Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 22 - One for the Ages - full transcript

Boden takes a big step in the pursuit of a major career decision. Kidd becomes increasingly distrustful of Renee's motives with Severide. Herrmann has trouble bouncing back after a tragedy.

- Who is that?
- Her name's Renee.

She told Severide she
was carrying his baby,

even though she knew
it was someone else's.

I moved back to take the
lead in a pro bono case,

but I could really
use some help.

Colannino, where'd you go?

I gotta get him, Chief.


He was headed back
in, looking for me.


I want to make sure I
leave this department

in the hands of someone who
loves it as much as I do.

My friends at school
have moms to help...

Well, now you have me.

I want to start trying again.

We, uh...

have a little time
before our shift starts.

Any chance I can lure
you back to the...


Let's go.

It's such a burden
trying to get pregnant.

Oh, yeah, it's really a chore.


In the open layout
of the body shop,

vehicles lined up, one
looking like the next

in a low-visibility environment,

it's easy to understand how the
firefighters got disoriented.

The panel feels it
would be irresponsible

to assign any blame
in the tragic death

of Lieutenant Colannino.

Maybe we could use this tragedy

as a learning opportunity,

incorporate the scenario
into academy training

and active duty drills.

Make sure it never
happens again.

That's a great idea, Chief.
Thank you.


- Hey.
- Hey.

Are you bucking for
Commissioner Staton's job?

Yes, I am.


You know, I love
this department.

I just can't sit on the
sidelines anymore,

hope someone else
takes care of it.

Deputy Commissioner Nelson
thought he had it wrapped up.

Now he's got to worry
about you two.

You're putting yourself
up for commissioner.

I made a case for
myself, yeah, why?


- You?
- Look, I know.

No, no, no, no. That's great.

May the best man win.


So that closes the investigation

into Colannino's death.

But I know well enough
that the pain of it

will stay with us for
a long, long time.

Some more than others.

But we still have a
city to protect.

Let's focus on the job
that's in front of us.

You stay safe out there.

Keep an eye on one
another, as always.

Will do, Chief.

Let's get to it.


Did you get any sleep
at all last night?

What do you mean? Sure.

Dude, I heard you pacing around.

Oh, maybe a little,
but I'm fine.

Truck 81, Ambulance
61, person injured.

North Campbell and West Haddon.


Doesn't look like
the tree hit him.

Hey, where's the driver?

He went to knock on doors.

He thought the
neighbors might know

who the boy's parents are.

Hello, is someone on the phone?

This is Onstar Emergency.

I'm the one who contacted
the 911 center.

I'm Captain Matt Casey with
the Chicago Fire Department.

What boy are you talking about?

The driver of the vehicle
said the tree came down

on the little boy, and
he looks badly hurt.

The driver couldn't get to him.

The boy wasn't responding.

Right here!


Chicago Fire S06E22
"One for the Ages"

Synced and corrected
by Gianluca Belfiglio

- Mouch, get some cribbing.
- Got you, Captain.

Otis, grab the 12-foot ladder.

- Copy.
- We're going to make a lever.

Is he responsive?

I don't know yet.

Hey, buddy. Can you hear me?

Okay, huh?

He's breathing, but barely.

- Jackson!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Is he okay?

Let them work, ma'am; these
guys know what they're doing.

He's breathing, but
he's unconscious.

Oh, my God.

- Did you see what happened?
- Yeah.

The wind picked up and the
tree started blowing over.

I hit the brakes, but the
kid never saw it coming.

I hit the Onstar
emergency button

and I had them call for
help while I jumped out

and tried to get to him, but...
I couldn't reach him.

Hey, Jackson. Hey, Jackson.

Can you hear me?

Okay, hang in here,
buddy, all right?

We're going to get
you out, okay?

All right, yeah... Hey,
what's taking so long?

- Let's give them some room.
- Yeah, we're almost there.


Hey, on three. One, two, three.


It's good, it's good.

All right, come on. I got him.

Let's pull him out
nice and easy.

- Slide.
- Be careful with him!

Little more, right there.
All right.

All right, we're clear.

Oh, God...

We'll roll him over on my count.

One, two, three.

Nice and easy.



- Okay, good?
- Yeah.


