Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - A Material Witness - full transcript

In responding to a call Atwater and Burgess discover a gunshot victim and the only witness is Lexi Olinsky. The shooting is tied to a Latin gang. To protect Olinsky's daughter, Voight takes the case from the Gang Unit. Ruzek pulls up Burgess to help with an undercover mission that he hopes will help solve the case.

[Heartbeat pounding]

[Keys clicking, door opens]

They still got those bracelets on you?

Sorry about that.


We got Maurice Owens, so that's good.

If you'd waited, we'd have him for a hell

of a lot more than bribery.

Yeah, I know, but it was time,

- don't you think?
- Yeah, you made your point.

You're the boss,

until the tide washes you out

and they bring in your replacement.

How's Detective Sumner
fitting into your unit?

Why don't you ask her yourself?

She's not working for me,

if that's what you're getting at.

She's just a friend.
Question: Jay Halstead.

You know anything about

this restraining order against him?

I go after criminals, not cops.

That deal has changed.

You know, recently my doctor put me

on this heart healthy diet,

and when I asked him how
long I had to stay on it,

he said for the rest of my life.

I'm not big on analogies.

Think of our new
relationship like my new diet.

It goes on forever until you die.

What happens if you die first...

from that diet your doctor put you on?

You do what I tell you to do,

or we'll take away your badge,

and you'll go back to prison.

You have five minutes to let me know

which way you want to play this.

Hey, you finish the report yet?

How many years until you actually
contribute to one of these?

- I told you what to write, didn't I?
- Yup. How's this look so far?

So anything we should
take away from our Sergeant

being arrested last night?

No, it was a misunderstanding.

He was put in cuffs for a misunderstanding?

They released him. It was a mistake.

Just finish the report.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Al, no.

Give me my phone.

You know, you should celebrate the ease

with which you procure such images,

'cause as a kid,

I used to dry out wet penthouses
that I found in the woods.

Well, that's gross.

Listen, those are Wendy, Al.

You're not supposed to see those.

Your fianc?e sends you these?


Okay, all right. What... what... what...

- what if you lose it?
- You can't see her face.

- Nobody'd know it's her.
- But you would.

[Sighs] We got into a fight.

This is her way of making it up to me.

Give me my phone.

[Static hisses]

- B2113, come in.
- Go ahead.

Multiple reports of gunfire
at 17th and Morgan Viaduct.

Shots came from the first floor.

10-4. En route.

[Siren wailing]

[People chattering]

Out the back door.

Let's see what we got.

Don't go away on us yet.

What do we have?

Hit in the chest. Bullet
just missed the heart.

- Any other victims?
- Just a witness.

Can you tell me what happened?

How many were there?

Hang on there, buddy. Try to breathe.

Hey, Lexi. Do you remember us?

We met a couple times down at the district.

I'm Officer Burgess.
This is Officer Atwater.

- You guys know her?
- Yeah, yeah.

She's the kid of one of our detectives.

Mind if we talk to her?


Honey, are you okay?

I saw the shooter.

My baby.

What did they do to my baby?

- My baby!
- [Sobbing]

Let's get her out of here.

She's okay. She's just in shock.

Sounds about right.

You care to explain what
happened to you last night?

I got it handled.

Everyone knows you got pinched.


Hey, how you doing, kiddo?

Hi, Uncle Hank.

My God.

Hey. I'm so sorry, dad.

- What happened?
- I was at a party.

Until dawn? Does mom know you're here?

- Yeah.
- What did you do?

- You sneak out?
- Sergeant.


Someone here from Gang Unit to see you.

It's about the shooting in Pilsen.

All right, I'll be right down.

All right, why don't you take her

for a cup of hot chocolate or something?

It's okay. Hey, she doesn't testify.

- I know.
- To anything.

I mean it.

I got it.

All right. All right.

Come on, hon.

The kid who was shot's
named Russell Thompson.

He's a low-level runner for the gang

the "G" Park Lords.

