Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 2, Episode 4 - Tangled Web - full transcript

Blackarachnia, Quickstrike, and Tarantulas are sent to a cave full of energon to build a new fueling station. Tarantulas has his own plans for the energon, however, and tries to persuade the other two Predacons to turn against Megatron.

Subtitles by [email protected]


Ah my happy little band...

Eager to begin another glorious
Predacon day are we?

Why have you called me here Megatron?

I am engaged in important research

on our new Transmetal forms!

Yess, I have no doubt you are.

But I have more important duties for you.

I've detected a large store of
Energon cubes in Grid Arakis.

You will build a refueling station there.

Blackarachnia and
Quickstrike will assist you.

Don't trust tall, dark, and creepy
to handle things himself, eh?

If I gets th' chance t' kick me some
Maximal butt 'long the way, who cares?

And how may I serve you, Royalty?

Yes, what Waspinator do?

You two will construct a jamming tower
at these coordinates,

disrupting Maximal communications.

What precisely are you doing?

Planning for the future.

Now go.

On our way, Boss-Bot.

As you command, my Queen.

I do wish he'd stop calling me that.

So Megatron means to
persist in his madness?

I cannot believe Megatron expects me
to carry out such a menial task.

Stop griping and start lifting.

Now, I've divided the load into
equal shares for transport.

Though I'm sure a big, strong bot like you
could carry more than anyone, hmmmm?

Think so, huh?

Sugar-bot, no stronger Pred in town.

- What say you just pile it on heavy-like?
- Well... if you insist...

While spider-bots argue,
Waspinator and Inferno finish job.

Megatron will be pleased.

And we do live to please Megatron.

But perhaps the Maximals can throw
a little hitch into Megatron's plans.

Well then, 'partner',
let's head 'em up and move 'em out.

Any progress Rhinox?

Despite my tests, we still don't know what
limits these new transmetal states may have.

Perhaps this new biogen scan will...

Or perhaps not.

Hate to interrupt your fun, big-bot,
but I'm pickin' up a weird signal.

It's a Pred code but it's
on a Maximal frequency.


Can't get a fix.
It keeps... moving.

Who's closest?

Rattrap, Silverbolt!
You guys busy?

Yeah, skycat,

I'm gettin' my spankin' new armor polished.

Whaddaya want?

We're pickin' up a Pred
signal on vector 8-4-7.

Optimus says Track and Identify.

We'll get on it immediately, Cheetor.

Hey, sounds like just another
wild Pred chase t' me.

Perhaps so, but our leader has charged us
to learn the truth, my friend...

And Silverbolt, for one,
shall prove worthy of his trust.

Man, I just hate it when he does that.

How ya holdin' up there, widder-gal?

I'm... managing, thank you, Quickstrike.

Well, that load becomes too much fer ya,
Sugar-Bot, you just lemme know, hear?

All right, sweetie.

What a gullible fool he is.


Forgotten our mental cyberlink, she-spider?

Well, I haven't.

What do you want, quasar brain?

Just to give you a quick reminder.

Play whatever games you wish with him,

but dare to cross me...

And you will suffer for your treachery.


Hey now, I tol' ya to lemme help wit' that.

Oh, back off robo-rube!

Huh? There just ain't
no figgerin' a female.

A fact of life, Fuzor.

Laugh while you can, ground crawler.

I'll free myself from your control...

And then you'll pay.

This here's the right spot, alright.

Once we're dug in here, little lady,
ain't nothin' gonna bother us.

Megatron chose wisely.

I won't be needing the Maximals after all.

This area is indeed a perfect location...

for my new lair!

Hey! Where'd it go?

We lost the signal.

So whadda we s'posed t' do now?

Follow our noses of course.

Considering the honkers we
got, it's worth a shot.

Only thing wrong with t'day so far...

Ain't had me a chance t' whup nuthin'.

You know, properly defended, this cavern
would make an almost perfect fortress.

Yes I suppose it would...?

This much energon could
sustain a frugal Predacon

for quite some time, but...

Something's percolating in
that devious brain of yours.

You're right about this place.

It would make a perfect new lair...

For all of us.

Look, I know you're upset about you're old
lair being destroyed in the Big Burn...

What do you mean "all of us"?

You, me and perhaps the Fuzor as well.

An arachnid trio allied
against Megatron and Maximals alike.

Side with you against Megatron?

You're out of your mind, Webs!

And inside yours, remember?
So you really have no choice now, do you?

- Maybe...
- Hey! I got to do all the work around here?

Tell me Quickstrike,
how do you feel toward Megatron?

Boss-Bot? He's done okay leadin' us so far.

'Fact, my only complaint is not havin'
enough keisters t' whale on regular-like.

