Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 10, Episode 10 - Episode #10.10 - full transcript

- So now I'm soaked head to toe,

chasing his naked ass
down block after block...

- I've you run.

You weren't chasing
more than four.

- Ha. Very funny.

Anyway, I'm going and
going, then this dude spins.

And he comes
barreling right at me.

He slams into me,
tries to smother me

with his naked body.

Thinks I'm a woman.

I'm his woman is
what he's saying.

- Come on, can you
land the plane?

Come on.

- So finally, I haul him into 19

and guess what's waiting
for me next morning?

- What's that?

- Fresh complaint.
Guy filed a CR.

I'm taking eight showers,

and this guy's saying
I came on to him.

Says he ran 'cause I
wanted to tickle him.

His words... tickle.

- Well, did you?
- Then what?

- What do you mean "then what"?

- Is that the whole story?

- Yeah! Yes.

The crazy son of a
bitch got out after '72,

and I got mandatory retraining.

- Took us a hell of a
long time to get there.

Flip the cards, Wilk. Come on.

- Hey, how about you?
Got your first CR yet?

- No.
- Yeah, you'll get 'em.

Every real police get 'em.
- Yeah. Amen to that.

- Why'd you become police,
young guy like you?

- Did you grow up
on the West Side?

- Pilsen.



I'm all in.

- No, no, thank you. I'm out.

- Hot streak don't last forever.

I'll call.

- Here we go. Here we go.
- Okay.

- It's a game.

- This is it and
drumroll please.

- Bang.
- Boom.

- Whoo. I got trips.

- Oh!
- Oh!

- A pair of eights.

- Dante, whoa, what happened?

- Kicking our
teeth in all night.

You go all in on that?

- Let me get that.
- I guess I lost my touch.

Lucky for Banks.

- Hey, how about
this old-timer thing?

- I'ma call it on that one.

- Okay.
- Good night.

- All right.
- Come back anytime.

- Yeah.

- Another one?
- You buying?

- It's all me,
buddy. I got you.

- Be right back.

- All right, we'll
save your place.

- I'm gonna go ahead.

- Torres, hey.

What was that?

Did you throw your hand?

You threw it.

- I just got too cocky.

- How you getting
home, man? I drove you.

- Uh, there's a
thing called Uber.

- Come on, I'm gonna
give you a ride.

- No, it's all right, man.
You go back to the guys.

I ain't trying to
ruin the night.

- I brought you here.
You're my guest.

I'm gonna get you home.
Let me just grab my stuff.

So that's not really
your thing, huh?

- I had a good time, bro.

I appreciate you bringing me up.

- All right.

Yeah, you know,
Wilkins was on one.

I'll give you that.

It is good to know other cops.

Helps make the job a
little easier, you know.

It sounds strange,
but it's true.

- How long you known them for?

- Some of them since
I was a kid, actually.

Started going there with my dad,

like the baby in the
bar kind of thing.

- Right.
- Yeah.

Probably a little too young.

- Units in the 22nd District,
units on the citywide,

we're getting call of a
home invasion in progress,

111th and Longwood Drive.

- That's real close.

- 50-21 Ida.

- Go ahead, Ida.

- Hold myself and 50-21 Ocean
down on that home invasion.

- Copy that, Ida and Ocean.

- Hey, Ruz.

- 50-21 Ida, call is bona
fide. Making a forcible entry.

- Copy, 50-21 Ida.

- Cover left.
- Cross.

I'm police.

- We're Chicago PD.

Gonna get you out
of this, all right?

- I'm gonna take the
restraints off your hands.


But I'm gonna need to
touch you for that.

Is that okay with you?

- Monica.

Monica, are you okay?

- I'm gonna move really slow.

It's okay.

- Gonna get you
over there to her.

I promise you.

You just gotta stay
still for a second longer

so I can get this damn knot.

- You're doing really well.

You're safe now.

Can you try to look at me?

Okay, I'm gonna need
you to breathe for me.

Breathe in.

One, two.



You're okay.

You're okay.

Home invasion turned
sexual assault.

Two-man crew, masked, gloved.

- No sign of forced entry?
- No.

- Was there an alarm?

- Yeah, it didn't go off.

So Louis's wife Monica fall
asleep on the couch early.

