Charmed (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Other Women - full transcript

Maggie struggles with whether to tell Lucy the truth; Mel and Harry try to protect Niko; Macy is upset about her situation with Galvin.

Previously on Charmed...

The underworld knows
you're the Charmed Ones.

You must call straightaway if you see

signs of increased demonic activity.

Would you like to go

to the homecoming
tailgate with me tonight?

- I have a thing with my sisters.
- Maybe some other time.

Meet my boyfriend Parker.


HARRY: Detective, stay back!

- Trip.

CHARITY: I dealt with
Officer Bailey's death

in a way that wouldn't raise suspicions.

NIKO [CRYING]: I can't believe it.

Mel, they think he
killed all those people.


Would you mind switching
paint cans with me?






MAGGIE: It's the middle of the night.

What is going on?


[GROANS] What on earth are you doing?

[GRUNTS] Blast it.


I am so sorry.


A telekinetic forcebolt
of that magnitude

was quite uncalled for.

MACY: In my defense, it is
1:00 a.m., I am very naked,

and you did warn us that demons would

be coming at us fast and furious.

But I am friend, not foe.

And while the Elders search
The Book of Shadows

for more hidden spells,
I am here as a substitute.

Substitute, or a new roommate,

'cause you're living in the attic.

Yeah, we should be charging you rent.

And while I am here,

providing guidance and protection

in absence of the Book,

I will occasionally need to bathe.

Then I suggest you also learn

the meaning of a closed bathroom door.

Late night bubble baths
are my safe space.

Ooh, maybe we can find a privacy
spell in The Book of Shadows.


Oh, and when are we gonna
get that back? From the Elders?

Once they've confirmed
there aren't any more

of your mother's little
secret side projects inside.

I'm in need of a guilt remover spell.

I'm meeting Lucy for coffee and
I haven't seen her since...

The accident.


You mean kissing her boyfriend?

Yes, how does one accidentally

press one's lips against another's?

When one has to distract another
from walking into an exorcism.

Are you gonna tell her?

No. Of course not.

That would just hurt her,
mess with her relationship,

and destroy my rep at Kappa.

And it's not like I'm
ever gonna do it again.

MEL: Guys.

Can you keep it down?

I was up late last night with Niko.

How is she?

I mean, not only is her partner

dead, but thanks to the Elders,

everyone thinks he's a serial killer.

So, yeah, not great.

Their methods can sometimes seem cruel.

Harry, I'm not in the mood.

In a few hours, I have to
take my girlfriend to visit

the grave of the man whose
death we're responsible for.

NIKO: It doesn't make any sense.


Trip was my friend.

I just can't believe he...

Brutally murdered three
people over Halloween.

It's just so hard to believe.

I just keep telling myself

he confessed in the suicide note,

they found his victims'
DNA at his apartment.

All signs point to him.

You can't keep replaying it,

blaming yourself.

The FBI wants to question me.

They want me to tell them
everything I know about Trip,

which, apparently, is not much.


Come over tonight for some
homemade asopao and pinot grig?

Our first date menu.

Yeah, okay. I could use
something to look forward to.

I'll pick you up from the station.

- Okay.
- Okay.


♪ ♪


ALISTAIR: Dr. Vaughn, isn't it?

Alistair Caine.

I know that name. [CHUCKLES]

You're the CEO of...

Morningstar Biotech.

You heard of us, huh?

Of course I have.

You have done some amazing
things with epigenetics.

Exactly. Which is why I'm here in person

instead of sending a representative.

I read your white paper on environmental

factors in autoimmune diseases.

It's impressive.

I think we could do some
good work together.

No way. Alistair friggin' Caine?

I heard he's thinking of dumping

a buttload of cash into the lab.

Don't screw this up, Vaughn.

Wasn't planning on it.

Have you seen Galvin?

We were supposed to prep
before our presentation,

but he's not responding
to any of my texts.

You haven't heard?

He's been sucked into
the Summer Sex Haze.

- It's November.
- No. Dude.

He met this girl Summer
at the homecoming tailgate,

and he's been under her
sex spell ever since.

Viktor, we're at work.

I'm sorry.

But can you blame him?

I mean, look at her.




Are you okay?

[SCOFFS] Never better.

Let's do this.

