Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Turn the Light Off - full transcript

Voight and the team discover a massacre, eight million in cash stolen and two wounded men in a clearing house. During questioning, one guy, Perko, provides some intel that is key to the case and leads Antonio to realize that two gangs were involved. Burgess steps up to help the unit and prove herself to Voight. Meanwhile, a softer light is cast on Platt when she enlists the help of Ruzek.

If you want a life,

better than what you got...

I will help you get to the other side.

- I can't.
- Hello?

- This your first time firing your weapon?
- Yeah.

I'm around anytime you need to talk.

What are you doing here?




I wanted to come talk to
you, like, a million times.

I'm clean.

30 days.

Congratulations, Nadia.


Thank you.

For trying with me.

Look, I know it took a few times,

but what you did for me, it really stuck.

Take care of yourself.

In the NFL, they've got
these cold weather vests...

- Yeah?
- Battery-operated or something,

to keep 'em nice and
toasty on the sidelines.


Lightweight, thin material, perfect for us.

Who do I talk to in the district
about something like that?

Well, let me look that up for you, I'll...

once I get to a computer.

You know it's a good idea.


- What's up, bro?
- How you doin', man?

Your fly's open.

Hey, Narcissus, come on over here.

- Who?
- Come over here.


What do you got going on Friday night?


I need you.

Off the books.

- Should I be worried?
- No.

Why? You got something to hide?

No, I'm jut trying to figure
out what you're asking me.

I'm not asking you; I'm telling you,

and you'll find out Friday.

So meet out here and wear something nice.

- Something nice?
- Yeah.

Are you hearing this?

We gotta move.

- Hey, what's going on?
- A massacre.

- There you go.
- Detective.

All right, where are we at so far?

The four guards are dead,
and one guy's wounded.

What'd they get?

Eight million in cash.

International currency
shipment from Nagano, Japan,

headed down to the
federal reserve on Lasalle.

They cleared customs fine,

and then the money came here

to be loaded onto an armored car.

Can the survivor tell us anything?


The one guy that's stable is Lukas Perko.

He's the warehouse manager

and Eric Gonzalez, head of security.

All right, you grab him.

- We'll talk to Perko.
- Okay.

How you doing?

I don't know.

They say it's a through and through.

Hey, can you give us a minute?

Yes, sir.

Thank you.

What'd you see?

Four of 'em.

Black hoodie, masks, dark shades, bandanas.

They lit the place up, man.

It all happened just like... that.

And where were you when they came in?

I was in the john,

and I come runnin' out.

And I saw a gun swing my way.

I heard sounds like firecrackers.

I got hit. I dropped.

I guess they thought you were dead.

Yeah, I guess.

Height? Weight?

Anything else?

I caught a glimpse of
their foreheads and necks.

Black guys, for sure.

It doesn't make any sense.

It was Reginald's birthday tomorrow.

We were gonna go to the
Pink Monkey, all of us.

What'd you see?

I was in my office in
the back of the building.

I heard, like, a pop, pop, pop.

And by the time I got here, it was...

everyone was just... I mean, I tried to

hold Tinker's head with my hand,

but I couldn't keep the blood in.

We're gonna need to see all
of your security footage.

Yeah, whatever you need.

What did you get from the security guy?

He seemed in genuine shock.

What about your guy?

Eight million reasons I can think of

why one of 'em is lying.

What's up with you and Ruzek?

What do you mean?

I mean, you looked like you
were at the seventh grade dance

when you bumped into him earlier.

Now, I'm sayin' his name,

and you don't look much better.

It's, uh...

I don't know what it is.

Permission to speak freely?

Sure, as long as I have permission

to kick you in the ass if
I don't like what you say.


If your big plan is to sleep
your way into Intelligence,

I'm not sure if that's the
right guy to make that happen.

I'm jokin'. I'm jokin'.

- Get off me, Atwater.
- I'm playin'.

I didn't mean it. I didn't mean it.

All right, Perko's been with
the company for two years.

He's got no criminal record.

He did have a juvey one, though.

Perko and his brother
Dominik got pinched at 15

on a drug conspiracy for selling meth.

He had a mandatory release at 18

and stayed on the straight and narrow,

but the brother kept
dealing for a Croatian gang,

the Two-Threes.

Brother's currently serving
eight years at Stateville.


So they had six video cameras,

which you'd think would be aces, right?

But, as you can see, cameras one and two,

the crew stays too far out of frame

to be of any useful identification.

