Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Chin Check - full transcript

Voight and team head to a house that's been associated with a number of top gangs. Events at the search result in Ruzek, being encouraged to seek some counseling which may have lasting repercussions professionally and personally. Meanwhile Halstead's temper rises when he comes in contact with some unwelcome people from his past.

Extracted by Cliffe

- Want some breakfast?

- No, I'm good.

- I talked to your aunt.

She said it's fine.

We got a room for you
and everything.

- When's this happening?
- She'll be here tomorrow night.

- It's not quick enough.

- She's taking the day off
from work

And driving here
from pittsburgh.

That's as soon
as she can do it.

Something going on
I should know about?

- Trayzell said
I got to do a hit.

- When?
- I don't know.

He said
to just be ready.

I gotta reprove myself
to him.

- Okay.

You're staying with me now.
I'll take you to my place.

- I don't need a place
to crash.

I need to get out.

You said you'd do that
for me.

- And I will.

- I'm trusting you, man.

- Diego going back
to school today?

- Let's give him till Monday.

It's not like he hasn't
been through a lot.

- It's one of my cis.

- Jasmine?
- Yeah.

- She calls a lot.

- I want to meet her.
- Now, there's a fun time.

My wife
and my hooker ci?

- I just want to, you know,
have her over for dinner.

- Babe, I could be fired
for having her here.

- We'll meet her
on neutral ground.

We'll take her out
for dinner.

- Nah.

- Is there a reason
you don't--

You don't want me
to meet her, antonio?

- Baby, there's no need
for you

To feel threatened by the skank,
junkie, hooker ci

Who I deal with
because it's part of my job.

- Then we will meet her
for dinner.

- Hey listen, I got this thing
on Friday night,

But I can blow it off
if you think--

- What kind of thing?
- It's my engagement party.

- Where's my invite?
- Ha.

You know, that's all I need.

"hey, sweetie,
this is my partner,

"the married one
who lives in his garage.

Don't worry, that's not
gonna happen to us."

No offense, though, I don't want
you anywhere near her.

- Does that mean
you set a date?

- Ah, today's the 21st,
so 6 months today.

- Oh, man,
today's the 21st.

- Yeah, it usually follows
the 20th.

What's up?
- Nothing.

- All right, there are two
unrelated wire investigations.

Surveillance followed three
of area central's

Top-ranking gang targets
to this house on carpenter.

Narcotics hasn't gotten
anywhere with it,

So command staff
wants intelligence on it.

Roll out in five.

- Hey, hey, what are ya doing?

- I need a desk.
- Not that one.

That was willhite's desk.

I'll let everybody know
when someone can use it.

- Yeah.

- We got the main eye.

- We're set up
to the north.

- We got the south
and a partial of the alley.

- If anyone goes mobile
from the house,

We're in position
for a take-away.

- O and ruzek, move closer.

See if there's any movement
in the house.

- 10-4.

- Hold up.
We got company.

- Who's this joker?

- Gun!

- Stay down!

- Clear!
- Police!

- Hoodie's dead.

- This one's alive.

- Charlie 50-21, emergency.

- What?
- He's gonna bleed out.

We gotta put pressure
on the wound.

- One shot fired by the police.

Offender down.
Plainclothes officers on scene.

- In here!

Cop killers.

Hey, look at this.

- What do you got?


Somebody was a diabetic?

Or not.

- Is there a black market
for this stuff?

- None that I've heard of.

But you know what?

It's a good place
to hide a bullet, though.

- Nice work.


- Hey, sarge.

You got
a calhoun county sheriff?

- No, that's a beauty.

- Yeah, my cousin's
dating a guy

That works dispatch
in corpus christi.

- Well, you tell your cousin
a "thank you" from me.

- What about the one
I gave you?

- Walla walla?

Yeah, I traded that one.

- Nice work.
- Thank you.

My friends
are coming into town.

I want to give them
the grand tour.

I'd rather not have platt
deep-sixing it.

- Did you see a counselor?
- Counselor?

I don't need to see
a counselor.

