Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - 8:30 PM - full transcript

The Intelligence Unit race against the clock to find the bombers.

They're doing the race
registration over in "A" wing.

Thank you.

This is my niece Zoe.

Do you want to go see them unload
the animals for the petting zoo?

Hey, I like the balloons.

Girls, can you hear me?

Every bit of training we've
had was for today, boys.

If there's one car bomb,
there's probably a second.

It looks just like Oklahoma City.

Where's Dawson?

- She went inside.
- Dawson's in there?

Are you okay?

Yeah, it's... it's just a little scratch.

Imogene! We need help over here!

Gabby! Hello?

She's only 9 years old!

You came.

We found our second bomb.

Shay, we got Dawson.



We need some help over here!

Oh, my God.

Oh, she's lost a lot of blood.

Help me get her into one of these bays.

All right.

I'm going to need to get an I.V. started.

Right away.

First bomb detonated 8:00 A.M. on the dot.

Second bomb located in a rental car.

Car is still there.

- Who dismantled the bomb?
- We did.

Check it out.

If they got anything, I
want to be notified first.


- How many confirmed dead?
- 18 dead...

15 in critical condition,
3 employees unaccounted for.

The sign-ups for the charity race

had just started before the bomb detonated.

We may have more civilians
buried beneath the rubble,

but there's no real way
of knowing right now.

FBI special agent in
charge wants all the bosses

in the command center.

All right, everybody inside.


Animals did this.

We'll get 'em.

- Hey.
- Hey.


Not much left to recover,
but we're still digging.

All right.

You know who did it?

No, we're just getting started.

Find 'em.

Call out if you can hear me!

Who do we talk to first, Al?

Whoever was closest to the
blast and is still alive.

Intelligence, C.P.D.

Quiet then, okay, everybody, listen up.

Listen up!

My name is William Graff.

I'm with the FBI.

I need all your help,

and I know you're all eager to provide it.

First rule...

everything goes through me.

Okay, I want to go over
what we know right now.

Blood pressure coming up.

Any word on Zoe?


Vital signs are stable, no brain activity.

Keep her on life support. I
need to go talk to her sister.

- Anything on Zoe?
- Not yet.


Oh, no.

I've made this speech.

Don't say anymore.

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

Your sister's still breathing,

but there's been no brain
activity for some time.

So she's alive.

I'm going to go see her.

Alim Al Safir,

ambassador from Syria, is here
for an off-the-books surgery.

My office and the office
of Greg Simpson at CIA

will be spearheading this angle,

but if you encounter
anything that waves near this,

notify me.

I was going to do the transplant...

On the Syrian ambassador?

All right.

Did you see anything
that looked out of place?

Do you remember?

- Oh, he had his guys.
- Guys?

He's an ambassador. He has guys.

And the next thing I knew,

the ground shook like it was an earthquake.

I thought for a second I
was back in San Francisco.

Dr. Willhite, 7632.

- Dr. Willhite, 7632.
- All right.

We also have an orderly who works here

with distant ties to
a radical Muslim group.

I can't help you. I didn't do it.

I didn't see who did
it, and I've got to focus

on what I can do, which is save

as many lives and limbs as I possibly can.

- I got it. Thank you.
- All right.

There were two guys...
baseball caps on, sunglasses.

I noticed because everyone else was walking

toward the tent to sign up for the race.

They were walking away from it.

And what else did you notice about them?

Tan skin... olive, dark hair for sure.

But could have been
Hispanic or Arab or Italian.

I don't know.

Excuse me. Agent Graff?

Sergeant Hank Voight, Intelligence, C.P.D.

How you doing?

Listen, I'm really going
to need your help...

securing the perimeter,
conducting interviews. Thanks.

My unit is gonna be
doing a hell of a lot more

than interviewing hospital
staff and setting out pylons.

This happened in my city, on my soil.

Don't get in my way.

Okay, I'll get somebody on it right away.

- Here you go.
- Yeah, thanks.

Sweeping the whole area.

