Charmed (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Exorcise Your Demons - full transcript

Previously onCharmed...

What we do know
is that the Harbinger

couldn't have traveled far
in its primordial form.

So it must've taken
a human vessel
somewhere near Macy's lab.

Because as soon
as they do find

this demon
of unspeakable horror... will fall upon you three
to vanquish it,

as the Charmed Ones.

I come here for brunch all
the time, I've never seen you.

Maybe you just
didn't notice me.

Not possible.

Do you remember Angela Wu?

The one harassed
by Professor Thaine.

It turns out, she woke up
from her coma the same night

we found the
Harbinger's residue.

Maggie, this party is so extra.

Meet my boyfriend,

You've barely said a word
to me all night.

Family emergency.




[growling]Until the Elders arrive,

you must keep it
under constant supervision.

Just think of it as a puppy
that you've always wanted.


He'll call it a witch hunt.

That's what scared men do.

Professor Thaine is
a world-famous geneticist

whose discoveries
have saved lives.

It'd be like accusing Santa
of sexual harassment.

People will hate me.

Some people will, sure,

but the others
will be inspired by you

to speak up for themselves.

MEL: I heard rumors about the
jerk since I was an undergrad.

Like I was telling Mom,
you can't be the only student

he's treated like this.

So you're saying
I should report him?

Hell yes. Think of it this way:

if you don't, he'll just keep
doing this to other women.


You need to make
that decision

for yourself.

And no matter what you decide,
I will be here to support you,

because you're not alone.

Do you hear me?[crying]

{an8}== Resync to WEB-DL by Smurf ==

[crying echoes]

[crying continues]



Oh, my God, Mel,

you have to stop
getting so close.

I'm here for my shift of doom.
Go live your life.

Dante? Good choice.
Which ring of hell is this?

No idea. Let's just say
I'm way behind

on my class reading
for obvious reasons.

I will spread pestilence,
death and disaster,

and The Source
will rise!

Is it weird I don't even
find it disturbing

when Harbie speaks anymore?

This whole scenario
has been normalized.

I blame the President.

And you gave it a nickname?

Yeah, so it'd be less scary.


Oh, my God!

Seriously, Maggie?

We have the Harbinger
of doom in our attic

and you're worried
about a rat?

Stop, that thing will eat you.


[both scream]

Or do that.


I can't go on like this.

Especially now that the
Harbinger's developed

the ability to kill
with a single touch.

I can't wait for
the Elders to get here.

I didn't sleep,
I'm so jumpy.

Oh, come on, as if my unpaid job

as the nanny of pure evil
isn't bad enough,

I'm flunking
out of school.You're in school?

Of course I'm in school.
I'm a freshman.

I'm just not sure I've
ever seen you go to class.

Well, I have. Just not
World Lit that much.

My professor

if I fail, I'm on
academic probation.

You can ace the midterms.
It's not the end of the world.

That is up
in the attic.

Maybe I just
drop the class?

I mean,
it's not too late

and I'm under
a lot of pressure.

Uh, then maybe you should
drop Kappa, not your class.

Not this again. Harry!

This situation
has us all on edge.

I am well aware
of that fact.

Where are the Elders?

They're analyzing
a 5,000-year-old prophecy,

making sure they find
the right method to vanquish

the demon and gather
the correct supplies.

There is no room for mistakes.

[doorbell rings]

HARRY: Ah, well,
perhaps that's them now.

How do I look?

No, it's Niko,
with Trip.

Not a great time for a visit
from the local law enforcement.

Get rid of them.

Angela's mother filed
a missing person's report.

Last place she was seen
was your Halloween party.

Poor Angela.
She's been through so much.

You didn't see her
leave with anybody?

It was so crowded,
a-and everybody was in costume.

I honestly couldn't tell her
from the other ten zombies

that were here. Right, Maggie?

Right. Because that was,
that was her costume.

She was a zombie.

It was just
a costume.

