Águila Roja (2009–2016): Season 3, Episode 8 - Episode #3.8 - full transcript

(ep 4x01 according to RTVE, 3x08 according to IMDB)
I can't spend any more time locked up here.

I can't remember the last time I saw sunlight.

Agust?n made me believe that he was taking care of my life and my children's...

but there were other interests that guided him.

He convinced me that he would come to me here.

That was near thing, right, Master?

What are you doing here?

What do you mean "what am I doing here"?

Well, looking for you, so we could return home.

Or do plan to stay here every night?

Let's go.

Stop torturing yourself now, Master.

That's easy to say.

Chin up!

I know that what that fiend Agust?n did to your mother has no name.

S?tur, Agust?n was my teacher,...

who guided me since childhood, who taught me what's right and what's wrong,...

and whatever I am is thanks to him.

No, no. No way.

You are who you are because God has given you a privileged skull.

Because you have a heart that will not fit in your chest.

I remember that Agust?n also had dealings with your brother.

Look how he turned out, the fucking twisted bastard!

I'm completely lost.

It sometimes happens that way,...

and then the sky clears.

And now, let's head for Valderroble.

Yes, I've mentioned a leather craftsman, and...

and as it's near your birthday, well, I thought...

I will entrust him to make a leather sheath for your katana.

One small detail.

Come on, let's go.

Lucky I found you, Paquillo.

In this town we can't see a soul.

I was afraid you wouldn't be here, either.

Listen: you have to make me a great piece, great.

It's for my master.

Paquillo, eh!

Paco, this is important...!

He seems dead.

Poor Paquillo!

That's strange. There's not a living soul in the whole village.

Let's go!

Water, water!

S?tur, grab him up. We'll take him with us.

How can you just say "we'll take him with us"?

Where to?

Every time I say that something's dangerous, this man jumps at the chance to take a risk.

This guy's heavy!

He's a dead weight...!




I found no one left alive in the whole village!

Catalina, did any invitation arrive for me?

No, ma'am.

Those Iron County bumpkins! How dare they offend me like this?

It's after the clown I made of myself the other day over that damned picture!

Now everyone thinks I'm a has-been.

Maybe the invitations got lost along the way.

Oh, how na?ve are you, girl!

All right: they asked for it. I'll hold my own ball, Catalina, tonight.

Tonight, ma'am? There's no time to set it up!

I didn't ask your opinion. Open the grand salon. Have it ready to shine by eight PM.

Yes, ma'am, for eight o'clock. By your leave.

And what about the people invited to both balls?

They'll come to mine, dear. That's what the game is all about.

Margarita, tell Gonzalo that I invite him to the ball tonight.

Yes, Marquesa. I'll tell him.

Mom, I've been robbed. The servants have stolen my Military Cross.

You have to grill them all.

Nu?o, today isn't the day to fry servants, let's go.

Mom, this cross was a gift from my father...

and I won't let any filthy commoner run off with a single thing of mine.

Nu?o, I can't do it today. Enough. Run along.

Margarita, come with me to choose a dress for tonight.

Yes. By your leave.

Hern?n, my ball tonight will be the talk of the town for the whole season.

At eight. You're invited.

~ Lucrecia.
~ Hern?n.

Don't be ashamed, Irene. I'm your husband.

Here you go.

I want you to give me a son.


I'm sure you'll be a fine mother.

Excuse me, excuse me.

Innkeeper. Innkeeper!

Are you all right?

Is something wrong? You're not someone who starts drinking at this hour of the morning.

Cipri, you're not my mother, so don't jerk my chain about wine.

No, really, S?tur, if you need to let off steam...

Leave me alone! What I want to be alone! Don't you get it?


I've seen Gabi.


But isn't he in the Americas?

Of course he's in the Americas!

That is the mother of lamb:...

I'm not well.

I'm seeing things.

You have to overcome these sorts of things.

Thanks, Cipri, but I don't need advice.

Rest assured, I'll personally take care of your safety.

It's the least I can do on behalf of the right hand of the Holy Father.

Ignore gossip.

I'm just the Papal Nuncio in Spain, nothing more.

Modesty is a virtue, and show it at every step you take.

