Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Wrong Side of the Bars - full transcript

Antonio's son was kidnapped and he has a feeling the Columbian drug gang is to blame. Pulpo, the Columbian gang leader, is being held in jail and suggests his release may trigger the ...

- Police!
- Previously on Chicago PD...

Beheading... that's a
signature cartel move.

Adres Dias, aka Pulpo.

Open up!

[Gunshot] Officer shot!

Stop! [Grunts]

- You played games.
- Back up, Voight.

And you got her killed!

- That's my partner's blood.
- [Grunts]

Antonio, someone's taken Diego.

[Tires screeching]

Come on. Go, Antonio.

Mitchell, let him in, let him in.

- Laura!
- Antonio... Antonio!


Oh, God.

[Crying] Our baby...

- he's got to be so scared.
- I will get him back.

I know you will. You have to.

What do we know?

There's no cameras in the alley.

We're checking the streets
on both sides for ATM video.


One lady gave us a white van,

but no license, no driver
description, nothing.

Detectives are rolling,
squads are canvassing the area

and knocking on doors,
checking for cameras.

Someone's on the pods right now.

We have security cameras out front,

- but nothing in the alley.
- I know.

- Para Laura, para Laura!
- Sir...

[speaking Spanish]

Let him in. Let him in!

"Pulpo free by midnight, or your son dies."

- Where's my son?
- Uh...

uh, I know he's not here.

Beyond that...

I don't think you want me to ask you again.

Ah, si, si, si, si.

I heard about this type
of thing back in Bogota.

Yeah. Your son was kidnapped, yes?

[Chuckles] Yes.

Yeah, I read that many times.

Many, many times.

If the kidnappers were
given what they wanted,

then the wife or son

was returned,

not a single scratch on their faces.


Maybe you should give 'em
what they want, Antonio,

whatever that may be.

If you want to see Diego again, that is.

[Doorbell chimes]

- Hi, Erin.
- Emmy, Liam.

Hey, guys.

Is your dad home?

Hey, dad! Erin's here!

- Yeah?
- Alec?


[whispers] Hey, you guys want to go inside?

- Okay, yeah.
- Okay.

- Bye, Erin.
- Bye!




They took Antonio's son.

And they took my own,
as far as I'm concerned.

Nothing else matters
till we get Diego back.



So this all started

with Rev and Coop getting
their heads chopped off.

And both did essentially
the same job for Pulpo,

mid-level distribution, right?

So we know Pulpo's cleaning house.

And what do you do when you
get rid of old furniture?

You got to bring in something new.

This guy stood out.

It's Ernesto Milpas.

He was running 15 corners
between 22nd and Kedzie

when CPD pinched him in '09.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was
on that bust with Jules.

- He was released last year.
- He was a climber.

Maybe he's looking to get promoted.

He's the best of a lot of bad options.

What do we have on him now?

P.O.'s got an address that's a year old.

- Olinsky, Olinsky!
- Yeah?

- Hey.
- Hey, let's go, man.

I'm ready to nail this son of a bitch.

- First we gotta get dressed.
- You can just pick one.

All right, now, our job on this one

is to put early eyes on the place

and then provide backup as well.

Roger that.

[Phone ringing]



- Have you talked to her?
- No, not yet.

She still doesn't know what you do?

When's the last time
you brushed your teeth?

I'm supposed to be homeless, man.

That's not a good excuse.

- Okay, you guys have 118.
- Thanks, sarge.

Atwater and Burgess, car number 452.

452? [Laughter]


- You two with us today.
- Yes, sir.

- Come on.
- Dawson.

Look, whatever you need,

you have my support.

Thank you, sir.

Let's talk.

All right, look, what's going on?

He basically accused me
of getting Willhite killed

in front of the entire district.

No basically about it.

You're on the wrong side of
the bars right now, Voight.

Yeah, what does that say
about your police skills

if they gave me the job you wanted?

Quite enough. Belden, go take a walk.