Oh, my God, why are you babbling
on about Angela's costume?

So they won't think I'm saying
she's really a zombie,

which she
basically is.

They're not going to suspect
she's really a zombie.

Okay, I know, okay,
I'm just really nervous.

You're the one who can't
look Niko in the eyes.

She's right.

It's weird.

[sighs] Okay.

Let's just all
act normal.

So none of you have had contact
with her since the party?

I didn't really know her.

I haven't
heard from her.

Yeah, me neither.

[thud, dragging sound]

What was that noise?

[thud, growling]Um...

What noise?

What's going on

Ugh, sorry, sorry
for all of the racket.

Anatoli dropped
an ottoman.

We will absolutely pay

for any damages, though,
do not worry.

Hi, I'm Charity Callahan,
interior designer.

Sorry, two of my guys
are up there

taking measurements. So, listen,

I'm thinking the whole
boho Victorian thing...

[clicks tongue]
Too on the nose.

Let's play against it, huh?

With a little minimalist
Scandinavian farmhouse, hmm?

Some warm woods,

some well-chosen plant life.

Voila! Your attic becomes
a chicly-Hygge winter den.

Well, we should get back
to our chicly-Hygge winter den.

We should.

You're redecorating the attic?

Eh, it's more like

a rebirth of what the attic

was always meant to be, hmm?

I-I wish we could
be more helpful.

Truly, you know,
we're all worried about Angela.


If you think of anything else...We will definitely
be in touch.

And I'll talk
to you later.

Who are you?

Charity. The Elder.

And I am so sorry

to have kept you waiting.

You're an Elder?

I j-just thought you'd all be...

[scoffs] What, old?
I know, I know, I know.

I've been saying
we need to rebrand.

Are you also an
interior designer?

'Cause that was, like,
super impressive.

[laughing]: Oh, God no.
No, no, no, no.

I just watch a lot of HGTV
while I'm on the treadmill.

In reality,
I run an investment fund

that uses microloans to help
women in developing nations

start their
own businesses.

We are tackling poverty
and inequality through ethical,


Well, we're glad you're here

because we're done
harboring the Harbinger.

So how do we save Angela?

Save Angela? Oh, no, no, no,
she can't be saved.

She has to be killed.
Tonight, during the full moon.

With this.

Don't worry,

you each get one.

Thank you.

All right, let's go see
this thing, huh?


We have to
kill Angela?


So these Elders are just sadists
who kill anybody

who gets in their way?
I mean, that's how they operate?

Certainly not. They are
the governing body of witches,

and if they say killing
the creature is the only way,

it's the only way.

The Elders
don't make mistakes.

It's not a creature,
it's Angela.

And why can't we just
get it out of her?

I mean, we got that
demon out of Brian.

That was just a demon.

This is the Harbinger.[hisses]

[clears throat]

Uh, good day, Elder Callahan.

Glad you arrived safely.

When you didn't respond
to this straightaway,

I did grow a little concerned.

Well, you know how it is, Harry.

Preparations for a ritual
killing are time-consuming.



I've placed a containment spell
over the Harbinger.

While it holds,
its touch won't be lethal.

However, it will fade
by tonight's full moon.

That's when you three
must perform the killing

before it becomes
too powerful to stop.

Something wrong?

Something wrong?

Our friend has been
possessed by a demon

in our attic for two days,
and you just waltz in here

and announce that we're supposed
to kill her instead of save her.

Mel, one defers to an Elder.
Think of her as royalty.

Do not reveal your monarchist
side to me right now, Harry.

I was just starting to like you.

I-It's all right.

I understand.

[clears throat] It's a shock,

but this is
a critical time.

There was another
Elder assassination.

That's why I came alone.
Security protocol.

An Elder was killed?Yes.

The third one
since your mother.

Our mother was an Elder?

Harry, you didn't tell us
our mother was an Elder.

I most certainly did,
during my opening speech,

when I told you three
you were witches.

No, I distinctly remember you
used the term "senior" witches.

