Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 10, Episode 8 - Under the Skin - full transcript

In an attempt to distract Intelligence from the investigation into his son, Chief O'Neal forces Voight and the team to handle a "dead fish case". However, when that dead fish turns into a complicated heater case, Burgess is thrown...

We gotta keep this
in the dark,

away from the chief.

Victor Helms is
sex trafficking children.

He just met up
with Sean O'Neal.

Drop your weapon. No!

I know there's other girls.
Where are they?

We're too late.
They're all gone.

We have nothing linking
Sean to this place.

How did they know
we were coming?

I'm investigating Sean
for sex trafficking.

That's is my son.

This is my blood.
How dare you?

One sec.

Everything okay?

- Get the monster!
- Ahh! You got me!


You got me, I yield. Yield!

Okay, movie time?


Who wants the monster
to make popcorn?

I do, I do!

Who wants butter?


Who wants salt?


- Hey.
- Hey.

Any news on Sean?


Every kid Kev and I talked to,
just more of the same.

They all praise
the son of a bitch,

you know, Sean O'Neal
helped me get clean.

Sean takes me to lunch.

He understands me, got me into
therapy, that sort of thing.

He actually took one kid
on a fishing trip to Wisconsin.

They all think the guy's
a damn saint.

So we got nothing?

We got less than nothing.

What you got?


You ready
for a homicide deconflict?

They got a John Doe who dropped
where we worked Los Temidos,

and my name is
still in the system,

so they want me to ID him.


Do they know Los Temidos
is gone?

Maybe it's someone
from the past.

I'll call Voight
on the way over.

Hey, could you try and
have them in bed by 9:00?

- By 9:00?
- Yeah.

How much ice cream
have they had?

- Good luck.
- Thanks. Good luck to you.

Yeah, you and me.

Homeless guy...
Sorry, unhoused gentleman...

Was dumpster diving,
found the body.

- When?
- About an hour ago.

Looks like a robbery
gone real wrong.

Wallet and phone missing,
but thing could be personal.

Why's that?

Too much blood.

I got to take this.
Give me two secs.


Just follow the blood.


Recognize him?

Definitely not involved in
anything we were hooked into.

I'd say he got jumped,
stumbled here, bled out.

But it's overkill, right?

It's the celiac artery.

- Offender must have cut it.
- The what?

Celiac artery supplies blood
to the stomach and the spleen.

Sounds painful.

It is.

Same thing happened to me.

I was shot in the same spot
a long time ago.

All right, talk to me.

Thomas Quinn, 36,
investment banker,

stabbed six times
in the abdomen.

How'd we get the ID?

Techs pulled a crumpled
credit card receipt

from deep in his pocket.

Any connect to Temidos?

No, Sarge, not even close.

All right, good,
then we're done.

Sign it off to Homicide.

What's the chief
doing here, then?

I got this.


I need you
to work this one, Hank.

It's straight-up robbery
and murder.

Homicide's got it.

Yeah, Tom Quinn was a friend.

Sorry to hear that.

You know, he's a friend
of yours too.

He's a donor at FOP,
Police Memorial Foundation,

you name it.

Man made it better
to be a cop in this city,

so he's gonna get our best,
and that's you.

But my team...

is knee deep in the middle

of a major sex trafficking

Yeah, and according
to every report I've read,

intelligence has zero further
evidence on any operations.

You have nothing because
there's nothing there.

No, because cases take time.

This is not a polite request.

This is a direct order
for you to work

this homicide, Sergeant.

Or you will be directing
traffic by noon tomorrow.

We really taking this?

Here we are.

What do we have?

I talked
to Thomas Quinn's girlfriend.

He commutes to work
from Glenview,

was supposed to be
on his way home.

According to Metra,
he's got a monthly pass.

For the same two years,
it's been the same routine.

There's no witnesses,
no cams.

Think he was attacked
walking to Union Station,

probably didn't see it coming.

It looks like he tried
to drag himself,

maybe tried
to stop the bleeding,

but he didn't pack it
with anything.

