Charmed (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Kappa Spirit - full transcript

As Maggie attempts to make amends with Lucy, she asks for Mel's help to figure out who the new Kappa member is.

- Previously on Charmed...
- MEL: Tell the Elders

I will do anything
to save her. Anything.

It's a powerful history rewriting spell.

MEL: To make it as if
Niko and I never met.

HARRY: There will be ripple effects

and other unintended consequences

that simply cannot be foreseen.

Oh, my God.

I never got this job.

Nice to meet you, Maggie. I'm Summer.

- Look, I should probably explain...
- How you got together

with someone else, like,
a minute after we kissed?

You mean after you blew
me off several times.

I got the message, and I moved on.

Got the right message, didn't I?

HARRY: A mark like that
cannot be dismissed.

We need to know exactly
what it looked like.

I need you to do a
social media deep dive

and find out who Parker cheated with.

Ta-da. Found her.

You are finished at Kappa.

I never want to see your face again.

MAGGIE: Wakey, wakey.

Hi, sunshine.

You've been asleep all day.

[GROANS] The light.

Good thing we're witches, not vampires.

I was being constructive, I swear.

I was researching something,

- and I passed out.
- Okay, we know you're still hurting

over Niko...

But you can't stay
moping in bed forever.

It's time to shower,

put on something other
than yoga pants...

And face the world.

I wasn't moping.

I was keeping busy.

Look, the pattern that was found on Mom

and the other Elders that
were killed is something

called a Lichtenberg figure.

Yeah, I've heard of them.

They're associated with
high-voltage electricity.

Exactly. And they're found
on people or places

that have been struck by lightning.

So Mom was killed by some sort of...

Lightning demon?

MEL: Seems like it.

But, so far, I've found 893 demons

associated with lightning
and electricity.

Why is it always hundreds
and never, like, five?

Trust me, I'll find it.

Okay, that's enough.

You need to get some fresh air.

It smells like old gym socks in here.

Yeah, look, you're not gonna crack

this clue tonight. So, I'm suggesting

Mojito Night at the Haunt?

Yes. Yes! Come on.
The Haunt. No excuses.

You love the Haunt.

You love the Haunt.


♪ Work, work, harder, harder ♪

♪ We work, work for the dollar, dollar ♪

Cheers, bitches.

What did you call us?

Mm. [WHISPERS]: It's code.

You know, pretend I'm saying

- the W-word instead.
- You know,

I really am starting to
warm to your inane chatter.

I may actually miss it
once the Elders determine

it's time for me to move out.

MEL: And when is that, exactly?

We do have The Book of Shadows back.

Well, I'm sure their
decision is imminent.


To getting Mel out of the house.


Oh. Your shirt is on inside out.

I showered.

That was your only requirement.


Doesn't it feel so good to be out, guys?

I've practically been an agoraphobe

since Lucy kicked me out of Kappa.

- You okay?
- Now my Insta's full of...

Happy pledges, all excited
for Initiation Week.

I would have been a full-fledged
Kappa sister tomorrow.

You'll find another group to join.

Greek life is toxic anyway.

MACY: Well, I'm glad we're out, too.

I can't stop thinking
about that mark on Galvin,

and I haven't been able to find
it in The Book of Shadows.

Galvin's seemingly normal
outward appearance

doesn't preclude him from danger.

I've done some research.

There are several recently
recorded instances

of mortals being marked by demons

as part of... One assumes...

A larger plan.

A demon could be using Galvin
to get to the three of you.

You must remain on your guard.

- Mm-hmm.
- Here you go.

- Thank you.
- Oh.

- Thank you.
- So kind.

Can anyone spot me?

No job means no check.

Oh, on that subject,

there's an opening in the administrative

department at the university.

I pulled some strings and got you

an interview tomorrow afternoon.

Hey, that's great.

The administrative department?

It is a paycheck.

And it gets you out of the house.



It's just an interview.