Jackson, can you hear me?

- GCS is seven.
- Lungs are diminished.

Let's go.

You did good, Hermann.

Hey, how is he?

Oh, a Good Samaritan.

Um, they don't
know anything yet.

They're sending him into CT,
checking for brain trauma.

His mom's in there
with him though.

I know nobody owes
me any information,

but I feel for the
kid, you know?

He looked like he was
having the time of his life

- out there, scooting along.
- Yeah, I know what you mean.

We don't generally get to hear
how these things turn out, so.

Sure, you drop them off,
you do the paperwork

while your partner
restocks the rig,

and off you go to the next call.

Are you a first responder?

I was going to be a firefighter,

but I hurt my neck
at the academy.

- Dashed my hopes and dreams, so.
- Oh.

This is all back home
in Indianapolis.

- Ah, a Hoosier.
- Yeah.

And now, I'm a civilian
employee for the IFD.

Handle all of their
equipment purchases.


Yeah, it's not that exciting.

Uh, yeah, it is.

I'm hopeful that the
boy's going to be okay.

It's, um...

just weighing a lot on Hermann.

Just keep doing
what you're doing.

- Mm.
- Staying close.

- That is my plan.
- He'll be okay.

- Hey, hey...
- Yes?

- I had a thought.
- Hmm?


That is so funny. I
had the same thought.

- Hi.
- Hey.

Connie told me to just
bang on the door.

I hope that's okay.
I'm... I'm Renee.

I'm an old friend of Kelly's.

Yes, good to...
good to meet you.

Sorry I didn't
introduce you before.

This is Stella, my girlfriend.

Well, it's very good
to meet you, Stella.

Um, I just wanted to follow
up on the refinery case.

I can come back if
now's not a good time.

No, no, no, no. Talk
oil refineries.

I have got a driver's side
compartment to do, so yes.

- I'll, uh, I'll see you around.
- I hope so.


- Come on in.
- So, um...

did you get a chance to
look the files over?

Yeah, I did, and
from what I read,

the refinery definitely
made some missteps.


you'll help us out?

Yeah, yeah.

- Yeah, why not?
- Okay, good, thank you.

- Mm-hmm.
- Uh, tomorrow.

I have meetings
all day tomorrow.

So could you meet me at
my place in the evening?

And then I can talk you
through your first steps.

Does that work for you?

Yeah, I have to get
back home for Nicholas,

or else I would say that we
could just meet up at the firm.

When I went back to work, I
made a promise to myself

that I would always be
there for him by bedtime.

Yeah, sounds good.
Um, that works.

It'd be pretty cool if
Boden made commissioner.

No kidding. 51 would
be on easy street.

Our former Battalion Chief
running the whole CFD?

Forget about it.

What do you think his
chances are, though?

Realistically speaking.

Old guys, I'm asking you.

Well, he's an underdog for sure,

but he's got a real shot.

- What do you say, Hermann?
- Huh?

Oh, you didn't hear him
address us as "old guys"?

Hey, um, Brett.

What's the word on that...
that little kid?

Concussion, broken
collarbone, couple of ribs.

But the helmet protected
him from the worst of it.

Prognosis is good; he'll be
back on his scooter in no time.

Yeah, that's good to hear.

It was a good save, Herrmann.
It was a real good save.

And guess what else?

The Good Samaritan
who was on our call?

His name is Glenn, and
he's an equipment buyer

for the Indianapolis
Fire Department.

Seriously? What's he doing here?

He's in town, meeting
with a couple

of fire equipment manufacturers.

I told him about the Slamigan,
and he's interested.

- Oh!
- He is?

Yeah, he wants to stop by
for a demonstration later.

- Later, like, today later?
- Yeah.


Hey, you better be ready, Cruz...
don't blow this.

Or maybe we bring Nick Porter
in to handle the sale?

Hey, Cruz isn't
going to blow it.

Thank you, I'm glad
to see that someone

still has a little faith in me.

Yeah, he's going to blow it.

Thank you.

I know you're busy and, uh...

This may be a lot of work.

But I appreciate you doing this

despite, you know, the baggage.

Yeah. Yeah, sure.

- Text me your address.
- Okay.