But the truth is that your closeness to Pope Alexander VI...

is well known throughout Christendom.

They say he does not make any decision without your approval.

And if so, you would like me to intercede for you in one of them --- isn't that right, Your Eminence?

My aspirations to the papacy are a secret to nobody, Monsignor.

Fortunately I have the support of His Majesty, King Philip,...

but there are other candidates who may have a strong claim.

Cardinal? Excuse me. I didn't know you had company.

I came to invite you to a ball tonight I'm giving in my palace.

Monsignor, the Marquesa de Santillana.

Marquesa, the Papal Nuncio to Spain.

A pleasure, Monsignor.

It would be a great honor if you were also to attend my ball.

Monsignor, if I may, I'd like to present my wife.



It would be a pleasure to accept your invitation, Marquesa.


Good, we'll go. Irene, dear...

So you can continue talking about your own concerns. Excuse us.

I'll also leave you alone.

~ Your Eminence.
~ Commissioner.
~ Monsignor.

Have you considered the rewards accruing if I were to support your aspirations, Monsignor?

Note that I am an immensely wealthy man, thank God.

If I can please you in some way, you have only to ask.

I'd like to get to know your niece better.

I'm not sure I understand you, Monsignor.

Oh, you understand me all right, Your Eminence.

Wasn't a single soul alive there?

No, they're all dead. Nobody survived.

It is clear that what killed this man is whatever killed them all.

~ Hi!
~ What are you doing here?

You thought I wasn't going to find you? When everyone knows the doctor in the village.


~ Won't you ask me in?
~ No, no, no, no, Eugenia. I'm working.

And it's disgusting, really.

Nor am I going to get scared by a little blood, Juan.

Good, don't worry, I'm going.

It's just that I came to do some shopping in the village and I dropped by to say hello.

Very well.

~ Hi, S?tur.
~ Excuse me. Is my master here?

Yes, yes, inside. Go on in.


~ S?tur.
~ What did he died from?

We don't know as yet.

~ God!
~ He's alive!

But how alive if you've just opened him up and he hasn't said a peep?

If the blood spurts that means the heart's still beating.

This man had all the signs of death. How is it this possible?

Matilde, the tapestries.

And you, Juana, the rags. And the darling with wax,...

who got the hip fracture from the Baroness de Artola.

Marta, you stay here with me.

Surely one day is not enough to organize a ball.

And you lot, get hard into it, at this pace we won't get it done.

Easy, woman, or you'll get ill!

Yes, my daughter, you're right.

Today, between what's a ball and what isn't, I'm coming unhinged!

What's going on?

Nothing, I'm mulling over something I shouldn't be.

Are you worried about Floro?

It's been a very long time, Margarita, very long.

Look at me. Nothing bad's going to happen! Trust me.

Maybe something good'll happen. There are many people in the world.

There are many women, and maybe he's found another. These things happen.

But what are you saying? If he loves you like you do him.

Has something happened to you? Well, neither has it to him.

Stand in a row and get undressed at once.

With all due respect, Master Nu?o, those orders can only be given to us by your mother.

I am the Marquis of Santillana. Obey me or I'll have you all flogged. Let's go.

Young Master, for God's sake.

~ Ma'am.
~ Can you tell us what you're doing?

Catalina, get back to work.

Mom, I want to find out who's been stealing from me.

Enough already! I don't want to hear another word about the matter. Agreed?

Madam Marquesa, the priest is here.

Well, then tell him to go.

We don't need his services.

Ma'am, please. Today is Thursday, the day of Confession for the servants. For them this is like bread.

All right, Catalina, but quickly, all of them with sins.


We're doing wrong, Master.

The earlier we find something in this village that kills people,...

the quicker we stumble onto the real source of the infection.

I don't believe it!

Burn it all!

Quickly, burn it all!

Get rid of everything.

Reduce it all to ashes.

Let's go, let's go.

Who's behind all this?

Who's behind all this, who?

Who wants to cover all this up, Master?

Excuse me, Father, but...

What's up, Nu?o?

I know it's a setback, but my mother says that there's no one who needs your services.

There's a lot of work going on for the ball...there's no time.