- Good.
- WOMAN: Hi, Lucy!


- Oh, my Gosh. Hey, Ben.
- Hey. What's up?

LUCY [CHUCKLES]: How's it going?

- WOMAN 2: Hey, girl.
- LUCY: My ladies.


MACY: Should we...

- Finish our drinks and go home?
- No.

Maybe this is my chance
to clear the air.

I'll bring over a pitcher of skinny

mojitos as a peace offering.



I know I'm probably, like,

the last person you
want to see right now.

But I just want to say,


I'm sorry.

I really screwed up.

I can't change what happened,

but at least you can have a round on me.

You know, that is just what I need.

Mm. A round on you.



Let her do it.

If she lets it all out,
maybe she'll forgive me.


I kissed her boyfriend,
and I lied about it.

I deserve to be drenched
in rum and aspartame.

Nobody deserves that.



I meant to do that.

Those boots

are trag.

Stay away from me, Maggie.

Come on, Maggie.

Let's go.

Damn, Lucy. You're
forgetting our mantra,


Even Gwyneth Paltrow has her limits.

Yeah, but throwing a drink?

Your vibe is way off.

Just need to find your Zen, stat.

♪ I'll face my own demons. ♪



[SIGHS] I need some damn serenity.


♪ ♪



Keep it down, betches!

I'm getting my Zen on in here!

WOMAN: Sorry, Lucy!


♪ ♪



What was that?


Dr. Vaughn.

Dr. Gregorian, good morning.

Where are those analyses you owe me?

They will be on your
desk within the hour.

What's this?

Sign up to have blood taken,

courtesy of Morningstar Biotech.

Since they're funding the lab now,

drug tests are mandatory
for all employees.

New sponsors, new rules.

Soon we'll all be doing their bidding.

GALVIN: No dancing on the
tables like the last time.


It's gonna be a good time though.

Uh, bring whoever you want.

You know, everybody's welcome.

- _
- But, uh, yeah, yeah, yeah...




It's gonna be a great time. Yeah.

So, come anytime after 6:00.

Bring a bottle, come hungry. Okay?

I'm in.

Yeah, yeah.

Uh, it's just a... it's, like, a
low-key birthday thing tonight.

Oh, sorry. I-I didn't know.

- Sorry.
- Mm.

I mean, you're...

You're-you're more than welcome to come.

Oh, I'm there. I'll bake.

Your place?

Too small. I, uh, reserved
the Renzi Room on campus.


Summer's gonna be there.

Is that cool?

So cool.

Can't wait.

All right.


I told you to stay away from me.

I know, but I'm not giving up.

Look, you and Kappa are
just too important to me.

There has to be something
I can do to make this right.

Lucy doesn't want to
talk to you, Maggie.

- As if.
- I'm sorry, do I know you?

Is that pink and blue eye shadow?

Maggie, have you completely lost it?

Brenda's a Kappa sister.

A very important one.

Get rid of her.

She is not your friend.

She's not a Kappa.

LUCY: Get the hell out.

We're busy getting ready for initiation.

Where is everyone?

LUCY: I can't believe she
would show her face here.

What a poser.

Now, Lucy.

Yes, Brenda?

Are you psyched for Hell Week?

Yas, queen!


MEL: You're supposed to be
helping me find an outfit

for this interview
Harry's making me go to.


- I think something's up at Kappa.
- Agree.

They're internalizing the
patriarchy, for starters.

I'm serious.

I went over to see Lucy...

Why would you do that,
after what she did to you?

[SIGHS] You're missing the point.

There was a new sister.


I've never seen her before in my life.

That doesn't mean anything.

Remember Summer the Succubus?

You thought she was a demon when

she actually was just amazing.

You're just projecting.

No, you don't understand.

If Brenda were a real
Kappa, I would know.

For Pledge Week, I had to
memorize every Kappa's name,

major, drink of choice...

Wait a second.

