Æon Flux (1991–1995): Season 3, Episode 4 - A Last Time for Everything - full transcript

Trevor finally gets what he wants when he clones Æon.

So, on endurance tests, two of
your copies, three and five...

are giving very good data.

Actually, I came because I
thought you might do...

with a more current
version of myself.

Because the sample I gave
you may have been...

Severe inhibition of
pleasure responses.

So, with my improved
attitude, I think l...

We've everything
we need from you.

Well, how about royalties?

There's a certain question of property
rights involved. Potentially...

Property rights?

- Trouble, boss?
- Right here. Take it out.

Too bad about their
shutting down D-Section.

No one knew about that corridor.

Maybe a double agent.

I don't understand why you keep
using this one, Scaphandra.

Just remember to
watch your feet.

You lost them here? I like
the transplants, by the way.

Yes, so do I.

- You will need me for the return?
- Of course.

Wait for me at that
point in three days.




You wanna kill her?

All right. I think
we're ready to start.

You've caused way
too much, buddy.

You're one tough little cookie.

Let's see how crusty.
What do you say?

- Eat it.
- Now take it easy.

Scaphandra, you're
overdoing it, you know.

I mean, you could die
of this sort of thing.

Now you know we can't
do that, Twikka.

Our friend here knows things.

How about I keep a copy
of her and I let you...

Well, you can mark up your original,
as long as I've got a clean copy.

You really make me sick.
Untie her.

Aeon. You're in on this.

No, Scaphandra. She
knows you're not.

Scaphandra, we'll talk later.

She's already a double agent.

Why do you object to her
becoming one literally?

- Just hurry up.
- Pathetic.

Your operation is finished.

My work offends you. Why?

Human beings are not so unique.

Just a random arrangement
of amino acids.

It suits me.

Yes, it does.

These people you're copying
are already superfluous.

You're trafficking in excess.

The issue is not
excess but access.

Others take away reproductive rights.
I grant them.

How very progressive.

So you can go gleefully multiplying
yourself into oblivion.

Well, why not?

Although, since you're here...

the standard method of procreation
does suddenly seem appealing.

You are so charming, Trevor.

Aeon, this doesn't concern you.

You're not going to
interfere with my work.

What makes it so important?

I'm a doctor. My reasons
are confidential.

Fine. Then you'll know why
I'm shutting you down.

I have you any way anyone
could ever imagine.

Make yourself presentable.

- He did a good job.
- Yes.

You're me. Lovely.

How do you feel? And
what about the lab?

I'm fine. The lab is easy.

Waiting for you, for three
days, will be hard.

These things take time.

Crush his soul.

Impale him upon his own ego.

- Are you ready to do this?
- I am. You'd better be.

- When I'm done...
- Kill you.

This is Interior Control.

You are five increments
from hooligan status.

And counting. Three, two, one...

Nothing that happens
between us matters.

I've heard that one before.

That sofa's very
comfortable, don't you find?

Yes, it's amazing.

I copied you. But you know that.

You may as well enjoy the
luxury of letting go.

You can afford to, you're extraneous,
and in the end, disposable.

Am I behaving atrociously?

But no one need ever know.

Aeon, I want you.

Come on, lover. I
know what you want.

So is this more like it?

Or is this?

What's the matter? Is it my clothes?
I'll change.

You have changed.

This is all wrong.

Trevor, I don't
know what to say.

Good. Because I don't
want to hear it.

Take me, Trevor.

Do it.

Just don't be here in the
morning when I wake up.

What is it?

She's different.

Did something go wrong?
No, it's not possible.

What else could it mean?

What's she doing here?

You don't know what I want.

That makes two of us.

It's good not to be
scared, isn't it?

I wouldn't want you
any other way.

You still don't trust me.

Should I?

Do you?


- She's out there somewhere, isn't she?
- Yes.

What do you think she's
doing right now?

She's probably planning
to destroy me utterly.

Or is that your job?

I don't know anymore.

You're her, aren't you?

You're the real Aeon.

- Why did you make the switch?
- Trevor, it's over.

It's over.

Damn you, Trevor.

You wretched egotist. How
dare you subject me to this?

Don't flatter
yourself, you freak.

So, I'm not the only one playing
both sides of the street.

Damn it!

You're screwing up my mission.
Why did you come?

He stole a sample of me. I
can't let him make a copy.

It's okay. I've
taken care of it.

The last thing I want
is another one of you.

All right. We can
get out of here.

Tonight. As we planned.

No problem. I'll be there.

Meet me at the border.
Bring this.

We cross together.

I need you and you need me.

Impossible. Here?

But what's this? Give me my gun.

Now get out of here!

Aeon. Thank God.

- What are you doing here?
- What do you mean?

You told me to come.

You said to bring this.

Yes, of course. I had to be
sure that you weren't a copy.

- But you said...
- Yes, I know.

- Well? Are you ready to go?
- I'm ready.

These things take time.

Cross the border with
S, then kill her.

Did you bring my gun?

You don't need it. Come on.
It's time.

Stop! Stop!

What are you doing?

- Are you all right?
- It's Aeon Flux, sir.

- You ordered...
- Shut up.

What? You ordered? Trevor?


I decided that as long
as she's out there...

she'll always be a threat to us.

You decided?

It's because she's out there
that I'm here with you.

Is that how it is?

Well. Come.

You're Aeon, not her.

It's what you've
wanted me to believe.

It doesn't matter, Trevor.
She's already gone.

I'll be back. No one's
going to kill you.

So, I thought I was going
to have to come get you.

Why didn't you cross with Scaphandra?
Now you're stuck here.

You forgot our plan.
I'm crossing with you.

No. I'm not finished
with him, yet.

What is it?

The stars in your eyes.
They're stolen.

- Things have changed.
- Trevor?

You were supposed to
mess with his head.

His desire is not his alone.

If you won't cross with
me, I'll kill you here.

Maybe it's better that way.

Scaphandra was supposed
to give you something.


There are things you don't know.

I know that you won't kill me.

You'd kill me.
That was the plan.

Yes. Yours to begin with.

To make him hurt.

Take a stand!

- Okay, pretty one.
- Watch that.



What do you mean, you
can't reprogram?

I want Turret 12 shut down, now.

Well, find the codes, damn it!
There's no time!


Stop the guns, I tell
you, stop the guns!


Turret 12 is now off-line, sir. But
we have the fugitive in our sights.

Let her go.

Let her go.