Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - The Price We Pay - full transcript

The Fitori murder case is brought to the intelligence unit and Voight's son, Justin, may be involved. Gradishar fills Antonio in on the arrangement between Internal Affairs and Voight which increases friction between Voight and Antonio. Back at the precinct Ruzek helps Burgess get back at desk sergeant Platt.

Justin. What happened?
Ripped By mstoll


Justin, look at me.
What happened?

It was...
It was something stupid.

I just got into a fight
outside of Mclntyre's.

And I broke this
guy's nose, I think.


What'd you hit him with?


Your knuckles
aren't bruised, or...

I just, um,
I cracked him with, um...

I just...
I got him with an
elbow real good.

Justin, what's going on?

Hey, listen,
I shouldn't have come here.

It was a mistake.
It was just like I said.
No. Come on.

At least let me...
I'm sorry. I shouldn't have
brought you in on this, okay?

I don't even know
what I was thinking.





I run past here every
morning and this time,
Sammy was going nuts.

Stay right there, sir.

BURGESS: I'll call it in.


Look, we do this
in your office or by
the back door from now on.

We do it where
I say we do it.
Have a seat.

There was a body
found this morning.

Homicide thinks
it involves someone
you might know.

Who is it?

Frank Fitori.

Ran a B and E
ring on the South Side.

Also, a longtime
rival of this guy.

Alessio Colo.

Also, in the picture
are some of his
associates, including,

this man, Joe Catalano,

who recently
got out of prison.

If you're asking
me to get into...
I'm not asking.

Look, I got you reinstated

but you have been
moving like a glacier since
we set up this deal with you.

And it's time
for results, Hank.

Fine, I'll get back to you.

VOIGHT: There he is.

(LAUGHS) You want me to cut
you some pastrami, Hank?

I got a half
a pound from Vecchio's.

Nah, nah, nah. I'm good.

Listen, you know
when Justin got sent

up to Stateville,
I went out of my mind.

The son of a cop
in that hellhole?

I couldn't imagine.

I remember.

But you stepped up

and reached out to your
nephew Joe Catalano
and he shielded Justin

from the worst
of it while he was there.

What that means to me,

you have no idea.

It's just a friend
helping a friend.

Well, Justin's out
now, he's on the mend.

I can never
repay that debt.

So, you know,
I mean I'll look the
other way whenever I can.

You don't have
to say anything.

Now is not one
of those times.

Frank Fitori, your old
rival and the guy who sent up

Catalano was
dumped last night.

I got a pretty good
idea who did it.


I need to know where
your nephew is right now.


your own survival
depends on how
you choose to answer.


You messed up Catalano.

(GRUNTS) Get off of me!

Had your way
with Frank Fitori
last night, didn't you?

A little payback, huh?

(SIGHS) Who's Frank Fitori?
He testified, sent you up.

Motive's strong.


Is that how you
wanna play this?

Come on.

Maybe you're right, Voight.
Maybe I smoked him.

Maybe I spent the last
six years thinking about it.

But why don't we talk
about the part where
Justin was involved?

What'd you say?

Your son, Justin.
Maybe he didn't
have a chance to tell you.

Justin's my boy.

So why don't we go
down to the station or
whatever you wanna call it

so that I can tell everyone
that Justin was there when
Fitori got his stack smoked.


You change your mind?

'Cause I don't know
how well Justin's gonna
do his next time in lock-up.

Given that he was
such a little bitch
his first time around.


Well, that's what I thought.

H-l-J-O, hijo.

No, not like son you,
like sun in the sky.

Oh, S-O-L, sol.

That's what I'm talking about.

You see, his Spanish
is already better than yours.

Oh, babe.

Be careful today, hun, okay?

Always, baby. Love you guys.

See you, Dad.

Hey, bro.

How's he doing?

A nightmare every now and
then, otherwise great.

I think Laura and I probably
think of it more than he does.

Well, kids are resilient.

You're a lucky man.

Enjoy it.

OLINSKY: Right here.

Hey, Olinsky, department's
pushing back on these expense
reports you turned in.