I'm gonna need a few minutes, Billy.

Catch these guys.


Both males enter a white four-door Sedan

and head out the southeast exit of the lot.

And we have security video?

The security office was in the impact zone.

Database is gone, as in gone gone.

Second car with a bomb

was rented out of some
dirt-lot company in Milwaukee.

The name and the credit
card on the rental agreement

came back bogus.

And there's no security
video at the company,

or so they're saying.

So Milwaukee P.D.'s heading
there to investigate.

Sumner, you dealt with all
those antigovernment nutcases

when you were working undercover

at the NATO protests, am I right?

- That's right.
- All right, beat the bushes.

Hey, guys, I just heard.

Burgess was here when it happened,

and her niece is in the I.C.U.

- How bad?
- Not good.


It's Zoe...

She's, um... she's an only child.

Her... my sister and her
husband are out of town.

That's why she's staying with me.

And now Imogene...

- Hey.
- Hi.


We just heard. What did they say?

A ruptured liver.

She's... there's a list
or something, a donor list.

They're trying to match.

Do we know who did it?

Anybody taking credit?


The lab got a print off the
duct tape of bomb number two.

Came back to a Paul Watts.

V.L.D. has him registered
at 5225 South Laramie.

I secured a no-knock search warrant.

Give us five minutes
before you notify the feds

about that print.


They need you out on the perimeter.

I'm okay.

One more thing...

the second bomb was set
to go off at 8:30 P.M.

The bomber screwed up somewhere.

We're gonna ask for forgiveness

instead of permission
today, you understand?

We're not slowing down for anything.

I mean anything.

No one's gonna give a damn
once these bastards are caught.

All right, let's go.

You let us know if anything changes, okay?


Thank you.

Paul Watts... most recently a dishwasher

at a Red Lobster in Tallahassee.

Minor sheet... a couple
possession charges, D&D...



I'm, uh...

I'm trying to get a hold
of my father to notify him.

My, um...

I understand.

I'll recommend we take
her off life support.

I'll explain it to him medically.


All right, that's who we're looking for.

Apartment 1-A.

Okay, careful of wires or traps.

Anything's possible.

Hey, what's this?

Hey! Hey!

Hands on the wheel! Hands on the wheel!

Turn your head and look at me! Don't move!

Keep your eyes on me.

It's not him.


What the hell is going on?

It's our bad. Have a nice day.

Well, it's clean.

I can't make any guarantees, though.

Paul Watts! C.P.D.!





- Call it in.
- All right.

This wasn't a suicide. Gun's on the right.

Cell phone clip and wallet are
on the left side of the belt.

He has no burn from muzzle flash,

no gunshot residue on his face.

Somebody had to shoot
him from five feet away.

They set this up.

All right, call Jin and Sumner.

I want to know everything about this guy...

the first movie he rented

right down to the last
breath mint he bought...


- Hey.
- Hey.

There was an explosion.

You weren't gonna tell anyone

about that enormous gash in your side?


I kept meaning to. I just...

I had to keep going.

I know. I know. But not anymore.

Always looking out for me.

Rest up, okay?




There were two little girls

about the same age... I think eight.

Do you know if they made it?

I don't know. Um, it's...

It's bad out there.

Just get some rest, okay?

His prints were on the tape.

Whoever he was working with took him out.

Crime scene is at his
place doing a full workup.

The Muslim orderly we've
been looking into...

we just found traces of fertilizer

- in the bed of his truck.
- How's he connected?

We haven't put the dots together yet,

but he's our focus.

Just keep interviewing staff.

What do you got?

Jin did a cross-match on
Watts for known associates.

All right.

It turns out Watts was
trolling the websites

of some pretty heavy-duty
anti-government groups.

We pulled the names of some people

that he had repeated contact with.

Haven't been able to actually

access the contents of the emails.

I was just able to get addresses.

Whoa. Wait a second.
Wait a second. Go back.

Go back. Wait, hold on, wait a sec.

Yeah, that's him. That's the guy.

What guy?

