Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 2, Episode 12 - The Agenda: Part 2 - full transcript

With Megatron in custody, Ravage reveals he plans to kill him - but the prisoner has saved a vital piece of the golden disc with a message from the original Megatron. It changes Ravage's mind. Silverbolt tries to turn Blackarachnia.

Subtitles by [email protected].



You wanted to see me?

I did.

I don't know how long
this has been going on,

but it stops right now, understand?

I am not certain to what you are referring.

I'm talking about you and
a certain female Predacon.

Or am I wrong?

Tell me I'm wrong and
I'll apologize right now. Hmm?

Well, that's just prime.

Sir, I believe I can bring her around.

Don't be an IDIOT!

She may have been made from Maximal
parts but she is a Predacon to the core!

As was I once...

YOU didn't KNOW better!

Silverbolt, you are one of
the noblest individuals I have ever met.

That is your strength.

It is also your weakness.

Blackarachnia is USING you!

I do not believe that, sir.

Whether you believe it
or not is immaterial.

The fact remains that your emotions have
jeopardize our situationfar more than you realize.

If we weren't holding Megatron...

You're confined to quarters.

I'll send Cheetor to
bring in the spider-woman.


You have something else to say, Silverbolt?

Sir! Optimus...

I believe that Blackarachnia
will not hurt me.

But she would have no such
compunction about Cheetor.

For his sake if no other, please.

Send me instead. I will bring her in.

You're confined to quarters, Silverbolt.

Cheetor. Report to me at once.


The Tripredacus Council still smooches

the skidplates of the Maximal Elders...

Is it any wonder I rebelled?

The Predacons will have their moment.
But you?

I served under the original Megatron.

You have his name, but not his army.


But what does it matter,

if your ship is too Energon-depleted
by battle to return to Cybertron.

The Maximals...

Have nothing. They were expecting rescue.

I, on the other hand,

have a secret store of Energon cubes, yess.

Release me... and it is yours.

I think I will take it anyway.

Its location is encrypted.

And my minons have fled.

Remember the defense shutdown
that triggered your capture?

Yess. How did you...?

Permit me to introduce:

Lieutenant Tarantulas of
the Predacon Secret Police!

A mole!

Within my own organization all this time!

And I never suspected.

Energon cache located, Covert Agent Ravage.

I'll have the Maximals
retrieve it right away.

Yes. You do that.

On my way, Big Bot! Aw right!

Uh... Silverbolt?


Uh... I just kinda wanted t'say.

I'm sorry about all this...

and I promise I'll -
I'll bring her in with...

minimal damage, okay?

That is very considerate of you, Cheetor.

And I am sorry too.

Sorry? For what?

For this!

Cheetor! How do you feel!?

Whoa! Li'l dizzy... but... I'll be okay...

Then I am again sorry.



Why ya sucker-punchin' spaniel!

I useta be young like that.


I mean we got trouble! Oh yeah.

Trouble with a capital "B"!

How's the head?

More fatheaded than fractured, Big Bot.

Man, I'm a cat!

I oughta know better than t'trust a dog!

Silverbolt believed he was
acting in your best interests.

Yeah? Well I look forward t'
returning th' favor! KaPow!

There's the cave.

Let's get that energon.

The sooner we get Megatron
off this planet the better.

Awww, MAN!

What is it?

Th' energon's here, but it's RAW!


No good for us... Megabrain
musta made a mistake.

Not if I know Megatron.

Weapons online, Cheetor!
Prepare to fall back!

What!? Eh, what is this?

By Royal Command!


Ma'm, pull this vehicle over... please.

No! Get out of here! I'm busy!

Very well then, prepare to be boarded.

And you can prepare
to be blown away if you don't leave!

Blackarachnia, I want you
to return with me to the Maximals.

Get a clue, you canine cretin!

I'm a Predacon!

I'm evil!

I'll shoot you!

My heart tells me that you will not.

Oh yeah?

You shot me!

No duh, dogboy! I'm evil!

Now do you believe me?

And yet... you ensured the
wound would not be mortal.

Your inner Maximal goodness prevented...


I know how you're feeling.

You don't know whether to kiss me
or kill me.

I'm a black widow spider, you idiot!

I can do both!

Waspinator has reached coordinates.

But where is...

Oh no, you're not saving my life again?

Even after I shot you?

It's my duty, m'am.

As a Maximal,
and as a Heroic Character.

You know, I like 'em big and stupid,

but you're really pushing it.

Look! He's got Energon buildup!

For... the... ROYALTY!

Cheetor! It's gonna blow!

This is Optimus Primal calling Ravage!
Come in!

So. It was a trap.

Oh no. Really?

You are a piece of work.

Even imprisoned,
you still operate your own agenda.

I am not naive.

You have no intention of returning me -

- or any of us -
- to Cybertron alive.

That is true.

But your crew is scattered
and I want no witnesses.

Still -

- why should I tolerate
your existence any longer?

Did you ever wonder why I stole
the Golden Disk in the first place?

You were looking for Energon.

That was a bonus.

It allowed me to recruit a crew,
and gave potential for power.

But the real reason was this.

The Golden Disk was launched from Earth

aboard the Voyager Spacecraft

just as the secret war
between the Autobots and Decepticons began.

The original Megatron -
your commander

had every intention of winning.

But like myself, he covered his bets.

He inscribed a secret
message into the Golden Disk.

A message which I myself
discovered and decoded.

I am expected to believe you?

You said yourself the disk was destroyed.

Arm autoguns.

Target the prisoner.


Release the powerbonds.

The disk was destroyed.

But a fragment remains.

And I am not expecting YOU to believe ME.

This is Megatron,
leader of the Decepticons.

And if you are hearing this,
it means I failed - - this time.

But I know that Transwarp
technology is being developed.

And so I leave this message
to any Decepticon descendants

that may find-may find - may find...

Autoguns offline.

Retract bars.


Now. Let us talk.

Not fair.

Waspinator minding own business when BANG

gets whole stasis pod
right up the kazooty...

It doesn't make sense.

It appears someone dug this tunnel,

and then blasted it shut.

This give you any clue?


Got it in one.

Now why don't you haul your
hero hiney out of here?

I don't recall inviting you to the picnic.

I will not leave without you.

It's dangerous.

Probably a trap.

Aha! Your inner Maximal
goodness shows concern!

Thaaaat's it.
Vital circuits this time!

My apologies.

I won't call your bluff.

Then you'll leave?

Not without you.


All right, then make yourself useful.

See that big boulder right there?

Think you can take it out?

Stand back, citizen!

Optimus to Maximal Base.

What is your status? Report.

Well, I got good news an' bad
news, Fearless Leader.

All right, what's the good news?

Well, th' GOOD news is we don't haveta kowtow
t'that stinkin' Decepticon any longer.

And the bad news?

Th' BAD news is -

- he's switched sides!