Three and four, they stay
out of frame all together.

And on five, they keep
their backs to the camera.

And six, the one camera
that they can't avoid,

well, it's conveniently
obscured by the gate.

There's no way this isn't an inside job.

I talked to the dicks over at Area South.

One of the canvassing
detectives interviewed a trucker

who said that he saw a
panel van fleeing the scene.

- Tags?
- Nothing.

Except he saw two of the
guys remove their masks.

Now, he didn't get a
good look at their faces,

but he said they were both Caucasian males.

So Perko lied.

The old "black guys did it" defense.

He's in the E.R. at Chicago Med.

Yeah, I'd like first
crack at this one, boss.

You lookin' to prove yourself, Sumner?

I'm ready to grill him till he rolls.


Take Antonio with you.

- Allie.
- Hi, Jay.


I was just picking up a book
for my dad up the street,

and I thought I would just...

I had a great time.

And I'm glad you stopped by, okay?

- Tomorrow night then?
- Tomorrow night.


She's just a girl I know.


How's it going with the fireman?

We're taking things slow.



The detectives, right?

I was just thinking...

We know it was an inside job,

so we started wondering,

could it be the one guy who walks away

while everyone else
catches a dozen bullets?

Inside job?

Maybe it's the guy with a juvey record

and a brother in Stateville.

Hey, I was just a shorty.

Or maybe it's the guy who lied
about the crew being black.

Okay, look.

The guy who shot me, I recognized him.

His... his bandana slipped.

He's from my neighborhood,
but I don't know his name.

I mean, he's in the Two-Three's.

These guys, they got a lot of reach.

I roll, they find my brother in the prison.

Imagine your face for the world to see

next to the word "racist"
in the dictionary.


Dennis Novak.



Dennis Novak from East Pilsen?

Look, his crew sells kush, x,

whatever they're calling junk these days.

He's a low-level jab slinger.

It's way out of his league.

He's telling the truth.


Reach out to your CI's,
the Hypes, the Lot Lizards.

Find out where in my city
this guy thinks he can hide.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Sorry.
- Sorry.

Yeah, my bad.

Sarge, I'm willing to
help you and everything,

but you gotta tell me what's going on here.

I gotta close the dad deal.

The... the what now?

I'm accustomed to living in
a nice house in Lincoln Park,

a house I can't afford on my CPD salary.


My dad is very wealthy.

Investment banker wealthy.

Cover of Forbes wealthy.


I'm his older single daughter
who's never been married.

We do this dance every year

where I bring my new fianc? to dinner

and tell him I'm sure this is the one.

He then writes me a check
and tells me he's proud of me.

We're both just going through
the motions at this point,

but he's old-fashioned,

and I don't want to think
about what would happen

if I don't play the game.

All right, say no more.

I get it. I do.

It's just I... you think
he's going to buy this?

Why wouldn't he?

Well, the, uh...

the age difference.

Exactly how old do you think I am?

I have no idea.


Dress nicely.


You need a moment?

All right, come on.

Perko's about to walk from the hospital.

Hank wants us to keep an eye on him.

Anywhere's better than here.

This is where Novak holes up.

Instead of the bank taking
over, the Two-Threes did.

Which makes no warrant necessary.

Chicago P.D.!



I got the door on the left.


I've got three more!

- Clear!
- Clear!



Well, found a couple of these.

If there was money here, it's gone now.

Maybe somebody wanted a bigger
piece of the pie for himself.

Three of these men have Two-Threes' ink.

Look at this guy.

- He ain't Croatian.
- San Judas Tadeo.

He's a big narcosaint in Colombia.

That's right.

So we've got two different types of rounds.

We've got the nine mils from the pistols,

and then I dug a couple
slugs out of the wall.

I think that' a .22 hollow point.

It's an assassin's bullet.

10 to 1 he came in with
a Colombian hit squad,

caught two in the chest,

and his amigos left him where he fell.

So run Mr. Bogota's prints.

See if we find anything at all.

We need a name.

He picks up his coffee,

goes to the pharmacy,

picks up the dry cleaning.

Tailing Perko was a complete wank, Al.

That is till it isn't.

That is meaningless.

So what'd you decide about Wendy?

Oh, I'm just takin' it one
day at a time, you know?

No, I don't know.

Not really.

Hey, I got to ask you.

Sergeant Platt, is she out of the closet?

I make it my mission to know as little

about that woman as possible.

She's making me be her
beard to meet her father.

