Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Stepping Stone - full transcript

In the series premiere, after a slew of brutal slayings, District 21 led by Sergeant Hank Voight go after a Colombian drug cartel cleaning house in Chicago. They discover D'Anthony who ...

I don't know where I'm going.

Just keep driving.

How am I supposed to
hold the wheel like this?

I can barely steer.

You're doing fine.

Voight, there's got to
be a deal we can make.

Pull over up here.



- Come on, let's go.
- [Screams]

Let's go.


This is 4 grand, if you just let me...

- Just let me go.
- Shut up. Come here.

I got three dead kids who OD'd,

so I'm asking one more time.

Who's putting out the bad dope?

I told you! [Grunts]




The name. A name!

Rev. His name is Rev.

He deals out of an
apartment on South Emerald.

[Sobbing] Oh, oh.

Look at me.

See that?

You ever cross that line,

the next trip you take will
be to the bottom of the river.

Stay out of my city.

Bus fare.

[Girl giggling]

Who's excited for school today?

- Knock, knock.
- Not me.

Who's there?

Okay, photo day for Liam.

- Hey, that's not fair.
- Classroom fund for Emmy.

- Knock, knock.
- Who is there?

- Which one's Emmy?
- Emmy?

Hello, dad!

- Emmy?
- It's me!


Got it. Got it.

Keep reminding me, sweetie.

- Knock, knock.
- Who's there?

Bet you're glad I didn't say banana.

Close enough, baby.

What's up, Willhites?


Million-dollar spaghetti tonight.

- See you guys.
- Oh, you're all sweaty.

Looks like you just went to the gym.

I won't tell you I just came from the gym.

You're gross. Get away from me.

I told you... I can get
you a 20% cop discount

on a year membership.

- Morning, sunshine.
- Funny.

It's not the money. It's the time.

I got to take furlough
just to get my hair cut.

[Keypad beeping]

That stuff will kill ya now, apparently.

Saw an article online.

Well, that is last on the very long list

of things that I'm concerned about.


Caitlin was asking about you.

Oh, yeah. Tell her I say hi.

So no interest on your part?

She's super sweet, but my loss.

Hey, you guys seen Voight around?

No. Why?


You... I am never setting you up again.

What? Why not?

Because you don't know a
good thing when you see it.

Got a name on that dealer.

Good. Get him off the street.

Watch me.

Hey, hold up.


Come on in. Close the door.

I'm just trying to do the math here.

A few months ago, you work out a deal,

get yourself out of jail, and somehow,

you land the biggest job in the city...

running an Intelligence
Unit in my district.

Yeah, things worked out.

I tell ya... I got no choice to admit

that, somehow, you are
connected upstairs in ways

that I do not understand.


But, Sergeant...

Why the hell is a woman named Gradishar

from Internal Affairs
calling me up about you?

You say Gradishar?

Never heard of her.

If you're still running game
out on the street, cowboy,

being a dirty cop,

I will personally throw you off a roof.


Atwater, Burgess.

- Yes, Sergeant.
- Need you today.

You got it.

- Sergeant.
- What?

Pods showed me something off
the side of the road today...

confrontation off the Dan Ryan.

- It was on camera?
- It was on camera.


- But not any longer?
- No.

I can live with that.

All right, listen up.

Got a name on those dope deaths.

It's a dealer named Rev on South Emerald.

As soon as Olinsky gets
here, we're gonna...

Over here.


Hey, Alvin.


We're gonna set up a controlled buy...

Halstead and Lindsay in the doorway.

Do not go inside.

Got it.

All right, one more thing...

we've been doing this, what, two months?

Now more than ever, we
keep everything in house.


I don't care how they run other departments

or how you came up.

This is Intelligence... my unit.

You tell me the truth,
so I can lie for you.

And if you ever go over my head,

it'll be the last head you go over.

Everybody goes home tonight.

You want to know how you can tell

when a nickname sticks?

Ten years ago, the
corner boys on 16th street

started calling me Pulpo, the Octopus.


Because I had my hands everywhere.

A drop on Fullerton,

a couple of soldiers in Humboldt Park...

I handled it.

I started hearing the
name Pulpo everywhere,

from street dealers'
mouths to whores' lips.


You want to know what they
call you behind your back?


because your tongue is always flapping

when it shouldn't be...

which is why I'm here.

[Inhales deeply]


Acabemos con esto.





Rev! Open up!