27 bucks for Powerade?
Not covered.

You owe me 27 bucks.

No, no, no. Nobody
told me that we gotta
go out of pocket on stakeouts.

Come on.
Is that so?

Oh, great.

Order some caviar and
lobster tails next time then.

What's all this?

New photo ID
cards in the district.

There's no way you're
getting my face on a badge.

Well, the locks
aren't gonna work
without the new ID, Alvin.

Okay, here.
Get your camera ready.

You got it?

Hey, Turner and Hooch,
get over here.

I better be Turner, eh.

What is it?

Need a photo.

Because we found a body?

If this is for the Tribune,
my momma might
want a few copies.

For your new
ID badge, Einstein.

Step on the X.

Right. Right. Yeah.


Okay, on the count of three.



Are you serious?
I wasn't ready.

Well. No worries. I got it.

Nah. Let me see that.

No, no, no. No.
We're good.

Burgess? You gonna
put some make up on?

I already put makeup on.

Oh. Well, stand
over there. You're next.

You know what,
Sergeant, I actually need
to borrow her for a sec.

Here are your expense reports.

Come here. Burgess,
come here. Come here.

Hey, Platt, come on.
No. No. No.

ATWATER: Come on.
PLATT: No, no, no. No.

I don't actually need
you for anything. I just
thought you could use the out.


Thank you.

Yeah. I like messing with her.

RUZEK: See you later.

Hey, anybody seen Voight?

What is it?

We got a problem.

Justin showed up at
my apartment last night,
blood on his hands.

He said he got in a bar
fight but I don't know.

Where is he now?

He took off.


give me a call
when you get this.

VOIGHT: All right,
we got a new case.

This is Frank Fitori,
caught napping in a ditch

by the marsh
where he was dumped.

He's had his own
little racket on the
South Side for years.

He swims with
a lot of big fish.




All right. Halstead and I will
check out the murder site.

Great idea.
Why don't you
and Jay do that.

Everyone else go through
the confidential files

on Taylor Street, Bridgeport,
Chinatown, and Melrose crews.

Let's see who's
running what nowadays.

Did you see the
look on his face?

Yeah. So?


We haven't done anything.

Don't I know it.

Would you spit out whatever
you're trying to spit out?


Maybe this last month

I don't like being the guy
you use to get a rise
out of your father figure.

You wish I was using you.

Oh, I'm serious. You have
issues you need to work 'em
out, work 'em out without me.

I repeat, we haven't done
anything. And if you
want to keep it that way...

Hey, that'd be great.

All right, perfect.

You done?

I was done long before
this conversation started.

Really? Then shut up.

Where's the dead guy?

Homicide already
came and went.

Then the crime lab.
Then the motor patrol.


Is that one of our Pods?

Dinner at the Purple Pig.
It's got the dump.

Those things suck.
I don't think so.

Besides you just
told me to shut up
and that we're done.

No, you told me we were
done but a girl's gotta eat.

Now you're hungry.

Hey, I've been thinking.
Hey, can this wait?
I gotta meet someone.

Wait, wait. Fitori, the DOA.

He's had a big
mouth over the years.
Lots of enemies.

Yeah, I know.
And he wasn't afraid

to turn state's
to save his own ass.
More than once.

Look, Antonio, I gotta go.

Okay, but listen, I've been
looking at a lot of the guys

that his testifying
has helped send up.

Between us,
a few of those guys

have been known
to frequent a lot of the
same places that you do.

I was just wondering
if you'd thought about that
or done any digging on it.

Yeah, well, there's a lot
of angles to cover here.

Right, right, but I was
thinking in particular about
the social club you belong to.

It's not all stand-up
citizens in there. I mean,
it's common knowledge.

What are you
trying to say, bro?

I'm not trying
to bust your balls here.

It's just, if Fitori's
history is crossed
with a guy at your place

I might need your cooperation.
You might be able to make
a move on him from the inside.

It's a good thought but
I already had Jin cross all
the cases you're talking about

where Fitori talked.