FBI AGENT: If you remember anything else

about Detective Bailey,
particularly the whereabouts

of those missing case
files, please, do call.



They put me on leave.


It's fairly standard for this
sort of thing. It's just...

I never questioned my ability
to do this job before, you know?

Even when people assumed
I couldn't do it.

But to have missed all the signs?

Maybe they were right.

LUCY: It's officially over.

- Parker dumped me.

Oh, my God, Lucy.

I am so sorry.

Wha... um, what do you think happened?

He pulled the old,

"It's not you, it's me."
But I mean, duh,

I know it's not me.
It must be another woman.

He's a cheater, and I'm gonna
prove it and make sure

he can't deny, by finding
out who he cheated with.

But do you really need to
know who she is to prove...?

Oh, of course I do.

I mean, if a guy cheats on you,
and you can't figure out

who he cheated with,

did it even really happen?

Which is why I need your help.

My help?

I need to keep my hands clean.

But you don't.

I need you to do a social
media deep dive and find out

who Parker cheated with.

We're gonna prove to the entire school

what a trash person he really is.


You are my favorite person.

- Oh.
- Lucy...


LUCY: Thank God I can trust Maggie.

♪ I'd see you ♪

♪ Rushing by... ♪

Aren't you hungry?

♪ On my sky, on my sky... ♪


there's something I haven't
told you about Trip

and your mom's death.


Before he died, Trip left
me this weird voice mail.

He said he'd found a link
between your mom's death

and the deaths of two other women...

One of them in New Orleans
and the other in Santa Fe.

But Trip pulled the case files,

and now nobody can find them.

But, Mel,

what if Trip was onto something huge,

and it got him framed for these
murders and then killed?

- Niko, I don't think this is...
- I know it sounds absurd...

A frame job... but you always believed

your mother's death wasn't an accident.

And if what Trip is saying is true,

then you were right.

I think that you should
just let this go.

Just leave it alone.

Are you serious?

This is what you wanted.

I know.

But I just feel like I've
moved past my mom's death.

But don't you want the truth?

Not if it means putting you in danger.

Just let it go.

Let's eat.

Come on.

HUNTER: I searched the
dead detective's home,

his car, his desk.

The missing DNA vials
were nowhere to be found.

I did defile his grave.

That was fun.

Now I can take his form.

Might prove useful?

We don't have time for
shifter games, Hunter.

- Stick to the plan.
- I am.

His partner is clearly
the key to it all.

Then stay on her. When she makes

her move, you know what to do.

And don't leave any loose ends.

You know I never do.




[GASPS] Busted.

Game recognize game.

So, who are you stalking?

I would never. I... was...

Researching... lab things.


How is Galvin already so hot and

heavy with this Summer chick?

I mean, weren't you guys fully
making out, like, days ago?

It's not his fault.

And stalking is a bit harsh.

At most, I was casually investigating.

Please, I recognize the
sweaty feverish look

of a full-blown stalker anywhere.

I'm supposed to be doing a social media

deep dive to find the harlot who

came between Lucy and Parker, but...

Ta-da, found her.


Might as well use my skills
to actually help someone.

Okay, first step, log into
your fake stalking profile

across all social media platforms.

We can use my alias.

It's Mariah Aguilera.

MEL [ON PHONE]: I know
things got weird last night.

I get it. It's sweet you're
worried about my safety.

Exactly, and I want to be
here for you right now.

So how about we get away this weekend?

That sounds nice.

Where were you thinking?

Somewhere quiet? Harbor Springs?

I'll even go fishing
with you if you promise

that I don't actually
have to touch a fish.

- That's it. Fishing.
- What?

I've been racking my brain
trying to figure out

where Trip may have
hidden this evidence.

He has a fishing cabin
up off Grey Hills Lake.

Uh, he took me there once.

The FBI wouldn't know to
search there. Thank you, Mel.

Wait, what about our weekend?

Mel, this could solve your mom's murder

and clear Trip's name.
I'll call you back later.

Niko, wait.


MAGGIE: This is bad, like really bad.

Summer is next-level flawless.

She is an Ivy League-educated
sports journalist.

Successful, which, so are you.

But her award-winning podcast
just got picked up by NPR.

I mean, her posts are a minefield

of bikini and workout pics.