Hey! You mind keeping it down?

Am I banging on your door? No?

Then go back inside.

Rev, open up!

I'm going out on a limb
here. Rev might not be home.

Come on, man!


Yeah, uh, is Rev here?

No, so quit pounding on the door.

Hey, man, yo, my girl...

she's going into rehab tomorrow.

Wants to go out with a bang tonight.

Rev usually hooks me up.

You ever been to rehab, man? It sucks.

Come in.

We'll come back when Rev's here.

You've been up my ass for two hours

about scoring some "H".

Well, I changed my mind!

Mujeres, right?

It looked like blood.

That and the fact that
we don't know that guy...

You don't have to justify it.

You got a bad hit, you got a bad hit.

Let's go in.

No. 'Cause maybe it looked like blood?

That's not probable
cause to force an entry.

He could have been marinating a chicken

and spilled barbecue sauce on his pants.

We've got three O.D.s

traced back to the heroin Rev's moving.

You want to wait for another kid to die?

We'll do a knock-and-talk, all right?

Whoever's in control of the apartment

gets all squirrelly,
we'll take it from there.

All right?

We're going back up.

Stand by.

Tucked in and ready to go, boss.

Barbecue sauce as a marinade?

What's that... some kind
of Puerto Rican thing

- or something?
- I'm Dominican.

It's got too much sugar
in it. It'll burn the meat.


10-1! Shots fired at the police!

10-1, 5600 Emerald!

Plainclothes officers at the scene!

Get the long guns!

[Siren wailing]

Get back inside! Go back upstairs!

All right, man.

Police! Clear!



That's Rev in the john.

Offender must have booked.

Call it in. Clear the rest of the building.

Shooter's in the wind.


Take him upstairs.


- That's a signature cartel move.
- Yeah.

Lindsay, put together
a description of the guy

who answered the door,
see if you can find him

in any of our databases.

Hey, is your transmitter all right?

- It cut out.
- Oh, yeah.

Uh, banged up against the wall.

I'm sorry, Jin.

Alvin, I'm gonna need a fresh face

in case we have someone
pose as a buyer again.

I'll pull someone from the academy.

I owe you one.

That's why you have backup.

Hey, Platt, anything on the shooter?

Still doing a grid search,

brought in the helicopter... nothing yet.

Lieutenant Belden from Violent
Crimes is looking for you.

Hey, Burgess. Burgess?

- Yeah.
- Come here.

I got a job for you.

Hit the morgue.

D.O.A. was brought in
today named Ross Herrfeldt.

He's my cousin.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.


He's got a diamond pinkie
ring on his left hand.

I want you to get it for me.

Ask for a guy named
Dave Bulhack down there.

Tell him I sent ya. It'll be fine.

- I don't...
- It shouldn't be a problem.

It's got a lot of sentimental value.

I need to get it before
the hyena in-laws move in.

So go. Take the thing and go.

Go, go, go.

- And how old is the kid?
- 13.

You can't interview him
without parental consent.

Dad's dead. Mom's in jail.

I notified D.C.F.S.

And they said what?

I left a message.

You know, running around
half-cocked in a gang unit

is one thing, but being the boss

of an Intelligence Unit
is another matter entirely.

I run my squad as I see fit, Lieutenant.

You do your detective work how you want.

This is a joint investigation, Sergeant.

We share all information.

I was gonna come to you.

Nah, we're a block and a half away.

My turn to walk the mutt, besides.

So, look, I got a business
proposition for you.

- Yeah, huh?
- Yeah.

I throw these full-package-type parties...

DJ, games, the whole deal.

Got a pretty steady crowd. They follow me.

Only problem is, my venue fell through,

and I'm thinking, how about Molly's?

- Beheaded?
- Yeah, you believe that?

So you can have the whole bar,

and me and you can split the door.

Whoa, wait. Who got beheaded?

Oh, some dealer.

I'll take care of all the promotions,

and I'll provide security at the front.

Uh, it sounds complicated, but, yeah.

Just give me a flat $200, and
you can invite who you want.

- Done.
- All right.

Come on, Pouch! Come on!


I heard Rev was looking for a runner...

you know, get his lunch and smokes

and lottery tickets and stuff.

So I went over there to
see if I could get the job.

Someone knocked on the door.

He went out of the room. I heard yelling.

And that's when I ducked into that closet.

You're in our gang database, D'Anthony.

