Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 21 - The Unrivaled Standard - full transcript

Severide is surprised when Rene Royce returns to the firehouse; Casey helps Chief Boden in his latest pursuit; Kidd regrets a decision regarding Severide; Herrmann disagrees with Lt. Colan ...

The girl I'm dating, Renee,

she's transferring to
Madrid for her job.

I can't go with you.

Sky would have been
the limit for us.

Herrmann, how serious are you

about renting that
apartment out?

I thought that you
and Severide were...

We are, but we moved in

and we skipped the dating part.

I'm just starting to
think it was a mistake.

I don't care where you live.

Wherever you are, it's
where I want to be.

There's this girl I went
to high school with.

She's married. She said she's...

getting a hotel room and
that we should meet there.

You cannot go through with this.

You're too good a guy.




- Come on, let's go!
- Come on, boys, defense!

Stay on him!

C'mon, ref!

Alex! Move it around out there!

Does this guy have
an off-switch?

Hey! This isn't a first date.

Get on top of them!
On top, on top!

Enough already.

C'mon, ref! Call the damn foul!

Paul! Shut your trap
or you're out of here.

Our team's playing like

a pack of Girl Scouts, Herrmann.

You could drill them a
little more on defense.

He's drilling them fine, thanks.

They're losing by 12.

Hey, everybody! Shut up!
Sit down!

Or we're going to
forfeit this game.

Got it?


Seriously, it was less
like youth rec basketball

and more like a feeding frenzy.

I thought you swore off
kids' sports forever

after that hockey fiasco
a few years back.

The kids are never the problem.

It's the parents.

Do you include yourself in that?

- It's the other parents.
- Mm-hmm.

Hey, have you guys
seen my money clip?


Hey, where were you last night?

I didn't hear you come in.

Oh, I got stuck, uh,

at Leon's house,

helping him put
together furniture.

I had to watch a fixer-upper
marathon alone.


Yeah, we just had
a bunch of beers,

watching the game, so I
just crashed on his couch.

Well, maybe that's where
your money clip is.


You've been approved
for a new Visa,

and Value Savers thinks
you're a Swedish guy

named Stell Stellakidd.

You know you can just
throw these away, right?

Nope, gonna keep
handing them to you

as punishment for
moving out on me.

Oh, you miss having my hair ties

all over your kitchen counter.

I miss you.

Then ask me out on a date.

A real one.

Fine. Swift and Sons,

you and me, tomorrow night.

Squad Three, Ambulance 61,
single vehicle accident at

- 659 West Cermak.
- Table will be reserved under

Stell... Stellakidd.


- Hey, Greg, you all right?
- Guy didn't see us.

I caught some water when
we swerved out of the way.

That spun us.

You got a patient?

Bee sting, nothing too serious.

But Jamie got thrown.

You okay?

I can't move my wrist.

Paramedic's banged up. Looks
like she broke her wrist.

The side door's jammed.
If you can pull up

a little bit, we can
open up the back.

- Yeah.
- I tried,

but she didn't budge.

Think the drive shot's busted.

- Cruz, get this door open.
- On it.

You... You're not going to
break the door, are you?

Can't you just tow it out
and go through the back?

I'm responsible for this thing.


Hook up a winch.
Let's do this fast.

Copy that.

Okay, all right,
just hang in there.

Hey! Hey! Your patient!

Chicago Fire S06E21 "The
Unrivaled Standard"

Synced and corrected
by Gianluca Belfiglio

Guys, we can't wait. We
got to get in there now!



His IV must have blown.
His throat's swelling.

We need a tube.



- Hold him down.
- I can't.

Hold him down!

I got him. Okay.

Damn, he's unconscious.


You're in.

Hey, waiting to take that door
off almost cost you a life.

Can't believe we considered

going private for even a minute.

You'll wish you'd gone private

once Commissioner Staton's gone.

What does that mean?

You haven't heard?