All right! In that case I'll be back again tomorrow, to bring peace to the souls who want it.

Thanks, Father. Sorry.

Let's go see the doctor and see that you're well cured.

That hand is the one for the katana.

If you can't use it all the way, we'll be badly off, mark my words.

That family took something poisonous.

But why would they want to hide it? And who?

I don't know, nor even how to find out...

like about where you come from.

It is written in our destiny that we should stumble...

to one puzzle after another, after another, after another,...

But what crystal clear water, Master!

S?tur, don't drink it.

It's contaminated.

By the Holy Virgin!

That's what did the killing.

Does this mean that all the people here died due to the water from this river?

It's mercury.

How can it be mercury?

Do they use a river to collect mercury?

The royal mine.

The one they reopened a month ago?

But, man, no, that mine is for gold!

Mercury is also used for the extraction of gold.

And if the king is behind all this, there's no way out.

No one is going to whimper for four wretches who died in a remote village, man!

The inhabitants of this town have been the first affected, but they won't be the only ones.

This river is a tributary of the well that supplies the town.

The well we drink from?

Run home and get rid of all the water we have. If you come across anyone, tell them to do the same.

If we chuck out the water, what'll we drink?

And how is the Holy Father, Monsignor?

Is his health still so fragile?

I'm afraid so, Marquesa.

May God preserve him.


What a surprise seeing you here, Monsignor!

I was scheduled to visit you today in your residence.

The Nuncio has accepted my invitation.

Now this is his residence.

Let's go, Irene. Gentlemen.

I've been thinking about what you asked me.

If what you want is fun, I could look around with great pleasure.

Yeah, I'll bet.

But I told you where my interests tend.

I'm sorry I can't give satisfaction to your interests, Monsignor.

The girl is like a daughter to me.

And besides, she's married.

With respect to your sensitivity like a parent, there's little I can do.

Regarding her husband, he'll never know. Neither will she.

She'll remember nothing.

She'll remember nothing? What are you saying?

A little of this in a drink, and it will be just like a dream.

I am generous with those who grant me favors.

If she wears this during the ball, I'll know that the answer is yes.


The church and its appetite for pleasures, how capricious has become the Nuncio!

Who is it?

That's none of your business.

If anyone touches my wife, I'll kill him.

No matter how much of a Papal Nuncio he is.

You should remember what is at stake, commissioner.

If I profit, you profit.

But if I fall from grace, you'll fall with me.

I'd kill him!

Hey! What are you doing?

No, no, don't eat it!

Why not?

Help me throw out all this water. And you, Murillo, hurry home and do the same! Snap to it!

Dump all the water you find. Move!

S?tur, can you tell me what you're up to?

The water's poisoned. This water's a killer, Alonso!

Then what are we going to drink?

Are you going to help me or not?

~ Yeah, sure.
~ Then let's hop to it!

Mind the water!

Where are you going with that, kid?

Something bigger!

~ That wouldn't be...?
~ No, no, it's water, Cipri.

So what are you doing dumping water?

You ought to do the same. The water's poisoned.

~ Poisoned?
~ Yeah, Cipri. Get on with it.

My God, I have half the inn eating Spanish soup, which is the dish of the day!

~ Throw it away, now!!
~ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...

And everything you've cooked with it, too!

Mind the water!

And why do you have this?

It's an amulet I gave to Gabi. Gifts aren't given away.

Are you sure about what you're saying?

I made it myself!

Look: the "A" standing for "Alonso".

Shit, come on, go on.

The river water is contaminated with mercury. If we drink this water, we'll all die!

My men and I drink it and we're perfectly fine.

You have to deliver clean water to the town.

I repeat: there's no problem with our water!



Father, I have sinned.

I've never dared to confess this before, but I can't take it anymore.

I cannot handle this alone.

I did not arrive as a virgin at my marriage ceremony.

Don't let him leave the palace.

Close all doors and windows.

What is this scandal?

Ma'am, shots have been heard.

It's ?guila Roja, he's in the palace.

So why are you standing around? Kill him!

A masked man is not going to spoil my ball.

Don't worry, Lucrecia, I know how to do my job.


Come on, come on, back to work.