We know you were in the same crew as Rev.

Did he piss someone off?

Was someone moving in on his action?

You see what happened to Rev?


I heard it.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

What all did you hear?

There were three of them.

Did you get a good look at them?

No, I hid as soon as I heard yelling.

What were they saying?

I don't know. Most of it was in Spanish.

How about a name?

I don't know if it was a name,

but Rev kept yelling out "Pulpo."

Can't be the same Pulpo.

That's him.

Adres Dias,

aka Pulpo,

the Octopus.

He's got dual citizenship
here and Colombia.

Me and Jules had him on
our radar five years back

when he was working his
way up from street enforcer.

Yeah, I remember his name.

Didn't he beat a double-murder rap?

The two key witnesses were killed.

Was he cutting off heads back then too?

No, he learned a thing or
two since he was in Colombia.

- Oh.
- What type of player was he?

What part of the city did he hold down?

Oh, see, that's the thing.

He wasn't affiliated with any faction.

Nobody knew his real script.

He was just in it for
the money and the blood.

Okay, you two, in my office.

You ever heard the expression

"10% percent of the
cops do 90% of the work"?

I have.

Well, this Intelligence
Unit is part of the 10%.

With that said, I appreciate
your aggressiveness,

but you were instructed to do
an undercover buy in the doorway.

I never told you to cross the threshold.

If you had,

you and Lindsay might not
have gotten out of there alive.

You vouched for him. Keep him in line.

Let's go for a ride.

- Who do you have?
- Gibson...

Hands down the best cadet we got...

super dedicated,

no back talk, no ball breaking,

aced the marksmanship.

You need him when he's
finished with the academy?

I needed him five minutes ago.

- All right.
- You want to kill yourself?

You know what? I'll do it.

I'll blow your brains out, huh?

Huh? What do you think about that?

What the hell are you doing?

You said the goal was to
get the gun out of his hands.

We'll take him.

Hey, I got a couple of
C.I.s I can reach out to,

see if they know anything about Pulpo.


Is that who we're going
to see, a C.I. of yours?


What the hell does that mean?

Either they are or they aren't.

I got big plans for you.


Stay here.

That's your big plan...
for me to stay in the car?

What'd you bring me for, then?

You cheer me up.


[Clears throat] What's up, Maurice?

Let me guess...


Wannabe shot callers, man.

These fools want to
grind it up to sixth gear

before they even know how to drive.

He got in bed with a cartel?


The name Pulpo mean anything to you?


Who in Rev's posse might know something?

He subcontracted the transport...

some white dude named Coop.

That a first or last name?

Look it up.

What, I got to do everything for you?

I'm gonna need you in a couple weeks.

Direct some traffic for me.

You'll wait to hear from
me is what you'll do.

What's the matter with you?

[Knock at door]

Eric Cooper!

Hey, Coop, open up!

Pry marks.







The next head I see better be Pulpo's.

Hi. Um, is Dave Bulhack here?

He went home sick.

Oh, okay.

Um, Sergeant Platt from the 21st sent me.

Oh, that witch? What does she need?

Well, a D.O.A. was brought
in named Ross Herrfeldt,

and we didn't get the
proper identifiers on him.

I need to take some photos,
so we can cross-match.

Ok... um, this is embarrassing,

but do you have a barf bag or something?

I got hit with a wave here.


Just wait here.

Hey, come here.

Adam Ruzek, this is Sergeant Voight.

Hey, boss. Nice to meet you, sir.

Ruzek... I know that name.

Yeah, my dad, Bob, was a patrolman

- his whole career in the 26th.
- You don't say.

I pulled him out of the
academy, not his old man.

What, did you work with my dad?

Yeah, we were on the same...

- Softball.
- Softball team together.

We designed T-shirts, if I'm not mistaken.

Yeah, boy, there's some
good living up in Beverly.

That's where you were raised, right?

I split time with my dad there

and my mom up in Canaryville.

If D'Anthony was right, and he heard

three voices in the apartment,

Pulpo must have brought two
hit men with him from Medellin.

All right, just get all this information

to Lieutenant Belden in Violent Crimes.

Hey, have we gotten anything from his end?


Calls between Rev and Coop yesterday...

only one other number called 'em both.

It's a pay-as-you-go
drop phone, signal's off,

but it was purchased at
a cell store in Greektown.

Take Halstead. Check it out.