Louis wakes up to a man in
a mask standing above him,

pointing a gun in his face,
yelling about a safe combo.

- Huh.
- And Louis gave it to him.

The second offender took
them upstairs, tied them up,

raped Monica, and
had Louis watch.

- Looks like they move fast.

- Louis heard the
guy downstairs yell,

"Just tie them up,"
and the guy upstairs

was just supposed
to keep them quiet

while the other guy
ripped off the house.

But I guess he wasn't
just here for cash.

- All right, knock-and-talks,
pull cams, previous hits,

get a rape kit at Med.

Let's find these men
before they hit again.

- Hey, Monica's still at Med.

Doesn't remember anything
about the offender

except that he's thin and white.

- PODs?
- Mm-mm.

No PODs, no security cameras.

- Okay, what about the neighbor,

the lady who called it in?

- Well, she said that
she saw the offender

through the window.

She hid and just called
911, but she does think

she saw a gray SUV
parked out front.

- That's something.
We got CODIS?

- No hits. They're
way backed up.

So is the rape kit. Gonna
call my guy down there.

I'm trying to get him
to rush it, but...

- I got something.

Borkowski over at
Robbery Homicide's

got a two-man crew
targeting Lincoln Park.

They've hit twice,
no forced entry,

and only hit when
the owners are home.

- Okay, good. Check it
out. See what they got.

- Dante, you wanna ride with me?

- Yeah.
- Come on. Let's go.

- So you get me hammered
and you try to steal

one of my cases, huh?
- Yeah.

- Yeah, well, about to
win a flat screen TV,

so you're not taking
this one from me.

Work it together or
you can work it none.

- Two-man crew masked.

- Yeah, uh, always
gloved, always masked,

no mess till now.

I think they're getting
access through the garages.

They move in a gray SUV.

- But no rape?

- No.

But 16-year-old daughter
on the last robbery

said one of the guys
whispered in her ear

how we'd like to
take her from behind

while her daddy watched.

- Nice.

- Yeah.

So I think he said more,
but she clammed up.

She wouldn't tell me.

Not handing this one
over, not this one.

- All right, we hook
up. We work a joint.

Yo, Voight'll sign
off. You have my word.

We'll work it together.

- All right, good.
'Cause I got lead.

One of my CIs saw two of
our Rolexes at a pawn shop.

- All right.

- Well, why are you
sitting on this?

- So we work it together.

Shall we?

- No, no, no, I got
nothing for you.

- Now we both know that's a lie.

You got two of my Rolexes.

They were stolen two weeks
ago from Lincoln Park.

- No. Your spies
told you wrong.

- No, they didn't.

You know they didn't.

You got 'em right here.

- No, those are
from Maxwell Street.

Come on, I can't afford that.

- What else he give you?

- Nothing, okay?


- Hard to believe you
when the first words

out of your mouth's a lie.


Come on, I just fixed the
glass you broke last month.

- They raped a woman.

You don't want business
with these men.

- He only gave me
those two watches.

- How about that?

Tell me about this man.

- You know I have no cameras.
- Description then.

- Black, tall, 6 foot.

- Ruz, you got your ears on?

- Hair.
- Short... short hair.

- Yeah, I'm here.
- Clean shaven.

- Got a call over the zone
of a suspicious gray SUV,

partial plate match
circling Lakeview now.

We're en route.
Where are you guys?

- No, no, we're
closer. We got it.

Let's go.
- All right, copy.

- All right, gray SUV
circling Belmont and Seminary.

- Whoa, eyes. Eyes.

- Nothing.

50-21 Ida, shots fired,

possible home
invasion in progress.

- Nothing on the left.
- Seminary and Windsor.

- Copy 50-21 Ida.

- Hold on... hold, hold,
hold. Back up, back up.

There, there.

50-21 Ida, home
invasion is bona fide.

We need cars, 1400
block of Windsor.

- Copy 50-21 Ida.

- Going now.

Come on, come on.

- All right, Dante, let's go.

Chicago PD! Stop!

50-21 Ida, I got offender
fleeing southbound on Windsor.

Gray SUV, plates Charlie...
- Down!

- Gray SUV, plates
Charlie 20-6-8-3.

- Copy. We'll run them...

- 10-1, 10-1, shots
fired at the police.

- He's running!

- Borkowski, go. Stay down.

