Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 2, Episode 13 - The Agenda: Part III - full transcript

Subtitles by [email protected].


Oh yeah, we bad!

Well, howdy!

Shields won't take that long!

Just so it's for long enough!

Get ready t' drop 'em a sec!

What are you doing!?

This mouse is goin' cat-hunting!

Kenievel Mode!

Maximum scorch!

External autoguns online!

Aw right, now,
ya stinky Decepticon piece o' cheese -

- let's see how ya stand up
against th' stainless steel rat!

Shield power critical.

Failure imminent.

Well, that's just dandy.

The Maximal's shields are down!

Tarantulas! All power to weapons!

All power to weap... WHAA?

Yo, stringbutt!

Got a pair o' belly bombs here
with yer name right on em!

Eat 'em an' weep!



Decepticons FOREVER!!!

Heaaaaaaaads uuuuuup!


My hero.

Oh get down.

Well, there goes our ride home.

Guess it's over for now.

No chance.

Something turned that
Decepticon against us.

And Megatron isn't headed back to base.

We've got to stop him.
Flight mode!

Rhinox. Get on.

Gotta move fast, Maximals.

If Megatron's found what I think he's found

then this battle is only just beginning!

What are you looking at?

That star... well, planet, really.

It's Venus.

It reminds me of you.

Hot, poisonous and deadly?

You're sweet.

No, no wait! That's not what I meant...

Stay with the group.

When Megatron lands we'll
need all our fire-power.

Where he's headed, Big Bot?

To the begining of everything, Cheetor.

And quite possibly - the end.

Look! I think we're almost through.

Then stand back!

Wait! We just...

Never mind.

What is it with guys and high explosives?

By the Matrix!

What is it?

That, bowser boy, is called...

The Ark!

I have heard only legends.

Oh, it's no legend, JoJo.

Eons before Maximals and
Predacons even existed.

Your ancestors, the Autobots,

launched this Ark containing their...

finest heroes.

It was attacked by Decepticons
and crashed here, on Earth.

This area appears geologically unstable.

Hello! It's a volcano, bonebrain.

When it explodes in 1984,

our ancestors inside the ship
will awaken and start the Great War.

Then this is why Optimus was worried!

Its power is immense!

Oh, yeah! And it's all mine.

So what do we do?


Arrgh. Teletran-1 is still operating.

Shame. Don't you have the
access codes from the disk?

The disk was destroyed.

But YOU have the codes, don't you? Yess.

You downloaded them
from my backup datatrax,

before you destroyed them.

Well, what if I did?

They're MINE now, grapeface.

So what are you going to do?
Shoot me?

You still don't have the codes.

Oh, I was never planning
on shooting you, no.

I had a much more...
effective target in mind.

The codes, Blackarachnia.

Produce them at once.

Whoa! Is this volcano active?

Right now I think we've
got bigger problems.

Move it, bots!
We've got an entrance to make!


Well what? Shoot him if you want.

He means nothing to me.

OF course, it's a waste of ammo.

Of course.

Keep digging! We're almost there!

Sounds like the Maximals have arrived.

You'd better get out of here.

Perhaps. But first, I think
I will vaporize a possible menace.


I'll do it.

Almost there!

But only becouse we have
to get to cover anyway.

Stand aside!

Computer! Decrypt and
transmit access code now!


Is it working!?

It better!

NO! By Primus, NO!

Whoa! The ARK!

Oh, brother, we're in for it now.


Keep them busy, Blackarachnia, yes.

Where are YOU going?

I shall effect a more...
permanent solution.

We HAVE to get Megatron out of there!

Everything that is, the existence
of entire Universe depends on it!

You got it, BigBot.

Man, that ship wasn't built, it was poured!

Diecast construction.

It's a lost art.

Now I enter these hallowed halls
a conquerer, yes.

Autobots and Decepticons,

still frozen in emergency stasis.

Awaiting the moment,
four million years hence,

when they will awaken
to start the Great War.

The Great War.

Where the Autobots defeat the Decepticons.

And thus their descendents,
the Maximals, rule we Predacons.

Archaic energon-guzzlers!

How dare they!

Unwilling though I was
to follow my namesake's instructions,

it has all come down to this.

The ultimate risk

for the ultimate prize!

A day of reckoning with
those who made us slaves!

Concentrate your fire
on that fusion cannon!

If we can force a backblast...

We did it!

Let's move!

So we are now face-to-face, Optimus Prime.

In one future you awaken and become
the great leader of the Autobots.

But time shall take a different track now.

Computer. All available
power to primary weapon.

Weapon power to maximum.

We have to get inside!

It's jammed! The power surge musta...



And now, Optimus Prime.

In memory of the Decepticons.

For the glory of the Predacons.

For the Cybertron that
is rightfully ours...

And mine to rule.

Come on, come on!

I unleash the storm of vengeance.



Time itself!

It's all being destroyed!

Say goodbye to the Universe, Maximals!

The future has changed! Yess!

The Autobots loose.

Evil triumphs!

And YOU - you no longer EXIST!

To be continued?