Hey, I want the Canaryville out of you,

not the Beverly, huh?

You got it, boss. Yeah.

- Hey.
- Hey, man. Adam Ruzek.

- Antonio.
- Jules. Welcome.

How long have we worked
together... a month?

I think it's time we could
be honest with each other.

Wouldn't you agree?

No. Two things...

One, you driving all the
time, I'm not down with that.

Seniority rules.

I've been on the job longer.

I've been in this unit longer.

Okay, look, I feel like a househusband.


What's the second thing?

What's the deal with you and Voight?


[Seat belt unbuckles]

This stays between us.

Of course.

We went to prom together.


I mean, is he your secret dad or something?

Put it this way... if
I were to ask you out,

would I have to get his permission first?

Any guy who needs to ask my
dad's permission to date me

should save himself the trouble.

Uh! Shake it, baby.

Watch yourself.

Yes, sir, officer, sir.

[Bell jingles]

A pay-as-you-go phone was purchased

from your store in the last 24 hours.

We're looking for who bought it.


A Juan Garcia yesterday, paid cash.

Any other information you can provide us?

No. We're not responsible
for background checks.

True, but it is a fairly common name.

You know, there's not a lot

- we can do with that.
- Yeah.

You don't tell me how to do my job.

I don't tell you how to do yours.

You're Glen Pearson, right...
the owner of this place?

That's right.

You know, it looks like
there's a Glen Pearson

with a deceptive practice and fraud charge

for selling stolen merchandise
out of Gary, Indiana.


That's a $25,000 extraditable
must-hold warrant.

- Oy.
- What do you think...

height, weight match, eye color too?

Yeah, but I don't know. I
hate to jump to conclusions.

You know what? I got an idea.

Why don't we throw some bracelets on him?

We'll take him down to the
station, run his prints,

- and then we can be sure.
- I got a nanny cam up here.

I can pull some footage,

get a picture of the guy who did
it... that's the best I can do.

Oh. That's great.

Great, yeah. You're too kind.

- Knew that would work.
- Mm-hmm.

Just got to figure out who this idiot is.

Why don't you bring that ass
over to my place sometime, girl?

I'll let you in.

[Scoffs] Oh, let it go.

- Uh-huh.
- Uh-huh.

Hey, come here a sec.

No, you're just trying to get me

with assaulting a police officer.

Do you see a badge on me?


- [Groans]
- Anybody else?

My hero.

You're still not driving.

Again, I'm sorry for your loss, Sergeant.

Yeah, he was a deadbeat.

I loaned him 500 bucks
for an above-ground pool

he put in two years ago.

Guess how much I got back.

- I don't know.
- Guess.

- Nothing?
- That's right.

So Julio's pawnshop on West Cermak...

Ugh. It'll be closed by
the time you get there.

So tomorrow ask for Julio.

Do not deal with his wife,
'cause she'll dick you down.

I want $350 for this thing, minimum.

Okay, yeah, yeah, Julio's.

Got it.

Colombian authorities I.D.'D
this guy as Omar Rojas,

freelance hit man.

So Rev was the boss. Coop
moved the merchandise.

Who's the next in the chain of command?

Well, that was the problem.

Rev was only in town from
Baton Rouge for a year.

There was no structure to his crew.

- And nobody's talking?
- Nope.

All right. When Olinsky
gets in, you tell...

I'm right here.

Anything from your C.I.s?

No dice... something about not wanting

to have their heads chopped off.

All right, get Rojas' image

out there with Pulpo's citywide...

all airports, train, bus stations,

and keep hitting the bushes.

You want to brief me
on any new developments?

I was about to ask you the same thing.

If we came up with something,
you'd be the first to know.

This ain't about who takes credit.

End of the day, you can
stand in front of the cameras.

But this is supposed to
be a joint investigation...

your words.

We haven't heard dick from you

or any of your detectives
working this case.

Okay, I'll double-check on that.

Now, what's with the 13-year-old kid?

Still here.

- He give you anything?
- Enough.

Okay, then kick him.

No, that's been handled, Lieutenant.

Commander Perry has given me another day

till we get the offenders into custody.

- It's for the kid's own safety.
- The law's the law, Voight.

I'm sure you left that part out

when you were doing a soft
shoe for your commander.

I'm telling you,

based on my conversation
with Deputy Chief Hammond,

if you're not gonna charge this kid,

then notify his relatives

and have 'em come and pick him up.

