Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 20 - The Strongest Among Us - full transcript

Boden and Severide receive a surprise package after saving a girl from a car accident.

Maria Jamison?

Her dad got himself in a
mess with painkillers.

She's a good kid.

The deputy commissioner asked me

for my ideas about a replacement

once I ride off into the sunset.

Then I told him, Wallace Boden.

Deputy District Chief.

Damn, that's a big promotion.

If I don't get my
clearance this week,

I plan to step aside.

Go to your assessment,
get your results,

take it from there.

- Mr. Zvonecek, ready?
- Yeah.

I'm ready.

If it's bad news, don't stall, Dr.

Just tell it to me like it is.

It's not.

You are clear to
return to active duty.


Okay, so before we begin
this morning's briefing

and before we officially
welcome Otis back

to his spot on Truck 81...

- Otis.
- Whoo... Whoo!

I understand that Captain Casey

would like to say a few words.

Yes, I would.

I would, actually.

A lot of thought
and consideration

go into honoring those
in our firehouse

who struggle to overcome
impossible odds.

To earn a place of respect on
any wall here at 51, well...

that is only reserved for
the strongest among us...

which is why we would
like to recognize

Otis' cane.

She bent, but she never broke.

She fell, but she
never stayed down.

She had to endure palm
sweat that no object

on this planet should
be subjected to.

To Otis' cane.

- Welcome back, buddy.
- Thanks.

- Congratulations.
- Thanks.

Chief Grissom.


Nice surprise.

You might change your
mind when you hear

what I have to say.

I came here a while ago,
got your hopes up about

a promotion.

Chance to fill my shoes
once I step aside.


But I've decided
not to step aside.

I see.

You remember that
scaffolding incident

Severide and I went up and
pulled that kid to safety?

Yeah, good save.

That was the first
time in a while

that I got my hands dirty.

Nice reminder of...

why I got into this life
in the first place.

I got blinded there for a
bit by all the paperwork

and policy meetings,
but I realize now

that I've still
got more to give.

And I want to give it.

So, I'm putting my
retirement on hold.



I just wanted you to
hear that from me.

Squad 3, pin-in accident.
24 North Green Street.

I better go get my
hands dirty myself.

Do your thing.


Looks like a single
vehicle accident,

best I can tell.

Hey! Hey, sir!

You okay?

- Capp, grab a ladder.
- Copy.

I saw the whole thing
from up there.

He hit someone.

- What?
- He was going too fast,

swerved into some woman
walking in the street,

but he hit her.

Chicago Fire S06E20 "The
Strongest Among Us"

Synced and corrected
by Gianluca Belfiglio


Come on. Come on, there.

Hey, Tony, give me a hand here.


Come on...

Hey, hey, buddy.

- How you doing?
- I didn't see her.

It's okay, it's all right.
Just don't move your neck.

Capp, I need a c-collar.

- Copy that!
- Come on...

Come on. Come on.


One, two.


She's not breathing. I
think her leg's snapped.

Let's get her to the sidewalk.

Tony! Grab any water
you can from the rig.

Got it!


All right, coming in, buddy.

- Come on. Come on now.
- Watch your arm.


Breathe for me.

Come on now.

Come on.

It's in her mouth.
Can't get it in there.

Come on, get in there...

Come on!

Come on, breathe for me.


Where's ambo?


Breathe for me, come on.

What do we got?

She got a face full of concrete.

I think she's got a
broken leg, too.

Get in here!


Come on...

There we go, there we go.

Okay, okay, we got you.


What got into you?

Had a wake-up call this morning.

Hey, Otis, talked to Herrmann

and we're going to
handle the cooking

till you get your
legs back under you.

I didn't... I didn't...

- I... I... I didn't...
- It's cool.

All right, look,

I got to say one
thing, all right?

The food bill has
definitely gone down

since we got rid of
that Cordova giant.

We didn't get rid of anyone.

We just kept Otis' seat warm.

Appreciate that, Captain.

So, I would like to be

up front and above
board with everyone.

I want to keep
driving the truck.

Okay, I'll bite.

What's the punch line?

It's not a joke.

Look, the great thing about 51

is we don't baby
anybody around here.

You're cleared for duty
and that is great,

but I stepped up
when you were gone.

I like driving and so I
want to keep doing it.

Okay, listen...