Hank, I hope this don't shock you,

but there's some people who think

you don't deserve to be back on this job.

What do I care?

Well, so far, you got a dead cop

and an abducted kid as a legacy.

This is gonna be a real short stint

if you don't turn things around.


- 452?
- Yep.


[Sniffs] Oh, God. What...

Oh, no. What did you do to Platt?

I didn't do nothing to Platt.
What did you do to Platt?

You must have done something.

Burgess, I'm gonna tell you this right now.

Don't walk down a road
you can't come back from.

Okay, fine.

- I called her a house mouse.
- You didn't.

She ran me all over creation

for this gaudy ring of her
cousin's, and then she...

I'm sorry.

Sometimes my temper can hinder
my ability to communicate.

I don't know how Antonio's
handling all this.

If I had a kid snatched
up, I would be incoherent.

I used to think that cops
under Voight were invincible,

and then Jules died.

I was holding her hand.

As a soldier, how did you deal with it?


take it out on those who didn't deserve it.

Come on. Come on, come on, come on.

[Machines whirring, workmen chatter]


Jeez. What are you, a ninja?

You gotta make some
noise or something, man.

- Anything?
- No.

You kidding me?

All right, all I got is a 20.

I want that back later.

[Cell phone vibrates]

She'll think you're having an affair.


I told her they pulled
me out of the academy

to do paperwork in the ivory tower.

Ah, that's original.

I don't want her to worry.

End it now, kid.

Avoid a lifetime of misery and despair.

Go find another garbage can, huh?

That's him.

There's our boy.

What the hell is Ruzek doing?

Everybody, go, go!

Damn it, freeze!

[Both grunt]


Suspect is on foot out the
southwest side of the warehouse.

[Siren wailing]

[Tires screeching]

Coming out! He's in the wind.

[Police radio chatter]

[Dog barks]


Hey. You okay, kid?

Yeah, I'm fine. I'm an idiot, but I'm fine.

Hey, it wasn't your fault. Trust me.

No sign of Diego that he was ever here.

We had him! What the hell was that?

- Hey, I made a move.
- Take it easy.

- A stupid one!
- Take it easy, take it easy.

Let's not forget who
let herself get jumped!

Hey, I...

Detective Dawson, this is Burgess.

You're gonna want to see this.

Let's go. Come on.

Tell me you have something.

[Speaking Spanish]


Scream, and we cut out your tongue.

[Grunts] Daddy.

They say they're gonna kill me, daddy.

[Muffled shouts]

Check out the paneled wall.

That's not here.

I want lists of the other passengers

on the planes the Colombians arrived in.

Homeland Security will have it all.

Maybe some others came in
with Pulpo we can run down.


I know this goes against
everything we stand for.

We should consider making the deal.

- Give them Pulpo for Diego.
- Antonio.

He's my son, Voight. Let's make the trade.

Trades don't work out, bro.

No one above would okay it.

Tell me which one of those
excuses I'm supposed to believe.

We still have time.

All right, go through these one by one.

See if anyone crosses
with Pulpo or Ernesto.

These are mine.

Okay, look, remember, the red-tabbed files

are the CIs that have been paid out, okay?

And you... hey, no. No, no, no, no.

Those don't go in that pile.

You gotta keep it separate,
or you're gonna get it confused

- with the other ones, and you...
- Jin!

- I told you...
- Jin.


What you got so far on the video?

[Sighs] Okay. It was recorded last night.

There are some other voices in the distance

on the audio track, so
there's reason to believe

that it was in a public place.

Back room of a bar, maybe a motel.

It's really not much to go on, though.


Halstead, Lindsay, come here a sec.

In case we're gonna consider a trade,

I want you to check out these locations.

Sight lines, sniper spots, the works.

Are you considering negotiating?

Just check it out.


- Hey, Voight.
- Hmm?

I was wrong with Ruzek.

Yeah, he certainly ain't his father's son.

Yeah, it was a gut call.

