Æon Flux (1991–1995): Season 3, Episode 3 - Thanatophobia - full transcript

Æon gets involved with a troubled couple living next door when she notices Trevor meddling in their lives.

"Ready for the action
now, Danger Boy

"Ready if I'm ready
for you, Danger Boy

"Ready if I want
it now, Danger Boy

"How dare you, dare
you, Danger Boy

"How dare you, Danger Boy

"I dare you, dare
you, Danger Boy"

Now, if I'm going to
spend all that money...

and for the support of a system
that's not effective to begin with...

I might as well do
something else here.

Something that won't
hurt them so much.

Border containment is a joke
with this present situation.

What is it you have
in mind, Your Honour?

Oh, I don't know.

Like scissors, huge scissors...

to clamp shut, right in
the way, just cut it off.

If they're in the middle of it,
cut them off. Know what I mean?

Cut what off? People want to stay.
It's the power of ideas.

You're getting soft, Goodchild.
The men at the club have noticed.

Your game is flagging.

You should get out more,
see what you're missing.

Every time you turn around, he's
started some new project...

but he's no visionary.
He's just another Breen.

Yes. Trevor Goodchild.

They're all a bunch of power
junkies, toying with our lives.

In Monica, there are no rulers.

That's why Goodchild hates them.

There's no head of state
to negotiate with.

So, D-Section is our
best bet, you think?

Sybil, we've been through this.
You hesitate.

If you hesitate, you've failed already.
I hate that.

You'd send your kid in there if
you wanted to get rid of him.

Or your lover, if you
wanted to get rid of her.

What? I'm gonna make it, Onan.

I'll show you how weak I am.

Remember when you gave me these?

Come, woman. We are free.
We need nothing.

- Do you have that file ready yet?
- Right.

Hold on.


All personnel, here it is.

Remember, we can't pay
attention to each other.

Think only on execution
of the manoeuvre.


What a waste.

Just take her in to General?

No, I've hands-on on this one.

How are you feeling?


- Is this Monica?
- No.

No, no, no!

About the damage, Sybil...

you don't have enough to
cover it all, of course.

You'll have to work it off,
as well as your repair bill.


You have a gap, Sybil,
a credibility gap.

Your citizenship
is in question...

but you've been
conscripted anyway.

- Where?
- 7981 Plant...

the medical parts facility.

The one that's
always being bombed?

Bombings have created quite a
stir in the local community...

where the warehouse is located.

The warehouse is one that
is very important...

What kind of means do you
believe are being employed...

to wreak such destruction?

Pretty heavy-duty.

Portable anti-aircraft material
or something of the kind.

Have you determined for certain that
this is not an inside job or...

Impossible. It's
Monican all right.


Sybil? Are you okay? I saw you get hit.
You were shot.


Onan, how is it there? I'll be
with you soon, I promise...

but, listen, my next door neighbour,
she's a Monican terror agent.


Yes, and she crosses the
border all the time.

Find out how she does it.
Meet me here again tomorrow.

- Yes, I'll go to her.
- Yes.

- And I'll do this for you.
- Yes.

I just want to be
with you again...

but I don't know if I
can ever make it, Onan.

Yes, Sybil, you must.
Give yourself a chance.

I know you'll make
it in the end.

I saw your border run.
Nice going.


Do you think she'd stand a
chance if she were to...

Try it again? Forget it.
She'll never make it.

You could have told
her that before.

She would have never listened.

You're shutting it down
with her, I take it.

Well, you know, I
feel abandoned.

She failed not only
her own objectives...

- She's failed your faith in her.
- Yes.

Perhaps I'm prone
to weak women...

because I have no concept of
weakness or of like qualities.

Well, okay, Onan. Sure.

How do you like it?

Here, this is all wrong.
Let me help you.

Perk up, Onan.


Forget it, Onan.

How do you do?

Fine, thank you.

Please, come in.

Now, let's see. About
your spine injury.

Yes, Doctor.

Was it as good for you
as it was for me?

I don't know what to say.

I haven't ever had it
like this, you know?

Did you find anything wrong, Doctor?
Am I okay?

Oh, my God. Are you kidding? You
were sensational. I mean...


Sybil. Sorry. Sybil.

Do you need a job or anything?
I could use a new attaché.

- I'm...
- Tell me you heart's desire.

One wish, and it's yours.