So the pain's pretty bad.
It is hard to think straight.

So Chief O'Neal's
been feeding us a line

about this Quinn
being a friend of the blue.

Yeah, that's a shock.

Well, that was my guy
Kiesel from the Hall.

Didn't know Quinn.

Had to dig deep to find
the guy donated something

like two boxes of burgers
to the FOP picnic last year.

Well, Tom Quinn
still deserves justice.

So what else
do we have on this?

I might have something.

These photos
were just sent over

from the ASA investigator.

He's been on scene all morning.

- Check out this gray Sentra.
- Okay.

Last night,
it was parked on Madison

just down the block
from the body.

This morning,
all the other cars

were gone except that Sentra.

It was towed and ticketed
an hour ago,

and it came back hot.

So it could be our offender.

You and Kev check it out.


Hailey, I put you in
for five vacation days.

How you spend those days,
that's up to you.

Okay, I'll find something.

I found a key fob
on the floor mat.

I tried to start her up,

but looks like
the head gasket's blown.

Trust me, this car
wasn't going anywhere.

Yeah, you got that fob?

There you go.

Hey, you guys
need anything else?

It's a pancake morning,
huge wreck on Lower Wacker.

No, we all good, big dog.
Appreciate you.


- Yo, Osh...
- Yeah?

What's up with that Caprice?
You still got it?

- Yeah.
- What's that, '84, '85?

'84, bro.

It's at the shop right now
getting a new transmission.

Pretty clean.

New transmission?

How are you getting
to work then?

My ma drives me.

Your mama drive?

Pop the trunk.

There we go.


Sentra landed at our impound.

Techs all over it right now,

scrubbing it for DNA
and prints.

That duct tape?

Yep, Quinn must have been
bound and gagged inside.

So we're thinking
that the offender

was driving him somewhere.

Car conks out on Madison,
so he panics,

kills him right there in the
alley, stages it as a robbery.

I just got off with CPIC.

They got into the Sentra's GPS.

A day before Quinn's
murder, the car,

it was sitting
outside Quinn's house.

The killer was stalking him.

Yeah, so the car
left Quinn's house,

it drove to an industrial
area in Archer Heights,

and it stayed parked there
until an hour

before Quinn's murder.

Grab Adam,
see what you can find.


- All right.
- You get anything?

Yeah, security guard said
he saw the Sentra pull in,

park, tall white guy got out,

started walking down
this dirt road carrying

bright purple flowers.

Purple flowers?

I don't know.
That's what the man said.

I got your purple flowers

and something else.

What the hell is this?

I don't know,
it's a memorial

or a shrine or something.

Well, whatever it is,
it's creepy as hell.


Has the sewer cover been moved?

It's not actually a sewer.

I worked DTO down here.

It's a maintenance tunnel
for the old cable car line.

It's been sealed off for years.

More flowers.


You smell that?


Oh, Jesus.

Look at this.

You got the exact same
stomach wounds, same amount.

It's just like Quinn.

Patrol searched
a good half mile of tunnel.

No sign of an offender
or any more bodies.

We get any ID on him?

This is Gary Dunn.

ID'd thanks to his
marine tattoo right there.

Served two tours in Iraq
as a computer specialist.

Then he worked for a
tech company on LaSalle.

Lived in Lake Forest.

His wife reported him
missing three weeks ago.

Left for work, never came home.

Am I looking at sutures?

Yeah, it looks like he was
stitched up, stabbed again.

We found stitch thread
on the other two as well.

Hunter kept them alive,
watched them suffer.

Okay, see if DNA pops.

Try to find a nexus.

We got a serial killer.

No, no, please,
I have a daughter!

Kim, let's go.

Yeah, yeah, okay.

You gotta get Makayla.

I'll change out,
meet you back, we can swap.

All right, sounds good.

Please, I have a daughter.

I'm dying.

Mom, can I have
one of the yogurts

with the candies in them?

Mom, are you there?

Can I have one of the yogurts
with the candies?

