Águila Roja (2009–2016): Season 3, Episode 9 - Episode #3.9 - full transcript

(ep 4x02 according to RTVE, 3x09 according to IMDB)
I want you to give me a son.



~ I've seen Gabi.
~ But isn't he in the Americas?

I will hold my own ball, Catalina, this very evening.

Open the great salon.

Nobody's left alive in the whole village.

Madam Marquesa, the priest has arrived.

My mother says that no one requires your services.

Father, I've sinned. I've never dared to confess this.

I didn't arrive at my wedding as a virgin.

S?tur, don't drink that. It's contaminated.

Are you worried about Floro?

It's been a long time already, Margarita.

It's an amulet I gave to Gabi.

Look: the "A" standing for "Alonso".

I heard a very bad thing concerning the Commissioner, Mother.

He was not the first who was with her.

I would like to get to know your niece.

You mean all these people died from drinking water from this river?

I want you to make my wedding dress.


The water, it has mercury!

Did you know he was about to go to the Americas to find you?

And they almost killed him for that?

Your wife cheated on you.

Before you got married.


What happened the other day.

That was very serious, Cipri, this can't happen again.

We never get to go out, S?tur.

I thought you loved me.

Are you really that na?ve and virginal young woman you're pretending to be?

Or are you really a slut?

A little of this in her drink...

and it will be like a dream.

I want Gabi to come live with me.

We'll change the course of things.

You have to deliver clean water to people.



From now you behave exactly as you are: my wife.

And I'll take you whenever I want.


What did you poison me with?

With what?

You'll walk me home, would you?

Would you walk me home?

Tell the king the people need the water more than he does.

I should have done this the first day you came to work in this house.

She's a lifelong friend.

He's moving, Doctor.


Your Majesty.

Excuse me, your Majesty.

The journey has been a success.

Your best soldiers are guarding him, as ordered.

Tell my counselors immediately.

Yes, sir.


When is he scheduled to arrive?

They debarked three days ago.

They'll be in town just tomorrow, your Majesty.

Make them ready everything for his execution.

If you'll permit me, your Majesty,...

I think this is a great opportunity...

for a show of strength.


My dear Cardinal,...

one man has threatened my entire fleet for two years.

Yes, but his arrest at your orders

constitutes a victory.

I suggest an exemplary punishment...

which will echo well beyond our borders.

You'll be admired across Europe.

So be it.

He is to be exposed so everyone will know...

who killed the pirate Richard Blake.

Shh, shh. It's me, it's me.

Your father isn't here, and neither is S?tur.

We've got to get out of here the back way.

They're in the stable. Run!

Where do you keep your money?

Don't hurt him, please!

How could I be, Master?


If there's anything worse than losing a child,...

it's to know he's right there nearby,

and also to know you won't be able to see him ever again.

It's better that Gabi's with his mother.

He never would have forgiven you.

Well, why go back to the tower?

It's the harp.

Now you want a harp?

For sure you've turned into a whimsical guy.

No. But maybe it's hiding something.

Somehow we were able to escape.

They hunted down my mother and killed her just to get that hidden thing.

What about Agust?n?

Then, why did he later take care of all of you like you were his own children?

He headed that way!

Run! Move it!

They're hunting someone, Master.

Run, run!

He's alive.

But this is Catalina's nephew!

Thankfully, it wasn't all that serious.


S?tur hid this in case we could be in need of it.

There's no one home, you can relax.

Where's Gonzalo?

We don't know.

I'll bring you some breakfast before opening the inn. Be right back.

What happened?

Robbers came in.

Alonso and Margarita came to warn me. Where were yours?

Are you all right?

What's on your neck?

Did they hurt you?

Now you're worried, right?

Where were you last night?

I had important things to do, son, sorry.

Right. Same as the night before.

And the night before that.

They could have killed us.

I know.

But you're never here when we need you.

Just like with Mother.


What happened?

We've been robbed.

Just what we were missing!

They haven't left anything intact, the...

Alonso's right.

Where do you go every night?

What's her name?

What's whose name?

The woman you go see every night.

We're all grownups, Gonzalo.