Which means exactly
the same thing.[clears throat]


You just muted him.[chuckles]

[clears throat]

That's one of
her powers.

Among many,
many others.

Okay, then why can't
you handle this?

Well, I would
if I could.

But the ritual requires
the Power of Three,

and only the Charmed Ones
have that.

Trust me, this is
new territory for us, too.

So you knew our mother?

Oh, very well.

She was a dear friend.

Then you should know
she would never let Angela die.

Angela was someone
she was trying to save.

Isn't there some other way?

Like an exorcism?

An exorcism is only effective
if there's a soul to be saved.

With a demon this powerful
possessing her,

I'm afraid Angela is gone.

We can't just give up.

I'm sorry.
I know it's hard, I do.

But, by the end
of tonight's full moon,

the Harbinger will reach
full strength.

Which means no chains
can hold it.
And as you know

from our training sessions,
at that point the Harbinger

summons the Source
with a deluge of blood.

It's homecoming weekend.

Every hotel in town
is booked with people.

People filled with blood.

Jeez, Macy,
that's dark.And true.

If Angela's already gone...

I'll prepare things here.

You three get
your affairs in order.

We commence at sundown.

Oh, and keep an eye
on your girlfriend.

The detective? She and her
partner were certainly curious.

We cannot have them
sniffing around.

[Harbinger snarling]

We can't do it;
we can't kill Angela.

You heard witch-Olivia-Pope;
there's no Angela left.

That enough to just do
this ritual killing?

I shouldn't have to make
decisions like this,

I can't even pass World Lit.

I know it's harder for you
because you knew her,

but you're letting your
emotions cloud your judgment.

If we can save all of these
people from dying like that rat,

there's really
no other option.

Wow, that's cold.

No, it's rational.

And that thing did try

to kill me on Halloween,
so forgive me

if I'm having trouble
bonding with it.

If you'll excuse me,
I have to get to work.


Maybe there's a way to prove
that Angela's still in there.

You think Charity's wrong?

I think she's too confident
that she's right.

And Mom would
want us to be sure.

Well, don't be expecting me

to touch it
and read its thoughts.

You saw what
it did to that rat.

I mean like a spell
or something.

I'm gonna head home and
check The Book of Shadows.

You're supposed to be
keeping an eye on Niko.

Make sure she's
not suspicious.

It can wait.

TRIP: I'm sorry,
but she's hiding something.

They all are.
I can feel it.

Trip, Mel did not kidnap
Angela Wu, okay? That's absurd.

Come on, you saw
how jumpy she was.

Yeah, she gets
nervous around cops,

as plenty of
people of color do.

Plus, she hates guns.

She won't even let me bring
my sidearm into the house,

so just chill, okay?


I'm just saying,
it was weird.

You know, maybe
we should focus on

whoever killed all
those people on Halloween,

because Angela Wu
could be their next victim.

Or you think my girlfriend
did that, too?

Point taken.


Thank you.
Let's go.

[ominous music playing]"Abandon all hope

ye who enter here."

Dante's inscription
above the gates of hell.

As Dante passes
through those gates,

he hears the
screams of the...[mouthing]


The selfish cowards who
wouldn't take a stand

for either good
or evil on earth.

That's it for today.
We'll see you on Friday

for the midterm;
closed book.

Eight essay questions carefully
engineered so I'll know

if you just read SparkNotes.

And don't forget:
it's 50% of your grade.


Maggie! How have
I never seen you

in this class before?

Oh, um, I usually
sit in the back,

kind of slept through a few.

I'm lucky; I only need four
hours of sleep a night.

I am one of those people.

Do you want to
walk over together?

We're putting the final touches
on the homecoming float.

Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry, I can't make it.

Look, I'm on the verge
of flunking this class,

so I have to ace the midterm,

but I've only read
half the book.

Well, honey, why
didn't you say so?

Don't worry; Parker
can help-- Parker!

Parker.MAGGIE: Oh, he can?