♪ Yeah, don't listen to that voice ♪

There. Look.

This is why I can't find her.

"Students Mourn Tragic Death

"of Hilltowne Freshman."

Brenda Mancini.

Drank too many wine coolers
and fell off the Kappa roof.

February 13.


Well, that explains the eye shadow.

Brenda from Kappa's a freaking ghost.

A ghost. Oh, dear.

Don't tell me a ghost
is worse than a demon.

Well, that all depends on the type

of ghost, I'm afraid. There are...

- Five?
- Hundreds.

Ranging in menace from Casper

to The Conjuring.


No! Oh...



HARRY: Oh, dear, it looks awful.

Galvin didn't want to invite me anyway,

Summer already thinks
I'm some jealous clinger,

and now I'm the weirdo
bringing the burnt pie.

Maybe I shouldn't go.

Yeah, it sounds like you need
help identifying this ghost.

Macy, you can't ignore this mark.

It's glowing brighter.

- Danger could be imminent.
- MEL: Don't worry.

- I'll help Maggie with the ghost.
- And you have

your job interview.

This is obviously more important.

I think Maggie can handle

looking up a spell in the Book.

- Plus, you hate Kappa.
- I'm not gonna

let you face a demonic ghost alone.

HARRY: Fine. Consult the Book.

It will tell you how to
identify the type of specter

and then how to vanquish it.

Keep me posted.

In the meantime...

why don't I accompany
you to your soiree.

Maggie couldn't see the mark,

but perhaps I can.

And Summer won't think you're

the jealous type if you arrive
with a chap on your arm.

I guess that's true.

I also happen to have
a delightful recipe

for Welsh rarebit.

Welsh rabbit?

Rarebit. It's an exquisite
cheese sauce on toast.

- A real hit at gatherings. It's...
- O-Okay.

Yeah, fine. I-I guess you can come.


Have fun, you two.


How do we identify a ghost?

"Call to a restless spirit."

Okay, so to determine
what type of ghost,

we need to know what she wants,

why she's haunting.

We need to recreate the moment that the

ghost can't move on
from with this spell.

BOTH: Brenda Mancini...

Anima, dic nobis quod velis.

Cur hic praees?


♪ I'll tell your mama ♪

♪ I'll tell your friends ♪

♪ I'll tell anyone whose
heart can comprehend... ♪

We're on campus.


♪ Tell you on the phone... ♪

In the '80s.

Like, totally.

- ♪ I miss you much... ♪
- I don't think they can see us.



Or touch us, apparently.

It's like we're ghosts.

Okay, look around.

Brenda must be here somewhere.

♪ I'm rushing home to
see your smiling face ♪

♪ And feel your warm... ♪

What am I watching?

It's a fund-raiser.

Now we do Pilates for Poverty,
but it looks like then it was...

They did aerobics, and creepy
frat guys pay to watch.

It's not like that now.

Here comes Brenda.

♪ Send it in a letter, baby ♪

♪ Tell you on the phone ♪

♪ I'm not the kind of girl
who likes to be alone... ♪

[LAUGHS]: Hi, guys.

- So sorry I'm late.
- Like...

What are you doing here, Brenda?

I'm, like, here for my shift.

Like, don't they realize
they sound like idiots?

- Shh.
- Only Kappas are allowed to participate

in Aerobics for Alzheimer's.

You're no longer pledging. I believe

I made that very clear on
your answering machine.


Oh, I-I thought that was a pledge prank.

Oh, my God.

We would never be that harsh
to one of our pledges.

But you're not one anymore, so...

[QUIETLY]: Why are you doing this?

Jenna, you're my friend.

Was your friend.

Brenda, you're buggin'.

And frankly,

it's skeeving us all out.

So let me be perfectly clear.


Attention, Hilltowne University.

Brenda Mancini

is most definitely no longer a Kappa.

Kappas combine the class

of Princess Di with the sass

of Duchess Fergie.

Brenda so does not.