My only expectation about it was that you'd had the decency to tell me, that's all.

Not long ago, you told me you'd never forget my sister.

At least have the courage to come forward.

For your son's sake and that of the people who live in this house.

Hello, Ma'am.


You're almost in the dark.

Is something wrong with you?

I'm not feeling well today, Catalina.

Come on. Leave it, help me.

Catalina, I need my...


Master Nu?o, get out of here.

Go on, move it. Out!

Says who?

Who do you think you are to give orders to my son?

Ma'am, with all respect,...

excuse me, but Irene was naked.

And Master Nu?o should not just traipse in so uncaringly...

into women's private rooms.

What idiocy are you babbling?

Ma'am, Nu?o isn't a child anymore.

I know perfectly well what my son is.

Let this be the last time you try to give me lessons about how to educate him.

Yes, Ma'am.

Did you sleep well, my dear?

Any shock?

She's not feeling very well.

Breakfast will surely lift your spirits.

You didn't tell her?

Who, me?


The Commissioner was informed that his wife wasn't as pure...

as he imagined.


Madam, will they kill him?

I won't try to soft-pedal it, Catalina.

Hern?n is very proper about such matters.

It seems the most likely course.

Now you're crying?

Too late.

I'm going to go eat.

Today's a beautiful day.

Excuse me.

What do you want?

I think you might sell what I need.

I don't deal with children. It always leads to problems.


Do I have to give you a spanking?

I told you to push off.

I live alone with my aunt, and we need protection.

Surely this interests you.

And your shoes, too.

They'd look nice on my son.


they're the only ones I have.

That's not my problem.

Do you want it or not?


Mart?n isn't here.

And after you stressed to him not to move from here!

And then, no way!

It's as if you haven't even opened your mouth.

I'm sorry, Master, but...

this guy's gone.

For his sake I hope he's gone very far indeed.

The Commissioner isn't one to leave things half-finished.

What's up, Master?

The kid, he's gone screwy again, right?

And then your sister-in-law.

She hit the nail on the head, and fairly.

But they're both right, S?tur.

I'm never where I should be.

That's not true.

If not, they should ask the hundreds and hundreds of people...

whose lives you've saved.

What's happening here is that being father and being a hero just don't mix.

If the truth be known.

I almost lost my son like I lost my wife...

without the ability to defend him.

Stop there, halt!

Let the dead rest for once.

It's just that this has no easy solution.

But look, what are you going to tell him about where you go at night?

That's another matter.

By the Holy Mother, what a display of power!

Like if they'd caught you, Master.

Who could it be?

No idea.

The Commissioner.

That's Richard Blake!

The pirate?

Holy Heavens!

They've nabbed Richard Blake!

But do you know how many Spanish ships that bastard sank?


Give him some water.

Sir, are you going to give a drink to the prisoner?

We have to keep him alive...

so the executioner can bleed him out like a pig.

Even so, they gave him water.

They should let him die in this very place, like a dog.

May God make them take out his entrails one by one, Master.

Gonzalo, help me!

Gonzalo, please, help me!

What's upsetting you, Blake?

Here you're not so fierce.

Doesn't the air of dry land suit you?

What's on you?

You're stuck there...like wondering.

Just for the pirate?

I'm not surprised. He's really scary.

With all that hair, and...

Let's go.

Where's he gone?

But I just can't get used to it.

Come on, one day soon it'll be me who disappears first.

See you later.


You don't know anything about Mart?n?

No, I don't...

If you find out something, let us know.

Nobody tells us anything.


Ladies, of course I have your request.

Come on. Come over here.

I think he's alive.

Have you seen him?

I heard he escaped from the guards in the woods.

The Red Eagle rescued him.

Thank God!

Thank God, Cipri, I'd counted him dead!

Hello, my chick.

Do you need any help.


How elegant!

Can I help you?


There's lots of people around.

Shall we go somewhere more peaceful?

I would have liked to say goodbye to him.

But what matters is that he's alive, Ma'am, alive!

You're right, Catalina.

Come on, I'm late for my prayers.

Catalina, let's go.



Gonzalo, help me, please!