Yes; my bae is not
only a literary genius,

he also read Dante
in middle school.Mm-hmm.

[Lucy chuckles]

My dad liked to assign us
a classic piece

of literature
to discuss at dinner.

And yes, it's as fun
as it sounds.

[chuckles weakly]

Can you help Maggie
ace the midterm for me?

I can't have my favorite pledge
bring down our house GPA.


Sure, no problem.

Then it's decided.


Oh, my gosh.

Something wrong?

Just thinking.


You know, utilitarianism.

You do know daydreaming is
supposed to be fun, right?

Like, if I got trapped
in Drake's body,

what's the first
ridiculous thing I'd buy?

[both laugh]

You were seriously
sitting over there

thinking about

M-My sisters and I like
to do breakfast trivia.

So tell me.

If you had to choose
to kill one person,

or, say, all of Hilltowne

would almost certainly
die, would you do it?


You said
"almost certainly,"

so, if there's a chance,
then I'm gonna find another way.

But we're scientists.

If, statistically,
the risk of saving this one

could kill thousands...Look, I know it would
make sense rationally,

but it would feel so wrong.

I-I don't think
I could kill someone.

No, of course
it would feel wrong.

But, we have to make judgments

based on fact, not
emotions, don't we?

I don't know.

Who's to say emotions

aren't just as valuable?

Look, I-I know we're scientists,
but it doesn't mean

we have to be cold,
you know?

Listen, I didn't
come over here

to talk about
moral hypotheticals.

You've just been so busy
since Halloween,

um, we haven't really
had a chance to talk.

So, would you like to go

to the homecoming tailgate
with me tonight?


I would love to,
I really would,

i-it's just...

I have a thing.

With my sisters.


Maybe some other time.


How do I tell
if Angela's still in there?

[Harbinger growling]


Anima revelare.


Veni foras. [moans]

Where am I?
What's happening?


Mel? Is that you?


Hold on.

Help me, it's too strong...

[Angela yelps, Harbinger snarls]

She's really in there.

And she's never coming out.

We'll see about that.[Harbinger snarls]

I understand, but our main goal
isn't to maximize profits;

it's to build communities
of women supporting women.

I need to run,
can we pick this up later?


Charity, there was
a lost souls spell

in the Bookand
Angela came out.

Not literally, she's still
trapped inside with that thing.

But what I mean is,
her soul is still alive.

She's just trapped inside.

This is what you've been up to?

I told you to keep an
eye on your girlfriend.

You said Angela
was gone and she isn't.

I was wrong, then,
I can admit that,

but it does not
change the calculus,

we still must follow through
with the ritual killing.


What about
"women supporting women"?

There's a woman
that needs our help

and you want me to kill her?

It is for the greater good.

A demon this powerful has
never been exorcised before.

Which doesn't mean
it can't be done.

Mel, you're an impressive witch,

but you don't know
what you don't know.

Let me be a source
of wisdom for you.

That's what we Elders
are here to help do.

My mom was an Elder, too.

And she would have
never done this.

She would want me
to find a way to save Angela.

And I knew your mother
in a different way.

As a witch with
incredible discernment

and the ability to do
what had to be done,

no matter what.

And as her fellow Elder,

I am telling you that
an exorcism is a non-starter.

And frankly, I don't
have the time...
What if I do
it anyway?

Knock yourself out.
[clears throat]


You need a voice
to speak a spell.

It's not happening;
are we clear?

[clears throat]

[sharp exhale]

We don't have
much time.
What happened?

Is everything okay?I don't know.

I'm just going
on instinct.[muffled snarling]

Please tell me that's
not Harbie in the trunk.

That's not Harbie
in the trunk.



It's not the Harbinger;
it's Angela Wu.

I did a soul spell and
she's still in there.

And when I told Charity,
she couldn't care less.

And since Macy's as clinical
as Charity, I had no choice.

Please tell me you have
a plan other than driving

a super lethal demon around
Hilltowne in our hatchback.