- Well, I don't need
to wear pants,

But, you know,
here I am.

It's compulsory.

- Yeah, and I'll pick up
something for dinner.

- All right.
- No, end of discussion.

- This is edward jelko, the
deceased street-level dealer.

This is peter thomas banfill,
the offender,

Currently baking in a coma
over at county.

Jelko probably thought
like we did

That banfill was sitting
on something big,

Went over there
to rip him off.

- These are m995s,

kevlar-penetrating rounds.

Ballistics has 'em linked
to several recent homicides.

- And we found 100 of these
at the scene.

It's for type r insulin,
which is a canadian designation.

- And with any luck,
our little surprise visit

Got the gun runners scrambling,
which means

They're gonna make
mistakes, okay?

Eyes open.

Erin, come here a second,
will you?

- Do you want
the door closed?

- Assume I always
want it closed.

- Okay, tough guy.

- Justin's getting
early release.

He's moved up
to Friday night.

- That's great.

- Well, he's asking
if you can be there.

It's no big deal
if you can't.

- Are you crazy?
Of course it's a big deal.

He's getting out.

- Yeah.

- What?

Why do you look like somebody
just pissed in your coffee?

- Gettin' out is always harder
than gettin' in.

- Hank.

Come on.

Justin's gonna need
you around, okay?

The tough love thing, it--
it didn't work.

Tell antonio I'll be back
in an hour, okay?

- Yeah.

Cop-killer bullets
out on the street?

- No.
I can ask around.

- Would you?

- That's it?

How about next time,
you text me

So I don't have to drive
a half hour in traffic?

- I was wondering
if you want to grab dinner.

- You and me? Like a date?

- Yes or no?

- When?

- Tomorrow night, 7:00.

- I already have a dinner.

- Unless you want to pay me
400 bucks for lost wages,

I'm gonna have
to take a rain check.

- Hey!

A company near toronto named
"markham medical supply,"

Their sales rep makes a run here
every other Thursday.

He left at 5:00
this morning.

- I'm guessing
they have tracking numbers

On all their products?
- Yep.

Locate him on gp, and--
you already did that.

- Yep, atwater and burgess

Are en route
tracking the signal.

- Nice.

- Do me one favor:
Do not give me

One of those open-fingered
explosion hands that people do.

I hate that.

If it's your thing,
I'd rather high five.

Never again.


- Hey, halstead.

Any word on banfill?

- He's still in the icu.
You seen the counselor yet?

- Yeah, this afternoon.

You know, I'm gonna send out
a memo

So people
can stop asking me.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Who do you think
you're talking to?

You got 10 minutes
on this job.

- It's--a lot of people
have been asking me.

- Say that next time.

- No, you're right.
You're right.

I got it.
- Okay.

- All right.

- Detective voight.

- Actually, it's sergeant now.

How do you know me?

- Casper.
- Oh, yeah, casper.

He's with the vice lords.

I heard
he's in marion now.

- Yeah, didn't work out
too well for him.

I mean, it worked out
good for you, though.

Look, I know who you are
and what you're about.

But you are legit
now, right?

- I need to talk
to you alone.

- No, you can speak to me
right here.

- D'anthony.

I want him out.

Get-out-of-jail-free card
for you in return.

- So you want little d, huh?

You into that?

- Did I come here
disrespecting you?

- You know I put
a lot of money and time

Into that boy, right?

See, you may want to give me
some paper

As opposed
to some damn business card.

Give me 10 grand,
and he's yours.

- I'll be in touch.

- Yeah, right on morgan.

Hey, do you think you could
hook me up with a car?

- Mm, I don't know.

There's such thing as lead time,
that kind of stuff.

- I know,
it's just kind of a big deal.

It's my flight attendant
friends, and I was kind of--

- Hold up, flight attendants?

- Well, yeah.
Well--psh, I'll get you a car.

Should of said that upfront.
I'll get you a good car.

- This is it.

Nobody's delivering
medical supplies here.

- Police!
Show me your hands!


- This is definitely
our sales rep.