And look at her skin.

- She's so perfect, it's...
- Creepy.

Seemingly ageless, hypnotic pull on men,

like a billion accolades,

and impeccable nails?

She's, like, not a real person.

Wait. What if she's,
like, not a real person?

What if she's a demon?

Maggie, I appreciate this,

but I'm not going to participate

in the demonization of another woman.

No, no, no, no, it's not demonization

if she's an actual demon.

Think about it.

Harry said they'd be coming
at us from every angle.


You said that Galvin was all tired

and not acting like himself.

Fine. I'll prove it to you. Harry!

- Yes?

I was pressing my trousers.

Anyways, there is potential
evil on the loose,

and we want to know if there's

such a thing as a "mega-smart
thirst trap she-demon."

- Maggie.
- Excuse me?

She is surface-of-the-sun hot

and Forbes 30 Under 30 successful.

Plus, Galvin's acting super weird,

like his soul has been
snatched by her...

She's exaggerating.

Well, despite your rather
problematic language,

this woman could perhaps be a succubus.

What, is that British for
"thirst trap she-demon"?

No, it's a female demon that
drains her victim's life force

through sexual congress.

- My word, she's supposed to be how old?
- I know.

So, how do I know for sure
that I'm totally right?

Ah, well, there are a few
irrefutable visual markers.

Most species have a tail and wings.

This is getting stupid. She
did not have a tail or wings.

Ah, but, of course, as most demons do,

they cleverly hide
their inhuman features

with magic, but they
flaunt the suggestion

of them in plain sight.
Be on the lookout

for strange birthmarks, tattoos.

Okay, if she were a succubus,

Galvin could theoretically
be under her spell.

Yes. Given the danger to Galvin,

I would suggest you investigate.

Well, the lab is having a drinks
thing to toast our new funding.

I-I'm guessing Galvin will bring Summer.

Good idea. And succubi
often mark their prey.

Also, be mindful of any strange symbols.

Look for anything demon-y
on Galvin. We've got it. Great.

Oh, I'll request a
succubus vanquishing spell

from the Elders and text it to you both,

- just in case.
- Great.

- Bye.
- Cheerio.


♪ ♪

- Who's there?
- Don't shoot.


- Is that you?
- How is this possible?

How are you alive?

There's no time. Did you find
the vials? The DNA evidence?

There they are.

Now, how much else have you seen?

- Everything, and not just the...


Niko, no!

Niko, where are you?

It won't freeze.

Niko, wake up, come on.


Trip, he was alive.
He... he attacked me.

But how?

Told you this form would come in handy.

♪ Makin' moves to my own beat... ♪

Okay. Where is this succu-bitch?

Maggie, please, we don't
know yet that Summer's...

Summer's coming. Only seven months away.


Hey! Galvin, right?

Hey, I'm-I'm Maggie.

Nice to meet you, Maggie. I'm Summer.

Living for your look.

Oh, thank you.

♪ Yeah, it feels so right... ♪

And you are?

Oh, my bad. Uh, Summer, this is...

- This is Macy.
- My sister Macy.


Great to meet you.

♪ I got the edge, I got it... ♪

Well, I'm gonna go see what
these dollar drafts are about.

This round's on me.

I'll-I'll help carry.

♪ Ooh-ooh ♪

♪ Want it, need it, get it, got it ♪

♪ I got the edge, I got it... ♪

Look, I should probably explain...

How you got together with someone else

like a minute after we kissed?

You mean, after you blew
me off several times.

I got the message and I moved on.

Got the right message, didn't I?

♪ Better than your best daydream ♪

♪ At full steam ♪

♪ Bolt of lightning, l-l-lightning... ♪

Okay, so it was great seeing you both.

Gonna go put our name
on the list for pool.

♪ Ooh-ooh, whoo! ♪


He's not acting like himself.

Yeah. No, totally.

Something's definitely off.

♪ I got the edge, I got it. ♪

I'm so sorry, Mel.

What did you see in there?

The fire, Harry, I couldn't freeze it.

You couldn't?

And it was also this weird green color.

Oh, dear, sounds like hellflame.

The kind of magically-resistant napalm

used by certain demonic assassins.

Anything else?

Well, Niko was rambling, but she

said she saw Trip in the cabin.