No, no, please,
I have a daughter.


Yeah, yes.

Just give me a second.

All right, so the M.E.
ID'd our tunnel victims.

This is Lisa Zhou.

Lisa Zhou was an
investment banker.

She lived with her
partner in Deerfield.

Her partner
reported her missing

two years ago because Lisa
never came home from work.

This is Leo Santos a,
hit off of dental records.

He was the CEO
of a tech company.

Married, three kids,
lived in a mansion in Glencoe.

Leo was last seen at work

taking the elevator
to the parking garage.

He never made it to his car.

and of our three victims,

Lisa more than likely
died first.

The M.E. reported that
to be about two years ago.

All right,
and Leo Santos a was a year ago,

Gary Dunn three weeks ago,

and Thomas Quinn yesterday.

Offender's escalating,
what else?

All the victims were wealthy
one per centers.

They were picked up alone,
at night, on their way home.

I touched based
with the local FBI office.

A profiler on serial killers,

he emphasized that
there's four types.

You have the visionary,
likely or mentally ill,

Son of Sam variety;

The hedonist,
who's sexually driven...

Mm-hmm, and the M.E. did say
that none of these murders

had sexual components.

so that means we're closer

to power control killer,

someone who gets off
on dominating,

or a mission killer,

someone who's targeting
a specific group.

All our victims
were one per centers.

All right,
so offender's targeting

the rich for some reason.

We find the why,
it'll get us to the who.

Talk to their families,
loved ones.

Get every detail
you can about them.

Gary was nervous, like he
knew something was wrong.

He thought he was
being followed.

It was... for two months
before he died, I...


It's okay.

Gary told me that
it was all connected,

but I didn't believe him.

What was connected?

The break-in.

Nothing was stolen
except my necklace,

this cheap
stainless steel thing.

But it was so bizarre.

The guy took
Lisa's grandmother's necklace,

a costume thing.

I mean, I'm not
trying to impress,

but she had 200 grand
worth of jewelry.

None of it was touched.

Anything else?

Anything out of the ordinary?

Yeah, a window was left open.

Like, all the way open.

But the guy didn't even
break in through there.

He forced his way in
through the back.

It was like he wanted us
to know he had been there.

This is where he ran.

He hopped the fence here.

And that's where
the police found the glove.

The glove?

Yeah, our dog sleeps outside.

He must have chased him.

We heard the barking.

The burglar dropped a glove?

Did the police take it?


I got a name,
Tyler Jerome Hansen.

All right, talk to me.

The glove left behind
at the Gary Dunn burglary.

Local cops never processed it

'cause they didn't think
anything was there.

Our techs found
a tiny hair inside

and got a hit with CODIS.

Yeah, Tyler Jerome Hansen,
32, 6'2".

He's got a wife,
kids, contractor.

Boy's got a sheet,
agg battery.

Two years ago,
he got into a bar fight,

put somebody in the hospital
for a month.

LKA's a house up in Belmont.

All right, I'll get Trudy
to crack off a warrant.

- Hit it.
- Let's go.

- There he is.
- Got eyes on Hansen.

He's moving to the back
of the house, towards you.

Wife's inside too.

Tyler's coming out.

Tyler Hansen.

Chicago PD, turn around.
Put your hands up.

- What?
- Hands up.

Turn around.
Put your hands up now.

- Turn around. Turn around!
- What's going on?

- What's happening?
- Ma'am, stay back.

What are you doing?
What's going on?

I will put you in cuffs.
I will put you in cuffs!

- I said stop!
- Hey, hey.

- What's going on?
- Stay back.

Tyler, Tyler!

You think I killed them?

What? This is insane.

Who are these people?

Well, that's Gary Dunn.

He was a war hero.

You ever met him?


Been to his house?

Why would I go to his house
if I never met the man?

See, that's where
we got a problem.

We know the murderer of
Gary Dunn broke into his house,

dropped that glove
on the way out.

What's that got
to do with me?

We found your DNA
in that glove.

No, no, it's impossible.