Stella makes a valid point.

- Captain!
- She does.

Way I see it...

when I played high
school football,

we had two very
good quarterbacks,

Scott Schultz and Todd Phillips.

Coach used all his
spring training

to figure out who he
wanted as a starter,

Scott or Todd.

We should set up
some spring training

to see who's best
behind the wheel of 81.

Works for me.

Yeah. Great.

Hey. I just got this message

from Bria and she
sounds really upset.

- So call her.
- Well, she's not picking up.

Okay, let's not jump to
the worst conclusion.

Well, you know how
my brain works.

I do, which is why
mean to tell you

to take a deep breath and
wait until you actually

make contact with her.

Just everything she's
been through...

Let's not forget she's
a teenage girl.


Come on.

- Whoa.
- What's up?

I just got a Facebook
message from Delia Cantor.


When they write my life story,

she is the chapter titled
"The One Who Got Away."

I don't like biographies.

We went out all of junior year,

all of senior year.

I thought we were going
to get married someday.

She got a track scholarship
to Kansas; it just kind of...

trailed off after that.

She went places and
I stayed here.

How's she looking?


She's married.

Yeah. But it's still pretty cool

that she reached out.

I'd love to see her. Catch up.

Ask her what she's been
doing the last 20 years.

Chief. There was a box in there

of some old photos. Think
they may be yours?

Thank you, Connie.

It's a mess in there.

I appreciate you cleaning it up.



Hey, Bria, it's Gabby.

Can you call me back
when you get this?

You want to run
by her apartment?

- Should we?
- Absolutely.

Okay, yeah, I'll...
I'll tell Matt.


Mr. Jamison.


Bria just called me.
She left a message.

Yeah, um, about that...

I need your help. She...
She needs your help.

I have no idea what to do.

I heard Bria's dad is here.

Well, it turns out
Bria does need my help

after all, just not the
help we were worried about.

Meaning what?

Meaning girl stuff.

She called the right person,
I'll tell you that.

Why do I get the feeling you
just found a new mission?

'Cause I did.

Just wondering if
anyone's inspected

the inside rear tire
since I've been gone.

Pretty standard.
Something every driver

should know how to do
in case, I don't know,

a rock gets wedged in
there or something.

Pretty dangerous.

You know, it's funny,
when I stepped into

driving duties at
a moment's notice

and was well prepared
and totally ready,

I noticed that many
of the lug nuts

on the left side
of 81 were loose.

And while that is certainly
careless of the previous driver

I didn't judge.

I just went around and
tightened everything up.

What are you two doing?

Just pointing out
that service has been

slipping a bit since
I've been absent.

And I am pointing out
that improvement

is measurable in
nearly every respect.

This is stupid.

Casey won't say it,
I'll say it, all right?

Otis is driving, end of story.

Boom, drop the mic.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Pick that mic back up,

plug it back into the
jack, because that is far

from the end of this story.

Stella, I love you
like a daughter,

but if you want to drive...

find another house.

Or, Herrmann... stay
with me on this...

- you can kiss my pretty little...
- Hold on... Hold on!

Before anyone says
anything regrettable.

Casey told us we're
going to have

a competition for it.

Let's have a competition.

Defeated a bullet. I can
take on any comers.

I mean, it's not like it's
a mud-100 or anything.

Hey, I talked to Charlie
over at Lion's Total Care.

He's coming Tuesday to
pick up my turnout gear

if you want in on that.

Yeah, I'll, uh, throw
mine in the cage.

All right.

Can I help you, sir?


I understand this station saved
my daughter this morning.

The cement truck... How is she?

Doing good, doing good. She
has a leg fracture, but...

I understand had you guys
shown up even a minute later

it would have been...

More than that.

Yeah, no, we're...
glad she's okay.

It's always good to know
when we make a difference.

My mother told me

when a stranger does
a kindness for you,

you look them in the
eye and say thank you.

So... So thank you.


I'm glad to do it.

Will you...

give our best to your
daughter for us?

Will do, um...


Will do, Wallace.
Thank you again.


Boom shak-a-laka, she replied!

What'd she say?

She wants to get
together tomorrow.

- Dinner downtown.
- What'd you say?

What'd you think I said?
I look forward to it.

Bad idea. Can't
relive your past.

Ah... thanks to
Facebook, you can.

Ambulance 61, personal injury.