He's part of a larger investigation

we're running into a
P.C.P. operation in Pilsen.

- What is he, C.I.?
- No.

We just got eyes on him.

Lords have been making a push
into Latin gang territory,

so the shooting's probably a message

to the black gangs to keep off their turf.

What's this got to do with us?

I heard the witness was brought here.

There is no witness.

That's funny.

Two other officers said that there was,

and that her last name was Olinsky.

Look, I understand, man.

It's your daughter.

Look, you know as well
as I do these witnesses

who come forward in gang shootings

become walking targets.

Detective, we've been
working this case for months.

Listen, I don't care

how long you've been working on this case.

- What I'm telling you is...
- Alvin. Alvin!

Detective Stark,

Intelligence is gonna run
point on this shooting.

You can't take this
investigation away from me.

- I just did.
- 'Cause of one witness?

Commander Perry...

I will talk to Commander Perry.

- Just let me handle it, Al.
- Yeah.

What was that all about?

Call everybody in.

We got a gang hit to solve.

I only met Russell a couple times.

He's a really nice guy.

He offered to walk me to the train.

Did you know that he was in a gang?

He was always cool to me.

So what happened in the alley?

Um, the guy came up.

Russell and him started arguing.

About what?

He told Russell, "you're
in the wrong neighborhood."

The guy was totally gakked out.

Did you get a name, or...

I heard Russell call him Calaca?

Okay. Come on, let's go home.

Let's go. Come on.

She's just walking me through it.

You got a name, didn't you?

Did you get your name?

Come on. Let's get out of here.


Calaca means "skeleton" in Spanish.

My money's on the Latin Priests.

That's the kind of name
they give their boys.

Neighbors don't claim
to have seen anything.

And there's no security cameras either.

Shift's already started. Where you been?


The report you requested, Sergeant.

A breakdown of all drug-related busts

in the Pilsen area in the last 12 months.

How many files did you have to go through?

All right, now give me a list
of all gang-affiliated males

in the neighborhood that
were arrested with a weapon

who were between 5'2 " and 6'3".

- Gunman's 5'9".
- You can never be too careful.

All right, let's find this Calaca

and get a confession so
Lexi doesn't have to testify.

Use any means necessary.

How you even associate with these people

I have no idea.

Russell's mom...

she screamed so loud when she saw him.

You know, you're just lucky it wasn't you.

What if Russell doesn't make it?

He's in a gang.

That's the price you pay.

Stay right here. All right?

Don't move.

Hey, Atwater.

What's up?

Let me see your notepad.


If anyone asks, you lost
your crime scene notes.

You know, I could get in
some pretty serious trouble

if the courts come looking for those.

Yeah, that's your problem.

Come on, honey. Come on.

I didn't see anything.

It was your house. How's that possible?

Kenneth, now's not the time to get shy.

I was in my bedroom with a girl.

You always hang with gangbangers?

Well, it's not like that.
It's the neighborhood.

Everybody's welcome.

Russell had 20 wicky sticks
on him when he was shot.

Now, don't tell me you didn't know

there were drugs at your party.

Russell sells us weed sometimes.

But P.C.P.? No, not that I ever saw.


This kid's as soft as a daisy.

There's no way he's affiliated with a gang.

Maybe Russell's mom knows something.

Is no one gonna talk about the fact

that Voight got arrested last night?

He was put in cuffs once before by me.

He got out of those pretty easy.

Why should this time be any different?

Wait, so let me get this straight.

The rule of law doesn't apply to Voight?

Just so I'm clear.

Just do your job.

- So what's the scoop, Sarge?
- Yeah, what's the scoop?

If Voight got arrested,
what were the charges?

Yeah, they're not gonna take
the unit from him, will they?

He actually likes us.

You're like two washerwomen
from the old country.

Why don't you take your
laundry down to the river?

Hey, listen. Come with me.

- We need her today.
- What about me?

You don't really have the curves

I'm looking for, Atwater.

Sorry, man.