Side with me against him, Fuzor,

and you'll have ample opportunity
to prove how tough you are.

I will, huh? Sounds good.

De-struction is better
than con-struction if you get my drift.

Still Megatron's pretty tough.

I see. You fear him.

There's nothing crawls, walks, flies or
swims that I'm afraid of. Count me in.

But if yer lyin', spider-bot,
yers'll be the first keister I dropkick.

Now there is nothing to stop me.

Have you found something my friend?

Take a whiff.

The Spiders... And Quickstrike, I think.

The scent is faint...

Rattrap, here!

Three of them alright.

Carrying heavy equipment
of some kind I would say.

Yeah, with my luck it'll be a megablaster.

Whatever comes we shall face it.

Let us track them down.

Man, and I thought Optimus's
speeches were bad! Oh boy...

Laugh while you can, spider-boy.

When the time is right,

- that datatrax I downloaded will mean the end of...
- Something on your mind?

Me? Wh-whatever do you mean?

Don't play coy with me.

I'll scan your mind for
the answers if I have...

Remarkable! A section of your
circuits has been blocked to me!

Don't know... what you're... talking about.

Open your mind to me. OPEN it! NOW!

Of course, you realize this means war.

Job all done, Megatron.

Waspinator and firebug be back soon.

You have done well, Insect, yes.

I wonder how the others are faring.

Tarantulas, come in.





Blast those arachnids!
What are they up to now!?

You can run, she-spider,
but you can never hide.

When I get my claws on you, I'll...

And just what do you think you're doing?

I'm tired of being your slave.

Either terminate the link between us,

or I'll crack this cube,
and you know what will happen then.

You don't have the nerve.

Besides, I can stop you
with a single thought.


But I'm betting the energon radiation
will interfere with our link.

Will it? Let's find out.

I... warned... you...

Demon! What have you done?

Stop this insanity, she-spider!

Throw the cube away!

I will be free, one way or another!

Fine then.

Go ahead and delete yourself for all I...

No! Cyberlink works... both ways!

I share... your pain...

Then sever... the link... Tarantulas...!

Save us... both...

No... NO!!!...!

Then we go... off-line... together...!

Can't let... you win...! Can't...


The link is broken!

Get out of my mind! Get OUTTTT!!!

I told you... I'd be free...

But you won't survive to gloat about it!

I'm going to take you apart,
piece by treacherous piece!

Better save it for later, Big T.

We got trouble brewin' outside.

Trouble wit' a capital 'M'.


Finally, somethin' I
can sink my teeth into!

Quickstrike... TERRORIZE!

Come on, Lowers!

Here comes!

Be cautious, my friend.

We don't know what we're getting into here.

Have we ever?

Well, look at that!

Let's take these tinhorns down!

Oh man!
What're those misfires up to this time?

I have no idea.

I also have no intention
of letting them succeed.

Gotcha boy, flybot.

You take out the spider,
I'll handle the Fuzor!

Whadda you waiting for Bolt! Blast her.

No, my friend.

It is not right to strike a
female, even a female Predacon.

That widow's 'bout as female as a piston!

That's my Sugar-Bot!

But I have no such compunctions
about dealing with this lowlife scum.

You claim to be
the toughest of us all, snake,

but you've done little to prove it.

Jest keep jawin", wolfie,
while ya still got yerself a head.

Look out, now!

Keep fighting!

We've got to keep the Maximals
away from the cavern at all costs.

We're holdin' our own, ace. How 'bout you?

The cavern, huh? Wonder what's in there?

Perhaps we should find out.

Where've you been?

What kind of Predacons are you?

No, you don't, tinhorns.

Ain't nobody gettin' inside there 'cept...

What happened?

They've destroyed the cavern.
Back to the base!

Nice shot...

It was not I...

Then who...?

Hey, ya lucked out this time, tinhorn,

but one day,
you an' me gonna have it out fer real.

- Sugar-bot...
- I suppose you want to chase them?

Why bother, little mouse?

The day is won. The battle is done.

What say we just leave it at that?

Y'know, bird-dog, that's about the first
thing you said today that makes sense.

What took you so long?

Inferno and Waspinator completed
their task two megacycles ago?

We had a mite'a trouble, boss-bot,
wit' them miserable Maximals.

Ya know...
They just 'bout ruined everythin'.

Everything? The energon station...?

A total loss. The energon cubes, as well.

I'm afraid we'll just have to
start over again... somewhere else.

Of all the incompetent, imbecilic...

Get out! Get out, all of you!

Get out before I turn you all to slag!

As you command Megatron.

Amazing what one well-placed
charge can do, isn't it?

Be it ever so humble,
there's no place like home...