And the fact that I'm here, once again,

explaining to you basic police protocol

is a prime example why people are reluctant

to bring you into the loop

during these type of heater cases.

Your cousin Renny's coming to pick you up.


Copy that.

Come here.

You know, I basically look
people in the eye for a living.

You have a future beyond
this neighborhood, D'Anthony.

It's okay to want that.

When you start to try and get out,

whenever that is,

you call me.

- [Horn honks]
- Let's go!

Hey. What's up, man?

- Hey!
- What's going on?

We had to pay full cover at the door.

I'm running a business, Detective.

Atwater is the cheapest,

I mean the cheapest guy you will ever meet.

We drove... wait for it... we drove around

for a half hour yesterday
looking for an ATM

that wouldn't charge him a withdrawal fee.

And there's a two-drink minimum,

so start knocking 'em
back. I ain't playing.

Okay, then I want mine in that cup.

- Next time.
- Flight attendant.

Uh, yeah, three years,

waiting until I got
into the police academy.

Flight attendant?

You can break my balls all you want,

but I learned more about crowd control

and conflict resolution
and intimidation tactics...

traits that will serve me
well when you guys detail me

up into Intelligence. Hint, hint.

- Oh.
- Oh. Wow.

Okay. Noted. Thanks. How about you?

Oh, I just kicked
around... nothing glamorous.


I was in the military.

- You see any action?
- I did. Yeah.

Ever see anything like you did today?

I'm sorry. I...

forget I asked that. That
was a stupid question.

All right.

Let's do this again.

All right.

200 bucks? Wow!

You realize if you split
the money at the door,

we would have made five times as much?


[Phone vibrates]



Where are you?

[Dogs barking in the distance]

[Grunting softly]

What happened?

They got pissed at me for
hiding in the closet...

said I should have backed Rev up.

I want to get out.


Come on.

[Claps hands] Hey.

- You working double-time now?
- Hey, dad.

- Hey, baby.
- Hey, baby.

Oh, he loves it here.

- A little too much maybe.
- It's fine.

I got to get him into boxing, right?

When he's ten. We talked about this.

- Where's Eva?
- Volleyball.

Then she's got a sleepover at a friend's.


All right. Got to get back to work.

Hey, hey, hey.

Wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait.

- What about dinner tonight?
- Something jumped off.

- Do you remember Pulpo?
- Yeah, that means shark, right?


Girl, you got to work on your Spanish.

Okay, sure, in all that free time I have.

Yeah, well, he's back in town.

Hey, come here.

- You're the best.
- You're better.

So how would this work...
you getting me out and all?

Leave that to me.

And it may take a couple days.

I just need you to stay alive till then.

What's in it for you?

You're a good kid.

I don't got to work it off...
like be a snitch or something?

'Cause that ain't happening.


But if I wanted to tell you something,

not because you were paying me,

but because I wanted to tell you,

that don't make me no snitch.

Just two guys breaking
bread, having a conversation.

I don't see no bread.

It's an expression.

Okay, well, I heard some
of the older guys talking.

There's gonna be one more hit.


I don't know...

but Xavier would... Xavier Green.

He dealt for Rev.


Where's the money?

I got a call from the M.E.'s office.

- They're looking for this.
- How'd they get a hold of you?

From when I signed out, apparently.

You signed... you weren't
supposed to sign out.

Well, that's something that you
neglected to tell me, Sergeant.

- Do not bring me into this!
- [Scoffs]

Sergeant, why are you
breaking my balls here?

'Cause you don't have any.

Ruth Dwyer, M.E.'s office...

she's expecting your call.

The drugs got to be in your mitts

before we can move in...
otherwise, we got nothing.

- Yeah.
- All right?

Now, if he starts accusing you of anything,

you throw it right back in his face,

- pissed off and indignant.
- Pissed off and indignant.

Those are your two best friends.

- That I can do.
- Now, my friend Jin here

is gonna hook you up with the
latest in radio transmission.

Department's come a long way
since taping a wire to your taint.

What is that?

You run out of walkmans?

New guys keep breaking 'em.


Just take your little key,

go to your little special drawer,

and get me something top shelf, come on.

All right.

Don't get in the car,
don't go in the building,

don't go anywhere we don't
have any eyeball on ya.

You understand that?

Understand that.

All right, and remember... Cheeto.

- Cheeto.
- Cheeto.

Cheeto. All right. I got it.