The science doesn't lie.


This is your one chance
for us to help you.

Three murders,
kidnapping, torture.

Let me tell you
something, the Feds,

they would love
to take this case.

We give it to them,

you're talking about a needle
in your arm, you understand?

Or you talk to us and you live.

It's your call.

- When?
- When what?

When did these murders

From 2019 to 2021,
I was living in St. Louis.

I swear on my parents' grave
I had nothing to do with this.

I'm not this.
I'm not a killer.

I swear.

Everything Hansen said
checks out.

He lived in St. Louis
during two of the murders.

It's only a five-hour drive.

So it's still possible.
What else?

I got two years of Hansen's
phone records,

no calls to any of his victims.

And we know our offender
stalked his victims.

That's why it's not
really adding up, Sarge.

I also dug into the
agg assault charge.

Some drunk ran up on Tyler's
wife in a sports bar,

so he tattooed
that drunk's face

with an autographed
Frank Thomas bat.

Good choice.
Lifetime .301 hitter.

Hansen's got an active social
life, family, steady job.

He doesn't fit our profile.

Hank, your offender
spend the night?

We're 24 in, why?

There was a burglary
in Burlington last night,

a Keith and Linda Moore.

Burglar entered the
back door but kept

a window open as if
to tell them he was there.

- They work in the city?
- Wife does.

Commutes every day.

All right, offender may be
on them right now.

So let's split up
and find the Moores.

Just keep your eyes open.

Play it smart.

- Keith Moore?
- Yeah.

I'm Officer Burgess.
This is Officer Ruzek.

Thanks for coming so quickly.

Yeah, what the hell
is going on?

Keith, we think that the man
that robbed your house

might be targeting your wife.

Targeting my wife?

We've got officers
going to her.

Is she still at work?
She's not answering her phone.

She turns it on
when she's coming home.

She's probably
coming home right now.

Okay, has she mentioned
anything weird happening

in the last month,
somebody following her,

anything like that?

She saw a guy in a hoodie
twice outside of our house,

staring, tall white guy.

Keith, I need you
to call Linda right now

and put her
on the line with me.

Don't ask questions.
Just call her.

- How does she commute?
- Drives.

She got a parking garage?

Addison and Weston, why?

What's going... hey,
are you okay, honey?

Look, I got these Chicago
police officers here.

They want to talk to you.


Linda, hi, I'm Officer Kim
Burgess with the Chicago PD.

Where are you now exactly?

- Parking garage, top floor.
- All right.

Okay, good, Linda,
what I need you to do...

Kev, where are you at?

- I'm going west on Roscoe.
- Good, you're close.

All right,
she's at a parking garage,

Addison and Western,
top floor, BMW,

make some noise going in, okay?

You in your car yet, Linda?

He's just a few blocks away.
It's gonna be fine.

Just let me
know when you are.

We've got officers
two blocks away.

You should hear their
sirens any second.

Good. That's us. That's us.
Don't worry about it.

It'll be all right.

- Baby?
- Linda, what's going on?

Linda, can you hear me?

Linda, Linda,
can you hear my voice?

I need you to fight.

Okay, we have officers
almost there.

Can you fight?

Linda, Linda, can you hear me?

Kev, where are you at?

We just got here.
We got three floors to go.

Okay, we think
it's going down right now.

He's got to be there.

- That driver, that driver.
- I see him, go.

Go upstairs and see
if she's still there.

I got it.

50-21 David,
I got a partial plate

on a Mercedes
C-Class 33 John Paul

fleeing towards
Western and Addison.

I got it! I see the car!

Hey, Chicago PD.
I need y'all to move.

50-21 David, I lost eyes
on the Mercedes.

I repeat, I do not have eyes
on the Mercedes.

I need some cars out here.

50-21 Ocean, car's bona fide,
I see blood.

Driver just abducted
a female victim.

We need cars now.

Security footage
confirmed a masked offender

jumped Linda Moore,
pushed her in his trunk.

Got the plate BOLOs out.