Help, Gonzalo!


Gonzalo, help me!

Master, Master!

They declared they'll be hanging that pirate...

and they'll let him rot for seven days and seven nights...

until all his extremities fall off.

Eevn the fifth one.

But no matter how much they hurt that bastard, it'll be much less than he deserves.

Where is he?

They hauled the cage to the Justice Square.

Watched by the Royal Guard.

What do you want me to say?

Well, locked up in that cage, that Richard Blake guy...

well...he doesn't look like much.

Pirates far from the sea lose some of their glamor.

~ I have to go.
~ Now?

You're in such a rush...Where are we headed now?

No. I'm going by myself, S?tur.

Alone? Why alone?

It's all right. No need to come with me. You take it easy.

It was a pleasant surprise that you reward me with your presence again.

I think this is the first time you've visited my room.

I hope you know...

it's a great honor.

It's a great day for our realm.

Yes, your Majesty has been able to catch this fierce pirate.

Richard Blake.

I imagine you know what this means.

You're a very smart woman, Lucrecia.

The glory of the capture notwithstanding,...

the gold trade with the Americas is unhindered again.

Your Majesty.

I hope to live up to this great day.

Madam, I have to...


Leave at once.

I'll tear your skin into strips!

You'd better learn to be more discreet.

You may end up on the gallows for this, Catalina.

I'm sorry, Ma'am, excuse me.

~ I didn't know that his Majesty...
~ Shut up!

He's never been here. Not even now.

You haven't seen a thing, Catalina. You got that?

~ Yes, Ma'am.
~ Very well.

It's about your son.

What's up with Nu?o?

I've seen him in my neighborhood.

So? Explain at once.

It was where the prostitutes work, Ma'am.

I've seen Nu?o fall into the clutches of one of them.

Are you sure that Juan has some?

Well, sure, Juan was a soldier.

Hang on, I know where he stores it.

Let's go.

Would you lend it to me?

No. I already said I won't.

Then don't count on gunpowder.

All right, deal.

No, hand it back, now.

Right now, it's not a toy.

Put it down, Murillo.

But what the fuck are you up to?

~ Murillo!
~ Nothing happened.

Are you totally nuts?

You could have killed yourself!

Come on, quickly.



What's happening?

We heard a shot, it came from around here.

No, no, no, no. Not right here.

Are you sure? Are you all right?

What about your shoes, Alonso?

The shoes your father gave you a week ago, where are they?

Oh, I just gave them to a poor kid...

who had blisters on his feet.

What's happening here?


What are you hiding back there?

~ Nothing.
~ Nothing?

A pistol!

But may I ask exactly where you got this gun, boy?

I bought it.

He bought it, he says!

And he stands here so blas? and selfconfident?

You could have killed yourself!

Why on Earth do you need a pistol?

To protect ourselves.

Because my father's always away nights.

Again the same song! Stubborn as a mule!

He's like a bull that wiggles. Come, home. Home!

Straight home, Alonso!

When your father learns you won't need a gun,...

you're going to need a cannon.

You won't leave your room for the rest of the year. Come on, smarten up!

Push off.

Get back to your studies!

Fucking hell!

Good thing this kid has more lives than a cat.

Thank God nothing happened we have cause to regret.

Thank God, Cipriano!

He must be killed.

Hang him!



What are you doing here?

I thought this sort of spectacle didn't thrill you...

no matter how justified the violence.

I don't like it at all.

Well, then?

You fill your mouth speaking of peace, but in the end...

you're just as morbid as anyone else.

Everyone's talking about the famous pirate Richard Blake and I wanted to see him.

We're ready, Commissioner.

Let's go.

The procession of the king.

Back, go on, back!

Bow down before your lord.

Don't you recognize the king of Spain?

Of course I recognize him.

I've seen his visage on all those gold doubloons I got from his ships.

Grant no mercy, your Majesty!

History books will hallow this moment, your Majesty!

Do you remember me?

I envision the whole place full of flowers...

and we have to find a Basque chef...

because my father is determined that he be a Basque.

So he has to be a Basque.