- Get in the house.

- 50-21 Ocean, we're
10-1 in foot pursuit.

Black jacket, white
shoes, armed offender.

- Copy, 50-21 Ocean.

- 50-21 Ida, I got
two DOAs on scene.

- Copy, 50-21 Ida.

- Torres, Borkowski,
where's our offender?

- I don't have eyes.

- I got him. Offender down.

Back T-alley off
111th. East side.

- What happened?
- Idiot ran.

22-62 Adam.
- Go ahead, 22-62 Adam.

- Gonna need an ambo
rolled to a back alley,

111th and Windsor.

- Copy, ambo en route.

- Shoes are wrong.
- What?

- His shoes are wrong.

Offender that fled
had white shoes on.

- Guy fled as soon as
he saw it was police.

- What happened?

- Guy ran, fell down the stairs.

- He got this from falling.

- Yeah, that's what I said.

All right, I'm gonna
go flag down the ambo.

Keep pressure on his wounds.

Hold it tight.

- Husband and wife
Mark and Rebecca Adams.

Got defensive wounds
on both of them.

All signs point
to sexual assault.

- Yo, Sarge.

The Adams were shot
with a 9-millimeter.

I got .380 casings and
a slug in the door.

Different gun, different
blood splatter.

This might not be their blood.

- Someone tagged an offender?

- Well, one of them
did seem injured.

- Rebecca or Mark have a gun?
- None that were registered.

- You know what, at
the first robbery,

victim said the
offenders were fighting.

Maybe they turned on each other.

- Look, this pair's
turning on each other,

they're gonna be
making mistakes,

leaving evidence
behind. Find it.

Hey, we get a name on
the offender in custody?

- Alex Curry, 22, priors for
possession and petty theft.

He's on his way to Med.
- Okay.

We'll meet him there.
Get him to talk.

- Yo, what you doing?

- I'm here to interview Alex.

- I just did.
- He's conscious.

All the initial scans are clear,

but he's no good
for the robbery.

- How is that?

- Well, you were right.

The shoes weren't
a match, right?

He was unarmed. He
had no mask on him.

He gave a believable statement.

He's got a couple
of priors, right.

He ran because he's jumpy.

- And fell.
- Yeah.

Man, he feels like crap,
but least he was unarmed,

so he won't be charged.

I got it. I took his statement.

I'll let Voight and Ruzek know.

- Okay.

Did Alex see anything?

- No. Nothing.

All right.

- Look.

I gotta take this, okay?

You're good to clear out.

See you at 21.
- Yeah.

Alex Curry?

- Yeah. I just talked
to your partner.

- No, he... he's not my partner.

We're in different units.

So I'm gonna have to ask
you a few questions too.

Is that okay with you?

- I don't have
anything else to say.

- It's only gonna take a minute.

Can you explain to
me what happened?

- Like I told the other cop,

I heard shots, saw
the police, ran.

I got priors, so I got jumpy.

- And then?

- I fell down the stairs.

- Are you lying to me, Alex?

- What? No.

- You sure?

- Yes.

- So you fell down the stairs
but only hurt your head.

No scratches, no bruises.

You didn't try to
break the fall?

- I fell backwards.

- You fell backwards.


So how'd you get that gash
on the side of your head?

There wasn't any
blood on the stairs.

If something else happened
with that cop, you can tell me.

- Hey.

I told you we were good.

Just got word from Ruzek.

POD footage got the getaway car.

We got an ID. Guy's
got an open warrant.

We're moving.

We're moving. Let's

- Stay on the side
with Kim. I got it.

- I'm good here.

- Breaching now.

- Chicago PD!


- Donnie Thompson,
stop! Police!

Got a runner coming
out the back.

- Torres!

- Stop, police!

Stop. Stop fighting. Stop.

You're not getting your
hands back, so stop.

- What was that?

You always move through a
line of sight like that?

I could have shot you. You
announce before you move.

- You good?

- We're good.

- Hey, they brought
your guy upstairs.

- Thanks, Sarge.

- You and me, we're gonna
have a talk after this.

You understand?

- Dante, you coming?

- Yes.

- Look at you making friends.

Must be your
irresistible charm, huh?

- Sergeant, can I
ask you for a favor?

- I don't know.