I had him up in the chair

and my foot hit the lever

- and...
- Then what?

The chair slipped! Come on!

No! Agh!


And he cut off my damn ear!

Let me see.

Ah, Ah!

- You Andy?
- Yes, ma'am.

You guys got any ice here?

- In the back.
- Okay, grab a plastic bag,

fill it up with ice,
and bring it to me.


You telling me you can take

that man's ear and fix
it back on his head.

We are going to give
it a fighting chance.


- Okay.
- All right, can you walk?

- What?
- Can you walk?

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, I can walk.

He hasn't cut my legs
off, at least not yet!


Who's next?

Kelly, got a favor to ask.

What you got going
on this morning?

- No plans.
- Do you mind running

an errand with me?

- Need your expertise.
- Whatever you need.

I was talking to Scott
from four doors down.

You know him? Australian
guy, Korean wife.

Oh yeah, I like them.

He said to me, "You
wanna come over

on Saturday and watch the rugby?

We're playing the All Blacks."

I said sounded good but
I'd check with you.

Is that your Australian accent?

Yeah, not bad right?

Don't do it again.

Anyway, might be fun.

I think it's going
to be a block party.

No, baby, we can't. We've
got that Bria thing.

Remember I told you?

Oh, that Saturday?

Right, Saturday. I absolutely

was paying attention
when you said that.

Actually can we swing by
Bria's apartment now?

I think she's spinning out.
I got to calm her down.

- Yeah, sure.
- Good.

- Hey?
- Where is she?

In her room.

I look like that girl
from the Adam's family.

No, you don't.

You look beautiful under there.

Prom's in four days.

I know. Your Dad told me.

Hey, it's going to be fine.

I live for this stuff.

Really? 'Cause I look gross.

Have I ever steered you wrong?

Come on.

First, we're going
to wipe that off

and look at the Bria underneath.

Because that Bria...
is going to turn heads

when she enters the dance.
I promise you that.

All my friends at school,
they have moms to help.

With me, it's just Dad.

He's even worse at
this stuff than I...


Well, now you have me.

You know I thought
about all the ways

that I could provide for

my daughter while I
was in the clinic.

I never thought about
how to get ready

for the prom.

Well, you called a superwoman.

So when I tell you
she's got this,

she's got this.

So, how's the rest of it going?

Since, you know...

Since I cleaned up? It's better.

It's much, much better.
I got my job back.

Turns out this guy, Sam,
that I'm on the line with,

he got moved up to
supervisor and he said

the past is the past and
he put me right to work.

Now I'm just saving up
to get out of this dump.

That's really good news.


So, who's the lucky guy?

His name is Donovan Mitchell.

He's awesome.

Well, if he asked
you, I know he is.

He's like me. We
don't have a lot.

I mean, we're not taking a limo or
doing a fancy dinner or anything.

I just want to look
nice when we get there.

You're going to look
like a knock-out.

Okay, let's try out some looks.

- You can tell me what's best.
- Okay.

Uh-huh, yeah, I know,
they're both here.


Okay, will do.

So, hey, that was
Casey and he says

that spring training starts now.

- Explain.
- Mm-hmm.

Well, he says since Mouch and I

are the main ones to
benefit, or suffer,

depending on which way this
driver choice thing pans out,

that we should, you
know, have a big part

in the evaluation.

That's leadership right there.

- That sounds like BS. Mm-hmm.
- Oh, yeah?

Do you want to call him?
Call him. Be my guest.

Tell us the competition you
have in mind, Herrmann.

There's two cabinets
there full of glasses

that need polishing.

There's two more down there.
First one done...

wins my endorsement.

Now I know you're full of it.

Am I?


Well, you didn't say go!

Did you really talk to Casey?

What brought this on?

Been thinking about
it a long time.

Figured I'd reward
myself if I ever made

Deputy District Chief, but...

- that's not happening.
- No?


Found out yesterday morning.

Well, don't overreact.

I'm not.

Just got to thinking.

I spent a lot of time
waiting for good things

and not enough
time pursuing 'em.

Mom and Daddy brought
me up humble and proud.

So... awards,
commendations, promotions,

they weren't things that you seek out.
I mean if

they came along
that's fine, but...

they weren't pursued.

It turns out...

I kind of wanted that promotion.