And I thought that for the crowning touch,...

we could bring in elephants...

and tigers, to eat them all up.

Eh...excuse me...excuse me? Tigers?

Yes, I know all this bores you, Juan, but you have to do it.

And we also have to make the official announcement of the engagement.

Well, there's no rush, right?

My parents are coming back from France in two months.

No need to wait that long.

Father, Mother.

Your parents thought about cutting short their trip...

and returning to town right away.

Yeah...sure...but they still have to make preparations...

Don't worry about that.

In four weeks we'll make the engagement official.

Four weeks?

In four weeks!

Well, enough chitchat.

Excuse us, Juan, but we've got a lot to do.

~ Some wine?
~ Of course.

Four weeks?

~ My Duke.
~ My Duchess.

~ Four weeks!
~ Yes!

~ Has it arrived?
~ Oh, yeah.

My wedding dress!

Good day.

~ Margarita.
~ Hello. Thanks very much for coming.

It's my honor, Ma'am.

We want you to make us the best dress you've ever done.

And money's no problem.

Well, I'll try to rise to the occasion.

~ Shall we get started?
~ Yes indeed.

Mother, I think I'll have to start dieting.

Oh, Eugenia, for God's sake, don't talk nonsense!

I'm sure your boyfriend is very lucky, my Lady

You're very becoming.

Well, you squeeze me there.

Just in case.

With the money you've given me, I'll be at your disposal here all day.

But I suppose you've come for something else.

You don't talk much, that's for sure.

Come on.

Have a seat.

I won't eat you.

Or maybe I will.

You are...

you're very beautiful.

And you're very friendly.

Don't worry.

Everyone's nervous their first time.

It's not my first time.


You want to touch them?

They're just for you.

Get away from my son.

Mom, shit, what are you doing here?

Not a word, Nu?o.

Now let's get out of this dump.


What did you say?

Go away, you're making me look ridiculous!

Out! Get him out of here!

Hell, no! Shove off!

We'll talk about this at home.

Let's go.

You just committed the biggest mistake of your life.

Master, are you here?

No, in the end it's surely true that this man isn't where he ought to be.

Fucking hell!

A monkey!

What's a monkey doing here?

I brought it here.

What a family!

First the son buys a pistol, then the father brings home a monkey.

My son bought a pistol?

Yes, Master, yes. To defend himself, he says.

Now, don't worry, I've put him in his room by the ears.

Your boy won't pack a pistol for the rest of his life.

That's what I tell you.

What about this?

What's this?

It's Richard Blake's monkey.

The pirate?

But how dare you bring home that wrongdoer's monkey?

I'll put it in a pan and roast it alive this very minute!


What on Earth's going on here, Master?

He saved my life.

Which "he"?

The pirate or the monkey?

On one of my voyages,...

I was shipwrecked.

I managed to hold on to a table and...

I drifted for several days.

Finally, when I thought I was about to die,...

someone rescued me.

It was Richard Blake.

Do you mean that you were on his pirate ship?

Were you a pirate?

No, of course not.

But I spent a couple of months on that ship.


Eventually they dropped me off at the port of Barbados.

In Barbados?

And there, on that same trip, I met a woman.

Before I married Cristina.

She'd also been rescued.

She was named Mariana.

In the end, she married Richard Blake.

And that...

was that...it's better if I don't put it into words. I won't say any more.

S?tur, I have to save his life.

I have to do for him what he did for me. He treated me like a brother.

Absolutely not.

That is a betrayal of the Spanish people.

I have to pay my debt. It's pure justice.

Don't you feel even a little for the flag?

That this criminal has relieved us of a lot of gold!

And whenever you take away gold, we get higher taxes.

And when taxes go up, the people start dying of hunger.

Man, for God's sake!

S?tur, the Spanish Crown has amassed gold...

by robbing and killing indigenous people. It's the same thing.

But how could it be the same?

We're talking about Spanish lives, our brothers'!

All lives are worth the same.

You can twist your words however you want.

Soon you'll turn the son of a bitch into a saint.

No. I didn't say that. His crimes have no justification.

But you just said you had to help him out, right?