The guy who told me two dark-skinned guys

in sunglasses were leaving the scene.

That's the guy.

He's here.

Thank you for everything,

and I am so sorry for what
you guys have been through.

You're all heroes.

- Pat Vaughn?
- Yeah?

Would you mind coming with us for a minute?

I just checked out.

We just have a few follow-up questions.

Of course.


- Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
- Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Take it easy!

I am walking out of here.

- Back up!
- Don't go any further, Vaughn.

- I got nothing to lose.
- Okay.

What are you hoping to gain?

Do you think we're gonna
let you drive out of here?

I got no problem slitting a
throat, especially a cop's.

- Easy.
- Back up!

Okay, man. What's going on here?

We're just trying to save some people...

- Shut up!
- Listen...

Let's just talk this out, all right?

You want to walk out of here,
you can walk out of here.

Don't say another word!


- You all right?
- Stay down.

- You okay?
- Yeah. Thank you.

- Thank you.
- I need a room.

Don't move.

- This guy involved?
- Looks like it.

On your feet.

You can bring him in to
any firehouse in the city.

We'll take five minutes, all right?

We'll get some answers from him, I promise.

Thank you. Thank you.


I got him.


The Muslim orderly checks out.

The fertilizer residue
found in his truck traces

to a community garden in his neighborhood.

Well, we're onto something here.

Yeah, I can't let you traipse
off with our only lead,

doing God knows what at all hours.

All I need is 30 minutes.

You got 20.

My shoulder is broken.

I demand medical treatment.

18 people died in that bomb blast...

A dozen more clinging
to their life upstairs...

9-year-old girl who's a niece of a cop

in my district.

You tell me everything you
know, every participant...

because as a coward, Vaughn...

and I know you're a coward,

'cause that's who lays bombs
at cancer fund-raisers...

you will not endure the pain

that I'm going to put you through.

I need to see a... aah!

Now, let me tell you what I need.

I need to know about 8:30 P.M.

Once I get medical treatment.

Vaughn said him and
Watts were both hooked up

with a guy named Ted Powell.

Ted Powell... I know that name.

He was big in the anti-government fringe.

So was his dad.

Why did Watts get killed?

Vaughn and Watts were both in charge

of setting off two separate car bombs.

Both bombs were supposed
to go off tonight...

Watts at 8:00, Vaughn at 8:30.

Watts must've rigged his wrong,
'cause it went off this morning.

8:00 P.M. was gonna be the gala

for the C.P.D. and the C.F.D. Brass, right?


First bomb was set to get them.

Second bomb was set to
get the first responders.

What else you get out of him?

Vaughn said that Powell
had some master plan

that he didn't share with him.

So this wasn't the end of it.

Here's Powell.

I saw him outside the
hospital with the crowd.

He was here too.

All right, let's check out his dad.

- Casey!
- Hey.

- How's Gabby?
- She's fine.

She's home... a little rattled
still, but who can blame her?

- Here.
- Oh, thanks, man.

- Thanks for getting her out.
- Mm.

I told her she owes me a 12-pack.

Any more survivors pulled
out from the rubble?

Doesn't look good.

We saw a woman's hand,

spent the last hour digging her out.

It was a single mom from
accounting... two kids at home.

Who would do something like this?

I've got a pretty good idea.

Ten years ago, Frank Powell,
many of you will remember,

was arrested after a
two-day standoff at his ranch

outside of Kankakee.

His wife died in the gun battle.

The old man is doing life at Stateville.

Two of my detectives are
en route to interview him.

Ted Powell was there
when the ranch was raided.

He lost his mother and his father that day.

He has been a fixture

on radical anti-government
websites ever since.

Powell... correct.

Okay. How far back?

Far back as they go. Five years?


I'm gonna just need my
supervisor to approve.

He should be back in...

Have you been watching the news today, man?

Do I need to run down a list of the dead?

Thank you.

You're aware of what
happened at Chicago Med today?

I am.

Your son Ted was involved,
possibly the mastermind,

but you probably knew that.