- Is it possible
for you to print out

the reports from the
Adams robbery for me?

And a personnel file?

- There a reason
you can't print it

from your desk in the bullpen?

- Yes, there is.

- Okay, I'll take care of it.

- Thank you.

- Hey.


- So it's not some run-
of-the-mill burglary charge.

It's armed home invasion.
Now, that's 30 years.

You add on top of that the
rape, two felony murders,

the fact that your partner
took shots at the police...

See where I'm going with this?

It's life in a concrete box.

You understand?

- Pawn shop owner ID'd you.

We got your car at the Adamses.

Recovered the .380 on you.

We know you did these robberies.

- That's all without DNA.

- Go ahead and run your tests.

I don't care.

- Okay, you don't care.

So when we pull DNA from
inside their bodies,

we gonna find yours in there?

- Yo, that wasn't me.

- I believe you.

See, I think you just
wanted to rip a few houses,

make some quick cash, but your
partner had a different idea.

He wanted to rape these women.

You didn't like it.

So when he did it again
and then he put a bullet

in her head afterwards,
you shot him?

Is that right?

Try to stop him?


you give us your partner,
we'll give you a deal, okay?

So who is he?

Who is he?

- He asked you a
question. Are you deaf?

Answer him.

Answer him!

- I want my lawyer now.


- All right.

No, that's your right.
We'll get you your lawyer.

But you have to know...

- You good?

- Once they walk through that
door, we can't help you, okay?

We can't help you
with this deal.

It goes away, and you
go down for all of this.

All the guy would
say was lawyer,

then he told me to go
screw myself repeatedly.

- Ballistics confirm the
.380 came from the gun

recovered at Thompson's.

- Yeah, Thompson's got no
love for his rapist buddy,

but he knows he'll implicate
himself if he talks.

He's not as dumb as he looks.

- All right, any hits
on area hospitals?

- Mm-mm, none of
the shooting victims

match our offender.

- Okay, what about the
DNA, the rape kits?

- Nothing yet.
- Jesus. Well, keep pressing.

All right, so meantime,
let's dig into Thompson.

He's working with this guy.
He's gotta know him, right?

So we're on his phone,
socials, LKAs, associates.

Find this guy.

- Yo.

Gotta talk to you.

- Yeah, what's up?

- Downstairs.

- Sure.

All right, what's going on, man?

Why all the secrecy?

- The arrest report, why?

- You signed off on
Borkowski's version

of events at the Adams'?
- Yeah.

Why are you asking like that?

- Dude, I think he lied.

I think he beat that kid
Alex while he was in cuffs.

- You saw this?

- No.

- Okay, 'cause Borkowski said
he ran, fell down the stairs.

You're saying he beat him?

- There was no
blood on the stairs.


And Alex's injuries,
they don't make sense.

And I talked to Alex.

He was lying.

He was scared.

Borkowski beat him, and
then he paid him off.

- Hey, let's keep
your voice down.

- I know you know him, and
you see him a certain way.

I think I see him
different than you.

- Well, how do I see him?

- No, I see him as the cops that

used to patrol Pilsen,
used to harass store owners

and make bets on cases, homey.

Type of guy that asks people
like me why we're police.

- Why is that bad?

- He ever ask you that?

He's got 23 CRs.

- Yeah, well, real
cops get CRs, Torres.

- They do. I know.

I know they do.

But so do bad cops.

Look, I called
you out here, man.

I ain't done nothing yet.

- Well, what are you gonna do?

If the answer to
that is a report,

then you're not doing that.

All right, just come on.

Torres, listen, if you
report this right now,

ain't nothing gonna happen.

The CR is just gonna
get thrown out,

and I promise you, Borkowski,

he'll get you pulled
from the unit.

He'll get you pulled
from your job.

He's got one of the highest
clearance rates in the city.

He's got a lot of
friends in high places.

Make your life a living
hell, so come on.

What you say is true, we're
gonna find some real evidence

before we do anything at all.

Come on.

Come on, man.

- Hey, Larry.

- Nah, man.

I already gave you the full
plate of the getaway car.

- Yeah, I need something else.

I want to take a look at
some footage by myself.

- You already owe me.

You'd owe me...
- Yeah, more. I know. I know.

I'm good for it.
You know I am.

Just 20 minutes at the most.