Well, now that you're partnerless...

Sarge, not today. Can't I just ride alone?

Hey, Peterson, found you a partner

until Matthewson gets back from furlough.

Have a blessed day.

- Hank.
- Not now.

Lexi Olinsky.

Now you got time.

I was talking to the desk
sergeant over at the 27th.

Detective Stark was seen questioning

the other two uniforms at the scene.

Thought you should know.

Try to stay out of handcuffs today.

It's getting hard to
explain to the kiddies.

Okay, we've known for a while

that the Latin Priests...
they use white kids,

steal smart phones up
and down Michigan Avenue

all the way from Mag Mile
to Millennium Park, right?

Yeah, yeah, I mean, especially
from female tourists.

I could play a tourist.

You could play the tourist.

- Can't get anything by you.
- Okay.

So, all right, why are we
targeting the Latin Priests?

Well, it looks like the guy
that shot Russell Thompson,

he's hooked up with them.

Now, if these guys were
never big players in Pilsen,

they just had the cell phone ring.

It's still their bread and butter

even if they are moving into P.C.P.

Cracking the cell phone
operation to get to him...

it's a long shot, but at this stage,

anything to keep Al's daughter out of it

- is worth looking into.
- Yeah.

So put a tracker in it.

Be gentle with it.


Welcome to undercover.

Welcome to the bigs.

Hey, man. What's up?

That's cute. You think I'm here for you?


Come on. Let's go get changed.

Lonnie Rodiger's credit card.

Yeah, I know. Working on the court order.

Another hit came back from
a Humboldt Park home depot.

He purchased a two-person
tent, kerosene lamp, bug spray.

So he's going camping.

And some rope and duct tape.

How's he doing?

They won't really tell me,

and I get the feeling that can't be good.

Russell ever mention having a problem

with someone called Calaca?

I've never heard that name before.

How long has Russell been
running with the Lrds?

He had drugs on him, didn't he?


I told Russell to stay away from him.


Tamarcus Pierce. Russell worships him.

Thugs like that have a way
of dragging the young ones in.

Shots fired. Harrison Park.

10-4, responding.

[Siren wailing]

They were killed nearby and dumped here.

I recognize a couple of them.

They're all members of the Latin Priests.

Retaliation hit for Russell.

This just went from a
gang hit to a gang war.

Four dead Latin Priests
killed execution style

Displayed on a soccer field.

It was a reprisal shooting
for Russell Thompson,

member of the G-Park Lords.

Russell was a low-level
runner for T-Mac Pierce.

I remember T-Mac.

Yeah, we used to answer
domestic violence calls

all the time at his mother's.

His stepfather beat the crap out of him.

What are you wearing?

I'm supposed to be a tourist.

- It's working.
- I brought her up.

I figured we could use
all the help we could get.

All right, T-Mac Pierce.
It's a place to start.

- What about Calaca?
- You tell me.

I've got word out to all my C.I.s.

So far I've got nothing.

Priests probably have him in hiding.

Well, maybe T-Mac knows where.

He had no problem finding four of his pals

and putting lead in their head.

Ruzek, my office.

What's up, Sarge?

Who gave you the authority
to call up a uniform, hmm?

Sir, Lexi said Calaca was the one that shot

Russell Thompson, right?

He's hooked up with the Latin Priests.

They're in the cell phone game.

I think that this is a good
way for us to get to him.

The phones are largely stolen from women.

I think she can handle it, Sergeant.

It's just...

we got to play every angle on this, right?

Let me play this one.

It's for Olinsky.

- Beat it.
- Sergeant, I really...

I didn't say no, did I?

Remember when we first started

and I told you sometimes you might have

to do some things off the books?

- Yeah, I remember.
- That only applied to me.

What did Halstead come to you about?

This'll only take a minute.


You scope out your next victim yet?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Maybe you can alibi him
out after this one too.

- Just get off my property!
- Yeah, call the cops.

What? You here to rough him up?