Oh, dear.

Oh, dear? Again?

What now?

We might be dealing with a shapeshifter.

And that's extra bad?

They're a powerful class
of demons that can mimic

the forms of anyone they've touched.

And are known for
getting what they want.

And what this shifter appears to want

is Niko dead and whatever
was in that cabin destroyed.

And it's already succeeded
in one of those tasks.

Not necessarily.

She took photos of everything.

This is evidence of something big,

involving my mom and those other Elders.

Forward those photos to yourself

and delete them off her phone.

Hopefully, she'll forget

she ever took them and
give up on this search.

But if this demon wants her dead,

does it matter?

How can we protect her?

I don't know, Mel.

As for your argument,

I don't see how Gangsta
Bitch Music, Version Two

can be considered a radical manifesto.


Oh, my...

Don't mind me.

Women's studies emergency.

Get better, Detective Hamada.


What was your boss talking about?

Don't worry about it.

All that matters is that you're okay.

♪ ♪

- Oh.
- I'm sorry...

Maggie, I thought I saw you.

Funny, I've been avoiding you.

What are you doing here?

It's dollar draft night.
Why wouldn't I be here?

Okay, well, we shouldn't,
we shouldn't be seen together.

Why not?

Because you broke up with Lucy

and now she's convinced
you cheated on her.

Why would you do that?

I told you, that kiss was an accident.

Maggie, I can't get you out of my head.

♪ My business, don't think it... ♪

I do care about Lucy,
but it wouldn't be fair

to keep dating her if I was
having these feelings, would it?

What am I supposed to do?

Lucy is my friend and...

- Just give her some time, and then...
- And what?

We can be together?

I couldn't do that to Lucy.

No, I know you couldn't.

And that's just one of the
reasons I like you so much.

♪ ♪

You killed it.

You tackled those
pharma exec's questions

like you were Seven of Nine when she had

to reroute the Voyager's warp drive.



Would you excuse me for just a second?

♪ Girl, you got that fire, fire, fire ♪

♪ Yeah, you got that fire, fire... ♪

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

Maggie, I need you.

We need to save Galvin now.

Summer marked him, just

like Harry said she would.

You were right; she's a succubus.

Are you sure this isn't just,

your feelings are raw

- and you're lashing out?
- What?

Maggie, this whole demon
thing was your idea.

I know, but I didn't
expect her to be so nice.


♪ ♪

Ah. Wings and a tail.


Just like Harry said.

A demon.

Hiding her inhuman
features in plain sight.

I knew tramp stamps were of the Devil.

Let's do this.


How's our little trooper doing?

Time for her injection.

We'll be done in a jiff.













She's okay. Resting.

It was wise to move her.

- Now, here we can keep her safe.
- But for how long?

I don't get it.

I am the Charmed One.

Why does it want to kill her and not me?

All I know is that shifters
are singular in focus

and relentless in pursuit.

And this one will not rest
until its target is eliminated.

And for some reason,
that target is Niko.

And Niko is just as relentless.

She won't drop this investigation

now that she's started it.

To be fair, every law enforcement
officer in Hilltowne

is in danger now that demonic
activity has increased.

Yeah, well, she wouldn't
even be in Hilltowne

- if it weren't for me.
- Why?

She was stationed in Lakeview.

She transferred here for me.

I put her in this danger.

You had no idea things
would turn out this way.

Either way, now it's
like she'd be better off

if we'd never...

[SIGHS] Wait.

Is there a spell to make it

as if Niko and I never met?

To, like, rewind and change things?


There is, isn't there?

Mel, we don't even have the Book.

Harry, please.

Tell the Elders I will
do anything to save her.


This is their fault for
framing Trip, after all.

They owe me this chance
to make it right.

I'll try.

[SIGHING]: Okay.




Um... hi.

"Sinister succubus, hear my spell.

"Tempt men no more,
I banish thee back to Hell."

What the hell did you just call me?

- Why isn't she...?
- I think maybe

- she's not...
- Oh, God.

No. No, no, no, no.

Listen. I get it.

I've done crazy things
when I was jealous and drunk.

Or are you just super stoned?

Either way, if you go now,

- I won't tell Gal...
- GALVIN: Hey.

Who's at the door, Summer?