MAGGIE: The Kappas I know
would never act like this.

Oh, my God.

Is that...

It's Mom.

Wait, but what about Brenda?

We already know what they did to her.

This is Mom.

You were just with the doctor?
What did he say?

The doctor says everything's fine.

That's Macy in there.

MARISOL: But he doesn't know,

you know, who I really am.

Oh, come on. You can't think

this has anything to do
with you being a witch.

MARISOL: Couldn't it?

I'm a witch who sees the future.

Marisol, you can't keep
obsessing like this.

It's natural to be scared.

Every first-time mom is.

But it's all gonna be okay.

No, this is more than that.

I think something's wrong with the baby.

Really wrong.


Why did it end? I wanted to see more.

Me too.

She was so young.

She was scared.

About the baby.

What do you think it means?

Well, obviously Macy came out fine.

And I think we know what
kind of ghost Brenda is.

She must be a banshee. She died in pain,

and now she's spreading
sorrow and misery.

Do we really have to get rid of her?

Seems to me the Kappas deserve
a little sorrow and misery.

Poor Brenda.

Okay, let's go.

We can learn the spell in the car.

♪ All's fair in love and
war, somewhere... ♪

Very nice.

♪ Fashion faux pas ♪

♪ Why the pigeon treated differently ♪

♪ Than the turtledove ♪

Macy, thanks for coming.

Thanks for having me.


Harry Greenwood, professor
of women's studies.

I come bearing rarebit.


No. Rarebit.

A Welsh rarebit, to be exact.

Did someone say Welsh rarebit?

I practically lived on the stuff during

- my semester abroad at Cambridge.
- Oh, what a delight.

Prepare your taste buds for
a trip down memory lane.

- For you.

Macy, this one's a keeper.
Hi. I'm Summer.

- I'm Harry. But we're not...
- Oh, he's not... We're just friends.

For clarity.

Okay. Galvin,

could I steal you for one sec?

Yeah, of course.


[EXHALES] I guess that
wasn't too awkward, hmm?

Hard to tell.

I'm British... awkward
is kind of our thing.

♪ ♪

MACY [WHISPERS]: There. Look.

Can you see it?

Hmm, that's odd.

I'm afraid I can't see anything.


Come on, it's right there.

MACY: It's glowing again.

I mean, I...

- Whoa.


Now, that was awkward.

♪ ♪

♪ I've been wonderin' if
it ever could be... ♪

GALVIN: That's my grandmother.

My granme.

Summer insisted that we get all

these old pictures out of here.

She seems really sweet.

Yeah, she was.

But she could also cut a bitch.


She had to be like that
growing up poor in Haiti.

Oh, I-I didn't know you were Haitian.

Mm-hmm. And Dominican.

Little Portuguese
sprinkled in there, too.

Family lore is that we had
some famous pirates in the mix.

Arr. Arr. I would buy that.


Someone named Kretz clogged
up the men's room.

'Course he did.

I'll call maintenance
to bring a plunger.

♪ ♪


I'm glad we have a moment to talk.

Yeah. You know, about the other night...

Can we just stop with these games?

Sorry, I don't know
what you're talking about.

I saw you checking Galvin out earlier.

No, no, it's not...

Look, Macy, I tried to be cool.

You need to back off.

A triumph.

- You all right?
- Let's go.

He-He's not in any danger, and...

I think I have a lead.

But they're about to start karaoke.

Some other time.

[SIGHS] Resolve tuum dolor.

No, it's dolorum.

I am so over Latin.

I should get course credit
for being a witch.

It's not working.

Are you sure about this?

Yes. I saw Niko do it once.


Where are they?





That crazy bitch left with Lucy.

Was it the crazy bitch with
the janky two-tone eye shadow?

- Brenda?
- Yes.

I think I peed my skinnies.

This is weird.

These girls aren't under Brenda's spell.

But Lucy was. She thought
Brenda was a sister.

