Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 2, Episode 2 - Coming of the Fuzors, Part 1 - full transcript

Two stasis pods give birth to a new breed of Transformer: the Fuzors, robots with two animals mixed together in their beast form. Megatron has recruited both for the Predacon cause.

Subtitles by [email protected]

28 Coming Of The Fuzors - part 1.

Two stasis pods down in Dleta quadrant.

We must hurry, Inferno, yess.

One moon now...

those markings...

Waspinator knows!

Maximal infrared signature detected.

Signature detection negative.

Proximity alert! Prox...

Ahh. The disks!

Worthless bug!

You saw the moon?

Yes! One moon now!

Planet changed! And that means...

Earth. Yes.

It means Megatron was right.

And the disks...

Give record of the future!
Ultimate power!

But Megatron has guarded!

Lizard-bot and Waspinator team up?

Get disks together!

An excellent idea.

Lizard-bot think so?

You go first.

Huh? NO!


What's going on here!?

He's taking the disks! Stop him!

Ugh! Forget it!

He's leaving and I'm not
risking MY body to go after him!

Fool! Those disks are more valuable than...

Never mind... for now.

I see the equipment we need.

Easy! That's my body there!

Oh sure. Don't mind Waspinator.

Waspinator just lie here and suffer.

Drag himself to CR tank.

Not fair, always picking on me...

At least this one fell
where we could see it.

Yeah, but two more dropped
into Pred territory.

And who knows where the others landed?

That's what Airazor and I
are going to find out.

After you, my lady.

Keep the fuel rods warm.
We'll be in touch.

Journey well, friends.

You are part of this planet.
Let its heart guide your own.

Be careful, big cat.

Always, little cat.

Gah. You both goin' soft
in the circuits or what?

Come on! Why we lettin' this guy snooze?

Let's crack th' egg and say hello!

Not this one.

It's a blank.
A protoform without a Spark.

Aw man! If that don't cut th' cheese.

What good's that do us?

None... at the moment.
We can only hope

that Megatron is having no better luck

with the protoforms that landed near him.

Critical scanner damage

replication error

datatrax not recoverable.

Well! Looky what we got here!

Who are you?

For that matter...

Who am I?

I dunno, pal.

But I'll tell ya one thing I do know.

An' that is... I bet I can thrash yer tail!


Ya heard me! Come on, fuzz an' feathers!

You an' me, we's gonna tangle!
Right here, right now!

For the Royalty!

Tarnation! Another one
thinks he's tougher'n me!

We've done nothing to him.

Surely there's been a misunderstanding...

Yeah! Ol' blender-butt there misunderstands
my need to kick his keister!

Fool! Pain is my friend!
Allow me to introduce you to it!

Now, that's just dirty fighting.
Hey, you!

You've had your fun -
now leave him alone!

Oh look, a hero! My favorite!

Ah, me. Such entertainment, yes.

But I suppose, while they are distracted,
I should attend to business.

Computer! Access the new
creatures' activation commands.

Quickly! While their security
circuits are still offline.


Insolent ones!
Burn in the fires of Inferno!

Goodbye bad cop, hello good cop. Yes.

I am Megatron.

A simple misunderstanding. I do apologize.

I knew it!

What, you trust this tin horn toad?

Why should he not?

We are all Predacons, If your datatrax
had not been damaged in the crash,

you would know this yourselves.

You blow a pretty tune, stranger.

But it's still hot air to me,
lessn' ya can back yer claim.

But of course, my good, uh...

Call me Quickstrike.

An' good's got nothin' t'do with it.

I think my name's... Silverbolt.

Yes. Pure. Strong. And fast.

Ahem. Yes. Excellent.

In any case, Quickstrike, and, uh...

my proof is a simple one.

Just speak aloud the
Predacon activation code:


There. You see?

Now hold on.

Ya mean all's I got to do is say.

"Quickstrike, terrorize" and... AAAGH!

And there you have it.

New form, new weapons... new opportunity.

Silverbolt... Terrorize?

Hmm. It's not a word I like the taste of.

Can't argue with the results, though!