~ Ma'am. Commissioner.
~ Go on.


Lucrecia, I wanted to come personally to thank you for your invitation, but I have to tell you that I can't help out at this ball.

Why not? Come, accompany me to the salon.

No. I don't want to upset you. Besides, I've got lots to do.

Well, let it be me who accompanies you to the exit.

Lucrecia, I'm familiar with the palace.

Oh, Gonzalo, you're always so evasive!


~ Lucrecia.
~ Gonzalo.

But what are you doing here, boy?

I want to see Gabi, too, S?tur.

Who told you I was hunting down Gabi?

Gabi is surely in the Americas, kid!

Well, now head on home, this area is very contaminated...

and if your father finds out I'm here with you, I'll get flayed.

Don't lie to me, S?tur. Gabi is my friend, and I want to see him.

He IS here, right?


You put that same face on when you tell my father that you're going shopping,...

and you're running to gulp down wine with Cipri, S?tur!

Well, all right, yes. The other day, near here, I saw a guy who looked like Gabi.

And he dropped the amulet.

That's it. I've already said too much. Now head off.

Well, then of course it was him.

Go home, damnit!

If he's here, I'll find him. Scram!

What's the matter with you now?

Sir! Your unshod horse lost this.

It seems like I was cursed by a one-eyed man! But when did you lose it?

Well, don't worry, my father is a blacksmith, he can put it back.

Well, sure, but tell me, do you know a boy named Gabi?


Yes, well, his age, more or less, and his height, or a bit shorter.

I...don't know any Gabi.

But...all right, come along with me.

Yes, I know, I know, let's go!

I know you lost it, I know it!

Very good, Cipri. Everything you've cooked with that water is to be thrown away, huh?

So much wasted food!

And I haven't seen anyone fall ill.

It's a question of time.

Look, Cipri, mercury accumulates in the tissues,...

and it paralyzes the body before killing it.

Fine. And what food do I give to all those people?

Juan, the authorities intend to do nothing and the situation is very serious.

We have to go to the well and tell people what's happening.

You think that'll stop them drinking?

I can't think of anything else.

Excuse me.

Is it true what they're saying about the water?

Don't drink anything from around here. Got that? It's very dangerous.

Sure, the nobles have private wells, Juan, but what about you?

Don't worry. This will be fixed soon enough.

I don't want anything bad to happen to you. Come on.

I'll be careful, I promise.

And will you come to the Marquise de Santillana's ball tonight?

Are you going?

I thought you didn't like the social scene.

Before, no, but with you I look forward to anything.


All right. And forgive me, Eugenia, I have to go.

Let's go.

Now, Cipri!

Come in.

Lady, over seventy attendance confirmations to the ball have already arrived...

and the service'll be overwhelmed. We won't get it right, no matter how hard we may try, we just won't.

The more crowded the better, Catalina, that's for sure. And we'll get it right, indeed, Catalina, of course we will.

I just feel sorry for the Iron County.

To their ball, the only attendees will be her daughter, the ugly one,...

and that funny little woolly dog they have.

Margarita, you should also come to my dance. You deserve it.

Me? All right, Lucrecia, I...

In Rembrandt's opinion, you're the most beautiful woman in the court.

My guests will love that you take their coats.


Leave. I want talk to my mother alone.

~ Ma'am.
~ By your leave.

If you've come back to tell me again about the theft of your cross, think again.

It's worse.

I overheard a very bad thing concerning the Commissioner, Mother.

What is it, Nu?o, is he sick?

No, no. Not that.


The commissioner was not the first who was with her.

With her, with her? What "her"?

With Irene.

Who told you that?

Mother, I know it was wrong,...

but I went into the confessional to catch the thief of my cross, and...

she confessed.

Come here, son.

It's good that you've told me.

Don't worry. Don't talk about this with anyone. Agreed?

But, Mom, why did she do it?

You, when you married father, he was your first, wasn't he?

Of course, Nu?o.

I came to marriage pure and chaste.

Look. Go back to your duties.

Thanks, Father.

It's nothing, son.

Father, these men need you to shoe their horse.

Why, yes, but...Stay for dinner. We'll do it after.