We literally left
five minutes ago,

of course I don't
have a plan.

I used to hate studying.

Now I'd give anything just to
be cramming for my midterm.

I have The Book of Shadows.

We'll find an exorcism spell,
get this thing out of Angela

before it's too
powerful to stop us.

We just need to find
somewhere private.

I know a place.

Oh, no, no, no.

Oh, no, no,

no, no, no, no, no, no....What?

Don't look now, but I think
Trip is following us.

Maggie, get down!Hey!

Well, what are we gonna do?

I can freeze time, remember?

We'll just drive away.

But then it's gonna look
like our car just disappeared.

Well, what other choice
do we have?

Get in the car.

Get in the car! Go.Okay.

Freakin' weirdo.

[phone ringing]

Hey, Trip, I'm at the station.

Where are you?


Hey, are you there?
What are you doing?

I got to call you back.NIKO: Wait, hey...

I put it under the microscope.

What killed the rat is similar
in DNA structure to smallpox,

only much more lethal
because it kills instantly.

It's not airborne yet,
but it could be soon.

And if the Harbinger gets loose,

it's a walking pandemic.

Don't worry, we won't
let it come to that.

She disobeyed my orders.

That's Mel's specialty.

Bring them back immediately.


There are a dozen exorcism
spells in here.

Find one that won't
hurt the Kappa float.

Lucy's sure it's gonna win.

Show me an exorcism spell

strong enough to take down
the Harbinger.

It's blank.

What's that mean?

[both gasp]


Girls, what the hell
are you doing?

Angela is still in there.

I cast a spell and I saw her.You did?

But that...

That's right.

Charity was wrong.

We can't kill Angela now.

But the full moon is rising.

And soon Elder Callahan's
containment spell will wear off.

I see no other choice
but to take it back to the house

and do the ritual killing
as planned.

It's not an "it," it's a "her."

And it's partially my fault
that she's in this situation.

HARRY: Whatever
do you mean?

Professor Thaine
was sexually harassing her.

She came to Mom for advice,
and I told her to report it.

She did, and the stress of it
made her OD

and put her in a coma, where she
was possessed by the Harbinger.

I can't kill her.
We have to save Angela.

[phone chimes]

Your sisters are, uh,
clearly emotional.

[laughs softly] But you,
you got a real knack for this.

For what?


Just like your mother.

Did she ever mention me?


No, she never did.

In fact, none of the Elders
knew about you.

We were just as surprised
as you were

when you three became
the Charmed Ones.

But now that I know,
it does make sense.

Years ago,

when we were young witches
just starting out,

she asked me
to place a spell on her.

She wouldn't tell me
what it was about,

just that she couldn't
perform it on herself.

The spell was, uh, brutal.

It extracted
all of her pain and anguish

over some tragic loss,
so she could go on living.

I never knew
what that loss was...

till now.




Would you excuse me
while I get myself together?

Of course.

[Harbinger snarling]

It had to have flipped there
for a reason.

Maybe it's invisible magic ink?

Can I help?


I want to save Angela.


An anguish spell.

That makes so much sense.

And I'm sorry
for criticizing you

for making your decision
based on your emotions.

I-It's just

I've spent my entire life trying
to keep mine in check.

And-and I guess
it comes off as cold,

but it's how I protect myself.

If Angela really is in
there, I want to save her.

So let's do the exorcism.

MAGGIE: We would if
we could, but...

it opened to this blank page.

That is now magically
revealing itself?

That's... Mom's handwriting.

All of our names are on it.

It's in Spanish.

Looks like
a Santer?a-based spell.

Unsanctioned by the Elders.

She wrote it for us, but why?

So you three would find it.

She knew this moment would come.

Her power was prophecy.

Ladies, it's fated

you three should unite
in this mission.

Harry, you're
disobeying the Elders?

Not all of them.

[laughs softly]


So what are you waiting for?

It's time to save Angela Wu.