So she's not haunting everyone.

Just Lucy.

Any idea on where they went?

Uh, I don't know.

Uh, th-that Brenda girl

was talking about some,
um, treacherous friend

and how it was unfair.

A treacherous friend.

- She must mean...
- Jenna,

the mean girl from the
quad who betrayed her.

Brenda wants revenge.

And because she doesn't have a body,

she needs Lucy to do her bidding.

Jenna's in danger.

Oh, God.

We have to find her.

Um, keep them frozen.

I have an idea.

I found her. Harry!

We have to save a middle-aged
sorority sister.

I'm sorry... what?

No time to explain.

Her name is Jenna Gordonson
and she's in danger.

Can you access the alumni
database and find her address?

Well, yes, but I...

And wipe their memories. Hurry!

[SIGHS] Good God,

a Whitelighter's work is never done.

MACY: "The cowrie shell
shields the bearer."


Sorry about that, your sisters

are on the trail of a banshee.

- Are they okay?
- Thus far.

Now, were were we?

I think Galvin's mark is a cowrie shell.

The Book says in Yoruba tradition

it's placed upon infants to give them

lifelong protection from magical beings.

Good news, then.

This mark is not of demonic origin.

It still doesn't explain why I'm
the only one who can see it.

Well, is it possible you're
the one who activated it,

with that kiss on Halloween?

It would explain why you and Galvin

were driven apart in the time since.

I don't know if I can
blame that on the mark.

I pretty much drove him away. [LAUGHS]

I've been pretty unapproachable
as long as I've known him.

Don't say that about yourself, Macy.

You're not like that at all.

Thanks, Harry.

Thanks for coming to
Galvin's party with me.

My pleasure.

You're a good friend.

Well, thank you.

I enjoy you and your
sisters' company, too.

In truth, the Elders decided days ago

you three no longer need
added protection,

now the Book has been returned,
but I-I must confess,

I've been rather reluctant to leave.

As exotic and thrilling
as my life may seem,

it can be isolating.

Being here has been a nice change.

I suppose what I'm trying to say

is I consider you three...

Friends, as well.

Harry, that is so sweet.



Hey, you know what Galvin told me?

He has family from Haiti.

I'm pretty sure forms

of the Yoruba religion
are practiced there.

Bingo. A priestess.

Haitian Yoruba practitioner
not far from here.

Four stars on Yelp, no less.

Let's go.

Maybe she can tell me

why I'm the only one
who can see this mark.

Dr. Vaughn, the scientist,

wishes to seek counsel from a priestess?

Well, Harry, this is a scientist

who got dressed with
her mind this morning.

[CHUCKLES] Fair point.

WOMAN: You're reporters from BuzzFeed?

- Yeah. We're, uh, intrepid reporters.
- Ah.

And you're Jenna Gordonson,
Kappa alum, correct?


I was president in the late '80s.

And you're safe, so that's good.

What is it you ladies wanted to ask me?

Oh, we are doing an article:

Ten spookiest deaths
in the Greek system,

and we wanted to ask
you about one of them.

Why, has there been
another death at Kappa?

Another death at Kappa?

What do you mean?

Brenda's death really shook me.

As Kappa president, I tried to cut down

on the drinking on Greek Row.

But that wasn't very popular, so...

Girls kept dying in the same way.

Getting drunk, climbing
up on the roof...

And falling to their deaths.

Why is this this first I'm
hearing of these accidents?

Because the alumni board covers it up.

But it's in the papers.

JENNA: Sure, it's in the papers,

but you won't find any link to Kappa.

And Brenda was the
first of these deaths?

What exactly happened with her?

We know she was bullied and
kicked out of pledge class.



Brenda was the bully.

We don't bully at Kappa.


See? This is what I've been telling you.

I don't get it.

You were her friend
and you kicked her out.

JENNA: You would have
kicked her out, too,

if you knew what she was really like.

Cruel. Manipulative. No loyalty.