Fire commissioner's
taking a big FEMA post.

Word is the whole CFD's
getting handed over

to some desk jockey.

Thanks for the gauze.

Can I help you?

Hi, is Joe Cruz around?

Looks like the rig is still out.

They might have
caught another call,

but I can give him a message.

Okay, thanks.

Could you tell him
Delia came by?


I'm sorry. I'm a
friend of Joe's,

from high school.

Okay. Yeah, I'll let him know.

Thanks. Oh, also...

could you give this to him?

He dropped it on the
floor last night.

Yeah, sure.

Let him know I didn't take any.





What, you think it's for sure?

All right, Cal. Thanks.

Staton's definitely leaving?

Landry says Deputy
Commissioner Nelson

has the inside track on the job.

Who is Nelson?

He came up through

Guy's never crawled a
hallway in his life.

His big thing is efficiency,
doing more with less.

Which is just corporate
talk for four-man trucks

and forced retirement.

- Fewer supplies.
- Older gear.

I think the best thing we can
do right now is to stay calm.

I've heard the same
rumors as you,

but, so far, that's
all that they are.

So instead of getting
worked up about things that

are beyond our control, let's
just stick to our work.

- Sure thing, Chief.
- Yeah, Chief.

Excuse me.

Hey! Hey.

Is everything okay?

I don't know. How's
Leon's couch?

What are you trying to ask?

Delia came by.

- Brett, listen...
- She's married, Joe.

I... I know.

And I know that you said
I shouldn't see her, but

it is more complicated
than that...

It's not complicated at all.

You lied to me.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't
have done that.

The Joe Cruz that I know,
the one pre-Delia...

he doesn't lie to
his best friends.

And he doesn't cheat.

What happened to that guy?


Oh, this day is about
to get interesting.

Who is that?

Her name's Renee.


Hi, Kelly.


After all that back and
forth to New York,

I just kind of figured that
it was time to settle down,

at least for my son's sake.

Nicholas is his name.
He's a great kid, too.

He just makes me
laugh all the time.

And it's just me and him, so...

he's a real mama's boy.

Well, he sounds great.

Part of why I moved back

was to take the lead
in a pro bono case

that my law firm is
handling for the CFD

involving a fire in
an oil refinery.

So, I'm thinking,
"Who is the smartest,

most knowledgeable firefighter,

with just enough

rugged good looks who
could sway a jury?"

Look, I don't know that
I have time to help...

Two firefighters were injured.

We're doing everything
that we can

to help take care of them.

We can work around your schedule

and there's a stipend involved.

The... All I'm asking is that

you take a look at what
I've pieced together,

and if you think you
can help, great.

And if you can't...

say no more.

I know I have...

I have zero right
to ask after...

after what happened before.

But I could really
use some help.

And I trust your expertise.


So this is not the Renee
that he was engaged to.


I wasn't crazy about her
when they were dating,

but after they broke
up, she came back

and she told Severide she
was carrying his baby,

even though she knew
it was someone else's.

Yeah. Shay did the math,

Severide caught on, and
that was finally the end.

Well, until now!

Yeah, but...

Truly, he... he
never looked back.

It was like a hard
and fast line.


Figure out what was going
on before with Brett?

Brett is furious at me
over this Delia thing.

I warned you about all this,

all these feelings with Brett.

This is not about me and Brett.

- This is about me and Delia.
- No, it's not.

It's about why you're
really throwing yourself

into this mess with your married
high school girlfriend.

It all comes back to Brett,

which I specifically told
you to forget about.

Look, please,

don't get all up in my head
about this, all right?

This has nothing
to do with Sylvie.

I mean Brett.

You're wrong.

Commissioner Staton is here.

He just walked right
up that apron

and into this firehouse.

- What?
- We gotta clean this place up.

What's going on?

What was that?

Relax, 51, this isn't
an inspection.


Good to see you.

- Matt Casey.
- Captain.

Yeah. Otis, go get the Chief.