I was wrong, so I'm gonna
send him back to the academy.

Your gut's always been
smarter than you, Alvin.


You need more? Here.

Hey, listen. Antonio, I want to apologize.

Save it for when we get Diego back.


- So what's your secret, man?
- To?

Keeping so many CIs.

Never make them testify,
and you never lie to them.

Sometimes you gotta be
willing to toss a case

to protect an informant. Hmm?

'Cause sometimes when
you really need someone,

they're still there for you.

[Door chimes]

Detective Dawson,
surprised to see your text.

Hey, thanks for hitting me back.

- Hey, what's wrong?
- The usual.


You remember Ernesto?

He was caught up in the net when we busted

that house on 26th and Sawyer.

- You were working there.
- Yeah, I remember him.

Curly-haired brunettes.
That was his thing.

Yeah, well, he's back on the street.

I need to know if he's ordered any girls

in the last couple of weeks,

but what I really want to know
is where he might be flopping.

I can call around.

- Would you?
- Yeah.


Can you, you know...

Yeah, yeah.

You always played it straight with me.

- Call me if you get anything.
- Sure.

I need it fast.

Okay, okay, I got it.

Hey, you okay?

This Ernesto...

my eight-year-old son is
missing, and he's involved.

So it's important.

My God, I'm so sorry.

Hey, listen, I will call around.

Thank you, Jasmine.


My real name's Victoria, by the way.

Hmm. I know.

All right, put snipers there and there.

And two more snipers in the windows there.

Yeah, okay.

What is it?

Do you know what percentage of kidnappings

end in a successful swap?

Less than 1%.

It's just a contingency.


- I gotta ask you something.
- Go ahead.

I saw your file as one of Voight's CIs.


Did he turn you out?

He didn't have to turn me out.

I volunteered because he saved my life.

[Knocking on door] Yeah.

Hey, you've got a call holding on line two.

An Erica Gradishar?

I'll call her back.

She said it's pretty important.

I'll call her back.


[Cell phone vibrates]


Hey, sorry. I didn't want to go in there.

No, I get it.

Okay, so I asked around about Ernesto,

and a few girls visited him
and some other Colombians

at the Polk Hotel on West Adams.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Antonio, I hope this turns out okay.


Polk Hotel on West Adams.


Where's this guy's room?

He was here.




Where's my son?

Get outta here. Run!


He knows, Antonio.

Do what you gotta do.

Do it.

Where the hell is my son?


[Sirens wailing] Abogado.

No, ain't no lawyers around here, ese.


You got about three minutes

till this alley's full of uniforms.

Do what you gotta do.

I'll start with an eye.



Cut his eye out!

Do it!

Come on!

- [Screams]
- Come on!


Second time, Ernesto.

You're looking at life.

But we can say that Pulpo came in,

threatened you, and forced
you to help them out.


No, no!

We're gonna talk about my son!

Diego! Eight years old!

Where I'm from, that's off-limits.


[Door opens and closes]

I don't know.

I'm glad I wasn't Antonio back there.


Oh, I wish I was,

'cause I know exactly
what I would have done.

I want to talk about
the trade, you for Diego.

Oh, yeah?

Things aren't going too well, hmm?

I'm gonna need a private
plane to Bogota, to start.

That's impossible.

That's just to start.

Help you, Detective?

I'm fine, thanks, Lieutenant.
If you don't mind...

I do mind.

[Chuckles] Sounds like you guys

need to get your ducks in a row.


I appreciate what you're
going through, Antonio.

I mean that, but Violent Crimes

has multiple murders on this guy.

He beat your rap before.

I just don't think you're in
the right head space for this.

He's in here.

- Dad.
- Hey, baby.


Hey. How you holding up?

Not even thinking about that right now.

What are you guys doing here?

We couldn't sit at home another minute.

What's happening? What do you know?

Can you guys take Eva and Gabriela

somewhere comfortable, get
them whatever they need?

You got it.

Let's talk.

Here you go.

