Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Different Mistakes - full transcript

Voight's new internal affairs officer is skeptical of his actions. Voight must now work with his ex-partner from the gang unit.

It's funny.
They warned me about you.

Upstairs said, "manage him."

"Use him. Keep him in line.

And as soon as you start
to lose him, take him down."

But they didn't
do you justice, Hank.

They set you up to fail.

No, I don't think so.

They know this place
needs a guy like you,

as long as he's controlled.

But now you're an experiment
gone wrong, Hank,

and they're gonna find a way
to break you.

You might as well know
that's coming.

Hmm. And you'll be
there to watch, huh?

No, probably not.

But I'll hear about it...

And know
somewhere I'll be laughing.

Wake up.

You came.

What exactly do you want, Nadia?

If you can't say it,
it's never gonna happen.

- I called.
- Yes, you did.

But then you tied
a tube around your arm.

I want out.

Then you have to get clean.





I'm gonna make some calls
and get you into a facility,

but it's probably
gonna take me a day or two,

so you're gonna stay
at my place, all right?


Could you just make sure
I actually walk in this time?

You got it.


Thank you.

What do you got, Jin?

That Lonnie rodiger credit card

you wanted me to track.

Just got a hit
from a toy store downtown.

Text me the address.

Go for Jay.

Where you at?

- On my way in.
- Head to Chinatown.

Sending you the address.

You got it.

Let's go.

Triad casino.

A lot of money
rolls through here.

You feeling lucky?

Luckier than them.

Over here.

They killed
the damn errand boy too.


They were startled by the kid.

Weapons, uniforms.

Military, for sure.

These guys are pros.

I want a copy of this

in the intelligence office
before we get back.

All right, this is
an illegal triad gambling den.

It's one of two dozen
that vice thinks

they operate in the area.

Problem is
they tend to shut down

and pop up
somewhere else quickly.

- Who's their competition?
- Cermak crew.

On the illegal lotto
in the neighborhood.

And the triads
take the bigger cash.

This cermak crew
looking for a bigger piece?

Yeah, they could be.

All right, it's a start.

Where's olinsky and ruzek?

Coming in from the cold.

Well, I understand the concept
of sunglasses, ruzek,

but it looks like
you're trying too hard.

You're supposed to be
from the streets.

Why don't you quit worrying
about what I'm...

olinsky, where are
your non-suit reports?

Uh, haven't had the time.

- I'm going up.
- Well, make time.

Hey, hey, look at ruzek.

Gutierrez, you still
carrying maloney on your back?

Hey, I'm used to it by now.

Up yours. How are you, buddy?

- Good to see you.
- You too.

Those are
some sweet shades, ruzek.

All right, gentle, man. Easy.

Hey, so how is it here, man?

We're hoping after graduation,
this is our spot.

Yeah, I don't know how
it is for the patrolmen here.

I mean, I skipped that part.

Yeah, so we heard.

Yeah, put in your time, boys.
That's my advice.

Then maybe you too
can join us upstairs, right?

You know what?
That is good advice.

Come here. Come here.
Duty calls.

Let's get a drink sometime.
Definitely, man.

Say, sergeant platt...

Ruzek here needs
to better appreciate the, uh...

the journey
that he, uh, got to bypass.

Oh, I've been waiting
for this day.

I appreciate this,
detective olinsky, sir.

Don't sweat it,
just put your plain clothes on

- yes, sir.
- Ah, there he is.

Look at you, all sharp.

Where are the shades? How long?

We'll play it by ear.

All right?

- Well, this is awkward.
- Oh, tell me about it.

Burgess, you
and special sauce here

will be doing foot patrol
at Ron goodwin high school.

- Great. Thank you, sergeant.
- You're welcome.

Aka crossing-guard duty.


Tight inside the cermak crew.

He said they're making money
hand over fist on the lottery

and have no incentive
to take on the triads.

We both know
if someone in the cermak crew

feels up a triad's girlfriend,

economics goes out the window.

I'd have heard of it, voight.
Trust me.

Now, no one's happy about this.

Bad business for everyone.
Sells a lot of papers, though.

A better story will be when
you find out who's doing this.

- I want an exclusive.
- Oh.

Just keep my name out of it.

Sergeant voight.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

I'm Edwin stillwell, I.A.

I'll be taking over your...

well, I'll be working
with you from now on,

now that miss gradishar
is no longer with us.

Look, you want to talk to me?
You call me first.

Don't ambush me in the street.

See, it's words like "ambush"

that get things started off
on the wrong foot.

Now, I came here with what
I hope will be a fresh approach,

one that might get us
better results...

a partnership, if you will.


- Maurice Owens.
- Here we go.