No names popped up.

But I just talked to Jin

and he didn't mention that.

Jin does a lot for
me he doesn't mention.

Is there any confusion
on your part on who
runs Intelligence?

Just trying
to solve the case.

Hey, man, you know
where Justin Voight is?
Who's asking?

His father,
I need to talk to him.

Well, so do I,
so I can tell him he's fired.

He hasn't showed up
for three straight shifts.





Come on, Sarge.
Let's just talk hookups?

Can we talk hookups?
You looked great.

Your ID will be the pride
of District 21.

You can make copies,
give those to your grandma.

I just need one more.
I'm begging you.

Sarge, if I have to walk
around with a Deputy Dawg

photo for the
rest of this year,

I'm never gonna
hear the end of it.

Where the hell
is your partner?

I gotta turn these
photo files in.

I have no idea.

I think Intelligence
needed her to run
something up to the lab.


So, I'm thinking we stop
into some pawn shops

on Blue Island.

I'll bet you anything the
murder weapon found
on Fitori, dump gun,

bought as an
afterthought just before.


Alvin, you're
not listening to me.

Well, you talk so much
it's hard to know when
I'm supposed to listen

and when I can
just tune out.


You're miserable.

Well, no kidding, kid.
But you'll learn.

I'm not like you, old man. You
can keep your misery. I'm all
sunshine and roses over here.

Peachy keen, Mister Bean.

All right, what
were you saying?

That I'll bet that the
murder weapon is a dump gun.

Well, let's hit the pawnshops.

Come on.



Surf and turf.

It sucks. Like I said,
you can't see anything.

Can you make this brighter?

Come on.

No, no. Hey, hey, hey.
Dinner depends on this.

What do you want from me?
I can't make it daytime.

I told you.
The image on the file
is the image on the file.


Hey, what is that?

Kane Builders?

If they have a private
security cam in the lot,

I bet you we get at least
a plate off the Escalade.

I am. Thank you.

And let's roll the bet
onto that camera 'cause
that's where the answer is.

It would help us out if
you let us see any footage
your security cams caught.

I mean, we
could come back
and get a warrant but...

I'd be more than
happy to, sincerely.

But I don't even
know if we keep 'em on.

Tell you what.
It's all run by some
company in India or something.

Here's the number
of our office downtown,

ask for Libby, tell
her Don told you to
give you the number.

She'll take care of you.

Thank you.

I'll call The Purple Pig.
Seeing as how you're buying,
it's the least I can do.

And just so you know,
I'm thinking truffles.

(LAUGHS) Yeah, right.

Okay, I'm just
gonna move you a little

just this way.
And then if you
could just put...

Okay, is that good for you?

'Cause in this
light, your eyes are
like really sparkling.

Yeah, it's fine.

Okay, then. Let's get
it on film or whatever
they call it nowadays.

(LAUGHS) Okay.

In one, two, three.

Oh, wow.
That's perfect. Wow.

You want to see it?
I'm good. Thanks.


Hooch, about time.

Where do you want me?

The X.

Is this good?

In one, two, three.

Are we done?
Oh, no.

No, no, no.
Wait. I think I blinked.

Nope. Perfect.

One more. Please.

I got a lot to do today,
Burgess, so skedaddle, huh.

Do you remember that
time that I helped
you raise donations

for your charity?
Funny thing about time.
It just keeps going.

That calendar
rolled over.

Come in, Hank.

Just wanted
to get you up to speed.

I looked into Alessio
Colo like you asked.

Or, Intelligence did,
I should say.

My gut tells me
he had nothing to do
with the Fitori murder.

Your gut?

This Fitori, the DOA?

I did some askin' around,
seems he skipped
on into narcotics.

My man in the gang
unit tells me he's been

chumming around with
the Mickey Cobras.

That's an aggressive outfit.


Hmm, yeah.
Probably didn't
work out, you know.

Anyway, it ain't Colo.

So we're turning the
files over to Homicide.


Sure, Hank.


Thank you for coming
so quickly, Detective Dawson.