Anyway, the reason we are here

is I am not going another
summer without a boat.

Somewhere where I can

tool around the lake, go fishing
with you and Casey, or...

teach Terrance how to catch

a large mouthed bass.

Okay, Chief, but as a guy

that repairs these,
let me warn you.

Two things I managed
to never buy...

a horse or a boat.

Josef Ignacio Cruz.

Look at you. Looking
as fine as 1999.

You have not changed...

a bit, Delia.

Except I'm 36 and no longer
sprinting 100 meters,

but, you know.

I bet you still could.

Oh, it's so good to see you.

Yeah, you too.

I couldn't believe it when

you showed up in my inbox.

I'm just glad you answered.



I noticed on your relationship
status on Facebook

- that you're...
- I say this right off the bat

so you know I'm not
playing with you, Jo.

I am married.

Yeah. That's... That's
what I noticed.

But... the truth is...

I've thought about you.

And that time we spent together
before I left to KU...

over and over again.

I can't get it out of my head.

I get it.

But I don't want to just think

about our time together anymore,

you know?

Life's too short.


Yeah, I know what you mean.

Hey, Herrmann.

You used to run that
limo business, right?

Do you still have
any connections?

In the limo world? No, I got out

while the getting was bad. Why?

Oh, Bria and her boyfriend
are trying to go to prom

I was seeing if I could get
them a discounted ride.

I walked to my prom.

Told Sharlene to meet me there.

Come to think of it, that
didn't go over so well.

Hey, listen, you tell Bria

that every single
limo in the world

has been puked in
multiple times.

And they even have a guy
at the limo company

whose job it is is
to clean up the puke

every weekend.

You know what, you
both have been

a tremendous help.

I'm just going to... Oh, Jesus.

What's this?

Outside messenger
service dropped it off.

That's all it had on it.

Thanks, Connie.



Get me the CFD Legal
Department ASAP.


What the hell is this?

I don't know.

But we are going to do

everything exactly by the book.

You are witness for both of
us that we refuse this money

and we are calling it
in to headquarters.

Yes, Chief!

- Who'd want to bribe us?
- And for what?

There's no letter,
there's no signature.

I have no idea what
is going on here

but I am not taking any chances.

Attorney for the CFD
on line one, Chief.

Chief Wallace Boden,
Firehouse 51.

Yes, thank you.

I have something...

that I want to make sure
I handle appropriately.


If we don't hear again
from the CFD lawyer,

I'm going straight from
here to headquarters.

I'm dropping this
box off at her desk

at the end of shift and
then she can deal with it.

That's good by me.

- Chief.
- Is that her?

It's actually the
Commissioner's Office.

Chief Wallace Boden.

Yes, ma'am, I understand.

Yeah, I'm looking
at him right now.

We'll be right over.

We've been summoned.

She decelerated a bit there.

Uneven torque on
the reverse turn.

It affects overall
fuel efficiency.

It does.

Well, pretty hard to improve

on perfection, but good luck.

I want a turn out
on the blue island

up to the South Apron and
back through the cones.

Hey, don't even think about
that turtle enclosure

that you backed right
into and crushed.

You got this, Otis.

Any time.

Lights and siren...
Lights and siren.


Hey, you got a second?


Okay, so you know
how everybody's got

two angels on each shoulder,
one good, one bad?

Well, actually it's
an angel and a devil,

- but...
- Right... Okay... so

you're the angel and
Otis is the devil,

which is why I'm coming to you.

I need some good advice.

'Kay. Lay it on me.

Ha, uh, okay... So...

there's this girl I went
to high school with.

I'm well aware.

Go ahead.

So, she's married. But... But!

It's one of those things
where they're already

talking about divorce and
there are no kids involved

and the whole thing
is pretty much

on its last legs.

- Okay...
- So we met up

for a meal.

And at the end...

I got the check and
that was that.

Well, that's not where I
thought this was going.

Good, good for you, Jo.

Right, except...

she said she's
getting a hotel room

at the Sofitel and that
we should meet there.

Relive the old days.

- What do I do?
- Seriously?

You cannot go through with this.

You're too good a guy. You
have too good a heart.

You are literally one
of the all-time catches

walking around Chicago,
and this woman,

whatever she's playing at,
she does not deserve you.


That was a strong opinion.

Yeah... It... Yeah.
It is. It was.