So, uh, what can we do for you?

I'm just making the rounds,
going house to house.

I know there's a lot of
scuttlebutt out there.

Feel you all deserve to
hear it directly from me.

Commissioner Staton.

Chief Boden. I was just
telling your people

here about my new job at FEMA.

They've asked me to serve as
the US Fire Administrator.

- Congratulations.
- Indeed.

Thank you. The
mayor's got a list

of very qualified
candidates to replace me.

I'm going to do what I can
to help steer that process.

I want to make sure I
leave this department

in the hands of someone who
loves it as much as I do,

who's going to go to bat
for our firefighters

- and paramedics.
- That's good to hear.

So, do you love this
guy or what, huh?

Best Battalion
Chief in the city.

You got that right,

How about a tour of
the place, Chief?

It's been too long
since I visited 51.

You got it. Right this way.

All right.



What's wrong?

Brendan's mom called
me twice today,

saying she's taking
him off the team.

Then I ran into Gina Haskins
at the grocery store,

and she gave me an earful.

- Are you serious?
- Everyone's just fed up

with Paul Colannino and
I can't blame them.

I'll reach out to Paul, eh,

give him a talking to.

I'm sorry to dump this on you.

It's fine.

- All right.
- Mm.

All right.


here's what I've been thinking.

Tell me if I'm way off
base here, but...

I think Boden should throw
his hat into the ring...

for commissioner.

That's a pretty big jump
from Battalion Chief.

But it's happened before.

And you saw him with
Commissioner Staton today.

He reveres Boden.

That probably had more to do

with the recommendation
that Grissom wrote for him.

What recommendation?

Before Gris backed out of
his plans for retirement,

he wanted Boden to take over
as Deputy District Chief.

That just makes my point.
Boden's an up-and-comer.

But the mayor appoints
the next commissioner

and he's already got
a list of names.

So, remember the mayor's
aide Boden saved from

that hotel fire last year?

Maybe he can get Boden's
name added to the list?

Okay, but that's a
political process

and we both know that Boden
doesn't do politics.

That's why we need
to do it for him.

Work our contacts,
drum up support.

It's a little crazy.

And truth is it's
better for both of us

if Boden never leaves 51.

He's the only reason
Dawson and I can

work in the same house
and he's helped you out

of more than one jam
with the brass.

There's no one who
does more for his own.


the whole department
could benefit from that.

That's what I'm saying.

I'm willing to give it a shot...

if you are.

Okay. Let's go for it.

The door's are jammed tight,

and we can hear people
screaming inside.

I'm telling you, I thought
I was going to die

- in that ballroom.
- And you might have

if Boden hadn't brought
up the hydraulic ram.

That's how he got you out.

Saved us all. Dozens of us.

Even if we get Boden's
name out there...

how do we know he's gonna
make the kind of deals

- he needs to land the job?
- He probably won't.

It's just not in his blood.

But if you ask me, that's
exactly the kind of guy

the department needs.

He's got my vote.

The CFD needs leadership
that understands

the rank and file,
someone with actual

on the ground experience.

Boden's a... a real hero
and a hell of a leader.

But can he run an
entire department?

- That's a different skill set.
- You're right.

So let me tell you about
the time Boden took on

a corrupt real estate
tycoon who was committing

an arson for profit scam.

Great. Now I got
to meet Colannino

at Molly's tonight.

Hey, you gonna be there?

Ugh, I'm not sure yet.

I've got something I'm
supposed to do...

I... I mean..

I said I would do it.

But I don't know. I've
been thinking about it

- and...
- I was asking Otis.

He's on the
bar-tending schedule.


♪ ♪

- Don't be mad at me.
- I'm not.

- Brett.
- I'm not, I mean it.

I shouldn't have
yelled at you before.

It's your life.
You're a grown up.

I have no right to
give you a hard time.

You can do whatever you want.


Oh, okay.





I'm the worst.