I know you're busy.

(SIGHS) Yeah, well, meeting
IA in some secret spot...


Everyone knows
you're a great detective.

I talked to Brady in Vice
after we chatted a few weeks
ago and he wore my ear

out for an hour telling me
what a straight arrow you are.

Come on.


We have had Sergeant
Voight working for us since
he got pulled out of lock-up.

A stipulation to his release.

He pretends to be dirty,
helps us run down
some heavy hitters.

It's a win-win for everybody.

Only he wasn't just
playing dirty. He was dirty.

He still is.

We were the suckers,

or more specifically
I was the sucker.

Hey, lie down with dogs.

You have the same
fleas crawling on you
that I do, Detective.

Your whole unit.

Did you know Erin Lindsay
is a former informant

Voight turned out at 14?

You think she's not
carrying water for him?

He is building an army there.
And it is only a matter
of time before it implodes.

The murder at the marsh...

I told Voight to look
into Alessio Colo.
He told me he would,

then he blew it off.

I wonder why.

He never mentioned
Colo as a suspect.

There you go.

To be very clear,

Detective, I am going
to take Voight down.

Everyone's watching
how this plays out

and right now it's
either me or him.

Once he's gone,

you are in the perfect
position to get a promotion
and take over Intelligence.

All you gotta do
is choose a side.

All right, this turned out
to be more of a Homicide
thing, as we all suspected.

I apologize.
Hold up a sec.

Alessio Colo.

He was one of the top
bosses on the South Side.

Book making, loan
sharking, extortion,

armed robberies.

C.P.D. Thought he was retired.

But now a tip leads
us to believe he's
back in the game.

What are you doing?

And this

is Joe Catalano,

habitual felon just
released from Stateville

and Colo's nephew.

He used to work for Colo
back before he got sent up.

Our DOA, Fitori,

he turned rat on
Catalano back in '06.

He made a deal with
the State's Attorney
that kept him out ofjail

and put Catalano in.

Sounds like Catalano got
released, he got right to it.

All right.
So if this is Catalano,

who was the driver?

JIN: Okay.

I'm tracking down the Indian
company that has footage
from the construction yard.

Just waiting for the
sun to come up over there

and we should have
a clear shot of the driver.

Yeah, the, uh, the DOA? Uh...

OLINSKY: Frank Fitori,
he used to run with this

Ross crew
back in the day.

A guy named,
uh, Dean-o Ross

was the patriarch.

Along with Fitori,
Dean Ross was on the
grand jury witness list.

This him?

Yep. Dean-o. Yeah.

Maybe Dean-o's
a target, too, huh?

All right, let's go.

Ruzek and I will shadow him.
Tuck him in at night.

That's a good idea.
Lindsay and I'll come too.

Yeah, looks
like we're all going.

I'd like to talk
to you in my office first.

I was told...
No, I was instructed

to run this
investigation, Sergeant.

If you want to take it
upstairs and explain why you'd
rather I didn't, be my guest.

Sounds like you know
what you're doing.

I'm confident I do.

Then let's see
where this leads.

What is it?

Justin was there.


He was the driver.
Catalano told me.


The minute this other
footage comes in...

I stopped by the CTA.
His supervisor told me

he hadn't
been there in weeks.


He's slipping away on me.

All right, don't bite
my head off for asking...

Just ask.

Are you gonna bury the case?

I don't think Antonio's
gonna let that happen.

O, you got eyes on him?

Just approaching now.
We got him.

Clark and Belmont

in case he
heads to the highway.

Hey, Ross is on foot.
Heading toward the

tanning salon on Sheffield.

Be right there.

That salon's been
a money laundering
front for a long time.

RUZEK: Wouldn't
Catalano know that?


(SIGHS) Come on.

Whoa, whoa. Catalano.

I got him.




Suspect is heading south.

Go! Go!



I lost him.



I lost him.

I want to know
what's going on.

You tell me.

Now, Voight!

Don't come in here
barking at me or you're
gonna see me off the leash.

Oh, you're pretty
far off the leash.