My notes say
that you told gradishar

that he would be arrested
in a couple of weeks.

And now here we are
on month three.

Yeah, well, what gradishar
didn't understand

without him or anyone else
knowing it was me.

That kind of work doesn't fit
neatly on a calendar.


Well, I'm gonna need
more than lip service.

Anything else?


Keep me in the loop.
Like I said, "partnership."

This is complete horse...

that's 'cause
you're doing it wrong.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

You got to get your hips
into it, like this.

You're kind of full of it,
you know that?

Am I? Or am I awesome at it?

- This okay?
- Yeah.

As long as you don't wear
those cool-daddy sunglasses,

you'll be fine.



- Question for you.
- Huh?

How many cards
you given out over the years?

And how many came back
and asked for help?

Three. Why?

Okay. Party people, listen up.

I went back
seven days and downloaded

all in-progress
and service calls

in close proximity
to the Chinatown quad.

We got three calls
on suspicious vehicles.

I ran the plates.

Legit, legit,
but the third came back a ghost.

I put that plate
into our lookout database

and just got a text back
with its location...

236 west 21st...
right back in Chinatown.

That's another
triad gambling den.

It looks like a karaoke bar
from the outside,

but they're playing
pai gow once you go in.

All right, let's go.

- Jin, come here.
- Yeah.

Quit shaking your ass.
Just give us the information.

Over here.

S.U.V.'S here, nobody inside.

We're in position.

Now we park
in front of his car...

So we can ram him in reverse
if he takes off.

Always sacrifice
your trunk for his engine.

Sit and wait, or move in?


Why don't you get in there
and see what we're dealing with?

Tell me who the guy was, huh?

I don't know!

Tell me who the guy was!

Please, please...


You gotta have a name!

I said you gotta have
a name for me.

Huh? I can't hear you!

- Ohh!
- I need more than that.

I need more than that!

- Get up!
- What's happening, slick?

- Now!
- Door.

Let's go.

Come on, move. Move.

I'm just trying to score some
coke from my boy peng, man.

Peng? Peng who?

Hell if I know.
I just buy coke from him.

You're police?

- Oh, man.
- Get to stepping.



They were cops?

- This is the guy you saw?
- Yeah.

He had his gun
in the triad's mouth.

- You know him?
- That's Jimmy shi.

We were partners
when I first came up.

Me and Jimmy worked the gang
unit together with Alvin.

Ivory tower recognized
he'd be better served

working undercover in Chinatown.

Yeah, perfect place for him.

He's got his own vice squad
now... all Chinese cops.

Like the guys in the video,

and he was looking
awfully cranked.

So why don't we put
a tail on him, see what's what?

- 'Cause it ain't him.
- How do you know?

Because I do.

He's police.

You're the boss.

Excuse me.

This is Lindsay.

Hey, um, is it okay
if I take a nap in your bed?

Take a nap, take a shower,
take whatever you need.


And they're gonna have a room
for you starting tomorrow.

That's great.


Hey, thank you again,
um, for everything.

You got it.

- So, partners, huh?
- Yep.

Sounds like
there's more to the story.

I'll tell you what...

sometime when there's a campfire
and you're no longer a cop,

I might tell it.

What's going on
with you and halstead?

- Not this again.
- You want to play house

more than you want to work
intelligence, just say the word.

Nothing is gonna happen there.




We're here.
Let's just see where they go.

If it's nothing,
then you talk to him.

Fall back.
We're gonna put a tail on Jimmy.

Swapped with ruzek today,
huh, atwater?

Yes, sir.

How you liking it?

I like it a lot, sir.

Call me "sir" a third time,
you're gonna like it a lot less.

You got it, detective Dawson.

- Hey, o.
- What?


if you could start over
but knowing what you know now,

would your career be
any different?

Why do you ask?

Just trying
to help out atwater here.

Well, if I could start over,

I'd just end up
making different mistakes

than the ones
I made the first time.

What's this?

Rest of the vice team?

Yeah, looks like it.

Hey, sarge.

Go for voight.

It's them...
they're all geared up

just like
in the surveillance video

and moving out, headed your way.

We got 'em.

Let 'em make entry.

Everybody move.


You, olinsky,
and atwater take the front.

We'll take the back.

Chicago p.D.! No one move!

Drop your weapons!


Do it!

Get that weapon down!

Do it!

Kick it away!

Get down on your knees.
Get down on your knees.

Get down on your knees!
Give me those hands.

What the hell
are you doing here, voight?

You're under arrest.

We got you for this robbery
and three others.


We're here as part
of a six-month operation

yeah? Then why are
you skulled up, Jimmy, huh?