Grizz, hey, what's up?

The full court press.

- Sorry?
- That's the description

I keep hearing about
how you pushed Boden

into his quest for commissioner.

That he wouldn't even have the
idea if it wasn't for you,

and why would he? A
Battalion Chief?

Grizz, I didn't think that
you were after the job.

You knew he wasn't, but
that didn't stop you

from singing his praises
to every white shirt

who would listen. It's
not his time, okay?

It's my time, and let me tell
you something, old friend.

You are going to wish you
hadn't stabbed me in the back.


I should have realized when
Grizz pumped the brakes

on his retirement,
that this was why.

He must have known that
Staten was on his way out.

That's why he stuck around:

to make a play for commissioner.

Sorry for roping you
into his mess, Severide.

You didn't rope
me into anything.

I did it for Boden.
It was my choice.

Then you don't need
to do any more.

Just keep your head down,
and don't screw up

- your relationship with Grissom.
- I already screwed it up.

Then fix it somehow.
It's not too late.

You mean a lot to him.

A bond like that doesn't
just disappear overnight.

Try and do a good
deed, you know?


Welcome to politics.

The Slamigan. Patented.

Wow, let me see that thing.

- It's pretty heavy.
- Damn straight.

That's quality construction,

thanks to our chief
fabricator, Sylvie Brett.

Now, the Slamigan lets
a single firefighter

perform a forcible entry,
thereby maximizing the efficacy

of the entire company.

Someone bought
himself a thesaurus.

I think you have something here.

I think we can all agree
firefighters are going to go

crazy for the name.

I mean, the Slamigan?
That's just badass.

Let me talk to Indianapolis,
see if there's any interest.

Thanks for the show and tell,
Joe; I'll be in touch.

Oh, thank you for
coming by, Glenn.

Here, have a shirt.
What are you, a large?


- Here.
- Neat, thanks.

Yeah, I'll walk you out. I'm
actually from Indiana, too.


I knew there was ma
reason I liked you.



My dad's now set me two
messages about Grizz,

and how personally
he's taking all this.

For tough guy firefighters,
they got pretty thin skin.

It's not like I don't appreciate

everything Grizz did for
me when I was coming up.

But the past is in the past,
and this is about now.

And Boden is the right
man for the job.

- Simple as that.
- Yeah.

Look, we got to get
your mind off this.

So why don't you let
your girlfriend

ply you with sports
and alcohol tonight?

There's a great dive
over by Hermann's,

and they've always got
the Cubbies on TV.

- All right, now we're talking.
- Okay.

Hey, do you mind if we do it
later, maybe around nine?

I have to meet Renee after
she's done with work

- to talk over the case.
- Sure.

Is it weird at all
seeing her again?

I mean, we don't have to
talk about it, I just...

No, it's a little
bit weird, I guess.

But it was a long time ago.

And the past is in the past.

- Ancient history.
- Okay.


Not pregnant.

At least, not yet.

Yeah, well.

What I'm hearing you say is we
need to double our efforts.

- Double?
- Mm-hmm.


That does sound kind of fun,
though, I've got to admit.

It will be.

And since I'm a
classy kind of guy,

I'm going to take you
out for a classy dinner

and a classy bottle
of wine first.

- Now?
- Yeah, now.


Then I guess I'd
better get dressed up

in a classy little black dress.


You sure you don't want a beer?

No, I'm good, thanks.

That's Marco. That's
Nicholas' father.


I've spent the last five
years going back and forth

to Madrid with Nicholas, trying
to get his father in his life,

but Marco's kind of an
overgrown kid himself.

He... He owns a bunch of bars.
He's always out late, partying.

He's never really been there for

Nicky in any kind of real way.

I'm sorry to hear that.

We probably won't even bother
to go back this summer.

I worked a chemical fire

that had a lot of the
same characteristics.

I'm not sure it'll help,
but I can stop by

OFI tomorrow, and pull
some files to compare.

Oh, absolutely this will help.

- Hi!
- Hey there.

Hey, you.

Is your movie over already?

Where are we going?

He told me he wanted
to show you his toys.

Wow, cool room, bud.

- Hey.
- What have you got here?

Yeah, that one, look.