He bought duct tape and rope
up the street last night.

You remember how they found Ben Corson?

What, are you monitoring him?

Your son is a pedophile and a killer!


- What was that?
- Just drive.

Hey, how about next time,
I get to pick the team, huh?

How about that?

What's wrong with the blue jackets?

They're, like, my favorite team.

Besides, think you look kind of cute.

That little fanny pack's
kind of the cherry on top.



Really? Super awesome.

Nice work.

Bait taken.

Go, jackets.

Go, jackets.

You've got to be kidding me!

Are you kidding me? You're nothing

- but a big fat, lazy slob.
- Shut up!

That's what you are. You know that, right?

I can't believe it's your brilliant idea.

- Enough of your crap.
- Shut up!

Go ahead, Alphonse.
Burn your own house down!

Sir, put the flare down.

Look... [panting]

What this horrible person did to me.

Sir, whatever you do,

do not remove the knife from your neck.

Ma'am, stand back!

- Ma'am!
- We should call for backup.

You'll be in flames by then.


- No.
- Ma'am!

- Drop the knife, ma'am.
- Ugh!

At least call an ambulance, Peterson.


Russell Thompson... he just died.

Sorry to hear that.

Olinsky's daughter saw
the guy who shot him.

Right now, she's our only eyewitness.

Lexi was scared.

She mis-remembered a few things.

Save it.

When I heard the only other
witness was Alvin's little girl,

my heart dropped.

Last time I saw her,
she was about yay high,

6 1/2,

and she's just running up and down the hall

in these little pink overalls and pigtails.

If you don't catch the
shooter without Lexi,

we're gonna have to use her.

I'm not comfortable with that.

That's too bad,

'cause there's been a development.

[Knock on door]


Just checking in.

I doubt that.


How you holding up, Lex?

Lexi, why don't you go to your room?

How's Russell?

He's dead, isn't he?

Is that true?

Afraid so.

Oh, God, I knew it.

Are you gonna catch the guy who shot him,

the one I told you about?

We're sure working on it, kid.

Didn't your mother tell
you to go to your room?

- Right now.
- Come on.

You have to get him.

All right. What's going on?

The two officers on the
scene before our two guys...

Stark had them file a report
with the state's attorney.

All right, what were their names?

- They were doing their jobs.
- I can find them myself.

- Alvin, it's too late.
- She can't testify, all right?

A subpoena will put a
bull's-eye out on her.

Not if we find Calaca and
get a confession first.

[Radio beeps]

Captain, we got T-Mac in pocket.

He's at his mother's.

- I'm going with you, man.
- No, you're staying here.

Did Lexi say she knows Calaca?

She said she's never seen him before.

Well, so he doesn't
know where you guys live.

That's the hope.

Stay here. Protect your family.

[Whispers] Yeah.

Yeah, all right. All right.

[Radio beeps] I'm on my way.


I got two here!

It's okay. It's okay.

- Clear!
- Clear!

Check the back.

- Clear!
- Where's Tamarcus?

How many times do I have to tell you people

Tamarcus does not live here?

- Where's Tamarcus?
- Hold on, hold on.

We're not gonna hurt your brother.

Can you tell me, sweetie, where he is?

It's okay.

Come on.

Where is he?

Where's your brother?


Very good.


[Automatic gunfire]

[Automatic gunfire]


Runner outside. T-Mac!

What the... I got him. You stay with them.

Wicky sticks?

Real low-grade to be
shooting at cops over, T-Mac.

Hipsters like what hipsters like.

You ever heard of a Latin
Priest called Calaca?

Guess I ain't the only one looking for him.

You're just gonna take
out his crew one by one

until you find him.

That's your plan?

You're gonna pull back.

Let us find Calaca ourselves.


No, man.

Calaca's gonna get what he got coming.

What now?

- Those arrest reports.
- Mm.

I also did a search
on T-Mac's mom's house.

The entire thing was bought
with cash linked to narcotics.

You ever heard of an asset
forfeiture seizure order?