Have been since I got here.

You want to work
your own system?
That's your play.

Until it affects us.

Now, this unit's
gonna take down anyone
involved in Fitori's death.

And if you get in the
way, then I'm gonna see
to it that you go down too.

How's Diego?


Your son.

You know, the one
I busted my ass to get
safe when he was kidnapped.

Go to hell.

When you needed this
unit, it rallied around you.

I rallied around you.

You wanna talk,
I'll be at my desk.


Jin's got the construction
site video from India.

It's downloading
in his office.

Burgess, hey.

What's up?

Come here for
a quick second.

I tracked something down
for you. That might be the
phone number to the parents

of a certain desk sergeant
that's been giving you grief.

You look into that
I will deny any
involvement, all right?

Who are you?
I don't know you.

See. That's right.

I've asked them to increase

the bandwidth down
here 'cause the
connection's just...

Oh, wait.
All right, here we go.

Now we'll see who was
with Catalano that night.

Thanks, Jin.


We'll call you
if we need you.

Yeah, yeah, of course.

Um, take all
the time you need.


LINDSAY: It's Justin.

That's it, then.

No, that's not it.

Yeah, well, the kid's
an accomplice to murder.

No. This isn't over yet.

I know he's not
answering your calls,
but he's gonna answer mine.

Hey, O.

What's up?

You and Voight go
all the way back.

That's right.
And I know you're
thick as thieves.

Well, I might
have used a different
analogy but, you know.

You're a good police.
The best UC I've ever seen.

I don't want
to see you tossed out

when this hits the fan,
but Voight's in too deep.

You know, I've seen just
about everything this
city can shove at a cop.

And the one thing
I've learned, don't
ever count out Voight.

That's your choice?

Don't put me in a position
where I have to make one.


You ready, Detective?



You ready?

(SIGHS) Yeah, sorry.


You know no one said
it was gonna be easy
working with Hank Voight.

I was warned
a million times.

But I gotta say this.

I've seen a lot of crackerjack
police punch in, sleepwalk,
and then punch out again.

Never him.

He works cases hard.

Works witnesses.
Works the streets.

If I had someone
I cared about in a bad way,

the one cop I would
want assigned to the
case is Hank Voight.

No one else.

Not even you, Detective.


Let's have a smile.

Or not. That's fine.

On one, two, three.

What the hell
were you thinking?

I didn't know, okay.
I didn't know he was
gonna kill that guy!

One second I'm standing
there, and the next,

pop, pop and this dude
just falls to the ground.

Straight down, like somebody
flipped a switch, you know.

He had blood coming
from his mouth and his
nose and there was just...


You know that he
was laying there

and he reached
out to me for help
and I just stood there.

I couldn't even
move my feet.

I wanted to run.
I wanted to do something and
I just stood there, you know.

And Catalano.

Catalano raised his
gun up at me and he
said that I had to help

move the body or
he was gonna drop me
right then and there.

Erin, I swear to God,
I had no choice.

You need to get
it together, right now.

Erin, I gotta run, okay.

I gotta run right now.
I need you to help me.
I'm a dead man, you know.

Get in my car.

You're gonna help me?

We're gonna
help each other.
Get in the car.

You were just gonna
walk up, shoot Ross in the
middle of the street, huh?

Let me ask you something.

How stupid are you?

I got a damn good
insurance policy.

You got a lot of enemies too.

Now, who's worried about
that when you have the
protection of the Chicago PD?

You sure about that?

Let me tell you something.

Justin's next ride
behind bars, he is gonna
get shanked

or worse.

So if you want that
to happen then you test me.

Tell him what you told me.

Antonio is waiting
for you in your office.

There better be a damn

good reason why my son

is in the
interrogation room

and I wasn't
notified immediately!

You have a problem.

Internal Affairs.

Gradishar came to me.

Wanted to make a deal for you.

Gradishar knows all
about you and Colo.

Your son was dumb,

but he was a dupe.

Catalano's the target.