Hey, what happened to your bed?

I jumped on it a lot by mistake.

- By mistake, huh?
- Mm.

Well, someone's coming
to fix it tomorrow,

but he's got to sleep
on the floor tonight,

which he's not too happy about.

There are spiders on the floor.

Well, I tell you what,
I got a toolbox

in the back of my trunk.

I could fix that for
you, if you want.


Well, I'd better
get my tools out.


That was...

He's usually not
that affectionate

with anyone else besides me.

- He really likes you.
- He's fun; he's a good kid.


I just want to say I'm so sorry.

For everything.

- You don't have to...
- No, I do.

I wasn't in my right mind.

And the way that I acted

was unforgivable.

I appreciate you saying that.

I wish things had
gone differently.

I'm going to grab my tools,

and then I'm going
to hit the road.


Of course.


Hey, I finally got
the replacement

for that overhead fixture.

It's frosted this time.
It's pretty nice, right?

It is perfect for
collecting dead bugs, yes.

Okay, I was about to bust in.

I thought you were going
out with Severide tonight.

Yeah, he called. He's
running a little late.

He says he'll be here by 10:00.

He's just helping Renee's
kid with something.

Helping a little kid, huh?
What a jerk that Severide is.

Well, the kid is
not the problem.

It's the...

There's just something about
Renee, I just don't...

I just get a bad hit.

Uh, yeah, because
she's a wackadoo.

No, that's the thing, I'm...

I'm not so sure she is.

All right, listen, enough
sitting around here brooding.

All right, you're going to
give this place a bad energy.

- I'm not brooding.
- Yes, you are.

All right, and I got a better
use for your time, all right?

Cindy, she went to her
book club tonight,

and the kids are
killing me, all right?

Luke needs help
with his homework,

Kenny will not come
out of the bathroom,

and Annabelle is asking
me to do something called

a mermaid braid, whatever
the hell that is.

Okay, you are just asking
me for help out of pity.

But I will admit that I am
highly gifted at braiding.

- Let's go.
- Okay.

It's not like I thought it
would happen overnight, but...

Here you go.

Since we decided to go for it,
waiting seems impossible.

Classic Gabby Dawson.
It's also kind of sweet.

Didn't you have a friend who
saw a fertility doctor?

Yeah, yeah, my old
neighbor, Allison.

She and her husband
tried for years

before they ended
up there, though.

Did the treatments work?

I don't remember
how long it took,

but she has a beautiful
little girl now.

- Aw, that's good to hear.
- Oh, he's here.

- Wish us luck.
- Knock 'em dead.

- Sylvie.
- Hey, Glenn!

- Have a seat.
- Hey.


This looks like a
pretty fun place.

A real firefighter hangout.

Eh, it's a home away from home.

Uh, how'd it go?

The conversation
with Indianapolis?

Here's the thing, my boss
is a little reluctant

to invest too much

in a relatively untested
piece of equipment.

Oh, okay.

We still want to buy some,

but I have to limit it
to one unit per company.

- How many would that be?
- Let's see, um...

five squads, six
rescue companies,

plus trucks and engines...

73, all in?

I know that's probably not what
you were hoping for, but...

No, no, it's fine.
It's just, um...

We have to talk to our
partners to figure out

an appropriate cost per unit
for an order that small.

No sweat, Joe, crunch some
numbers and get back to me.


This is so cool. We
should celebrate.

Um, nobody move. I'm
going to order a round.

Hey, Joe, what's her story?

Does she have a boyfriend?

Uh, no.

No, she doesn't.


- Anywhere?
- Yeah, yeah.

Make yourself comfortable.

Is this the first time we
have been face to face

since you pulled my
ass out of that fire?

Yeah, sounds about right.

Well, it's very good
to see you again.

I am a big fan, you can imagine.

Well, it's good to
see you too, Dale.

Look, I know it's a
little audacious

of me to throw my
hat in the ring.

It's a big step up, big,
but CFD is my family.

I'd give my life for it.

I nearly have more times
than I care to mention.

- I remember my first day at...
- Chief.

The mayor knows who you are.

You don't need to
sell yourself to us.

- Your men already did that.
- Then why am I here?