George wilenko, 41.

He's been with markham medical
for 17 years.

No record, fully bonded,
has border clearance.

This guy's
not your typical smuggler.

- You notice the cup?

- Lipstick on the lid.

- These are what
we're looking for.

C7s, a variant used
by the canadian army.

An armory up there
was robbed.

3,000 rounds of ammo
and 50 c7s were stolen.

- Bigger market
for sprayers down here.

- Victim's wife
drove down with him.

Halstead and lindsay
are bringing her in.

- Good.


You're working
that kelly severide thing

- Yeah, during the blackout,
he got mixed up

With that knucklehead
vince keeler?

- Yeah, I know keeler.
He's bad news.

- Which is exactly
what I told severide

And why he needs
to stay away from that guy.

- Severide's sister katie
was reported missing.

- How long?
- 16 hours.

She's an adult,
really nothing we can do

Until it's 24,
but she is a fireman's sister,

Basically one of our own,
so area central's

Already got a task force
on it.

They said they'd call
if they need us.

So meantime, we got
our own case to work, okay?

- Absolutely.

- Don't arrest us, officer.

- Hey!

Oh, my--
look who made it to chicago.

How are you?


Oh, my god, come on,
I'll give you the grand tour.

- Yeah, let's go.
- Kevin atwater.

- Yes, hailey, genevieve, vera,
this is my partner.

- I look out for her.

- I'll bet you do.

- Oh.


- This is it.
- It's awesome.

- Hey, sarge.

- Ladies, this is
our desk sergeant, trudy platt.

- This is her district, and
she runs it firmly but fairly.

Nothing gets by this woman.

So if you guys
will follow me.

- Including you.
- I just wanted--

- Drunk and disorderly
at duffy's tavern.

- That's half the clientele
at duffy's.

- Well, that's good then,
you've narrowed down

The list of suspects.

Hey, tommy, cover me.

Good afternoon, ladies.
What's up?

You want a tour
of district 21?

I'd be delighted.

Has anybody here
heard of al capone?

- He was here?

- Everybody was here.

Let's go.

- To be perfectly honest, doc,
I'm pretty thrilled

You give me
a him-or-me choice,

I'm gonna make it
the same way every time.

- People can feel conflicted
about something,

Even if it is justified.

- Well, I'm not, doc.

I'm not.

- What?
- Conflicted.

- You are not married.

Are you in a relationship?

- Are you asking
me out, doc?

She's my fiancee
as of about a month ago.

- How does she feel about
what you've been through?

- I haven't told her.

- Most of us
at one time or another

Meet challenges
that we can't explain.

- Just--

Are you trying
to make me feel bad?

Is that what
you want to hear?

- Not at all.

- Okay, are we done?

- I would like for you to take
the rest of the shift off.

- My mother always called it
"murder city."

But the first time we visited,
I fell in love with chicago.

The lake, the river walk.

George and I went to the top
of the willis tower.

God, I just--
I can't believe it.

Why would someone
kill my husband?

- We think that he was
smuggling guns into the country.

- George?

- He wasn't killed
over insulin.

And on his last trip here,
we think

His vehicle was filled
with these.

- I'm hallucinating.
This isn't happening.

- Five people have already been
killed by them.

- Look, you don't get it.
George would never do that ever.

- How often did you make
the trip down with him?

- Every couple of months.

We always stay
at the sofitel.

I shop.
That's why he dropped me off.

They don't have bloomingdale's
in canada.

- What do you say, maurice?

- It's all good.

- You hear anything about
lone guns coming in to town?

- What kind?
- Sprayers. A lot of 'em.

- Heard about something
from canada.

That doesn't make
a lot of sense.

- It's starting to.

You hear anything,
hit me up.

Another thing.

I've been getting some static
from this cat

Named trayzell
with the gds.

You know anybody
got his ear?

- Trayzell's?
- Mm.

- No.

He's stone crazy.

He don't listen to nobody.

And I need to bring you
in on something.

State's attorney's getting
someone to flip on me,

Buildin' a case or somethin'.