Okay... Uhm...

That means a lot to me.

I will take what you
said and I will...

I will think about it.



Wallace. Kelly.

Chief Grissom. What
are you doing here?

You tell me. I got called down

by the commissioner.
Something involving 51.

Severide and I received
unmarked envelopes

full of cash, 30,000 each.

Why am I just hearing
about this now?

We went straight
to legal with it.

Didn't intend to blindside you.

But you did.

Whatever you're into, Wallace,
you keep me out of it,

you understand? I can't
have any trouble.

Not right now.

The commissioner
will see you now.


- Gentlemen.
- Commissioner.

I believe we've had a bit
of a misunderstanding.

- Mea culpa.
- Tell 'em, Joe.

And say it loud in case the
FBI is bugging my office.

So I might have
done a bad thing.

I... I wanted to show

my appreciation for what
you did for my daughter,

pulling her out of the
concrete, saving her and all.

Where I was raised,
Brooklyn, New York,

you owe a man your life,
you slide a little money

into an envelope,
you press his palm.

You say "How do you do?"
That type of thing.

Apparently that's frowned
upon these days.

Yeah, a little more
than frowned upon.

Like I said, my bad,
no one's got to know.

The money, that we are
not talking about,

is in a box in my office under
lock and key, Mr. Pittman.

You can come get it
as soon as possible.

If you want to make a donation

to the 100 Club of Chicago,
no one's going to stop you.

Hey, that's a thought, I
could put it in your names.

Or you could send
it anonymously.

Save us any more attention.


You need anything
else from me, Bill?

That's it. Thanks for
clearing this up.

Thanks, boys. Dismissed.

Looks like we dodged
a bullet there.

Sure did.

Sorry I got a little
prickly before.

"A little prickly."

Is it just me or is
he up to something?

Gris is always up to something.


I've made my decision.

After much consideration
and taking into account

- the fact...
- Before you reveal

your choice, Captain,
would you mind

if I had a word with
Otis real quick?


Come on.

What's it worth to you?

What? Driving?

For me to back out.


He is going to pick my name.

So this is my moment
for maximum leverage.

Have you been dating
a stockbroker

- when I wasn't looking?
- I'm asking...

what's it worth to you?

All my Saturday
pick-ups at Molly's?

Yeah, definitely.

Rolling the hoses twice a month?


And all my bathroom
duties for a year.

- Too far.
- Okay... Okay.


First two and then I bow out.



We have reached a
decision ourselves.

I'm withdrawing my name
from consideration.

Fine by me. Otis...

back on as the driver.

That's our boy!


Hey, I... I just
wanted to say that

I don't know whose name
you were going to pick...

This was just a scheme to get
Otis to do all your chores?

Well... Yeah...

Well played.

Well, actually, I... I
just knew the sooner

that I could get everyone
back to treating

Otis the way that we
always did, the better.

I figured, mixing it up with him

was the best way to get
Herrmann and Mouch

- back to normal.
- Huh.

Double well-played, then.

You know what?

Would you like to
drive the truck

one last time before you
hand over the keys?


Hey, Connie.

When Mr. Joseph Pittman
arrives at the firehouse,

will you be sure...

to get him this box?

He must have misplaced it.

Got it.

It's too bad, Chief.
Could have made

a nice down payment on
that boat you wanted.

I already bought it.

- No.
- Yeah.

- No!
- Oh, yeah!

- Really?
- Yep!

I spent too much
time back pedaling

from the future, instead...

I'm just going to
get to living life.

Well, hell, if living life
is you, me, and Casey

fishing on the lake this summer,

you count me in.

You can be sure of that.



Oh, my... Oh, wow.

You look awesome.

You must be Donovan?

Yes, ma'am. It's
nice to meet you.

Pleasure, Bria just about to...

Honey, you look amazing.

- Thank you.
- You do.

You really do. Doesn't she?



So... Matt and I
thought maybe you guys

could arrive at the dance in
a way you'll never forget.


Your chariot arrives!

Oh, my God. Thank you.

Oh, my God! This is the best.

So, this is my last
ride for a while,

ladies and gentlemen,
so you better believe

we are going to get
the siren going.

- Whoo!
- All right?

Bye, sweetheart! Have fun!

Bye, have fun!

I want to start trying again.



Synced and corrected
by Gianluca Belfiglio