We need to dig in
to your background,

both your career and
your personal life,

so that we can be sure
nothing will come out

that will embarrass the mayor
or the city of Chicago.

It's all pro forma.

We have to vet everyone on
the mayor's short list.

I'm on the short list?

Oh, yeah. You sure are.

Lose all this baloney and
get right to the statement

about the budget surplus, right?

Hey, Benny's son. What
are you doing here?

Commissioner, hi.

I'm waiting for OFI
to copy some files

for a legal case that I'm...

It's not important.
How are you, sir?

Hey, I'm busy, you know?
Busy, busy, busy.

Go on ahead. I'll
be right there.

- Yes, sir.
- Hey, sit with me a minute.

So I understand you came
up under Carl Grissom.


The mayor's asking me to
recommend my replacement.

- To endorse someone.
- Okay.

Well, you worked under
two of the frontrunners.

Battalion Chief Boden and
Deputy District Chief Grissom.

So I want the straight skinny.

If you were in my shoes,
who would you pick?


Commissioner Staten,
I'm not my father.

I'm just a Lieutenant with a
spotty disciplinary record.

I know who you are, Kelly.
That's why I'm asking.

Pretend the choice
is yours to make.

Who's going to be the
next commissioner?

If you use the fabricator
Nick Porter recommended,

your per-unit cost drops
to 150 bucks a pop.

- What's your markup?
- 50 percent.

Eh, 60 percent.

Don't undervalue
your genius, Cruz.

60 percent puts you
at 240 per unit

times 73 units comes to...

$17,520, American.

Cruz, that's great. Be excited.

No, I know, I just, uh...

Glenn seemed a little sketchy.

Let's just see if he
actually comes through.

What was I supposed to say?
He's still Fire Commissioner.

I can't refuse a direct
question from him.

There are diplomatic ways to
sidestep that sort of thing.

"Sorry, Commissioner, but
that's above my pay grade."

You know, I tried that.
It didn't work.

Can you imagine Boden
threatening retaliation

against someone the way
Grissom did to me?

I mean, I have a real
soft spot for Grizz,

but that's not the
kind of person

that we need as commissioner.
We need Boden.

I think you did the right thing.

- Come what may.
- Yeah, let the chips fall.

Yeah, that's easy
for you two to say.

You're not the ones with the
target painted on your back.

Deep down, Grissom
is a politician.

And politicians go whichever
way the wind blows.

Boden makes commissioner,

Grisson will fall right in line.

If you say so.

I trust the former alderman.

Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm okay, I'm just
going through a lot.


You'd better get
out on the floor.

- You would be, um... you would be a deer.
- I'd be a deer.

- What about me?
- No, it's a no.

- Hey, Nick.
- Kelly!

Sup, bud?

- I made it.
- For me?

Because you fixed my bed.

That's pretty nice.

You think I'll be able to
fit in there to drive it?

Maybe if you eat less.

- Hey, Stella.
- Hey.

Nicky spent all morning on that.

He was so determined
to get it done.

- He's a sweet kid.
- Oh, thank you.


And I have got to give it to you

for pulling out all the stops.

I'm not sure I know
what you mean.

Oh, come on, the job that
suddenly brings you close?

A cute kid.

Look, whatever you're up to,

I'm just going to warn you now.

Do not mess with Kelly.


Excuse me?

You heard me.


Okay, Nicky, come on, baby,
it's time to go, okay?

Let's let Kelly
get back to work.

High five, all right,
grab your bag.

- Grab your bag, baby.
- Bye.

- Bye.
- Bye, bye.

See you soon, bud. Thank
you for the truck.

You're welcome!

You guys got to try this sauce.

It's Trudy's recipe.

See if you can figure out
the secret ingredient.

- Hey, question for you.
- Shoot.

Uh, Brett got the contact info

for a great fertility doc.

I was wondering what you thought

about me making an appointment?

- A fertility doctor?
- Mm-hmm.

Doesn't it seem a
little soon for that?

Well, I just thought
it would be smart

to just get a check
up, make sure

everything looks good.

Maybe, you know, find
out if there's anything

we can do to speed
up the process.

I mean, it makes sense.


it's been great, spending
all this time together.

Hasn't it?