Thanks, but I'm not hungry, really.

[Sighs] What have you guys heard?

Nothing we can say,

other than the whole CPD
is doing everything it can.


The last thing I told Diego
was that he was annoying.

What was he doing?

Shooting laser bullets
at me with a Lego gun.

We'll find him,

and he's gonna annoy you for years to come.

I promise.

Yeah, I hope so.


Voight's got a different
way of doing things.

- Not your way.
- No.

But he's got some ideas?

He has some techniques.

They might help.

As your wife,

I love the man that you are.

You are the father I expect you to be.

Eva and Diego see that every day.

But as a mother...

do whatever it takes to bring our son home.

Let's do it your way.


You got a big problema, ese.


No comprende abogado down here, bro.


Uh-oh. Yeah.


Wait, wait, wait.

Oh, you speak English after all.

No, I... I didn't do anything.

No, no, no, no, no. It's too late.

You know Antonio was gonna
fight in the Olympics.

I didn't hurt him. Please, no.

[Crying] No, no.

[Groans] Oh, yeah!

He's still got a hell of a right.

Aah, no, no, no, no! [Groaning]

My partner is dead because of you,

and now my son.

Wait, wait! Please.

His name is Mateo. His name is Mateo.

Please, please! I have
his cell number, please.

Please, no!


Mateo has your young son.

Please, please.

[Speaking Spanish]

He's running. Nothing about Diego.

I've pinged his cell
to the west Adams tower,

triangulating with the city center.

I want men deployed

to all major transportation
routes out of the city...

Midway, O'Hare, I'm
including all expressways.

He's at Union Station.


Everybody, hit the floor.

[Device continues beeping]

Everyone, fan out.

He's gotta be here somewhere.

Papa, papa!

- Luis!
- Papa!

I see him.

Boarding a bus for Indianapolis.

Wait for us.


Mid-America bus number 949

is now boarding for Indianapolis.

Mid-America bus number 949

is now boarding for Indianapolis.


You scream, I'll kill you.

Then I'll go to your house
and kill your parents.


[Brake releases]

Lindsay has eyes on him.

They're on a bus headed to Indianapolis.

Diego is unharmed.

CPD. Where's the manager's office?

How many on the bus?

25 plus the driver.

- Can you contact the driver?
- Talia Cook.

Yeah, I got her cell phone number.

- Can she handle herself?
- I don't know.

- Only been with us a year.
- Give me the number.

[Phone beeps]

This is Talia.

Talia, this is Clint
in the manager's office.

I got a cop on this bus.

I know.

CPD here wants to talk to you.

Hey, Talia.

My name's Antonio.

Listen, we're gonna need you to pretend

there's some engine trouble and announce

that a second bus is coming
behind you to take over.

You ever have engine trouble before?


There was a whole lot of smoke,
and the engine conked out.

All right, well, it's just
like that minus the smoke.

I think I see him.

All right, you gotta play it cool.

Just tap your brakes a
few times and pull over.

We'll do the rest. Can you do that, Talia?

Yes, sir. You want me to do it now?

Just give us ten minutes.

Yes, sir.

[Cell phone chimes]

You gotta push it all the
way over here to the right.

[Engine starts]

[Tires screeching]

[Engine revs]

Looks like we're having
engine trouble, folks.

I'm gonna pull the bus
over and take a look.

[Tires screeching]

There it is.

I've already called another
bus to take you on your way,

so it should be here in a minute or two.

Don't worry.

Here comes the backup bus now, folks.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

All right, we're real
sorry for the delay, folks,

but we've got a tried
and true new rig out here

that'll get you where
you're going right away.

Now, what I need from all of you

is to disembark, grab your luggage,

and head on over to the next
bus in an orderly fashion.

Can you do that for me?

[Passengers muttering]

Thank you.

Get up.

- Do you have the shot?
- Negative.

- Hey.
- Hey.

So what happened with the engine?

- Pretty scary, huh?
- The engine just...