I get it, you don't want
your dad to know you're gay.

That's fine.

I just don't get it with her.

High school friend of mine, Travis White.

Hell of a football player.

Full ride at Notre Dame, the works.

But gay as the day is
long, and everybody knew it.

Now, rather than come out to his parents,

he moves to Korea with his boyfriend.

Now, he comes back once a
year but tells his parents

that his girlfriend out
there is afraid of flying.


Now... and his parents are nice.

Look at this guy.

Man, anything for a buck, huh?


Get away from the car, would you?

What the...

What the hell?


I got the squeegee guy.


Get down, get down!

Hang in there, buddy.


Chicago P.D.! Out of the way!

Go, go, go!

Son of a bitch.

Bastard had a car waiting.

How's this guy?

Not good.


It's gasoline.

The Colombians are going
scorched earth on this.


I think they were hoping
to torch this guy in his car

along with everything with him.

But I managed to put out the flames

before his cell phone was destroyed.

I'll take that.

I thought you said you believed Perko.

About the Croatian gang, yeah.

But this Colombian thing,
I don't know how it adds up.

I got a theory.

Perko knows about the $8 million coming in,

decides it's time to set
up his retirement fund.

Hires his old Croatian
friends to come and take it.

Only problem is,

the Colombians found out and
decided to rob the robbers.

Okay, but how did the Colombians find out?

Perko's cell had the same
number call it the last 11 times.

Call the state, line up a judge.

You start writing up a
warrant for that phone.

Don't need to.

The calls all came from
inside Stateville prison.

Unless you guys are my new attorneys,

I got nothing to say.

Your brother is dead.

He was lit up like a barbecue grill

in the middle of 18th Street.

I don't believe you.

Colombians did it.

The $8 million is gone, baby, gone.

Robbery was your idea, yeah?

Your brother told you
about where he worked,

what he did, 'cause you two were close.

You connected him with the Two-Threes,

who you sold drugs for
prior to getting locked up.



They're killing anyone and
everyone involved in this plan.

So you need to tell us what deal you made

to double-cross your brother,

or we're gonna charge you
federally for all ten murders,

and then I get to hear
my two favorite words...

Wait, listen, wait, here it comes:

"Death penalty."

You gotta get me a new cell.

Move me out of that block.

Whoa, you want to negotiate,

then you got to give us something.

No, you don't understand.

My cellmate is Colombian.

He's a big time killer
with the Latin Kings.

He must've heard me talking.

His name is Miguel Ortega.

I didn't double-cross Lukas.

I loved him.

You gotta help me.

The prisoner's name is Miguel Ortega.

- Convict number 452-8512.
- Okay.

I need the name and address
of every person he's called,

visited, or sent mail to the last 72 hours.

I'm on it.

We gonna move Dominik Perko to a new cell?

He made his bed.

Let him bleed in it.

Score one for the home team.

Miguel Ortega's been visited nine times

and made four phone calls to his main man

in the Latin Kings, Rolo Ramirez.

And these are his active lieutenants.

Whoa. Whoa.

That's the homeless guy.

- The torcher.
- This guy? You sure?

I'm certain, boss.

You're the Latin Kings.

You rob the robbers, get away with 8 mill.

Why waste Perko?

Well, you wouldn't do it
unless he knew something

he wasn't supposed to.

But he was tied to the Croatians,

not the Colombians.

What's the nationality
of the name Gonzalez?

It's not Croatian.

Hi, we have an appointment.

Why don't you step outside for a second?

Come on.

Come on, it's okay.

Hey, I was gonna call...

You been working here, what, three weeks?

Something like that.

Where's Rolo Ramirez?

You notice what we did
with the camera, right?

And bad things happen

when security cameras
are rendered ineffective,

wouldn't you say?




We know Ramirez put you in this job

after the Latin Kings

caught wind of the robbery plans.

Have a seat.

You want to help yourself, now's the time.

Otherwise, we leave that
camera facing the wall...

and whatever happens, happens.

Okay, I don't know where he is,

but I know how to get to him.

Rolo, he likes to use high-end whores.

White chicks.

He uses a call service.

Which one?

Zen Dolls.

Rolo just ordered two hookers.

They get picked up and
dropped off at a location,

so we're going to put a cop
in with one of their whores.

That means...

I'll do it.


Go get dressed.

The rest of us suit up

and get ready for the meet.

Let's go.

She beat you to the punch, huh?

If she wants to step up, let her step up.