I totally forgot that I
have to open tomorrow.

But I'm sure we'll find
some way to see each other.

Hey, so, um, listen...

- Renee...
- Yeah, Renee.

The only reason why she
came back is she wants

help with a legal case.
It's nothing.

Well, if you want to
do it, it's fine.

- I don't know.
- Look, I'm serious.

If it's a good deal, take it.

I just want to spend
more time together.

Yeah, me too.

- Hey, Paul.
- Hi, Danny.

- Come on in.
- What's up, man?


All right.

Hey, got your message.
What's going on?

We both know that
you're being that guy,

the dad who gets too
involved in his kid's game

- and pisses off everybody.
- You know what...

Hey! They're just a bunch
of kids, all right?

So, firefighter to firefighter.

I need you to step back,

I need you to keep your
butt on the bleachers,

and keep your mouth zipped.

I ain't asking here, Paul.

Look... I wasn't there so much

for my older son,

between the department
and the side job.

The kid, he's 18 now.

In a bad way,
barely talks to me.

So when I see how much
Alex is into basketball...

I've been shooting hoops
with him every night.

And he loves it.

He loves it.

So, you know, maybe...

maybe I'm putting a little
bit too much on it,

trying to make it
more than what it is

so I don't...

fail him,

like I did his brother.

I don't know.


But this is all
I've got with him.


Just keep the theatrics
to a minimum, okay?

Can you do that?

I'll try, Herrmann.
I... I promise.

- Yeah.
- All right.


- Hey.
- Hey.

You look good.

You look better.


are you freaking out a little?

- Because I am freaking out.
- Yeah.

I'm freaking out.

I know.

It's like, when I saw
you the other day

and then being with you...

I didn't have to think twice.

It felt right, didn't it?

Yeah, it did.

Then afterward...

Maybe the best thing
to do is for us

to put the brakes
on this for now.

Maybe it is.

But we are already here.

Maybe we can have
one drink first...

spend a few minutes...

not freaking out...


I'm so sorry, Delia. I...


It has been great
seeing you again.


But I need to go.



So you're Joe Cruz?

Oh yeah, but I...

Ow! Okay.

- Seriously, I can do this.
- Really?

Do you have 18 months
formal paramedic training?

Okay, it's not an IV.
It's just a bag of peas.

I got it, I got it.

Well, I guess it goes without
saying, you were right.

Hmm, actually, I think
it should be said.

- I was an idiot.
- You were.


I hate it when you
get mad at me.

But just for the record...

I hate it even more
when you don't.

Please, don't just give
up on me like that.

As much as I might want
to, I never could.


Imagine my surprise when the
calls started coming in,

asking if I was really putting
myself up for commissioner.

I mean, how the hell
does that happen?

Then I told myself, no.

My people wouldn't
go around my back

and embarrass me by
begging for favors

on my behalf, because
that would be

an absolute breach of trust.

So please... help me figure out

what could possibly be going on.

We didn't mean to go
behind your back, Chief.

And yet you did.

Only because we knew that you
wouldn't put yourself out there.

- That's right. I wouldn't.
- It was my idea, Chief.

Oh, was it now?

All right, the thing is,

people in the city respect you.

And it's because of something
you've taught us since day one.

You get respect not
just by earning it,

by giving it.

That's why we would
follow you anywhere,

and why we think
others would too.

I know you've been feeling
like you don't have

anything left to
teach us, but...

I'm telling you.

You do.

And you should be teaching
from a higher perch,

where every firefighter in
Chicago can benefit from it.



That's all we were thinking.




So when you said you
had a few documents?

Oh, well, believe
me, to a lawyer,

this... this is a few.

Um, okay, so, like
I said, you don't

have to commit to the case.

Just, you know, just take a look

and see if you find
anything interesting and...

if you do, then I'd love
to have you on board.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Oh, Nicholas, honey,

- come here, come here. I'm so sorry.
- Mama!