My wife prepares a hare as well as anyone. Hey, Josefa?

Do be seated.

Bring a stool, Rafael.

Go on.

Boy, come on, settle in.

Where was the horse when it happened?


On the road to town?

That road is going to make me rich.

Excuse me.

Apparently, sir, it's the teacher and the doctor.

They are telling everyone that the water's contaminated.

Make them shut up. If people believe them, they'll spread panic.

Yes, sir.

Commissioner, excuse the question, but what they're saying's false, right?

Our families and ourselves still drink from that well.

You're not hired to ask questions...

just to follow orders.

~ Obey mine.
~ Yes, sir.

Dear Hern?n, I was passing by and wondered what you were up to.

Is everything all right?

You never care about anyone but yourself, Lucrecia.

Tell me what you want. I have a lot of work to do.

That sweet little girl with you married, was not so sweet...

not so fresh at the end, eh, dear?

What are you on about?

You know perfectly well.

There are things that are difficult to hide, Hern?n.

You really didn't know?

Your wife cheated on you before you were married.

Who dares to say that?

That would be...her. She declared it in Confession. A disadvantage of faith.

Oh, Hern?n! You're not lucky with your women.

We all prefer to get broken in with someone else.

Anyway...I'm leaving. I have to continue with preparations for the ball. You are coming, right?


"Eminence, I have reconsidered the matter, and if the price...

"that the Papal Nuncio puts on your aspirations is my wife...

"I won't object. If I did, everyone would suffer.

"That's not what I want.

"Hern?n Mej?as."

Please, do NOT drink, do NOT drink! The water is contaminated. Please listen to us!

Listen to us. I swear that if we drink we'll get sick and die.

Beat it, nutcase! We won't allow our families to go thirsty.

Please, listen to us! The water is bad!

Please, tell them that the water is bad!

What's going on here?

The water, it contains mercury!

Shut up.

Listen, it contains mercury!

Be quiet.

Let's see if it's true that this water is bad.

The water is fine.


Be careful with that glassware.

If I see a single scratch, I'll command you to walk to Bohemia, to replace it.

Are we clear? Go on.

I knew it. The Rembrandt affair, I knew she was going to strike back over it.

You've noticed, right?

Woman, don't worry. Since in just three months you're here,...

but as an invited guest, that's what hurts.

~ Hey.
~ Hi, Cipri.

~ Excuse me, Margarita.
~ Sure.

~ Cipri.
~ How are you?

All right, finish that up and bring it upstairs. Come on.

Has something happened?

Happened? No, nothing, nothing. I just dropped by to see you.

But it looks like I came at a bad time.

It's the ball, it's such a madhouse that we can't stop to breathe.

What's on your mind?

How are you?

Oh, I'm fine. Very good, thanks.

And you, how are you?

Me...just great.

Also. Thanks.

This, Cipri, that...

like the other day.

~ You understand?
~ Yeah, yeah, that.

That was very serious, Cipri. This can't happen again.

No way in Hell.

But, hey, don't worry, that was...

~ a kiss of affection.
~ Sure.

The two of us are so very lonely that we get confused, nothing more.

Sure, that's what I was going to say.

Yeah --- nothing more needs be said.

~ Catalina?
~ Yes?

The mistress wants you right away in the ballroom.

I'm on my way.

Don't worry, Catalina. I came to tell you that, and now I'm going.

Oh, all right. Go with God.

~ I'll see you around.
~ Take care.

Come on, another little piece of cheese, son. You have to grow.

Oh, don't get up.

My son and I are going to check out the horse before nightfall.

~ Pour them some sweet wine, Josefa.
~ Right away.

Girls, go and wash up.

~ Please do not say anything in front of...of...
~ Your husband?

Do say it with all the letters.

When did you get back?

~ Does it matter, S?tur?
~ It matters, Estuarda, it matters.

It matters, because I thought you were in the Americas, and it turns out not to be the case.

You're here.

A couple of miles from town.

The same thing goes about the blacksmith who my son calls "father".

Why did you do it?

You're my friend, Gabi.

Why didn't you come see me?

Alonso, go on out, I'm going. Let's go.