Well count me out, clear?

No one gets tortured here without my consent. Let her go.

This whore tried to seduce my son for his money.

Is that why you've staged all this?

He could have caught any number of diseases at that dive.

Besides, he's not old enough for a woman. He's just a child.

Lucrecia, what Nu?o's up to is perfectly normal.

At his age I'd already had a fistful of women.

I don't care how precocious you were, Hern?n.

I'm talking about my son.

Leave him in my hands. I know several knocking shops where he'll be perfectly safe.

Hern?n, don't tell me that you're going to take my son to visit whores.

Whatever, I'm not just talking about that.

What Nu?o needs just now at the moment is someone to advise him.

Ah, some father you are!

Or do you intend to keep him under your skirts forever, Lucrecia?

You don't want to concede that he's growing up.

That no one can stop.

You, better than anyone, know what men are like.


What's up?

You see, there's emerged a little problem, and...

It's a good place to come with problems. Let's hear it.

You see, there's a client who had no money to pay,...

and then, well...he gave me this.

And...since I don't...

have anyone who...

well, I thought I'd give it to you.

If it suits you.

Man, Cipri, you put me in a bind.

If so, I'll throw it away.

Man, don't chuck it away, either.


I can help clipping it, if you want, so it shows better.


Is that blood?

All right. Those who have completed the exercise...

can leave it on the table and go away.

Class is finished.


I want to talk with you. Sit down, please.

Whenever someone tries to attack me, I prefer to be prepared.

I understand perfectly, but there are other ways to defend yourself.

Oh, really?

Such as?

Come on, Father, lay it out.

Because if you would stay home, I wouldn't need a weapon.

Alonso, sit down, please.


this won't protect you.

What are you planning? Using this every time you've got a problem?

You could get in way over your head.

You could take the life of an innocent person. Do you know what that would mean to you?

Don't you remember when you accidently shot S?tur?

Son, you can't live your life in total fear.

There's nothing wrong in wanting to defend my family.

And if you won't do it, I will!



Gonzalo, it's urgent. You have to come with me. Quickly.

Gonzalo, I don't understand, I can't imagine who could have done it.

I didn't even know he was hiding there.

What happened, Cipri?

S?tur and I heard a shot.

We thought nothing had happened, but...

when we arrived, we found your son here.

With a pistol.

He'd fired accidently, and...

He's alive. Still alive.

Search at every corner.


Advise the Commissioner.

~ Commissioner.
~ Where do you have him?


Don't act like a dolt.

And this blood?

Please, please!

We can check to see whether the blood is the same as that of your family.

Juan had to help a birth, that's why the table is so bloody.

This is Mart?n's house, he lives here.

His smell will be into everything.

Let's go.

I swear on my life I'm going to find him.

Right here.

Thanks, Gonzalo.

Every time I have to handle one of these on my own, it's just backbreaking.

You're welcome, Cipri.

~ See you around.
~ See you around.

I would like to be alone with the defendant.

A man needs to seek forgiveness at the gates of death.

Mister Blake.

I'm English...and a Protestant.

You can't do anything for me...

or for my soul.

I sold it to the Devil years ago.

I didn't come to lend you my services, Mr. Blake,...

but to seek the information that none of your men...

was willing to provide.

The king sent you?

I was asking myself...

whether you might be too uncomfortable in this situation.

If you wanted, I could provide you your freedom.

Of course, in exchange for the gold.

It would be a deal between you and a menial, of course.

What are you getting at?

What gold?

The gold. The gold you've stolen from the Spanish Empire...

over the long course of your miserable life.

Do you think I don't know that you've stashed it away?

Go to Hell.

That's precisely where you'll be going if you don't spill your guts right smartly.

If you don't change your mind,...

tomorrow, before sunset,...

I will mintroduce you to some of the most refined methods...

of the Holy Inquisition.

That my master even considers freeing this bastard...

Surely he's lost his mind.

Maybe at sea...

S?tur, what are you doing here?


What about you?

Yeah, what about you?

I don't want to hang out at home.

Man, that's two of us.

Are you mad at him, too?

Just a difference of opinion.