I couldn't find a sitter.

- It's fine.
- Baby, what did I say?

- Don't touch anything.
- Hey, bud...

What am I looking at here?

Bringing the kid in is
a super ballsy move.

Probably shouldn't
have moved out.

Truck 81, Engine 51, Squad 3,

Ambulance 61...
Auto-body shop fire.

16th and Loomis.



What do we got?

Battalion 25 to Main,

- give me a still and box alarm.
- Copy that, Battalion 25.

One of the cars they were
working on caught fire

and they couldn't get an
extinguisher on it fast enough.

- Everyone accounted for?
- All but one, Julio.

Junior mechanic.
No one's seen him.

That roof is gonna come down.
We better find him fast.

Okay. We have one more inside.

Truck 81, primary search
through the front door.

Squad 3, recon the back. See
if you can find him there.

Mouch, Otis, raise the aerial.

Kidd, you're with me.
We search left.

Herrmann, find a
partner, go right.

Engine 51, 37, get two hose
lines through the front door.

Cover out search teams.

The fire is in the trusses.

You have five minutes max.

Stick together. Let's
go, let's go, let's go.


Hey. You gonna yell at
me again if we do this?

Nah, you're good.


- I got nothing. You?
- Zero.

Fire department, call out.

It's getting too hot down here.

Even if we do find him,
he'd never survive this.

Fire department! Call out!

- Herrmann, report.
- Right hand side is

still negative, Chief, but we're
pushing through the rear.

- You're running out of time.
- Hey, give me one more minute.

This kid's got to
be here some place.


These bow trusses
are out rolling.

Squad Three, report.

Rear entrance is lit up, Chief...
We can't get in.


Battalion 25 to all
fire companies,

evacuate the building

- Somebody! Help!
- Hey...

you hear that?

Right there.

Got him. Go!


Come on.


Everybody else out?

Not yet.

Herrmann, are you coming?

Finding our way out.



Colannino, where'd you go?





- Okay, we got him.
- Good save.

Where's Colannino?

He's not out?

Oh, God.

He went back for us.

I got to get him, Chief.

It's too unstable.

No, no, he couldn't
have gone far.

- I got to look.
- Herrmann!



Hold the cannons.


Hey, I got him!


I got him.

Hey. I'm here, Paul.


- Medics.
- Copy, on our way.



He's not breathing.

Hey, Paul! Paul! Paul!

Paul, come on!

Come on!

His pupils are blown.

Come on! Come on!

Come on.

Come on, Paul...

Come on...

Herrmann. Herrmann.

No. I got this. Come on.

- Herrmann!
- I got it! Come on!


Come on. Let's get him up.


Kid's doing okay.

The mechanic.

- Saved his life.
- Good.

That's good.

God bless.

You know...

Colannino was the
first guy to show up

when we passed the boot
at Molly's for Jones,

- you remember that?
- Yeah.

That guy did stuff
like that always.

He was a solid guy.

He was a smoke-eater.

He was facing the
wrong way, Mouch.

When we found him, he
was headed back in

looking for me.

I don't know how we
missed each other.

You couldn't see. It happens.

The kid... he got caught on a...

a floor jack or something.

It only took a
second to unhook it.

Maybe half a second.

And when I looked back up...

he wasn't there.


It's one foot in front
of the other, buddy.

You just keep it moving forward.

We're going to go out there.

We're going to put our
gear in the turn out room.

And we're going to
get a cup of coffee.

We're going to pack
up and head out.

And then we're gonna go
be there for his family.

You hear me?

You hear me, Herrmann?


- All right.
- That's it.




I'm going to look
after this department

and these people.

I'm going to throw my hat
in the ring for them.


Hard times.

Tragic day.

There'll be time for this later,

but I want to let you know
that I'm going to take a run

at the commissioner spot.

Moments like this, I
know that I got to give

to this department
everything I got.



Synced and corrected
by Gianluca Belfiglio