Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 3, Episode 3 - Changing of the Guard - full transcript

The Maximal's try to recover Sentinel from the old base remains. But the Predacons have the same idea.

Subtitles by [email protected]

42 Changing of the Guard.

One last connection, and we should be able

to use Teletran-1's force
field to protect the base.

Let's hope so.

The Preds have been blowing holes
in our doors on a daily basis.

Eh, what do you expect them to do?

Ring the doorbell?

Ready, Rhinox?

So far, so...

Autobot tech is different from ours.

Mixing the two is... tricky.

Well, so much for Plan A.

Does that mean that there's a Plan B?

We have to salvage Sentinel.

Are you loopy?

The Axalon's in itty bitty pieces.

And uh, under water.

Which is why we'll need special help.

Optimus to Silverbolt, do you copy?

Silverbolt here.

Any sign of DepthCharge yet?

I am afraid not.

I believe he may be inside
Megatron's jamming field.

Hmm... abort search and
return to base immediately.

Oy, so much for Plan B.

I knew we couldn't count on
that waterlogged wirehead.

There might be another way...

Heh, what the heck is it...

besides ugly?

It's a sub-aquatic stealth
vessel, garbage-breath.

It's powered completely by hand

no noise, no energy signature.


It should do the job.


So when do I leave?

YOU don't.

Ohhhhh, no!

If you think that I'm getting
inside that Predacon beach ball,

you got your wires
crossed, fearless leader.

BlackArachnia wouldn't
know what to look for,

and you're the only one
small enough to fit in it.

No way!

I ain't no water rat.

Without a shield program to guard the base,

we're trapped in a defensive position.

This war could go on forever.

We'll never get back to Cybertron.

Aw, you just had to say the "C"
word, didn't you?

Okay, okay.

What are you grinning about, Litter Butt?

I was just thinking,

with you inside,
that would make a swell cat toy.


We're approaching the target area.

How are you faring in there, Rattrap?

I'm... I'm cramped,

I'm airsick,

and the next time that big ape
asks me to do something for him,

man, I'm going to shove my
blaster so far up his...

Target dead ahead. Prepare for drop.


Can't we talk this...

Oh man, oh man, oh man,

this thing had better work!

Hey, uh... hey!

This is kinda... cool.

Silverbolt to Rattrap.

What is your status?

Hoo-hoo! Just call me Ratfish.

Looks like that Pred friend of
yours finally did something right.

Yes, my beloved has many skills.

Do you see any sign of wreckage?

Yeah, plenty of it.

All in itty bitty... hold on.

I think we just got lucky.

You found Sentinel?

Could be. I've located the ship.

I'm going in to check it out.

Just give me a few nano-clicks.

Standing by.


No way it could be this easy.


Heh heh, get a hold of yourself,

it's just some kinda nutty snake thing,

nothing to panic about.

Now... it's time to panic.

How droll. Rat in a can.

Rattrap to Silverbolt,

I got a situation here!

Rattrap! I am not reading you!

What's wrong?

Come out, come out. Time to play.

You wanna play, creep?

Try me!

Hoo-hoo! DepthCharge!

Oh, man, I never thought I'd
be glad to see him again.

Better clear the area, mouse.

X and I play rough.

No can do, Captain Minnow.

I'm on a mission.

But you keep that crab off
my back for a few cycles,

and I will be outta your way.

Deal, but make it quick.

Rattrap! Come in!
What's going on down there?

Ah, yes, what indeed?

Megatron to Inferno.

What is your command, Royalty?

Well, it seems that
something has interfered

with the Maximal attempt
to salvage Sentinel.

Move into designated positions.

Yes, Royalty.

This is the last time you'll
interfere with my fun.

Big talk for a crab cake.

Oh, man, nothing like comfortable
working conditions to motivate you.

Hoo-hoo! Got it!

Oh, man, time to blow the
ballast and get outta here!

Ah! There he is!

Well, where the heck you been, Bird Dog?

You got Sentinel. Oh, good work!

What happened down there?

What happened?

Rampage happened!

Him and DepthCharge are dukin' it out
on the bottom of the lake right now.

Now, heh heh, pull me outta here, will ya?

Yes, uh, yes, of course.

This load is rather heavy!

Waspinator help!

Waspinator one, doggy-bot zippo!

Rampage terrorize!

Now where did he...

Buried and helpless - life is good.

Come out, come out...

Shoulda looked closer... sucker.

Comin' at ya... X.

Get this here to the boss, bug-eyes.

I'll clean up these here Maxis.

Sentinel make Megatron happy,

make Waspinator happy too.

Sure was nice o' them bots
to bring 'er up for us,

just like the boss said they would.

Let's finish this on dry land.

I'll give your regards to sugar-bot.

What the slaggin'...

I... I been lookin' everywhere for ya.

Quickly! We must... pursue Waspinator.

Outta my way, I got a job to finish.

NO! Waspinator has the
Sentinel Control Module.

If Megatron gets his hands on it...

That's your war. I've got my own.

Perhaps you should remember
what it means to be a Maximal,

if you dare call yourself that again!

Ehh, save your voice box, Bolt.

He's got what he wants.

Come on, let's get after Waspinator.


Megatron will reward Waspinator
for victory over Maximals.

Maybe gives Waspinator vacation!

Hmm... yeah, looks like the
module's slowin' him down.

Hey, you got enough left for a power dive?

Why, yes, but what...

Just get as close as you can.

Waspinator having good day.

Not get shot once.

Let's do it!

Hoo-hoo! Hey, we sure buzzed his beehive!

Hey, nice flyin', Bolt!

Give me the module or buuurrrn, Maximal!

You want it, Predacon? Here it is.

I'm tired of carrying it.

No tricks, or I'll destroy you.

I'll take that!

Stand and fight, vermin!

Oh yeah? Shrivel up and die, ant!

Sounds like Primal's bozos got trouble.

DepthCharge, maximize!

Hoo-hoo! We did it!

Let's get this gizmo back to base.

Ha ha ha haaaaa! Sentinel is ours!

The Royalty will be pleased!

Oh, man! We almost had it!

Man! If it wasn't for
this fish-faced crab cook,

we'd have Sentinel right now.

It was an accident.

Oh yeah? When Bolt asked you for
help, you turned him down.

Was that an accident too?

Is that true?

I was kinda busy with Rampage.

If you weren't damaged,
I'd scramble your circuits.

Don't let that stop you, Primal.

Aw, let me take him, Optimus!

I knew saving your hide was a mistake.


Doh, well, yeah,
technically he did kinda do that.


Looks like you did give
us some help after all.

Don't go gettin' all gushy on me.

I'm not!

You also cost us a major
strategic advantage.

That's why you can't continue
to act as an independent.

We need you, Maximal.

I'll think about it.

This crew sure needs something.

Sentinel, online!