- I haven't got wind
of anything.

- Now you have.

Five stacks.

More when you get me
that name.

- I got you.

Go for voight.

- We got somethin'.

- These are our bullets.

- Can you believe the velocity
of these things?

Forensics traced one round
that went through the tv,

Through the wall,
ended up halfway

Through the engine block
of an ice cream truck

Parked across the street.

- Seven homicides and counting.

- Our widow's lying.

Her cell phone provider said
she was never at bloomingdale's.

She spent the afternoon
up in edgewater.

We're gonna get real honest
real quick.

- Oh, god.
- Yeah, neither can we.

His face was shot off
by the bullets

You and your husband
brought into chicago.

- Why are you doing this?
- You lied to us.

You weren't
browsing bloomingdale's.

You were in edgewater.

You and your husband
had a nice run, right?

You start off with something
simple like x or kush,

And you got greedy,
and you upgraded to gun-running.

You got george killed,
which makes you

An accessory to his murder.

- So we're gonna try this again,
only this time the truth.

- I was visiting a friend.

An ex-boyfriend.
- If you're gonna lie,

Put some effort into it
for me.

- Call him.
He'll tell you.

- Name, number.

- I want you to take me
through your entire day,

Every stop you made,
every person you talked to,

Everything you did.

- I already told you.

- Tell me again.

We were on the road
by 4:30.

Didn't stop
till we crossed the border

Got some coffee, some gas.
Used the washroom.

George got a phone call
from our nephew--

- Who's the nephew?
- He lives here.

He likes to meet up
with george--

Oh, god, mikey doesn't know.

- Does mikey
have a last name?

Michael ganz,
lives in east garfield park,

Has a record:
Robbery, possession.

Runs with a small crew.

- Claire's ex-boyfriend
checks out

Right down
to the 500 bucks.

- Got a ping
on ganz's phone,

Pulled all the numbers
he's called

In the last 24 hours.

employee of the week,

Jin, right here.

- All the calls
were to the same numbers,

A cell phone registered
to a lucky m pawn and loan

In gage park.
- Lucky m.

I know that ding-dong.

We'll go talk to him.
Come on.

- Hey, o.
- Yeah.

- I'm gonna need you later
off the books.

- Yeah.

- Let's go.
- Come on.

Mr. Milner.

- Alvin.

- Hey.
So how's the usury business?

I don't run
that kind of operation.

- Good for you.

So, um, guns
coming in from canada.

- I just introduce people.

what does that mean?

- Nothin'.
I'm just telling you, you know?

- No, I don't know.

- I don't know anything
about canadian guns.

- Then why did you say,
"I just introduce people"?

It just seems odd.

- You make me nervous.

- Why? Huh?

You took a nine iron
to my jewelry case.

- That was here?
- Alvin.

I don't know anything, okay?

Right there, right there.
Right--right over there, yeah.

He set up a buy
with ganz tomorrow, 2:00 p.M.

- Hey, danny.

- Hi, jay.

- Pastrami for danny,

And smoked turkey for you.

- Oh, gosh.

We're going to be eating this
till thanksgiving.

Hey, let me get you
a sandwich.

- No, I can't.
I gotta run.

- Oh, well, let me at least
give you a slice of cake to go.

- This is always a tough day
for him.

He won't eat it.

I just end up
throwing it out.

- Small slice.

- Can I see
your driver's license?

- Halstead. Intelligence.
- This is harassment.

- Just eating
some birthday cake.

Today would have been
a birthday.

- Arrest him.

Get him out of here!
- Sorry, pal.

- All you dirty bastards
stick together.

You always have.

- Seven years ago
today, lonnie.

- Get outta here!
- Seven years!

He would have been 15!

- I'm gonna call my lawyer.
I'm getting a restraining order.

- I'm gonna give you a reason
to need one one day.

Oh, god.

You and your sick-ass son.

- Okay.
I got nothin' on the guns.


- That's it?

Next time, text me.

- And also, my date canceled
for tomorrow,

So you're on.