I'm supposed to guess what that is?

Property forfeiture document
freshly signed by a judge.

You bought your mother's
house with drug money.

You can't take my mother's home.

Well, federal law says we can.

You know, the neighborhood's gentrifying.

Hipsters are having babies now.

They'd love the place.

Maybe find drugs in the walls.

Okay, stop.


You tell your boys to call
it off with the Priests.

I want Calaca alive,

or your mama's gonna be
living out of a shopping cart.

Make... make a right.

- Here?
- Yeah.

Where is this little bastard?

[Chuckling] We're close.

These kids, they make, like,

100 bucks a phone stealing these things.

Yeah, that's nothing.

The Priests make triple that
when they sell them overseas.

[Phone vibrating]


[Chuckling] My fianc?e.

Um, when's the wedding?

I don't know. It can't come soon enough.

Eager to tie the knot, huh?

No, I'm just sick of planning.

It's like all Wendy and I ever talk about

is wedding organizing.


You ever send racy
photos to your boyfriends?

I mean, that's not weird, right?

The look Olinsky gave me
when he caught sight of one,

it's like I'm Larry Flynt or something.


Um, the kid should be in that house.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

We may have gotten a hit
on Calaca from the hotline.

Somebody who matches his
description was just seen

leaving a barbershop on South Racine.

It's owned by an Uncle of
one of the Latin Priests.

You two get on it.

I completed those breakdowns, Sergeant.

I need more detail.

Halstead, my office.

I told you to let the Rodiger thing go.

I have for the most part.

If you're not straight with me,

I can't protect you.

Protect me?

Weren't you just in custody?

Who are you to give advice?

Don't push me.

I will run you out of this unit like that.

I think Lonnie's gonna kill another kid.

You got eyes on you, Halstead.

I've warned you all I can.

- Hi.
- Hi.

He's your grandson?

No, but I treat him like one.

You know he's a thief?

He's been stealing phones again.

- You're aware of this?
- He's got a problem.

I don't have a problem.

And the Chicago police are not at our door.


You give them everything you stole.

He steals these things
for the stupid video games.

Ma'am, we have reason to believe

he sells these to the Latin Priests.

Well, he may be a troublemaker,

but he doesn't associate with gangs.

The gangs.

- Where's the rest?
- That's it.

That's all I got.

All right, thank you.

You're welcome.

Well, so much for this
leading us to Calaca.


[Latin music playing]

Oye, viejo, you the owner of this shop?

Yeah, for 30 years. Please call me Papo.

We're looking for a guy named Calaca.

Never heard of him.

He was last seen at this location.

Pssh. Not that I saw.

Well, we know that your nephew
hangs with the Latin Priests.


I haven't seen my nephew,
oh, in a very long time.

- Hmm.
- Yeah.

You been busy?

Oh, yeah, you know, always busy.

The guys like to look good for the chicas.



- Antonio.
- Oh.

- That sure ain't aqua net.
- Liquid P.C.P.

You always keep bottles of
wet hanging around your store?

I have a license for those chemicals.

For what?

For the hair straightening products.

I can show you the paperwork if you want.

- What's in here?
- I don't know.

- Open it.
- I don't have a key.

30 years, you don't have a key?


No, no, no. Wait, please.

I... I... I can explain.

[Speaking Spanish]

My nephew and his gang

have taken over my establishment.

They take my disability checks.

They forced me to get the chemical license

for the hair straightening products.

- Where are they now?
- They don't tell me anything.

[Floorboard creaking]

Somebody took a beating down here.


How much you want to bet it was Calaca?

Then this must be Calaca's finger.

The Latin Priests are using
the old man's barbershop

glade. As a front to sell P.C.P.

Points for originality.

What makes us think Calaca's still alive?

He is still one of them.

If they wanted him dead,

they'd have dumped his
body for the world to see.

But they still had to punish him

for starting a gang war.

That's why they beat him

and clipped his pinky
finger off in that dungeon.

