Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 3, Episode 6 - Feral Scream: Part 2 - full transcript

Cheetor's exposure to Megatron's machine is beginning to change him into a Beast Mutant.

Subtitles by [email protected]

45 Feral Scream - part 2.

Hey, Optimus, how's our boy?

Finally asleep
despite the damage.

I don't understand why he
won't use the CR-Chamber.

Well, maybe he's tryin' to prove something?

I think it goes deeper than that...

Scan report?

- All grids quiet.
- Let's hope it stays that way.

See you in the morning.

Quiet enough for a little rat-nap.

This won't hurt a bit.

Just gonna see what makes you tick.

No, please! Let me out!

I think he's afraid.

No, I just don't want to!

Optimus! Where's Optimus?

Zap him!

Yuhh... Look at that!

It's hideous!

I'll protect you from that...

ugly creature!

Just a dream...

Not real...

Oh, what the cold boot is that?

Holy slag!

Rattrap! What happened?!

Some kinda cyber-mutant nearly
dismantled my butt, that's what happened!

Optimus, it was big,
it was ugly!

It got Cheetor...

That sound...

I've heard it before.

Well, someone's out for
little moon-light stroll

at mach 2.

And that someone... is familiar.

Zoom in and magnify.

A transmetal II!

As I suspected.

That meddling feline destroyed my system.

AND improved himself in a process!


That creature is mine...

Bring him in!

I... I must...


How did I get here?


No! It didn't happen!

Couldn't have!

What am I?

What's happening to me?

Any sing of our Tabby?

No. Not so much as a whisker.

Your... concern... does you credit.

I'm fool of surprises.

You found nothing?

I was up close an' personal
with that freak-bot,

and I am tellin' ya: Spots is spare parts!

Don't give up so easily, Rattrap.

So far we've found nothing.

What that mean, is open to interpretation.

Well, if you got a theory,
I'm sure we'd all like to hear it.

No, not till I'm certain.

Now get some rest, all of you.

We'll resume the search in two cycles.

Replay security hologram,

section 0058 to 0063.

Freeze hologram...

You wanted to see me?

What happend to Cheetor
on that mountain top?

And I mean, what REALLY happened.

You hauled me in to ask THAT?

Aks the cat.

I'm asking you!

Then you're wasting your time!

You listen, hardhead,

Cheetor is gone,
and I think you know something,

so you will talk,
or I will rip out your core processor

and extract the information personally!

Well, since you asked so nicely.

Your little kitty-cat
ripped some kind of alien gizmo off

of Megatron's organic transmetal unit.

Did he succeed?

Yeah, but the unit was already activated.

He was caught in the overload.

I already destroyed the gizmo.

I'm sorry.

I didn't know that was what he'd become.

Wapinator detects stink
of unnatural transmetal.

Waspinator exclude present company.

I will subdue and retrieve the target.

Wait! Need plan!

Waspinator in charge!

I am the plan.

Target has fled... for now.

Rattrap, you and Silverbolt
will take grid Alpha-two.

Havin' a picnic without me?

He-hey! Spots!

Eh', you're lookin' good, heh.

You know... for a dead-bot.

Cheetor, where have you been?

Sorry, Big-Bot. I was uh...

taking care of that monster
that tried to recycle me.


Oh, y-y-yeah, yeah!

It won't be bothering us again.

You can count on that!


Well, since that's taken care of,
no point in keeping you two.

Cheetor and I will be in after
I've examined the cyber creature's...


I don't see why we have to do this.

Don't you trust me?

Normally? Yes.

But at the moment
I think you're hiding something.

I'm not hiding ANYTHING!

Why is everyone giving me such a hard time?

Because we care

and because I think I know the truth.

I just want you to trust
me enough to tell me.

All right, all right,

It's like this...

Cheetor, look out!

BigBot! NO!

No! Optimus!

Oh, Lizard-bot stand aside now.

Waspinator will take kitty-bot to Megatron.

Cheetor... watch out for the other bot!

Which bot?

Oh, you mean this bug right here?

You hurt my friend, freak-bot.

Yes, and now I shall neutralize you.

I don't think so.

In fact, I think it is
time to shred some Pred.

This is Optimus we need back-up!

I think...

This is not over...

Silverbolt, no!

That's Cheetor!


Yeah... Pussy-cat used up his first live,

now he's on his second.

The transition's been rough.

His beast-mode is still feral.

Looks like he can't get out of it.

He'll learn.

He just needs a little
guidance at the moment.

If I could just reach his spark.

Easier said than done.

Easy... Easy Cheetor.
Use your spark. Get control.

Yeah. Nobody's going to hurt you.

Us I'm not so sure about.

We're here, Cheetor,
all of us, your friends!

We know you can do it!

Do it, Cheetor, MAXIMIZE!


Yes! You did it!

Optimus! Back off, okay?

Yer embarrassing me!

You lookin' at somethin'?

Oh joy! Cyber-puberty!

So, this is the new improved Cheetor.

Yeah, this is it.

Teach me to pull the plug
on Megs' machinery, huh?

It's got some nice features.

I could get used to it.

Yeah? I mean, uh, whatever.

Uh, don't let it go to your
processor, Blondie.

I'm just saying that a Transmetal
2 body doesn't look too bad.

Huh? Like I care what it looks like.

It shreds Preds, okay?

That's the spirit.

Oh, yeah.

I think I like it!

So do I