So you allege.

Look, whatever problems
you've had with the government,

whatever losses you've suffered,

there's no way to excuse
what your son did today.

Now, we have reason to believe

that there might be more
to his plan, another step.

So we can work out a deal, okay?

It's a buyer's market right now.

You help us, and we'll help you.

I couldn't be more proud of him.

You know, children were killed.

I got to explain collateral damage to you?

We're in a war.

And in a war, there are gonna
be noncombatant casualties.


What do you want?

There's got to be something you want.

You know when the police
department started to go south?

When they started letting minorities in.

Yes or no? You want to make a deal?

'Cause before, see, when
all the cops were white,

you could talk to them
like a normal person.

But you get a minority in there,

and there's all this resentment

from historical and personal shortcomings

that comes to the fore.

Now's their big chance

to get back at their oppressors.

You mean like this?

I don't care what you have to
do. No, you give me an exact time.

- I need it now.
- Halstead.

Yeah. Hold on.

I think everyone's gonna want to see this.

Okay, okay, settle down.
Settle down. Hit it.

Ted Powell just posted this on a fringe

anti-government website.

In 2004,

my family's home in Kankakee, Illinois...

we came under attack,
without justification,

by the Chicago police department.

We were fired upon, and our
home was engulfed in flames.

The Chicago Fire department
stood by and did nothing.

My mother died that day,
and my father sits in prison.

I have waited ten years
for the C.P.D. and C.F.D.

to admit wrongdoing and to drop
all charges against my father.

I will wait no longer.

I'm declaring war on the
Chicago Police Department

and Chicago Fire Department.

If you are a member of either
department, you are not safe.

If you are a family member of
someone in either department,

you are not safe.

This is just the beginning.

You've been warned.

Yep, I got it. I'll call you back.

A Ryan Wilcox visited
Powell's dad in prison

three times in the last six months.

Lindsay did a workup on him.

He's loosely affiliated with
various anti-government groups...

explosives background
from a stint in the army.

Jin, she was gonna to send you something.

Yeah, I got it.

Wilcox owns a garage in an industrial area

where 96th meets the Calumet River.

All right, have Antonio and
Lindsay meet us at the garage.

You stay here. Feed us what we need.

And keep Graff in the loop.

So you're saying zero chance?


Yes, Mr. Thelan, that's
what we're saying...


But there's something you can do

that couldn't have been
done even 30 years ago.

Your daughter's blood type is "O" negative.

That's a match for another girl
that got hit by the same blast

with a ruptured liver, right down the hall.

She's going to die if
she doesn't get a new one.

That'll be two 9-year-olds killed by...

something like this.

Under normal circumstances,
you'd have time to work

with the state to donate
your daughter's organs.


I'm asking you to make a targeted donation.

If you agree...

your daughter's death won't be meaningless.


that I know to be true.

It's your decision, dad.

But if it were me...

let's let her go.

We need to know in minutes, not hours.


Imogene would want this.

Is that people talking in there?

A radio's on.

It's positive for barium nitrate.

Let's try the roof.

All right, grab the fiber-optic.

Now, what happens if the plaster falls

and sets off the bomb?

You'll be the first to know.

- All right.
- Do your thing.

Front, side, rear door are all rigged.

So is the roll-up.

Wires and 50-gallon
drums attached to each.

Short version... do not breach.

We could rappel down.

All right, we don't need
the whole team going in.

I'll do it.

I just took the class in the academy.

Aced it.


All right, well, I need two.

Any volunteers?


Don't turn on any lights.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Come on. Let's do this.


Ryan Wilcox is here...

multiple gunshot wounds.

How long's he been dead?

- I'd say a day?
- Max.

It's Powell tying up more loose ends.

They left a lot of stuff behind.

They never thought it'd be found.

They figured this whole
block would be a crater.

Wilcox purchased a white
cargo van about two months ago.

There were three timing devices purchased.

I'm not a pessimist, but...

There's a damn good shot

that there's a third car bomb
out there in a white cargo van.