Come on, let's go home.

No way. I'm staying here. I want to see the pirate.

All right, but why?

What's your problem?

Look, you do what you want. I'll wait here.

Go take a look, and be quick about it.

You Montalvo guys have me going out of my mind! Stop with that pirates thing!

Let's go!

What are you looking at?

What? It's that...I've never seen a pirate.

I'm not your basic pirate.

I'm Richard Blake.

What about you?

I'm Alonso.

Alonso de Montalvo.

Look, this ring...

will lead you to a fortune.

It's yours!


Let's go, buddy!

Step on it!

I'm not in the mood.

I'm not asking you.

En garde!

Let's see if you're still in shape.

A man of my estate should be that way all the time.

Too right.

But are you sure you're a man?

Judge for yourself.

Your becoming a man is just a matter of time.

But there are many things you have to learn.

Like how to deal with women.

I haven't done anything wrong.

Nobody said you did.

But you've failed to choose the right woman.

Nu?o, count on me for anything you need. For everything you need.

Do things right, Nu?o.

You're not alone.

You've got my total support.

Use it.

It looks like the exercise will suit you better than expected.

Oh, you're still too tender to pleasure a woman!

Mother, stop humiliating me.

I'm not a kid.



The Duke de Nore?a and his daughter Beatriz.

Your Grace...

what a pleasant surprise!

I present to you Hern?n Mej?as, the town's Commissioner,...

and my son Nu?o.

I beg you to pardon this intrusion, but we were on our way to Sevilla...

and my daughter Beatriz has become unwell.

It's no bother. It's an honor to host you in my palace.

Nu?o, my dear, why not accompany Beatriz on a walk in the garden?

This will give her some air.

Go on, dear, go ahead.

Lady, with your permission: would you like a drink?

We'll take some wine.



Are you all right? What happened to you?

Have they done something to you?

Something like what?

No, my dear, I was simply chopping onions, nothing more.

They don't need to tell me anything to make me cry.

Go on, but surely you'll stay for dinner today?

I've prepared a rabbit stew...! Not for nothing...

but...see for yourself...and smell it!

Yes, yes, I can smell it from here.

It smells great, but I can't.

I still have a lot of work to do.

I just wanted to wish you good night.

~ As God wills.
~ I'll see you.

~ Juan.
~ I'll see you.

I'll see you.

It smells like heaven.

What are you cooking?


Margarita, there's no other woman in my life.

Trust me.

If...well, really, Gonzalo, I can't believe it.

Given that you're out, if not every night, then most of them...

you can tell me.

Well, sure. I'm not going to make things difficult for you.

It's your life.

You can eat this, or else we'll have it tomorrow.

We're not as wealthy that we can throw out food like that.

I'm going to bed. I'm very tired.

Good night.

Good night.

No, well, well, well...!

How good it smells in here!

What's this?

S?tur, I'm going.

I have to rescue him before they change the guard.

You're not coming, are you?

Of course not.

With all respect, Master, this is your mission.

I don't have even the slightest desire to risk my life for a pirate bastard.

That's fine.

I understand.

Put that down, Master, for God's sake, it's just me!

So it comes down to your having to help me.

Well, sure.

Put that thing aside.

You have to know you're risking your life for someone who kills people just to rob them.

And this goes against the code of the Red Eagle.

What code are you talking about?

Well, the one you've taught me.

The one favoring justice, and all that.

I'm here solely due to my commitment to you. If not, why else?

Someone beat us to it, Master!


Flee, come on, flee!

Come on, fire!

Go on!

Quickly, quickly!

Who are you?


To the marriage of Beatriz.

I predict happiness in this union...

regardless of the age difference between the principals.

Beatriz already knows her future husband?

No, not yet.

The Duke de Serna is a healthy man, and he's only 46 years old.

He can still sire sons.

How is it that the youngsters haven't come back yet?

They're taking too long, don't you think?

It's nothing to worry about. Nu?o will be determined to show Beatriz...

every single one of his horses.

Mother, Mother!

~ Young Miss!
~ Beatriz!

What happened?

~ What happened?
~ I don't know.