Do you know he was about to head off to the Americas to search for you?

And that they almost killed him for that?

Alonso, enough.

Move it.

We never left, S?tur.

We were due to embark at Cadiz, but in the meantime I met him while waiting.

He'd just lost his wife in childbirth, and needed help, so...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, one thing led to another. Spare me the details, for God's sake, Estuarda.

S?tur, if he discovers how I made my living, he'll disown me.

No one wants a prostitute.

S?tur, the blacksmith's a good man.

He takes care of us, has a job, we eat every day...

I get it. Don't worry,...


He can take care of you, but I can't.

I'm just a ragamuffin, isn't that right, Estuarda?

A ragamuffin, on top of being a fool.

I thought you both loved me.

But I can see that's not the case.


You look beautiful, Irene.

Thank you, Hern?n.

Irene, this is a gift in honor of your first ball.

How lovely!

Thank you, Uncle.

Well. We'll make a toast to your debut.

Thanks, Uncle, but I don't drink.

Irene, it brings bad luck if someone refuses a toast.

When there's a toast, one must drink, my girl.

I don't like it, Uncle. It's very strong.

What's very strong?

The wine?

It's perfect, Irene.

No problem, eh, gentlemen?

Well, then we'll move on to the ballroom, please. This way.

Your Eminence.

Let's go, Irene.

I have a thirst I could die from, how about you?

S?tur, you haven't been talking for the whole trip.

You're not going to talk ever again?

If you don't vent, it's worse.

I know it's not the same, but Gabi was my friend.

But what have I done to hear my own child call "father" to another man?

~ Tell me, what did I do?
~ Nothing! It's not your fault!

You're damned right!

I'm sick of having to bear shit and more shit, as if I had shitted his pants!

Me too, I don't understand why bad things happen, S?tur --- it's unfair.

You know what I mean? I'm going to put an end once and for all to this injustice.

Alonso, not even God is going to steal my son from me.

What happened, Master?

Since these waters are contaminated, you just decided to dive in?

~ Almost.
~ Are you all right, Father?

Yes, yes, don't worry, son. Go on, bring me something to dry off with. Go on!

What are we going to do now?

Rob the one who's causing of all this.

The king?

Red Eagle!

Tell the king that the people need the water more than he does.

The Marquis of San Lazaro and his mother, the Countess of Valdesoto.

How handsome, by the Holy Mother! I haven't seen men like these in my whole life.

Just enjoy yourself.

Welcome. This way.

I'm too hot.

I'm getting dizzy, Margarita.

My corset's too tight.

I'm sorry, ma'am. Do you want something to eat?

No. Take it off. Now.

Do?a Eugenia de Molina, Duchess of Montfrag?e.

~ Lucrecia!
~ What a surprise!

The Marquis of Arvizo and wife.

I thought you didn't attend things as frivolous as this.

Oh, Lucrecia, but for now, I'd like to have fun!

You're gorgeous!

~ Thank you.
~ I love your gown. Who made it?

Precisely her, my staff seamstress.


Excuse me a moment.

The Marquis of Due?as, and the Marquise of Bazas.

I want you to make my wedding dress.

~ Me?
~ I'll pay whatever it takes,...

but I want it to be the best wedding dress in the world.

I'm going to marry the love of my life.

I am delighted for you, ma'am. Congratulations.

The ball is beginning.

Irene, I've heard some things about you that did not please me at all.

Are you really that na?ve and virginal young woman you pretend to be?

Or are you really a slut?

I beg your pardon?

Daughter, I think you could use a drink.

Since you don't like wine, I have kept this juice.

Thank you, Uncle.

An extraordinary ball.

But I must retire now.

Gentlemen, my Lady.

~ Better?
~ Yes.

Irene, balls are to enjoy oneself.

We'll continue dancing.

I told you that Gabi's gone, he's gone on an errand...

and get out of here, please, you're going to get us in trouble.

I don't intend to leave without talking to my son.

I have something important to say to him, and to you as well.

What, S?tur? Tell me now, by God, since my husband could come in at any moment.

I want Gabi to come live with me.

No, S?tur, never, he's my son.

He's mine, too. Everybody knows that.