There. Maggie, you see it?

See what? What-what are
you talking about, Macy?

Yep, super stoned it is.

Yeah, Mace, I don't see it.

And I don't think they do, either.

Wait, wh-what, what are
you guys even doing here?

It's nothing, babe,
I left my wallet at the bar,

and Macy was considerate
enough to return it.


Well, I-I'm...

So exceedingly sorry to
have disturbed your evening.

I'm so sorry for putting all
those "Summer's a demon"

thoughts in your brain.

This is all my fault.

No, it's mine.

I pushed Galvin away, and it was easier

to tell myself he was
under Summer's spell

than to accept he could be

into someone else so quickly.

[SIGHS] I hear that.

I've been telling myself

that kiss was an accident, but...

I could have distracted
Parker some other way.

You know, on some level, I...

I wanted to kiss him.

Lucy's demonizing Parker, but...

I'm the real bad guy.


I have to tell her the truth, don't I?




Mel. Where's Niko? She okay?

She's fine. For now.

And as soon as we all do this
spell, she'll be safe for good.

Oh, hey, the Book.

You got it back.

Harry lobbied the Elders.

I only repeated your words, Mel.

What kind of spell is this?

It's a powerful history rewriting spell.

It requires the Power of Three.

We'd be changing the past.

To make it as if Niko and I never met.


Mel, why would you do that?

It's the only way I can
be sure she's safe.

If we never met, she'll never have gone

to that cabin, that thing
won't be after her anymore.

MACY: Rewriting history.

It sounds complicated, dangerous.

It is. There will be ripple effects

and other unintended consequences

that simply cannot be foreseen.

The only beings on Earth
who will remember

the way things were before

- are the four of us.
- Wait, but

can we use it to undo Trip's death?

Or bring back Mom?

This spell can only affect the histories

of those still living.

Death is the one thing
that can never be undone.

Which is another reason

I have to protect Niko.

You all need to be absolutely sure

before you do this.

I know firsthand that this kind of spell

comes at a huge cost.

I remember nothing

of my human life... Not who I was,

who I loved, or what I did
to become a Whitelighter.

MAGGIE: Harry...

You really know nothing
about who you were?

Only that I died in an act

of bravery that was
noticed by the Elders,

and they offered me the
honor of living a new life

in service of the Greater Good.

But I had to sacrifice the memories

of my old life so I would have

no distractions from my charges.

Can you ever get them back?

No, at least

no way that I know of.

But I made my choice long ago.

Now you must make yours.

But before that, the
evidence on Niko's phone,

- about your mother...
- What evidence?

- About Mom?
- I'll explain later.

Those photos will
vanish once we're done.

If you want to use that evidence,

study them before we begin.

You'll also lose any
pictures, texts, keepsakes.

Every trace of your
relationship with Niko

will disappear.


The only thing the spell won't touch

are our memories.


... are you sure you want to do this?

Either I give her up...

Or I lose her.

I have to.

♪ So do I throw it all away ♪

♪ Or just accept ♪

♪ That I'm shattered? ♪

♪ All for a heavy price to pay ♪

♪ To realize it never mattered ♪


♪ What choice do I make? ♪

You've done your bit.

Your sisters can finish off
reading the incantation.

♪ Every single step I take... ♪

Go. Say good-bye to her.

♪ No vow did I mean to break ♪

♪ Why indecision is so hard to fake ♪

♪ You're fading out... ♪

Hey, I got to go. I asked
the chief to come up to

the cabin with me, see if
anything's salvageable.

- I know you think it's crazy.
- Niko, just give me a minute.

Mel, please don't try
to talk me out of this.

I have to go.

Please, just stop.

♪ You're fading out ♪

"We call upon the Moirai...

"Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos."

"Daughters of the Night. Rulers of Fate.

"We beseech thee..."

I am so sorry,

but I have to do this, Niko.

But I can't protect you.

This is the only way.

"Sift and flow the sands of time.

"To rework your grand design."

No, no, no, no.

Please, not yet.

I wish I could tell you everything.

I wish I could make you understand.

"Diverge their paths. Now two, not one.

"Undoing that which once was done."

I will always love you, Niko.

And maybe some part of you will

always be able to feel that.

That's what I'll tell myself, anyway.

BOTH: "Take what was, make it no more."