After that, my bet is they
moved him to a safe house

when he got hot.

They knew we were coming.

[Phone rings]

All right, that's all.

- Voight.
- You talk to Halstead yet?

I'm busy.

- Jay.
- Yeah.

I'm your partner. Talk to me.

You don't want to know.

[Cell phone chimes]

Wendy, baby. Yeah, I...

No, sweetie, you know I love the pictures.

I love you naked, but you got to stop.

Everybody can see. I'm working.

It's distracting.

Okay, thank you. I love you.

[Cell phone chimes]

Come on, babes.

Oh, you got to be kidding me.

Hey, come on, kid!


Hey, man!

The doors are closing.
Stand clear of the doors.

Out of the way! CPD!

You gotta be kidding me.
The kid went in there?

Followed him all the way from downtown.

Looks like we were on
the right track after all.

Chicago PD!


Chicago PD!


Ding ding ding ding ding.


Please, don't shoot.

We're gonna have a chat.

So you sell these to
the Latin Priests, yeah?

It keeps all these kids eating well.

Where do you take the devices?

They asked me not to come
around again for a while.

- Woman, I will hog
- Tie you with cuffs

on this floor so fast

your dentures will spin.

You're gonna give me an address.

[Soft chattering]

Chicago police! Get your hands up.

Hands up! Drop that weapon!

[Overlapping shouting, shouting in Spanish]

Go! Turn around!

[Soft thump]



How are you feeling now, scumbag?

T-Mac and the G-Park Lords
know you killed Russell.

- They're a little upset.
- They should be.

He was somewhere he shouldn't have been.

How about we drive you up to Lord territory

and dump you out of the
car with a sign that says,

"I killed Russell"?

Go ahead.

You shot a hole in that kid's chest.

How about I carve one in yours, huh?


That's the best you got, man?


[Calaca laughing]

Tell me you haven't seen that look before.


- Going through Calaca's record.
- Yeah.

He's been arrested 15 times.

Never given it up.

- [Knock on door]
- Yeah?

I told the sheriff I'd
deliver this subpoena

to one of Lexi's parents.

I could report her not issuing it properly.

Just leave it on the desk.

This could plead out before
it goes to trial, Alvin.

- So you hang tough, okay?
- Yeah.



You've been subpoenaed as
a witness to the shooting.

So what are we going to do?

- I don't know.
- Do we have a choice?

Let me make this clear.

You participate, you
become a material witness,

and they come after you.

We don't know that will happen.

We don't know it won't.

Dad, I can't look Russell's mom in the eye

and tell her I didn't do all that I could.

This is the right thing to do.

Let's put him away for good.

Come here, come here.
Come here, sweetheart.

That's him.

Second from the left?

I need you to say it.

Second from the left.

How else can I help?

We'll take it from here.

This witness that picked
me out of the lineup,

she's real pretty, right?

Am I remembering correctly?

[Thud] Uhh!


There's not a cellblock in five states

that doesn't have somebody
who owes me a favor.

Anything happens to that girl,

I'll have your new
boyfriend turn you inside out

for a stick of gum.


Dame un tamale. Carne.


Queso y jalape?os es mejor.

Mi estomago. Damelo.

Un momento.

Hey, viejo.

It's okay.

Um, a friend of mine works at the
Banco Popular around the corner.

I had him open up an account for you.


Have your disability
checks direct deposited.

Tell the bangers that the government

stopped sending them.

They'll never know the difference.

Thank you.


[Knock on door]

Come in.

Height and weight like you asked.

Now give me a hierarchy
chart of every active gang

in central area by morning.

I'm not Internal Affairs.

You don't have to like me,

but you would be a fool not to use me.

If I find out different...

You'll wish you never set foot in the 21st.

[Door closes]

[Chatter on police radio]


Recognize him?

Lonnie Rodiger.

He was strangled sometime last night.

I thought I asked you to
keep an eye on Halstead.


I hope he has a good alibi.