To be honest, it feels like
there's no need to rush.

No, yeah, it's...
it's been great.

I guess a checkup
wouldn't hurt, though.

Yeah, that's what
I was thinking.

What was that business
out there with Renee?

Uh, what business?

Don't even. I saw you.

Renee and Kelly may be
working on a case together.

That's fine. But now, she knows

not to angle for
anything more than that.

I might have gone
a little psycho,

but a girl's got to get
proactive sometimes.

- Uh-huh.
- All right?


Did you guess the
secret ingredient?

- Oh.
- Oh.



Great, now I don't get to guess.

Deputy Commissioner,
what brings you by?

I have some news for 51.

Commissioner Staten asked
me to tell you that

he's officially endorsing
Battalion Chief Wallace Boden

to take his place.

- Yeah, Chief!
- Chief, yes!

Now, now, now, it's no
guarantee of the appointment,

but you can bet it'll carry a
lot of weight with the mayor.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you, sir.

Well deserved.

- That's good news.
- As long as it doesn't

light a fire under Grissom.

Triple X root beer? No way.

I thought you'd appreciate that.

I had a buddy of mine overnight
it from Indianapolis.

- Aw.
- You know, we have

- grocery stores here in Chicago.
- No, no, Cruz.

Triple X is an Indiana staple.
You wouldn't understand.

Guess not.

- Thank you, this is so sweet.
- My pleasure.

So, Joe, you have a
proposal for me?

Um, we crunched some numbers,

and the best that I can do
for you is 275 per unit.

- Wait, seriously?
- Yeah, seriously.

That just seems a little high.

I mean, final analysis,

it's just a Halligan
bolted to a sledgehammer.

It's the idea that counts.
No one ever thought

to bolt these two
things together before.

- Cruz.
- No wiggle room there?

Afraid not, it's a
quality product.

We don't cut corners.

Well, okay.

The root beer is yours to keep.
Of course, my gift to you.

Listen, guys, good luck
with the Slamigan.

Seriously, it's a killer name.

But I'll never get a
number like that approved.

What's wrong with you?

The number we
arrived at was 240.

- It's worth more than that.
- Well, apparently not.

You just thumbed your
nose at $17,000.

Why would you do that?

Squad 3, Battalion 25.
Person trapped, Navy Pier.


- What's the situation?
- A brawl broke out, and

somebody got stuffed
down the cowl vent.

- Stuffed down the what?
- I'll show you, come on.

Excuse me, guys. Coming through.

Coming through.

We weren't on the
lake a half an hour

and all drunken
hell broke loose.

Yeah, I had to turn
them right around.

- Here he is. Back up, everybody.
- Back up!

Back up a little bit. Give
these guys some room.

Hey, you gotta help me!
I'm slipping!

Hey, where does this pipe lead?

It's the air intake.

It leads straight
down to the engines.

Don't let me go!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Severide, he's slipping!
Hey, move out of the way.

Hey, back up, back up.

- Come on.
- Hey, hey, stop moving.

Don't let me go!

We have to cut him out.

- Hey, Cruz.
- Grab the wizzer saw.

Capp, Tony, rope
bag and Halligans.

Wizzer saw, copy that.


- Where's the action?
- On the boat, Chief.

Excuse me.

Just hold on. We got you.


- Chief, you got him?
- Go!

What happened?

Victim got stuck in the pipe.
He's upside down.

I heard this call was
on a booze cruise,

and I knew it'd be
one for the ages.


Good to go.

Whoa, whoa, Severide,
what are you doing?

He's jammed in there
pretty tight.

- You could cut him.
- It's heavy gauge steel.

I'm just going to score
it, snap the cowl off.

You all right with this, Chief?

He knows what he's doing.

I hope so!

Hold on!


Come on, guys.

All right, Cruz, put
your back into it.

Yeah, you bet.

Come on, yep.

Come on.

Come on, up higher.

Hey, you okay?

Let it go!

- You good?
- Oh, man, I need a drink.

All right, you're okay.


Hey, Chief.

Good for you on
Staten's endorsement.

That ought to seal
it for you, huh?

Oh, I think we're a long
way from the finish line,

but thank you.


Looks like you backed
the right horse.