I am the father, and remember that the law is on my side.

Look...I've worn myself to pieces since my son was born...

so he had a piece of bread to put in his mouth,...

and so he'd have a home. What have you done for him?

Tell me. What have you done?

You're not going to take him, I promise you that.

Marshal, sir. Marshal, please come in.

Come along, please. Give her the notice.

For the lady.

Tomorrow I'll return to take him with me.

No, S?tur, please.

No, S?tur, please don't take him, he's all I've got.

No, no, no, no, no!

Lady, are you still dizzy?


Catalina, don't leave. Stay with me.

Yes, ma'am.

Do you want something?

~ Margarita.
~ Yes, ma'am?

Have you thought about what I said before?

Yes. I'll make the dress.

~ Thank you.
~ It's nothing.

But not a word to anyone, eh? We haven't yet made the engagement official.

~ Don't worry, I won't say a thing.
~ Thank you.

The Duke de Velasco and Fonseca, and the Marquis de Boullon.

That's my fianc?.

Handsome, isn't he?

Yes, ma'am. Congratulations.

Excuse me.

Juan! I thought you weren't coming.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

And now...Too many people, right? Shall we walk in the garden? What do you think?

Sure, sure.

I don't know what's wrong, my God.

It's like everything is moving.

Come on.

Take her to her room.

Your uncle's right. Tomorrow everything will be fine.


What's going on? What's going on?

Your wife cheated on you before you were married. You're not lucky with your women.

We all prefer to get broken in with someone else.

Madam. What's going on, ma'am?

Madam, for God's sake. What's going on?

~ What's going on.
~ I've been poisoned.

They've poisoned me, Catalina!

We already have good water in the stable.

Go on, find Murillo and Juan, and tell them we already have water and they can take what they need.

Alonso, what's up?

They're here.

Gabi's here.

How could Gabi possibly be here?

They never left for the Americas.

Does S?tur know?

And he's knackered...

because now he has another family.

He's erased us from his life, Father.

We've been thrown away!

He's thrown us away!

Go on, Alonso. Go to bed.

Try to rest, huh?

Good night.

Good night, Alonso.

How are you?

If you don't mind, I'd rather not talk about it, tonight I'm wrecked.

Besides, the kid has explained everything that had to be explained, right? There's nothing more to say.

In the end you got the water, huh?

Yeah. Good, but we only have a few days' worth, so...

on top of that, people still don't believe that that water can kill.

Soon people will start to manifest illness, you'll see.


There are things in life that have no solution, Master.

That's one of them.

So accept it, because you can't change the course of things.

That's that.

What have I said?

S?tur, we're going to change the course of things.


Are you sure she won't remember anything?

I've already told you.

Don't look at me like that, Cardinal.

You're no better than I.

Master, this is very dangerous.

A complete madness.

Besides, this bridge graces a bucolic landscape.

We'll place the charges down the pillars of the bridge...

so the explosion will demolish it and cut off the water.

It's the only way to prevent this water from reaching the village well.

I beg you, Master, playing God can't be good.

~ Are you even listening to me?
~ S?tur, don't get the fire near the powder.

You can even smell a tragedy!

Or you don't get it? Think of your child, please!

What if we do it some other way?

With twigs, like beavers, right?

Don't worry. When the charges explode, we'll be far enough away.

Far away?

But what do you mean by far?

What, are you angry about something?

My mother forbade me from coming to see you.

You should have disobeyed her.

Sometimes there's a need to disobey one's parents, you know?

S?tur told my mom that tomorrow I'll go live with him.

He can force it if he wants. He's your dad.

Yeah, but I don't want to leave my mother, Alonso.

What were you thinking? That S?tur wanted to be torn apart from you both? Well?


You left without even a goodbye, not even caring about him.

Alonso, tell S?tur to let me stay with my mother.

Please, help me, please!

Take your hand off me!

Gabi! Gabi!

Gabi! Help, please!

What did you poison me with?

With what? Arsenic?

With hemlock? What?

You let me drink from Irene's cup. You didn't even mind, you wretch!

Don't worry, Lucrecia.

It'll be fast and you won't suffer.

I'm going to die...I'm going to die!

