Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 3, Episode 5 - Feral Scream: Part 1 - full transcript

Megatron uses a piece of Rampages spark on a new blank pod in order to resurrect Dinobot as a Transmetal Predacon. While trying to stop him, Cheetor becomes critically injured.

Subtitles by [email protected]

44 Feral Scream - part 1.

Not a ping, blip, or blurp, Big-bot.

Maybe it was just a little frequency
flap from the charge airwaves?

No, it was a beacon.

There's a stasis pod here somewhere.

Then, something must be jamming us.

More like 'someone'

Gee, I wonder who.

Protect that pod with your
life, Waspinator!

Your life!


Hang on, BigBot!
I'll give 'em something to fret about!

No, Cheetor!

Oh no!



Oh no...

And carved into this lofty peak,

where tempest dwells,

a noble birthplace.

It is time.

Yess, mighty Megatron. Yess!

Hey, take it easy with the power pizzas!

Looks like you have trouble

Megatron and Waspinator.

And Rampage.

Er, no... We'd have remember him

I've tuned my scanners to his spark.

The reading is this way!

Wait! You are not to engage
them without back-up!

Do you hear me?


Big water-bat totally shined you!

Seems to be a trend.

You put that protoform at risk, Cheetor!

Wha-? I was trying to save our circuits!

Even so. We don't trade
one life for another.

But it was a blank.

Even if Megs is able to fire it up,
it's just gonna be a Pred!

I can see, how that might make sense,

but right now, Cheetor, it's innocent!

I'm going for repairs.

You get some back-up,
then assist DepthCharge.

Backup... uninstall that.

No matter what some people may think,
this cat can handle a situation.

The clone cells, Waspinator.

Infuse them into their new host.

Yes, Megatron.

Install the transmetal driver.

Yes, master.

And now I bequeath you half a spark,

the very core of a nightmare!

Ah, hungry for life, yess!


Stand by!

Organic Transmetal Unit on-line!

From the tempest's fury, the spark ignites,

to sire new life,

Transmetal II life!

Ahhh, YESS.

Welcome, yess,
welcome Trans-metal II Dinobot;

To a new body, a new mind,

a new allegiance to the Predacons.

Waspinator not like new lizard-bot!

I agree with the bug.

But then, I'm not crazy about any of you!

Ah, we have a guest.

A sterling opportunity to a...
hm, test your mettle, Dinobot.

And to think I was wondering
who to shoot first!

Your spark... it stinks of Rampage!


But it is the spark that keeps on
sparking, unlike yours!

Dinobot, you may start the feast.

Hey! Let me add some hot Cheetor
pepper to spice things up!

Is that... Dinobot?!

Some kind of clone,
trans-metalized with that alien unit.

Now, there's some technology
in the wrong hands.

DepthCharge, go deep!


Communications are still shut

and your systems aren't much better.

You're in no condition to pick a fight.

Fight's been picked.

Where's Cheetor?

Cat was tough...
he went out fighting.

Function scan, all variables.

Data unknown.
Device is of alien manufacture.

Functions has been altered by Megatron.

Transmetal qualities enhanced
beyond known parameters.

Has it, now?

Never again, Megatron...


This is my fault, Rhinox...

I was rough on him, so he...

so he tried to prove something...

Don't give up hope

I'll try and get long
range scanners on-line.

You gave THIS the core of my spark?

I shall rip it from his chest,
and restore it within me!

As you see, that will not be easy.

Besides, only I have the technical
knowledge to accomplish such a fusion.

For now, you must share.

I need your new half
brother for another mission.

Dinobot, the alien transmetal driver.

DepthCharge has it... yess.

Get it back.

Attention! Rampage Spark detected nearby.


Subgrid Zarak Tracking.

Optimus to Rhinox.
Grid Darcerin complete.

No sign of Cheetor,
or the new Dinobot.

The Alien Transmetal driver.


Don't have it.

Too bad for you.

The other equipment has been salvaged
but you took the alien transmetal unit.

Where is it?


Ain't that a kick in the lug nuts.

Heh, snotty little flounder, ain't he.

Let me gut him for you, boss.

No, he's mine.

I shall feast upon his
still pulsating spark.

What is that thing?

I donno, Boss...
Some kind of ghost, maybe.

Or it will be, when I'm done with it!

Here comes poison!


Fire! Fire!

No, you fools!

Re... treat...


What was that thing?

I got through to the others.

They've been warned about the creature-
Whatever it is.

Or who...



Silverbolt and Blackarachnia
are combing sector Tallories.

You join Rattrap in...