So, as far as I'm concerned,
I never saw that photo,

I never heard him
say he was there,

and I'm gonna move on
to the next Intelligence file.



Let's take a ride.


a moment of your time.

Spill it, Burgess.
I'm busy as hell.

I think you're gonna
want to retake our pictures.

Too late, the photos are
being uploaded tonight
and like I said, I'm busy.

Okay, I understand.

But it's just that, see,
I have something here

that I was gonna use to

spice up the Faces and
Places part of our
newsletter this month.

You contacted my mother?

I told her we were honoring
you with a surprise party.

Asked if she had any
childhood photos we
could use for a slide show.

(LAUGHS) She's a real
nice lady, real helpful.

You're playing with fire.

I brought plenty of water.

Hey, Jin?

That video from India?

You never got it.

The one I deleted two
hours ago? I have no idea
what you're talking about.

I gave you every
chance in the world.

Got your record expunged.

I didn't need you
to do that.

Are you ready to shut
your mouth and listen?

After what we went
through with your mother,

I was ready to die
in the dirt to make
sure you found your feet.

Hell, I almost did.

I kept saying,
"It's not his fault,
it's not his fault.

"I can fix this."

Except, I realized

you can't fix what's
broken on the inside.

Dad, I messed up.
I know that.

I know it.

I don't think you do.

I'll see you in four years.


I love you.

Now go.



Wine for you, my love.

So, new rule.


I ask you how your
day was and you say, "Fine,"

I get to reach across
this table and throttle you.

Mmm. That sounds fun.

How was your day?

It was fine.


You must've known
that was coming.

Come on.
Okay, I'll just
ask your partner.

Oh, good luck with
that one, gettin' that guy...

You have a good day, huh?

You all right?
With this clown?

The sneakiest guy I know.

I'm so glad you
could make it. Hi.

RUZEK: What are
you doing here?
Hey, how you doin'?

Well, your beautiful
bride-to-be invited
me out for a drink.

Move over. Scoot, huh?

Yes, sir.

Plus, I thought maybe I'd, uh,

step out and spread
a little bit of my misery.


(LAUGHS) I'd say
"I'd drink to that."

But I don't know if
that makes for a very
good toast there, Al.

Oh, well. Uh, hey.

Wanna get these?
What do you think? Huh?


Getting' after it tonight.

So, Alvin,
tell me about Adam.

How's he doing in...

What's it called?

Intelligence, yeah.

You want the truth?


I think he's, uh,
better at it than I was.

Maybe than I am.


OLINSKY: Mmm-hmm.

Now that's a toast.
Come here.

OLINSKY: Yeah, well...
Thanks, Al.

Got my heart all
a flutter, man.

What the hell
is going on around here?

It's Voight.
Just let it go.

What about the bet?

Well, technically
you did lose.

He buried the
footage, didn't he?

Got it. Well I guess
I'm not paying for dinner.

It's probably better we just
keep it professional, right?

Yeah. Yeah.

Hey, they just dredged
a body out of the river.


Got him?
Yeah. There you go.

Catalano, huh?


Well, he had a lot of enemies.

Funny how justice works
in this city sometimes, huh?

What the hell
was that, Detective?

Huh? You're supposed
to be building
a case on Voight.

And you got nothing!
You gave me nothing!

He has somehow wriggled
his way off the hook.

And I look like a fool.

I look like a fool!

Or worse!

You don't
remember me, do you?


Fifteen years ago,
you were a patrolman
in Internal Affairs.

You investigated
my partner Sean Patterson.

You went after him for some
double-dipped overtime pay...

Did some paperwork that he
admitted he filed mistakenly.

Should've been
a slap on the wrist

but you wanted to make
a name for yourself.

Make an example of him.

Because you're a climber.

You always have been.

The union fought his
charges and you
went after him harder.

You took away
his pension,

bounced him from the job.

He killed
himself a year later.

His family lost a father.

Because you used him as the
bottom rung of your ladder.

You don't know.

You don't
know what we do

or what we sacrifice
or the price we pay
for this.

For the job.

And you'll never know.
Ripped By mstoll