Am I going to die? Answer me, Hern?n.

Tell me the truth.

No. It's laudanum.

You'll sleep like a newborn.

Laudanum? Why? Why do you want Irene knocked out?

Tell me! Why do you want Irene knocked out?

Dad, Dad, look!

Help, please, help!

Gabi, Gabi, Gabi!


Help, please!

Help, help!

~ What's going on?
~ Cipri, Cipri!

Alonso, what happened?

He...he fell from the roof.

It's my fault.

I've killed him.

I killed him!

I killed him, Cipri!

Come with me.

This isn't going to be far enough.

The wick, it's...it's very short.

We have enough powder to knock down the royal palace.

Don't worry.

The wick is damp. I'll have to light the charges myself. You stay there.

But...come back, for God's sake!

How lovely you are!

This was not the agreement, Commissioner.

Leave at once.

What's going on?

Rest. From now on, you behave just like you are: my wife.

And I'll take you wherever I want.

I ask not as a servant or as a squire...

but as a sensible human being. Don't.

You won't have enough time to light the charges and get away!

There's no other way.

Sure there is, think of yourself for once!

Enough of putting yourself out for the people, hardhead,...

since this miserable life won't give you anything in return!

Take cover, S?tur. Hide!


Master! What happened?

I'm all right, S?tur!

Cover up, S?tur, take cover!

Don't move, S?tur!

Are you all right?

Master, I want...I want to say something.

Starting tomorrow, I'm living with my son.

And...I know it's too much to ask, but...

could that be done here, with you?

And Estuarda?

No, Estuarda no. Estuarda has other obligations.

But don't worry, if the answer's no, it's no.

No way, S?tur, of course you can.

Indeed you can.

~ Really?
~ Yes.

Thank you, Master.

No. Thank you, for saving my life.

Dad! There's been an accident!

Gabi. He fell from the roof.

What? You said he fell?

Is he all right?

Holy God!

Alonso, you see to S?tur. Agreed? I'll go hunt down Juan.

Go on. Move!

I just want to fall into bed!

I can't feel my feet, they feel like they're not mine.

Me, too.

Can you believe I haven't seen Juan all evening?

Look, there you go.

Well, I have to go now.

Take me home, all right?

Yes. I'll get your cape.


She's a lifelong friend.

Ah, my love, don't worry. You know lots of people. It's normal.

Man, not for nothing are you a Spanish nobleman.


Well, can I go now?

Marta, escort me home?


I have to talk with you. --- Hi, Margarita.

You have to go with me to the inn. Gabi has had an accident.

I have an emergency. I've got to go. Immediately.

What a fucking sentimental moron!

Gabi! Gabi, son!

Gabi, son, say something!

He's lost consciousness.

This is all your fault, I told you leave us alone!


~ Calm down, Estuarda, calm down.
~ What's wrong with him?

It's not serious, right?

No, S?tur, don't worry, relax.

Come on, Gabi.

Wake up, Gabi, come on.

Come on, come on!

Has he moved, Doctor?

I hurt all over.

You've had an accident, my son, but you'll be fine.


You've had a shock, but there's nothing broken.

~ Mother!
~ It's all over, my love, it's all over.

~ Mother!
~ It's over, my little one.

I lost my mother, S?tur.

And I'll never forgive those who killed her.

But if you do it this way, the only thing that can happen is that Gabi will never to love you.

Tell them not to worry.

I won't bother them anymore.

It's over, it's over.

I should have done this the day you came to work in this house.

Holy Heaven! They caught the pirate Richard Blake!

Let him be exposed so all the world may learn who killed the pirate Richard Blake.

Nu?o isn't a child anymore.

We have to make the official announcement of the engagement.

Should we go somewhere less busy?

Have you been a pirate?

Don't you know who the king of Spain is?

I've seen his face many times on the gold doubloons on his ships.

Do you remember me?

Want to touch them? They're for you.

I'm sure that your boyfriend feels much blessed, ma'am.

Where do you keep the money?

I have to save his life.


The woman of the night, what was her name?

He has a girlfriend, my father has a girlfriend!

What is this doing here?

Shit, a monkey! Get off, you vermin!