- Anything?
- Just no heads on plates.

I'm gonna get a drink.
Would you like one?

No. No, thank you.

Right. That would have
been it, you know.


So what'll it be? Puppet
strings, purse strings?

Mr. Goodchild, I want out.

I want to transfer to
Monican citizenship.

That's my wish.

Do you know how lucky you are?
You're the best I've had yet.

I'll just find someone
else with your specs...

now that I know what they are.

Just get out.

I mean, I think that
I'll leave now.

- Sorry.
- Sorry.

You're so right. I've
everything I'd ever want here.

We Breens, we're spoiled
rotten, aren't we?

Just take me into the
street and shoot me.

The system is a defensive
measure, Sybil.

What do you think? That it's
the way I prefer matters?

Look at me.

I am what you've done to
yourself, you monster.

But you've heard it all before.
You never listen.

And we're dying.

Stop. Enough!

Onan, come here.

That was pretty good.

Sybil, you mean. Used to it.

I'll be in touch, Onan.

I know what, Onan. I'll just
take you away from her.

Maybe I should just kill you.

No, that would make
her even crazier.

Besides, I'm sure
you're good in bed.

Hey, Onan?

What? With her right there?

She's... I mean, I
want to, but...

You want my what?

Okay, Onan. Come here.

I'm not asking you.

I'm commandeering your
libido under Monican aegis.

This is an authorised
police action, lover.

You are mine.

Oh, Onan.

I heard you grunting
over there last night.

Over there?

How's it going? Have
you found out yet?

Sybil, I'm trying, but
it's going to take time.

I understand.

- So who's better for you?
- Stop it, Syb.

You think I wanna be there
any longer than I have to?

I'm sorry.

In any case, I still want
you to make it across.

You've got to try again.
I would.

I'll see you tomorrow.

I love you. Take care.

Sybil, don't try it again.
You can't make it...

and Onan doesn't love you.

You're headed for disaster.
Don't kill yourself.

Is something bothering you?

Fine to play with my feelings...

but you're involving
innocent people, Trevor.

What are you doing
to that poor girl?

Jealous? She intrigues me.

Sybil, it's me, your
next door neighbour.

I wanna help you, Sybil. Please.

- Why?
- Just listen.

I'll be your escort to Monica.
I'm actually your best chance.

Well, how very nice
of you to offer.

Oh, it's nothing. I
do it every day.

All right, then. We'll make
an appointment for C-Section.


I'll do your anaesthesia
on the spot.

You'll be with Onan again
before you know what happened.

That is, if you still want him.

There's a hook in that bait, and here
you still want me to swallow it.

Thanks. Get out. Get out!

This isn't working.

Sybil, that was wonderful.


It's not the same anymore.

What happened?

What do you mean delivery of
ampoules has been waylaid?

I need them. Now.

Wait. I have an incoming.
Can you hold?

- Trevor?
- Sybil.

Something's very wrong.
Examine me.

Butter toes.

I really wouldn't
mean to be intrusive.

Oh, come on.

We know what we're thinking,
and we know what we're doing.

Well, moderation in
all things, you know?

Moderation is not abstinence.
Moderation necessarily connotes use.


So use me, Trevor. You must.

I've no choice.

Lest you abandon your argument.

Abandon all argument?


That's it.

So you like it over
here, eh, killer?

What are you going to do now?

Ready for the action
now, Danger Boy?

I hate it. I hate it.

My box. My box,
you took it away.

Sybil, no. It's your neighbour.
She's amuck.

She's the 7981-Plant saboteur.

She says she uses
C-Section to get across.

There, I've said it. Can't
you do something about this?

Sybil, I already knew
about Aeon and C-Section.

I was just waiting to
hear it from your lips.

See, you're one of us after all.

Oh, really? Well, watch this.

Sybil, listen to me. If you try
to make it again, you will fail.

I let Aeon do her bombing.

They won't let me shut down production.
They never will.

- Who won't?
- Circumstances.

Onan, I'm returning
you to Sybil.

Sybil. Oh, my God.

- Sybil. It's not even...
- What?

It's not even worth it.

What are you talking about?

Give me a chance.

Another chance?

It's my chance for
another chance now.

Sybil, please.

Sybil, wait!

Goodbye, Onan.

You have disentried
disrecognised space.

Emergency is dispatched.


That which does not kill us...

makes us stranger.