He took that well.

Casey predicted he would.

Politics, man.



I heard you blew
the Slamigan sale.

It's a great piece of equipment,

and we were undervaluing it.

Besides, that Glenn
guy isn't interested

in the Slamigan, anyway.
He's interested in Brett.

Now it makes sense.

- It's my fault.
- What?

I'm the one that told you
to keep your feelings

about Brett to yourself.

Don't upset the roommate apple
cart, et cetera, et cetera.

- So?
- So, obviously,

it was bad advice.

Since I said it, you haven't
been able to sleep.

You had sex with
a married woman.

You got punched in the face,

and now, you blew a
huge Slamigan sale.

You need to tell her.

What? No, no way.

Hey, hey, hey. It's
driving you crazy.

This isn't who you are.
You're Joe Cruz, man.

You wear your heart
on your sleeve.

There's no point, Otis.

She doesn't see me the
way that I see her.

- You don't know that.
- I do.

If I hadn't ruined everything,

she'd be out with
Glenn right now.

- What, what's going on?
- I have Joe right here.

Hang on one second.

I got Glenn to come
back to the table.

He's willing to
pay 260 per unit.

Can I say yes?

How did you get him
to reconsider?

I mean, it wasn't easy,
especially after I told him

I wasn't interested in
having dinner with him.

- Can I say yes?
- Uh, yes, yes.

Okay. Glenn, you've got a deal.


Uh-huh. Okay.

You're right.

I got to tell her how I feel.

- Great.
- But not right away.

This is a long time coming.
Calls for a grand gesture.

If she's impressed
with root beer,

she's going to die when she sees

what I'm going to
cook up for her.

Well, they're super
thorough, so that's good.

Doctor Letts seems like she
knows what she's doing.


Lots of twins up here.

Wow, some triplets, too.

- Could you imagine?
- Eh, we'd figure it out.

I'm glad we came.

- Sorry to keep you waiting.
- Oh, no worries.

We were just
stockpiling questions,

like hormone shots,
that kind of thing.

I'm happy to answer any
questions you have,

but first, let's talk
about your test results.

Everything okay?

When we did the ultrasound,
we noticed this.

It's an aneurysm on the
right iliac artery,

most likely from the
abdominal pregnancy

you suffered several years ago.

Um, so what does that mean
for getting pregnant?

It's not about whether
you can get pregnant.

It's about whether you should.

Pregnancy places a lot of added
stress on the vascular system,

and creates the risk of
the aneurysm rupturing.

And if it does?

It could be fatal
for the mother.

I'm sorry. I wish I
had better news.


Don't repeat this to anybody.
These are on the house.

All right, a celebration
is in order.

And I know, if you
make commissioner,

that you are going to do

your swearing-in party
here at Molly's.

- Uh...
- Or on your new boat.

I've had enough of boat parties.

- Oh...
- Stop.

- Excuse me, Chief Boden?
- Yes?

Hi, I'm Zach Logan
with the "Sun Times."

Uh, sorry to ambush
you like this.

I was just hoping I could
get a quick statement.

I'll be right back.

What can I do you for?

Uh, first, congratulations
on the endorsement.

- Thank you.
- And uh,

then what I wanted to know
is any truth to the claims

that you recently received
a large cash kickback

from a wealthy friend of
Commissioner Staten's?

I'm not going to tell you.

The whole point is that you
have to guess the color.

What do I win if I guess right?

You get to take it off.

- I like this game.
- Mm-hmm.

- Okay, I'll start simple.
- Mm-hmm.

- How about black?
- Um...

I'm so sorry. Uh, Kelly.

- Nicholas is missing.
- Huh?

The sitter went and picked
him up from daycare,

but then she never
brought him home,

and I keep calling, but it just
goes straight to voicemail.

And I don't know what to do.
I don't know if I should

- call the police, or if I...
- Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Just take it easy, okay?
I'm sure that he's fine.

- Okay.
- Okay, I'll take you

over to the 21st district.

I'm sure they'll be able
to track her cellphone.


Okay, yeah, that sounds good.

Yeah, go, yeah, just let me know

- when you find out anything.
- All right.


Synced and corrected
by Gianluca Belfiglio