Young Justice (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 10 - Exceptional Human Beings - full transcript

Remote control link established.

I'll take her from here.

Approaching drop zone.

Remember, this a dark op. Keep
radio chatter to a minimum.

That means you, Metamorpho.

Drop zone.


Good luck.

And welcome to the jungle.

- Stone.
- Hey, Dad. It's Vic.

Hey is for horses, Son.

Human beings say hello.

- So why assume I'm human?
- Funny.

- What do you need?
- Oh, well,

you'd already left by the time
my alarm went off,

so, I figured I'd remind you
about the game tonight.

Coach said a lot of college scouts
are coming out to see me crush it,

it'd really mean a lot if
you could be there this time.

- I'll be there.
- Okay. Well, it's just...

That's what you said
last time, and...

I'll be there, Victor.

Right now I've got another call.
I'll see you tonight.

Okay, Dad, yeah, see you...

Dr. Irons, is this
about the Fatherbox?

Dr. Stone, it is.

You've been placed in charge with
examining an Apokoliptic Fatherbox

for both S.T.A.R. Labs
and the Justice League.

We don't know much
about this thing.

Only that it's been observed
repairing and/or healing.

Both Apokoliptian tech
and Apokoliptian Parademons.

I look forward to putting it
through its paces.

Tread lightly, Doctor.

From what we understand, Fatherboxes
are pretty much pure evil.

Come now, John Henry, technology
is neither good nor evil.

Technology is neutral.

It's simply a matter of
how one puts it to use.

Just be careful, Silas.

I always am.

Oh, man.
Warn me next time, all right?

What are you talking about?

Oh, no, not me. I swear.

Ugh. Talk about
silent but deadly.

Not me.

I hate this jungle.

You really should pay more
attention to your surroundings.

Conner, you up?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm up.
You getting ready for work?

No appointments today.
What about you?

Nothin'. Every bike in Rhode
island is runnin' smooth.

How about I get dressed
and we do somethin'?

I like the sound of that.

What are you gonna wear?

Uh, the usual. Why?
What are you wearin'?

Right now, my engagement ring.

Don't you need to
meet up with Dick?

Dick can handle things
just fine on his own.

All right. Go!

Sorry, only
the real Forager counts.

Nice try.

Geo-Force, did you see? I'm
getting very good at not falling.

It's most exceptional.
You are most exceptional.


Whoa! Timeout.

Is Halo all right?
Yes. I'm fine.

Except I believe I'm,
uh... Embarrassed.

Yes, I'm definitely embarrassed.

So much for not falling.

I still think
you are exceptional.

Speaking of falling...

Nightwing was lucky Halo fell,
Forager had Nightwing.

Tag. Nightwing is Nightwing.

- You're hot.
- I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry. I didn't mean...

It's all right, Brion.

Forager smells barbecue.

See? Good as new.

As I said, exceptional.

Well, the kids certainly
seem to be getting along.

Don't you mean your kids
seem to be getting along?

Excuse me?

That's what you said
when Lobo attacked.

"Protect my kids."

Did I?

Well, I can't deny I feel
responsible for Brion and Violet.

They've become very dear to me.
I only want what's best for them.

We all do.

All right. Let's run it again.

Be mindful of your strikes.

It is a fool who thinks
anger will help in battle.

There's power to be drawn
from grace, from serenity.

Be at peace with your weapon,
feel it extend your reach.

Let it become
an extension of your arm,

an extension of yourself.

Lady Shiva, said to be the
most dangerous woman alive.

Probably best to steer clear.


That's enough for today.
Return to your quarters.

Except you.


Okay. Forget steering clear.

Stay on Shiva, but be careful.

Whoa. That's new.

Wait. Katana, Metamorpho, stay put.
Batman's already in.

All right.
That's enough for today.

Little more practice and you
might even be able to tag me.

Mother of God.

But overall,
great work, everyone.

Hive five.

I believe two hands
make for hive ten.

Except you only have four fingers on
each hand, so, perhaps it's a hive eight.

It's a high... Not hive.

Either way, Forager believes
Geo-Force has left Forager hanging.


You have us playing games of tag

when we should be in Santa
Prisca saving my sister!

Brion, we talked about this.

We don't know
if she's in Santa Prisca.

And even if she is,

you're not ready to go up
against the League of Shadows.

Just be patient.

Will we follow up on
the Santa Prisca lead or not?

What makes you think that lead isn't
being followed up on as we speak?

Are you keeping me in the dark about
what's being done to save my own sister?

I'm doing what's best for you
and your sister.

Now, either you
trust me or you don't.

- Welcome back.
- Good to be back.

I trust all's run smoothly
in my absence.

Training is well underway,

a few recruits
show great promise.

Others will be disciplined.

And have you been
settling back in, my dear?

Yes, sir, I'm glad to
again be amongst Shadows.

Although I couldn't help noticing
the empty bunk in my dormitory.

If I might ask,
what happened to Markov?


She washed out, but perhaps
Granny can find some use for her.

Pity. I rather liked her.

In this life, Cassandra,

it pays not to get
too attached to anyone.