Is everything gonna be
all right back there?

We are gonna get where we
need to go on time, right?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- It's gonna be fine.
- Okay.

'Cause the second bus is looking...

Listen, I got kids at home.


- [Speaking Spanish]
- Drop it!

- Diego!
- Drop it!

I swear I will kill him.

Put it down.

- Do you have the shot?
- I don't. He's not clear.

Put it down!
- I don't think so.

- Drop the gun.
- Shoot! Come on, shoot!

Come on. I swear I'll kill him.

You gonna shoot?

Nah, I don't think so.

Lindsay, hold on to something.


Come here, I got you. Get down.


Antonio, I got him! I got Diego, I got him.

He's okay. Come here.

- Diego.
- Daddy.

- Come here, come here.
- Daddy!

Oh! You were so brave.

You were brave, buddy. You were brave.

- You did the right thing.
- Mm-hmm.

Put your hands in your pockets.

It gets easier.

It's okay.

You're okay.

Sorry about the smell.

[Laughs] I don't mind a bit.

Diego? Diego.

Oh, my God. Mom!

Oh, my God. [Sighs]

I thought I'd never see you again.

I love you guys.

I love you so much.

- Hey.
- You're home late.

What are you still doing awake?

Waiting for you. I tried texting.

You did?

I'm sorry.

I guess my ringer was off.

You look tired.

- I look tired?
- Mm-hmm.

- I think you look beautiful.
- How was work?

Well, district got these new computers.

They want us to input case files, and...

- It must drive you crazy.
- Yeah.

You'll be out of that office someday.

- You want something to eat?
- Sure.

I got some pasta I can heat up.


- Do you remember Jim Cafferty?
- No.

You met him once when we
were at Frontera Grill.

Anyway, he wants to get a write-off

for this boat his mother
purchased last fall.

So he comes into the office,

and I have to tell him that the only way

he can do that is if he's using it

for business purposes or as a second home,

neither of which he's doing, of course.

So I couldn't exactly
recommend that, but...


We were out and about and
had an extra one of these.

What's this?

Oh, are you kidding?

Hot Doug's? That line is like an hour.

[Laughs] Don't we know?

The Elvis?

Oh, seriously, you guys.

This is for me? You didn't have to do that.

They didn't have to do this.

They didn't. Really?

- Yes.
- Okay, then.


Mmm, mmm.

You know what? What?

You guys look like you could
use a different squad car.

Here are the keys to 651. All yours.

Thank you, Sergeant.

Yes, how can we ever thank you?

Don't mention it.

Let's go.

That's a nice sight to see.

Yes, sir.


Ron... you told me

I'm gonna have to learn
to deal with politics

if I want this job in Intelligence.


this is me dealing with it.

It's Lieutenant Belden or me.

You gonna handcuff me to the likes of him,

I may as well be back in my jail cell.

[Somber bagpipe music]

I've been given the
go-ahead to run Intelligence

- the way I want to run it.
- Officers!


No interference.

This is our unit now.

Present arms!

You do things my way,

our way,

you'll unclip your badge at
night knowing you did right.

The police standing next to you

are your family.

And to me,

there's nothing more important.

If you're in,

stay here with me.

I have been waiting for 30 minutes.

What the hell are you
doing, going to my commander?

I can't speak to how you got out of prison.

Key witness was found dead. Is that right?

Something like that.

I am informed, however,
in how you got reinstated.

You were supposed to be a pipeline

for I.A. into some heavy hitters,

but you haven't given us a damn thing.

5,000 for Maurice Owens.

I'll make a move on him soon.


Don't jerk me off with "soon."

You work for me, Hank.

You work for me!

Do you understand?

I work for Chicago.

You understand?


Look at that.

I remember when I was in grade school,

the teacher read us a story

by some precious little
writer from a long time ago.

I think he's English or something.

And he was bagging on this
place after visiting here.

Know what he called it?

He called it "A city inhabited by savages."

We move when I say we move.