I've been working this
Chinatown detail for 11 years.

We were going to shake down
the employees of that place

to get the names on the triad.

Now, at least put us
in the cars, would you, please?

What are you now, voight...
internal affairs?

We caught
a robbery/homicide case,

and intelligence pursued it.

The gang in that video
looked a hell of a lot like you.

- I'm not dirty!
- Jimmy.

We were partners...

And did I ever
look sideways at you?

At Alvin?

Not once...

Not when they came
asking about Browning...

Not ever.

A call just went out
over the radio.

There was another robbery.
They hit the pool hall

Jimmy and Rick here
stopped at earlier.

Four masked suspects
with rifles.

Witness says
the crew came through,

took the money, could've got
away without any bloodshed.

But apparently,
that's not their style.

We saw you and Rick
come in by yourselves.

Yeah. We got a c.I. Inside here.

He gave us the c.B.A. Address
where you arrested us.

He's the one with
the new coin slot in his head.


When you came out,

you radioed your crew,
told them to meet up?

That's right.

They're on your radios, bro.

Well, another great day
at the high school, sergeant.

It's just... God, it's inspiring

to see young people
realizing their dreams.

It is inspiring.


Now you can go
pick up lunch at Manny's

for everyone on desk duty.

- Which one's yours?
- Mine's... very good.

Like I'm going to tell you
so you can foul it in some way.

That we get
your order perfect, sergeant.

Uh-huh. Get going.
My stomach's growling.


On our way.

Where'd you guys meet?

We all went out one night.
Wendy showed up.

Kind of a boring story,

Okay, what was your first date?

Transformers one.

- So romantic.
- I like that movie.

It's cartoon robots
fighting cartoon robots.

Exactly. It's awesome.

Units in 25, we have
a burglary in progress.

Offender is still in the house

and should be considered
armed and dangerous...

1150 South Jefferson.

That's just down the block.

2113, we're on our way.

Mr. hankamer's at work.

I saw this crackhead moving up
the side of the house

with a knife.

He kicked in the back door.
He hasn't come out.

All right, sir, go back inside.

Officers on the scene.
Burglary in progress.

Need backup...
1150 South Jefferson.

2113, backup en route.


Here, here, here.

You got eyes.

- Stairs!
- Police!



Son of a...



Stay down!

Hands behind your back.

Got him?

You all right?

We already ate...

From the vending machines.

Well, now you won't have
to cook dinner.

You know where
the 32nd district is?

I need you to pick up
an envelope there.

Hey, nice arrest on Jefferson.

- Hi.
- What's up?

Oh, hey.

How's it going here, ruzek?

Well, I am, uh, learning
my lesson, Al.

That's good.

That's good.

- May I help you?
- Sergeant voight, hi.

- I'm Mia Sumner.
- Uh-huh?

You haven't been informed.

I'm a detective assigned
to your intelligence team.

Like hell you are.

- No offense...
- Sumner.

Yeah, no offense, Sumner,
but I choose my own team.

I'm sure, sir,
but you should call...

hang on, Jimmy.

- Voight.
- Hank.

Ed stillwell. We met earlier.

Yeah, I remember.

Look, I'm gonna
have to call you back.

You met detective Sumner?

I organized her transfer
to your office.

She's a terrific detective,
clean record.


Listen, I can tell you right now
that ain't happening.

And yet, it already has.

To deputy chief
of organized crime Billy neff

and have him
storming down your office,

exercise your right
to fight this.

You and me are gonna have
to have another face-to-face.

Oh, I look forward to it.

I'm in the office
next to gradishar's

or, well, where she used to be,

but I think mine's
a little bigger, actually.

Everybody, this is detective...

- Sumner.
- Yeah.

She's gonna temporarily join

- Jin.
- Yes, sergeant.

Take detective Sumner
here down to your office

and show her, uh...

I don't care what you show her.

Yes. Sure.

This way, detective.


We got a four-man robbery crew
impersonating Jimmy's vice unit,

probably ex-military,

listening in
on their radio calls

and hitting vulnerable casinos

as soon as they know
Jimmy's left.

That's right, so we should
use that against them.

Jimmy, why don't we have you
and your team

Bait a fake camp site

with olinsky and me
acting as bankers?

You guys radio
amongst each other

you got 200,000
from some new den,

and they're in
the process of banding it.

Right. Once we're inside,
we put out

a fraudulent 10-1,
officer-needs-assistance call,

and you guys radio in,
aborting your surveillance

to respond to the call.

And then we wait.

Yeah, with a sticky net.

We tie this crew
to the other robberies,

we put 'em away forever.

Hey, stay safe.

Hey, what happened?