Yes, sir, I have observed that.

Good. Now you're dismissed.

So, how is our young
Miss Savage doing?

The girl shows
a natural aptitude.

Hardly unexpected
given her heritage.

I imagine it can't be easy
training the boss' daughter.

Savage made it very clear not to
give Cassandra any special treatment.

What a surprise. And how
have you been holding up?

Juggling two jobs
is no easy feat.

Don't insult me.

If you can lead the Shadows and
be the newest member of the light,

surely I can be
sensei to the Shadows

and the new enforcer
for the light.

Of course.
My apologies, Lady Shiva.

I meant no disrespect.

If I feel disrespect,

you'll know.

Wait, wait, wait. You're telling
me you wake up with superpowers,

the first thing you do
is ask out Wonder Woman?

- Oh, yeah.
- Dude, you wouldn't stand a chance.

- You don't know that.
- Now what kind of powers are we talking about here?

The power to charm
Wonder Woman, of course.

- So lame.
- Whatever, man.

You're just jealous 'cause
you didn't think of it first.

That's 'cause I'm all about
Black Canary. What!

Canary? Over Wonder Woman?

- You heard me.
- We need a tie-breaker.

Hey, Vic.

Who, I mean, what would you do
if you woke up meta?

I'd focus on the game.

Oh, relax, man.
We're gonna crush that magic.

Booyah! We got this in the bag.

I always liked Zatanna. She's who
I'd ask out if I was a superhero.

Cisco, a superhero?

Yeah! Some superhero.

Hey, Vic, can you
believe this crap?

We got what we came for.

All operatives head
for the rendezvous point.

You need to sneak
aboard the boat

ferrying the latest Venom shipment
off-island before it departs.

Buenas noches, Batman.

I've been expecting you.

No one gets on
or off Santa Prisca

without Bane knowing.

Except the Cult of the Kobra, Aqualad,
Robin, Kid Flash, Rocket, Zatanna...

Okay. Violet, it is long past time
we enrolled you in high school.

So, we are filling out
the forms. Starting with name.

- Oh, Violet.
- Right.

But you'll need
a last name, too.



- Ice Cream?
- Violet Ice Cream?

I don't think that'll fly.

What about Doe?
I mean, after all it is...

No, Doe was Gabrielle's
last name, not mine.

Halo, maybe? No, that's my
mission name, it must stay secret.

Well, there's Crock.

Yeah, I always
hated that name, too.

Okay. So, if Violet Crock
is out, then, um...

Man, I'm stumped.

You can use Harper if you want.

Violet Harper. I like it.

Okay then.

Violet Harper,
it's very nice to meet you.

It's very nice to be met.

Excuse me. Bathroom break.

It's a lot warmer inside.

Well, Red,
you haven't lost your touch.

Or maybe I've just lost mine.

You haven't lost anything
that truly matters.

- Come inside, Jade.
- Will...

Come inside. Stay with us.
Lian needs her mother.

And I need you, too.


You don't.

Neither of you do.

I couldn't cut it, rember?
The soccer mom thing.

Not for me.

Lian doesn't even play soccer.

You know what I mean.

Lian is better off without me.

And you are, too.

No, you're wrong.

I mean, look at you, Jade.
You're here...

Lurking. You wouldn't do that
if you didn't...

I came to say goodbye,
in my own way, in my own mind.

Face it, Red.

I'm not coming back.

It's time you moved on.

- No Venom?
- A crutch.

One I no longer require.

Without it, I have found
my true strength.


- Any preference?
- Katana.

As you wish.

I'm the better swordswoman.

But I'll admit your Soultaker
is the superior blade.

It will be mine.

Bulletproof. That's annoying.

Tip of the iceberg, Strokey.

Show me.

Hurts, doesn't it?

Sure. Sure it hurts.
But you want to know a secret?

I'm in near-constant pain,
I've just learned to adapt.

- Ready to go?
- Mmm-hmm.

Well, since our cover's blown,

we might as well
go out with a bang.

Oh, no, no! My guns!

Anyone need a lift? Looks
like our ride's here.


Dude, crushed that magic.

Thanks, man.

Let's hear it
for our savior! To Vic.


To Vic. Booyah!

Hey, team effort.

To the Heywood High
Steelworkers. Booyah!

To Steelworkers. Booyah!

Great game, Ronnie.

Thanks, Dad.

Not even a text.

Victor Stone.

Bash Bashford,
Metropolis University.

- Nice to meet you, sir.
- That was quite the game.

That final reception...
Mmm! Exceptional.

Team effort, you know.

Oh, yeah, I know.
I know you gotta say that.

And I love
that you know to say it.

I gotta tell you, Vic,
we like what we see.

You're the whole package.
Big, fast, strong, great hands

and good grades to boot.

- I try.
- You try? I love this kid.

Now, mark my words, son. You
keep this up and I guarantee

you'll score a four-year free ride
to the college of your choice.

Now I'm gonna go out on a limb here
and say that choice should be Met U.

- That sounds good to me, sir.
- You bet it does.

Trust me, kid. I see
great things in your future.