All right,
get a community alert,

and I want a CLEAR alert
on Linda Moore right now.

Hey, CPIC's got it.

CTA cam caught the Benz
idling at a red light.

Offender took off his mask.

We got a hit on facial rec.

Offender's name is Mark Hansen.

- Hansen?
- Tyler Hansen's older brother.

It explains the gloves.
Must have used his brother's.

- Adam, run him through Lexis.
- I'm already on it.

Okay, Mark Hansen,
34, not married,

lives alone
in a one-bedroom in Berwyn.

All right, well,
if he's following a pattern,

he's not gonna
kill her right away.

Let's move.

You ready?

All right, move.

No one here.

Sarge, place is empty,
no sign of Linda.

Comb it end to end.


You understand any of this?



His trophies.

All right.

The only thing personal
in this whole damn room

is a picture of his brother.

They're close.
That man knows something.

- Send me those pictures.
- Yeah.

None of what you're saying
makes any sense to me.

It makes sense to Mark.

No, no.

My brother's not
a serial killer.

He's not holding onto some
woman, watching her bleed.

Recognize this, Tyler?

It was at your
brother's apartment.

And this is at the site
where we found three bodies.

He studies history.

He gets obsessed.

You don't want it to be true.

- It's true.
- No.

And right now, there is a
woman bleeding out in pain

and fighting for her life.

Look at me, Tyler.

Look at me, Tyler.

The same thing happened to me.

And two things kept me alive:

My kid and knowing that someone
was gonna come help me.

Linda deserves that.

- He's my brother.
- I know.

And that woman deserves help.

Where would he go?

Where would he take her?

I have no...
I have no idea where he'd be.

I don't know where he'd go,
but I...

But what?

I think I know
why he's doing it.

According to Tyler,
it's all related

to the ancient
Greek King Lantos.

- Okay.
- It's Mark's why.

Lantos took revenge
on the men that murdered

his people, the rich elites.

Then as a way
to appease the gods,

he would build
these shrines to the dead,

a way to ask for forgiveness.

Now, Mark did his
college thesis on Lantos.

His... his username was Lantos22.

I'm still not
hearing the why.

Mark's parents were killed
by a rich CEO

who drank six dirty Martinis
at a business dinner,

hopped into his Range Rover,
and caused this.

Mark was in the back seat.
He lived.

Mark's mom took a shard
of glass to the abdomen,

and Mark watched her bleed out.

Let me guess,
the CEO survived.

Yeah, CEO survived.

He was drunk
and it was a hit and run,

but he hired
a multimillion dollar lawyer,

and the guy got two years
in a country club prison.

In Mark's mind,
money killed his parents

and money set the killer free.

So why not just
go after the CEO?

He died of pancreatic cancer
two years after the crash.

Karma's a bitch.

So Mark is haunted by his
parents' death his whole life.

He discovers Lantos,
gets an affinity

for the mission to rid
the world of one per centers.

And then he starts killing.

Okay, so why the escalation?
Why now?

Because Lantos
killed himself at 34

at the completion
of the mission.

Mark turns 34 in two weeks.

I got a call
from asset forfeiture.

A credit card linked
to Tyler Hansen

has been used in multiple
locations in Cicero

for the past three years,
including the two years

he lived in Saint Louis.

You got that address
in Cicero?

Mostly gas stations.

All right,
let's split up, hit them all.

Find him.

Guy was a prick.

No security cams.
What's the next location?

Kim, you hear me?
What's the next location? Kim?

Yeah, I got...
Just give me a second.

Platt, you're on speaker
with Adam.

I put the name Lantos
into every database we had.

The county clerk
sent over property deeds.

There's an LLC called Lantos
that owns property

in Cicero, 1268 South 50th.

How's a city employee
pay for that?

He didn't.

It was his father's property
from way back.

- Mark inherited it.
- Well, we're five blocks out.

We've got it.



I don't have my gun.

Back in the car.

What are you talking about?

I must have left it
in the gun safe

outside the interview room.
I don't know.