What did they do to you, my girl?

It was him, Father!

Her son attacked me.



Is that you?


How are you?

Where are we?

And what are you doing here, for that matter?

They saved your life and brought you here.

This is an inn owned by a good friend of mine. You're safe.

It was he who told me.

Who rescued me?

That's all I know.

We were very close to doing it...

but a lot of guards showed up.

I can't remember much.

It was crazy trying to free him from there.

I don't think trying to save the life of my husband is in any way crazy.

Even if it means losing your own life?

And what would my life worth be without him?

I brought you this.

This is my sister-in-law's. I hope it'll fit you.

Are you married?


I should have chosen you.

My life would have been much more serene at your side.

Did you succeed in becoming a teacher?


Gonzalo, they're going to kill him.

And I don't know what to do.





Aunt! He's got a girlfriend!

~ What?
~ My Father has a girlfriend!

Look, Alonso, calm down, son.

He's with a woman.

He was hugging a woman!

Where, at home?

No, at the inn. And she was wearing one of your dresses.

How could she have gotten one of my dresses?

~ Alonso.
~ Let me alone.

Liar! We don't mean a thing to you anymore, do we?

And who's she? Who's this woman, Father, who is she?

What's going on? What are you shouting about?

Now I know why you're never home nights.

And Mother, what about her, huh?

You've forgotten all about her! You've just forgotten her!

Alonso, I haven't forgotten your mother. Alonso!

So you don't have someone on the side?

Why are you lying to us, Gonzalo?


Do things the right way.

Without anyone getting hurt.

She's very upset.

Now we've messed it up like Hell.

Let's see how to explain it. What will you say?

That she's the pirate's wife?

That you met on some Noah's ark, simply for the purpose of procreation?

Or that you're the Red Eagle?

Let's see what we can say.

What --- Yeah, let's see what we can say.

By the mother who bore me!

We should have seen this coming.

Sooner or later, all this was going to blow up in our faces.

This is a problem, a real stinker!

I'm done.

Lady, you should talk to her father.

There's something important that I want to say.

Tell me first.

I regret to inform you that this girl is no longer a virgin.

She has been sullied.

It can't be!

I'm afraid it is.

I'm sorry.

The wounds and scratches will heal, but...

her purity is gone for good.

Good night.



It's all right, it's all right.

Madam, your son's showed up.

Take care of Nu?o, Catalina.

Don't let him leave his room under any circumstances.

Yes, Ma'am. Marta.

We have beenthe butt of ridicule...

in front of all of Europe.

With all due respect...

God is on our side, Your Majesty.

What if it should happen again?

If they've dared once, why not again?

I don't want even one more failure.

His execution will not be public.

And only his body will be exposed through the streets of the town.

He is to be transported immediately for execution.

Mister Secretary.

There is a woman who claims to be Richard Blake's wife.

Oh yeah?

Just drop this matter.

I'll handle it.

Leave us alone.

I'm Cardinal Mendoza.

The king's confessor.

I want to see his Majesty.

I've got an offer for you.

Pardon my curiosity, but...

what could someone like you offer him?

Richard Blake's fortune in exchange for his life.

I know I can convince him to reveal where his gold is hidden.

He'll listen to me.

I'll be the intermediary for his Majesty.

He's lied to everyone.

He said there wouldn't be another woman --- not you --- that he'd never forget you.

I can't believe it.

I can't believe that he's forgotten you.

But not me, Mother, it'll never happen with me!


That's mine!

Hey? But...

Let go, that's mine!



Gonzalo, you're here.

I was looking for you. Don't worry about Mart?n,...

he's healed up and gotten safely hidden away.

At least until he feels better.

Cipri, the woman who was in that house, where is she?

~ Is something the matter with her?
~ No.

I don't know. Is she all right?

Yes. She was a very important person to me.

I can ask downstairs, maybe someone saw her leave.

I'd really appreciate it.

Master, the pirate, they've taken him off somewhere.

Where to?

They said northwards.

Plans have changed.

Plans have changed, all right, and they're going to kill him!

And his wife?


We're right here.

Mister Blake!

There's nobody here!

