Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 3, Episode 4 - Cutting Edge - full transcript

Megatron sends a new fleet of robotic raptors after a tribe of the very first humans. Optimus sends Blackarachnia and Cheetor to protect them.

Subtitles by [email protected]

43 Cutting Egde.

Protect those children!

Hmm... metallurgical analysis shows

that component parts are
made of Cybertronian alloys.

So, Megatron's behind this.

Cloning long-dead raptors,

infusing them with Transmetal technology.

There's possibly others.

Which means...

we could have trouble.

- Door opening.
- Huh?

Door closed.

Hey, watch where you're...

Hey, whoa!

Uh, hi.

Oh, what is this, a military base,

or a day care center for
under-evolved bipeds?

Sorry, they're just here
until we can find their...


Let go of me.

Uh, this is my fault, so lemme help.

Someone needs to escort the
children back to their tribe.


Me? Give the job to someone who can fly.

Hmm... our sensors don't
register organics properly.

Not much chance of locating
the tribe from the air.

The children will have to lead the
way, on foot.

Oh, make my day.

A nature walk?

A dangerous one, but necessary.

The cyber-raptors are Megatron's handiwork,

and you know Megatron better than anyone.

Having been his
little eight legged lieutenant...

Rattrap, be quiet.

Terrific - me and the
junior forest rangers.

I'll accompany her.

Negative - you've sustained damage.

And besides, I want Blackarachnia's
full attention on the job at hand.

I'll go with her.


The rest of us will stay here.

We've got plenty of work to do
installing the defense systems.

Is it just me,

or is our boy looking
particularly bushy-tailed today?

Eh, it's the web lady I'm wonderin' about.

Call me paranoid, but I don't trust Preds,

I don't trust spiders,

and I don't trust dames who
sneak in and out of classified areas

when they think nobody's watching.

What are you saying?

'M sayin' that our little spider chum...

is a credit to her web spinnin' species,

and I don't know what
we ever did without her.

That way, huh?

Don't bug me, kid, your forehead slopes.

Yesss, very good.

The prey is in the field.

So let the hunt begin.

Ready? Hang on.


Oh, they're only young once,
but they can act juvenile forever.

Hmm... can't get a reading.

Ho ho, totally cute.

She wants to be you!

Let's get this straight, okay?

I'm a black widow spider,

I don't make friends,

I can't stand kids,

and I truly despise... cute.

Oh, pointless.

How do you squelch someone
who communicates in cave paintings?

She just thinks you're kinda cool.

And... you know what?

Don't... even... start.

Look out!

You like this little maneuver?

Two choices.

One, bail out of here
like any self-respecting spider,

or two...

play little miss hero,
like some sort of pathetic warm-blood.

Ugh! Sometimes I disgust myself.

Here's the plan -

- you fly the brats back to base,

then come and get me.

Not gonna work. I can't fly.

My jets got damaged in the fall.

Oh, great.

I get stuck with the one cat in the world
who lands on his head.

Cheetor to Optimus, we got a problem here.

Blackarachnia to anyone, come in.

Someone's jamming our signals...

and three guesses who that would be.

My humble self, indeed.

The traitoress can now be
destroyed, Royalty,

and the cat as well.

Yesss, but not too quickly,

for I have a greater plan in mind.

Waspinator, Tarantulas, to your mission.

With pleasure, Megatron.

A chance to field-test an amusing
little device I've developed.

And a few companions, to amuse you further.

Cry havoc! And let slip the dogs of war!

Cheetor, Blackarachnia, do you read me?

Something has gone wrong,

she is in danger, I... I can feel it.

Eh, maybe the two of them
just decided to take a little break.

If that innuendo were not
beneath my contempt, rodent,

you would be required to give satisfaction!

I forget,

did he talk like this before,

or did fallin' in love do
somethin' to his circuits?

I don't like this either.

I'm gonna fly out and have a look around.

I'm coming with you.

I can handle it, Silverbolt.

Besides, you're needed here.

If my lady is in danger,

then my place is at her side.

As you wish.

You two stay here,
and double check the defenses.

Eh, typical,

who gets stuck with all the work?

The rat gets stuck with all the work,

while everyone else goes
on a slaggin' picnic.

Ah, exactly as I anticipated.

The base is under-manned,

and unprotected, ours for the asking.

Aw, now we ain't gonna ask, are we?

Hows about we just blast our way in there,

and slag everybody and TAKE IT!

Mmm... okay.

Predacons! Terrorize!

That's where you live, is it?

Well then, we'll have you
home before you know it.

Stay down.

Hang on, my soul's delight.


Bigbot! Are you a sight for sore eyes!

What is it?

Some sort of... transmetal... YAAAHHHH!


Oh, man, looks like we got company!

Quickstrike, you may lead.

Yeah! That's what I like to hear!

Royalty, why was I not chosen?

Because, Inferno,
when expecting booby traps...

always send a boob in first.

Autoguns online!

Looks like we're gonna get a
little slaggin' in after all.

Looks like we don't have a choice.

Well look at this...

a pair of pint-sized knuckle-draggers.


Oh, heart of my heart, I saw!

You were ready to sacrifice yourself!

It was an accident, okay? I slipped.

Rattrap to Optimus.

I hate to interrupt your picnic,

but we got big Pred problems.

Just hang on, Rattrap.

You and Rhinox are our last hope.

Defend the...

defend the

there his is, my little guy.

There he is... my little guy.

Isn't he cute?

That's not what I wanted to hear.


Oh boy...

Oh no! Down raptor, bad raptor!

That's it!

Attack their cyber-controls.

That's where they're vulnerable!

Oh no!

Megatron, Waspinator report... failure.

Uh! Worthless bug!

Inferno, Rampage, prepare to take hostages.

The Ark is ours! It... aaahhh!

Predacons! Retreat!

Big Preds are my specialty.

Not too shabby.

Eh, still smells like fish.

There'll be time for a good
close look at these in private.

Uh, that was incredible,

the way you saved those kids' lives.

Are you bots going to
drop this sooner or later?

And I really thought, you know,

we made a pretty good team, didn't we?

Listen, tabby.

You're a nice kid...

which is two strikes against you.

So don't go lookin' for strike three, okay?

I'm not a kid.

And maybe I'm not so nice, either.

Ah, a near success.

My Transmetal II technology works,

but it proves unstable without a spark.

Oh, however, as it happens,

I have half a one to spare.