What do you want me
to wear?

- Dress conservative.

Repeat that back to me.

- I will dress conservative.

- Ciao amore at 7:00.

- Okay.

See you then.

- Severide. Hey.

- Hey, um,

I didn't know
where else to go,

And, um, and I don't--

No one's heard anything.

I don't know
what to do.

- Hey, we're gonna
find her, okay?

- Yeah.
- I promise.

We've got really good guys
on this.

And I know it's scary,
and I know your sister's alone,

But we're gonna find her.

- Come on.

- Hey, trayzell.

- Bro.

- I came to you man to man,
tried to do business.

You want to negotiate?

Maybe casper didn't tell you
before he got sent up,

But I don't like negotiating.

Maybe he didn't tell you,
I make offers once.

- You can uncuff him.

- Ah!
- Ooh.

- Look at me.

D'anthony is out

As of this minute.

You're goin' on a ride
you're never coming back from.

You understand?

All right.

Let's get outta here.

- Let's keep our heads down.

Assume mike is packing
heavy stuff.

- Hey.
- Look at you

All fresh like a daisy.

- Yeah, what a wank.

Hey, listen, any word
on the guy I dropped?

- Nah, still in the icu.
- All right.

- Hey, what'd
your counselor say?

- Oh, that I'm coping well
with the trauma,

But I think she was talking
about working with you.

- You're in the van.

- 'cause antonio called shotgun
before you did.

- You gotta be--
al, how long

Is this gonna go on for?
I'm fine.

- Christmas.
- What?

- Christmas is
the takedown word.

- Hey.

Reservation's all set
at carmine's for when he's out.

So who do you want me
to invite?

- Oh, let's keep it small,
just the three of us.

He should be around
his old friends just yet.

- Okay.

- That's our boy, ganz.

- Milner says you're huntin'
for hardware?

- If they're the quality
milner said they are,

We'll take most of 'em
off your hands.

- I'll take you to it.

Get in.
- Aw, come on.

- Only one of you
with the money.

- Forget it.

- Fine with me.

- Hey, hey--whoa, whoa, whoa,
wait--wait a sec.

Wait--wait--wait a sec.

- No.

- All right.

He's a cupcake.

- We're goin' mobile.

- What's your name?
- What do you care?

- We're heading north.

Heard you had a--
a crew.

- Well, you'll meet 'em
soon enough.

- What's wrong?

- We've lost his audio
and his tracking beacon.

- We're headin' into mccook.

- Why do you keep
calling out directions?

- I'm in a car with some guy
I never met.

You know, he's taking me
to an undisclosed location.

You know, I'm just thinkin'
out loud.

- Pull over.

Give me your phone.

- I'm not wired.

- Do it.

Open the door,
and you die.

- This is so, so dumb.

- Okay.

- I want you to look at
the mile marker and make a note.

- Why's that?
- Once the deal is done,

You're gonna bring me back here
so I can look for that phone.

- How closely
can you track him, jin?

- Six meters.

Yards, whatever.

- Let's see the money.

- 25 large.

I left the other half
with my associate.

You really think I'll come alone
with all the cash?

Well, let's see
the damn guns.


Look at that.

It's just like
christmas morning.

- cops.

- Police!

- Move!


- Put the gun down!

I will drop you,
I swear to god.

Put it down.

Get on the ground.
Put your palms in the air.

Get down.


- Burgess, atwater,
you got two white male offenders

Moving southwest of the building
towards you.

- You all right?

- Yeah.


The radio was in
my belt buckle, slick.


Just so when
you're in gen pop

Telling your story,

You get your details straight.


Well, that got crazy fast.

- Didn't I tell you
he was a cupcake?

- Aw...

I gotta take care
of something.

- Don't say that.

- Tell justin
something popped up.

- Are you kidding me?

- Just do this
for me, okay?

Thank you.
- No.

You're telling me
that whatever you have going on

Is more important
than seeing your only son

Walk out of the gates?
- Yes.

Tell justin I love him
and I'll see him tomorrow.

- That's your third.