You just didn't want anybody
seeing you in a skirt.

I'm not sure anyone would enjoy that.

Oh, no, well, that's not really true.

You know, I mean,

'cause you're just always
so self-deprecating.

I've got stuff to do.

She's green.

I don't think we should just
put her in with random skank.

You said Zen Dolls, right?

That's right.

I know somebody who works there.

Or did.

All right, set it up.

You know you don't have to do this.

I want to prove myself to Voight.

I got to take big swings.

Now, you of all people
know that to be true.


cover my ass.


What time's the pick up?

15 minutes.

All right.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You sure you're up for this?


All right.

You just need to get our officer inside.

And as soon as she I.D.s Rolo Ramirez,

she'll signal us in.

Get in a corner and make
yourself small, all right?



I'm really sorry I let you down before.

Fresh start, right here, right now.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

Come on.

- Guy's this is Nadia.
- Hey.

- That's Kim.
- Hi.

Thanks for coming.

Nice to meet you.

Your daddy ever touch
you when you were a kid?


Turn the light off in your eyes.


We're ready.

Wait a second.

The wire's glitching.
I'm gonna need an hour.

We don't have an hour, Jin.

No, it's fine.

We don't need it.

I get eyes on Ramirez, I'll call you.

All right, let's do it.

You heard the lady.

Look at that.

A real gentleman.


Sit down.

Sit down!

What the hell is this?

Rolo ordered some girls.

Rolo ain't here.

Not yet.

Get up!

I'm not talking to you!

Sit down!

Do a rail.

What's that, baby?

Do a rail of coke.

Nah, see, me and Lacy,
we don't that anymore.

- We're clean.
- Yeah.

Man, they don't want the coke,

they don't want it.

Why waste it on these bitches?

If they don't want it,
what if they're narcs!

Hey, hey, papi, it's a party.

We're just gonna party, okay?

I got it.

It's cool.

I'll do it, all right?

Damn. Damn. Damn.

Maybe I'll let you ride this
D before Rolo gets here, huh?

Whatever you want, baby.

Whatever you want.

Let's go.

Yo, yo, yo.

What's good? You startin'
the party without me or what?

'Sup, Rolo?

You mind if I take this
one for a test drive?

Yeah, go ahead.

- Let's go.
- Uh, I need my purse.

Oh, yeah, baby, you got a condom?

I don't think so.

Then I need my purse.

- Here you go, baby.
- Thanks, darlin'.

Hey, where you goin'? Sit down.

The party's right here, baby.

Rolo's here.

Five others in the front, one in the back.


Give me five.


Let me see your hands!

Do it now! Do it now!

Let me see your hands!

On the ground! On the ground!

On the ground!

- On the ground!
- Get down!

Drop the gun!


Help me.

Drop the gun, man!

Put it down!

Freeze! Freeze!

All right. All right. All right.

Get your ass down!

Give me that.




- Are you all right?
- I'm okay.

Are you injured?

Go! Just go!

Target on the move!

Front of the house!

Torcher, the assassin.

He's fleeing south on foot!

You get the car!

I've got him on foot!

Hey, it's okay.

It's okay. It's okay.

- I had to.
- I know.

But I was clean.


I'm sorry.



Fuera de aqui!

You okay?

All patrols, suspect's out on foot

fleeing 2600 South Albany.

Unit 2119 on South Albany.

No sign of suspect.

Looks like one of us got away.

Shut up.

Burgess, you all right?

Yes, sir.

Get up.

Get up!



Get her out of here.

Everybody out of the house!

Look at me.

Look at me.

Where's the $8 million?

It's up your ass.

- It is?
- Yeah.

You right-handed or left-handed?

Ask your mother, huh?

Look, uh, I don't know you, bro,

but you should know me.

I'm Hank Voight.

I don't make idle threats.

You're going to tell me
where the $8 million is,

or we're going to put
your hand down that sink.

Then your feet.

I'll put your whole damn face.

Do you hear me? I look like I'm bluffin'?


Tell me where the eight is.

Tell me where the eight is!


Okay! Okay! Okay!


I think that's more than I make a year.

Who called Internal Affairs?

Yeah, I'd be curious to know that myself.

Give us a minute.

Want to count it?

You know the banks are
insured for every penny.


When we first met, you said
this was gonna be a partnership.

There's a lot of different
kinds of partnerships.

7.9 million different kinds.

Or 7.8.

Any kind you want there to
be, I'll bet you could find it.