- All right.

- Thanks, man.
- Yeah.

- All right.

Borkowski said Alex ran
down the east gangway

before the stairs, right?

- Yeah.

- Listen, even if you're right,

there are a lot of reasons
that cops use force like this.

You never put hands on nobody?

- Of course I have, bro.

Not like that.

He can always hit me back.

They ain't cuffed up.

- All right, no footage of
the stairs, the gangway.


Alex smoking. That's
the west gangway.

- White shoes.
That's our offender.

- There's Borkowski.

- In a completely different
alley than he said he was in.

- Well, there's no video footage

of what happens after that.

- There's no way Alex fell.

Borkowski lied.

- Yeah, they both did.

Alex saw the offender.

Got a look at his face.

- No, I don't have
anything else to say.

- Yeah, I think you do.

What really happened
in that alley, Alex?

You can tell us.
We'll protect you.

- He is protecting me.

- Who is? Who's
protecting you?

- What I said was
the truth, okay?

- Alex, we have video
footage proves it wasn't.

- It was the truth.

- You have a black
eye from a fist.

That gash is a pistol whip.

You think we can't see that?
- Please.

- What happened?

- Please, I had
drugs on me, okay?

I had dope, so I ran.

I'm on probation.

- What happened after you ran?

- The cop, he
grabbed me, hit me.

He put cuffs on me, pistol
whipped me a couple of times.

I don't know. I passed out.

But it's fine, man, okay?

It's fine as long as I
don't go back to jail.

The cop met me here and said
he wouldn't say anything

about the drugs if I
keep my mouth shut.

And I can do that. I
could keep my mouth shut.

- Alex...

- I can't go back inside.

I gotta take care
of my mom, man.

I'm not going back
inside, please.

- Listen, Alex...

- Please, man.
- I hear you.

- I'm not going back.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, listen.

Just... just tell me this, okay?

When you were smoking in
the alley, a man ran by you.

Did you get a look at his face?


- If I say yes, can the rest
stay between us, please?


- Yeah, I need photos of
every one of Thompson's

known associates.

Yeah, yeah, six pack.

All right, thanks, man.

So two options here.

Option one, play it by the book,

drop the brick on Borkowski,

charge Alex with
parole violation,

obstruction of justice.

You know.

Scare Alex into making a ID.

Be enough for an arrest.

- But it'll fall
apart as soon as Alex

is deemed unreliable,
which he will be.

- Hmm.

- Or?

- Or option number
two, Alex makes the ID.

We find a way to
backstop it on our end.

But that would mean...

- That we don't
report Borkowski.

- Not really a 100%
right answer here.

- But there is, though.

It just has the wrong results.

'Cause that kid, he doesn't
deserve to have his life

chewed up by more cops.

And the women,
they don't deserve

to have the offender get off.

- Dante.

Did you think I wasn't
gonna have your back?

All right, six-pack.

Mike Haxton, 40 years old.

He grew up on Thompson's block.

He's our offender.
- Hmm.

- Mike works off-book at
a luxury car dealership,

the same dealership
that the Adams

and the Webbs use for service.

- Good lead.

- Yeah, found it working
Thompson's known associates.

- So out of Thompson's
45 known associates,

you just magically picked Haxton

and then dug deep
enough to find the work

he does off-book too?

That is a very,
uh, specific dig.

- Very specific, but it's real.

- Hmm.

- Explains no signs
of forced entry.

Haxton cloned the victims'
garage door remotes

at the dealership.

- There's nothing
else I need to know?

- Nothing else other than
he matches our description.

He's 5'8, he's thin, he's white,

he's our rapist, and
we know where he is.

- Let's go get him.

- Chicago PD!

- Move.

- Crossing.

- Move.


- I got blood.

Haxton's been here.

- Sarge!

They're portable GPS trackers.

They tell Haxton exactly
when the owners were home.

All he had to do is place them
in the cars at the dealership.

- Smart... only hit
when someone's there

to open the safe.

- And a woman's home
for Haxton to rape.

- No car in the back or
anywhere on the block.

Haxton's phone is off.
- Okay.

OCD tech lab has
one more GPS tracker

that's registered
to Haxton's phone.

That thing is pinging at
a house in Lincoln Park.

- Could be hitting it right now.

