?

- No.

You want to search me?

- No, I trust you.

But I don't...

I don't have anything
for you, Hailey.

- Yeah, you do.

And I think there's still a
decent part of you in there.

- Why?

- Because of this place.

Because you did save
some of the kids here.

I think you wanted
to save all of them.

- Do you know how many
programs I've done?

- 22.

- Joined six religions,
too. Did you find that out?

- No.

- Six.

I read all these books.

I did every kind of therapy.

Poisoned myself.

Talked to my dad, once.

Don't worry, he didn't, uh...

he didn't understand what
I was trying to tell him.

His brain wouldn't let him.

He loved me too much.

But I did try.


I didn't want to be like this.

- Then tell me where the
other girls are, Sean.

Did you move them?

- But it didn't work.

- Sean.

- I couldn't fix myself.

- Where are the girls?

- The urges,

they don't go away,

because they can't.

You see, bad things
do happen, Hailey.

Bad things happen,

but you can control
how they happen.

You can control
who they happen to.

And that... That
is what I learned.

You can sacrifice the ones
that are already broken

to save the rest.

- Who deems them broken?

- I do.

I do.

- I brought Sean
into this world.

I raised him, just him and me.

You understand?


You understand.

I know you do.

And I loved him...

through all of it.

All the time that he was
using, I just loved him.

I tried my best for him.

- You're not
responsible for this.

- Yes, I am.

We are responsible

for the people we love.

Of course we are.

- Not for this.

- What?

What is it?

- Look, it's all there.

I'm sorry.

You need to look it in the eye.

- I was born broken.

I was made like this.

Something's gone.

Right? And you were broken when
you were young, weren't you?

And it's not 'cause
your husband left.

No, you've always been broken,

just like me.

And when you're
already doomed...

- Sean, are all the girls dead?

Just tell me.


- UCs clocked you going inside.

Look, anything he
would have given you,

we couldn't have used.

- I would have found
a way to use it.

- So you want to do that now?

Make cases any way you can?

He's in your head.

- I know.

- So let's go back to work.

You, me, and the team.

That's how we're
going to get him.

That's how we're
going to save them.

- I think they're all dead.

- Come on. Hey.

Let's go work.

Let's go work. Come on.

- Copy that.

OK, forensics sped through
the DNA on the bedding.

Never hit for Sean, and
we're still waiting on more.

- There's no way he'd
go there for sex.

- So where we at
on the vehicles?

- Still sorting.

There's no cameras in
the row house street,

so we got hundreds coming
and going down the block.

- About half of them are clear.

- What about rentals?
House rental, car, van?

If he was closing up
shop, moving the girls,

he would have wanted
to move them real fast.

- Tower pings are clear.

There's no suspicious hits
in the area on Sean's phone.

- Did Vice check in yet?
- Yeah.

They haven't seen an
influx of kids yet online.

They doubt that the girls
could have been sold so quickly

without hearing some
sort of chatter.

Would have taken time.

- Voight.

This box truck was clocked
by three different cameras

near the row houses
two days ago.

Came and went.

- What's that intersection?
- 39th and State.

The plate is registered
to a Chevy Malibu.

It's in Lakeview.
- It's hot.

- This truck would be big
enough to transport the girls.

You could transport all of them.

- This is where
we lost it, Sarge.

Traffic cam shows the box
truck entering this block

two days ago and never left.

- All right, we split up,

hit every building with
access on this block.

- You got it.

- All right, I'll
take the next level.

- All right.

Sarge, this floor's a bust.

I'm going to go downstairs.

Sarge, I got the truck.

I got eyes. It's down
on the lower level.

I need backup down here.
Can anyone hear me?

Chicago Police! Call
out if you're in there!

- Hailey!
- Sarge.

- Wait, hold it.

Wait. Move. Move.

Wait a second. Move.

Can you get through?
- I can get through.

Get... get through

- OK. OK.


You smell that?

- There's people in there.

- Hold on. Watch
out. Watch out.

- Ready?
- Yeah.

One, two.

Oh, my God.

- This one's
breathing. She's alive.

- I got a pulse, too.

- No.
- It's OK. It's OK.

You're safe. We're
the police. It's OK.

- 50-21 emergency.
I need ambos rolled.

I need paramedics.
2260 Alcott.

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?

- OK.
- I'm going to call it in.

- OK.

- Are we going back to him?

- What?

- Victor, the men, Sean?

- No, you're not going back.

You're not going back
to them ever again, OK?

- Safe Place Oasis is clear.

- UCs lost him. Sean's
apartment's clear.

He's not here.

- There's Sean's truck.

Sean is at Chief O'Neal's.
We're moving in to arrest now.

- Copy 50-21.
- All right, nice and calm.

By the book.



Oh, my God.

- The chief shot him.

- 50-21, roll the crime lab...

- 50-21, come back.

50-21, repeat.

- Don't.

Don't call it in.

- 50-21.

- 50-21 emergency.

I need ambos rolled
to 1400 South Wallace.

I got one male still responsive.

GSW to neck and head.

Got one DOA.

Hailey, get me
something for pressure.

Help me save him. Hailey!

- Copy, 50-21. Ambos en route.
- Sean, stay with me.

Stay with me.

Sean, stay here with me.

You can't fix me.

- Stay with me.


- Sean?

Help me, Hailey.

Help me.


- What have we got?

- 32-year-old male, GSW
to the back of the neck,

monitor showed V-tach,
one shot delivered.

We got his pulse back.

- Let's get him to
Baghdad. What's his name?

You got a name?
- Sean.

- All right, Sean.

Moving 1, 2, 3.

Hang a dirty epi drip.

- Got it.

One of epi going in.

I've lost his pulse.

- His heart's in V-tach.

- Let's charge it to 200.


- Everybody clear.
- Shocking.

- Charge 250.

- Charging. Clear.


Looks like he's in sinus rhythm.

Check for pulse.

- I've got a good pulse.

- All right. We're back.

Get neuro down here now.

Page O.R. 1 to be ready.

Heartbeat's strong.

He's lucky as hell.

You both did good.

Saved his life.