She slept with Heather M.

And Heather B.'s boyfriends.

The night after we cut her,

she broke into Kappa,

stole her initiation candle...
God knows why...

Then climbed up onto the roof to

hang a banner saying all kinds

of nasty stuff about us.

But she was drunk on wine coolers...

And she fell.

We got this all wrong.

Brenda died in anger. She's a revenant.

And she's been killing sisters
the same way she died.

Oh, my God.

Brenda's gonna kill Lucy.

Can't we go back to the store

for something less cough-drop tasting?

Shut up and chug, loser.


MACY: Nails, too.

Well, this priestess certainly
knows how to hustle.

We all have day jobs, Macy,

and they come in various forms.

Consider me, a learned
Women's Studies professor wi...


Your sisters are calling me again.

Can you proceed solo?

Of course.


My dear,

you seek the light of knowledge?

You've come to the right place.

It's $20 for ten minutes.

This is a rare chance

to hear from someone who has the sight.

The ability to hear

precisely what you need to know.

Trust Mama Roz.

I have the gift.

And bills to pay, so, if you don't mind.


So I just need to know
more about this symbol.

Where did you see this mark?

On a friend.

And you saw it?


I think it's some kind of

protection ward, right?


Fates step in if the wearer of the mark

gets too close.

- Close, m-meaning like a kiss?
- Oh, no.

Stay away from him... or her.

They're not for you.



You've got the Ibi in you.

What does the Ibi mean?

I believe your time is up.

- Tell me.


It means darkness.

You've got darkness inside you.

Since you were born.

[QUIETLY]: Forget it.

I don't know what I
was thinking consulting

a psychic for answers.

You're different from
your sisters, child.

Search within.

Don't you feel it?

The pillar of your path holds
the key to your darkness.

Maybe we should go back down, Brenda.

We're not supposed to be up here.

Stop being such a buzzkill.

The fun is just getting started.

But I'm afraid of heights.

Oh, don't worry.

You won't be here long.

'Cause you're gonna jump.


After this wine cooler

you will be just drunk enough.

You're gonna jump, Lucy.

You are gonna die,

just like I did.

Brenda... I can't.

You can and you will.

Oh, for the love of God,

that really takes it out of me.

Sorry, Harry, but this
is a real Kappamergency.


Lucy, stop!

Mel, start the Revenant
Vanquishing spell.

Okay. Okay.

Audi nos, refer

Te unde subivieris.


Sorry. Yeah, still here.

Bummer-rama for you.

Oh, my God, why didn't it work?

LUCY: Leave me alone!

Do you have any idea how hard it is

for me every time you show up

reminding me of what you did?!

We were friends, Maggie. [CRYING]

I trusted you.

Oh, my God.

I get it. I did this.

I'm the treacherous friend.

Lucy, I'm so sorry!

I've been so selfish.

Maggie doesn't care about you.

You know what would hurt her the most?

If you jumped to your death.

- No!
- Time to bounce, Lucy. Jump!





She's trying to break my concentration.

Figure out what the hell
this is, or Lucy is toast!

Mortals can sometimes conjure ghosts.


"In which case, one must heal the hurt

"of the conjurer to vanquish it."

We need to heal Lucy's
hurt, and not Brenda's,

and I'm the one who hurt her.

Whatever it is, do it fast.

Harry, can't you teleport
up there and get her?

- Oh, teleport into midair?
- Yeah.

Oh, it's a bit unorthodox,
but yes, I suppose so.




I'm so sorry.

She's lying. Lucy, kill her!



Don't. I was selfish.

I wasn't a loyal friend,

and then I played the
victim, like Brenda,

because I felt excluded.

I kept trying to get you to forgive me,

when what you really needed was space.

And I'm so sorry.

Thank you.


- Whoa.

You again.

Ugh. My head is killing me.

You, um...

Drank a lot of wine coolers tonight.

Wine coolers?