Here we are,
the sacred container

to imprison the demon.

It's either that
or a crushed beer can,

ladies, take your pick.

All right, so do we have
everything we need?

Can we please
just do this already?

MEL: "Enchanted vessel
to trap the Harbinger."

Got it. We have the incantation
spell right here.

This says that
we have to lay hands.

Touch her? No.

Did you see
what it did to that rat?

Maggie's right. The full
moon is approaching,

and the containment spell
is wearing off. One touch...

And we all get
its pestilence and die.


Then we can't do
the exorcism spell.

We can if we use chemical
resistant nitrile gloves.

We wear them
in the lab

when handling
hazardous materials.

If we wear them, I'm almost
certain we'll survive.

You're almost certain?Maggie, we have
no other choice.

I know, but do we really
have to touch her?

It's gonna be a gazillion times
worse for me.

I'm gonna be reading
her monster mind. It's too much.

I'm supposed to be cramming
for my midterm,

not maybe dying
from a demon virus.

[car door closes, alarm chirps]

What was that?

I'll find out and get rid of it.

In the meantime, you and Macy
go and get those gloves.

I'll keep an eye on Angela.


Hey, you.


What are you doing here?

Well, I'm definitely not here

to stash a box of illegal
fireworks to fire off

of the Phi Delta
at Homecoming tomorrow.

[laughs softly]

I could ask you the same thing.

Shouldn't you be at home,
prepping for our study session?

Oh, I-I'm just... cleaning up.

What's the point
of reading the book?

Never gonna pass
the test anyways.

Hey, I'm offended.

I'm a really good tutor.

Well, you have your work
cut out for you.

I only got into this school

because my mom was
on the faculty.

I haven't
known you long,

but it's clear
you're very smart.

No. My sisters are.

School's just never
really been my thing.

Well, maybe that's just the
story you keep telling yourself.

When I was growing up,
I wanted so badly

to be able to play guitar
like my big brother,

but no matter how much I
practiced, he was always better.

So I told myself
I was just someone

that couldn't play the guitar,

and that's what I became.

So what did you do?

Oh, I still can't
play the guitar.

[both chuckle]

My brother can shred.

At best, I'm, like,
the douchey guy

playing the folk song
in the corner at the party.


But I'm trying to help you
avoid the error of my ways.

Tell yourself a different story.

You can shred, Maggie.

[muffled clatter]

What are you looking at?

? Although it's just a simple

? Chemical reaction...

We can't...

I shouldn't have
done that.

That was a mistake.

? Doesn't want to die...

You should just go.

? I know...

? Quite a lot about

? The bees and flowers...


Maggie, quick! The compass
that summons Elder Callahan.

Stay back.

The containment spell's
worn off.

Time's up, witches.

Hurry up,
I can't hold it for long.

Once the full
moon rises,

the Harbinger
will be unstoppable.

Marisol saw this coming.

She left this spell for them.

She had the power
of prophecy,

but her predictions
didn't always come true.

Still, you know what it's like,
don't you, Charity?

To break the rules
and follow your instincts.

We can't risk it.

It will work.

You don't have to
trust us.

You knew our mother well;

trust her.

Hurry up,
before I change my mind.


? Dead in the water...

I can do this. I can shred.

? You left me dead
in the water ?

? Oh, it took all of my fight
to make it out alive ?

? When you left me dead
in the water... ?

Hago un llamado a Babal?-Ay?,

dios de los enfermos,

parar que inhabilite
a ?ste demonio.

Remueva la fuerza que tiene sobre ?ste inocente.

Y Exorcize
al Heraldo,

permitiendo que paz

y tranquilidad
regrese al pose?do.

Sana y renuncia a ?ste
adversario del mal.

De ?ste ap?stol
de la oscuridad, l?branos!

Is it working?I don't know.

CHARITY: We've got to get
Angela to fight back.

I-I'm an empath, maybe
I can try reaching her?

Do it.

El Poder de Tres lo compela!

