Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 2, Episode 3 - Coming of the Fuzors, Part 2 - full transcript

The Maximals are being overrun by the Predacons and the new Fuzors. Will Silverbolt's wavering allegiance and a surprise return save the Maximals?

Subtitles by [email protected]


Whooaoaa man...!

Times like this I really
miss th' boss monkey!

I'll fly overhead!
Get the drop on 'em!

An excellent flanking manuever.

Yeah, with just one teensy little problem.

Well, a bot can hope, can he not?


Excellent! Reinforcements have arrived!

Prepare for a full attack!


We outnumber them more than two to one!


We have twice their firepower!


We should give them a chance to surrender!

Mmmmmmmm... no.

Question my command again

and I will tear you limb
from mismatched limb, fuzor.

I wish the enemy destroyed
quickly and without mercy.

Would anyone else like to object?



Does it hafta be quick?

Once we cripple 'em I'd kinda like
t' enjoy their sufferin' fer a while.

I like how you think, Quickstrike.

But business before pleasure.

Spread out!
And keep them pinned!

Second warning.

Unit Rhinox's core consciousness
grows dangerously distant.

Chances of return decreasing...

Hurry, witch!

This cannot keep Megatron occupied forever!

What is taking so long!?

Uhh! Well, if you told me
what we're supposed to be looking for...

The Golden Disks!

Dinobot took them!

Fool! Megatron would have
made a backup copy... ah!

Yes! He stored it in his
private records... there!


Quickly! See if any of
the data can be recovered!

To whom is that underhanded
arachnid speaking?

I detect no radio transmissions...

These Maximals are fools!

We've flanked their position!

They should retreat -
but still they fight!

The Maximals are many things,
but fools they are not.

They're trying to prevent
us from reaching their base!

Waspinator! Silverbolt!

Take to the air and circle wide!

Converge on the Maximal base! And hurry!

Uh oh.

Megatron has deduced our strategy,
such as it was.

Yeah, well now we need a new
one, an' pronto!

'Cause if those two make it
to the base before we do...

Rhinox is one dead battery!

Unit Rhinox core conciousness fading...

Time's... running out.

But it's got to... be here... in...

the other side of the Matrix!

We got to stop 'em from reaching the base!

Your department, skycat.

Fire up! We'll be right behind ya!

My weapon is depleted.

I need a running start...

Crimeny, the pair o' ya!
I got to do EVERYTHING!?

As for you... hop on!

Waspinator is in command!

Waspinator will lead!

Well, since you're the one
who knows the way, go ahead! Lead on!

You not tell Waspinator what to do!

Waspinator in command!

Okay, fine. What is your command?

Doggybot follow Waspinator.

Waspinator will lead.

To think that a warrior
must become a... a rat patrol.

You just handle that firehose, fenderhead,

and leave th' drivin' t' us!

They're running!
All Predacons advance!

We're moving.

Have you found anything of importance yet?

Most of the recent records
have been scrambled.

There might be some earlier trax...

What is it!?

Tell me what you've found!

- What is it?
- No!

Do not resist me, witch!
Let me see!


Yo, Legs!


For a second anyway... computer!

Download and triple-encrypt, start!

Uhhh... Blackarachnia!

What did you discover!?
Answer me, witch!

The datatrax were boobytrapped, I'm afraid.

It's completely destroyed. Shame.

Sentinal! Stand down!

Autoguns online!

Unknown signature detected.

Silverbolt... TERRORIZE... AGH!

Don't even move.

Hey, cloud-kitty!

Woulda been here sooner
if Dino-butt wasn't such a porker...

The vilest ride of my life.

So get on with it. Destroy me.


It's not what Optimus would have done.

Pah! Maximal sentiment.

I must have been defective to defect.

Get bowser-boy to the
CR chamber for repairs.

I'll check on Rhinox.

Rhinox! RHINOX!


Uhh... am I back?

Th' machine said so
but ya had me worried for a second.

Where'd ya go, anyway?

Where... all are one.

Oh, well a... What!?

I'll explain later.

Let's just hope my trans-ion trail
lasts long enough!

We've got a full-scale Pred attack!
And the shields are failing!

Oh great. We're all gonna die.

It happens.

But miracles happen too.
Let's go.

All Predacons! OPEN FIRE!

Shield failure in 18 millicycles.

It's us or the Preds now.

Ya know my vote!

Predacons! ATTACK!

Comes... the dawn.

And... our doom.

Move out, Predacons.

We've waited a long time for this, yes.

Let us be close enough to enjoy it.

At least... we go.. With honor.

Finish it.

Well, that's just prime.

Big bot!?

Yes! It worked!

Primal! Destroy him!

My turn.

- All right!
- Go Big Bot!

Flight is no longer your
advantage, Optimus!

Your turn to burn, Optimus Primal.

Hello and goodby,
Transmetal Optimus Primal!


Consider that my resignation
from the Predacons, Megatron!

I know now that my place
was always with the Maximals.

May I join you?

Well, I like your resume.

So the alien explosion did this, eh?

How do the new bodies
handle Energon buildup?

Not an issue 'round here, Big Bot!

This sector of the planet got
the full force of the alien beam.

All the energon locally
was either detonated

or transformed to stable Energon cubes.

As for the rest of the planet -

- we'll have to wait for Tigatron's report.

In the meantime,
I've got a lot of catching up to do.

People to meet, things to do.

Specifically, to have Rattrap
clear all his junk out of my quarters.


Opportunistic vermin!

Come on! Gimme a break, willya?

Th' guy was dead!

So. Dinobot took the disks.

And destroyed my backup.

But we are blessed with
your complete recovery.

I exist only to serve you, Megatron.

Yes. And my backup datatrax.

You're sure that nothing
could be recovered from them?

Yes! Nothing at all!?

As you see.
Completely destroyed.


Well. We enter a new phase
of the Beast Wars, then.

Future developments should
prove very interesting.

Yes. Very interesting indeed!