Right, I got eyes.
Any sign of Haxton?

- Negative, Sarge.

- Negative here, but
garage door's open.

Car registered to the homeowner,

Vicky, is sitting inside.

- All right, Torres,
go through the garage.

Just stay low.

See if you got access
to the house there.

- Copy that.

- Hailey, you and I, let's
take a peek out front.

Everybody else just
hang back. Stay quiet.

All right, I got possible
signs of a robbery in progress.

It's bona fide. Move!

Get down!

- Sarge, you good?
- I'm good. Stay on that door.

- Back up! Back up right now!

I am happy to kill her
right here in front of you!

- Everybody is backed up, Mike.

Look, no one is
coming towards you.

- Shut up, damn...

- I need you to take
a breath for me.

- Sarge, Ruzek, Borkowski,
and I have the garage door.

Should we breach?

- Not yet. Hold.

- No one gets closer
to this house.

- I hear you, Mike. No
one is moving closer.

Look, my name is
Sergeant Hank Voight.

You and I are gonna
find a solution here.

- Are you moving?
I see you moving!

- I am not. Mike,
I am not moving.

I'm right here.
- Shut your mouth!

- Listen, Mike.

Mike, you got eyes on me?

You got eyes and ears from
this doorbell camera, right?

Look, it's a good
thing that you do.

You and I can talk
like this, okay?

- No cams. We're
dark back here.

- You can see everything
going on out front,

and I promise you
I am not moving.

But I need to know
that Vicky is okay.

Now, is she all right, Mike?

- You need to move
away from this house.

Come on!

- Torres crashes
in three, two, one.

- Mike, can you hear me?
- Torres, crash now.

- What's going on
in there, Mike?

Mike, is Vicky okay?

- What are you doing?
Step away from the camera.

- Okay, okay. Look,
I'm backed up.

You see me?

- Bedroom's clear.

- Shut up.

Shut your mouth!

- No!
- No! Please, please.

I said shut up!

I swear I'll kill her!

- Come on, Mike, we can
work this out together.

Mike, we are going
to find a solution.

- No, no, no, no, no, no,
no, you're not hearing me.

Okay, the solve
is that you leave!

- I'm moving. Cover me.

- Wait, wait, wait. Not here.

- Shut your mouth!

- Not here. Torres, wait.

- You hearing things?

- No!
- Come on.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

- What's going on in there?

- Come on. Yeah.
Yeah. You got a shot?

Come on.
- Mike?

Mike, talk to me.

- Come on, come on, come
on, come on, come on.

- We can work this out together.

- Do it. Come on.
You got your shot.

Come on.
- Down!

- Oh, God.

- Okay, you're
okay. You're okay.

Okay, shh-shh-shh.
You're all right.

You're all right.
You're all right. Okay.

We got you. We got you.

We got you.

You're okay. We got you.

You were one second away
from a bullet in her head.

He was gonna shoot her.
- I know.

- I told you to wait.
That was a direct order.

- I had a better
strategic position.

- No, you did not. You
disobeyed a superior twice.

- I made a mistake.

- Hey, hey, don't
walk away from me!

- Don't touch me.

- Let me be real
clear with you, okay?

You think you have
one over on me,

you gonna file a
complaint against me

for something that I know
for a fact you didn't see

and you can't corroborate,

I will end your career so fast,

you will blink and be
home at Pilsen with Mommy

dreaming of the day that
badge gave your life meaning.


- You done?

There's a lot of
people watching.

Wouldn't want to
give yourself away.

I'd step back if I were you.

This is why I became a cop.

Uno más.
- Sure.

- You can make two, man.
- Yeah.

- How'd it go?

You had Haxton's
arrest hearing, yeah?

- It was fine.

Put my hand on the
Bible, I swore to God,

and I lied.

- Thank you.

- Said we got the
information without Alex,

that Borkowski was nothing
but a solid detective

lending out to our unit.

Clean, by the book police work.

I just became a part
of the blue wall.

You know what that
feels like to me?

- Well, no.

No, I don't.

This job, it...

Find a million different
ways to break your heart.

Alex is home with his
mom, Haxton's in jail,

and those families,
they got justice.

- And the man with 23 CRs,

20 of them for use
of excessive force,

will just keep on working.

- Yeah.

Yeah, for now.

- For now.