"Like sands swept away,
then back to shore."

I don't want to, but
I know we have to...

Say good-bye.

♪ You're fading out ♪


♪ Rising vapor clouds ♪

♪ Out of reach. ♪

Oh, why is she wearing
those fake glasses again?

At least she looks happy.

You think?

Hey, she's safe.

That's what you wanted.

I know.

I just wish I...

No. You cannot request to follow.


And you definitely can't
create a fake profile

with the name of someone
she knew in high school

so she'll grant you access
so you can cyberstalk her.

Who would do something like that?

I'm starting to think it's
not worth it, trying to have

a relationship as a witch.

Maybe love is just something
we have to sacrifice.

MEL: No.

I don't regret what I had with Niko.

Even though I don't know how
I'm going to get through this,

at least I have all
these great memories.

You know?

Hey, Harry, I was thinking.


I know you may not remember

your own family,

so I was thinking maybe
we could be your new one.

I mean, you do already live with us.


Well, that's, uh...

You are such

an American millennial.

Where was I? Uh, right.

There you go.

At times like this, there's nothing more

comforting than a full
English breakfast.

Okay... don't let me obsess like this.

I-I have to move on, okay?

I have that evidence that Niko
found about Mom's death.

At least we have something
to follow up on, right?

Okay, well, um...

What did Niko find?

Well, the main thing were these strange,

branching patterns on all three bodies.

Mom and the other Elders.

Cutaneous bruising is pretty common.

No. These were different somehow.

I'll know them when I see them again.

Indeed, it's tremendously important

that you focus on that right now.

Also, Macy, that mark
on your friend Galvin.

Summer may not have been a succubus.

Don't remind me.

Nevertheless, a mark like that

cannot be dismissed.

He could be in danger,
under a spell or curse.

We need to know exactly
what it looked like.

I do know a technique
for extracting a copy,

but you'll have to get close to him.

Very close.

Okay, well, you have fun with that.

I have to go get coffee with Lucy.


Like, right now.

Um, I'm gonna tell her the truth

about Parker.

[BREATHLESS]: Wish me luck.

I know.

I'm an ugly crier.

So tell me.

Who did he cheat with?

I need to focus my rage,

or else my stress breakouts
will never clear up.

You didn't find her because
she doesn't exist, right?

[SNIFFLES] It's not her,
it's not Parker, it's me.

I do this. I drive men away.

I am just like my mom.

Dad left her for his
CrossFit instructor,

and now she's all alone
with her soft mom arms,

and soon I will be, too.

N-No, it... it's not you.



it was me.

I kissed Parker.

And I am so, so sorry.

What? Why?

How could you?

Do you have feelings for him?

Look, our sisterhood
is just too important...

Don't you dare

play the sisterhood card with me.

Why didn't you tell me sooner?

I didn't want to hurt you.

So, instead, you let me
make a fool of myself

by asking for your help.

You are finished at Kappa.

I never want to see
your face ever again.



MEL: I keep thinking,

"Where is she?"

"What if I run into her?"


She would never have moved here, right?

- Someone's teaching my class.
- Oh, no.



My interview.

I always slept through my alarm,

and Niko woke me up.

Oh, my God.

I missed my interview.

I never got this job.


Don't worry,

I'm not gonna barge in.



I know it was weird
between us at the bar,

and then I came to your
place unannounced,

and that was also very, very weird,

but I-I just wanted to say...

Summer's amazing.

And I'm, I'm really happy for you.


So are we cool?

Sure. Of course we are.

Okay, I got to go.

But I'll see you at work?

HUNTER: I don't understand.

This morning, I, I swear I was on track

to get that Elder witch DNA.

But then something happened.

I'm not quite sure what, but...

But... you failed.

It was the Charmed Ones.

Look, there was some
sort of temporal shift

that threw me off my path.

You felt it, too, didn't you?

All that mystic energy.

Only the Charmed Ones

could have pulled off
a spell that powerful.

I did feel something.

That means they're getting stronger.

- What are you saying, Dad?
- We need to get our hands

on powerful witch DNA
without raising suspicion.

And I was happy to steal
it from those Elders

that somebody keeps killing,

but perhaps the Charmed Ones

are our answer.

And I think I know just how to get it.