If the second bomb was
supposed to go off at 8:30 P.M.,

maybe the third bomb was set
to go off at that time as well.

- What time is it now?
- 7:55.

29 minutes and counting.

I'm listening, but I don't hear dick.

- Hospital parking lot?
- Fully vetted.

Blowing up a district would be too risky.

A bomb would be sniffed out in seconds.

- A firehouse?
- Not enough victims.

Powell wanted high-ranking
police and firefighters dead.

Most of them planned on
attending the 10k gala.

Yeah, and where would the rest be tonight?



- You ready, Greta?
- Ready, doctor.

Let's have one good thing
come out of this day.

Thank you.

Be on the lookout for a
van near the front door.

Jin, text everyone the photo

and plate number of the van purchased.

You're looking for a white econoline.

Bomb squad en route.

We should have made that left.

Halstead, Lindsay,
those back roads pay off?

Yeah, but traffic
patterns are all screwed up

- because of the bombing.
- 15 minutes out.

Alvin, please, give me some good news.


Pulling up now.

- Any eyes on the vehicle?
- Not yet.

We're sure this van is white?

Vehicle located, south side entrance.

It's blue, not white... no tags.

- 12 minutes.
- Jin, bomb squad update.

Three blocks away.

Hey, if Powell was at the hospital

- because he likes to watch his handiwork...
- What's that?

- Right there.
- Up top?

- Yeah, right there. See?
- Hey, on the roof.

- What do we got?
- On the roof!

- Freeze!
- Drop it!

Get out! Get out of the building!

Now! Go! Go! Go!


He's going up.

There's Voight. Come on.

Nine minutes!

We think Powell is on
the apartment building!

In pursuit!

There's the bomb squad!
You stay with the bomb!


Officer Sumner, District 21.

Explosive is inside the van,
set to go off in 8 1/2 minutes.

All right, clear the area, please.

Get back! Back! Move!

Suspect's entered roof!

Drop your weapon!

Cover me.

You can't win! Drop your weapon!

Put it down!

I want him alive!


Get up.

How many of your boys did
I put in the dirt today?

Any of 'em good friends?

You wanna watch?

- Watch it.
- No! No, no!

Time check!

60 seconds!

Bomb dismantled.

Repeat... bomb dismantled.


Plan failed.

Actually, I think it was a pretty good day.


That's good work tonight.


Good working with you...

Or, uh, watching you work, I should say.

You too, sir.


You all right?


Tough guy.


As a senior resident,

I was on call.

I was working with the
chief trauma surgeon.

I knew he'd be the one deciding

if I got the coveted
trauma fellowship position.

About 9:00 P.M., we were up to
our eyeballs in trauma cases,

and I got a call that my
dad suffered a heart attack.

Was rushed to another hospital.


I asked if I could leave
to be with my father.

He looked me in the eye and said,

"yeah, you can go,

but you'll never get
the trauma fellowship."

I couldn't believe how
insensitive this guy was.

Heart rate 150. Pressure is dropping.

We saved 16 people that night,

but my dad passed away.

Heparinized saline.

Removing proximal clamp.

80 systolic.

76, 70.

It's a day like today when I
understand why that surgeon did that.

This is the life we've chosen.

And what we can do is right here and now.

It's the most important thing.

And that is to try and
save this little girl.

The operation went as
well as could be expected.

There's, uh, good blood flow to the liver,

and the other bleeding has stopped.

She's got a long road ahead of her,

but, uh, it's looking good.

Where the fire department
is still working hard

to clean up the mess left by a bomb

that went off at 8 o'clock this morning,

leaving 18 dead...

How many survivors they pull out?

I just heard over two dozen.


Chicago will bounce back.


She always does.

We'll give you more
information as we get it.

We're here... we're
gonna be here all night...

- Hey.
- Hey.

I should have called. I know.

You don't ever have to call.

I just have one request.

Yeah? Name it.

Stay the night.

- After today, I...
- I'm not going anywhere.