Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 2, Episode 1 - Aftermath - full transcript

After the destruction of the alien artefact, a quantum surge hits the planet, transforming Rattrap, Cheetor and Megatron into more powerful 'transmetals'.

Subtitles by [email protected]

27 Aftermath.


Time for this lady to go...

Come on, come on!

That's better Computer - report!

Alien construct destroyed.

Later for that, hunk of junk!

Where's Optimus?

Unit Optimus Primal...


You've done it, Megatron!

Waspinator happy to see end
of the alien machines...

and Optimus Primal too.

Yes, I am good, aren't I.

But we can discuss my brilliance later.

Now there is work to be done.

What kind of work?

A Predacon kind.

We must defeat the remaining Maximals,

while they mourn their
poor departed leader.

This will be the final battle.

WARNING. Sensors detect quantum
surge approaching planet.

To your stations, quickly.

I should have been flying that ship.

Optimus did what he thought was best.

And saved the whole planet, doing it.

But why didn't he leave
the ship as planned?

Good question.

And I know just who to ask...

Slag! That sneaky bobble
legs took it out on the lamb

I'll hunt her down.

ALERT! Quantum surge
detected, vector 5-9-7.

Hold it, Stripes.

I think we got a bigger problem.

If I remember right, the exit is this way.

You mustn't go yet, "partner".

Tarantulas! Where are you? Ahhk!!

Heh hee hee... I'm here!

Inside your pretty little head,

controlling your pretty little thoughts!

Don't count on it, quasar-brain!

Nobody controls me!

You always were amusing.

Unhappily, we have no more time to play.

External shields on maximum.

We got power fluctuations
all over the board.

- They're never hold!
- Make 'em hold!

Optimus didn't blown himself up
just so we can get scrapped by space-junk!

Impact in 5, 4, 3, 2...

What is... happening to me?!

- What hit me?
- A quantum surge.

It must have knocked
everybody on ship off-line.

You must reach my body
before the Maximals revive!

Anything to get you out of my head.

Airazor... Are you damaged?

Don't think so...

I wouldn't care to go through that again.

Rattrap and Cheetor!

Ey, looking for me?

By the Matrix!

What, what's with you two?
Is my gearbox hangin' out or somethin'?

Jumping Gyros, what happened to you?

Huh! Me? What happened to YOU?


I'm... gorgeous!

The surge must have mutated
your super-structures.

I wonder what it did to your beast modes...


Now THAT'S gorgeous!

Huh! I'm a rat with wheels!

Hey, I wonder what these gizmo's are for...

Hey, how do you work this things?

Look out!!!

This... is gonna take some getting used to.

Waspinator is alive!

Megatron? What happened?

I have changed... for the better, yess...

That's not you, is it?

Interesting. We must get it back to my lab.

Cheetor and I'll check
on Rhinox and Chopperface.

You and Tigatron look for Blackarachnia.

Surely the she-spider has escaped by now...

If this surge decked us,
I'm bettin' that it did the same to her.


Ah, Yo, Big Buddy, How are ya feeling?

What happened?

Rhinox? You OK?

Rattrap... What the...

OH. It's a... It's kind of a new look.

Where's Optimus?

Gone... Transwarp explosion.

Tell me what happened.
All of it.

I must return to the Royalty at once!

And then we woke up,
Cheetor and I with this...

this trans-metals Nice, huh?



A definite improvement,
although in your case that's not difficult.

I knew we should have left you
off-line, Lizard-Butt!


Stan down, Dinobot.

By what right do you command me?

With Optimus gone, I should be-arghh!

I'm in a bad mood. Understand?


Careful, Widow!

Easy with the name calling, ugly,
or I'll self-destruct and slag us both!

Things have changed around here...

The more things change,
the more they stay the same.

Looks like Rattrap was right.

Go ahead, spider. Make a move. PLEASE.

- What was that?
- Sounds like AirRazor and Tigatron found Blackarachnia.

Rattrap! You and Cheetor check it out.

You got it, BigGuy.


Let's try and get
Sentinel back on-line

Megatron! Am I glad to-

Treacherous spider!

Do you think I don't know
what you and Tarantulas planned?

NOT a good idea.

And why is that?

Well, Optimus's body parts
may be decorating space,

but the rest of Maximals
are fully functional,

and since I don't see Terrosaur
and Scorponok with you,

I'm betting you need troops.

You are clever one.
But betray me again,

and you'll wish you'd never come on-line.

Point taken.

Waspinator, above!

Blackarachnia, fire at my signal.


Rattrap to Rhinox!
We got trouble here!

On our way!

At last! Battle!

Ha ha! If it's battle you want,
let it begin!

For the glory of the Royalty!

Jumping Gyros, What's that?

Waspinator! Open fire!


Beast mode!

Blackarachnia, take the cat.

Forget the Maximals,
get my body out of here!

No way! You heard what Megatron said!

- Do it!
- Blackarachnia, fire! Fire!

How dare you?!

I don't need a weapon to destroy
you, traitor!

Huh? Cat-bot cannot fly...

Give it up, Bug-Boy!
It will only hurt for a nano-klik.

Never! Waspinator never surrender!

You're making this hard on yourself.

Hang on, pussy cat, I'm coming!

Skin this action!

Looks like a Mega-jerk got himself
some kinda might face-lift!

You haven't seen anything yet, vermin.

Beast mode!

Whoa! So you wanna play "chicken", huh?

Beast mode!

Now, rodent, feel my power!

Power you got.
Brains... is another story

Megatron - Terrorize!

Oh no.

Gimme a break! Wow!

Nobody buzz out on this cat!

Oh-oh, Rattrap's in trouble!

Oh man! What does it take to
stop this pack of a bolts?

Hang on, Rattrap!

Air-Cheetor's coming in!

What? Wow, hey!


You're mine, now!

I don't think so.


Royalty! You've come for me!


I believe it's time for tactical retreat.

Ya know...

a few flying lessons wouldn't hurt.

You two all right?

Yeah, yeah,
nothing a hot oil bath won't cure.

But if you ask me, the Beast Wars
just got a whole lot weirder.

Scanning for life-forms

all sys-tems mal-function-in-ing