With you and Hank
and Jimmy shi over there?

- Ask Hank.
- I did, and he clammed up.

Well, sounds like
you got your answer, then.


Who's Browning?

Jimmy mentioned him,
and then the three of you

started trading looks.

You know something, Erin?

You ever hear the expression
"let sleeping dogs lie"?

I'm a detective.
I poke the dogs.

Okay, well,
with this one, you don't.

All right, let's go.

Who you got?

I see bao, hai, and ling.

What you thinking...

new lotto house
for the cermak crew?

There are at least 50 people
inside playing pai gow.

Van's here,
and I saw bao and ling

moving in counting equipment.

They don't do that
unless there's at least 200k.

What's the address?

50 west 23rd,
across from the school.

We going in?

As soon as you get here.

10-4, copy that.

Okay, olinsky, radio it in.

10-1, shots fired,
2200 South dearborn.

Officer calling for help,
multiple offenders on scene.

Break off surveillance
and get to this 10-1.

All right.

All right.

Here they come...
crown Vic and a maroon s.U.V.

I'll take the first one
through the door.

O, you take the second.
Atwater, you clean up.

Yes, detective.

You get back.

we got to let 'em breach

if we're gonna pin
all this on 'em.

Let 'em breach.
Roger that, Roger that.


Go, go, go!


Fall back!


Jay, he's going. Let's go.

- Oh, you got him?
- I got him.

Clear that car!

- Clear!
- Clear!

Get your hands
where we can see them now!

Jimmy. I got you.

Keep 'em where we can see 'em!

- Come here!
- Put 'em up!

Roll over. Roll over!

You all right?


We got 'em.

Get up. Get up!

- God, you're like a baby.
- You're the expert.

- I know.
- Come on.



It was...

I'm glad we got to partner up.

Yeah, me too.

So how was today?



How about you?

Burgess treat you right?

Yeah, she did.



Well, I'll see you, man.

See you.

I'm not the bad guy here.

That's cool.

Not my department.

- I'm good police.
- Wow.

I so don't care.

Hey, Jin.

Okay. Well, good night.

See you guys tomorrow.

Oh, well,
you might want to check

with sergeant voight about that.

Yeah, don't think I'll need to.

Thanks for tracking
the rodiger credit card.

You know, you better be right
about this, or it's my ass too.

- Good day today.
- Yeah.

- What are your plans tonight?
- Uh, I'm babysitting.

- Ooh.
- What about you?

Molly's. See you.

Hey, Antonio?

You know anything
about the name "Browning"?

Come on, man, voight
won't give me anything here.

I got to know.


There's rumors...

There's stories...

And there's
what's in the record.

All I can tell you is this...

a cop named Eddie penland
was killed on the job.

He was olinsky's partner.

A lot of people thought a heavy
named Browning was the shooter.

He heard the heat was on him
and turned himself in.

Last they were seen was getting
into Jimmy and voight's squad.

Olinsky was with them.

Browning never made it
to the jail.

That's all I know.

Have fun babysitting.

Yeah, thanks.




Damn it.

Where are you?

I couldn't.

No, no, no.

Come on. Come on, Nadia.

Tomorrow you and me...
we walk in there together.

- I can't.
- Yes, you can.

You are strong.
I know you don't think you are.

But I'm telling you...
I gotta go.



The magnificent mile detail
is looking for patrolmen,

so I recommended you to
sergeant castellaw over there.

All right,
whatever you think is best, man.

I'm just messing with you, man.

- You know?
- This guy...

And I heard you did good today.

You did, did you?

So, what'd you learn?

I learned
that things can jump off

no matter what you're wearing.

All right, so you come
ready to work tomorrow.

But next time
I hear you big-dogging it

to any of your academy mates,

you're not gonna get
a third chance.

- Never again, boss.
- All right?

Never again.

Hey. Everything okay?

Ask me that
after I've had a drink.

First rule of a gunfight...
bring a gun.

Second rule...
bring friends with guns.

Here's to having friends
in Chicago.

I like that.


I learned it from
an old sergeant back in patrol.

We want another round?
I need a beer.

- Well, you're buying.
- Pfft.


We need another round
and a beer.

- Hey.
- Hey.


Dinner's ready.

- What are we having?
- Swanson's.

Bump that.
We going to bijan's tonight.

Go tell your brothers.

You alone?

This better be important
to drag my ass out here.

It is.

I need you to buy me
a little clearance

while I have
a new load brought in.


I swear,
you are gonna bleed me dry.

Green blood
don't ever run dry, bro.

What the hell is this?

Don't say a word.

Let's go.

Hook him up.

Sergeant voight,
you are under arrest.

What are you doing?

You're finished.