- Still one short of getting me
through this evening.


- What the hell?

- My wife wanted
to meet you.

- So why didn't
you say something?

- You would never have come.

- You're right.

- Jasmine, laura.
Laura, jasmine.

- Hi. It's--it's nice
to finally meet you.

- Look mrs. Dawson,
I get it, okay?

Nobody wants their husband
to hang out with someone like--

Like me,
but you know what?

Let me tell you
something, okay?

I got no designs on him,
and he's got none on me,

So if we're done with
this little face-to-face...

- Wait.
Just wait.

I wanted
to give you this.

It's, uh, it's st. Nicholas,

The patron saint of children.

You helped
save our son's life.

I just wanted
to thank you personally.

- Why didn't you tell me this
is why you wanted to see her?

- 'cause you wouldn't
have brought her.

- Nobody's wife
has ever thanked me before.

- Come on.

Sit down.

- good evening, ladies.

- You take one photo
and post this on facebook,

I will destroy you.

- Copy that.
- Good.

All right, let's do this.

- have a good night.


- Hi.

- All right, well,
I appreciate the phone call.

Hey, baby.

- Who's on the phone?

- Uh, that was, um...

- Adam.

- All right, look,
listen, I wanted

To bring you in
on somethin', okay?

- Okay.
- Okay.

Um, they didn't
pull me out

Of the academy
to do paperwork.

They pulled me out
to work in intelligence.

I'm sorry.

- It's a good thing,
isn't it?

- Yeah, like
you wouldn't believe.

It's awesome.

There's guys
with 10 years on the job

That are still trying
to give their left nut

To be in this unit.

- Well, what was
the phone call?

- I was in
a shooting yesterday.

- What?

- It's all right.
- Oh my god, what happened?

- Well, the guy
that I shot

Who was trying
to kill me,

He died,
and that was the hospital.

- Are you messin' with me
right now?

- No.
I'm not messing with you.

I just wanted to tell you
in case

I'm a little distracted tonight,
which I won't be

Because I'm totally fine, okay?

Hey, look at me.

I'm fine.
It's all fine.

Now, come make me
look pretty.

Let's go mingle.
- Adam.

How can you be fine?

- I don't know.
I just am.

All right.

Well, listen,
I need a drink.

- Freedom!

- whoo.

Gentlemen, it's been nice.

Oh! Ah.

- It's good
to see you, justin.

Aw, hi.

- Damn, you are lookin' good.
- Get outta here.

A goat would look good to you
right now.

- Yeah, maybe.

So where's my old man?

- He had to take care
of something.

- Why am I not surprised
by that?

- Come on, he's working.

- Yeah, he's always working.

Whatever, I don't care.

I just wanted
to see you anyways.

- All right.
Let's go get you a hot meal--


Whoa, what the hell
was that?

- Hey, I'm not
that snot-nosed kid anymore.

I'll prove it
to you, okay?

Come on.
Let's go.

You want me to drive,
or do you want to drive?

- Get in the car.

- When are we taking
maurice down?

Let me rephrase that.

We need to take
maurice down.

- I will.

Two weeks max.

- Two weeks from today?
- Two weeks from today.

- Uh-uh.

Nice try.
Where is the money?

Maurice gives you 5,000 a week.
Where is it?

- He didn't have it.

- That's funny

'cause my intel
said he's stacked.

- Maybe you should be meeting
your intel here and not me.

- Hank.

If I find out
you're lying to me,

I will bury you.

- You're gonna be
all right, partner.

- I just--I don't know.

How do you know
I won't screw this up

And she makes me
come back?

- Two reasons.

One, because I know
you're a good kid,

And two, because you know
if you do screw up,

I'm driving all the way there
to kick your ass.

- Look at you,
all grown up.

- Hey, aunt shona.

- Hank voight.
- Shona williams.

Nice to meet you.

- Here, to help cover costs.

- I can't take this.

Gets his appetite back, that
will barely cover breakfast.

- That's very nice of you.

Thank you.

- Thank you.

- Any time.