Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 3, Episode 2 - Deep Metal - full transcript

A Maximal, named Depthcharge, crash lands on Earth as during his search for Protoform X aka Rampage.

Subtitles by [email protected]

41 Deep Metal.

Aww, SLAG!

How soon before we're operational?

With nothing to work
with but salvaged parts?

I'm making no promises.

Rhinox, we have to hold
the line as long as we can.

But if the Maximal Elders
don't send the rescue ship soon,

we may have to change our strategy.

If the Elders were going to send a ship,

it would have been here by now.
You now that.

I'm not sure what I know any
more, old friend.

None of us are quite
who we were when we began this war.

And neither is our universe.

This sector has been declared
forbidden by order of the High Council.

Slag the High Council.

Give me a quantum scan.

That would contradict
program directive, 9-3...

Just do it.


Scan positive.

Energy signature of Protoform X detected.

Yes. Lock on and follow.

Attention! Anomaly detected dead ahead.

Reverse course.

What... ugh.. A Pit's going on?

Temporal anomaly vortex.

Affecting all systems.

Analyzing: Now.

Inferno to the Royalty
We are in position.

Begin the exercise, Sub-commander.

I will attack the Fuzor and
the traitor to out colony,

drawing Optimus out.

When he joins the battle,

target him with all your firepower.


Hmmm! Hardly a difficult concept, is it?

Just follow my orders, drone!


Someone's... coming.

Someone... I remember.

Cheetor to Optimus, do you copy?

What is it, Cheetor?

I'm in grid Alpha-7.

Something's coming out of the sky.

Something hot!

Follow it, Cheetor!

And stay in touch, I'm on my way.

This could be what we've been waiting for.

Let's hope so.

Open blast doors.

Rampage, prepare to fire.


Burn, Maximals!

A StarHopper!


This game's not for you, kitty.

Cheetor to Optimus, we got... AWW!

Now it's you and I... Old friend.

Activating emergency transformation.

Scanning: Now.

Scan complete.

Activating transformation sequence.

Alert! Protoform X detected.

Vector 9-5-8.

He's here.

DepthCharge, maximize!

Launch remote scanner.

Reading: Unknown maximal signature
vector 7-5-6.

It's some kind of cat-bot.

Then I'd bet it's not enjoying the water.

Unit Inferno disabled.

Unable to locate unit Rampage.

Looks like sub-commander-bug an'

ol' Crab-cake got their
keisters kicked, boss.

Waspinator, salvage Inferno.

Inferno blow up, Waspinator must salvage.

Waspinator blow up, nobody salvage.

Oh, why universe hate Waspinator?

Find Rampage.

I want to know how he's
eluding my scanners.

Felling all right, pussy cat?

Who, the spotted heck, are you?

Name's DepthCharge.

Alert! Remote scanner detects Protoform X
vector 3-6-8.

Gotta go.

Protoform X is waiting,
and I don't want to disappoint him.

Protoform X? E-he-hey, Hold on!

Cheetor to Optimus.

Great, that dunking fault my comlink.

Jets on.

I hate water.

Computer, where is he?

Vector 0-0-0.

There's nothing there but rocks.

Greetings, old playmate!
So glad you could come!


I'm called Rampage now.

A bit obvious, but to the point,
don't you think?

Your pain is lovely,

but where is your terror?

It would make this so much more amusing.

Just like our little party on Omicron.

You want amusing, creep.

Come on, Optimus, what's taking you?

Now I've seen everything...

You're trickier than before.

I like that.

BigBot! Down here!

Cheetor, what happened?

Rampage blind-sided me.

And then this weird fish-bot saved my hide

and swam outta here
looking for Protoform X!

Said his name was DepthCharge.


Alert! Protoform X still functional.

Activate defense systems.

Ignore the pain.
It's only gonna get worse!

I'm flattered you chased me so far -

- But then it was you who caged me
the last time, wasn't it?

This time,
I won't bother with a cage, creep.

I'll fillet you for that.

You've got a few new tricks, too.

Rampage, attack!

This is for colony Omicron.

Warning: Activate repair
sequence immediately.

Let's finish it, X.

Not so fast, hombre!

That crab may be ugly, but he's a Predacon.

To slow.


It's him.

Let's get him back to base.

What about...

I think he's had enough... for now.

So, ah, who is this herring any way?

DepthCharge was in charge of
security for colony Omicron.

Protoform X escaped there...
and leveled the colony.

Only DepthCharge survived.

From then on,
DepthCharge hunted Protoform X.

After four stellar cycles
he brought him back to Cybertron.

He asked the High Council
to find a way to destroy his spark.

They turned him over to us instead.

DepthCharge wasn't too
happy with the decision.

Eh, so he's got a lot of angst.

The question is: How he'd get here?

Repair cycle complete.

Now's our chance to ask.

What the Pit are you?

I guess I've changed since we last
met, DepthCharge.


Alert! Protoform X still functional.

I'm Cheetor. Thanks for
pulling me out of the water.

Go chase some mouse.

Talk about rude...


Why are YOU here, Primal?

We were about to ask you the same thing.

I have no idea.

Some kind of anomaly trashed my ship.

I was searching the
galaxy for your mistake.

We have bigger problems here, DepthCharge.

Good Then X is mine again.

- Wait!
- Back off, Primal.

You blew it, just as I told
the High Council you would.

Stubborn as ever.

Let 'em go. The Preds will change his mind,

or make him into fish sticks.

I don't like him much either,

but his still Maximal.

It can't be...

It's the Arc.

And this is Earth.

You've traveled back in time.

Yeah, a few million
stellar cycles back in time.

And Megatron and his Preds
are trying to slag the Autobots.

It's not a joke.

We're in a war to save our own future

and we could use your help.

You want my help?

I still have your first mess to clean up!

Now, where's the way out?

What's with him?

Probably rust.

DepthCharge, let it go!

You're not responsible
for what X did on Omicron,

and neither am I.

Stop looking for revenge
and do something to help.

It's not revenge I'm looking for.

It's justice.

Open the doors.

X is not alone.

He's a Predacon now,
under Megatron's control.

There are six of them.

I got to hand it to you, Primal.

When you screw up, you do it big time.

But thanks for the tip.

So, you think he'll come back?

There was a time he would never have left.

Rampage changed that.

It was really so very
nice of you to come...

So glad you could stay,

Oh, we'll have such fun, oh yeah!