Excellent. Yess.

Welcome, my new Predacons!

Oh man! If that don't take
th' chrome-plated cookie.

Primal's been vaped,
Dino-butt's disappeared,

Stripes an' the bird lady
are off on some World Cruise

and now yer going offline!?

Why don't we just open the front
door and invite Megatron in?

Can't be helped.

When the alien device exploded
it created a window into transwarp space.

It won't last long.

So what!?

It ever occurred to ya we might need
yer core consciousness right here!?


What're YOU lookin' at?

Get yer shiny new butt skyward an' see if you
can find Chopperface before the Preds do!

You mean fly!?

Do I mean fly-
No, I mean take a submarine!

Of course I mean fly! Now get goin'!

Aw right!

Optimus, how did ya do it?

To be... or not to be.
That is the question.

These disks I hold -

- are they a record of what WILL be -

- or only what of MAY?

For if the future is
indeed immutably foretold,

then my demise is but moments
from that confirmation,

for I could not live if
not the master of my fate.

But IF... the future CAN be changed -

- if these disks record merely one path of all
the myriad ways the cosmos might conform -

- then their power is infinite!

And yet, still limited... for
they could be used but once,

and in that change be
rendered fiction for evermore.

I could destroy them!

But... no.

T'would be a coward's answer.

I will know the truth instead.

Then, t'will be either them
or me that face oblivion.

Till then!



It's working... it's working...

My Spark is restored -

- and my body is stronger than ever!



Yes, excellent.

Teamwork and cooperation;
Those are the Predacon watchwords.

How 'bout backstabbin' an' treachery?

We can be flexible.

But our main focus must always be
the Maximals and their destruction.

Destruction's good. I like destruction.

Then you shall have your chance,
my dear Quickstrike. Observe!

Dinobot, come in.

This is th' Cobalt Kitty callin'!

Somebody's trying to cook this cat!

Silverbolt! Pursue and destroy!

Why? He's not attacking...

NEVER question my orders! Now GO!

Inferno! You bring
Quickstrike and follow me!

Megatron! Flight Mode!

Aw man, I'm leadin' a Pred parade!

Well, let's see if they
can follow THIS leader!

Oh yeah! Nothing like cat
speed an' cornerin' ability...

Uh, except maybe brute force!

Jets! Maximum burn!

This is Cheetor!
Code one emergency!

Oh sure, like things weren't bad enough.

What you done now?

Ran into a Pred nest in Delta Quadrant!

Couple new nasties, plus Megs himself!
They're on my tail!

Pussycat, you really know
how to tickle my joystick.

Oooh kay. We'll lay out th' welcome mat.

Sentinel! Autoguns online.
Stand ready for full alert.

Yo, Rhinox.

- Sorry t' interrupt yer nap, but company's com... ACK!

Unit Rhinox's core consciousness
has extended beyond measurable limits.

Any disturbance will result
in permanent loss of Spark.

Oh sure, now there's
some great timin' for ya!

What is happening?
Sentinel is on alert!

Hey! Chopperface!

Where you been!?
Out savin' the universe or something?

Possibly, yes.

Now what is the emergency?

Oh, nothin' much.

Let's see:
Rhinox is off chasin' comets with his mind,

and Cheetor's bringin'
a squad of Preds home t'play.

'Course, if they hit this place,
Big Green there goes permanently offline.

Then we must take the
fight... to the enemy!

Brodie mode!
Maximum rubber-burn!

Pfah! Accursed rodent.

Oh no ya don't, ya fan-fannied freak!

Predacons! Regroup around my position!

So. You're a big bad Transmetal now, hunh?

Well, I'll still hose your head
with high-powered ammo

if you come another step closer.

I think not!

Witless widow!
I left a psychic link between us.

Even in this body, I can still control you!

This is Megatron calling Predacon base!

This is Tarantulas.

Ah, excellent! You are back online -
and a transmetal as well!


Yohoo! Waspinator here too!

Lizard-bot invade base, but Waspinator...

Silence! Just converge on my coordinates!

It is time to finish off
the Maximals for good!