Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 1, Episode 4 - Equal Measures - full transcript

Cheetor disobeys a direct order from Optimus by leaving the Maximals base to place survey posts on the planet. A lightning bolt strikes one of the posts, creating a direct teleportation route between the Predicons' and Maximals' b...

04 Equal Measures.

Optimus to Command Center.

Scrub the mission!

Looks like one extremely ill wind
is blowing our way.

Command center! Do you read...!?

That does it.

Survey posts are ready for duty.

Any word from Optimus?

Not a flicker.

This storm's trashin' the comlinks
worsen' usual... and that's bad enough.

This mission is too
critical to be interrupted

by a minor variation of weather.

Who took the synchro-laser?!

Allow me.

You hyper little...

The bomb!

Watch out!

Some sort or trouble?

Hey, Big Bot,

We're just lockin' down
the the big ba-bang, here.

One last adjustment and...

We're set to blast that
Predacon base back into orbit.

As space debris!

Put it to bed.

We're stalled.

- What?
- You can't...

What are you talking about?

It's just a crossed
quasar circuit! I can fix it!

That storm'll hit us within the hour.

An hour? Not a problem, fellow beasts -

I can outrun anything the skies can dish.

Sorry, Cheetor. It's too risky.

The placement of those survey
posts must be thoroughly calculated

to avoid contact with any
underground energon deposits.

I'm not just some dippy cub, y'know.

I can do this. Try havin'
some faith in me for once!

As much as you prefer to think so,
Cheetor, this isn't about you.

And does it matter if we blow some energon?

Maybe it will take a few Predacons with it.

That is what we want, is it not?

This mission, Dinobot, is to gain tactical
advantage by taking out their base.

Defeating them does not mean
we have to annihilate them.

You seem to have
trouble understanding that.

What I understand is this:

if situations were reversed,

Megatron would spare
the base and annihilate us!

This eagerness of yours to scrap Megatron
is clouding your judgment.

We are at war, Optimus. War!

I think it is your
judgment that is clouded!

they're harmless little scanning relays.

All they're supposed to do
is detect Pred energy signatures.

Right, Rhinox?

I'm with Optimus on this one.

Energon's an untested variable.
We gotta be careful.

Come in.

Come to chew my tail
for fritzin' that bomb?

No. I am confident you could fix it.

Just as I am confident
you could beat the storm

and plant those survey posts.

Then you're the only one who thinks so.

Do not mind Optimus.

To him, you are a mere child incapable
of handling such an important task.

Like you said, he has no faith.

Yeah, well, I could
show him a thing or two.

Then why not do so?


You have mapped every
energon deposit for five hundred meters.

And your land speed is unequaled.

In fact, you are the only one
who could pull off this mission.


Beast mode!

Was that supposed to scare me?


Uh-oh. Energon!

And it's going to blow!

Say... perhaps, by chance... an intruder?

Awww, slag! Just storm interference.

Shoulda known no Maximal'd be stupid enough
to try anything on a day like this.

Okay, so you wanna play rough, eh?

Whoa, what's new, pussycat?

Did I get fried? Is this...?

Welcome to the dark side!

Terrorsaur -TERRORIZE!

Cheetor - MAXIMIIII...
did that already.

I heard you were fast, kitty.

You don't seem so swift to me.

Yeah? Just wait'll I get in SHAPE!


Whoaa... Cool.

Scorponok - TERRORIZE!

Waspinator - TERRORIZE.


Thanks for showin' me
the way out, ya lamers.

He's gone into the vents.
You better report this to Megatron.

Me? You're second in command!

So make it an order!

Where'd he go?!

Where'd I go?

Welcome to Enemy Arms, my former comrade.

I hope you'll enjoy your stay.

Dinobot - MAXIMIZE!

I don't know how you brought me here,
traitor, but prepare to stain the deck!

Hmmm. Wait!

Could it be that an accident
of technology and nature

has actually created
a... transporter? Hmmm...

Terrorsaur, perhaps a truce is in order.

A transporter? Oh, yeah! So that's
how that kid cat ended up in our base.

And you here. Interesting development.

Yeah! Yeah, say!

We can turn our truce
into an alliance, Dinobot!

An alliance? To what end?

Think of the cosmic magnificence!

Together, we'll overthrow these
low-grade metal knock-offs you've joined,

and then rule the
Predacons with two iron fists!

Nothing can stop us!

I have him!

Shredded or sizzled, what a choice!

Cheetor - MAXIMIZE!

Yeeeoooowwww - bullet traaain...!

Comin' through.

And by simply coming in contact
with the communication console,

this initiated the transport?

That's all I did. Nothing to it.


Then I should have no difficulty
duplicating the procedure without you.

Wha...? HEY!

Hey! Whaddya doing? We're partners!

In case you had not realized, needle nose,

I am not a team player.

Dinobot! The survey posts
are missing, as is Cheetor.

Do you know anything about it?

So that's what he was doing out there.

What are you talking about?!

I... overheard a Predacon communication.

A lightning strike on the sensor posts
has had the unexpected result

of transporting Cheetor
into the Predacon base. Regrettable.

- He has surely been destroyed by Megatron.
- NO!

But take heart in the fact that,
through the cat's ultimate sacrifice,

we have been furnished
with a way to defeat them.


Somehow, the relay posts,
the storm, and the energon,

have all conspired to create a transporter,
which connects our com-room to theirs.

We can beam the explosive
right into the heart of Megatron's lair.

Well, as long as I'm here,
might as well roll with it.

Maybe finger some facts... coppin' their maps
of surrounding energon deposits.

Hold it-hold it-hold it!

Oh man... show Maximal perimeter grid-map!

Add surrounding energon deposits!

The same energon vein
runs under both bases!

An explosion at either
base would destroy us all!

Make copy!

I gotta warn Optimus!

There he is!

Get out of the way, you... AAAAGH!


You're positive the detonation countdown

will give the Predacons
time to flee the base?

They shall have thirty seconds.

Any more and they
might be able to disarm it.


Okay! Let's take this kitty home!

Holy Cat's Meow, it's the bomb!

What is it?

A data disk...
And it has Cheetor's scent!

Play this! Now!

Yowwwl! They sent the bomb!

I gotta get it outta here
before it blows both bases!

Freeze, freckles!

It's as I said, Megatron. One bomb, C.O.D.

Do not attempt to escape, young one.

Terrorsaur, disarm it.

There's no time!

He's right! It's anchored down
and gonna blow in twenty seconds!

I can release the anchors! Lemme at it!


Come on! You'd rather be vaped!?

Ten. Nine. Eight...

Do it!

C'mon, remember me? Ole fumble fingers?


And now for you!

Sorry... this cat's gonna scat!

Aww, slag.

Hiya, cats! Miss me?

Hey, Cheetor. We got your disk.

You saved us from ourselves, son. Thanks.

Yeah! Ya may have stepped in it, kid,
but ya came out smellin' like a rose.

All parta bein' perfect.

Sorry for disobeyin' your order, Big Bot.

You don't need to earn my respect, Cheetor,
you've always had it.

And you end up saving the day.

But be warned!
If you EVER pull a stunt like that again

I'll have your tail on a sling

I'll never do that again!

Untill the next time!