Master, we've been cheated, and how!


Be quiet.

Let's go.

Don't make me kill you.

Why haven't you done it already?

Because I want to enjoy a nice old age...

thanks to your fortune.

I'll never say where I've never hidden my gold.

I prefer death.

We'll see about that.

Let her go. I'll do whatever you want.

That's what I like to hear.

You've finally come to your senses.

You'll leave for C?diz at once.

There's a frigate that will be waiting with everything you'll need.

You'll go fetch the gold and bring it back.

You've six months, Blake.

Six months, not a day more.

Otherwise, you'll never see your wife alive again.

Let's go.

Don't come back. Don't do it.

That's enough.

Carry out your mission, Blake.

Meanwhile, we'll take care of your wife just like she deserves.

With delicacy.

I'll be back.

Catalina, a man's asking for you.


How are you? Are you all right?

Mart?n has recovered well.

Thank God!

Take him this.

They're his clothing.

Cipri, you're risking your life by hiding my nephew, you know.

Why are you doing this?

Because you matter to me.


The Commissioner has just arrived, and Nu?o is not to leave his room.

Can this be settled with money?

The Duke has left the palace in high dudgeon.

I've sent him three notes and I haven't received a reply to any of them.

We could arrange a marriage.

Impossible, Hern?n.

The Duke has bespoken the marriage of his daughter in Sevilla.

And how's Nu?o bearing up?

He insists he didn't do anything.

Damned time. This should never have happened.

I should have been more aware of Nu?o.

Madam, the Duke seeks an audience.

Leave it to me.

Lord Duke.

Be seated, please.

I would like to discuss this sensitive matter personally.

There's not much to be said, Commissioner.

All of us gathered here are serious people.

There should be some way out.


There is a way to mend this wrong.

Do tell.

We will do everything in our power.

I demand the immediate execution of your son for the affront to me.

I'll put him to death myself.

You and I both know that the law supports me in this.

Holy Mother of God!



I was with him, and he didn't seem so mean.

Go on, go home, I don't want you to see this.

I get it: I see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Look, son, listen:...

there's never going to be another woman to replace your mother.

What about that woman?

She's just an old friend.

And she needed our help.

~ Was that why you were hugging her?
~ Yes.

Come on.

I'll never forget your Mom.


Now go inside.

Ma'am, you go on in, too.

Please, this is very unsightly.

Gonzalo, I guess that if what you told your boy...

is the truth, you won't be going out nights any more, right?

I'll keep on going out.

All right.

For the love for God, what a bite that girl's gotten!

Now she's got a reason to believe there was another woman.

I can't tell her the truth.

It's not him.

Excuse me?

Richard Blake was missing the last joint of the ring finger of his right hand.

How in hell would you know that?

Because I cut it off.

So who's this wretch, then?

That's not the question, S?tur.

The question is: "Why isn't it him?".

Maybe I'm a bit weak in the head, but the question isn't "who?",...

but "why?"?

All right, "Why?", rather than "Who?".

Well, who cares? I mean, who really cares?

And now the monkey?

What are you doing here?

Look how ugly you are, dickhead!

Ugly! Ugly! Oh!

Fucking monkey! Get off, you vermin!

What's going on here?

How's this for style. eh? I think I'll I'll keep it.

What do you tell a child when you know he's about to be executed?

I didn't do anything, I swear!

You've been bitten by a snake!

We'd better start organizing the wedding.

Leave that alone. Don't touch a thing. You got that?

That wound is really bad. What'll we do?

~ Wait.
~ But there must be something we can do!

There must be some remedy, some herb.

They say Nu?o's raped a girl.

Tomorrow they're going to cut his head off in the plaza.

Master Nu?o.

Are you willing to let a man die for fifty damned reales?

I beg your pardon. Do you really think I have time now to organize a wedding?

You must sign the authorization for execution.

The best I can do for my son now is to let him die with the dignity of a noble.

You're son's about to be short a head...

and you won't even lift a finger to save him?

But I didn't do anything!

Twenty five reales for fighting.

Agreed. Sign me in for tonight.

I can't move my hand.