I don't know.
I was rushing around.

I made the same mistake.

Happened to my old man
once a week.

- It doesn't happen to me.
- I know.

You're gonna hang back.

I... God no, you... please,
you cannot go in alone.

You're not going in naked.

And we can't wait
if she's in there.

Right, okay.

Hang back. It's all right.

Jesus, Kim.
What are you doing here?

I heard a gunshot.

I had to shoot the lock.
All right, got it?

50-21 Ida.

Hi, Linda.

It's the PD, okay?
You're gonna be okay.

We're gonna get you
out of here.

It hurts.

- It hurts.
- I know.

I've got you, okay?

Okay, you're doing so good.

You're being so strong.

Take your hands.

I need you press
as hard as you can.

- Can you listen to my voice?
- Mm-hmm.

Listen, okay?

You don't have to be
scared anymore.

Because you're not alone, okay?

You're not alone.
We're here with you.

- Stay with her.
- Yep.

I need you to be so quiet.

Just be quiet
a little longer, okay?

I know it's hard.


We're gonna be okay.

We're gonna be okay.

I'm with you.

Chicago PD,
drop the gun, Mark.

There ain't no way out.
It's over.

Did you go downstairs?

Is she dead?

Is who dead, Mark?


Is that her blood
on your hands?


You found her.

You find her in time?
Or is she dead now?

Oh, she's dead.

So you can drop the gun.

Come on.

Kim, I'm good.

Linda all right?

Yeah, we're okay.

Get me those paramedics.

No, you liar.

You liar.

You're under arrest
for the abduction

and murder of Thomas Quinn,
Leo Santos a...

Hey, you're okay.

I'm gonna finish
sorting out the paperwork,

and then I'm gonna
head out, all right?

Hey, Kim, one sec, okay?

Yeah, what's up?

Tell me what's going on.

Talk to me.


Come on.

Kim, I know we don't talk
about it much,

what happened to you
when you were shot,

you know, when you were alone
fighting for your life.

But this case, you know,
what happened to these victims,

how they died,
I can understand...

No, stop.


I don't know why
I forgot my gun.

I just forgot it.
But it's not gonna happen...

I'm not just talking
about the gun.

I dealt with the shooting
when it happened.

- I did. I dealt with it.
- You had to. I know you did.

Okay, I don't understand.

It's just if it's
coming up again,

or if it does in the future,
there ain't no shame in it.

I'm here for you.

I know.

You and I,
we'll figure it out.

Well, thank you.

But this was just a bad day.

I'm gonna finish
sorting the paperwork.

Meet you at home.




Any luck?


Still just trying
to find something.

What are you doing here?

I don't know.


Why do you think
Sean does this?

Our serial,
Mark Hansen, he would

watch his victims bleed out,
which was wrong, demented.

But with his past, it...

Kind of made sense.

Yeah, yeah, it was...

It was the pain
just all twisted up.

Twisted up. But why Sean?

It's not for money.

His house is crappy.
He drives an old car.

And if we believe all
the kids that we interviewed,

he really helps them.

And we don't have any proof
that Sean's abusing kids.

I mean...

don't you think someone here
would've seen her?

Someone would have suspected...


But he has no girlfriend,

He's devoted his life
to being sober, being better.

We're missing something.

He did four stints
of rehab in Waunakee?


Why Wisconsin?

He spent his summers
up there with his dad

when he was a kid,
up at the cabin.

He did his first rehab
there when he was 17.

I guess he liked the program.



A kid mentioned Wisconsin
to Adam.

- What? I don't have that.
- No, but it just happened.

He just mentioned it
in passing that Sean

took him fishing in Wisconsin.
Hold on.

Yeah, here it is.

Sean took him up
to Waunakee to a cabin.

Adam dug into it.
Cabin was sold five years ago.

What's the new owner?

Uh, there isn't one.

Property was abandoned.
The county owns it.

Maybe this is where
it all started.

I'll drive.

Looks abandoned.



- Ready?
- Yeah.



My God.