We're here to help you.

I'm scared.

Whoa! You guys,
you guys, it worked!

I sent her my thoughts and
she's in there. She heard me.


MAGGIE: Angela, you've got
to fight back!

I can't do it. I can't.

MAGGIE: Tell yourself
a different story, Angela.

You're strong enough.

You can do it.

Observa, el Poder de Tres!

Observa, el Poder de Tres!

Observa, el Poder

de Tres!



Detective, stay back!

Hands in the air! All of you!



She's breathing.
She's breathing.

MACY: Look, he's hurt.MAGGIE:
Oh, my God, Trip.

What happened?

[radio static]Trip! He's not breathing.

NIKO [over radio]:
Trip, are you there? Copy.

The police will be here
any minute. You should go.

No, but Trip is dead.Mel, Mel,
I'll handle it.

Trip, what's your 20?

Do you copy? Trip?

[radio turns off]

What happened? What did you do?

I dealt with
Officer Bailey's death

in a way that wouldn't
raise suspicions.

This is my fault.

You told me to talk to Niko.
I could've kept him away.

You couldn't have known
this would happen.

It's the one part of the job
that doesn't get any easier.

I've dealt with it,
your mother dealt with it,

and, well, now you.

Where's Angela?

With my sisters. She's asleep.


Why don't you join them, hmm?

I think you should
be there when the woman

whose life you
saved wakes up.

So, I came out
of my coma last week

and just showed up
at your Halloween party?

Why don't I remember anything?

How did I
end up here?

Blackouts can be
a pretty common occurrence

among coma

Anything from fluorescent
lighting to alcohol consumption

can prevent the hippocampus
from forming memories.

I just remember
complete darkness.

It was like I was
trying to get out,

but nothing worked.

And... then I heard a voice.

It made me feel strong,
like I wasn't alone.

You are not alone, Angela.
We are here for you.


I know. [chuckles]

I can't believe I'm alive.

? I'm not used
to saying this out loud ?

? So why do I feel so free?

? Didn't know this

? Piece of hell... For pity's sake,

you'd think with such frequent
visits from an Englishman,

you could at least
stock your pantry

with tea that isn't
absolute rubbish.

But also, congratulations,
ladies. You did it.

still asleep.

Where's Charity?

She left with
the sacred vessel.

The paint can.

She'll store it somewhere safe.

What's up with you
and Charity anyways?

Sounds like you two have a past.

I was born in 1920, so yes,
I have a past,

and it's none of your business.

Anyhow, despite
Charity's assistance,

the Elders will be displeased
we disobeyed their orders.

Even though we know now
they were wrong,

they're still
the governing body,

and there'll be consequences.

But that's tomorrow's problem.


Yes, Melanie.

to you, too.

You were
rad tonight.

? I've lost it all...

Hey, Parker.Hey. You ready?


Right, a-about
last night...

What you said
really helped me.

That's great.

And I've-I've asked for an
extension from Professor Brown.

I need more time to prepare,

and I want to prove to myself
I can do this on my own.


Yeah, um...

That kiss was a mistake.

One we can't make again.

I'll see you in class, I guess.


I'll see you in class.

? And I want to lose it all

? All...

You okay?

It's Trip. I can't...

get him out of my head.

Don't beat
yourself up.

You saved Angela.

Mom would be proud.

I haven't heard from Niko.

She must be crushed.

I can't believe it.

Mel, he's dead.

He hanged himself
at the warehouse.

And there's evidence linking him
to the Halloween murders.

Mel, they think he killed
all those people.

Wait, what?

My own partner,
I thought I knew him.

I can't believe it.

He was my friend.

I know. Shh...[crying]

It's okay.

It's okay.

Ah, the trip went well.

Yeah, these three young women
are ready to take on the world.

Young people these days,
so idealistic, huh?

I'll be in the office by noon.

Would you mind...

switching paint cans with me?

[elevator bell dings]

Pleasure doing
business with you.