Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 3, Episode 1 - Optimal Situation - full transcript

Having destroyed Optimus Prime, Megatron believes that his victory over the Maximals has been accomplished, until Prime's life is saved by a very unlikely source. The Maximals rush to save their ancestor, which means putting his spark into the body of Optimus Primal, thus upgrading him to "Optimal Optimus." In this state of vulnerability, Megatron orders the destruction of the Maximal base, thus forcing the Maximals to move into the Ark to forever protect their ancestors.

Subtitles by [email protected]

40 Optimal Situation.

Farewell, Maximals!

With the destruction of Optimus Prime,

the Decepticons and Predacons

now take their rightful places

as rulers of Cybertron!

I, Megatron, have triumphed, yess.


You forget,

I was a Maximal protoform!

Teletran 1, activate!


Stay by me!

Whatever this storm is, I will protect you!

Oh, Bowser-boy,

you have no idea what you're dealing with!

Just shut up, and follow me!

What are you doing?

It's not what I'm doing,

it's what I'm undoing!

Auxiliary life support, on.

It's... done!

The... time storm.

It... it appears to stabilized somewhat.

But Big Mac here's still fading!

Reality is still in flux!

Silverbolt, what...

Well, that's just prime.

Or what's left of him, anyway.

He's our ancestor,
we've got to get him repaired!

Or we're goners.

We'll never make it.

His spark is already joining the Matrix.

With the repair trauma,
we'll lose it for sure!

Then we'll have to move it.

His spark can't exist
outside a living body!

I know.

What are you, nuts?

You can't hold two sparks in your body!

This spark has the Matrix with it!

It's too powerful!

Like we have a choice?


Get that repair equipment online!

Attention! Waspinator, Inferno!

We must finalize our victory!

Converge in my position!

Coming, my Queen!


This technology is 4 million years old!

It takes time!

Time you don't have, she-spider!

You'll have to shoot through me, rodent!

Don't tempt me!

Knock it off!

We've got bigger problems.

BigBot, what's happening to you?

Attention all Predacons.

Pull yourselves together.

Our situation has altered.

Circuit regeneration to maximum!

Gotta love these old machines.

Crude, but the...
the parts are cheap.


Check out Big Bot!

Big Bot...

how do you feel?

In a word?


But not for long, no!

This has been but a temporary delay.

Open fire!

Not here!

Do you understand?

Take it outside!

Rhinox, keep those repairs going!

Ah, I see we have a new
Optimal Optimus to deal with.

And carrying Prime's spark as well.

"I said outside!"

You wouldn't dare fire in here!

It might upset history!

We'd have 4 million years
to clean you off the walls, Megatron.

I might risk it.

I will protect you, Royalty!

No, Inferno! Not this time.

This is not the end of
it, Optimal Optimus, no.

The Universe cowered once
at the name of Megatron,

and it shall do so again!

Freedom is the right of all
sentient beings, Megatron.

Then they'd better stay out of my way!

Oh, for bootin' up cold,
will you just shoot him?

I'm trying not to resort to that.

Then I will!


Waspinator, cover fire, do it!

This place remains a target, Optimus!

I will be back!

Our base!

It's unguarded!

Don't let him escape!

You heard him! Move, move!

I can handle this!


Already gone, Bonehead!

What's say we do the same?

Congratulations, Maximals,

you shall have the honor
of becoming the first cybertronian fossils.

Oh, man!

I hate to say it,

but we're trapped like rats!

Stay close, Maximals.

It's time to transform, and roll out!


Well, what did you expect,

you metal megalomaniac?

That I would die for your insane ambition!?

Then or now, Blackarachnia,

there will be no more betrayals!


They're headed for our base!

Which means no time to lose!

Cheetor, you're with me!

Jumpin' gyros!

Optimus sure learns a new body fast.

Well, what do you expect?

He changes them often enough.

Now get moving!

On reconstruction: Commencing.

Just a few more cycles should do it.

Now, if Optimus can bring
that spark in one piece...

Yo, Big Green, I don't mean to interrupt,

but I think Birddog's got
ah, situation here.


Oh, dark poison of my heart,

abide with me yet awhile.

You've got a way with words, Rover.

You almost make me wish
I was a better girl.

But you are.

For at the last moment you
made a stand against evil.

I was saving my own shell.

And with it, the Universe!

And me.

Understand this, like never before,

my life, my heart are now yours.

You really mean it, don't you?

With all my spark.

Blackarachnia, please, join me.

In this last dark moment,

say that you will be a Maximal!

For you, Rover, I join your side.

But as a Predacon, good-bye.

Blackarachnia. Nooooo!

Yeesh! Where's my cyber-violin?

Very touching, Silverbolt,

but she's just in Stasis Lock.

Yeah. So, if you can stop crushing her

to your manly torso plate for a while,

what's say we start the repairs?!


Yes, very well.

Hurry back with that spark, Optimus,

or none of this will have mattered at all.

OH? Oh no!

It's over now, Megatron!

Is it?

Rampage, as I instructed, NOW!


Talk about your crispy ice-cold slag...

Whatdo we do now, BigBot?

For now... regroup.

And return our precious cargo
to it's rightful vessel.

He's back in normal stasis

and reality has been restored.

Yeah. Now all we've got to do

is keep it that way for the
next couple of million years.

Sheesh, no problem.

Rattrap is correct.

The first thing we have to do, Maximals...


And Predacon,

is fortify this place

Megatron will be back.

So start rounding up
all of the salvage you can find...

We're moving in