It's your lifeline.

I want this back.

- All right?
- Let's do it.

[Indistinct chatter]

[Sighs] Hey, what's up, gents?

Need something?

[Clears throat]

How you know I'm selling?

A wild guess.

I used to buy from
Cheeto a couple blocks up,

but I guess he went on vacation.

Yeah, a long one. How much you got?

- $300 just for now.
- Cool.

- Cool, cool.
- Yeah.

You give me that $300 and
come back in, like, 20 minutes.

Oh, okay, Mr. drug dealer,

I'll just give you all my money.

What could possibly go wrong?

Give me the cash, and then get
your skinny ass off my block.

Dude, I sell an ounce a week up at UIC.

You want to sit here and
play Barney Badass with me

and break me off for 300 bucks,

or would you like to make $2,000 a week?


I'll give you 4 grams for $300.

No, no, no, no, no. You'll give me 5.

It better not be stepped
on, or I'm not gonna be back.

You believe this guy?

Listen, bro, I need an answer,

'cause I got a sociology
midterm in 34 minutes.

I'm not even joking. Huh? Come on.

- You can't be late for class.
- No, sir, I cannot.

[Tires screech]

- Police! Get your hands up!
- Police!

- Put 'em up!
- Police!

Get 'em up! Wait, you're cops?

- Hands up! Get 'em up!
- Hands up!

- Hands up now!
- Put 'em up!

I mean, this is the sweetest
offer I've ever heard, right?

You tell us who the
Colombians are targeting next,

and we won't charge you with distribution.

What's the debate? Ain't no debate.

I just know not to trust a word
that comes out of a cop's mouth.

We're trying to save someone's life.

You all worried about my
boy? Don't. He's ready.

Them Colombians try to make a move on him,

it'll be the last move they try and make.




They were ready too.

We're looking for a Shane Cameron.

Xavier says he's been in
hiding since yesterday.

Yeah, but he has a flop
house over on Addison.

Might be worth checking out.

All right, everybody vest up.

What's up Voight's ass today?

Who knows?

You would.

The card...

How old is that thing?

13 years.

Want to tell me about it?

The man saved my life, and here I am.

Oh, you want to know more about that?

It's gonna cost you a couple of drinks.

Hey, a night away from the
kids and a juicy story...

- Happy to buy.
- [Chuckles]

- 2B?
- Yeah.

It's okay, Lieutenant. We got it covered.

I'll let you know if he's upstairs.


Shane Cameron. I left you a message.

We're following up on the car.

What car?

Plate match to a black four-door

seen leaving the scene of
the Coop murder yesterday.

Supposed to be parked around here.

I never got that info.

Yeah, I must have dropped the ball on that.

Terminate. Pull back.

Targets may be in the building.



10-1! Officer shot!

Outside! Outside!

You're gonna be all right.

- Jules?
- Hang in there.

Over there.

[Tires squealing]

Who is that? Go!

It's Pulpo!

[Engines turning over]

[Siren wails]

[Horn honks]

[Horn honks]

[Horn honks]

[Horn honks, siren wails]

You're gonna be okay, Jules.

We got to move! Get her in the ambo.

- She's gonna be okay, right?
- We got to go right now.

[Tires screeching]

[All grunt]

- Midclavicular.
- I'm coming with you, sister.

Start an I.V.

Jules, look at me.

[Siren wailing]

You're okay. It's gonna be okay.

[Tires squealing]

Go! Go!

- Go, stop the guy.
- I got it.





Estas muerto, senor.

Shut up!

- Estas muerto.
- Shut your mouth!

- Estas muerto.
- One offender in custody.

[Cell phone rings]


[Voice breaking] Jules didn't make it.

You. You played games.

- Back up, Voight.
- Yo, hey, hey...

You played games, and you got her killed!

- Hey, come on, now!
- Back up!

Come on! You want to play? Get off of me!

- Calm it down!
- You want to play a game?

- Come on, Sarge!
- Get off of me!

- Voight!
- Come on!

- Get him out of here!
- Get off of me! Get off of me!


How are you?

It's been a while. Where are they?

I want your two hit men right now.

I don't know what you're talking about.

You see that? That's my partner's blood.

[Overlapping shouting]

- Antonio!
- Get off me! Get off!



Sit down. Sit down!

You need to take this.


[Crying] Antonio...

Antonio, s... someone's taken Diego.

He's gone.