Voucher it.

Every penny.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

You did well, Burgess.

Thank you, Detective.


Don't let Lindsay see you do that.


What happened to your face?

I went three rounds with a pit bull.


Well, this'll be interesting.

I'll drive.

And I'm sitting in the airport,

and he says to me, "do you know
anything about pipe fixtures?"

I say, "a little."

So now he looks at me sideways.

"I guess I should," I say.

"I put all the pipes into the sears tower.

Yeah, yeah, I know a
little bit about pipes."

So he says, "yeah, I guess you do."

And he offers me to come work for him.

And that's very generous, you know.

But I say, "Mr. Carson,
I'm doing just fine."

Maybe you should come to work to for me."

How do you like that steak, Adam?

Damn good, sir.


Robert, please.


So you and Trudy met at work?

We did, yeah.

That how you got those bruises?

Just serving and protecting, Robert.

Let me ask you something, Adam.

Go right ahead.

What do you like most
about my daughter Trudy?


Well, I would have to
say that I like the fact

that she knows exactly who she is.

That she doesn't take crap from anybody,

and I mean anybody.

She's a...

she's just a...

she's a tough cookie, my little cookie.

Probably like you, sir.

Well, that's fine.

That is...

just fine.

To Trudy.

Thank you.

To you, baby.

Ah, that's good.

Thank you.

You're having seconds.

That's an order.

Gail, I'm full.

You look like you're wasting away.

You can't tell this woman, no, Jay.

You should've learned that by now.

The only way I could lose
weight was to move away.

Yeah, don't think I didn't
notice you hardly ate.

I had a full plate.

Does anyone want more wine?

Yes, thank you.

You should see that one.

He was out in the shed
today, building new cabinets.

I haven't seen him out there
in I don't know how long.

That's great.

Gail, where'd you put the cork screw?


Thanks for coming.

They light up when they see you.

It's my pleasure.

So when do you go back?


Do you know what I found?

A picture of you two from prom.

Oh, God.

Ah, I always thought the two of you

should've made a go of it.



Just pour the wine.

Why don't you move back, Allie?

Phoenix has nothing for you.

Your family is here.

Yeah, Allie, why don't you move back?

Maybe I will.

Where are you parked?

It's this Ford pick-up right over here.

Well, thanks for that.

No, I had a good time.

You know, thank you for inviting me.

Your dad, he seems...
you know, he seems great.

He's a blowhard.

But he's not too bad
once you get to know him.

Hey, you seal the deal?

He gave me an envelope.

I haven't looked at it yet.

I gotta ask you something, Sarge.

Why haven't you told him you're gay?


Yeah, I just... I think...

and I know I'm speaking out of school here,

but I think he'd be cool with it.

He seem like a...

I'm not gay.


I did half the guys in
my class in the academy.

Just because I haven't
found someone worth a damn

to settle down with,

that doesn't mean...

- Wow.
- Oh, okay.

This is...


You're damn right it is.

I'm so sorry.

Just forget I said anything, Sarge.

Forget I said that.

Yeah, I'll forget to say
anything to your fianc?e

about you shacking up with Burgess.

We didn't...

Yeah, but you want to.

Wait. Wait. Wait.


I'll see you tomorrow.

No, I'll see you tomorrow.


You ready?

Let's do it together.


I'll check on you every day.


Come on.

Found this in my desk.

What was she like?

She was a pain in the ass.

Her coffee order was the most
complicated in the district.

Took her longer to describe
it than to drink it.

But she was damn good police.

Slept like a baby every night.

Mind if I keep it?

Yeah, I do.


Join me in Voight's office.

What's up?

Nice job on that Rolo Ramirez thing.

Unfortunately, you left a big loose end.

Mu?oz. He's your torcher, right?

That's him.

We'll get him. I got eyes everywhere.

If we turn up the heat on every
street corner, there'll be...

- Belden's already on it.
- Belden?

This is our case.

He convinced the Deputy Chief

that Gustav Mu?oz here is the same assassin

that took out those priests
over in Lawndale two weeks ago.


So it's his case, and now
the Colombian's his problem.

Oh, and we're supposed to
cooperate in every way we can.

I wish that was it.

You remember Pulpo, right?

He kidnapped my son.
And he killed Willhite.

Well, Belden wants to
draw out the Colombians.

He's pulling Pulpo off
MCC and using him as bait.

They're letting him out?

Went over my head.

It's already been approved.