That's a new low.

Wait, what are you doing here?

And why do I feel less mad at you?

We had a talk while you were drunk.

And I'm gonna give you some space.

I would love if we could
be friends again someday.


Whenever you're ready, I'm... I'm here.

♪ Feeling my way through the darkness ♪

♪ Guided by a beating heart... ♪

MEL: So,

how'd it go?

Well, I have to give her some space,

but at least she doesn't hate me.

What about Kappa?

Yeah, it's not happening.

I'm sorry.

I wasn't hearing how
important Kappa was to you.

And we all need lives
outside of being a witch.

And I guess I need to
start rebuilding mine.

I miss Niko.

I miss her so much.

- Oh. Mel.

I can feel how sad you are.

And I can smell how long
you've been wearing that shirt.

I wore this the day we met.

And it's like I don't
want to take it off,

because then it's real, you know?

She's gone.

And that's why I haven't
wanted to look for a new job.

Then I'm really starting a new life...

Without her.

Yeah, it's hard to let go.

But if you don't, then you end up...

A ghost with an Axe to grind?


Macy's at The Haunt.

Let's go.

♪ ♪

Wait. We have to tell Macy
about seeing Mom in the '80s.

She'll be so touched to know
Mom was so worried about her.

God, I almost forgot all that happened.

Hey, we have something to tell you.

Okay if I go first?

Yeah. What is it?

I went to a psychic about Galvin's mark.

Uh, a priestess, really.

She told me I have darkness in me.

She's probably just picking
up on your witchiness.

No, she...

She told me it's been
there since I was born.

Could she be right? I-I've always been

rational, dispassionate.

I thought it was okay to kill Angela Wu.

She was full-on possessed
by the Harbinger of Hell.

Don't be ridiculous, Macy.

That psychic was a quack.

I'm sure you're right.

So, what did you have to tell me?

Oh. Nothing.

It's not important.

Oh, okay.

So, how-how did it go with the Kappas?

They're no longer haunted by a ghost.

MAGGIE: Yeah, and

probably just about
done with initiation.

MEL: Come on.

Let's go home. I have an idea.

♪ Feet don't fail me. ♪


From darkness into light

into the sisterhood we invite

you, Maggie Vera.

- Stop laughing, you're supposed

to be gravely considering your place

in the vaunted Vera
Vera Vaughn sisterhood.

- Vaunted?
- Very vaunted.

[LAUGHS] Please

drink from this ceremonial,

sustainable, reusable water chalice.

With this sip,

you commit to undying loyalty
to the Vera-Vaughns

in the face of joy,

adversity, demons.


By the power

of the pouf, I deem you,

Margarita Emilia Vera,

to have the class of Princess Di.


And the sass of Duchess Fergie.

To be officially inducted

into the most bad ass-iest,

most magical sisterhood around.




What are you doing?

What's with the suitcases?

The Elders have concluded that,
with the Book returned,

you and your sisters
no longer require...

Additional protection.

Back to the condo for me.

MAGGIE: Oh, Harry.

I'm gonna miss you.

Me too, actually.

Me three.

I better be off, then.

MAGGIE: Wait. Not yet.

You're gonna get initiated.

You can be an honorary sister.

- By the power of the pouf.
- Really?

- Boop.

Come on.





Who the hell are you?

And what are you doing with that blood?

No one is authorized
to be in here right now.

I'm the head of this...



Not anymore.


MAMA ROZ: The pillar of your past

holds the key to your darkness.

The pillar.

♪ Maybe it's so gray ♪

♪ The answers I want
for the questions I made ♪

♪ Maybe it's okay ♪

♪ Maybe the only ones
honest are the waves ♪

♪ Maybe... ♪

♪ I spend my time trying to rewind ♪

♪ To change the choices that I made ♪

♪ When all this time I
still find your face ♪

♪ Living in the back of my mind ♪

♪ I'm holding on, I'm holding. ♪